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By Thornton Fisher
Copyright, 19IS, by tne 1'nm fubHnhin jt Co. 'The New York t:eninir Woil.l.
Guess vou
'aterson Lad Is Floored by
Speedy Italian Lightweight
in the Fifth Round.
Sopr eLerXKlirJ''
$1Sfioo itf
up S IS.ooo
1 '
w. -
Motor Boat Race Sailed Sunday
Is Still Undecided.
OswrtlM. IMS. 7 It IVio PrtMlaklnt Oo.
(Tht Ntw Totk Kitolnt WotM).
AMOTOH bout raco wllh Hbout
twenty entries was wiled' around
BUten Island Sunday Init and
nobody knows yet which boat won It.
Ot. waa a time allownnco event, under
tho allspices of the Tomaqua Yacht
Ctub of Bheepshead Hay. Tour or five
boats flnlthed so close together that
lad nit ht It seemed as If an export ac
countant would havo to tie employed
to reach soma declilon. On you beat
UT Imarlne fight manngers at a loss
for a winner two daya after a bout has
been foughtl It's Just the difference In
soort. that'a alt. within u week we
hope to be able to tell our expectant
readeri Jut how tho boat race ro
am tea.
OU don't hear any anxious In.
qulrlea about how to secure
scats for the World's Berles, do you?
Wo haven't aa yet, but mnytxi H'a
because neither of the home teams Is
eligible, yet we doubt whether there Is
any wholesale aesire tor me iismn
either lJoiton or Chicago. ltaseb.il
looked necessary and even essential
until the magnates and President of
the bis leagues goi Dicitenng mos
themselves and rave the races a com
mercial rather than a sporty aspect.
LOOKS a If a new foundation will
have to be built for tnc renewal
of the Dempaey-Mlsko hostilities If
aald renewal is ever to conic off. Hut
for an unruarded moment when
ilisko made the admission Unit Dcrap
ey could knock him out In a round
or two, the bout might havo been put
on somewhere hereabouts bforc this,
At the time Mlike mado hi honest
statement he was in no condition to
flrnt anybody, but still tho impression
remained that a contest with IJmp
aey would be so terribly ono-sided that
the fans wouldn't patronise it. Doinp.
aey waa matched with Kulton and
the bout needed some advertising.
Mlike figured It out, and properly too,
that his knockout by Western Jack
would help the rate. Mo tefused to
swell the receipts by going on with
Dcmpsey half fit and only be double-
dOIITEnS are a funny lot. Thoy
X trust one another Just about a
much aa two business rivals with th
same line of roods. Mlsko wosn'
taking any chances. Conditions arc
different now, however. Mlske has
been home In Ht. I'aul, hu been doc
tored and is back on the Job, thor
oughly fit to tackle Dempsey. Ho is
anxious to correct the Impression that
no la afraid or mm or anybody cut
so it looks as If It la up to the match
makers to rot busy again. Dempsey
will lose his lumbago as soon aa
aomethlnic like real money Is offered
zor toe match.
Just to show how Mlske feels at the
present time. It Is only necessary to
revert to a letter Just received from
Jack Iltddy, his manager- Jack ad
mils mat ne lan t in tne cnamnionsn:
class among managers, but still he
shows that he Is learning fast. Listen
to this from him:
"As Mlske's manager I am pro
pared to post a forfeit of any
amount with any reputable snort
ing man In the East for Mlske to
light Dempsey. Mlske will meet
him In a match of six, eight, ten,
twelve, fifteen or twenty rounds,
whatever the conditions are that
prevail where the match Is staged.
lempsey and Mlske fought once
before In BU I'aul laat May. In
the five HU I'aul and Minnnupoll
papers Dempsey secured three
"popular" decisions and Mlske two.
- In view of this It Is ridiculous tn
say that Mlske Is afraid of Dcmp
sey. 1 now have four offers for a
Dempsey-Mlske match. Tom
Andrews would put It on In Mil
waukee, Dick Jamison Is after It
for Atlanta. Dave Drlscoll would
like it for the Jersey City llase
ball Park, and Jack Dougherty of
Philadelphia has been negotiating
with me. I have accepted thn
terms offered by all four of these
promoters and mailed them
signed articles. That should bo
proof enoutrh of Mlske's opinion
f Dempsey."
Go to It.
j N 7 ,'t ri i ffi
w. s- m. i i .. m -uk "ssmiisBBBBBBa-: ,
y i ... 1., - i . .
Race Track Judges at Spa
Incompetent, View of Fans
Attending Races There
Spectators at Saratoga In
censed Because of Award ot
Last Event to War Kiss Over
(4U1 loTJio Wrri.l.)
