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jggg ";.'jMt .vim a ifjn, ,a
Pershing reports severe losses InflTcted on Germans
attacks by our troops. The town of Courcclles was captured anJ recap
tured and finally remained In our hands.
"On the right the French forces maintained their positions to the
southeast of Ville. Here there was bitter fighting. The Prencn look more
Vthn 300 prisoners In the course of these various engagements.
Y "On the centre the enemy endeavored, by bringing fresh forces, to
'continue his progress. He was successful In reaching the southern edge
of Cuvilly wood and Ressons-sur-Mst on the plateau of Uellingllse. hur
ther to the east the fighting was continued In Thlescourt wood.
' "According to the unanimous reports of prisoners' the battle, up to
the present lime, has cost the enemy enormous losses.
"To the north of Rheims there has been fairly spirited artillery
fighting. French forces completed the operation on which they embarked
vulfnhv to the cast of Hautebraye and took 150 prisoners.
. nMa-n the Rivers Ourcq and Marofi French forces repulsed sevc- i
j n.,,n -.mcW mm of Vlnlv. Contlnuinr their progress In the region rri
of Drussalres, French and American troops gained ground, brought up to movement i kumI. owin.
vi uituM. , ,i,-h In midline mne. ' llolnhevlkl arc HvlnK tholr last t
250 the numuer oi pnwncia vr.-.-v. - (,
How the City of London Is Warned of an Air Raid;
Boy Bugler Adds Blasts to Searchlight Flashes
Germans Backing One Coun
ter Revolutionary Movement
and Monarchists Threaten.
KTOCKIIOIjM, Juno 10 (United
Die counter-revolutionary
Any it.
itni... th nrescnt rorlme Is OVer-
brown by the combined efforts of
LONDON, June 10. The text of the statement Issued to-day by 0(her revolutlonm. .lemoorniio par
the War Office says: ' ti.-j them win be a counter rcvoiu-
"W- nrried out a successful raid yesterday on a German post In the tion of in? monarchical supporter in
. in 11 I Moscow and IVtrogntd similar to
sector northeast of uctmine. thnl whl(,h trUrnphed m the Ukraine.
1 A hostile attack during the evening upon one of our postr. In Aveluy Bkc.ropdsky. aided by tho hour-
jgcolsle nnd cadets, is ruling mo
Wood was repulsed."
Berlin Boasts of Sanguinary Repulse of French
and British Troops in Several Local Attacks.
UEHL1N, Juno 10TUo uttlcll report from headquarter. Uit evening
West of tbe Olio we have eaptured tbe Helfht of Oury and
adjoining enemy line. (Oury U eight tnlloa west of Noyon and
twelve and a half wile ioutheat or Montdldler. The capturo of
the Height of Oury represents a German gain "f u IHMc more
than two miles.
The earlier statement yeitcrday said:
The artillery duel Increased many times In tho evening ami
early thU morning. It Increased In Intensity In the Kemmel
region, eouth of tho Bomme and on tne Avrc.
Local ttackii by the French south of Yprea and by the Ilrltlsh
north of neaumont-Hamel were sanguinarily repulsed.
On the OUc fighting, activity revived. Local French attacks
on the southern bank of the Alsnc and south of the Ourcq failed.
Thrutta by our troop east of Outry resulted In the capture of
forty-fire prisoners.
In n successful undertaking on the east bank of the Moselle
we captured prisoners.
Possibly at Compeigne, Distributing
Centre of the American and
Allied Forces.
WABIIINOTON. June 10. Tho new
German thrust between .Montdldler
and Noyon Is rrgirrded by officials
tfere u a local operation on a large
cle. with limited objective, de
signed to consolidate the l'lrotdy utid
Aline battle thentre nnd straighten
out the lino for Inter mass nttneks
either toward Pari or the Channel
The same object wan sought In the
pressure toward Compleito and Sole,
sons and from Chati'iui. Thierry. Tho
Vlllers.eoltereta wood blocked the
success of the movement afid the Uer
mans now are tryliiR to take the de
fenders of the wood In the rear. If
they succeed It l regarded lli.il the
line they seek to estnbllih would give
t,... i ka ttlrfiifitlv rftatnred
I IJKTMinU IIIIU lit." .
