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2P ' 1 -'3jJl(?7',r
Copyright. 101S. by Ihe IVe I'ubllahir, e Co Th N'cir Tork Kven dr World,)
'lu vou Pet- rStiO CUouM
4ijsriiav--frEfc1,t:7 '--:r- r . '
JULY 23, 191&V ,
.. 5 ,
I H(ST you MEfSvJ . (
. iir-'cr . I . I
i MC. C nt uvzs qZ3tt--: .
Benny Leonard Stops Young
Gradwell in Five Rounds in
Jersey City Arena.
OrorrliM )'! to The I'm p.;i,ii,M Co
IThe Nt lota Knirlnf HorUt.)
BENNY UJONAltl). the llght
wclchl chumplun, cot u good
workout over In Jersey City
lnt nlcht. Although lie explained
after the first round thut It too
bot to fight, Ijp stopped Younn fJrnd
well, u reniood boxer, in the tlfth
round. Henny didn't knock Uruduell
cold. He dropped htm twice In tho
fifth round und then nuked the ref
eree to Mop It.
"You don't wunt inn to kill him, do
your" he asked when the referee,
listening to tho shouts from Umd
well' comer, wus Inclined to let tho
bout jro on.
Gradwell didn't huvo one chnnce !n
a hundred at the time. Another of
Leonard's well directed blows would
have, knocked hlni unconscious und
possibly have Injured hlni seriously.
Leonard weighed US pounds to
Qradwell's IK, und didn't uppear
particularly iimhltlotl. lib exhlhltcd
flashes of his will known skill, and
every now nod then stint a bewilder
ing punch front the proverbial no
where, landing on (Jrudwell wJth nn-
parent ease. 1 1 in hotly blown were
most effective, but Henny didn't stem
incunea to score ft ijulok knockout.
Apparently cool and unflustcred, he
stepped around Urudwell IJkn a
master mechanic whose) mind wiisn't
wholly on his work. Along about th .
fourth round llennr decided then.
wasn't much use wasting any more
time, besides It wan hoi, us he re
marked before. He delivered punches
on Oradwell's face and body and they
took effect almost Immediately. Tli.
bell rang, however, before Henny
oould brine the evening to a clone
In the fifth he cut loose and wmn had
Gradwell on tho road to a knockout
Tho two knockdown followed quick
ly. A third was averted by the ref
eree despite tho plea of Clrnd-well'.i
seconds, who evidently wanted hlni
' TVT better yettlnc for an open nlr
J, boxlntr bout than that Of the
Armory A. A. of Jersey Clly
could be Imagined. Ionard and
Oradwell fouuht thcro last nleht
under most enjoyablo conditions. A
quare Jersey City block fenced In
on all four sides, well Illuminated, a
carefully arranged Keating system
and a sood view of the ring from
the moit remote corner. Tho place
la bl, but not too vast, as the l'olo
rounds would be, for instance, still
8.S00 persons can be Muted com
fortably. This city could never IkmM
of such an arena. With well matched
opponents. Now Yorkeis should never
want for a boxing show, und only
twenty minutes from llroatlwuy.
ins from IJIlly Gibson. We
second the motion In every
thing he says relating to lloli
Dear Vincc: I'ermlt mo to offer
Tlo Evening World my j-ongrat-Illations
utHin selecting you lo fill
the !pace mado vacant by thu re
tirement of that sterling sport
tng writer. Hob Kdgien. The
porting Vforld, und urtlcularly
that part 'of It In nil around
New York, will miss Kdfrcn, and
miss lilni severelj .
The loss Is made up In no mean
way. however, by your elevation
to the topmost rung In the bidder
of sporting activities, the Spurt
lngHdltor of The livening World.
The sporting world will conic to
lfarn thut the one man In this
entire country ,lu Is capable of
continuing the policy of fairness
and fearlessness, coupled with
ability, has been selected to carry
on tho work where Hob Kdgren
chose to lu it down.
