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i EH,
Shamrock's Queer Design Well Shown v
By Close-Up Picture of Big Racer
trtart both tacked to port with neso
late 200 Tarda to windward, reins
",'qutte) aat and Shamrock almost bo-
; The tw sloop broke out babr Jib
topsails on crossing the line. After
CapL Burton started to 1st Shamrock
run In order to lore reach his rival,
' the challenger Appeared tot a while
as If 'she was sailing back for the
starting line so badly she was thrown
oft .apparently by the shifting wind,
When the two yachts later headed
' Inshore for the Jersey Highlands,
Resolute gained constantly in the
beat to windward, her sharp bow
"slipping thtikugh the seas much bet
ter than Shamrock's snuliby nosa.
Xt 1.11 o'clock tb American yach't
was easily a quartor of a mile ahead.
' At l.to (In "wind bauled almost to
ourtl, UXOaf up itesotute and jrut
ting tver mors than one quartor of a
mile to wteidwwrd, irtheaxj xhe was al
taost eJWo to too bar dour for the
first omrH. ; X BftsS2?AE I"'
Ai 1.J0 the wind, ptr (hatog tn-I 4$J9i?4l''S $ -S.'S'3''iS'i4J'4444'?4M4'i44!i-'i4'
. eraooed o efgbl icnotn, Trout txuk into
.i. i ' m M...1 . i ' 'i' .i . .i
$450,000 A DAY
T BY G. 0 P.,
White Asserts That 15,000 Re
publican Chhhuiqua Speak
ers Arc in the Field.
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4e noutri exnrUvweat, making W. dmd
aJioad to 3w Orat turn, iwitti Tles
oStito Cialf, a rrJlo t wlndwnrd and
Igwiag OaMr than Bhnmnaok, trbicii
eoemol logy, ,
;. Uh Bloom etood well trurtiore .to gain
dvoiatoga of the tide. The) wind was
toct (strong- enough to drive them
,rteoogh the ground swelfs.
At l.n Ovpt, Burton evidently had
gtoen op trying to foreroach the
B&nresboff sloop and wni beginning
tegtedh IShoxnTOCk out along the edge
est be fsdnd.
irrben Qoarly denm to the
nds,iUtamroctc had iplcked up
atdi ot a rnnall baby Jib top-
wJSt'CaBU waa dttlnr better In. the
UBsewif wMoli (bad dronped back to six
JteB . i&CSBrently tOio afldppera did
Bgft!tcait2iaiwind thoy expected along
fOaaseytfmrej (hot they had the od
THjjtlA'.i ot (ho tide and Ikept on turn
tG0i&a toward Sealb right. Shamrock
caftVJowa some of her rival's lead on
itaddclea shore, but at US the
ilinriCKoadgcgwas attu quite a (piece
tH XB5 Ebo breexe tia-uJftd dlredUT
BOuHU, jctrlng &ho itaata still (noire of a
)ii A thaft ttai'tlvo raoors wore
,offrA3woutjik vodtvit the Highlands,
( aSotft Cwto snUoa rora 9xt beat. fuilUag
Cup Racers Set Out With Rival Crews Each
Determined to Win Victory.
By Ijindmy Deniiton.
(Bptolal 8talf Correspondent of The Evening World.)
HfNIC July 23. illosoluto and iBhum
roclc IV. -went out to' Atmbrose Light
ahlp for the atari of to-day's nc
with both orowa ohocrtul ' and oonfl-'
dent of victory.
A tcnrlflo ttlmndoiTrtarra Hint otune
at dayhrook tiiut boon follbwttd by an
olght-lcnot brocxe from tlio noutlh
wtnt, hut thin died down about 9.10,
reviving In ipufTa of Irregular dura
tion at intarviita. Later came tlio fog
thai cUJayed fjbp niart ot the nice.
Shamrock IV, varying her liatilt,
frtarted from hor mooring In tow of
the Oovwrnor Hnrllh at 9.36.
Onoe outside tlio hook she cast
loose of her1 tow" and tnnde trials of
her new tonnall. Kovoluto luft her
mooring at 10.S0.
Doth yachts nt Ambrono lightship
by HUB.
To-day's triangular eourno Is re
garded as fuvorahl-to .Bhamrock. be
men of this generation remember
having seen.
