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Number 5 of a Series of Labor Conservation Chats,
111 i n nrn nnnnn ni
I' AIU KtU uKUoo B, irrZZ
JUNE 11, 1918.
Avoid Having Your Telephone Moved
Unless it is Absolutely Necessary
DuRING AN AVERAGE MONTH we move approximately
13,000 telephones from one point to another within a building
or from one point to another within a room.
One thousand, one hundred and fifty-three men
of our Plant Department, formerly engaged in installing and
moving telephones and work incidental thereto, are now in the
military service of our country and others arc constantly being
called to the colors.
Under THESE CONDITIONS the employees who must re
main nt their posts are rendering a patriotic service of great im
portance in handling the increasing demands for war-time service.
It IS IMPERATIVE, therefore, during the period of the war,
that all unnecessary moving of telephones from one point to an
other within buildings or within offices, be avoided.
Before YCU REQUEST that your telephone be moved, will
you please consider whether it cannot be left in its present loca
tion without material inconvenience to you.
"You CAN HELP to conserve labor for the all-important work
of furnishing telephone service for the Government and essen
tial war industries, if you will t
Avoid having your telephone moved unless it is
Save for Victory
Buy W. S. S.
Stuyvesant Boys in School Shop
Making Furniture for Red Cross
Have Built Several Carloads
of Furniture for Use
of Hospital.
Hy Hazel V. Carter.
.MJiipuiiff war tiHDld, making n
Rlcitt drMnlniti nnd knitting are very
line form' of aorvlce (or a girls' hlph
iclinol, nml knitting may r.von ct
by with a c'iuw of hoys of lower
rrailfsn hut when the boyn of Btuy
vonnl High School looked around for
Kiinc wny to do their bit they want
ed a m.'in-Mic Job.
And they found It.
The roKult will go out to various
bnio UOhpltnln, Und Cross and liontfM
nullum, Juno 12, In tho form of (.ev
er a. 1 car load of furniture nnd equip
ment for practical tint made In tho
hopn by boys of tho Htuyvmnnt
1 1 from flrst-yoar boy to graduate.
In the early nprliig the Htuyvenant
)uyn held a Junior Hod Crocs drive.
iVbout lf.O was ocllccted amons the
youngiitera.nnd tho next thing wo to
tlud thu tnosl useful way of spending
It. Down nt Htuyvernnt High "mak
ing something" Is thu createst Joy
3t tho school. Tho "shops" are the
most popular classroom. Ho ono
of tho boys BUggeMed tho Idcu to 0.
F, rttnlil, director of tho woodworking
"I think it would be lino," the atu-
'4 I
hxwollcnt Work for KcJ Cro
Causes His ieteclion for
i;e I'retiJencv.
A u imetlne of the director! of 'he
Libert Nullonnl limit vnlenUy
Sum (I. UUtne Jr., eiainlmin of t.ir )
fimmii itttf Milan, v elected Vire ,
l'rl()ent and became one of the
youngest holdltit; lint nfflre In n
financial Institution In Wall Htret.
Ho was graduated from Harvard In
JSII a,id wont to Providence, wheir
M engaged with the New York l.lfe
lnuranc Company agency. Loiter he
bernnie connected with the Investment
banking house of Dcdell Co. .Se
erl month ago HUot WniMwoith In
duced him to go to Washington, where
Mr. Ulalne was madn Aelstant ulier
tor of the Unreal) of Production. Next
iie became nirei-'or of the tlureau of
Development, the division of tin
Am"! lean It'd Croie which has charite
if the bu'ldlnc of chapter..
IVl.i 'in 'MeiPl Ill'i u huum " .01
I j . 1 j ,r !,, n '''It '".
,if tna mi'Hiinc u 1 ..,.. . v;r,
ih.-re 1111 noumi'iifil thttt'ieattr
il'lit !" Wh'Jty National
- 7
Shapes Notts
Perfectly, without
pain or detention
from daily duties.
A il Kin-toe JflVi II.
Krluir lnoil'in.nf
Pre mi. t'l'. 1 "tf r'. irerl
nitr nilirr -j.-rlfDe with tflmol'
ui llIlW Itlulf, J
. ... . r
?V:, 11 i.i.v i.i'.MiMi:i:.
.,,1'" .-1 i Mini "J-
11 uiilinut I'lurre. rl.
'Si!! h. . aui- k'J nPllli t"t jou.
