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14,' 1920. 1
Swtntld. I Jcntrw Botnethlnr would
:S jfhfwptn to Earner. When I went to
ijbtd shortly before 9 o'clock (Monday)
f. put & crucifix And hi picture next
' to ray heart Shortly after 9 o'clock
I had irtlfllns; jiensatlon In my chest
fad (rot up out of hcd. I could not
sleep uy more. Something seemed
to tell m that everything wasn't
right with Barney."
At that hour tho chauffeur was dy
ing la tho Now London HosplUI. it
t was several hours later she heard
'-what had happened from reporters.
j1 From the stories told hero and In
JHeir London by friend ot the ohauf
. . Jeur, he had a dual character. In
'New York men who had known him
for years regarded him as a sobor.
' industrious man. Ills chauffeur
"friends around the Connecticut hotel
aald ho was a hard drinker and at
times quarrelsome.
In continuing her story. Mrs. Dels.
j.ler told how her husband usually went
to the Hotel drlnwold July 1 with tho
De Cordova and came back Labor
T-AJfc whfn mw Till li. nd mima
she sold. "I oould see he was
jtlOhanged. lie began to stay out at
' .nights, spending all his money, when
'1 remonstrated with him he called me
down. Somotimea ho would answer
s'5jfc (Continued From First Page.)
Dosslblllttes by the ntreak of
rf&oe oil which smooxod hor wator
line wtui found to bo much Ions than
had. been anticipated, and the task
f restoring Hot bright polish much
ess difficult,
fThe Shamrock, denplto the precau
tion ot Capt. Turner In tying a skirt
fot sails about her hull until he wai
f-oat of tho dirty surface water, uUo
BmWBS mnuugoa wun toe on. uui auer
Msh had boon heolcd ovor slightly at
Jlner moorings tho sailors had no- dilll.
A 1 1 f In rlAnnlnv IllA Mtllff n ft
for five hours yesterday afternoon
before the Hesolute rejoined her, 8ha.ni-
TdfrTUCJC ir, uau IW1 W1V uiwuuuu Ul mo
tnh.r. nahnrA ntlll a fl fn I njl nSfl
out the new set of sails which
e to be usod by her to-morrow.
Hldpper William T. Hurton obviously
made no effort to crowd on her full
'complement ot canvas. He was con-
-j ft tent to try her out under Jib, staysail,
4'j2& cluto-topsail and tnsinsall. For the
I .'early part of the afternoon tho yacht
f ; Circled again and again around the
yifitwenty-throe-metre Shamrock, which
uia uoi leave nor moonnp ail uay,
land the other members of the Llpton
: fleet
The Shrewsbury Itjver sailing men
noted that Shamrock IV. was not as
Render as they had believed she was In
clined to bo that Is to say, that when
the breeze freshened sho did not heel
ever to her rail as1 easily as they had
expeciea. xno suaaenness with which
we expanse of sail would begin to
lean to the water was startling to
them, but almost before they had a
chance to exclaim, tho movement
would stop and the mast would re
main at but little more than twenty-
i idicular.
JT The Victoria, with Sir Thomas and
a . lew mends aboard, went outside
i7a me yncm ana remained In her
wase most or me arternoon whllo sho
took a run out Into the ocean as far
as the Bar. Burton soemed to be
practising his crew in Jibing and
tacking with the new sails and stiff
sheets rathor than attempting any ex
periments which would put a strain
on- the yacht's main structure.
i Burton left the yacht to go up to
J, i Morgana dinner to the chal
lenger at tho Columbia Yacht Club.
AlmoMt hefnrA thn mUI
aboard the steam, yacht tho Sham-
rocK s sails wcro down and furled and
she was ready for tho night.
There are reports from, down the
roaat of tho nosslbllltv of lntm-foron
with the races by a fivo-mlle long
l area or noating crude oil, pumped
oyerDoara oy a tanitor recently out
side the, threo-mlle limit. These yarns
Were undoubtedly stimulated by tho
publicity given to the staining of the
yohtsby the oily bllgo water floating
off South Brooklyn. ,
: According; to tho reports the oil siot
sis drifting- northward up the coast
A laau hub tureuuy juuuq uiiinins: un1
V com
comfortable at ono or two points
wnero it naa taxon an inshore drift.