The time allowance In favor of
Rcooluto In to-duy's raoe Is hIx min
utes and , forty seconds Instead of
seven minutes and one second under
whloh she has .sailed since the., first
race Inst week. It was ojcplolned
yesterday that the additional twenty
one seconds had been accepted In ttie
" about on crveotfiamxs, with lleaolute
f taJX-a. mile to wlndifanl end therefora
that much nearer he tumuvg mark.
t,Vi 2'D'olook the yachts had reached
tbtA iKixA off too onoert where lant
't e-lneoday thoy began a aoiiea of
'abort itac0a but this time Iteaolute
' (had a lead nearly iwloo aa great as
. At 2.05 Shamrock came about and
ncaaca on saore. atvo minuies laier
Itesolute crossed Shamrock's bows
:; and then came about on the star
f. board tack ,planted squarely on the
icnaiiengsrs Quarter, Alter tnis ma
, neouvre uesoiuve was aooui vuu
pff-ehore the wind neemd brtaknr
stand the yachts took on speed, their
ee rails awash. At 2.11 it lotfted an
ftPrHResolute might be able to fetch
(,-the first mark. Shamrock waa be-
ihlnd and to leeward.
'again employed the. old Bngllah trick
of sailing along mder started sheota
for the purpose of reaching his rival
f but 1t was doubtful If Shamrock
.footed ady faster than Ilesoluto,
: wmcn oenainry was mantling up
closer In the eye of the wind.
Apparently the JSnglLshmnn'n hope
,Iot the race lay In the two reach
in legs to come.
.lAt tSO too yachts were about three
rnilea tram (be flrst mark and both
tiamowbat to leeiwurd of 1U lloso-
lute was well to windward of Sliam
rock fuui nfiemtnirlv nboilt Lwn mln,
uie to yie irooa.
Shamrock 'was fiirtlier to leeward
on the tack off shore and at 2.30,
according to shore observers, was
!tnore than a quarter of a mile be-
itilnd the Defender. Captain Adatna
Jheld the American boat high In the
wln ant HAnm All In Pu ti arvrv
i'. Ohomrook, on the other hand,
twendea on at every gusi so mai BtIlton iand Shipbuilding Vnnl.
when Captain Burton brought his J wnere the Ltpton yacht was over
Ecraft.VP into the wind his baby top- , hauled yesterday. The dotlnlte roleo-
Isail quivered. I ioii of tlio biggest club topmiil nmdo
;At iao tlhe yadhts -were within a I tnft use or the short mast practicable,
grille of th4 first mark, with Itenolutc l it u much stronger than tie other.
fe''veM ta the lead. Four miuutus latej-1 which' Is conspicuously "obeoked"--as
'aSitnrook tacked to jort. t j lumbormen say of timber- which
't ' CatA. Adams made he first mark shows the grains oi( the surface
W- tn a kn atanboard tack tout Sham- widening Into open cracks and there-:Y-rock
had to tnake two hltchos to! fore open to suspicion of weakness
fetcii If It was olever nailing by the I under strain,
" Iteeoluite'a aklpper. Rumors out of Red Hunk and Sru-
jletwlute took off her baby Jib top- bngni, me uume or me weauiereo
seaman, Appiejacw Anay appibki
Yankee pilot tor the l)rltlh struusers,
cldent which called for this addition
to the Shamrock's rigidity. Uurton.
when asked about the accJdont to the
Shamrock's deck, at first could not
remember any. A llttlo later ho'
thought of a "very slight lncldont"
regarding the deck and hastened to
explain It.
"After that wonderful brush we
had along the Shrewsbury shore
meaning the beach from Highlands
to Anbury I'ark when we were mak
ing away on the long track for the
first mark, nnd ve worn cIoho limited,
oue of the men run over to me and
ald, 'Steady, Mr. -Uurton. The dock
Is coming iii.
"1 looked "ulout and saw that the
deck had risen an Inch or perhaps a
little morSjbecnutie ot the strain upon
the runner. Of course 1 eased the
strain and did not pormll the pull ot
the block on the runner to be to hard
ngaln. The nailing of the boat was
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of the defld woman, it w estimated
she had beeti a womn.n ot abou( ISO
pounds and that she had dark brown
hair. Early roports oot her ago at
about tlvlrty years.
