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' i Vflf. -vpvm jptf W'"' '
Tuesday, June 11, 1018
. -I- .
How to Can arid Dry
Fruits and Vegetables
1)1 The Utenlfia U'arht tn-Aa u nuhHuhrt Ihe. Ant nf n trrlri nt nrtlclr.l
. Uiucd by the United States Department of Agriculture explaining can
ning and drying methods found by experience to be productive of the
bettiTCtults. General Instructions tclll be followed by specific rules for
preserving various kinds of vegetables
The Appliances
'RUITS and vegetables may bo
successfully ennned with very
f iuiyie nun encap appliances.
outands of women, girls, and boys
ery year can fruits and vegetables
oceasfully with bomc-mndo equip-
mnt In fact, so successfully that
knany find a prolltablu outsldo markot
for tficlr surplus homo-canned prod
ucts., . -
I Tq.ican almost any fruit or vegot
pbleor fruit Juloc especially for
Stoma use the couscrver needs only:
I (a) Oo6i, sound fruits or vegct-
f 1,AOft
)t(b)M. largo metal' vessel, with tight
ttlnff'tjover, such as a wash botlcr'or
lg palMltted with a false bottom of
laths or wltb und jmrtly llllcd with
llng. water.
(c) Jat to keep the water boiling.
(d) Tlrht-seallng Jurs and rubber
tings, (or cant and n soldering outfit).
e) jyard or so of chcesa cloth.
f), Tho ordinary enamelled pans,
china' ))owls, nnd other equipment
found" In every kitchen.
Evdri sugar Is not essential. Frails
nd berries can bu canned In plain
hot water, fruit Julco or fruit syrups
made from concentrated fruit Juice.
With u hot water bath outllt the
jhomo canner can boll (process) the
J filled Jars or cans so that when
finally sealed the contents are reason-
A nta hnltnm fnp (tin nrnreiislntr
vessel Is practically un essential. Its
k jsirpose, Is to ullow free circulation
of tho boiling water around und
i.,r unit iiiun In tirevent
the Jars from rostlng on tho metal
bottijrri right next to the flame. Such
a (also bottom can readily be made
out of.' pieces of lath or wood or by
bending a rlcco of Btlff wire netting.
BUU moro convenient will be a wire
basket with small legs and fitted with
-handles on either endj which stick
vp bove too hot water. This bas
ket makes an excellent false bottom.
nd at tho same tlmo enables thu
llnuuwlfe without troublo to 1'ft sev-
C ,11. 1 ,h itni ...ntep
ral Jars In or out of the not water
I " " . ..'1,1111 mviilfi nr.. hrh nrfl nnrt i'
,V Wlfh such efiuipmcm n. ciean, air y (
7 r,S!' adntag,. thro,; times a day
. -.v-..- ... ...,- i
fi cut or doors, ino nousewuo win m .
J only, to follow directions carefully.
work quickly and be ever watchful of
I sanitary conditions, to can and pre-
When the- required temperature to ;
sterllli (boll, stenm) various prod
ucts Is reached, they must bo held
for the length of tlmu stated In pro- 1
casslng (heating) time tables, and
.L- -L mllu, V,.. unnlei) nir tilht 1111-
IOO Jl - .... ------ 1
mediately after the processing. ,
BinMi jll suceessful cnnnlng Is de-
I pendent upon sterilisation by meant
at het. It U most Important to apply
L.mIi.- v,..i in mnWn thn nrodllcts
A terile. Do not let filled Jars c-irt
hi.v rn sealed. Peal them
.tight whllo they are still hotrom 'ho
Wheatless Breads.
' . . ..... ., ,1 KnrlnV !1m.
y r yUU rvci itiuuo f-j
cults? Theyara worth trying.
Two cupa barley flour, -
bMunnniu fat. Vt teaspoon salt, 4
ftaspoons baking powder, 2-3 cup
,1 Sift the dry Ingredients together,
mix In tho fat nnd odd tho liquid
Jinttl a soft dough Is formed. Holl to
kbout thron fourths Inch thick, cut
r ... i... ..,... n.i1 l.'il'n Iti n
Thb-inake a very good dough for
, shortenko also.
This Is good, If terved hot. Two
cups buckwheat flour, 'i cup short
ening, 2 cups sour milk, 1 teaspoon
soda, teaspoon salt. Mix and bake
In a flat pan no that tho calto Is ulniut
1 1-2 Inches thick when done. Cut In
squares and servo hot llko corn
One and u halt cups milk, S egtrn, 2
tablespoons fat, 2 cups barley Hour,
1 teaspoons baking powder, 1 tea-
spoon salt.