Nobody here takes seriously any
thoueht that thfl rapM will hn nf.
effected by this oil blanket, even should
It is brokon up,
The Bhrowsbury seafaring folk aro
rather proud of two ot their fellow
citizens to-day. for news which came
out about them regarding tho race,
and strangely enough for exactly op
posite reasons. Several days ago Sir
mas aetermlnea to rat a native
pilot to give his navigators all that
they could learn about local condi
tions In currents and winds In this
part of tho Atlantic It may seem
incredible to the landsman, but there
are poclcota and cross currents and
queer turns ot the currents on axiom
tor many tnilos out which may aid
or hinder a sailing master vitally,
aocoraing as ne taxes aayantage or
njm, or blunderingly antagonizes
To Illustrate tho Importance of this
f feature ot racing on the water the
story Is told ot a somewhat bumptous
XT.ar VnA nnllMmnn uhn WlW.bt A
V match race In the harbor here agalnHt
la barman In a clumsy fisherman'
it dory. The policeman used a racing
f shell and was badly beaten, The,
l barman -won not by brawn or oars
i r - . . - . . . . ...
nahiD nut by malting tne tricuy
currents work for him. What Is true
of two little rowboata In the bay Is
'Just as true of the big yachts outside
luntll they are out on tne course
beyond the starting point at Am
brose LlrhL
In the event of n beat back along
the last leg. of the triangular courso
bint am ifiifLa dnit nnlrifl nf wind
and Water approaching rJo light, in
ignorant Jt VMcn Vlkrbt Well
me ineerlngly anl sometimes thrcalon
"He came home In that frame of
mind last on Juno 7, and when I tried
to talk to hltn he knocked mo down.
Two days later he came home, packed
all his personal bolontrlngi anil left.
Several weeks later, June 28, I called
Aire. De Cordova on the telcphono at
her resldcnco and talked to her. Hh
made no reply,
"Harly In July Darney called mo up
and bade me goodby, saying he was
starting tlmt day for Connecticut with
the De Cordova family. That was the
last I heard from him until last
Thursday, when I received his check."
She then told how on Juno 10 she
had brought her husband before the
Domestic Relations Court, seeking an
allowance pending trial of a suit for
separation on the ground of cruelty.,
Hhe said sho had been granted 112.60
a week, which ho paid with the check J
she fecolved last week. Court Attache
l'ulrlok Shelly was delegated by Mair-
istrnte ICoenlg- to attempt m reconcilia
tion, it was learned at the court. He
reported that Uelsslcr refused, say-Ins-.
"I can't toll vou whv. tout It's lm.
posslblo for mo to live with her."
At the 84th Street house, where the
couple lived, It was understood the
quarrel they had In June started over
a woman's slcture the wife Is alleired
to have found In her husband's pocket.
lose the nice though bo had tho
hotter boat and was handling It more
Aftor consultation with many
yachtsmen a man from tho Shamrock
approachpd Stewart King, onco head
of the lobster fisheries In this part
of tho world and a boat builder and
cltlxdn of considerable uubstanoe. Ho
has a Ufolong knowledge ot every
Inch of sea In theso parts. Mr. King
reluctantly declined to bo tho tutor
for Capts. Burton and Turner.
"1 do not wiuit to socm unobliging,"
ho said in eftoct, "but Ionian Amor.
Icon and I-don't want to see any boat
from .across tho seas lift tho cup
which America brought here. .How
would 1 feel it Shamrock won by a
very narrow margin nftor I had point
ed tho way for hor by telling all I
know about the peculiarities of tho
waters and the wind which comer
ovor tho hollows In the Band dunes
and the highlands above them? I
don't want to tako the chanco of go
ing to tho end uf my llfo carrying
tho responsibility for having enabled
a British yacht to take tho America's
,Cup away from America. I may bo
mirrow auviit it, but I hope not
Gentlemen, it cannot bo' done."
From tho Atlantic Highlands to
Beach Haven the seafaring mon of
the Now Jersey coast heard, sympa
thised and applauded. That, they
ald, was Just about right.