' .1 i f a ntir rlintm In Vfn.
ilio Old rr(itic. -- -
land and KrAMiioff In the Don re
gions hiive triumphed In a like man
ner, in .i similar wy. tho provlnceK
of the ll.iltlc region have been occu
pied, wlilla tlio provinces of IVkort
and .MIiihU are under the banner of
Auntro-dcrman Imperialism.
Ituitln Is threatened by foreign lm-ni.i-1-illnin
mi the north, wost nnd
south. The Turku aro again ndvnnc
lug In tho Caucasus, Mining to unltti
at Tlftl with thu lleimiins, who are
advnliL-liic from the north.
Willi maUcd riiniiliiK, by friendly
mites through Uerman Ambausadoi
Mlrbanli, (leimnny Is Bradimlly up
piunrhlnie the heart of llussln, In
order to plcreo It at the desirable
An nlllunte of Oonnan and Iluailaii
eounter-rcvolutlniiiirtei, nctlnc from
two fronts-the Inner and tho outo
Is preparing for a final nnd complolu
Uit wt-tk. In Moscow, a plot was
discovered In which hundreds of rc-
aiMlonsrle! aimed to kill tho repub
lic jnd restore the monarchy thiough
nliniiltuucou uprlsliiRs In Moscow.
I'ctroirrnil mid othci oentrea. In ro-
oparatlon with (Jerman bayoneis.
Thn (leruian command, of course.
Is taklnc no official part In these
plots, but Is splendidly Informed of
tho situation and Is ready to appear
as tho protector of thn new reaction
nry regime ut the proper moment.
Tho Holthevlkl themselves admit;
"Wn nro iilrcndy n corp!e: but there
Is no oiift to bury lis."
The llolslievlk regime, duo to moth
tt ri tit tm m'ffT n .h stmmwm
irnii.ii! r. n-f mu ti-i i.-- 1
I - . jetk rotvi
Fear of an American Push Believed
to Be Actuating New Con
centration There.
LOIUIA1NK. June 10 (United Press),
American obetrven report contin
uation of the Oerman concentration
of troops oppoKlte Ihe Toul sector
and further e-sl, opposite .anr.
Herman avlatorh and aircraft Riin
are Increaelnnly aotlve In attaiklng
Ainerlran observation balloons.
.Mllltuty nun still hold the opinion
that thr (Ji-rinaiiH are not contonipl.it-
Ing atlaok In thee seutms, bdt ui-'re
likely feai sii AmeiJcan push.
The Journal de t't-tme In iccent
Uhiio niinounci'd thai the Aiiutlcati
lire IIOHIIill," lori Mnimriin i"'""
I tweiity-fUc nillesl of front In' I .or-
Threatened OfTensive to Be
Met, Whether It Is Made as
Feint or in Earnest.
Sunday, June 9 by Associated Press)
Railroads 'behind tho Austrian lines
In Northern Italy are being rushed to
their cnpaclty night and day In bring
ing troops to the front, distributing
Virginian, Before House Commit
tee, Proposes Way to increase
Nevenue 30 to 50 Per Cent.
WASHINGTON. June 10. Hearings
on the new Rencral levenue bill designed
o riiloa JS.000.000.000 by taxation this,
coming er were reeunied to-day by
the Houie Ways end Means Committee.
Drafting of the bill probably will start
next werk.
A. B. Thorns of Lynchburg, M.,
wngon m.imifacliirer. advocated a t
ef one-thlid of the net Income of every
buclness and a graduated Income tax on
Individuals ninnlng from per cent, to
30 pr cent. Ho said all public utilities,
privately owned, should be Included ss
Irtislmsn to bo tnxed under his plan,
which, he snld, would produce from SO
to 60 per cent, more revenue man now
l coming irom ww !.-
rt.nlnmln C. Marsh. rcnrescnun
them to different sectors and moving I Farmers' National Committee on War
heavy gnn, and large quantities KtX
munitions 10 itoihu"' l(t nrtu'io no wroio sayms n
informed by n member of congress mm
the reaion exceis profits had not been
tsxed was becnue bankers control the
newspaper and that tho newspapers In
timidate Conetesj.