Corn flour or half corn flour nnd
hlf peanut flour may' bo uaud in-
v Sloua oi uuriey iiuur.
( Sift the dry Ingredients together
and ndd slowly tho milk, beaten egg
yolki and melted fat. Heut thoroughly
for a, minulo und fold In stiffly
beaten whites. Cook In hot, well
yrefesed wafflo Iron or as grlddlo
ejjee on a hot. woll-greasod griddle.
Oats are good for quick breads.
Rolled oats may bo ground through
H food chopper and used In this form
In quick breads or cakes, or ground
.e&ta may bo bought as sueh.
'i Try these oatmeal and torn-flour
f ivOne cup mllit, 2 eggs, i tablespoon
(melted fat, 1 cup, oatmeal, I cup
corn-flour, 4 teaspoons baking pow
der, 1 teaspoon salt.
Sift the dry Ingredients together
and'a'dd to tho liquid. Stir In the
melted fat. llako in well. greased
muffin molds for -5 minutes.
For Bcotoh Oat Wafers soe U. S.
Food Leaflet No. 6,
These quick breads must take the
plt.ee of much of tho yeast bread wo
aro aocustomod to using. The yeast
'ftread we do use should bu Victory
V 'Irurf Thn hnknrit nf thin nnllntrv
fre- now making this Victory bread
which contains "5 per cent, of wheat
substitutes, just as the bakers In
Francs and England are using wheat
substitutes In their yeast bread.
Waste, none of tho bread, for all
jirodudLs. containing wheat ara pr.
cieua, .
and fruits.
You Will Need
A simple heme canner made from
an old wash boiler and fitted with
a slat bottom.
bath. The hotter thu product when
sealed tho less chhnce Hint molds and
bacteria from tho air will entvr the
Jar, llvo und causo tho canned gosds
to spoil.
The jars must bo absolutely air
tight hermetically sealed, -The
slightest leak nnywheto in a Jar or
can nt tho rubber ring or through u
crack means that tho air, cnrryln?
with It germs, mny enter nnd thn
product Ill not keep. Iluar in m! id
that tho hot product in the Jars will
shrink n llttlo when It begins to to '1.
This shrinkage will draw air Ititi tho
Jar If tho seal Is not pcrfei t nnd there
Is the slightest opening. Mold,
veaMs nnd bacteria are likely to ti
carried In by Ihe air and tho vov.v
things tho couscrver tried t. kill by
hc.it nnd keep out by sealing lire
present in tho Jara ami all effort and
labor is lost.
Examine Jars or cans carefully.
Ttirow usliln bent lids, even If the
lower Hp Is dented only slightly. Dis
card Jars with faulty screw thrcailx
or unevenness whtrc tho rubber must
tit. Take no chances with leaks.
Kvcry leaky container must be re
processed nnd sealed nbsolu'oly tight
bofore It can be expected to keep.
Pressure cookirs. wt-ich are light
to handle and which may be obtained
upon tho market In various sizes, are
especially well adapted to home can
ning, and nt the name fine aro most
vaiunuiu jur nil' iiuiru iiiui nii'tiuui
.,... , ,,,, ,.,,. . ,.,
valunblu for the quint ami effectual
'"kL "
tni vrnr round, ami me investment m
L3-z j&tk sfr "s.t mmsr'.&rx rfw-sgsr-- ftcrr.,v ru. -,.cr
iVL:.!i..:.t:...i..:Mi.,.-. i w... rnn: .lrr1.?.-rZrT?STrr-?fYTZ.-....2-- .
He Was Gassed, While Walking
Along a Country Road,
Without Knowing It
(CutijrUM. M.L'lait
Drtlliiu tor o.l in th. (...thiii. nf ih it, km.
until Oct..ir, ivn, man he rial Wui in
ltnitit HlilK mi lit i) to rtian
i. . . k . .r-,ii. ..,' .
T ii'f
IKltf W Mill
Mia to Wtnn ni fir mr htnl ai
uiitlun ua lor the llrt tiiuu u.ur.1 ifv.-
N thu morning of tho Itrst day of
thu FCcond battle of Ynres. 1
hnnneneii fn 1. ilntm. cmii.. r...
pair work on the section com
mander's autoctoblle. In a near
by Held was an artillery ammu
nition dump, and this tho GermaiH
seemed lnt upon reaching with their
shells. Tho fire was scAttcred. how
ever, and before long it becamo en
tirely too hot around tho car I wa-i
repairing and 1 was obliged tri find
shelter In a bombproof. Thero was a
lull In the Urn presently, und I nun
eluded that It might bo safo to resume
my work. I hail hurdly conio to tho
suifnco, however, when tho Ctermnns
icopened their llro. it seemed best to
get In thu car and speed us fur away
from the fiont as was posslblo. 1 had
jsono down thu road soma 2uo ynuls
when the section com, n under caught
up with in" und dcin.uidcd his car, bay
ing that ho was In a hurry. So i
Jumped out and let him havo It.