John H. Woodbury
aill-lM. mi iii.liiui'.
jnv at -in f""1' !" 1 " sl" Hu,,e ,0J
douato It to tho ltcd
minnnmiiiiinii "iiivi'f.'irTfif"" .11111 """"'i'
nn.v war nvtlvlty of tho Stuyvcaant
H.gh s'mltnta. Principal V U. Von
Nnrdroff li' proud, not only of tho
work of the shops but of tho rcc
n 1 In Liberty bonds. War i-'avlng
Htamps, the rfflclcncy of tho Stuy
vesant Trnltilng Cor)i. tho enrolment
for Land Labor, and other patriotic
work which tho boys aro doing.
tuyvesant High Hchool has led all
' of the other schools, with a total sale
of 538.2.-.
"This Is good work," said Or. P.om,
I .11 .... .-.t icnvlnt- wnrlc at HIUV-
dent ald, "If we could put In om 1 lt .'),pn you stup to consider
personal work besldca tho money .that thesa bny. most of them, come
can't we mako something In the from homes that aro riot wealthy.
Tney onrn mn n.unrj u"" -uoi
in stamps by working after
sehool hours. Homo of tho buys work
on trurk farms In tho llronx. others
, clerk tn ntnres and do any
-1. . , . ...11, ...-. 1 . 1 1 thp
om ,! 1. 1.... r ... . norn inn win
' " " "ut War Savings Stamps.
Washington. D. p.. to find out where RECOnO IN WAn
tho needs wero; to various llano Hos. Mvt- ",,7,- .MOAlOtJ
Our bovs do not glvo school time
m .olllnir stnmpi. Tho city 1 paying
Washington to get the Hurgeon Gcn-!for their odueiitlon und It Is not fair
cral Department for hltic-prints In to spend it In ny o"",'J w''mn,Jnl',y
order that the articles might be rando Vl40,;orSt?1P ,"t pnr'lmt it-v nrc
In strict compliance with Government ,1,,),, Inturmtlns Ihelr t'vn pcivrlf at
orders. nom,. ntul their neighbors in ravltm
rwrnu nrwj line niuril PLI,Mr for I'PCle Sail).
cvsn. ..no -.-., ,, ,,,., Wl,rh (io-e.l y
..... .i i... i .i i.. i tenl
lliu mill uiiiiu itiiu tva.vff ill mo
; shops and
Not only Mr. Stahl, but every
I Junior Hod Cross raombor got busy
pltals to llnd out Just exactly what ,
kind of
price of
'nhopi" begun to hum. Tho wor!:
was apportioned to tho various clai.i-3
lie prise contest w'lleh cio-e.l yes
' 7fo tml.llo sehooN selling lh
Stamps has wen ii Vie i v The
i,.. nrenid PK to Dr. !''
the "fiiooi
was appgruoimu 10 mu viinous cmiss miip. ,,, , " ,.wnr,j,.a to tho "flioo
according to their ability, nnd at tho ,tse1li. the most uti-i;;' capita
Opened from
On Small ItctVv
Monthly Paymtnh
flmsll Ar4eitnt
Knrrlsllr Inillnl.
m pi i M ni m
Liberal Ctcdit
and Low Pikes
Lu-h or t'rrdlt
Sale of Baby Carriages
i'l.n:i. IlllMWTttil A i.
Let Ludwig Baumann Start Yon Housekeeping Now
OPEN AN ACCOUNT wllh your purchase whether it he it SINGLE
PIECE, an outfit for a u'nr'e room or an ENTIRE HOUSE pzy a
$malt omounf Joien-the balance in WEEKLY PAYMENTS.
Campattion trill tonclnct you. uhtlhir you hay for Coin or on CitJll. thai
r- n4it littte. ttJr' tlfni Oih '
rlssx t n'Jii.iis. s.ii.'.i... r..n.-..
Krid ut to IHIIT.II. . .
