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, vAi ..j.
Rnpose Was to "Overthrow
Capitalist System," Lus'k
1 Committee EvidenccShows
IJoenmentAry evidence Intended to
ww that the X. "W. "W. planned an
rcanlzatlon df marine worker Into
trsrorld wide union for the purpose
bC "orerthroirlnf; the capitalist sys
tem" was Introduced to-day toy
KtIb&ld K. Stevenson, associate
counsel, when the Luik Legislative
There is only one answer to what
constitutes.shirt satisfaction, and
it combines quality, style, fit and
That's our answer in any of our
twenty-three shops, and a money
back guarantee with every shirt
we sell.
Weaving the fabrics from which
we make our shirts makes this
unconditional guarantee possible.
Wc are die largest shirt specialists
in America.
' This week we are featuring a silk
. and linen mixture in a large
i assortment of neat and . fancy
weaves, specially priced at
Headquarters for
Olus Union Suits
; Chain Shirt Shops
1 llAt.l ramniblar.
Ilalel rrnoijituila Hotel Imperial
S17 nroudwBV
UU CorllMMlf St.
lilt) Nmuii St.
HO Chambrn HI.
jn-4 Dflnnro HI.
u v.. i tin ni.
HOT n road war
1484 llroadwar
Mrnr 41M HI.
1IMU IlrtMulwajr
Nnir llrttri Ht.
srvi w. lusth st.
nuooiuvrc siiora
307 Fulton HI. -431 Fnllon St.
1TO Murk el St. 0(17 Droad St,
nriilfrport Srrunlea
"always fresh"
Rich, Creamy,
SeJd Everywhere
a 1M, Mmttr a c-.. Int.
Committee rcsirmed Its hearings In
City. Hall.
The evidence was selted In a raid
on I. W. W. headquarters, No. 27'
Kast Fourth Street. Following; Is an
extract of a typewritten appeal!
"The Marine Transport Workers
organizations ot the I. W V. has
combined under the name ot the
Marine Transport Workers' Indus
trial UnlonNo. I, ot tho I. W. W and
an Intonstve campaign ot organisation
la planned to line up all the workers
of the marine transport Industry cf
the I. W. W. All delegates who hap
pen to come In contact with tho
workers In marine transport Industry
should endeavor to line them up In
tho one big union of the Marine
Transport Workers. As the marine
transport Industry Is a toajflo Industry
I 11 rt .t n V. h m . W mam.Imam.m
. . umu4 bvav.uvt b u u vvutiugut. o.n
other Industries.
"Transportation is necessary; with
out It no commerce is possible.
It is the keystono of the industrial
system. Organization of transporta
tion Is necessary If we are to over
throw the capitalist system.
"Itemember that when transporta
tion stops Industry stops. Bo let us
all pull together for the one big
union of the marine transport
In this country efforts were mad
to organize the Great Lakes workers,
according to the letters. Other activ
ities were concentrated In New York,
Boston, Portland, Me.; Philadelphia,
Baltimore and Providence, R. L
The letters were to Russian. Fin
nish, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian
and other workers, acocrdlng to tho
correspondence, It was Intended to
organlzo alt classes of marine work
era, Including longshoremen, firemen,
boatmen and truckmen who handlo
marino freight.
A letter from Buenos Ayres told
of propaganda work among the
marine transport workers there. The
letter was In Spanish and was Iden
tified by Detective Qrunewald as hav
ing been taken at tho I. W. W. head
quarters. There was another letter
from Montevldea, Uruguay, regarding
workers in that country.
Mr. Stevenson also offered In evi
dence Issues ot the Messenger. The
editors of this publication, he said,
are A- Philip Randolph and Chand
ler Owen, Instructors' In the Rand
School of Social Silence. The name
ot W. A. Domingo appears as a con
tributing odltor.
"The purpose of offering this pa
per at this time," said Mr. Steven
son, "Is to Indicate that the editorial
policy is favorablo to tho I. W. W."