Tho .Shamrock's neascngor went to
another man. Just who ho vt-as his
nulghbors aro not sure. Ho was more
successfully secretive About it than
Mr. King bywhom tho story has not
yot been told except' to close acquaint
ances, "King Is a good American, said the
second mah., "I hope he Is no hotter
American than I am, If ho feels that,
wny you cannot get me to feel any
othor way. 'I'm sorry, but you will
have to find somebody' else,"
Then Hank Smith, fisherman, sailor
and all around seafaring man, was
asked to take over the tutoring Job.
Mr. Smith is well along In years. He
took the matter under consideration.
He accepted. Ho had the utmost re
spect for tho sentiments of tho Amer
icans wno naa declined to turn their
Instinctive knowledge ot tho Jersey
coast waters over to an alien. But
he had thought the matter out along
another line.
"we want to keoo that cup In this
country," he said, "because we want
it to mean that we can build better
boats and sail thorn better with a
crew of American citizens than any
foreign, corn crow can sail a foreign
built boat. I believe that's Just what
we can do and will. The cup doesn't
mean anything to me unless that la
"Now. If we win because we have
men aboard our yacht Who know tho
secrets, of these waters better than
the men In the other yacht, we are
going outside the real sporting terms
of tho contest. Wo are taking ad
vantage ot things on our home
grounds which wo have known about
for years and we are lettlnir. our
challenger run Into them almost as
much as though ho were blindfolded.
Let him learn those things for
himself, one might say. But we all
know those thlmrs could not be
learned by one man In a month or a
year. They have been learned off
here by our latners and granaiatners
tor years and handed to us.
"Sir Thomas has shown himself a
gnmu sport. lie bas spent his money
by the million, and his time, and ho
has shown by coming back again and
again that be thinks wo are fair and
square adversaries and worth while,
I'm not Uia one wno is aoiiur to ro-
fusu to give him tho chance to use
tho iShamrock IV. ana his crew from
off those North Boa mine Bweopora to
the very best that Is in them. I'll go.
And Hank Smith did ro out on tUe
Shamrock IV. and the ZJ-meter Bhum-
rock in the Interest of American fair
play. And tho very some seafaring
men wno commcnued Stuart King are
warm In approval of Hank Smith,
who showed the Kngllsh traits of the
water In the area ot the courses oh
which the racos aro to be won and
lost, things ot which, they hud novor
areumeu until tney took mm out the
first tlmu about ten days aco.
Fluke llnhlnjc is now at its height
along tho tip ot tho Hook and In the
Horseshoe, blsnermen from tho mot
ropolltan district and from the Jersey
coaiit come In fleets to the neighbor
hood of the yachts boforo going to
uiu nuKing grouna.
Llkeim Hostile I)r In France to
Jnlr 4 Here,
WASHINGTON, July 1, President
Wilson In a message to-day to President
Deschsncl of France declared that Uas
tile Day "like our own Declaration of
Independence, gave notice to the world
that men should no longer be subjocted
tn thji tyranny slut dflfltwitUm rt .!,).
trary power, but that laws should be
just ana equsi to an."
u'SStwZSS. UicA
Boy Author Visiting Wall Street, Curb,
Subtreasury and the Stock Exchange
vr TME
Visits Sub-Treasury and Sees $175,000,000 in
Melted Coin Stock
"Breaks His
By Horace Atkisson Wade.
(Eleven-year-old Author of "In The
Bhsdow of Qrt Psrll," who is writ
Ina his imnraialana of Nw York
esptolslly for The Evsnlnn World).
uoornnt. 1030, tr Ttw Vrem WMWtAnt Oa.
Yeeterday. I set off to Wall Street,
liu nrm itri ruu wotia.)
mat I had heard so muoh shout.
Think ot the mlllons and billions on
that one street.
Thoro wero more persons ou Nassau
and Wall Streets than there Is In .the ,
wholo of Chicago, I guess. Just
crowas ana crowas or mora, ana
going. Borne wero happy and talked
and smoked, while others appeared
And then came the Curb Market
That was thr worst ot all. I could
hurdly squeczo through tho people,
there wero so many. I didn't know
New York could hold so many.