Do you think that stntemcit Is true!
asked Representative Moore.
"I am afraid that tn some cases u i.
Marh replied.
lino. '
A special system of drills to lm-1
prove tho physical condition of the
Austrian soldiers nnd glvo them
training forass.iultlng positions has
.also been put Into effect.
The Austrian In the mountain dis
trict are under the direct command
of Field Marshal Conrad von Hotzen
dorf. b'leld Marshal Horoevlc, commander-in-chief
of the Austrian
forces on the Italian front, Is located
In the Plave ntver district. It I he
who last year premised to deliver
Venlco to his Emperor and Initiated
air raids upon churches and monu
ments In that city until uio naiian
erlsl pilots destroyed tho efrccuvo-
nosx of the Austrian raiders.
It Is known that thn enemy Is mak
ing strenuous efforts to provent do-
erters from reaching the Italian lines
carrying Information of troop dispo
sitions. Heavy rowan's hnvo liecn of
fered for tho Bhootlng of deserters
Tho enemy, however. ! being watched
carefully by the Italians, who seek to
lieckmate u threatened offensive.
whether It bo on a larno scale or In
tended merely to blub the 'Italians
from sending troops to Franco or to
satisfy German demands for au of
Ilchlud the Italian lines me aspect
of the country Is peaceful, t. hiluren
nro seen fishing In the canals and
streams or playing upon uiu great
highwuyn lending up to the front.
BOV scoot 'Sr?o i.pic AMec.
od of violence similar to thrt old
Csarlsm In an effort to preserve MJovernmuit of Nlcolal II. mid
Itself, is universally hated. Tiiel ''el'o that the political b
proletarlat uro leaving the Uolshevlkl
ei musso.
All factory workers In Potiograd
have orgunUod. Their conferenco do-
inanih'd a tcunltod democratic front,
abrogation of tho Urcst-Mtovsk
iriyiv and formation of a national
Hoclallst HOssIa In order to retore
iVlustry. Inaugurate social reforms!
and ond civil war. .
w.. ll.O.),--ll,l nlnnnn.l I,. illBnlVO1 ( iPmintK IliemSCIVCS flUM
foielgn Invasion from the I2al. I ircf.-r
tlui formor
I am not s lloUhevlkl, Noverth"!es
I pn'frr lb'' prc.-.eiit gowrnment to the
nna nmimiKii
als of the
flolthevlki af nhohilelr unattainable
at the moment. I reullxo thut humanity
lilfslsllbly Is dfivlng In Ibeir direction
and not In the direction of the Meals of
(.onion nnd lluislmi feudalists"
tint conference, Hut got cold feet. Tho
ciiurerunco Is planning u Keueinl
still.H unless tho Uolshevlkl yield.
them a straight fiont from the legion
of Montdldler to some point in Ihe
vicinity of Ch.ite.iu-Thlerry.
There Is little doubt that a heavy
reserve Is maintained by Oen. Koch at
some place -within tho triangle formed
by tho new sector of attnek, Solssona
and Chateau-Thlerry. Complrgne Is
in this triangle and Is the dlatrlb
utlng oentre probably for the Allied
and American forces holding the
!HlUr In the battle line that still si p-a.-atea
the Plcardy and Alsne theatres
of otlon. The new thrust appar
ently Is aimed at Complwne, and If
It Is fortnight under heavy gunfire the
security oi the defending llnej north
and rut a! mat place iiiIkIiI br
Shelling of Positions Held by Haig's
Troops Drops to Normal
.PRANCE. June 10 (Associated Tress)
A conelderabls local Improvement
of the Ilrltlsh line Just to the south
of the Bomme wss effected las night
' through s slight advance carried ou
i In the nolghborhood of Ilousencourt.
