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Special Pane Feature by MARTIN GREEN, Eveninn World's War Correspondent TO-MORRQW'S EVENING WORLh
WEATHER Felr To-night and Tomorrow.
WEATHER -FelrfonloM end To-fporrew.
"Chcwlatlon Booka Open iorAll."t
"Circulation JJooka Open to AQSl.
CopjtUhtlOlD, kr The Vttm mbUshlag
C. (The New YH( World).
5,400,000 EGGS OFFERED .
Would Save Consumers 17 to
19 Cents and Cover Cost
of Handling.
Saving to Public Through Eve
ning World Plan Would
Total $76,500. -
The Evenln World, through IU
Brkot expert, F. Q. Foy. to-day of
fered tho city 5,406,000 April errs to
fc aold to the people of the city at 50
btnb'a dozen.
Commissioner of Markets Day says'
tfct ho will handle the eggs If It can
be determined thai the people" want
to buy them. He will send ten cases
to each public school station and will
allow any woman handling them JO
cents a case, or $S for the work, rep
resenting the one-cent profit tho city
would roako on each dozen sold.
-April eggs," eald Dr. Day, "nro the
very best of all storage eggs. The
chickens during that month arc fed
on tho most nutritious food. They
get no srues during that month, noth
ing but good substantial food."
This price will represent a hugo
evlng to consumers, on the fair
price list issued by tho Federal Food
Armlnlstrator, who sets 67 to 69 cents
a dozen as the legitimate price to
bo demanded by dealers. On this
basis, the reduction to tho .consumer
would bo about $76,600.
Delivery of tho eggs Is guaranteed
In writing by Gcorgo W. Martin &
pro., of Nos. 7 and 9 Harrison Street.
The eggs am offered for distribution
through tho publlo school centres,
operated by Commissioner of Mar
kets Jonathan C. Day, for tho sato of
army toods. Tho prlco to tho city,
payablo-.after tho eggs have been sold
and tho money received, Is 49 cents
a. dozen, allowing one cent a dozen
overhead for, expenses.
Numerous complaints' have been re
ceived by Food Administrator Arthur
Williams of violations of the egg
prices In tho fair prlco lists Issued by
him, and he has had to hold special
hearings with butter and egg dealers,
In bja effort to enforce tho prices.
Tho distribution of millions of eggs
at a prlco far below that quoted by
tho administrator Is calculated to
bring down tho prices and establish
a low levol record In tho dollrium of
price boosting.
Tho text of tho written offer by
Martin & Uro. Is as follows:
"Mr, Q. Foy. Food Expert, New
York Evening "World.
"Dear Sirs Confirming conversation
With you, we hereby ngrco to supply
tho City of Now Jfork with five hun
dred (500) cases dally for the next
thirty days of tho finest quality April
eggs, candled at tho time of delivery,
at 49 cents per dozen, delivered any
where In Greater New York In lots
of not less than ten cases. We will
deliver these eggs und accept our pay
on the samo terms that tho United
States Government are delivering
their foodstuffs to the city.
Tho eggs to bo retailed at fifty
(60) cents per dozen to the consumer.
"GBOIUJK W. MAUTl.N & mto."
The offer lias been transmitted o
Dr. Day for his approval. Mr. Foy
(Continued on Tenth Page.)
Airsd. rntltur (Woitiil llnlMInf,
M SI Trk lUiw. X, V. Ctlj,
Chfli team for buroft ind turaU omo dif ltd
nlltt, Uurjr mm i4 Utnlten' cbtcks foe
Walls of Building Will Have to Be
Removed to Extricate Big
A runaway team of horses hitched io
a heavy contractors wagon dashed east
on Forty-eighth Street at Broadway
this afternoon and swerved Into the
(rent window .or the PaJaVa Itbyal
Cafe. 1 -will-"be necessary ;to tat the
walls apart to withdraw th,e vehicle.
Policeman A. Vlaca'ria was 'drafted
Into the cafe while trying to fcheck the
horses. . .. a
The wagon was owned ty" Thoi.