Men were sitting on the windows of
the buildings - with phones in their
hands. As tho nows came over the
wire they called It down to the strug
gling mass of humanity. Others used
tho deaf and dumb language to con
vey it to tho crowds.
One man, Charlos llartz, told mo I'd
bo a mllllonalro If I stayed around
Iiut I'll bet there's more money In
the Sub-Treasury than there Is In any
place on Wall Street. So this was
the place where Washington mado his
first Inauguration speech.
llah for Now York, tho ex-capltal
of tho Unttod States.
Ilut -what's tho use ot all this
money, can you tell moT I can't see
any use, since the country's coming
to an end August 4, so some people
say. liut I II say this. Ira going to
buy a steamboat and when the
waters begin to cover this land 111
Just hop In It and float off.
But what's tho use of doing thatT
For didn't tho Iilble say another
flood would never come upon the
earth T You're all wrong, you people
who aro Gloomy Quses, you're all
In front of the bub-Treasury, a
gray building (and by the way,
green and gray seem to be the fa
vorite ooiors norei stanas tne stntuo
ot our greatest man, George Wash
ington. Bay, they ought to give us
the honor of bolng the capital again,
for didn't Washington want this
place; didn't ho pick It outT
Then I ontered. Here I became ac
Qualnted with the Acting Assistant
Treasurer Ulysses Simpson Grant,
Ho Is not the General or the ex-l'res
Ideut, of course, but he Is Gen.
Grant s namesake and a nephew.
Oh, boy! he's lucky to have Gen.
Grant as an uncle.
lie Is on elderly man. has gray
hair, a little gray mustache, gray
eves, and In whole is all rray.
Then I was Invited to tako a lsok
through the Treasury, and I Instantly
irrosDed tho opportunity.
we soon got to tne piaoe -wnero tney
kept part ot their money. This vault
Is double barred and It would Ukol
some burglar to get Into that, Th I
flta rhlnn T Mr us uiu me nta rtrAA kfinsl
nMU4 t(WWV,wvv UW MRU WU
"VroT A Couldn't 3fy J I l
IF " 4
fvr esri DRUMS-
noise. And,,
Exchange Nearly
Kngllsh sovereigns, which were melted
Into gold bars. Soma one told r.it,
tho sovereigns wero usod for ammu
nition during tho Revolutionary War.
This must bo a Joke. Each bar is
worth $7,000.
Then wo saw somn iron boxes. One
fl'eso they opened and brought a
, ,. ,,, hl, ,,, hniv cjrr
ly lift It and they could barely carry
it. in it was 15,000,000.
I then Baw somo more gold bars
worth 8,000 cold mon apiece. Golly.
"ey wero pacKeu 10 reel mgn anu
tnoU(fht of tho ,UUo otbck wlth
nis J2 a day.
I now dislodged a bojr of silver no
heavy I couldn't put It back where It
Thoy noxt opened another Iron
casket and brought to view somo
$1,000 bills. "Aw. that Isn't any
thing," I was told, and then thoy
brought to view some bills of such
a largo denomination that I was
staggered. Just think of having $10,-
uuv.uuo in your nanus at once. Ana
all In $10,000 bills. Oh, boy! Thoy
let mo hold that much for a minute.
There uro $1,500,000,000 do lars In
thlBmmonso treasury. If they'd only
give me that money I'd have had
some time In Coney Island. I d have
Invited the whole city out there.
Alter this 1 saw uen. 1'crahlng
come walking along and I began to
look lor somo more famous Missouri-
uns, Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn and
their creator, Mark Twain.
Then I wended my way to Hella-
mor. In other words. Stock Ebcchange.
Before I had gotten anywhere near
them 1 could hoor their shrieking
ana yelling.
When 1 at last reached the visitors'
gallery my car drums -were almost
broken by the noise and confusion.
Tho floor ot the place looked as
though It had aeon hotter days, pieces
of torn paper being scattered every
where. It looked as though It hadn't been
swept for half a year.