The body had been stripped ot all
rothlng, although woman's clothe
were ipUed In on 'top of the body In
the trunk. Around the body were
wrapped a long shawl-ltat cloth and
three Detroit newspapers, bearing the
dates of June 9 and 10. One heading
w.ih made out as that ot the Detroit
an the trunk also tvoto found a
man's fedora, hat and cout. A de
scription of ihe hat inl coat, lth
the maker's name, was telegraphed
to the (Detroit police. The woman's
clothing as well as the' hat and coat
will be sent to .Detroit
The express records ehow the trunk
was shipped from Detroit on June 10
iby a man giving his" name as "A. A
Tleturn, No. 10J Harper Avenue." No
'such person wss'known nt that ad-
COLUMBUH, O., July S3. Gov.
James M. Cox to-day 'Informed n
committee' of suffrage leaders that
he has already sent personal repre
sentatives Into Tennessee to wnfk for
j ratification of the suffrage amend
mcnt at the special session beginning
Aug. 9.
Announcement was .also mnde nt
the Governor's office" thut George
While, Chairman of Uie Democratic
Nntlpnal Commllteo has wired Stale
chairmen urging them to have Demo
cratic speakers at nil chautauquas
during the next few months. ,
White charged that tho llopubllcans
had scheduled 16,000 Chautauqua
xpeakers at $30 a day, and palled for
Democratic volunteers, stating thiit
he does mot Intend to "compote In
money with Will Hayes." It Is known.
tho statement said, that Chairman
Hays of tho 'Republican Committee
has solcoted a picked stuff which
waa assigned months ago t a total
cost of (160,000 a day.
Visitors "of Gov. Cox to-day wen
Senators Harrison of Mississippi und
King of Utah; Edwin Hurley, for
merly of tho Shipping Hoard, anfl
Oscar Hradfulo ot Xenlu, Ohio. Sen
ator Pomerene, Ohio, Is expected to
meot Gov. Cox In Dayton either to
morrow or Monday to discuss cam
paign expenditures artd tho senatorial
Ing similar to that ovex wtiicn she not affected perceptibly because it dress, hut The Kvening World learned
won on Tuesday,,! ' ' -" .happmied that the heaviest wind we by lone distance telephone that a
Losing to-day s race nnd facing the , j1Rj yraii tight there. We " -e able woman disappeared from an opart-
running off of a tlo to-morrow, to see In a moment of two that no mJnt m lhat parens (between June 7
Shamrock would sail the deciding harm hnd toeM ''J1" ,,nd U. . ,
race over a straightaway course Into nn"tBt,0 u, deck "at" that point, dial j The trunk attracted attention yev
the wind and back, similar to that in l trlbutlng the strain along tho web terdny when tho employees were ln-
.wnicn Jiesoiuie ueai ner cieaniy unu iiiuiiu uciuw iiibicum ui iiunuiu ii. rnn,1 to ttnllnvn nrlhniMB freidit
in ri.n.r.it wind in the on the deck frame The work could cUned to. "'1ve Pof'''""8 "eignt
. ',..,,, ,.,.,, ,,,. have buen done right hero at the
most exciting contest which yachts-, lnoorIlll!. ,.,.d nol ,, " vnohl bceil B0.
lsiunu to no cieuneu.
Imr to Staten
On Ilesoluto no enanges were mnuo
during tho armistice )n dally racn,
except for u rendJUHtmcnt and to.sl
Ing of her navlgutlng Instruments
nnd a restricting of the seams of
some of her sails to take up slack
dun to Mtretchlnir.
Thorn wos sotn anxiety along
shorn lost the squalls which whipped j
tho bay Into scurrying, crlBS-crossed !
wns In It. Express lianUUors to-day
took tho trunk from Uie third floor
ntoruge to the ground floor delivery
room, whorfl tt was opened by David
lemarest, delivery foToman
Tlio express employees notified
Social Agent Loohray, who called
up tho Homicide Squad at Police
Capt. Arthur Carey, with a squad
lines of foam-topped rollers during I of detectives went to tho express
and began an examina-
runk' was examined by
fingerprint experts, who took charge
of lu
race up to to-day for the sake of , o ' S
using an oxtraoruinaruy large neaoer pdKt,j to bo on tho roof deck of the " '
topsail. The rules allow ins use or a
topuall with Just half the area of the
club topsail,
The Shamrock has in stock, though
It has never been used, a club topsail
ot tremendous slz. Kor tho sake of
getting the uso of the big header Jib
the Shamrock's people took on the
classification ot the big unused club
William P. Ilurton, the amateur
skipper of the challenger, after trying
out the big Jib, ha been convinced, ha
said thla morning, that It was not
worth the differtince. in time and will
hereafter use the smaller Jib which
conforms to the area of his No,
club topsail, whloh Is the largest he
hits actually used.