I have every faith in your abll
lty to fill the important post and
am certain thut before long tho
losa of Hob Kdgren will meun
merely thu acquisition of Vincent
Trcanor. 1 need not tell ou that
we are proud of you. particularly
bcause you win for us the honor
of having Vlnce Treanor. u llronx
man, mado sorting editor of ono
of the greatest pages in the
United Htates.
I understund thut Hob Kdgren
Intends muklng his home out in
California. That's it long way
from New York, und while the
recent sucetssful boxing carnival
. at .Mud'son Square Harden will
les;ve hmi long In our memory, I
would suggest thut as a further
personal tribute the stiurtln frn.
(ernlty in this city give Hob ivd
gren u farewell dinner und send-
.off In keeping with the big things
'he bus done during ills associa
tion with us in New York.
I will be glad to stnrt tho ball
a-rolllng, and would like to hear
' from the sport lovers. It must
. be done quickly and it will be
'done well.
CJqoiI luck to vou in ypur new
duties. Ib-mi'inber. you Hurt
with the full conlldence of the
sporting world, despite the fuct
"that your task Is a monstrous
one. Your friend,
will I. live golf, tennis und
racing, tho latter, to our mind,
rf- the best sport In the world,
MX, no mutter bow Washington may
decide, on bascluU liach Is u clean,
wliolesoino past tine. Huclng. now
jverTSs likely to benefit more than
Anything die If baseball Is snelved
for the nur's durutlon. Heforn book-
naklng was declared Illegal by Albany
Weatstutlon, the
lauing uuenuiinces
omuuaioeieJ luo
usobiUl croaCU,
SooKlfcft FIGHT Vvfti WORCf0- 'iJ plffflWIlJfL SC
AYANKKIl in tin trt'tirlii' .soinrwhrrc along tlic Mnrnc
Was oil' tilt- world coinplctt'ly In- didn't cure n durn
A limit tin: grncsouu' danger of holding tip his head
With snipers ever ready to tip and snipe him dead'.
He even wished a liullel would route and end hi woe,
J'or he had got a letter nhout a guy named Joe.
"I'wa.s written liy his sweetheart, a gal nnmed Minnie Sloat
'T.was four wee.k.s coming over and this i.s what she wrote:
"Drar IWl: You know f'.i lonesome buck here In Hone's Neck
I tit ii ro in to often that I've become, a icrevk;
I haven't teen a tnovte since, honcxt, posh knows when.
JlcUcrc me, lttll, I'm reaitji or bed at htitf-pait 10.
Hut now I'm jeellna better--I know that you tcon't mind f
I love iiou, Htlli, tiarlinti, because you're good and kind.
A'o lunger am I lonesome if's best lor you to hnow
I had a call lait evening Jromgucxsl Your old pal Joe."
Hill Ununited his nose in .silence for Frit.ie's henriit
And wished the lioche would ttitnlile and make an end of it.
"I've nothing more to live for,"
And eursed with ankee fnrv his
The moon, he knew, shone brightly hack home in Horse's Neck
(And harvest moons enrapture the
Milt now his future ehnnees loomed
lieeatiNU poor Hill remembered
(ien. Crowder, In consenting to
reasons why hu should bo permitted
bu brief.
Nsw that the work or finht rulino
ern League can litband gracefully.
Those plans to preserve lornl baseball by incorporating tho Giants,
Yanks and Itobtus could never be a success unless they let St. Louis In
on It.
(At Empire City.)
Tne way Ticklish ran in the first race was a caution.
Trial by Jury waited a lot nf time in the second race.
Greeting! in the third race were somewhat belated,
ferhaps a few needles might have helped Purling in the fifth race.
Proverb, entered in the sixth race to-day, may teach some a good leiton.
Klti:i FULTON.
Ibelr l'lpii.
to utl rules, tho Yanks
Some experts are trying to 'igure
i when it never war in danger.