MeCabe, No. tU West Ctth Street and
was driven by JoHn Scahldn, fortyiUi
No. 417 West SSth. Street,- Scftnton and
Vlscara were 'both Injured,' ' ' x
Men Suddenly Stop. at Corner and
One Hits Other on
Shortly after noon to-day, two men
who had been walking together, stopped
at the Intersection of SSth Street and
Columbus Avonue and one hit the other
on tho head with a baseball bat and
walked away. The Injured man died
In Knlckerbottor Hospital a few min
utes lutcr.- -
None In the neighborhood knew the
dead man and thcro was nothing to Iden
tify him. Ho was, about forty years old,
S feot 10 Inches tall, clean shaven, dark
brown hair, 'blue eyes and he wora
sHIpcd overalls. There Is a scar on thu
Patrolman rtelger of the West 100th
Street Station detained Charles Waters,
of No. HI West 100th Street, and he
was taken to the District Attorney's
Man Who Reported Nurse's Move
ments to the Germans Is
PARIS, Sept, 6. Georges ' Gaston
Qulen, on trial before a court-martial
charged with having had treasonable
dealings with the Germans and of hav
ing betrayed Edith Cavell to them, was
to-day convicted and condemned to
death. .
Wales Arrives In Wublnrtoa
Nor. 13,
WASHINGTON, Sept. 6 The Prince
of Wales will arrive In Washington Nov,
11 from Canada. Details of entertain
ment havo not yet been completed, but
It Is expected that while In this city he
will be the guest of the President and
Mrs. Wilson at the White House.
New York Central's Tlaffal ahopa
nUFFAIX), Sept. 6. The New Vork
Central's car shops at Depew,. re
opened to-day with the 6(4 shopmen
who Went on strike. Tuesday back to
work. The men decided to return
during the period of truce asked for
liy rii-siutrtt wnson,
$25 Men's Suits, $14.95
The "HUB" Clothing Corner. Broad
way, corner Tlarclay Street (Odd. Wool.
worth Dulldlna), will tell to-day and
Saturday I.OOO men'a and young mn's
ugniwuiKiu sum in oiuos. Drowns.
gTeens, gravt and fancy mixtures; sin
clo or double breasted, form-llttlng mil
itary style for young men, vury latest
models; sumo silk I nrdi nil I .. Our
special prices for to-dny and Saturday,
1M.95 A J17.9S. Open Saturduy night till
10. Hub Clothiers, Il'way, cor. Uarclay.
-AdYU ,
10,000 WALK UP
Everybody Foots It in 50
Story Metropolitan Life
WearyTenants Reach Offices
by Slow Stages Promise,
of Relief Soon.
A transit strike with not a chance
for relief by "jitney service, and with
walking conditions something nwful
for he portly, hit the Metropolitan
Life Building this morning, and the
tenants, are footing It titty stories
straight up,
""All the firemen who supply tho
power for the fltty-four elevate, IB,
this' sky-stabber. the second tallest M
he world, walked out and everybody
olse walked up.
Not qulto everybody for an emer
gency service, amounting to a drop in
the bucket of what is needed, was
supplied for 'those whal could watt
long enough for a ride. Thoy man
aged to operato ono elevator to the
tower, ond 'freight and two passenger
elevators part way up. IJut when It
remembered that the building
houses 10,000 tenants and employes.
not to mention tho thousands who
pay business calls, th'o fragmentary
service Is hardly'worth talking about.
The situation becamo worso a little
later when three of tho emergency
elevafros were also stopped.
Florence Jacoby, a War Camp
Community Scrvlco girl with a Job
on the forty-first floor, climbed the
nrst twenty-seven flights In seventeen
mlnutca, tiut she was so exhausted by
that time tout sho sat 'down und
waited nearly an hour for an eleva
tor to take her the rest of the way.
The champion walker up is Anthony
Calacc, who did 41 floors In fifteen
minutes. Some walked SO stories, but
It took thorn from 30 to SO minutes,
and many fell (by the wayside.