THAT thing called "confidence."
tho buckbomi of n nation unci
the fighting sircngtn or an
army, whs shattered uy JocKcy nux-
ton and llio Judg- at the local track.
In the cstltnutlon of the major portion
of the crowd, tho rider and tho olll-
clals showed that they were Incom
petent to fill their posltlontt. Crltl
clrm, harsh and Intense, the moni so
because It was suppressed, was hurled
at Huxton for his poor riding of War
Marvel In tho first and HolIlBtcr In
the third race. Hut tho crowd whs
able to keep their anger under con
trol until the last nice, when the
Judges gave their decision to War
Klis In the face of the fact that nino
irnthu nf tho spectators who weru
close to winning posts declared Minuet
hod won by a hend.
Then tho storm broke on tho heu Is
of tho Judgie. Men gathered urmind
the enclosure and shouted "Minuet,
No. 1" (the number of Minuet). As If
to odd fuol to tho llamcs of passion
Jockey Knsor, tho rldor of Minuet,
rushed up the stairs to tho stewards
ar.d lodged a protest against War
Klin, saying that vho had hit blm and
forced him back.
This claim was not Justlllcd nnJ tho
stewards ao ruled, for War Kiss K.it
the barrier, led all tho way on iho
rull and Just lasted If thn Judges
wero correct In tholr placing. H'jrt
Klrst Itace I'ollu, Mormon Klder,
Second Itace Midnight Sun, He
ncvolrnl, Star CUsa.
Third Ilaec War Machine, Sunny
Slope, Claqucr.
Foil rlli Itace Star Hampton,
Hilly Kelly, Sweep On.
Rflh Itncn I.lttle Nearer, Con
duit, Huckbosrd.
Sixth Hare route Drnpe.iu,
I.'lnllrniler. Star lien.
ground. Instead, ho hud It presented
to him,
Huxton continued tn r dn noiUMcr
under a rhoklng pull In third pl.vo
to tho lead of tint Htrotoh. Sllpiery
Kim wna then In front by open any
light. When Huxtnn gave HolllMor
his head, that horso wan ho exhaust
ed from pulling on tho reins thai lie
was choked up and unable to respond,
Hllppery Kim, allowed to race, won by
open dnyllght.
National Commission Is Reported to Be Meeting in Cincinnati
for Purpose of Arranging Championship Games, Which Will
Probably Open Sept. 4 in Chicago.
Uy Hugh S. Fuller ton.
Copirliilit, ll. b Thf Firm liitjli!iinx Co.
nv N York hitului
CHICAUO'B CUHH and Jloston's
Itetl Sox In nil human prob
ability will contest for tho
mnlnder of tho season, ho will rori.ll " ' ''.
his Hiispeiisloii agulntt .lookoy Itfius pnnment pertritH sucn a scries.
If A. K. Mncombcr desires his
mid give, him pi'i-mlsHlon t" rosumoj
ruling lor mo biuoh' miu "hki
owiiern. Hecntlsn lxjftus was unfor
Uinato enough to iio IiIh whip whllo
riding War Cloud in the ram for too
IMn.ont Stnkes, tr. Mucombcr de
cided to suspend him. .
l.oftus Is the boat all-around rider
on tin; American turf to. day As a
Mnlshor ho Is without an cauul. Ills
Integrity Is beyond (Uestlon, He
cause of this. Mr. Macomber should
consider his action and niio.v his
Jockey to resume- the position h Is so
bio to mi -mat t premier ruier 01
Tito National
'Ts an old saying that good horses
make good Jockeys. It's true nln
aes out of ten, too, but sometimes
ners and trainers have a lot to say
in' the matter. Take Jockey Iow
rence Lyke, for Instance. During the
early part of the season and up to
ithe Saratoga meeting he looked like
a second Walter Miller, He was win
ning so regularly that It was bad
Judgment to bet against anything he
rode. Then he became enmeshed In
trouble with Ouy Uedwell. the train
er who developed and brought him
out. Lyke was set down twice by hi
own stable and only a few days ago
'the Brighton Rtable bought up what
'wna left of his contract, because Hed-
'well, for some reason or other, said
he wouldn't rldn the boy again on any
ot his horses. One would think a
'change of employers would make
L.vke take a new grip on things and
rlde winners, if for no other reason
than to show that Hedwell had him
wrong. Instead, Lyke has fallen away
Dtt. He has ridden few winners since,
and what makes things look bad for
him Is that he Is losing on publicly
backed favorites, horses which on
form have looked reasonably profit
able betting propositions. Yesterday
at Saratoga he rode Panaman and
vnn l near ine money in ciuicr rnrr.
mor's action served to IntUmc the
pnralons of the crowd and a fow ;ravo
full ruin to their ung.T by shaking
their llstH nt the Judges. Judge IVi-
tlnglll, usually ino nrsi 10 rusu or
home after the horses nro plared, was
o afraid of being awnuileu mui co
wklted In the "bird cage" until the
crowd had dispersed.