Tne mock isxcnange is the place
whero they buy and sell stocks and
bonds. If a man wants to sell stock,
or has been Instructed to. by a broker.
he climbs upon a small circular scat
and calls out ' I have stocks to sell,
And he gives the number he has.
Another man who has been In
structed to buy gives the amount ho
will buy them for. No money or
stocks is passed between thorn, but
both depend on tho others word,
Upon the wall was a largo board
run by electricity. If anybody Is
wanted, a number appears on It. Each
memlber has a number and It his
appears there he knows he Is wanted,
It a red spot appears he Is wanted
on tho telephone,
There are many poBts In the room.
each surrounded by a seat, while on
each post is twonty numbers. This
tcus wnetner you gain or lose.
I don't wonder that tho brokers
make $9,000,000 a year.
At tho Stock Exchange there are
many and many telephones. If tho
stock rises or falls they telephone
them. By them I mean tho brokers.
When somebody's stock rlsos or
falls It sounds as though a menagerie
had broken loose. Such n screech fills
the air from all the 1.100 members.
tiT. .1 h tu Jt
kU VIU WCftCH ftUifcVe AUf VWf OHM
allowed to mingle with them aro tho
floor boys; -who are dressed in blue
No mure than 1,100 are allowed to
enter and if one quits another hur
ries to take his place.
Hut before you can enter you must
pay $100,000 to Join and J4.000 Initia
tion fee. And I only wish J. P. Mor
gnn would dig into his pockets and
give me that much.
Kip, and once more the ticker shows
a number. This may mean a million
gained or a million lost.
So nt last, tired with the nolso and
confusion, I left, heartily glad I wasn't
a broker.
(Continued From First Page.)
and Judge Ansberry kept him in
formed of the progress of events.
Oov. Cox insists that ho is not an
orator, by any definition of tho word,
though he has nn unquestioned fac
ulty for turning a happy phrase. His
gestures are simple but effective . ml
obviously an unstudied accompani
ment to his words.
So little docs ho rclv noon them h.it
one of the distinguished citizens of
Columbus, John Y. Bassell, an old
vunieueraio soiuier and ft cousin of
Bionuwaii- Jackson, said to him at
the close of nn address. "If von wnubi
only learn the grace of gestuio what
a wonderful orator you would be." To
this the Governor replied with his
slow smllo, "If I oven knew that I
naa one nana, mucn less two. Id be
With tho speech which is read th
uovornor nas no patience. He be-
noves mat ir a man has anything to
say It will say itself. Hut h dlri nt
always believe this. His campaigning
miruer De-Ran in lauo wnen no ran ror
Congreas. He was so frightened then
at tho Idea of coming to n blank si
lence of twisting his toes or a button
on his coat, like an urchin struggling
to - spoaK a piece- at wcnooi, uiat he
wrote and memorized twelve ad
dresses. Thus fortified, ho set out and
In less thau two weekn discovered
that he was not using them at all.
Since then he has never even hidden
a Jioto In his hand to nromnt him. '
Tne old tlmorousnosfl had entirely
lett mm wnen ne got up in Con
gress. Just fourteen days after he had
taken his heat, and delivered his
maiden srteoch. It was on the tariff
andhe "did his darndest." At Its
close Champ Clark met him In the
wide nlHlo back or tho members
seats and beckoned to him. "Come
here, young man," he said, and whon
Cox stood before him added In his
slow voice, "If anything ever comes
into-your mind that you want to say,
get up and my it. You've found your
legislative legs."
Certain beliefs In regard to cam
pnlgnlnc aro very strong In Gov. Cox,
Ono of them Is that a forty-mlnuto
spee ,i should sumce any one who un
de: takes It nnd uIbo prove most tic-
ccptablo to his audience. If a gath
crlng insists upon moro only twonty
minutes should bo added, and theso ut
tho speaker's risk. lie holds too that
campaigners who go about with
retinue aro loading themselves down
When he starts his campaign this
August he will have with him only
two secretaries, one stenographer and
ono masseur, a party whloh can easily
be nooked Into a motor car with him.
The masseur Is not an extraordinary
uuuniuii w . t. u iih v nticii una UUI
Izea how much his services can An to .
lessen the bodily weariness of a mm
Roosevelt Also Replies to G. O.