Extracts from editorials in the Mes
senger were as follows:
"The giant. Labor, In all the world
Is awakening. Labor Is slowly but
surely beginning to realize that the
fabric of civilization rests upon Its
shoulders. Only Ignorance stands be
tween labor and economlo freedom.
In the I. W. W. all wage-earners
meet on common ground. No matter
what language you may speak you
will find a welcome as a fellow
worker. The working class cannot
depend upon any ono but Itself to
free it from wage slavery. 'He who
would be free, himself must strike the
first vblow.' When tho I. W. W.
through this form of Industrial union
Ism has bocorao strong enough It will
Institutes an Industrial common
wealth." Announcement was made that Po
lice Commissioner Enrlght had as
signed Inspector Faurot and Detecttvo
Scrgts. Grovcr C. brown and James
J. 'McGcoghan to the forces of the
committee. Inspector (Faurot is con
sidered the foremost fingerprint ex
pert In the country. The two 'Ser
geants belong to the Bomb Squad.
Court Allows Writ After Dismiss
ing One Because of Its
Faulty Form.
Supreme Court Justice MoAvoy this
afternoon granted an Injunction tem
porarily restraining Magistrate Mc
Adoo, tho Lusk Committee and others
from using as evidence, the books and
papers seized In the rail on the Rand
The writ was obtained by S. John
Block, counsel for the American So
cialist Society, and was opposed by
Deputy Attorney General Bergcr.
Earlier In the day a similar writ
had been dismissed by Justice Mc
Avoy on the ground that It was Im
proper in form.
. IVrf eupaVyv HnnvTbnuq
U Routadat
Olio SLahti 2332-3JAvc,.NY
1 1
IP Your Facenl
can either bo attractive or not ,
Just nccordlns to the condi
tion of your teeth. To neglect
an ugly, decayed or missing1
tooth not only affects your fa
cial expression but endangers
your good lioalth.
Our Work Is Right
Onr Prlce Moderate
Bloomlnjdiln Indo'M tb lifliu
UUAJUNTKK we clra.
DR. It, II, CA1NK. l'ron.
Blooming dale S
Open AH "ay 8turuar
Latest Report Is That He Will Skip
Society Colony on His
'Visit Here.
LONDON, July 17. The Prince of
Wales will sail from Portsmouth Aug.
S on his trip to Canada, it was an
nounced hero to-day. He will go on
tho now battle cruiser Ronown, one
of tho "mystery ships" built during
the war, and will land at St. John,
Now Brunswick, on Aug. 15, but will
visit Halifax, N. 8., and at Charlotte
town, P. R, I., and then continue bis
Journey on the Renown to Quebec.
It Is believed that the Prince will
not visit Newport, despite the plans
that arc being made by society folk
, to entertain mm. no nas announced
that ho will be unable to accept any
invitations whllo ho Is visiting the
i President In Washington.
Wants n "Hall of Flair" for Jrriey.
TRENTON. N. J.. July 17,A "Hall
of Flag" tor tha State House wherein
will be exhibited the battle standards
hII WHri In which ttn 11 nit Ut -.
participated, w proposed to-day by
Ulaln Mnn.nl.IU. t- '
This Store Will Be Closed All Day Every Saturday During July and August
II w H
Store Opens 9 A. M. Closes 6 P. M.
Store Closed All Day Saturdays
July Clearance Sales
Womens and Misses Dresses Reduced to
$4.95, $7.50, $10, $14.50,- $18.50, $25
It is well nigh impossible to give any ade
quate1 description of ihc great diversity of
styles, materials, patterns, colorings, fabrics.
Every conceivable type of frock i repre
sented in all sizes from 16 year M(sseg to
44 Women. And there are plenty of stouts.
White froqks, colored voiles jn the popular
dark patterns, black habutais that are de
cidedly cool, ratines, linpnes every wash
fabric The higher priced groups (from
14.50 up) include the wanted pongees,
novelty crepe ' dc chines in stripes and
figures, net?, Georgettes, pussy willows, etc.
We are forced to clear theie garment! to mate room for the great Incoming
tockt of the new Autumn merchindiie and when we clear, we cltarl
Theie prices are irresistibly moderate therefore it would be well to be early.