At 3 o'clock this afternoon the en
gineers got Ave passenger clevntors
running where only one had been in
operation. This was expeoted to re
lievo the lato afternoon situation.
In general, girl stenographers
proved to be the best mountain climb.
era, many of them climbing nix or
eight flights without a pause, and
soma of tho athletic ones taking two
or threo dozen floors at a clip,
The firemen hMC been getting M n
dny and lunch. Tey utru.'k for K.
The Metropolitan I.l'e Company glvos
free lunch to all its employees. They
(Continued on Second Page.)
With llorf.rd'. Atl.l I'hinphal.
Ttlrl bofor nrtlj. Umi lh vlomtth. uromrt..
inUU u4 citmiu dlitrcu. Duj t txrtile. jUru
7.30 F. M. Sharp
on Saturdays for
Wont Advertisements for The
Sunday World must be in
The World's fUain Office on or
barf ore 7.30 Saturday evening.
Positively no Advertisement will
be accepted after this time.
ttnd your Sundsjr Wor.u Want
AdttrtlMtncnl in tn-day la malts
iurt ol its publication.
President Acknowledging Cheers
Of Crowd on Arrival
Gompers Asks President for
Answer on. Conference Pro
posal by Next Tuesday.
WASHINGTON, Bept 6. President
Wilson has agreed to undertako to
bring about a contcrenco between rep
resentatives of tho steel workers and
of tho United States Steel Corpora
tion In nn effort to avert a threat
ened strike. t
Tho president was asked In a tel
egram sent him to-day by Samuel
Gompers, president of tho American
Federation of Labor, nnd tho com
mittee of atccl men, to say whether
a conference could bo arranged be
fore next Tuc'sduy' when the presi
dents of tho twenty-four International
unionsMn tho steel Industry will meet
hero to tnko such action as they
might doom noccssury.
Judge Ulbcrt II. Gary, head of the
Kleel Corporation, has refused two
npponlH to meet a committee of steel
workers. Following his refusals. Mr.
Oompors nnd steel men visited Presi
dent Wilson and laid tho wholo case
of tho steel mcit before him.
Tho telegram sent to-day was taken
to iniilcnto that tho President at that
time had told tho atcol men ho would
try to bring about the conference.
Tho telcgrum reads:
"Tho Kxccutlva Committee, relying
upon the casa as presented to you
last wcok, und your earnest declara
tion to endeavor to bring about a
conference for tho honorable and
peaceful adjustment of the matters
In controversy, have thus far oeen
enabled to provull upon the men not
tofrsngago In a general strike.
V cannot now confirm how much
longer wo ahull ho able to exert that
Influence but wo urge you In the jrrcut
work In which you are engugod to
glvo prompt attention to this most
vital of iHauoxi for if the men can no
i longer Jic rt'Mtrulned, 41 Is tmposslblo
to foret M whut tho future may hold
In stort for un ndustr..vl crisis which
mny'ensi)'' and frustrulo tho projects
which you have worked nt for a
peaceful and honorable adjustment of
(nitrl.il nfrulrs In our country.
"A meeting of all presidents of the
(Continued on Second rage).
Will Be Hero in "From the Sheep's
Back to the Governor's
Back.'" .
1 A MIA NY, Sept.' 6.
GOV. SMITH has agreed to
become a movie actor in or
der to nsslst In the State's
campaign to Increase, the -production
bf wool in New York.
At the Htato Fair at iSyrncuso
next week, ono of tho attractions
will bo the filming of a scenario
which will vlsirallzo tho, processes
involved in tho growing of wool
nnd Its transformation into clothes.
"From tho 8hop' Itnrk to (ho
Governor's Back," has been agreed
upon as the title. Gov. Smith to
dny promised to furnish ono Kick.
Lack of Reports Causes Belief That
It Has Been De
stroyed. HALIFAX, N. H.. Si'pt. 5, A message
received before midnight nt tho Com
prrdown wireless station horo from
tho Hablo Inland station, 120 miles
southwest of Halifax, reported the
latter station was on tire.