Tho assertion that tho judges aru
In Ihe best msltlon to decide the win
ners every racegoer agrees with. That
Is not tho point, llucegoers contend
that the present olticlals arc not com
nrtiTit. They cite various gravo blun
ders me juages navu i.rnue in inu
past, the most glaring being thut at
thi. iMmllco track this spring when
Arruh-Uo-On bejit Johren two
li.nirthH. hut was not maceci nrsi. sec
ond or third until tho stewtirdM left
their nest on the top or mo sianu tine
pointed out the error to the Judges,
Whnt lrrllali'M r.iL'l'KULTH IS IIUI
in ninety. nine inces out of a hundred
tliev will nitree tieriecuy wiin wiu
nti.xinir. nn mutter If horses nru
Hi-nnrnted bv the width of tho trnck.
Then along comes a racu In which
they fall to ugree. 11 is men mai
the Judges say the patrons ure wrong
and they are right. Hut If that Is
true, how comes u inn. wi irei
tors are of a mitul wim me oiuciiiib
in the Dlaclnc of the other races?
.iivkev litixton iosi two races wnici
he should hnvo won. tho tlrst and
thini. and won the sixth on War Hrlili
because he was lucky ut the start and
the Mulsh. He thought he haw an
imonlnir next to tho I all in the stretrl
when he was rming ar Aiarvvi dim
stnrted for it. hut tho chill of fear en
tered his heart just as nu made tits
move and he pulled up before the
colt's head had entered the runway.
Huxton then pulled up, theieby losing
two lengths, puucu to me ouisuie, an
though the colt raced fast wns nil
able to finish tatter thnn fourth, Lion
d'Or wlnnlnir. His Inderlslon to tike
a chance through the opening itte
ho had ktarted for It cost lilni the rare.
Hut bad us Iiin ride was on Wu
Marvel, It wua iih nothing when cum
pared with Ills bungling work on IIol
lister. "U messed It UP so badly,'
said one of tho handlctppvrs, "thu
the horse becamo so completely en
snared In his trouble that at the fin
Ish he could not mako headway. I lux
ton rode destveratcly In the stretch
but the trouble wus his exhibit It)
came after Slippery Blm had tho race
Huxton lieut the barrier hevcral
t, ia inat nnmlhle that the bnv has lengths with Ilollistcr. Instead
AwitnA tntA temnnrarv nit. as anv I making the most of his advantage I.
in is is llkelv to da nt times. If nulled the horse up to u wnlk In th
that Is the case some of his friends first furlong, by su doing tossing
ought to see to it that he gets out of . away his advantage. Hud he nllowe
lal investigation.
It pays at times to believe In
hunches." At 1 twist, ouo negro at
tendant in n gariigc un U roadway
ero thinks so. Ills nan.o Is Dun,
mid while ut work Kite Krld.'iy night
was sturtled and nearly knocked
down when a rucehornu running wild
ushrd Into the garugo at headlong
ihtiI. Dun cnught the runuwuy and
timed him over to n policeman. In
about twenty minutes two Btahlo
hands out of b'enth camo up and
nsked Pan If ho had seen a horse
running loose.
1 certainly did, for he nearly
knocked me down." rnld Dan.
"Ho Is in that Mahle over there,"
nlntlnc to ono behind a big hotel.
Knv, what's that horse s name?"
"Dnn. said the stnhle hnnd.
"1 certainly will bet on Uun when
' starts," said Hie negro. "Dan
unn right Into nan, and If I tlliln't
tnUn dat hunch I certainly would bo
slapping goou hick in the race, nay,
Mister, when does dat Dan start?
"On Monday." was the reply.
Well, Dnn nturtcd In tho fifth nice.
o-ituy. llo won us nigh as so to i
n '.lie odds, with 15 to 1 tho ruling
price. Dan the garage mnn was
there to follow up his hunch, llo
bet $10 on Dan at 15 tn 1.