Womens and Misses Suits
Reduced to $10: $15: $2CI
Woolen and silk suits in the seasons most desirable
stylet and colorings. All sizes in the group but
not more than one of any kind. Come bright and
early and find your suit awaiting you.
Gapes and Goats
Reduced to$7.50:$15:$20
Sergei, checks, mixtures, taffetas and satins as well
as tome sports coats in various fabrics. Only one or
two of a kind but all of them worth a great deal
more than their present pricing.
Jlloomingdalittitcond Floor .
Victor Records at Half
The Victor Company has signed new and seemingly advantageous contracts with their many
famous stars. A welcome bit of news. But heres arlothcr and probably more welcome.
The new price list of Red Seal Records shows decided cuts! ,
Solot by Caruto, Amato, Rulfo, Sembrich, Calve, Melba, Hempel, Tetrazzini,
Farrar, and your other favorites are all in the reduced list. For example
Retard that were 22.00 83.00 54.00 85.00 56.00 S7.00
Will be $1.00 $1.50 $2.00 $2.50 $3.00 $3.50
The following list wilt give you an idea of the type of records that have been affected by this change:
. . Formerly Now
88061 Pagliacci Vesti la Giubba Caruto 23.00 $1.50
88127 Aida Heavenly Aida Caruto 3.00 . 1.50
88311 Swiss Echo Song Tetrazxini 3.00 1,50
89030 Trovatore-Miserere...... Canto, Alda and Chonu 4.00 2.00
96201 Lucia Sextette Caruto, Amato, Tetrautni, Joumet, etc. 7.00 3.50
A Specially Prepared Selling of
$ 1 .65 Organdie or Voile $1.65
piN check organdies or flower'tintcd plain
organdies are gay and delightfully sum
mery. They come in pretty shades of pink,
blue, orchid, ,tan. Or black and white. .
QHECKED voiles in pink or blue arc
lovely with "fresh white collars and
cuffs. Striped blouses in pink, tan, green
or blue tailored but none the less feminine.
The five blouses pictured will give you an idea of the desirable type
of blouse that is offered in this sale. There arc a great' many more
models, not pictured, but equally attractive. All sizes to 46 arc included.
niwimnnrfiilM Second
The Better Sort of
Reduced for
Tomorrow to
Nothing cooler imaginable except a bathing suit, of course. But sincebathing suit are not
exactly the convention costume for street wear, wise Men resort to Palrre Beaches. And once
a Palm Beacher always a Palm Bcacherl ,
are the happy medium between
the ultra-conservative and the
ultra-extreme. Most men ot
moderate tastes prefer them.
Sizes up to 4s chest measure.
were designed to meet the
demands of the men who liUed
their form-hugging uniforms.
And these are very trim look
ing, indeed. Sizes up to 38.
three-button suits that look
best on portly gentlemen but
they arensuita for old men.
by any mefns. Sizes up to 46
in rjgulfond stouts.
Natural, tan, gray or stripes and every one ready to be inspected for fabric and finish.
Also ready to stand up under considerable wear and tear without losirig tl?eir trim lines and
their tidy hang.
175 Mens and Youths Suits: $25.00 .
Light or dark patterned cheviots in models conservative enough to suit Dad and extreme enough1 to suit Son.
And remember every suit is tailored to suit Mother and thats going some. Plenty of plain blue serges, too
always right. Sizes to 46 chest measuref .
A Sale for Women v
Cumfy-Cut Underwear Samples
Cumfy-Cut garments have a virtue all their own their shoulder straps are placed so that
they will not slip over the tvearcrs shquldcrs no matter what position she may assume. These
arc samples, but clean looking and all first quality. '
Union Suits: ,59c
Fine ribbed, shaped Union Suits of white cotton.
Low V neck with tight or wide knees. Crochet
band tops. Regular and extra sizes. '
The Vests: 29c
all low V heck.,
rnmed, in a num-sizes.
Several thousand white vests
Swiss ribbed. Plain or lace tri
ber of styles. Regular and extra
.IHoamtnp doles Main floor .