No further word has been received
from the Island station, which Is
thought to have been destroyed,
Taft Almost Sure to Be Member
of Conference Manly Being
WASHINGTON, Sept. 5. Cabinet
members meet to-dny to dlscim re
presentatives to be Invited tn Presi
dent Wllnon'H conference of capital,
lab.r and farm. Interest Oct. !. They
will make stlggextloiM to tho Presi
dent concerning the personnel of the
William Howard Tuft Is regarded
ns certain t be asked t serve. Uasll
Manly Is also being eomitdored,
sud st how flaa Uau.1 Dlrajitlou uuku
U fssL Adtt.
in Columbus
1 a ii n M'Hm
rvrn iTrn A
min in rrtiiirtri
IKIAL IN ft lit
A i A
Nine Hanged and Gne Shoti
Congressional Commit
tee Reveals..
PARIS, Sept. C.-Nlne soldiers of
tho American Expeditionary Force
were hanged and' one was 'shot for
criminal offenses during the war.
It was revealod ' to-day at the In
vestigation of A- B. F. court mar
tlals by the Congressional commit
tee 'Inquiring Into war expenditures.
Two of the hangings were for mur
der, the Investigation tfroujtht opt.
Sovcn men, of' whom six, wore ne
groes, were banged for assaults on
women. There was a single execution
for desertion. ' '
Murder trials totaled 110, resulting
In sixty-two convictions. One-fifth of
all the general courts martial were
officers and the rest .enlisted men and
wolfuro workers. Most of the offi
cers wero charged with druniennes
and disorderly conduct. Convlo
Hons resulted In 7 per cent,, of the
ofllccrs' cases which, went to trial
Seventy-seven per cent, of the men
tried by general courts martial were
found guilty.
Only one conscientious objector was
tiled In tho A. E. V.
The Investigation failed to estab
lish that officers had received mora'
lenient trcutment than enlisted men
In tho A. K. F. court mnrttals.
Testifying before tho Sub-Commit-tco
to-day, Hrlg. Gen. W, D. Connor,'
Chlof of tho Sorvlco of Supply, said
he did not agree with Col. T. Q.
Donaldson of tho Inspector General's
Department In attributing responsi
bility for abuses In American military
prisons In France to Ilrlg. Oen. W,
W. Harts and Col. K. P. arinstead of
tho lS8th Infantry, as Col. Donaldson
had dono In his testimony before the
House. Committee on Governors Island
In July. Gen, Connor said that Gen.
Harts, in occupying the post of com
mander of the troops In the Purls dis
trict, bad had tho most dirncult com
mand in the American Kxpedltlonary
For co, Paris being full of deserters
and offenders of nil grades.
From the time Gen. Harts took
command, Gen. Connor declared, of
fenders were vigorously dealt with
und ci'iulltiona Improved,
Tho only other Important f.ict
brought uilt by the Investigation wis
that Gen. l'ui-shlng personally reduced
tho sentence of Lieut. Flunk II,
("Hard-llolled") Smith from threo
yturs tg eighteen months, Smith was
commander jut the L'nelles intention
Kurm in trance, no w
Ho was convicted
of brutality to prisoners.
Coupe's Duty tb
Family of Nations -.Wilson
pcedft Greeted With Cheerf
After Ovation
ST. LOUIS,;SepJ. 3. 'Ajrnoist coritemptiWe quitters," was
chiraclerlzallon applied by-President 'VVl'lson thivaVterriboa to.'thbse wo
refuse to go through, wllh the programme ((a end all Wars( .Which. tHe
Presldenf billev'c? 'carf bi iaccompfiirittl by' means of "thtf Leigu of
,a Iri 4 sjiee?h at awrnr, 6f pinvfttjit .lunchepn Jiir MtyMy
dehftunped j'tHose , wia , Ity ; ti'revint: 'the United Sbtsf jolnrn tVts
t vw.iijiijj. nitH.wiju ucfcic die, (jiuica outcs sn9ujfl,nor go iimo
war tq ."protert everylittle' niUort in the world," the President said :
''tit t(ierrrThow m4 how they wH' keep but. of war by. not prdtecUrte
them. Mt thmi'sfiow mC how piey wUi prove that having, gone Into m
enicrprtscj iney are not almost 'contemptiuie quitters It they don't sec t
garne through. fc
Secretary of Commerce fend
ers Resignation' (6 Take
, Effect Nov. 1.