During the running of tho race he
tood on thn step, of the grand stand
Dan wna slow during the early stages
of tho race, but at the head of the
stri'tcli he tiegnn to pick up the
Icodcis. He still hud a great deal o
ground to make up In order to catch
Harry Shannon, tho pacemaker. Hut
lan tho gnrugn man was not ufrnld
Ills faith In the horse wan steudfas
nnd true. Leaning far out, he yelled
Dan. mull honey, come to mc. Klv
ak yo' did on iTIday night. Don
stop, boy, bring home the bacon.
And Dan responded to me call.
When the races were over. IVin
the garage man hired u carriage all
to hln.sulf nnd rodo home in at at
Commission, which
hiin been tho su
premo power of
baseball up to Hie
timo tho uffalrs ot
orgajil7.?d baseball
got tangled up
with tho war, la
seml-pro.i, Class A players und tho
rcmnunts of last year's world's
champs, Is Just about thu best wo
havo seen In a long time, Judging
from the way they play ball. He
sides that, they are a living and mov
ing proof of tho claim of Seoictary
of Wnr Haker that It was possible
for tho major leagues to continue
pluylng ball even If the (Jovcrnment
took the players of draft age.
Tho work of Weaver. Mostll and
I'lnelll yesterday was up to the
standard of the blir leagues und
Quint, pitched good enough ball to
plenso any o
Atlantic Vs. Pacific
Women Stars To-Morrow
For 440- Yard Swim Title
Johnny Dundee, the remarkable i
Italian lightweight, defeated Tommy j
Tuohey of Paterson In the main bout
of eight rounds nt the Armory A. A. ,
of Jersey City last night. Tuohey put '
up a stubborn battle. He was cleanly
floored in the nflh round by a right
A tougher, faster figlil between lit- 1
tie men has seldom been fought here- j
abouts. It was give and take all the
time, with Touhey's sullen aggres
siveness overcoming ths flashy box
ing of the Scotch Wop. x
In the sixth Tommy landed a crash
ing right on Dundee's port eye and
drew a stream of blood. The flow of
the life fluid bothered Dundee badly.
It cramped his art, so to speak, and
Touhey smashed on with greater '
vigor than ever. The Taterson boy '
landed hard and often and was dolnr
very well at the end.
Four Best Swimmers of the
F:iir Sex in Country Com
pete for National A. A. U.
I lonors at Brighton Beach.
.' meeting In Clncln
' nntl to arrange a
V; World's Series,
and yesterday tho
Hed Sox, by beat
ing Cleveland 6 to
5lIhtoh o, pructlcnlly ct-
' tt.,.1 h.. ..H-
to which team shall represent tho
American Ivaguo In the series, If uny
such scries shall bo played.
Cleveland looked to havo a cracking
ciiance ror tho championship until
cstorday, when they dropped a game
In which Jones allowed them only two
hits. Up to that stugo wo figured
Cleveland a chance, but anv team
which will got only two hits otf Jones
Is not deserving nnv attention either
for u pcni.unt In a broken and dls
In preparation for his race against
time on Wednesday, uoan.er worm
to-dav o tnlle and a furlong i
1.51 1-0. the tll'M in nu in 1.38. lie win
he ridden by Jockey Hchuttlngor an
be Jo nod in the last half mile by n
stable mate. rnnn uragon, which wi
art as a pacemaker.
M'hn VnnliU had Klllllp ChailCOH tO
score but they could not do it, while
tho Whlto Sox hammered away
steadily and scored four runs on six
roportcd to bo well placed hit, whllo the anKs
scorcu ono ran un nnm n.,a
were licked because mey nu imu
two double pluys, which caused their
old slowness to count against them
Till! icport that Hay Caldwell had
jult the Yanks und gono to Join
a shipyards team wus contradicted
when lin showi'il Ull to pitch tl.O
game, but the fact Is that Caldwell
wa3 with tho ship yards club, worked
out with tho team on Sunday und is
ready to go back to It. lUy la
doubling In brass und hus figured out
his Job for himself. He Is willing to
work overtime to belli Muggins s
team, but at tho same time he be-
Mnnim tn the Tleticn & Lane Ship
building Company.
It is reported that there arc several
others of tho teum who have been
slgnud up to work for the snip yarns
.... ,,, i.iimvii unit um- i -- " - - -
rupted league, nor is ,t deserving of j J Ja 2?
being ligurod oven us a retnuto po&sl- work right uwuy.
billty In n world's championship.
' - . . . . .. . . , . . ii.,(n
11AL a can ycsicruay uuiu .iu,m.