Tlio nru continued und 1 could not
i.... ...I i i.j . . ...
n.-o niiiti i kv'u it woniii svrvu to stay in
It. Whllu I was wulklng along tho
roi about three-quarters 0f a mllo
Vhlnd tho lines, thu llrlng Increased In
Intensity Ihe uolso fascinated mu.
lor alwut two hours I watched tlio
spectacle of a front In eruption.
Thero was heavy firing all night,
und tho pext morning 1 suddenly
smelt bomethlng like chloride ot llmo.
The stencil Increased ull tho time,
and presently my lungs began to feel
soro. I had a hard tlmo breathing,
und coming to a ditch I looked Into
It to soo whether thn smll was com-
Ing from thero, chlorlda of llmo being
used generally for sanitary purposes,
lint I saw nothing In tho ditch and
my lungs began to hurt more and
inure, l-lnally I took my bandanna
hanilkerchlct and tlud it ovur my
mouth. A few minutes later an am-
munition lorry enmo tearing dowu
mo roau. picKeu mo up nnd toog iranaport enmnin in r.nKatnu, mm m inoro was nothing elso to do now but
me to tho rnllhead, whoro, with four August, 1915, we locclvod orders to try issues w.th tho'ottieer. 1 went
others, I waa sent to a hospital and proceed to France. Tho trip to tho over to him nnd usked by what au.
treated for gas poliontns. In tnreo nearest seaport had to bo made over thorlty ho was searching llrltlsh lor
days I was sent to England with the country roads, I was section rles without my con.-.cnt or tho con
about twelve hundred other men who Hergeant, and In this capacity had to sent of tho llrltlsh baso commander,
had been gassed or wounded. scout tho roads ahead of tho culumn That was walking on thin lc, f
That was only ono shipload, how- on a motor cycle, theroby gaining the course. Tho baso commanuer was an
ever. Several thousand! of othor title of "Tho Human Sign I'ost." Kngllshmun and 1 wu.s a colonial; I
wounanii ami K.nsea men followed us.
Atiuijr ui mmi wer rni n
whoso organisations had lost heavily
Can You
, THE LEASE feRlTjis
You FooL I IT'S WfilTTEM )
N SHAlLTyPE,lTi A, (
JorseR. in Tr(e leAse r
rtAR, W . k 3
rn ill i t.4 i
HEAThisYou BooE.-
UlrrlLULI T inj
.Nrl"r "TOllfntf 1
tiuu-n. .u M.ar tit r U.1111 :td
it hcmiui.t r..,e.i 4iu.1t . iinn-iii tint. .
.;.:.. ; ...v
. I If. ...! ... ..I 1 lia HJl
k. iio'rn'.bnj tu trwii arnluw lurrj loaJod
-im ,.t 4 i.h.
In tho second battle of Vpres. for It
was tho first time gas had been usca
nn .,. ,....,!,.., rimv wero n
heart. breakim: slirlit. und I thanked
my starx tliut i still had it whole
Thn nttnntm of ttin l.1H tlOl.SOnlng
wero not so easily gotten rid of,
However, inu ouro us miihui.
i..:,..i .i.. ,..i.,. ., ,if inU.
..t .,ti unii.r nnil other
nr.llr.j ... Ihiil lh.. avsteni llllcht tlO
cleared of the
thu lungs. The
gested for qulto
peculiar inltatlon
r- 1 1 onil i nn tiPVi
caused me on
cough myself Into
Tr.c ga.t pat:
the hospitals.
m.ninlv for tlm
tleil no In lie.l In n mlMlnif position,
which, In thn course of time, mado
me very lll-tetnpered and caused mo
to ttNo language which I afterward
, . . I.-.-- .H l.n 1in.
Pha un l nYcke! out two patients ho
wished to euro ut homo. I was ono
of them. The other man hod been
...,..,1 tiN.ii nlnrM nnd trnsn
............. ... '- ,
terrible sleht. vvneti l saw mm ursi-
u ,Vns believed that ho would die, but
within a fow day he recovered slim-
rie,,ty to stand tho transfer from thv
v,.i,i ,' niPP -nlle.l Ifawkhurnt.
' thf, ,i0toi's homo In Kent.