.Otherwise the night wss generally
,.liilet and the situation unchanged.
Tne enemy shelling, which wa so
heavy on the Ilrltlsh right wing Sat
urday night and Hunday morning
preceding the attark ngalnst the
, Wench has again dropped to normal,
According ty prisoner i It Is now
nn-esvarj to lake two of tho prisfmt
(Irrinsn dlWsiona lu make on of com
plete strenglh, The enemy lines are
still sparsely brld. American patrols
find no difficulty In overrunning No
Man's 1-anil. Tho first two Uerman
trenches are almost deserted every
oners When Tangled Condition
of Front Confuses Them.
LONDON". Juno 10 -llu the factors
of thtee American soldier on the ec
tor northwest of 'li ittciii-Thieiry m.
fittingly led them buck Into the Allied
lines owing to the tmiulril ruadiilniis
of the IIishllnK ftonl there Is mid li the
- coi-ieK)n(Wnt m '" ' "
. . ' A.H..I1. JI1 mmv In France.
"Dramatic Denoucmenl in ran (Mn,i Sidney w. lujten. mil iti-
t:,,i i.eis!i hv rirr,vn.in.l. 'vatcs Itajmona nowaru una i tani; i-.
Trust for Benefit of Brothers an I
Sisters' Children, Established in
ISO'), Basis of Action.
Suit to partition the estate of Henrv
Astor. Ihe cast-off selnn or the Astor
tamlly who died lat week In West fn-
nake. N. Y.. was begun lo-dar with the
nilnc In the Tounty Cleik'i office of n
summons nnd complaint bv Wlnthrop
Atnr rhimler. foil f Kmlly Ward
I'hanler, derc.ised slrler of the millionaire.
.Mr. Chnnler alleges that In ISM llrnv
Astor estal.llihed n tnift for th benellt
of his hrolhers and sisters' ealldren.
nnd OFk'd that o dlrtilbulion be made
In iiceord.iiu-e wltn tin' itrnis nf the
deed of nil"! At the snue Mm.' a lis
pendeiM siii fled ognlnt n eon nf the
choicest pl.'ies of New Volk nronertv
In which Henry Aslor owned n life In-
Three Large and Four Small Sub
marines at Work, Neutrals
Arc Told.
IXJNDON, June 10. Information
from German sources Is that thero
nro already thrco large and four
small U boats oft the Atlantic coast
of the United States, ond that moro
large submarines will be sent to
America for tho principal purpose of
attacking troop ships.
Tho Dally Express prints a de
spatch from Geneva saying:
"The German bluff concerning the
appearance of U boats off tho Amer
ican const continues to be circulated
In neutral countries. According to a
telegram received at Huslo from
Hamburg, thero were seven U boats
In North American waters at the
end of May. Thrco of theso were of
tho latest and largest typo and four
of n smaller size, but able to stay
at sea a long tlme"
Telegram From Senator Freling
huysen Contains Hint of Still
Another Increase.
(Continued fiom First l'uge.)
not acivnlnblo to the
Mr. Walker explained.
"The sltimtilni Is fm more serious
than Is generally supposed." he
lidded. "If tin; Ho.'ud of Kstlmate
does not tlnd somo way out of tho
present dllltnult within u few days
tnero will be no moro subway workers
iiviillnl.l. Olhir Job u ie eonst.iiitly
ruliiiiK there, men."
To-dio's MtrlUf dileitl follows
upnn tho dumlloti; and enntniveisuj
Threat Was Made in Court Against
Max D. Steuer-Gets Oil
With Apology.
"I'll kill you for that," shouted Dr.