Cork Vi, I'lnre for llnrllnR Title-
A big athletle carnival w 111 be lu-l.l nt
Celtic l'.trk on Sunday for the
benefit of the HI. John's !Iip'.Ul of
lxmg Isl'ind City. Those In charge
tmvn arranged sn tlahnrata programme
of events. There will be a hurllnn
match for the chsmnlonnhlp of Orester
New York between the tean.t fromt'otk
und Clate and two On die football con
tests. Oiilway will tackle KIMare it tut
V.U . M.. .lili,, ...... MC,
Jones, who Is one of tho famous
Jones family, Is a pitcher who. last
spring, probably would havo been
figured nu n third rato assistant relief
pitcher on a fourth rate team, and
when ho can beat a team which
claims tho right to play in a world's
championship it In a tip. off as to thu
clnss of tho league und tho class of
tin no bull in general.
THKItH w'.-vi n real gume of h:ise
ball fill the Pnln Cniim.l, frn,
terduy in which tho Yunks wero licked.
There was nothing ut stake und nu
ono cared particulaily who won, so
the two makeshift teams went out and
battled Just as hard us If they weru
fighting for the pennant. Hay Cald
well, who nan ueen reported to bo a
deserter from his team, came right
bnck und gave the world champion
White Sox a hard battle.
Caldwell wus beaten because Qiilnn,
who used to belong to the Yanks,
pitched too much ball for then, to
overcome. This sumo Quinn, coming
back from tho semi retirement of thu
I'aelflc Coast League, pitched u lot
moie baseball than we arc accustomed
to seeing hereabouts lit these duys of
degenerate bnstlMll, and he ircelvi'du
great deal belter support tluiii w,i3 to
have been nntlctputcd frum n team
like thu Whllo Sox which, at nreucnt.
presents a line-up which sounds llkn
the I -ogim Snuurcs ur the Suawuy
The White Sox JiMt now have
Weaver left In addition to tin ml 1 1 as
a remnant of tho world's champions
and they appear to be enjoying It. be
'cuusc. with that decrepit nnd broken
llnu-up, they are Just ubout tho best
team thut hat shown on the I'olo
1 Wulsh, brother of Hlg Ed Walsh,
who wus tho mulnstay and tho star
of thu Chicago White Sox for many
years. Martin Is back at his old Job
of riveting nnd ho thinks that It
beats pitching ull to pieces. Ilesldes.
Martin cat. sing wnuo nu wo, anu
if hu can get ono of his high notes
over with each rivet, no ficrman has
a chance.
Tlli:iU: was reported to bo n
meeting of the National Com
mlsklon it. Clnclnnntl yesterday to
nrinngo lor tho World's Series, but
at a late hour last night no ono had
shown up. l'resldent Johnson of tho
American l.cnguo was expected In
i yesterduy morning nnd Acting I'rcsl
would have bad to make up the lost axe utu.mplonulp matches,
dent llcydlcr of tho National was
reported en route from New York.
lie was not to bo locuted In Mew
York yesterday, so (ugauist an pre-
cedent) we took It for granted mat
the stury thut he was on nis way 10
Clnclnnntl was true.
Chicago reported mat jonnsou aiso
was en route. Kn loutc appears to
be a long distance, us Cincinnati re
ported at midnight that neither had
nppeared ihere.
This ciimoutlnelng In baseball Is
getting tliesome, but since Huston
beat Cleveland yesterduy and It Is
practically u cinch that the Hed Sox
ara tho American l.cuguu winners,
ihere Is no reason fur further secrecy.
a thn nubile (which Isn't u bit In
terested) may bo intrusted with thu
secrets of the coininlsilon as to wl.un
iiw. aeries Is scheduled to open.
l'rlvutely, und without consulting
llio commission, we flguic Unit it will
nnen In Chlcngo on Sept. 4 If there
Uy Alex. Sullivan.
EASILY the best race botweon
women swimmers ever seen In
this country will tako plncu at
Urlghton Heach to-morrow afternoon,
when a tiuartetto of tho country's
greatest stars will compete for the HO
yard amateur national champions!) p
under tho auspices of tho A. A. L.'.
Tho entries are:
Mrs. Clalro Oalllgan Kinney, New
Itoch'illc, N. Y.; Miss Charlotte. Ilojlc,
Sea Gate, I,. I.j Miss Olga Porfncr, ol
Philadelphia: Miss Dorothy Hums,
Los Angeles, Cat. y , I
The quarter-mllo championship will
bo fought over a 110-yard course that
has been outlined between two raits at
Urlghton Heach, and this galaxy of
brilliant amateurs will swim four
times over the route. It Is the first
woman's national swim of the season
and Is representative In that the en
tries have come from both the Atlan
tic and Pacific Coasts.