Tb.it w. '-m ait nes unil oil air rushes in in till lis pluee iR ono of tno
eiullust tliei.rlm we ,i anted at sohoul, but yesterday wu believed that tne
cold uir did ihe ris i.g and warm air the rushing.
and it is llkel.wthey will do so agnln,
oven tindei the restricted butting con
ditions. JAl'K IK.M1'.SKY., .iccidiiig t
supplied luinself, lias be
Htrumcutul In raising l!5,0
o data
en In-
000 for
tno various war funds b boxing for
nothing in various cities. At present
lie la under promise to Jim CofXroti
& o'c LOCK ujnisac CHIRPS
he muttered with a groan,
head of stdid hone.
likes of .Mm, ly heel;:;
like a pile of ehueks,
he owed pal Joe. ten bucks.
allow King Huseball to tile briefs of
to live, declared they would have to
has been fully interpreted, the East
do not look quite so peppy without
how Benny Leonard could defend hi:
of l risen to appear against any op
ponent CutTrotb may select In u con
test next September for the benefit
of the lied Cross, lie says he would
have gindlj met Hilly Mtske at the
recent earnhal in .Madison Square
tiiirdeu if he h.id been permitted lo
do sik "I didn't run out ut tliat liout "
suysJuck. "It was .Mlskc."
IUbll To.dsj. 3.80 p y, y. T. T-Ii
Ut r, su Look, 1'ule Qtix. Juba, 60c, Julit,
Favorable Decision
On Baseball Expected
At Capital To-Morrow
Giants' Action in Purchas
ing Pitcher Toney in
These Dark Hours Taken
as a Criterion That Major
Leagues Will Be Allowed
to Finish Their Schedules.
liy Alex. Sullivan.
AiiUHALIi, to far n.s tho mnjor
Icnsuen are concernod, Is having
some oxygon administered to It
down Washington way. There Is hope
entertained now by several club of
flci.iln that tho flovernmont will re
consider Its decision, recontly ls-nied
through Swrctiiry of War lkiker, do
chirlng busoball non-ementin.l, and
allow tho Hport to llvo until Uio end
of tho present HChedules.
According to word from the capital
n final decision will bo rcndiTcl to
morrow by Irovot Mnrshal (Seneral
Crowder, and It Is expected that be
will tell tho olub owners to keep the
IkiII a-rolllng for the balance, of the
sruson, which wHl permit of about
seventy-five moro days of tho na
tional paMtlme.
On Saturday and Sunday kint It
was the Intention of all hands con
nected with Uio major leagues to
closo up hbop.it once. President ILui
Johnoon of tho American League
rushetl Into print and domnnded all
the cluUs In bis circuit to shut up,
tin Monday he hnd chungtsl hui mind.
Vructlcully ull of the mavnate.s. In
eluding Owner Dunn of Cloviiland.
liave seen a light somcwhern and It
secjns to be Uiclr Intention to kenp
up tho Kport.
Provost Mar.str.U icncral Crowder
heard the representatives of the
WunnlilfTton tetuti, who asked that
tho (lovernment allow tho clubs to
finlwli out their schedulea, Hiipre
mmUitlvo NleholnH Longworth of
Ohio appeirel on behalf of August
C Fistic News John
Philadelphia will bo tho
scene of
another Important boxing show on
Tuesday evening, July 30. At this
entertainment there will be four six
round bouts, and us every ono of the
eight fighters who ure to competo is
well known to the boxing fans ull
over tho country, It Is expected that
ono of the largest crowds that has
ever attended an open-air llstic show
in that city will bo on hand to seo
the men in uctlon. The contests are
to bo fought nt Khlbo Park, the homo
of tho Philadelphia American League
Club, und the rcfereo wilt bo Trunk
"Pop" O'llrleii. The lighters who
will clash are Hauling lvlnsky
UKUtnst Harry Greta, Sam Uingford
with Jaek Thompson, Willie Jackson
nnd Irish P.xtsey Cllne and Jack
Hrltton und Soldier Hartlleld.