"t li , I . . 'f. Mr- liillkf
Wm r.'Ac Trailint Stamp
SMC Creen anil Sperry Gold
Open an Account With This
White Enamel bed Ulttjit
Pay for il fr
50c a Week
'AHI Oil
Til nillllt coil
lilt '
KKAMHi, men
dPRlNn ninl
Tf ,-llCll
K '.! J
uii nijr o'n n yxJUl
uti itttu fir In'-i1 it
I i Vriir imnhl of Vvtt
111 EH
uur Special
i Room Outit
Paift it USD
4 Room Outfit
Pa-j for It H
i Room Oulftl
P cried
Pay lor II S3
clock has m.ulc cue
W.wm ti'-MUru n
rmiol 1tit Uaa frnl on.
til rt bllgl
To Our
Arcimnt li
ur It vou
limntl I t
mnr add hst
nit vou want
tu vmn socount
ii t!m nilc prlct
.14r! Vt
IE' -vS
i . J ,1 I'
Sale of Rted, Willow Fibre and
Etumtl Furniture
iln.tn.i.M fitrntluri, 'o' tlirt Tinrrli
limn sun 1'irlnr linnlon ur illv
i im.nf in k nM vn.' ur v.itteriiM
Jacobecn Oak Adam Dininf, Room Suit 14 Pieces)
(liild H,iiurBtl If lie.lrrill
ntrppET r Prl's 131 no ... . H.lf. Pay ler ihli
SmNT W.OSKT- W l-.lc. I3 0I. I SuiilHO
rjj?moAT.NyrJg.ttaU00 int
lira. I'rlio 1'W
..:m i r. i j . 1. 1. u . . .
iu I iii iiM "in il HaliinlsT r.irnlnx I til 10
H144,tlJra's Newark
west imiiSKSSsl: 49-51
125 ST 11 aaw thTI Markct St'
35 TO 36 BLOCK 8 AVE.
I in nm vvulot" iw li ellirr rorw ut lnillr m ''nil Tbire Mnirs,
i J-L
Porch Rocker
lira. Prlre l.S1l,
lull ur rrrittt
Ouk r r s m
1 Cl ASj "Svl Y-ljJ ",J,-n "n"h
i r.U r I riilil 4 '
i-r A I-
I! T
mll'i .n ltefrlKi-rsU" Mr It
1 WEEK . jfl
... f .'H
Rifr iterators
Uji Top :.''
1 i
(am. nr t'reilll
u itiu: .
o.i'.l Iuu.1 AliU
1 1V..M1
:uriiiii1 1
...I- ..I. iui
A?dm:nt IIojij Stjrits and SUe Ic-ri up lo $6
your postcard orderi."
When the boyn tell y
thualnsm about their wi
vou marvel at the work
: ..... ii.itiliif, Ih II
r than professional cabinet mak- I i?i,P1i when oi.e of the settle
-nil ready tu bo sent, when tho j u enirTW awaltlntr th
. Ulni ,rtfl 111 III. II.
run ami n . .... .i n.. n,nt
Drive It nlotiR wun ii
on wlt'i en-
.i....tnu,vi nitmit tnrir win
"I..'"'.. ;.,i nt the work th.-y .iri
inc. the stimulus
p.irll.tllv ex-
enlor iii .
o :!me
when be w.ll be old enouuli to rni'M.
t',"s you to the nu.litorloum and
'Say. nave
jt has ryii -iJ" -
ou seen our service
. li.... irk'lhis line . nhtinm. 1 ' ' t Ifi1i lfl 1.'.'
to do something. None of the school . irce clock that h.inps over the
........ . .nlir tne senoo re.ii-
tlmo hus 10 ue usnu lor mo service stairs a-. , Mtainps nld P'"""
iiinrli. but any extra tnno. befora or ters in. , ,ln.i,,r p ;he
after school hours, or during itllo ! fSlVow.Tifr boost' for NV-t Sovii.,
periods, I'l.uld bo put In at tho shops.
And many a niht tho lioys worked
until the Junliurj came to lock up tho
To-day theio nte rooms full of fur
niture, soniu of II o beautiful that
It Is hard to believo It was done by
last fuw articles aro complotud.
Thu llrst room Hint fdr. Stahl
Miows with prwlu Is one In which
two dozen white enamelled surglr.nl
dressing tnlilcH aro stored. These aro
for the Walter Heed llaso Hospital,
nnd will bo used at tho bedside or at
sldo of thu operanni; tamio mr tne
surtfoons, bandaicps, dresslnKs, Hp.
They are made In strict nccorilanco
with til" uin-ouou: mr mo nurneau
Ocnernl'M Dcpnriment with one cor.
rectlon which was sin?esied by the
school and necoplnii ai wntinmrion.