Sliamrock IV. appeared to-day with
a new topmast considerably shorter
than that which she has used In pre
vlous races. This was set at the
houseboat inilarney when tho worst
of the evening storms broke v?rn too
muoh absorbed In udtntratlon ot tho
easy, graceful way In which tho
yachts Itesolute ut ner mooring ouoy
and thn Shwuruck gliding Into the
bay behind iin Govuriior smith ig
nored tn in. moil. 'jne HnamrocK
Mtpped to liur mooring us though
over a glo.tiy calm, while the old
houseboat bucked and swung and
side-slipped, lashing the dories nnd
lifeboats swinging off her stern :ih
though, they hud bt'eii u fringed toll
Ilurton's easygoing nnd kindly attl
tudn toward nil thn world bus been ro
storod since tho unfortunate tempo
rary stirring up of rrofcs purposes
last week cailsed talk or Ills with
drawal from command ot the Sham
rock. He said he wished persons
who were not yachtsmen but were
keenly and patriotically Interested In
cup races rmiKl l)u made to under
stand mnt-tne uesonne s lime nuow
mice of O minutes, 40 seconds was not
a hundk'up but un udded burden vol
The woman apparently was plueed
In the trunk after being slain, and
her cjotsea wcte thrown In utter her.
According to tho police, a man's nat
and coat also were foiind In the
trunk. The police hero forwarded to
the, Detroit police the nauiei ot the
maker of the coat with other dota.
Witness Before Grand Jury "A
Point of Contact for men of
Affairs With a 'News Value."
Sends Telegram Urgirjg Republicans'
in Tennessee 1 egislafure. to
Vote for Ratification.
iMARION. Ohio. July 23. flu 'a tele
gram to John C. Houk. a ltepubllcan
jTKimber of the Tennessee State Senate.
Senator Harding said:
'I have your message asking me II I
would advise that Uie Republicans of
the Tennessee legislature vote for rati
fication of the woman's stiff rago amend
"It Is my earae-st hope that the Re
publicans Jn the Tennessee Legislature,
acting upon eolejnn conviction, can eee
their way clear to glvo their support to
this amendment. 1 believe Jn .suffrage;
our party has endorsed It In our national
platform: twenty-nine Republican Stutes
have ratified Uie amendment. But one
more State Is needed to enfranohise
every loyal American woman, and it
would bo gratifying to me persona'ly If
the Republican members of the Ton
nossee legislature accomplished that
rriner to Uumtlnn Cox nd
CHIICAGO, July 33. Senator Warren
O. (Harding and Gov. James JJ. Coox will
be pressed for an answer to thu ques
tionnaire sent out before the conven
tions by tho NaUonal Hoard of Farm
nrirnnlinliooas. according to a decision
bv the iboard meeting nere to-day. Tho
National iboard represents farm organi
zations with a membership of 2,000,000
farmers, according to C. S. llun-ett.
Chairman. ' ,
InaiiK to Kmlilrm In llermililn Hue
to Tlio llruiikeii SnIlorM.
WASHINGTON. July 23. Two
drunken Urltlsh sailors ashore wlth-
. . il.l ,
ut leave were jrnyunmuic iwi
l,l,.nl niralniit the Ameriean flag at
Hamilton, Ilnrmuda, on July 1, ithu
State uepartineni was uvieu iu-uu.
n a report iroin tnc wimi ivuu
t Jiamiiion, ....
The Itrltlsh autnoriiiH iinmrumiri)
rrested the sailors, who are now un
dergoing punishment, liarly reports
uere thut tne sailors nan torn unwn
tie American" nag 115 ing ovr u nuiui.
Stedman Shy Waiter's Tip at
Bankers' Club Indicted
on Forgery 'Charge.