In three popular and pret
ty stamped" designs. The
dresses are temi-made of
good quality lawn. Three
popular designs. Sizes i
to 4 yean.
ilnl ITlnnr
Mens Bathing Suits
All Worsted--at $3.98
Shapely suits in good colors that will remain good colors after
any number of dips. A two-piece model that every man likes
to wear, and remember all wool.
Navy blue trimmed with white, oxford gray with
black, brown heather mixture trimmed with blue.
Sizes 34 to 50.
.nioominodalet Jotn Floor.
Chain Braid Sports Hats
With Garlands of Wild Flowers
or the Smart All-White Foliage
Glistening Swiss chain
straw forms these ultra-fashionable
hats. For town, shore
or mountain wear they
are quite ideal light
of weight, softly be
coming. You may prefer the wild
flowers in their brilliant
colorings of the all-white
foliage that contrasts so ef
fectively with the hats.
niucL, brown, rose, euuil,
Blaomlngdalttitain Floor.
Vacation Watches $3.95
Wrist or Regulation
Heres the watch to take with you on your vacation.
It will tell the time accurately, and if it finds its way into
a trout pool or is dashed to pieces on a rocky mountain
side, you will be ever so glad its not the valuable time
piece Vou left at home.
The wrist watch has a radium dial, with leather strap
or khaki wristlet. The regulation size is a thin model
with gunmctal case. Both arc jeweled movements.
nlnnminndalet Stain Vlnnr
These Oxfords for Men
Are Now Reduced to
Priced Less Than the
Current Cost of Production
Long have you been waiting for just such shoes at Just such low prices
but you hardly expected to find them. Now that the opportunity dot .
come make the most of it. Choose your style
Vlcl Kid with medium toes.
Cun Matal with narrow toes.
Tan Leather with medium toe.
Brown Leather with narrow toes.
And at the same reduced price Mens high shoes in brown gun metal
and black vici kid.
.Uloominodaltt Second floor.
Mens White Shirts
With Collars Attached
Summer shirts for rfports or informal wear and mighty
well made. Full length or quarter sleeve models, ..
The shirts with full length sleeves arc made of plain white
mercerized cloth of great durability. The quarter sleeve
shirts are of white figured madras cloth with button-down
collar, (long sleeves) 13 to 17. (short sleeves) 14 to 17.
HlnnmlnprinlA. Haiti Vtnnr
i.ni,- ; , ; , 1 "iv, -1- -,t,-; ; rr . m -rrrr-sss
Our Sanitary Meat Market
Will Deliver Saturday
Although our Sanitary Meat Market will be closed all day Saturday
in keeping with the rest of our store, orders will be accepted Friday
for delivery Saturday. You mav thus avail yourself of our unusually
low prices, and have your goods delivered just when you want them.
Fancy Fowls Lb. 35c
Rib Roast lleef Lb. 25c
Roasting Canada Lamb Mitfc
Leg of Canada Lamb. . .Lb, 30c
Boneless mild cured
llacun Lb, 33c
Porterhouse or Sirloin Roast or Steaks Lb. 34c
Another Extraordinary Purchase of
Sweaters, at $3.85
Womeh 0 All Ages May Share
So welcome was the last of
fering of these good sweaters
that wc had to repeat it for
the benefit of those who did
not get as many sweaters as
they wanted.
Slipovers only but In a variety
of colors and styles. American
Ileauty, turquoise, buff, coral,!, pea
cock. Sizes 1 6 to 18. - - -
Slipover and coat styles; just as
dear as can be; in navy, red, purple,
rose, buff, American ueauty. Sizes
6 to i
In the same style and colors as
the Misses, as well as turquoise,
with black, turquoise -with bull, buff
with blue, buff with black. Sizes 38
to 44.
Also 250 Sleeveless Slipovers: $1.48 tjH
Wool Slipovers in attractive shades of coral, turquoise, buff, peacock: '-) u
blue, in women sizes. Ir-a-sV
'j1 u ' 'Vais-ia-stoii
. lS-aU;.A. -..- wBianin-.' I II 111 - III Pi all i I

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