Next the woritriiom nirecior riiiows
vou twenty-two tnhles that have been
rando for tho Hed I'ro.s. Them Is a
.rr,.i-iinn of worltmannhlp In ench
iirtU'lo that nhows somcthlnr; akin to
Intnlrnt Oil mUBl I'aVO KOlie UllO lll'l
maklni? of the furniture.
i hn uiimn room sixteen small cab
Inetii for th wards of llaso Hospital
v., 1 nrn reailv linil IV .1 IU11 IT to ITO.
Porhuim ono of the tnosl dllllcult
pieces of work was tho construction
of Boventecn microscopic coinois.
Ono of tho insiruciors nnu some oi
the boys took n trip our to wun inn
itn.i in see Just exactly which kind
of cabinet was tho mot practical for
the use of tho surweons more. .Ann
they havo constructed ono which mot
with the hoarty npprovnl of surseons.
Twenty-two drcssltiK tables with
drawers havo been provided for tho
lted Cross hostess houses at the vari
ous c.nntoninonts. .Some of theso will
be painted white nnd others n llpht
irreon. depeudlnp; on the color schemes
of tho rooms In which the- aro to b-
Dim n In Iho shopi yesterday tho
flrat-t. r boys wore norkinc on a Job
that is tholr speclul pride. To them
has fallon tho task of mak nx letter
tacks for tho boys at the lliso Hos-.
pltai No. 1 to be used in tho Indl- 1
vldual wards. Tho Idea Is to afford ,
paper and envelope for thou- who are .
too 111 to ro down to the desk for sup
plies. I
The letter racks, at the request of.
the atuyvesant boys, uro derfned t 1
look particularly attractive and catch
tho liitcrert of tho Invalid. Thora are '
two compartments, one for lettera nnd .
ono for onvclopes, and (hoy aro (In- I
Ished In u aoft gray color, with the I
brlKht red Inslpma of thu lted Cross
i on the lower half.
"Aren't they dandles?" ono of the,
hoB asked tho other ns he put iho '
' llnlshlnfr touches of red on his box.
It Is this wplrlt of pride In the work,
according to Director Stahl, that haj
mudo the work for the hetpltals ona
of tho most plcniant in the hlatoty
of the shops.
Perhaps onu of the must valuable
tinrts of the work Is not vet coin-
pletisd. Instructors and studen'.s nr
i wurklny on a duvlce for rolllns tiun'
. Ihat will bo more mtUfactorv thnn
' that now In use. In that It will wind
I the cause In lengths lo cut more ecO'
i nomlcally.
Tip Vetal Dtp.irtment hoyt.
under tho direction or S A. UnKt'.
i!istrutor, are niso helping In th
iMjmnol nitpnly wnrK. The r nnrt '
Or. William U Ilu-seli of nioomln
flnla lri.mllul mill Dr. l'Mward. W.
Weber of the Medical Draft IlordNfol.
li wine mi order signea ny v.ouniy juhkb
Frank 1.. Youns dlrectlnu them to make
an huiulry as to the mental condition of
one Charles lanuiil, confined In the
White Plains Jail upon Indictment
chars-Inn burKlary In tho third deitree,
have made a report. uayhiK! "In our
opinion hn Is Insunn snd In a condition
of dementia and should be committed to
Mlnlrt hi.Ltiiial fur Hi., hmnne."
Mrs. Ollvi- llirr'msn wis a litest of
honor In Whits Plilns Saturday, the
L inn n .iviiuutiiin of a lorf
cabin to the Hoy .Scouts of the coutiiy,
or whom about 600 wire p.'eent. Mayor
Thompson presided, Speaker Included
President (Irant o' the llronx Parkway
Commission and Chlof Scout executor
llllf.l it tUa tlnv M.'f.ltt..
A verdict for JSO.tWO for the plaintiff
was brought In bv a Jury before Juitlce
.1. Aildlvin Y tn.K this momlni! In the
nilt for damages for the death of her
luii-nnml, oioUKin hv iimnie r; .iinmnr
i"n , hkhIiis' tl" I'nlon tt'illway i.'ini
pany. Nov. 11. 191. Thomas J. O'Neill
. lonkPis v. iv attorney mr plaint. ft
ami Dlsttlct Attorney Davla for the
rallrond coinimny
Several tulta lo foreclose morlR.iKe
hme been nartcd. Krederlfk It. llnrdr
tnnn hs.i b'Tim suit strains! Joseph
Csiiipre.ii and others for tlO.000 on
tuoperty on Spring Strict and on
''l.i.'.H St net. this elty. The New
Itoclielle Tiust Compsi.y hns beun
action iiRjltist the AHiormarle Heslty
"otiii.iny and others m loreelose for
S.J2,S;.i on ptoprrly II Now P.o,'ell.