Isaac Oppenhelmer. head or tne nra fyor flrimn of Hoboken to-day made
institute that bears his name. In Justice r tH(.Krnm from united States
Mullsn's ixrt of the Supreme Court to- SonMto Krelinghysen of Now Jersey In
day. Court officers nne.i Between .v nnwer to onp from the M(4.or proteIt!rig
physician and Max D. Rteuer. ihe ob- iMt ,he proro,od increase In the
Ic-ct of his threat. rates on the Hudson Tubes. The Ben-
"What's thatT" demanded the Justice. o(or.B d.
former Mayor Mitchell's law partner telntranl received. Mad. pro-
Why. Your '"onor. ter.t to Director General McAdoo Friday.
r.:;;U;TenedTodlWeh.n. W... renew ..me ,;day (Haturday) It
eiic'i I te i kill his son-ln-law. Attorney U my belief that McAdoo will within
Sy'K'io keep his dauKhter,-i'1f;."'co.:'J'ro'''1
ffirgoTW. &r,nl.fe!,eMern.: ?ZTZl the latter part ef
F.dlth Oppenhelmer KaUer-Herx, daiuh-I the. telegram Indicates that another
ter of Dr. Oppnholmer and now wife , , ralir01d fares may bo oon
"'jVMuTleTVet the Incident pass U-npl-red.
when tho physician a.!olcilied.
I Mr. Knlter desiiet to lake
i dsuifhter with
her to
nchool. JusUc" MuIIaii ex-
V . . . . . 1 .. .U1- II. .1..
..i'..ja.fl lllA I11S.I1'IHIJ"I " in'". "V
. ... ...it. ...l.l. rli.nnnr Kill.
before ..lvln his deculon.
ser pH-
Among tin
between Mujnr Iljlaii urnl the Hoard
defendants named In tho'o" l-.sllm.no on uio one mum uim
her v-w v.-nlatiJ rremler Sera V. S. TTnlled
her to Detroit to eend I . . virtarr.
LONDON. June 10. Sir Joseph u.
Ward, furmer rremler of Ntw Zealand,
who has arrived hero for the Imperial
fonference by way of the United
States, declared to-day that ha had
been impiesned profoundly by what
he had .'sen In the United States.
Ainonu b'ltn tne sniaiers ana civilians
In AmeilLn, lie said, the spirit was of
Malr' Ilrrnnen firnn llf.tlm,.Va
In Klrtrn l'intli.
ALHANY. June 10. New YOik Htote's
. rA,.jintl0a for tne rmei einven iiiiiiiiite
Escaped French SoIJlers Say Their
Men Get Better Treatment in
"Reprisal Camps."
OHNRVA. Bwllierland, Sunday.
June t Klcht French soldiers who
escaped from Canip Wlsburg, near
Mannheim, and arrived here yester
day, report that there has been In-
rrtasing rigor during the last three
month" In the "reprisal camps" In
Orrmany. The Ilrltlsh troops partic
ularly are suffering, while the French
are fairly well treated.
The treatment, the escaped prison
ers declare, becomes more seveto after
each air raid on the Ilhlne towns, the
Germans hoping thus, an officer mem
ber of tho party said, to cause a ces
sation ui the Allied raids
ent in Tokio.
lNOON. June 10. Although signs
do not seem to point ' imrrvrniiun in
Siberia, developments In t net irannit
tone may possibly force Japan to set.
says the Toklo correspondent of Hie
Dally Mall under data of June 1. Hoi
shevlsm Is sweeping riutwanl and
threatens to pass liar bin and extend In
thn direction of Vladivostok. The cor
respondent concludes!
"My belief, founded on (rood Informa
tion, Is that the Far East may witness
dramatic denouement
Viscount Takankl Kalo, former Jap
anato Foreign Minister, speaking as the
leader ef tho Opposition, In an Inter
view with the Toklo correspondent of
ii.. iillv Mall, ssld he was personally
not In favor of Intervention In Itussla,
.uhouKh If actual danger threatened
Japan would Intervene, whether the
Allies agreed or not, but until that time
arrived Japan couin not rignuy move,
If Japan sent troops to moeria iney
might never come In contact with the
Germans and the result would bo an
nurmaus wuato of money and effort
while It wuuld do the Allies no good,
Humanity Is Drivinir ii That Direct
tion, Says Head of Russian
Railway Mission.
lis pemicnf nie ii i-iiuiic serviio voiiuiiioanni mi , , . been IU.ISI.oUj.h greater man lor a niiuir iiiai signirieu tne unoenaing
IT ...... bwilllliucu
Pliiinb.r. John Ajitnr
ltldgay welo luptureu si inn ju.