Th , f UH w,.ro FlvPn , largo
. . ut i couIlt not Rtand
thn .lifht of mv eomnanlnn In misery,
Q' "h wn nreient !v taken to anothor
' 1 Vmwe
1 ' ' Iinr, nf ., -mln.
, P f . .IJi ,,, L
,r worn yory wxxiuh to inuK "
romrortnoiu as possinie, ami ";
Kot permission to taite mo io ineir
homes, ono old gentleman nt im
nainn nf llardenstlo tool; me ni l over
l'1" V- "o was somev .Mat or an
Amerlc.-.n, having nporatea ni one
tlmo a cattlo ranch in .now . Mexico.
After my dl.c wtrgo rrom trie nnr.
pltul I was attached tn a mochantcil
A few days lator wo arriveu at
itnunni In France, wnoro we ssciiv
two debs reatlns up. Then the ooa-
gases axsimiiaieu oy looKeit atotind for something to eat. ' " " . " of tin. Kreneh lines. Inn lion mrolc no iii.itL'h. Tliuv ben sent in,, bv
lungs remained con- o found only blx tons of coal, which 1 .V." . ..! AV . T... .' .' dlfferenco to thu nollus. who also worn a la.lv with wliuin I had had tea In
:nt :r r. rnrn n mr uwny rnm tn? util! the !2!c mcu , , ,, V. i. f.iio ,f them with vn t. ii dtiK'ti' whera wis
1 got very llttlo sleep, looked over tho Kronrh army supplier. )s'.'.1. ' ,!!'.unL.....!.il..lra,.t.'.'.r:.. 1.w.!l"t. After tho French soldlois had lliwd had it truuiu of nokei. in which 1 won
reason that I Was and soon thev found Unit tln.v mint 1 , ' '".'" """'"""wun uunip a ny ,n, with l.avnnets llm.il. iln. in..n to bo i.,,,,,. ,i,.t, . r. hint. ,. i
the RE
voy was formed Into
started for tho front.
column and
Ult work at that time conMstcd
A few nights later the section com
maiidcr oidcred mo to iiiuko up a con-
uv of seven three-ton ttucks uud
. " ' "
nroefed to it for twenty tons ot
coal, Thu drlvura of thn unit weto
, fruin Rll oVer tnu wor,. i mij ,t
,'...,.ii,., A,,..i,..n ktr...
Man, an Englishman, a .Scotchman, a
Hwouo, n wqlsnmnn ami a Mcncn-
man. Thev wero all men who had
llvod well in civlllun life, and tho
ssss s'isr -
"B,. iM,.t
Tho motor truck drivers never lost
liiuulo oi koiiihk nutter gruo miu
ti., .mw. ... ,h ,ii
wlier., il.n l.'r. t,
mtrp hail il t.4ii tniln ,,tm, nt niv mot.
Use HO Inn of them. Thv lieioi.il llo.m
helves to a lot of c.iiinod gu ids. The
prosjiccts of getting u kiiuuio moal
wero too tumpttug to he overlooked,
The troublo wus that tho buys wero
Tint llllllull.,,1 ...1(1. 11,, I... 1......... l
tkl..g a few cans they took several
cases, and when I enmo bai l; a French
officer had my men lined up and .1
coup 0 of Kendui inn wer.i imlri
,v..,...i. , . , . .
.i usii wiu lurries looaing lor tin
stolen goods.
I was not surprised, for I knsw my
over-hungry hbrdo too well to think
that they would overlook such ,-t
v s 5
With the (
principally of carrying barbed turning to cump I was given tin in- r.voru oiess. my nmt.itiou to get mi" Mimy of M w.,,x mva given a
,., , .,.,, .hm.ih niiiJ Miatioti to a canned chicken dinner, tho aviation service grew stronger ' . . ,hHl K(,t us.
wlro to tho fiont through mud ll lullM mliU.vUll ul Iiuhl U() hlul each day. and every bit of Informa- fM7 ti it o " o'clock in the
and slush of which thero t 11S)J r(Mll tm WMH several do. tlon I could secure was welcome. 'y. W, tt ,.1,,,,!, irucrt wmu
no end. snatch riders wero killed by a spy. Christmas of 11)16 cams around, nnd ' ,,. f .(,,. ,ii.M.