rm 'iVcnfr the nti'nil lightiAt
Jla'aJfllJiU. "to to rUiunniij for t"it mtti
llonny Uunwil f'tf the lUtflii1it chnivlcwlilii
UtW. viw iuu-1h1 tiwtiy to ln"K )ti-it liu
hj, tli ru8'il llufltlo IKhtrr. Un ioWtt roun U
it tJ nu A. rJ U.tou on l.laj rfrtl
liu. Jul Ttii'llfr rruUjr Utr.1 lnh
Ytt taut ia IliLjilcHhu iul tin i;ir.ii
im Ibit 1h out kfl itu' Uviitiuit ouf Kn
Sdmwy IhrrU muruetr of (k.r8t ('hitwr. tbe
Diltluurv lltneltt, U HUI trriix to clliwb
Ultti'b betrn ChUHJ tru JobBgjr Itunle, Iha
11 lull.e (UliUt, Tbr r tot hi ljjil
u liiiaauit ou Jum IS) bui Dual u UlM
B0SltES5 fsjoui
of oRpiGi' the.
OF the eseBi-'-
President of tho Giants,
with oilier basoha.ll officials
hurried to Washington to confer
with Secretary Maker and Gen.
Crowder regarding tho status of
major league busoball during tho
rcmaldncr of the season. The fol
lowing telegram was received In
this ofllco to-day from President
"I am authorized to say that
ball players may continue to clay
until ordered by their local draft
boards to seek other employ
ment." Herrmiuin. Chairman of the Natlonnl
Commission, and owkud that the
leagues be given tlmo to file a. brief
and formally present their caw.
To-morrow It Is bcliovedthc Im-
portant decision will bo rendered. If
tho action of tho Glantu In purchas-
log Pltolicr Toney of tbe Ileds, In
tbeo dark hours, l any criterion,
then tho majors will play out their
Tho b.useaJI men who rushed to
Washington yesterday complained to
Gen. Crowder that the players un
derstood tho work or fight order to
mean thut they must leave their
cliiibtt at once and that many of thnm
have done so. They asked the War
Department to make It plain that It
was up to each individual dm ft board
to decide for Itself how long a player
should continue
According to a report from Cleve
land, lkin Johnson and othor AJnori
cun League officials will go to Wash
ington to-morrow for tho purposo of
appxillng to tho powcra that bo to
rescind its decision that baseball Is
Pollock and Gossip)
1 uM mt pi m Hrr. Ii no willing
hi rife (insure runaiH 01 1 .-..J and a'o
rail a utter of $i,,vio tlut Ohaiwy IU d.Vl
tilm In fiftnti rmuiit bout.
IUttllrf ItrddT. th flt loml lUoUunftisht.
rjjlinof t'lioo of Newark. X. J . Jut Uvn
iwl up to litulo for na.t rxindj at the
,mtxr A. P. of South Amlior. .V J . on mut
J. r.taj nJjht. Ililh lada am lnlj IkU with tlif
mltta and ought to it an a rerr intending
Ul'U'. ltnlilr HivJ off rYuikln lluir of Jewry
Ot; In a tm niund buot at New Hum, Conn.,
keicrat wetia aco,
jieottr Montieth. manacrr of Johnnj rhmdeo.
to cUr atfrittl nrer the long dUtance M..hirei to
a!'o Ihindf to mwt either linage Chaaej ol
tlaltlinore of 1'rankl "Vonnj" llritt of .SVw
IWdfiVd, Mum., for telTt ruundi, to a tkrlaion,
tt Ue Armory A. A. tv llonion on the night of
Aug. 0. Iiundf it riw Id th. nhnaitaiua gt.
urn inUi ouoiditUD for futnna bouu,
Johnnf Howard tr llayonno ' middleweight,
Hmmiy Jluri'hy, th hanl-biKIng middle
oe.gi.t fnm Uie tturajardu in Chicago. m
uutihed tolay to meet m one of the two rlgbt.
lound muUxU lo Lu fought at the, Jerwey City
taaeall groumln on Friday night. Ttxnmy
rimtiey of lateiK and Young Ikvtor of Jerrcy
i .ty rliiih In IU ottitr. Pinny Lynch of JUy
.,rne rit (.org l-yneh of Kainlew. .N, J., hum
m:rtu. 10 the U-rouud MrUisal,
Ji. k lu.'giv annoumea Cnat U bu iifned
I Waling, the Chicago tchtwfigbt. to a fin
, i ..intra"', lie nays he ti irgutiatlng far a
hu j wattt f Teodler for blm. Welling r.
in.l: broke away frxni Jinuny Jobnnton'a nun.