P. Candidate on the League
of iNations- Issue.
fOLL'MMJH, O.. July 14. Replying
tn.clav to vestcrdnv's statement of
Senntor llnrdlng that tho Wilson Ad-1 Mortuary to ono undertaker Is ended
ministration had forced on him the , by tho 1,cw r"'o ndopted to-day toy
IiiL-uc of Nations ns the chief cam- tnu H"ltli Department at a confer
puign Issue, Oov. Cox lAued the fol-onco clty department officials
lowing to the newspaper correspon
dents: "Sonator Harding has mado two
deflnlto announcements: That ho
purposes to hark (buck to the daVB of
thirty years ngo, and that ho will
mnko of his front iporch a listening
post. This means' that ho will bo as
far removed from tho running current
of progressive thought as tho Sena
torial oligarchy of Lodge and Penrose
and Smoot has been removed from
the heartbeats of tho American ipcoplo
for a year or "more.
I "My campaign will bo dedicated to
' the task of bringing ucaco with
j honor, of readjusting the affajrs of
clvlllr-atlon and of creating a new day
, out of -which wo will make tho best of
tho lessons of tho vast. Therefore,
I things that tho iSenator ibellcves vital
and pertinent from his Isolated per
spective will not. In all probability,
bo so regarded Iby me. His last
statement Is but a reiteration of .vhat
has boon said In the Senate time after
time, so that If this campaign on the
ono hand develops Into moro morning
sessions of the Senate, you will vcrv
readily perceive the uselessnejs of
dally rcsiponRe."
D. Koosevelt, replying ut his home
hero to-day to 'Senator Harding,
"The attempt by Senator Harding
yesterday to bofog ttie true League
of Nation Issue by dragging in the
mi mo of Prtwldent Wilson Is merely
further ovIMenw of the 'historical
fact that a certain type of Konatorlnl
mind' cvires more about quarlng .an
ancient grudge against un Individual
than it docs to consider tne true
welfare of the Nation. It Is of course
well known that seven-eights of the
'opiOHltlon of thce Senators Is not
to the I.rtigue of Nations Ibut to tne
person of the President of tho United
Htntes himself.
"lllsrory win utke care or me
groat part Woodrow Wlwon has
played. But th Democratic 'party
entorij the campaign with the clear
cut purpose of proving that tho -world
war has not boen rouglil m vain.
Semator HarxUnK1 says "Should the
DOTnocratu win the treaty tho Lea
gue will be ratified.' He Is right.
"A Democratic victory menns rati
fication of the trenty and the League
of Nations, which, ns uio world
knows, Is already constituted. A lle
publlcan victory means that the
rnlt'ed States, with Russia. Mexico
and Turkey, shall remain outside. Tho
election of Harding means that in case
of future war the united tatoa win
enter the war after the conflict has
begun. The election of Cox moans
that the United states, in participa
tion with the other civilized nations
r.f thn world, will, through the Leaguo
of Nations, solve International dif
ficulties nnd prevent a recurrenro 01
tho holacaust of 1914-iais."
So Alleges Wife Suing Bronx Doc
tor But (He Says 'H'is Temper
Isn't So Bad.
Mrs. Frelda Boorsteln, No. MM Bry
ant Avenue, wlfo of Dr. Samuel W.
Boorsteln. head of a number of clinics
In the Bronx, was to-day granted jnp
weekly alimony and 1200 counsel fees
pending her suit for separation before
tho Bronx Supreme Court. She charges
her husband with cruelty. The case-
probably will come' uj or trial In
In her (papers Mr. Boorsteln alleged
that they were married In December,
1913. and have one child, a Iboy. She
says she soon found her husband
man with uncontrolled temper and that
In November, 1914, ho threw a pitcher
filled with milk at her whllo at tho
breakfast table. She ato alleges that
one day, whllo repairing a window cur
tain, ho rapped his uiunio wun a nam-
mer. wnen she laugnea ne inrew idoiij
hammer and curtain at her. asserts.