WAHt,NTOf, ;Sfvi. s.-wn!Um
C. Redfleld,' Secretary of Commerce,
has teidered tils resignation to Presi
dent Wilson' and It has been accepted
effeotiVe Ndv,' 1. This Was announced
to-day officially.. '
"Pertonaaftklrs require my attcn
ton,w said Mr; nedfleld. ('Aug. 1 I
wrote to President Wllson asking
relief pet. ir. Wter," when. I. found
he would be away during Septembor.
I offered to remain two weeks
Mr. Iledfleid told the .President he
wished to finish the census organlta
tlon, his annua) report and financial
estimates. .These things have now
been accomplished.
The Secretary emphatically denied
that he was miffed because bis "pet
plana" bad not been adopted. He said
there has been no quarrcr or dis
agreement of any kind.
ItedfleU said he will enter business
again, lie-has not determined Just
what 'his business will be.
Ilernard M. Daruch of New Tork,
Chairman of the War Industries
Hoard, during the war, Is mentioned
In some quarters as a possible sue
cessor to Itedncld, although It In said
tlaruch h,as' refused other offers of
ofllclal positions. ' f
Ilofore he entefed the Cabinet Mr.
Iledfleid was ft member of Congress
from Ilrooklyh.
Iteports of Secretary rtedflrld'a ali
trgetl dissatisfaction turned' nhout the
fact that the War Trade. Hoard had
been road a part of. ttWHtaU D
partmera Instead o( timJ Commerce
Ttjke Its Part in
in Streets. .
"They( joined with tho rest of us
(no profession of nne purpose wMn
Wo went Into tha war. They wentw
And, they professed .to go In to eV'e
that nobody after Germany's defetll "
tb(mi , repeat the experiment Oet
many tried." 7 .
'Outburat of cheering punctuate
President' Wilson's attack on tap
)reaty foes. U spoke' with ylgor ait
stuck out his Jaw, pounding on teal
rail' for emphasis,
-"Those gentlemen aro dreamlnfl',
he declared. "They are living ln"i
past age, which has gone and 1st sJl)
but forgotten, when they say 'We ch
mind nur own business.' " ,j
The' President said that this Nation
could not attain the full measura ;
nationalism without fulfilling Its part
fn the family of nations. The greatest
nationalist, the President said. Is the
man who wanted his mdl6ii to bo &
great nation. And' a great halloo, her -added,
"was that which pnetra.tea tfj
the heart Its duty among the naUoWy
of the wbrld." ft
Th luncheon was held at. a hotij
root garden and all of the 1,700 platB
were (oken. At the Presdenfa tabM
wero Frederick' W. Gardner, GOTensj
of Missouri, and Henry WV Kiel,
Uayor or Bt, Ivquls. The nfLAtnt
and Mrs. Wlleon were ree-irlUi
cheers and rebel yells, ejinere wasj
more cheering wheeM arose to
speak. jjr f
The President was Introduced hy
Mayor Kiel, a Republican. He said
that In honor ot the visit "politics
have 4een ausponded for thla whole
day Ion."
The crqwd gave three cheers fait
the "benefactor of the world," pro
posd by one of th diners.
Following Is the test of the Prut
denl's address! .
"It Is with great pleasure that
find' mystlf Irt St, Louis Again, be
cause I have alwas fqund It possible!
In H. LaiiIs to discuss serious Irrf
slsncrs In a way that gets mind lr
contact' with mind, Instead of that
other very less desirable thing, pta.
slon In contact with passjon,
"1 am glad tn hear the Mayor say
and I trtllevMliaMUaJruetbalMltiL.
tfcs"fs addllrnedr r6iyi6r-rha"fSe3
plaoet-WHia purtX-Mtue.Ma m
t J
' n sin ' Ji.!k. i ai' ..

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