Claire Culllgun, who has heal num.
rolls national titles, including the one
which will bo contested for to-morrow,
Is now at top form, as her recent
victories hero In tho mile .and at Hoi-
mar In tho SSO-yard dash nave inai
cntcd. Thoso who hnvo seen tho little
New Itochello girl Insist thnt she In
fnntor than ever.
If Miss Culllgan Is favorito for the
race, she Is closely pressed by Chrw-
lotto Hoylo of Sen Rate, who won tho
SfcO-yard mtroMilitaii championship
against tho New 'itochello girl, theioby
addlncr to her laurels as national
sprints champion. Miss Dorothy Hums
comes from )os Angcms uiKuiy re
garded as a sprinter nnd dangerous
up to bho yards, whllo Miss Dorfncr
of Philadelphia has swam so many
creditable races in this district that
comment on her work Is unnecessary.
In addition to tho nutlonni cham
pionship there will ba un Indoor water
meet In the winter pool to-morrow
evening, In which Duke Knhnnamoku,
tlio famous Hawaiian, nnd his team
mntoH. Harold Krueger and Clarence
Lnno or Honolulu, win mnKe ineir
final metropolitan appcaranm. It
nmb.-iblv will be Kuhanamoku's Inst
raco for tho duration of tho war. as ho
has mado application to ennui in
th" United States Navy and Is nnxlous
to see sorvlco.
Kahanamoku'H programme ners
during the past two weeks has bcn
sensational. In that ho has broken
flvo iccords. and nt thu Winter Pool
to-morrow night ho Is going to mako
what may bo his last attempt to broa
his present mark in the loo yams "i
St seconds flat. His manager. Owen
Merrick, believes thut K.ihunamoi'.u
can do it. nnd surely would
havo ilono It had Perry McUlllI
vray of Chicago, tho American
champion, boon nhlo to accept the
Winter poors invitation to meci
hanaitioku McHllllvray could not get
re lc use from nis na-wii uuiii-s auu
meet Harold Krueger of Honolulu
and J. A. Newman of Pell.nm Hay
Naval Tialnlnc Station in a nJO-yard
raco In tho tunk of tho Winter P d
nn the same evening. Helen Waln-
wrlght of Collego Point nnd Alleen
Itiggln of Hrooklyn, two eleven-year-old
mermaids, will compete In a 10)
yard dash. Thcso Interesting llltli
swimmers put up a thriving contest
two weeks ago, when Kahaiiamoku
first nppeared at tho Winter Pool,
Miss Walnwrlght losing In tho final
few yards of the race when she Mvatn
off the course.
Garry Herrmann Announces Thai
Gafnes Will De Played First
Probably Sept. 4.
CINCINNATI. Aug. 20. fiirry JUrr
tnunn, Chairman of the National Base
ball Commission, declared here to-day
that members of the Chicago Cubs and
lloston Ited Sox had received petrols
lion from their local draft boards to
participate In a world's terlcs, for which
thn tentative date now ret is .Sept. 4.
This announcement was made prior
to thn annual meeting ot the National
Commission to arrange a schedule and
other plans for the scries. Herrmann
declared It his belief that no interfer
ence with the series would bo encoun
tered from the draft boards.
Present plans provide for opening the
series In Doiton with three games to be
played there In case the Ited Sot meet
the Cubs. Schedules also will be ar-
rangra lor the uiama, senators ana uta
Cleveland Indians.
l-'trwt hfTlmmlnK Meet at the Camp
Mills rnl.
I.leut. Ludy Lmser of Camp Cordon.
C.a.. and lo Glebel ind Cyril Carroll of
tho New York A. C. gave soldiers sta
tioned at Camp Mills exhibitions of their
acuuatlc prowess yesterday. The oc
calon was the inaugural swimming ,
meet of the newly constructed camp r
pool, under thn combined auspices ef
' the .PW lOrK .. anu inr nur 1.UUII
i Community Service.
(Fistic News john'poiiock and Gossipy
Another Important bout between
good big fellows has been practically
clinched for Widcnmeyer's Park In
Newark, N. J., under tho auspices id
the Airdrome A. C. of that city on
Thursday evening. Aug. 29. The men
who will llguie in this scrap arc Bat
tling I.cvlnsky, tho clever Hobrow
light heavyweight, nnd Hilly Mlske
of St. Paul, tho sturdy henvywclght.