Bhe atks wo weekly alimony ani
11,000 counsel fees, declaring her hus
band's income Is in excess of $20,000
hi. Boorsteln denies all his wife's
allegations, says that his temper is not
unusually violent and that his Income
Is under 5,uuu.
dishing Exonerated of Charge
That He Transported Whiskey
From Bimini by Seaplane.
The court martial sitting in the oase
of Knslgn Wlndbr H. Cunning, senior
officer of Seaplane 'No. 3.006,, accused of
transporting Iby air 14t bottles ot whis
key from Blmlnl. Bahamas, to Key
West, to-day returned a verdict exonera
ting him. Commodore Fahs, in an
nouncing the verdict, said:
"The court finds that tho specifics.
tlona In this case 'are not iproved."
Ensign Cushlng will be released up
on order of the Commander of tho
Navy Yard, who la responsible for hU
Tho trial or j;nsign r -ranu immD. ju
nlor otttcer of the seaplane, will go on
o. morrow. It 1 exoectcd. Before a ihoard
of Investigation at Key West Lnnvb is
said to nave admitted tne Domes car
ried aboard the seaplano contained
Canada's Dflit S2.300,110,nOfl.
OTTAWA, Ont., July 14. The not
debt of Canada now stands at $2,300,
1,10.303. according to the June statement
ot the Finance (Department Issued here
, to-day.
Plans Made ' for Identifying
Dead at Morgue to Prevent
Repetition of Laute Case.
Favoritism In awarding tho bur a.r.
o unidentified bodies In tho CltV
called to fix responsibility for liio
burying of the 'body of iMrs. Julia
Laute -without notifying her famllv.
This, together with a rulo compelling
city officials to co-ordlnato In noti
fying any relatives or friends of all
persons whoso (bodies have ibeen taken
to tho City iMorguo Is an outcomo of
tho efforts of tho Evening Wrld to
romody this practloe.
Tcntatlvo measures which Third
Deputy Police Commissioner Faurot
and other olllclala will advocato wero
tho universal thumb-printing ot the
city's inhabitants, the footprlntlng of
all Infants as soon after birth as pos
sible, tho marking Iby all persons of
somo part of their clothing for Identi
fication and the furnishing to the
Health Commissioner by all Indus
trial Insurance companies of data re
garding 'beneficiaries of policies held
In such companies.
(No blame was placed In the Lauto
enso. Mrs. lyons, a sister or Mrs.
liute, was advised to tako her com
plaint to the District Attorney It she
wanteff an Investigation.
Dr. Frank J. Monaghan, Acting
Health Commissioner, who called the
conference, announced that the In
vestigators could not find that any
provisions of the Sanitary Code had
been violated. The rules were all
right, but man power had broken
down, he said. As a result of the In
vestigation started by Tho Evening
World tho 'Health Commissioner said
that he -would have Incorporated Into
the Sanitary Code the following
A final, formal report wll be mnde
by tho Bureau of Missing Persons on
each nnd every case of missing per
sons turned over to it to ascertain the
relatives or friends. The finnl formal
report wll be turned over to the Su
perintendent of the City Morgue, who
In turn must immediately notify thu
Public Administrator s Oflce as to all
Information dbtalned as to tho do
ceascd's friends or relatives.
No individual undertaker shall ne
preferred in .burials. The Public Ad
ministrator is to take In rotation from
a list of licensed undertakers, -whj
have Department of Health permits,
tho undertakers to whom tho burial
contracts shall bo awarded.
Hotel lleriuttnar Rlevator nor
John Dwger. twenty-one. an elevator
boy of the Hotel Hermitage, 42d Street
nnd Seventh Avenue, was crushed to
death by the top of his elevator on tho
spconu nuor oi me noin iuo juuiiuiik
Ho died before an ambulance surgeon
JOYMENT in liquid form in any number of
pleasing combinations. Tart, Snappy, Pure
Fruit Syrups, Orange and Lemon Juices, Sparkling
Carbonated Waters, Delicious Ice Cream Sundaes,
Frappes or Sodas, Pure Fruit Juices, Crushed
Fruits, Whipped Cream and all trimmings.