The Union SavbiKi ll.ink of West
chester hss begun suit against Kd-
n .1 tl Pyrne.i Jr. and others for
J4.000 on properly In Mamaroneck:
Helen llronii asalnst Kthcl E. Itelsl
and othrs to 'or rloe Pclliam propcrtr
ouioimtliiK to JS.noo.
WasSi Til at
Itch Away
We kijwef no ul7err fris K;om.
wlioe.rr nie.t ti e tiupU -'.h O. H. 0
iriidld not fetl Immdlilelr Uiot won
difuIlrentia.coi .enistlnn that rnme.
wlie a tin Itch l tilen sway. Ttiitsmlb
im wh penelratra tlir potr,i:ivei in
tint telhf tram tho mot illttiusiac
Vindifcuie. tx. 63c uid Sl.Cu.
The Road To a Man's Mind
There is a crisp, imperative, pene
trating clearness to the telegraphed
message that brings instant con
sideration to your business.
More than ever time is money.
Telegrams Day Letters Night Letters
Cablegrams Nancy Transferred by Wire
THE daily U3c of ACME CKIorinnted
Lim; about the hotpe is the best
Health Insurance a family can hnvs.
Moat diseases and many minor ailments
are acquired nnd transmitted by germs
in. the food wc cat, the water wc drink
or the air ve breathe. ACME Chlori
nat:d time hilla germs; prevenra disease.
At Bood grocers and ilrusciiti IS cents. Insist
on ACME. Substitutes tnsy be stijoand wortblcis
The" Mcndleson Corporation, New York
Write i
&3tmmB Leads
All Other New York Newspapers
in the News of the War
THE NEW YORK WORLD has its own
correspondents on the battle fronts of France.
Jt docs not depend for its news upon services
purchased from London newspapers. It has
such services, however, to supplement the
work of its own men. Durin" the last ten
weeks THE WORLD has received far more
cabled news concerning the American troops
in France from its correspondents, Lincoln
Eyre and Joseph W. GrigR, than has any other
iNcw York morning newspaper. Mr. Eyre
cabled the first account of American troops
under fire.
The World's Own Correspondents at the War Centres:
TL011Y Knglnnd
GIBSON England
d'KEEN France
KENAMORE France COOK. France
BASKERVILLE Italy Holland and Swed&n
Snnday WorM Wants Work Monday rtiorning Wonders tis'
Xf. "Making thlnra," bftwvr isn't th I 3
t T
THE WORLD has the exclusive American
rights to the work of Lieut. Col. Charles Rep
ington, the foremost military critic of Europe.
Col. Repington's cables to THE WORLD
during the past few week have been unquestion
ably the most valuable and authoritative con
tributions regarding the great German offensive
received in America Col. Repington's analyses
of the general situation in Europe are unap
proachable. THE WORLD is the only ' newspaper in
America or in the world, for that matter
which has succeeded in reaching into Germany
since the United States entered the war and
learning the actual, present-day conditions with
in that Empire. As a lesu'lt of this effort,
. requiring months of time and thousands of
dollars, THE WORLD has recently given to
its readers a series of twentj remarkable articles
from Cyrij Brown, famed as a war correspond
ent in Europe, which revealed every phase
uf Germany's condition to-day. Mr. Brown
will soon be heard from again, through THE
Switzerland DOSCII-FLEUROT. . . Russia
THE WORLD is the only newspaper in
America which has had its own correspondent
in Russia since the revolution began. Arno
Dosch-Flcurot has witnessed the wiiolc Russian
drama from its very beginning. His cabled
account of the overthrow of the Czar and the
birth of the revolution was the only narrative
cabled direct to any newspaper in America.
Since that time THE WORLD'S direct scrvi:c
from Russia has been unequalled. Of Mr.
Dosch-Fleurot the impartial New York Evcnirg
Post recently said: "Easily the best of all
newspaper men in Russia during the whoe
THE WORLD is publishing the most im
portant despatches coming out of Washington
With unequalled sources of information Herbcit
Bavard Swope is regularly giving THE
WORLD'S readers the best presentation of tie
developments ol the war from the Natioml
Capital. Mr. Swope is an international at
thority and the value of his work is not a
proached by that of any other writer in Wasl
i ngton.
, . .4

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