Kvon a sophlstlcaiMcrf stock (broker
can be fooled by goad clothes, b good
ruamo and 'Harvard polish. MortWbert
P. Pcndorgast, No. 20 Brood Street,
to-day told AnslMtant- District At
torney Murphy, before testifying be
fore tho Cfivuid "Jury against Hurry
U. Stedman, accused of pausing bad
checks. t
Ktedninp, a Harvard grnduate. Is
tho disowned son of tlio." wcul thy
head ot Stedman und lledfield, bank
ers, of Hoslon. Last' p'ocember, Mr.
Pcndcrgast ald. Stedman camu to
his brokerage office, and after Intro
ducing himself .said he had lieeh left
an eslato of $2,000,000, and had Just
.ought $400,000 worth of real estate
mortgages. Investing all one's money
was rattier tiresome, Ktedman ex
plained and suggested that Mr. Pcnd
crgast take over the burden.
tilr. Pcndergast was so willing to
carry tho burden thot lit Invited
tflcdman to luncheon at the Hankers'
Clul. Over their cigars, they ar
ranged tho details of the investments
and Mr. Pendergnst saUl Stedman
gave him a 1350,000 check, drawn on
Stedman und Tlcdficld, to Ibuy some
securities. Pendergast signed the"
luncheon check, hut Stedman Insisted
on tipping the waiter. He felt In his
pockets, according Ui.Mr. IPendergast
and then aid, evidently annoyed:
'By Jove, I haven't a penny. Better
let mo hn"e $2'5 "
Tlio bakeu- started to peel' oft J23.
"Better make It $10," ie snys
Stedman remarked, and Pendergast
com plied.
Next day a young woman tele
phoned Mr. . Pendergast and said,
"Hcllo.tlNoi'ble, deal-: how about my
ring?" ,
Questioning developed that . the
young woman believed she had been
entertained by Pendergast and had
entrusted him with a $1,000 diamond
ring. Pendergast asked her to call
at tho office, where she Immediately
said he was not the man and gave
a description which fitted tSedman.
The following day the manager of
Mouquln'n Ilestaurant . telephoned
him that chocks for $."0 and $170 he
had cawhed were returned without
funds. The restaurant man also gave
a description which fitted Stcumnn,
tnchmnnts of troops at certain 'of the
danger spots.
Soldiers with fixed hnyonetii pa-J
trowed the disturbed streets and many
demontrauons which might have led
to serious results were .thus Inter
rupted. Looting and (smMhlng of
windows prevailed throughout the
trouble, spirit groceries and licensed
premises 'being especially singled out,
Disorder broke out at 8.30 last night
on one of the roads loading Into the
city. Troops were hurrlod to the
scene end fired Into the mob, wound
Ing many, who wore removed to hos
pitals or their homes. The crowds
reformed quickly, but were chorgco
by the troops nnd dispersed at 9.30.
llclnforcoments arrived on the scene
nnd there was a final burst of llrlng.
Ambulances hurried to the spot from
eVery quarter of the city, followed by
Ore brigades, 1n the belief tho casu
alty list would be heavy. 1
The soldiers complain they were
fired on from a monastery and allege
that Sinn Fein scouts on bicycles
engaged In bringing tip reinforce
ments to the monastery." .
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iPripet and In prtaala, but furOvetl
eouth n breach to the, line effected by.
Bolshevik cavalry in reported.
LONDON, July 2Ai Copturo by
Soviet troops ot the Fortress ot
Dubno, 000 of the Volhyala group ot
fortifications def ending tho south
eastern PolWh border In announced
in Thursday's official statement, from
Moscow, received hy wlreleaa to-day.
The Bolshevlkl oleo (have taken thn
railway town of Slonlm, seventy
miles southeast of Groduno and
t wenty-.fi ve miles west of Uaranc
IJr. Wm, Yonnirr Dead In l"arl.
PARIS, July 23. Dr. William Younger,
an American dentist, dlod here yeiteri
day. He was the originator of Die prao
tics of transplanting teeth.
Ex-Crown Prince Cjoes to Console
His Falher on Suicrde of
Prince in Berlin.
DOOllN. Holland, July 2J (As
sociated Press). Former Crown
Prince Frederick William has
rived here for the purpose of
oonsoling his father on tb
death of Prince Joachim, who
recently committed suicide, and
to consult with the former Km
pcror concerning when and how
to tell the former Empress tho
news. The latter must be in
formed before tho'end of the week
as she Is expecting Joachim to
arrjvo Saturday with b- child.
Sinn Fein Hall feurned to Cries of
"Up Tuam; No Loss
of Life.