some time, and a wo loaded on two of thu lorries, an I " ," . " .m Jl ' . 1',u' to attend thu Ceremony- They cumu Kiuland and who imd nro.ni.ed to
In the throat while the men wero doing that 1 went ' " ' ,"' " ""'" down In lorries just us thoy h.nl left fend me cigarettes. I sat down and
ernl nernslnilS tO to tlio h.ii nim,n:n,;l.,r'. ..ill... I,, On, I Willi'''!' II IL, ,1(1111 OS il llalluT. ,i i 11.1 ,u.. .... .. . .. .1
. .... ------ "... " -nuht. I, ,,r,.u.,l ..... irr,..ltv i'i"'" ,o, uir) iii-i n'.i t. luiiiiiuii lou 101, Ull Ul IOVIII lllttltlllK
Insensibility. out about tho rest. Whili. 1 wim J K11 ,,f 2 M' "Wwruniii. Tbin mm almul lust uiiu Kod siiioku. 1 ended tlm Uuy
'jhanro to gut something to eat. ilut 'ruud In thu clean uir whllu
for the snko of appearances I asked 1 1,jJ "' ,,uclt "hells all tho tlmo ami
B01o of tho men If thero was any- ru" cam-en of being caught by tho
tblng wrotig. Tho French ofllcer told ma( ti ne guns nnd snipers. Of course
,no that they wero being searched for '" h"'"'1'1 were also belnif shelled.
stolen goods. That settled It .'for I but they never soemwl to get hurt,
knew that they had been found out. 1 had seen some of them hit treos
"thorwlse thn French ofllcer would "nd other obstacles upm landing or
not havo gone so far as bo did, Thero gettl'-g "if thn ground, but thn game
was a nne chanro for all of us being ' '.nys npialeil to mu strongly
pftCP(j umjnr nrr,t u(t ,.ouri mar- To nn living seomert the very ocmo
tlaled. I thought tho thing ovor of -i tvi- Mirn and I had no notion, of
quickly, went to one ot tho lorries, po-'- how goo-l tho Germsn anti-
JlUlM w gt,njanilo oul , lt ,, nir'-ra" h-itterloi were. Flying "fish-
,hon shouted nt tho other I asked " burning "onlonV us term
Wh0 hud given them permUslon toner- type of shll usel bv the foe.
senrch my lorries und wus told that nnd f - ' iandlngs, were things tin-
tho French officer hud ordorod It. ki me. Of the cold above tho
onubt very much If ho would havo
Kivon m rirot.i m I nnkeil lh
rreoch officer for his name and ad-
tij Tin I'x . ' .iliint C'1
fill N lek l.inui Wur.J.)
ir s douim in
OUI inc. i.ANUt-UL) nf
K Providing Them
avid ihe TENANT HAS, (
ilns. and told tiini Unit I would m-
una?, uiiu iuiii nun iiutk uiu ,.-
port turn to my commanding officer,
That helped. My Miategtm succeed-
ed. and rather than havo moro fuss
the French oltlcer thouglit it tmsl to
c.ill off the gendarmes. And on ru-
It hid been announced that twu
weeks' loavo of absence In Knglond
would bo irlvon thu mun who caught
- . .
tne spy. nnu or course even nouy was
f.n the lookout for him. livery nook
and cranny in that part of the coun-
tn ti.i.i !.... ti H,.nrrh,..i inn nobody
had bi en found. Tho only person
ever sun near im, hkiu was a p-
ant ploughing his fields.
aijoik a weeK oner lliul l mei
was thero at C oVlnck. anil at C.30
was there- at C o'clock, and at C.30
ill the llttlu suuaro behind thu eh.t-
tiuu and lillndfoldetl
UMl,ll1f... Of
" nilllltO OI
lle.ltll W.IM then read to llllll, lltlll for
thoughtful man. lenllzing how llttlu
n l.r. n, tttereil iii HiiM -i. ,1 Mime-Hie
a That an"r ion Vh .e Y T., g
. . ,,.', . .. ,, .,
: , o'nnMi',,'vle,,,ibolh B 'U,S',
up then captlvo balloons. I counted
a- iiiun as twrttty. Most of thrin
."T tho Oernnns we bt l er
' a " " 0I"?C WTho aer"
llX nta Tho aero
l'""i ' a Sltlieil nbout.
1 ..nttltl ItlM tlv.O'u llnr. w.'iu I 111
, ., J .., , ,vT
muJ up " my Knees either in tn u
t rem ties or on thu roads uii, getting
vei little out of the war but lots or
nurd worK. lho other fellows wer
rl ! '
htv -K
'r 1 I 1
III' 1
fnr ,'1 '
not '
)tv 'n
-1 tho chances nnn tool: In
' Innd behind the Oerman
1 heinl very llttl,
i" wllllnr; to take a ebnnen
o long ns I could get
"nd and hnd an npportun-
'v Indoors nt nirht The
t transport service was
" mud and night work. I
""O'trrhlv s'i ti r. hnth that
nr? to do anv-thlntr to iret
away from tawa.