4g-inenl. It waa onginally a nn on need that Ikan
i. rgan waa going to birdla WclUns'a affalra, but
'.tt vuuldn t ootwa lo tenaa' rardlng th dili
lwL of ma.tiyt cuu4.
N don't tieRfc
this vefc- ui
IF THE Sfi(iS Sc
to Wca rue
sne hay
some E6ss': "tw
Sea Pirate and Old Koenig
Create New
Two-Year-Old Runs 5K- Fur
longs in 1.05-1-5, and Five-Year-Old
Clips Fifth of Sec
ond Off Another Mark.
Two new track records were cre
ated at the Vonkers track yesterday,
one by a two-year-old. Sea Pirate,
! and. the other by Old Koejvlg, the
Hoverwyok Stable's consistent five.
j year-old. Sea Plrato won tho five
i und a half furlong race with 110
I pounds up In 1.051-5. Tho track
I rocord Ls 1.06, which wus equalled
1 only on Saturday last by Sweep On
i a stake colt.
Sea Plrato ban been
regarded an only n selling plater. He
' looks better than that, however. He
I has wan four races In a row, eemh
I succeeding ono being a better one
than liln previous performances. He
Is ot tho Improving variety of two-year-olds,
tho most di.slr.iblc from
tho standpoint of a tialnnr. Ho has
done everything askeil of
him and
thcro ls no telling yet how good ho
Ho had to bo a good colt to win
yesterday. Ho had to show all tho
characteristics of a real good thor
oughbred, speed and gameness. Ho
camo from behind after overcoming
early dlllloulUc-s. His pursuit of Tho
Hoy In tho stretch seemed hopeless,
but ho rospondM courageously to
"Hutts" PoJrbrothcr8 application of
tho whip and at tho end was godnrj
away. Incidentally, l-'airbrother was
entitled to a goodly share of tho
credit for the rnco Sea Pirate ran.
Ho never slopped riding whllo there
was a iKj.ialblo chanco of his win
ning. Many another Jockey might
have d field ol ho was bcut,en in the
Old Komlg's performance was hrll
liant. Ho ran theibout wlx-furlong
route in 1.07 4-B. Thft track record up
1i vesterdnv wn 1 OS nt mi,l. ....
Pririce of Cowd In 191(1. Old Koenig
nouiucreii izs pounds and ran ill
front all tho way. Ho had a llttlo ad
vantage at tno barrier, Inasmuch as
ho wus on his toes nud off In his stride.
Ho really broke two lengths behind
tho webbing, but was In motion ut the
time, whllo tho others worn standing
still. Flags, onu of the speediest
sprinters seen thin season, chased Old
Koenig, but never could get nearer
than a length to him. At tho tlnish
he was staggering from tho pace set,
and ho was .lark Hare Jr., which tin
Ished third. Old Koenig had literally
run their heads off in the Hrst five
furlongs. Jack Haro was an added
starter and regarded as a good thing.
Ho didn't get away In his usual sty'e
und after reaching third place couldn'f
Improve his position. Old Koenig has
raced with the liest of horses this sea
son and has shown well ever slnro he
won tho Toboggan nt Helmont Park.
Ho has mado Itoamer extend himself
to U'ut him on at least two occasions.
Old Koenig Is owned by bYnnk Nolan
of Saratoga, who races under the name
of the Hoverwyck Stable. Old Koenig
Is the upple of his eye. Komo one
suggested to Mr. Nolun recently that
In vlow of tho strife with Germnny it
would bo well to change the horse's
name, Mr. Nolan wouldn't even con
eldor tho Idea. There's nothing Ger
man about Old Koenljr, he Insisted.