LONDON. July 23. About 2 o'clock
this .morning Csltra. near Balllnosloe
Ireland, was visited by police and milt
Itary. who wrecked many houses In the
town. Including the Sinn Fein Hall.
which was burned to cries of "Up
Tuam" according to a message from the
Press Association's correspondent In
Balllnasloe to-day. Tht-ru was much
shooting, but no loss of life Is reported.
The logaii. "Up Tuam." evidently
refers to Sunday night x inciueni wuen
Tuam was sacked, the sacking bolng
charged against tho police qs n reprisal
for. the murder of two constables by u
Hurt nt rw 'IVleptiiMie Building,
A heavy timber crashing from tho
fourth floor of the new Telephone build
ing In 30th Street near Third Avpnue
to-day crashed through scaffolding and
knocked John Chayka. No. 422 St
Paul's Place, ronx. and Frank Snyder.
No. ,16 Second "Avenue, from the scaf
folding at the second door. They were gtr, "Highlander" Lm. Bittenr t p. u.
taken to Bellevue Hospital where their j .jlfa mani&nq. jiriujkvts.
condition was said to be serious from onii'iM Mon. rare 50C. ilni. wr Tu
Internal injuries. Telephones Broad 7380 6034
See the Racing Yachts
Resolute & Shamrock IV,
Puilnf Cloi lo bindr Hook Anchori.
View the Races
From the HilU of
Three Trips Daily, Leaving
BttUrj Pier 9.30 A. M.. 1.30 nd 8 P. M
Saturday and Sunday
Pendergast dcelared.
Tho Grand Jury roturned iwo In
dictments charging forgery in tho
second degree. Theso will be filed In
Kings County ho that ir charges
pending there against Stedmnn are,
not 1 sustained ho will b reurrosted
under 'bench warrants and brought to
William Edward Cope, who styles him
self "a point of contact for men of af
fairs, with a news value." was a. wit
ness ito-day before tlyi Pronx Grand
Jury in the John Doe Inquiry of Dis
trict Attorney Francis Martin to de-
untnrlly taken on by Shamrock In termlne the source of propaganda in
the earnest belief that by Incurring favor of Dr. Joseph Hammer, who was
sail a snlnute before the turn and
broke out ber Number 1 reaching Jib
one miauto nfter rounding. Bham
rock -waa nearly throo minutes In Bet
ting her reachdef Jib topsail and
starting after IUolute.
Tho a tart of the race wan delayed
an hour beyond noon try a heavy fog
. that a time reduced the vtslblllty
to 100 yoxdfl.
tho penalty she could gnln sufficient
speed to mora than overcome tho
"We knew that Mr. Herreshoff,
who Is a grcut designer, Hecond to
none In the world," he said, "would
develop his genius for making, tho
smallest boat possible with a 70'-foot
water line. Nicholson knew It was al
most impossible to consider beating
llerreshoft nt his own game; but he
thought it possible to, do what Herns
holf perhaps hud never contempl'ited.
seeing how big a boat could bo built
under tho rules with a 7G-foot Water
' "The result was Hhamrock IV. Now
1 have enough contldence and respect
for both gentlemen to say this: That
regarding a serious accideait to tho , had euch of thorn Mien the other's
.,, , , lil,ntnr.M,lr IV ,ll,i i,,n. OOHt ttS 11 Is 110W. llSl k ill 1.917 and
deck, of the Wmmrtok 1. duiing h0, tliem an as they have etieh
Wednesday's mighty trial of strength eeu t10 0i,er',, boal sail no.w. Uiey
were set at rest tu-day by the exhllii- I would euch have learned muoh. And,
Hon of two angle iron braces et had they built iTtiw boats for these
., , , .. ,i, ...i,. ,i, I races we are having now, it would not
under the dock of the yacht, nsterll L , f ." .,, ,n,.
and running down the frames and u. as my two hunds, and quite
deck and the deck-frame against the different from either Resolute und
pull on the "traveller." or bar aoros .Shamrock."