I l I V V T I .
..... .... ....... .. ..... il. , I.I... um'in ill VUIOI. U V'i. il I) oui.ti mn .iiiiiu.i,.i"iin ... i nuuuru
Maurice Ketten
IJiirlllg thu next few d.i I "ml "
--....hh .. ..v... .... -
gainer information as i to li I touiu
gi t Into tho Koyul I'ly.iig i orps i
got no satisfaction, however, for no-
nouy svotneil to Know exactly now m
exclusive a clrelo could bo Invaded
every man nt tho front was looKIng
rorwnnl to It on nccount of the pres.
ents Mini better food from homo whleli
l,..ll.l... i, i i n.i...
nonimx uiiiu nruiK. m
officers of tho unit were to give us .1
turkey dinner. Tho day before Cliri.4'-
mas wo wero paraded and oarh tii.iu
deceive' ,, o k,,, ks a p rru .
" vr-"- "
wo received a deck of curds and .i
; wwjts
l,'"M- .
On f'e in, no uf let noon t win.
mi en, that tu inn r. , 11 v toil,
. 10 "'" '"! sum
ll'll WII1IV. nOIUU l .lll.l.ll tl ' '
... .... ,.. ,, . ..
,1. .7 Vl UIO. I, III,' I I II, I, H
,7' ', " ",'"
dHcoriitcd, twetily-elght in niiinnor,
w" "'rFhc'' !'"" -"'"".'"''
i an oeeu loriiniii. 1 1 is none, sniui' o
(,ur own troops marched up. head,.,
, ,,. d thu't playing thu Mar
Tills done, some of
U .liar-
Thoso men hnd gone through evory
hardship one cun linugine, but tu suu
soino of their comradus Imnorud
seemed to rherr them ull.
as inu iirtisn iuicos came 10 utiuu-
,01 ,ho t.r(.cli bund strmk up tho
-.Muplo Uuf Foruvor," ami followtl
tMa ,,y ,.(JM canuda." 'linn ihr.
i.-,,.nei and Hntlsn tin .iouk
As thu ilrllsh fuicos t'uinu to uttori-
,unds, and later thu French generil
pinned thu decoration on thu Cunt-
,jlwlH nml KUsud each of them on the
,-uek, whllo our kilted b.m.l pla"d
ine march past. When t was .ill ove'
thu gunerais again saluted each othtr
nm lh troops dispursud. iliu nnvi
who had been decorated did n -l eiu
to know what to do with thciiikelvos.
Just then thu gang who had watch 1
u nil rushed upon tho unfoi tunutes
and rarrled them fchouldur-h.gn to the
nearest cafe,
it hud been n most Impreislvu af-
fair. Thero is something in iln ss
French soldlurs and even in the pent-
ants that makes ono cotmclu i of thu
fnct that thu French aru ,ndi vd a
nohlu i.-ice. Thev were nliesdv be-
ginning to feel thn great gira.n of
the war, and though they showed
p'.ulnly that It was telling on them.
they were bearing up wondei fu.iy. I
utetlto ask them whether tluv were
anxious for peace; always th. nml
yes, but with the tonus of own'lve
and our allies tho terms of the vlc-
tor. Otherwise tht were willing lo
tlirht to the last.
Christmas evening: we had thu tur-
j The Evening World's
jKid die Klub Kornerf
,' Conducted by Elennor Schorcr 1
roi)iih' I 'P bi Tti- l-r IV. umH
The Petrified Forcata.
HUM llrnnd Canyon, Teddy, Trlx
nnd Mrs. Martin went to Mug-'
staff to ew soino of the o'li-sr
I wonders uhleh ArU.oiia holiN for th
; tourist. Their first trip wai to I
' lliiniilirey's 1'e.tk, U.OOO feet nbovo
i w u level. The dry, desert nir U freo
I from dust and mi rlear that thoy could
we for liiiinlii'iU of miles, miirh 'ur- ,
I then than at home In New Yofk. '
The guide potulvd out thn nail il
l (irutid (.'iiiodii. f0 miles to the nor li.
l and in anuther illrectlnu tlio 1'iunird
l7i'rt,'licie nillieraU give tho soil
J all the colors of thn rainbow,
j Next morning they set out for thu
i trilled forests, the route leading
I past many Aztec ruins. Presently
they leuelied lho famous natural
bridge, which croWs a Korge fiu feet
wide. It uas onto the trunk of a
trim bill has been triiiiHforined Into
a slab of agite. Not far away wero
tho "Twin ttlsteis" two lino tries
eliiinged iiiln solid stone. Some of thn
pctrllli',1 trunks aio from seven to
nine feet In diameter and moro thnn
00 feel long, the Urgent In the wnrl I
In color they viylcd fiom li'autlfiil
rainbow tlulH to pum crstal.