"He's named after one of tin best
- to
Track Records1
Ameiicuns In the country, old Koenig,
uio uuroer or Saratoga."
After many disappointment Aide
barau went over In Uio third race.
Ho was ridden with raro Judgment by
C.eorgio Walls and after turning into
the stretch made It look like no con
test. He was easily a dozen lengths
to tho good, passing the Judges. Thr
hot weather Just about milted Aide
hanin and Jockey Walls did tbe
Trmimy Davles, the Jockey, wns'u
visitor at tho track. Ho ls not riding
now, but t.s employed In tho .Morse
Shipbuilding Yards. Tommy says he
decided on this step because hu
couldn't seem to do anything right ut
the track. H didn't gel desirable
I m"", ''""i'i!?: "r,r'v,.'2 "l
v.miiiii Midi &lll!K III UlU I'lJIlO LI
Hon of ships for I'nelo Sam was u
more useful occupation anyhow.
The westerners scored their flrnt
victory in tho Koat when Muilgo P.
camo from behind with a rush In the
two-year-old nice last on tho card.
Hhe finished In tho middle, of tho truck
after Jockey K. Smith bad taken her
I iiiu (ji:imiiu ruuiu jii iii'i uiaL eiuri
at Yonkors ridden bv Lvke. Madcu F.
figured to havu a chance on her Ken
tucky form, but she run a despicable
last. Slaybo sho needed that race.
H. P. Whitney's Purling will win a
race ono of theso days when sho for
gets to Htop. Sho quit badly yewter
day as she has dnno in her lost three
races, after Bhowlng a lot ot early
Willlo Martin, W. C. Weant and
others tried to buy Jack Stuart after
he had galloped homo un easy win
ner In the second race. Kntered for
H.200. they In turn took him to ,2.700,
whero Jou Murrouo bid blm in with
the customary extra 3.
Tho approval of tho Stewards of
Tho Jockey Club has been granted
tho following associations to conduct
race meetings for tho rest of, this
senson ns follows: Queens County
Jockey Club, Sept. IS to Sept. 28, in
elusive; Metropolitan Jockey Club.
Seiit. 30 to Oct, 12. Inclusive; Hmpiro
Cltv Racing Association, Oct. 11 lo
I ot
:, inclusive. v. r.
J mi ?Tte..,. J
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on some of our best quality suitings. Some that have not
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and desirable.
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gyro mw s n
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III! an lent und honorable Rro
of jolf meci- all requirement! of
the woik or fight rule, Dolms,
eighteen holes In hot weather Use this
arid over ,1 difficult course Hits Sleepy
Hollow, nhete one limn be a species ot
mounluln oat to neKotlale the steso
hills on. the beautiful links. In sddltloa
to various golfing diitlc, U quits sorn
task, take It from uiiy one ho hat ao)
I j bored.
And j tough round is nearly trues
hours of oontltiiml strike with cuffinc
jt a Utile elusive ball ilinl has a meat
UnMIUImt way of dolne what It lsnl
ruppocd to do. not lu mention hu'e
died of problems th:it must be com
bated If the score caul is to nho K
verdict under a hundred strokes, w '
In brief, golf I essential to about
SOO.Ulio thtouuhout this broad land, L
Alt the loading KOlfers, amateuri anJJi,
professionals, have rallied to the patrl-.i
otic caune wltli ' commendabla splr't4
L'hiek Kvans. natlonnl amatour anJjK
open champion, tops tho llt with fo. if.
matches, from which ho realized near y'
1 100,000. Jim Ilarnes has been to
moat aetlve of tli pros, with about
thirty-five tournaments to his credit.
I.ons Jim has mnbilkext about JVv.'u
for war relief purpor-es. ;
Miss Alexa Stirling, who ts now ap
pcaring In rHvl,il Itcd Cross matches
with Miss Itoienlhal, Hobby Jones an 1
Terry Adair, has twice been on tlia
lonIriK side lu matches, a rare ucrurre.i.
for the youns Atlanta Rlrl ehamptii .