Our Big Daily Special
For To-morrow, Thursday, June 15th
CIIOCQIATK NUT CAHA3IEMI (wrapped) Made bv our
K!riliUMt In cnrninel-ernft from the rlchent ami cholceat of
Crrfunrrr products, romlilnrd with tnstr chopped NutM, nnd
trrarutel In the popular Chocolate flavor, r-flch dainty
tounre wmi
Kuultttrv mixed,
An old tune 1.0 IT
soodr with n charm
that Is ulwuTi new. You
niuit know those bis
riunky nucseU ot de
llrlouineos with centres
of rfcliert VaiiUli) flai.
ored Whipped Omuu.
nnd Jackets of our
fiuuoui Xlltter - Hweet
Stores i New Tork,
IlrooltlTn, Newark,
lloboken und Puterson,
for eiact location see telephone directory.
The specified weight Includes tlio container.
The Cup
Federal Judge Ignores District At
torney's Request for Light
Louis Csahl of No. Ill Ludlow Street,
pleaded guilty of violating tho prohibi
tion luw In the Unltid States District
Court to-dny. Revenue olllcers swore
to having found two gallons ot whiskey
ho had mndo and thirty-one tubs of
rulsln and prune mash for tho manu
facture of whiskey.
Judge Ilarland B. Howe, a New Eng
land Jurist who Is presiding tempor
arily In' the (Federal District Court
here, turned to Assistant Onlted States
District Attorney Kdward 11. Reynolds '
and asked:
"What sentence do you think I
ought to Impono on this man?"
"In vlow, Your Honor, of tho fact
that he has been In the Tombs for two
weeks nnd that ho lias been ot consid
erable help to tho Oovornmcnt in fur
nishing evidence in' this and other f
cases," replied Jlr. -lloynolds, '"I sug ,
ceet that you clvo him ten dava In
"Well," said JudKO Howe, "In view
of those circumstances, I'll give him
only threo months In the Essex Countv
Penitentiary In Newant. The next mail
to come before me showing that lie
manufactured liquor for sale will get
the limit.'
lrepnrra to Vrn tlir ThnnsamU ot
.Xotlflcntlon Visitor.
MAHION, O., July 14 nana are ao
lively under way for tso feeding and
lodging of tho enormous crowds that,
aro expected to visit Marlon on notifi
cation day.
D. It. Crlsslnger, Chairman of the
Local Committee, announced to-day
that arrangements had been made with
churches and lodges to servo meals,
whllo numerous quick lunch stands will
bo erected under the committee's super
vision where sandwiches and box
lunches as well ns soft drinks will bo
sold. It Is estimated tho restaurants
canfeed from eight to ten thousand per
sons that day. while a local sausage
manufneturer litis ngreed to turn out
tens of welnerwursts f necessary.
After devoting tho forenoon to his
speech, Henator Harding to-dny confer
red with A. I. Moore, publisher of the
Pittsburgh, Pa., Lender.
CinnnirrOF Commission Prrpnrm to
Arrt Its Jurisdiction.
WASHINGTON. July 14. Tho Inter,1
state Commerce Commission to-dny an-,
nounced It had summoned the Commer
olaj Cnblo Company nnd tho ot'.w
Macay cable Intctsts to show cause
why they should not admit the commis
sion's Jurisdiction mer tholr rates.
The cable companies failed to file
gchedulf-s nnd reports of their activities
ns required by the commUwion's regula
tions, See the Racing Yachts
Resolute and Shamrock IY.
From the Decks of the
& rum mc ucuii ut uia
Palling dote to SinJj Hook nchorje
View the Races
From the Hills of
Three Trips Dally, Leaving
Biltcry Pier '9:30 a. m.. 1:30. 8:30 p. m.
i ,n a
(Ina. Wir Tail
Trlfphonfl Broid JS80-MS1.
01, ATM or lion nous
and Chocolut.ii Tho
more critical, the belter
Juilie ot -candles you
are, the more readily
will. Jou anorerlaU) the
eirrllrnt Uiuilltr, the
ImmenMi vnriety nnd
thorourh soodness u(
this iiMortment. t!lb.
s'o 110X 80c
Proprietors of White Rose Coffee,
Canned Foods, Cocoa, Cereals, etc.

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