"Millions vf enrs ago," said a
member nf the party, "the sea nulled
ill ami covered the folosls growing
liero with sand and silt, which
liarileneilinto rock Age as.vd, and,
theu th currents of mvlfl streams
ivoie uwaj thn lock until theie
Cousin Eleanor's
i Dear Kiddies:
' -r in mod to sco how generously yu
I ar.i responding to my little ojlil
for fund for the six Hcneii r
, .1 1 i urlumi wn huvn adopted.
On tho day following publication of
tho plenties of three of thorn and tho
story telling of their need and our
American t'-msliiM' help, tho mall
i.n.uirht 13 from Cousin l"tcr Mellon
llrynn. No. :ii Went 3h street.
I'.iuit.n .lane i:il.abeth Urowne. Hotel
i..m vii. 100-13 Wont I5tb Htreet.
'.oi.tribille.l S. fcmilii Helen Apple-
li.iiim. o. .i "
, tueil herself for tii centM a week
mid 1-oiiHln Hubert A. llclst. No. CJ
I mihUii l'iace, Toiupklnsvlllu, H. l
Hcnt Moven cents. Cousins Kdward
TIiiinu who were In thu
f,..,., n.... i. ,,i iiuirM tn! next unyi
, . ,. ' " "UM uiei. At 12 oclock
,'.'V it ining had
;""'". ....... nn occasional star
n.miinii.il us that night tlwt
iinl thu tut-lui-ttit-tut of thu maclilno
Kims. .Suoii tho field artillery anil
tint "heavies" wuko up again, uud
before long an intense bombardment
of tho sector was on. When duyllght
ciimo tint umliiuaiicv.i wero busy car
rying out thu woiiniiad uud dying
many wero bin let! un i lirlstmas
iii.it afternoon I received two let
ters from homo and two others from
" '.' . . . "
winch wau reully
ulsu received a very
tfio mu ot a Jew-
I flier's cusu uud very neatly dono tip.
I I a.i curious tu know what It coil-
.... .uij w,,v,,,,tn iwuilll
",,,L!I. h,u
w. ...... ..M a. ml, w.
HU '""". '
money, see tig that
nc. or t?vc.,ty
our pay was only
rnlllu n flnv.
.ei.i, meaIli that t llu.l In mv uoek.
6ts a Sair percentage of tho com-
l.iinv'rt f.iiv.nill 1 lllf.w llint I iirmilil
havo to luau out a considerable shorn
of It heforu lung and that very little
of it would ever bu paid back,
During our first month In Franco
we had ut.tr us a (iurk.i or Indluu
ii:.innt. And It wus funny to sue
lug.uieni. Ann It wus runny to sue
tm little brown men in camp or ac-
tinn. They weto very lutorestliig.
TM. (lurkas tat a funny cake made
by themseives uf flour and walur and
ou could walk Into a Ourka camp
mot nnv time and set sutne of thum
quitting In a cuciu m.tk.ng their
lun l.ttlu biscuits which, when
cooked, had no tnsfo whatever. Thoy
also drank a lot of coffuo of the
rremh kind, wheh is about 75 pur
, , ,,t. chiekoiy and 21 per cent, cof-
f0... but It Isn't bud to drink at tint.
The Hermans had a whuicaome Rar
of these (lurkas. for they arc wick-
ed fighters, and they used to cull
them the "little blaok devils." The
(iu.k.n. wlnu ordeicd over the top.
dropped their r.fles and pulled out
the,, "KJkries," a sort , f heavy knife
which r..,ved and louic.i for all the
rlJ ilkw a hand scythu for cutting
This knife was carried In their
mouths by the (lurkas, who, crawling '
up to the toe's lines on their '
stomut .is, would bounce Into the i
(lonnun trenches and without u word
the slaughter would start. i
All tho Canadian liked the (lurkas
very much, for they were excellent
Ugh!.., 'itul wo nil hated to see thum
taken away.