Two Germans started with lliem to
thn rear, but became conruseil ana
walked straight Into the French lines
nd thimsulvcs were taken prisoner
The Americans rcpoiled that Clennan
officers had questioned them elnsely aa
to when unJ where they hail landed In
Kurone. where they were trnlnod anJ
tho Identity of tholr units. The Amer-
cans refused to answer any of the : rjaker Explains Orders When Some
nuesUons. The Germain sen-M tho i . , .i-... n.
S.ler 'l ouis Kwvvsaiit ChaVlVS ! other, which cntno to u bend .Saturday lh corrcfpondlng period last year, ac- .purp. sj of an
fluT tho Mayor refused to see tho ' cSUk to 0,
iMernst'.dnValnf10 ",0 I -uhway omlraotor. after they bad X&M TW U a orutsl foe,
men and money until
Id acclaim the defeat
American prisoners -Win a nauseating
compound of flour and water as food.
Hack tiiiKllpnx lleporleil It, mini:
.Mmiy ill i;-eii,
LONDON. June 10 V dessatcb to
the Times from The Hague nuotes a
neutral who has arrived there from
Ocrmauy as stating that an epidemic
of black smallpox Is raglm: among the
n.nrbniuii n inn iirum, mum ni i-:ni,en.
with four or five fatal cases occurring
llslly. vnccuiaiiuii in vicry lino IS
hrlnr eninnelled.
The outbreak, the despnlch adds. Is
sttrlbuted to unaerreeainu ana unsani
tary conditions,
Tablrelolhs May lie feed Only on
Krallve Oeeaaluns,
rOI'BNHAtSIJN, June 10 The Col
onno iiateuc umi ueginuing
July 1 all hotels, clubs and restnil
rants are forbidden to use nnpUlns or
tnhlecloins, excepi mi iuuu ucca
All Txst and Fpuad" artletss)
artrtlstd In The World o- reported
to "Lost and Found llurrau." Itooni
10S, World IlullJIns. will be listed
for thirty days. Thfsa Hits can be
seen at any of The World's Offices.
"Lost and Found" advertisements
ran be left at anr of The World's
Advertising Aseneles. or can be
talsphonsd dlrectlr to The Wsila.
Call 4000 ntekman Nw TorlU.or
Brooklyn Office. 4100 Mala.
Sound Like Strokes on Huge Drum j
and Distant Thud of
Heavy Cannon.
LONDON. June lO.-The sound of
gunfire was plainly heard In certain
' districts of London esily this mornlriK.
! It was believed to be from the battU
t front.
i The sound wss like strokes on a huxe
' drum, At Intervsls the people heard
I what restnibled the distant thud of
heavy cannon.
Senators Urge Otlicer Be
Sent Abroad.
WASHINGTON. June 10. Sccretnry
lisker. appearing to-day before the Sen
ftto Military Committee at the start of
artngs en the Army Appeoprietm,, urn
. . ... . .. L.l.lln.. M.Ia. flnn IVnnil
Silu III" nrnere ji'iiuiui, iujwi ...... ..w
n this country were rogarneu "ior tne
t-nod of tho service." and presented a
plan for appointing successors to Ainjor
(lens. Ci-ozter nnd snarpe, wno nave
been relieved respectively irom tneir
active jurisdiction over tho Ordnance
Sml Quartermaster's Hureaus. Some
tienntors urgeu n' "
across. ....... ... .u.,,
iaruisrvi itiiKiir niuifiiaru sisov
smendmeiit be mldod to tho bill author
ising Uie I'rcsldent ''.I'P0l'rlw,o.,M,K, ?
rank for (lens. Croiler and Hharpo and
' - ih., ,,r..iient s tuut on. hk
whu:li ien i ruin'i i.-inn."
rank as hoad of tho Ordnance Hurwiu.
uu""...,.r II , nie as Act lug t'hlef of
Ordnance, nnd by which Quartermaster
dun. snnrpi' ,r",'
post an -Auiins w.i-1 ,v, ...... v.
handling tho bill can.