Miss .Stirling has been nrilnly trotlbi .1
Alth uncertainty of Iron strokes, a vo.n
ilalnl any golfer will catch from tlma
10 time.
Miss SUrllng mo.H likely will be fully
rcovereJ from this when tho frui
viunK stars play at lis,-ex Country n'
alout a e'k i
it has Iven tho ambition of the wykn
ay Club members for tome tlmei to lay
I out a soiynd lS-liolo course. The dull
I has croe'd the OCU nurk and with m
I Icintr nallnir list. It Is j-linply break n
I tbrouKli ts k'ulflns Ja Wet An odd -
tinnal coiri Is Uie only remedy It a
conuiionlj lllvcd that work on the
new llnk will start Uiwanl the end of
tho present icason. Donald Ilos, th -noted
ootrso architect, has been
vltd '.o submit ld-s how the pro -jiosed
cuiTso should be constructed
lyiadlnp professional and amateur1
Golfers wll compete In the Internttlor it'
tn itches mi tho links of the Inw t
Country "lub Saturday for the ben iC
of the load Ib'd Crone-, ""cotch prof i i
slonals. mine breds and iillles I
American amateurs will meet In ten n.
matrhes. twelve men to compose ea , .
icam, thi best aKcrccate core to
counted. This Is n new method of
M'orlnc, t.ivlnc the result In doubt u -til
the ft i a I card Is turned In, Tlii'
record Id the course m 72, held by
Herbert itrnng, now professional at u
imrineerf Club,
; C Sport Briefs ).i
PlTTiSMJUOH, July 23 That the I
terstate Vskoclatlon, which fosters si. i
controls trapshooting In tim Lnl' I
States, L "doing its bit" In helping tn
fiovernnrnt, financially and other
In proseaitlng the -w.ir. Is shown b' tlif,
announcement that oiio-bulf of the hi
nlngs u Its 'bLg tournaments mil t
paid In rvar savings atrunps or Liberty
bonds, it the Grand American hs.nU
cap touiument, which will be shot over
the trajM of the South Shore Country
Club, thiongo, Aug- 6-8. one-hulf of;
all the prlzo money winnings under
tJO willlo paid in war savings staniin
and um-li.ilf, of all wltming over i. iV
will bu paid in Liberty bouds.
TOI.IDO, O.. July 3. The opnlng
of th jrund Circuit racing wek van'
potponid uotrrday on account of ruin,
which b-gan Jui.t at starting time and.
lasted rmro thun an hour. Tbe card of
races wll be run to-day.
DKTIOIT. July It Ily poptUar eul.
Rcriptlm among local rportjimen whin
are unaous to keep Uie (lold Cup In thu
West. 1 new motor ImihU MIsh Detroit
III . his been built und the lias been
glen nveral trials. Tho new ied ere
atlon if 1918 has bei n conxtruclM bv
t'bris inltli of AIriiihic Mich.. htv.
name uss be;n nssoclatetl with wold
chamBonahlp racing craft of this kind
for many years,
Knickerbocker Handicap 9
nil 5 Other Well Filled Events
I hot hack at a.:tn v. m. H
SI'KCIAI. ItAi i: TH.M.N Iuvm Ciraiid
1;!'.ral.. Termlnnl. Hnrlem DlvlHon a
II 1' M Huiru .ir lr
to ut
'ernun lit 11 ai 1 ' .In l i.-.
w Aiiniiinnul inutia Kulurdiils. At ii
iv..i p m. ... i
Moit Ave iransferilne to Wood,",
li-rt Sih an, I fill. lv. ... .. V :'
HuJiwny io Wn.nliawn Ballon ji,.,vM,T.
ii ' i I- i imiiiim k, .i.:ni.
u two stoats
Fight for You.
Arnbtlm Axioms
taJtaM (hll alii ft raw

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