Dan Morgan, manager of I.cvlnsky,
accepted the club's terms to-day,
while Jack Heddy, who looks after
Mlske's nffalrs, has already said thit
ho was willing to havo Mlske honk
up with Lcvinsky. Tho club olllclals
wanted the match for next Tuesday
night, but us Lcvinsky boxes Clay
Turner nt the Armory A. A. of Jersey
City on Monday night, Morgan asked
that tho contest be put back until
Thursday evening.
ittt llrock. the crwk Iali iveirllt A Clert.
In.! U1TI niLa liU fiit aii.varmo) lfonf
Uir IUWon fM at tlw Annum A, A. tlre
lo-ntuht. Matt will P trrM KranU,) "Vounj"
llrilt tf .N. Itnlf-ml. Slam., "h" I" Uttllw
in hu twt fm now. Tl-y ill h i lor
turjie rciuula, to a il,-Mon. ll"Ui "n will
urolj flalit tlaip lianl.vt. ia tin 1niiT 111 Im
mtih. In mtvt Jinni UunOrc at ti.e win
club two awka later.
Cat TumT tl! b a m lmr fjhter ttat
mrk aa lit U inaUbM to bk'I Ila'-tlini lfinaij
t llt- Annot. A. A.. o( Jcwy City, no Moo
liny nliht ami liaa a'aio anrntr,! Imtoi to n-t
llaro lKt. inWJIeltt riiaoipiim ot the Army
and Nary, for tlBH rnisula at a lillr a'aw to
b bruMcM "If to tin- Atlastle City Hr!iw
Chili. n friilay t-nliu. Turwr la n-ttlnj Into
roinlltjon fr lotli lnifa at HU;y llnw'a ljm-nulum.
wniht title nrvtn o tnttst tn two rattlm in
that almrt rriVl , un Ull first tn will b
with Uwk L,unim at Iluffalo on ltbm Day
f, r trn fimU aM hla aivond may tx lrtntJ
llnrna tht Jrm7 City Untarowrttfit at ooa of
tilt to Lie rlutw at llillarfrlphll.
.ta IIiIIt ilb-in, matwafr ti Dtanr IttmH,
iviully cvcrruU to let Itfinr tot (or tv
nt J 1.SX, w-lth in option of afmrtlos 35
lr n-tit. ia tiit imwa rvHia. at lthar tha ,
o'ijttv.iIrii A, A. or tic National A, C both f
I1ulaitt'.hla, th Wianmi art that "Ota" la
k-ittlna tliraa Uniu lor Dcaftr whrn ba elarfm
wltli llanry Ttion. tot Kanma City liwoU.
at lie UbmWa A. A, nn lAbar Pay BtfM.
Tnl La-wia. tha weltirwtcht ciasnroal,
n.virrd tMlay that hn totrntta tn do his Ir
limlnary training at Hilly llruin (iyrawanra far
111, Ixmt wllh (-hamtnon Kfnny Uraard at tu
Alnlpun. A. C, of Xwiil, N, J oo BqI.
10. but that vim Ionard nu nwly to weak (
out at tlw mma "S7ra" I wilt tn ak-wtwn M
finli up 1,1a wrt, Trd will train fi or mi
ilaia at Oruppa actl miy tbtn r to Jlrmr V
Final's nnaKluin at Loni llrancb, N, J,
WliL tit rrfrm. f,r the Pnwiy (amant-Tad
lwla katllf at Newark on Kept. 10 haa twt
lawn in-ltrtM aa yrt. It kiika prrtty nrtala tbat
either Johnny FU-klrtt or Frank O'JSrvn. Ue
tH kiKvwn rtttrra of I'hilaaMnhU, will ba
natnul by tht New J-rat7 Itoxlna: Qgnmiwrira ta
fill tS i"l. IX-Uianlt offlriatnl at tbo Dn&J.
arr-l''altui coati-at and bla work tia satiaatDry,
A twtirj alww will t" nairsd at (',otmi,n
U'.aul to-nlilit fir ll nmment of tlw ml
illra inurttr"! l!i-. bli-ut. Utfltl f fit. I'aul
In runnltu tin tnlonalnnwut mid bcalka luia
Ilvn pl local fliriittra hilll ltilit. tie tff
Un.l.t liinuil OH-r to l.ltai. IK-Iltl ia ,
ukto of tlia Jito CillryJim .cn inrK ni riunDorfii
CI.VDS W. I.. Pe.
Clilraso.7;i all ,IMU
X. V.. .Ill -7 ,7T
I'll la ..no nn ..ist
Clneln .SU .RO.t
n,un tv. r.. r.
nktyn ,91 DO .430 ,
I'hllo ..-48 Ot .40
It. .ton. -I H 03 .43 J
si. i... .-is un r4ie
I'ltUhurrh, Hi New York, 1 (lal raraa).