I.leltnnvi aU riH i I'ubllali llmi
olr, IIImuiIiik lieriiinu).
finN RVA. June in I'oui.t l.lihnow-
sky, former Uerman Ambissador to
(treat Ilrltaln. I plsnnlni; to publish
his memoirs. In similar in in in those
of American Ambassador Heiard. It was
It-aitied here to-day. Herman olllclnls
violently oppose the pioJeLt
I'rof. 1. V. Loinonossoff. head of the
lliiHiliiu Hallway Mission In the I'nlted
S'.a'.es. and to-da
"Ainnng the llusslnn Imellictuuls has
l.e.-n created a sttong llermanophlle
inovemenC. Tho softer and the mole
tlmiaclerless part of the Russian In
tellrctunl class, flimllng for Its own
schnnes, prefers the Prussian autocracy
to ihnse unculturnl forms Into which tho
ltusslan i evolution, with Its deeply
1 rtrmoerntlc Ideals has dilfled
"If I am to chooie betwoni a perse-I s-n Its A Coinpuni'e nl, of iwf In New
cillon of the Itus.ian llourgrol. and In- 'a'.".:".:..".; V.,fciJSS.f Zl'.Xii
ttUeclutds and tho horrors of a new uut. 2a. It csats set seuad. Aavu
FIltST lUOlJ-The Ileld.ime; mares;
Ihrw-vcNir-olda and up; llamlloep; with
Ul.sBCoS ndded; six fiiilonBs: slralght.-Klvest-a,
HC (H llrleksnnl. 4 In 1,
to 8. 7 to 10. wunr Iron I'rsnk. 12 U.
llvniol. 11 to 3. 4 to 5. I to 3. second:
Llchnok's memoirs placed ihe re
sponsibility for the war upon Herman
InlilKiie. freeing Orent Ilrltaln from all
li.il nil (Pnanr). U to 1. 10 1
S t" 1. third. Time. UI J-6 Jyntee.
Ilhlne Malde. Mary Maud. Iluntiess and
Water Uidy ajso ran.
BKCONU ItAOL Sleepleclmse: sell
ing; (our-vear-olds ami upward: purse
, T0Ui about two miles e. mi i iviaiie,.
llnbeit Oliver, 143 (W. Allen). I .to I,
! 4 to D and out. won: Uiuvols, 145 (Il
eis) even 1 m 1 and out, second, Su
r.'"!:....: ,KT w Wllllnma. Stn 1 1 to 2
:. . .ui. Vhl.d. Time. LIS. Hold Uoud
Ito raa.
conferred with Comptroller Craig, j
This wiih thu twelfth hour effort of
tho contractor to stall off tho Im
pending strike by Insisting mat tne
ernm of I ho recent LocKwood Law,
giving relief to thorn under tho no-
liriillt-and-cost basis, uo put into
Tho Hoard of Ksumnio unu wic
Mnvnr. bucked hv an opinion from
Corporation Counsel Uurr, hnvo been
trvini- f.ir n ni'L'li. nccordlng to a
statement by Krcdtirlclt L. Crnnford,
Trcsldent of tho Ocnernl Cimtractors
Association, til handle tne situation i
outsldo of tho Lockwood net s pro
visions. Meanwhile tho contractors, (
facing ruin on the terms or pre-war
contracts, granted their men a tem
porary advance tor a ween, uupius
that tho deadlock would bo broken.
.Should the strmc conunuo nroun-
lyn will bo the hardest hit or tne
four boroughs in wnicn in uui
hubway work Is being done. Among
the big Jobs abandoned now nre the
connections between the Hroadway
suhwny In Manhattan ami tne rutin n
Avenue suDWiiy in iwuumyi,,
tween the easterly downtown brnncn
of Ihe Seventh Avenue subway In
Manhattan ami inn
line, in llrookl5n; Ifto Whitehall.