S e c i n g A ni c r i c a
Hy Undo Harry
...n.. ujfm Mllll . . ri
(V (Tli Nt York r.trolm WmM I
trunks came to tiew onca moro. JJut I
thoy aro no longer woihI; n.lturo ns-V
transformed them Into these bbatitl-,
ful mnsscii of ugat , onyx nnd urns-'
After Trlx and Teddy had gathcrtdl
as many bits of pr trilled wood in
thoy could rurry they left for MJt
-I . t , I.I.I. . . - .
ll'l'llll) tiuilliiuiil. tills tilvai illttai
of Iron, htlmlreils of fi ct hlirh and
covering many ncres, Is believed to "
be a meteor which fell from tho sky w
and embedded Itself In the earth. No
ono knows when thin happened, but-
there Is n tradition aiming tno ln-S
dla ns that many years ago a blazing
stur dii'i'l"''! from tho heavens.
Klub Kolumn
nnd Frank l'axtnn. No. M2 Hotith See-ti
ond Avenue, Mount Vernon, renewed N
their pledges of onn dollar n month ;-
and so did Cousin IMIth Cotikllu, No. V
'Jul Kuit "2i Street, I'.onklyn. This Isit
u very good beginning. If this keeps i
up wo will sooifhavu funds enough to'U
supply tho wants of our dear Coualnatt)
in Fiuncu. 'y
I nm looking forward to tomo,,;
mighty lino drawlnk and essays on
tho spirit of the Fourth of July. Thero i.
In no spirit which Is better uudurstoo,krt.
to-day than that which drovo our,,?
forefathers to fight for freedom. It Isij
tho saino spirit which causes thu Al-r.y
lied nations to tight the fou to-day. t
Vou, my cousins, ns truo Amorlcans.irt
educated in American, schools, read
ers of un American newspaper and .a
members i f our big American KluU r
understand this spirit and will uti-f.
doiibtedly do good work In the Klub's.a
present contest. Pirtlculars abouti.
the contest are prlntod near the foot
of this column, j
Cousin Eleanor, s
Tho Kiddie Klub Is tho Klub for mo, ' ,
Thu Klub of Joy and tho IClub of gjes, . ,
The Klub that ne'er thinks ut soriow,
Or oven thinks of tho coining to
Cousin ICIeanor, so truo nnd proud.
Is thu leader of our crowd.
Wlltten by WII.IAM A. FUIT.SUJI, .
aged fifteen year. No. S3S Smith
Hirvet, Brooklyn. .
t IIAVK it small war garden
year. Heeds wero given In my
schoul to thn children who wished
thorn. In my gardon 1 have radishes,
luttuce, muskmeluu uud carrots. I
plantud ull my seeds curly In tho '
spring In drills from one-half to one '4
Inch deep und from fourteeu to
eighteen Inches upurt. After seeds
nru planted tho soil should bo
smoothed down with a hoe, but not
imidii too hard. Weuds grow In
every garden, nnd to prevent this ,
they must bu taken out by thu roots. '
To avoid IraiiHplnntlng, tho seeds
should not be planted loo ncur each v
other, ltudlshc und lettucu are very ,
productive. Wittering Is required
daily unle theio . a heavy c'srn:. M
ilhuharb plants should be planted t
.bout ten inches deep so that grow.
Ing tips just show abovu tho ground.
Thero urn two kinds of tomato
plants, running and low. Itunnlng
plants aro best. v -h
Ily WINIKlllin l.YONH, aged ten
years. No. 7 Ilrldgs Htreet, New
port, It. I. "
Hublect: The Fourth of July spirit. .
Ten prizes of Jl each will be award-
ed Kiddle Klub members ages from
six to fifteen years
III.IUOI.. ..,,w. 4
maKQ luu ueni urawuit,!! m noiw
best essays on thu spirit of our n
Aineruan Fourth of .filly. 'o
hrawings muit bo done in black-,. i
India Ink or black cruyon pencil.
Kssayt must not exceed one hundred
and fifty (151) words. Contestants '
must state their name, address, ags in
nnd certificate number.
Address Counln Kleanor. IJvomog
World Kid lle Klub, No. 03 Fark UoW, '
Nfw York City.
ti nnftn n i-i f-i i- -..- -i r- i-i ii.i(Ws." 4
lu-ii.nlm with n num-
oil oul ni m rnu-
t ,M llkf J.I .f.'V-3-.H
'in 331 3i. tn.1 M-S4
'tn-m te (Vu(o lOi&ur,
1 1. i mi W "r I Kit.ll. Klub.
, , iJl 1'irk lto. Jf
Yi-k t'l'T with n.11. In
vh, rll ) ,u Ul ..I aldo VI Lit
.'..,.' 1 1 . h . .i t n.
Klub Pin." Hur'A '
A,l . i ir. n ilu i" kltwn ; of in mj
''",' .?.!! p.i Klub 1'in "J ta.iab.nAip
jit ay

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