Nrw York, 2 I'iltabursh, 1 (-'d ouo),
Cim-lnimtl, N IlrooUljn, -I,
Clilesca, " lloilon, 0,
rtillmltlptila, 7 ht. Ixsla, I,
t'OIIHClllCIHiy a naiiuifuii e nu, mi
which mnu' ot tno fastest ot mc mcai
swimmers will compete, will afford
Kuhannnuiku his opportunity for rec
on! smashing as well as setting a fas!
pace lor tho CJieurateu Hawaiian.
lCquully Interesting will be a ?2
viini rne Indoors umong tho contest
ants in tho national iunrfcr.mll
.-lmmtilimsli n of tho uflernoon. in
this Miss Doyle and Miss Uitlllgan will
bit favorites, though the MImcs Hums
nnd uorfner may spring u surprise.
Than, will bo In addition a water
nolo gamo between tho New York
Athletlo Club'H famous pololsts, In
iiiulinir Joe lteddy nnd L. Uelli Il-.nd
ley, und thoso ot the Federal rcndez
flsht ai.l a'to til of tlit Uir U Iaiv'y wlnoa
rijnu f.nlit anJ ali tbc ol Hit itir ia uarry.
Hlili-h will ai le aliown
Jack ItuUtr i!a h bis bi offunl matia
for J Wcllloj ailnt !. Ttmlltr it the
OlirapU A. A., l.'o rmuniii nnjoiar, .iui. i.
Khila Jo Wasrr, B.n.'cr oi Jjia Bii.tfcty,
ma ha hu fctu olfcmd a i-bam fir bli iuo i-.-
azaiu; Clumi-lun Heroiau. stfi. 9.
An rlfort rnif tiv tht tniu-htniir o) thf
Ai dr.mi A '. of .Ncaa'a to liaia le. ir.!- i'Imiim
of lUltimor.' HKti la-w Car.i.41 of Ntwaik in t'-e
alar tut vt tik'ia ro-imU it tl.e .uh' !a,n to
ulalit. but M the manap-r of I'liinoi ilrui40il,-.l
j ipurautta oi -iki for 1 11 fikbltr t'i mat, h ft I
tl.romrn ana tl !' tH'd ''- 'I"0
aaa wlllltif o Cluoty 5.0 tut U lit
clinot It.
Airosl.iU to a k'ltir ..i.it.l .-rt loiUi I rt,l
Fulton, tbo Mlontaoia l.,.j el;lit. nw en
lo ajaln. lb- fU VaJ tr bi n-.-k
knix-kout In Jak lwin.') that i. bat toll
wieral frtnja of lia at St. I'aul flul tw I t'lcl
ot tha boiirw iramt anl it lit haa rnwih mont)
to lira on for Hi tit "' b-a t'w t-roiaxta
arc that lit will neicr don the slum auin.
Hrooklyn ut Clnrlrinstl,
I'lilluilrlphl at ht, I.ouia,
llontou at Chlease.
ci.iiiis w. i
N. T.. ,3fJ 30
st, l. . .r.a r,H
Del roll. (t Oil
riiiiu . . ir. its ,hoh
Cl.fl)1 w. I.. Vc.
lliw.ton.ll7 43 .r,t)S
(It it ..III HI) ..Mil
wiioii ..:: r-2 .r, ih
ciiiiaso.nr, r,7 .un
( lilrxsii, ll .Vrtr VoiU, J,
tt u.lilmloii, 3 1 Ht, fmla, 'i
tl I inning.),
lloston, l ClttclunJ, O.
riiiladrliihU, t) Dtlroit, H.
ClotUnd si llo. ton.
Ililroit nt I'lilladrlpliia,
SI. Iiul, at M stlilscWa.
Mniiillnir nf (Ur Cluha.
XUt Uuu composed of amatculi to play wy ocrlcii
L . -n.ali tlfifAPij tt nn thn trntiiw twin.
H fllUIIHH ,",' W-...- .H..-. t r
Hi. iiSK
Ul t'8.1
lUllimura ,,b0 I'J .til 1
n..kiiH ...n al ,aa
lUtlns trtn granltd a two atria' furlo.u'i. lummur, ,',ta
r- .! .-r. "tit V-ratB. "H w WaUM. lU.kl.Ka
! fit V,,. Vv",-'"''-J ' '
'i ti rTfVfAMfTA'L 1 " i"-' 1 iiitfiliiii i
Mi mil lin
1 1 nu
XllalKJ ) ( (ti ru
JV 4
nrJ)ilaiii , ii. .

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