Montauue tunnol route, which Is to
n.,1, .... .h,, nld.f'larkii Street tun-
with the lrUtor; the llnu
, elln i..ieal fill 14th Street, Mnnhnt
,..n f,,,,.! Hixth Avenue to Hast Hlver,
ti . i... .linn el tn Brooklyn
he section of the Uisterr, Parkway
route rnnulnp down l latbush Ate
mi" nnd to the llnlTttlo Avenue elo
.. . ,ft.i
'.mi. ' ...n. ,inn not nffecl the coil-
i..r..i nnenlnrr of the Seventh
..'.... ii.... in Mnnhattan between
r - 4Mf IMS'- - - a I, . ,.-,,
.., tl.tlnl-f lltlll MiriV-rtfLUIMI
l.vs, - ; .
tralnH will tmvel north on tho prc-
ont subway 4jickh.
n.liiiiilln anil ronlln
i ., ii ... -
l'niioeil In lenna.
nni'vii MIEN. Juno 10.-Tlu Houlh
e,.. ,.nr.iinn may be settled b' a
union of nahnatla nnd Oroatla and tlie
." i?blH in.rlit of horn; ru e In nosnU
.ml llarxecovina. according to in
airhV." 'celvcd from VknM to-day.
Trails Mark.
DARKENING OUR STORES after 9 o'clock at night.
All display signs and exterior illumination which serve
to identify LOFT stores have been temporarily aban
doned, but by our compliance with the Police mandate
we 'do not wish to create the impression by our dark
ened store fronts that we are closed for business. Our
stores remain open evenings in accordance with our
regular schedule. We offer this explanation to our patrons and friends
in order to set them right In the matter.
A Banner Special to Start Off the Week
Monday, June lutn
rnYSTU.l.IZKn rEl'I'KllMINTH AND WlTf. jnitr.KNS .The f dab
;d I w lit tV miloii ahaoe morMU of Uannrlaht il.lliluu.iiri... rlclilv flam.
?. V ii Hi i ..l IVDurrnilat and IVInterarerii. Ilirr are rral inatler
utecea I" Milnt '."XnlT'amj a "wonderful buy at tt' '"f .'r;W
V!I5".I 'VkiVii ..if.r iiirm i unilsr old). I UUMI I10X
prlee at wbleh we offer tliem 5lndar
rrU HUb
Special for Tomorrow, Tuesday, June Uth
s are ri
ee. Van
.it rant.
ritlll'OI.ATK COVKIIWl rilflTINAK The hrarl" ni these sieeeta are mm-
;.ed nf the. rlche.t. meWo-eM i ream '",'. nZ""u.W:U,i
llint'ttlate nnd i-emi
ould b a re eunrrnllTe luUon. 1 lo
fll last at tils IIHliAT l'P.Cl.1. MtlCLl
OrUlleTsa. Vanilla
lilt? JHCUPIh UreJ UI lur isy-tt .tM, iirns iris,rKIH,
iti uir an siBiwuiiniii A T" t
iioh ions tia fu iiiinK utr
tjtv rtltat llttr tMlUIlt
Attractive Monday Offerings:
TAI'llKX - Vou knew
those eld fabln ebew
Ins sooilles Um il
1 1 e I o a sammrrtlme
join. Thev are ueent
,d In fullr 10 flaTnr
o( rnilU.,.,Nilre and
linnsnil MlnU. nnd
:aoh nlree Is wrappnl In
muiltarv OA r
tine oaner.
hliirnl ew IntK.
Ilroukhn. .Newark.
(I shllr Uriurd "The
llii of th, IlltttV!
Sweet.." Tbe eentrra are
mar I renin Dial fr
teiiinlnl a .,! twitn,
and lh. tarlet, of fl.T.
an l Kol i r.i
Th. Jarkrt.
our lamoui
arr nf
i hoeulele.
The soeciriwl welahl- Includrr the container.

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