Yi.: .,.rtWv m whirl, slldivi tiiA I Ilcturnlng to a d sousslon of the
n. ..... iidiv 1 time allowance tie 101a or ins un-
Prcneh March on uainnscn- bIock n-ying thu main sheet or the uvainn(t efforts 11 year ogo to get
t'rope hy whloh aho sail is hauled In American ynchlsmon to join in the
BEiniJT, flyrl. f""ch . 1,, or loosened out board. adoption of an International rule for
cobs in View of the failure -of KJng boara or ,uu , " Jt.i,,. ,k.. aoht measuromenl, enabling any
SS' It nlwito bLin.xecutlon of - It waa an Incident rqtber than oc- ' ohUman entor a race In the
convicted of manslaughter In conse
auence of sn.lllegal operation and is
now serving three and .a half years In
Sing Sing.
Several stories got Into ttie news
papers criticizing the prosecution, the
Judge and Jury and physicians men
tloned as having refused to male op
erations for the saving of lives on ac
count of the prosecution of Dr. Ham"
mfr Just where Cope figures In the
case has not yet 'been discovered, but
according to District Attorney Francis
Martin he declined to sign, a waiver
of immunity and refused to answer
questions put to him 'before the in
qulsttorlal body. One of the questions
he refused to answer was as to the
Identity of his employe!. One quea
tton that he answered, according to
the court records, waa that he re
reived 1100 a day.
Justice Tlemey gave him until next
Tuesday to answej- the remaining
Mother Olinrsrril Vlth CiuicMiling
Mis. Katharine. Walsh, forty-seven
Mua nM it y:t"Vourt.h Avenue, llrook-
v'n. m nrmlirneri to-dav in the iKIat-
i.tiith rvuirt nn a rhurAi of concoulintt all
escnped prisoner. 'It wis alleged iby John
l'. fiweeney, lnruil uniurr Ki. Jui't' :
home for iboys, that Mrs. Wolh' ion,
Thomas, fourteen jonrs old, was com
mitted to tho home In 1916 'by Justice
Wllklns of th CVlvlldren'H Court, and,
uKraoed on May 2 lust. An affidavit by
Mrs. Henrietta Davis, an officer of the
i.Soolety lor IIH) U'reveimon 01 virueuv to
Children, snld that sho found the lKy
In his motners 'nonie anu uini .Mrs
walsli refused to give inun up.
Wslsh pleaded nol guilty.
of BvHato belnvseuon
ftVUmatum Urrns, bsji march on
ISiSsTsu yesterdayyr Thy encoun.
mZl crpposiuoii .w'M
Is h grelst body bullosr, AH wol' his boat under the International " K5S3Srt WiJSTbA 'rJlc?X'
nil naurtsbmsnt. No Druts.-pAdvL, standard. , tl mm amfetlut U Uttacs, CalUMUaiu4,
i.MMiiterrunean or in Australia, uy
meixily naming the classification or
Army Planes at nt. Paul.
ST. PAUL. Minn!, July 23. After a
flight of slightly more than an hour the
four army planes on their way from
New iori to isome, Alaska, arrived
here last nlgnt.
life iiktoni Tin: nitAVlt."
Art ou rciulluf Ito ruutlibl hujuiuiIcalIm
61 itr. ti. t vwvu in iu nonq, ntornus tdl
I lints." I U sllrtcd lUrltlitls ritclulgsi t u
Seven Men Indicted for Maintaining
Place at Hewlett, I.. I., Plead j
Not Guilty. j
Seven mon Indicted hy the Nassau
County Gr.iid Jury at Mlneolo, I.. I.,
jesterday on a charge of maintaining a
gambling housi ut llewlett, were ar
raigned todav beforti Supremo Court
JuwUco TowiiMmd-IScudder.
David Uldeon of )"ar Hockaway and
William H. Iiusteed or Hewlett, alleged
to be Uie proprietors of tho place, were
held In 5.000 ball wtnh. Gideon de
posited a S 10.0(10 Liberty Jiond. John
Warrtsn. said to be the caretaker of the
place, was hold in JS.000 ball and the
others in ball of less amount. They ore
.Thomas Vowler, Abraham S. Vorzomer.
Robert J. Wilson and Charles Lomnck,
n eolpred Janitor. Tho mon pleaded not
The raid In which tho arrests were
mode took place on Sunday. JI was
made by Detectiyes of the Nassau
County Association.
I'ossr of nou Seeks Slayer of J.lltle
OHAND IlAtl'IDS. IMlch., July 23.- A
posse of 600 farmers, members of the
State police force and county offlcjrs
have surrounded lu a swamp near Char
lotte the alleged murderer of licatrire
Hlckox, twelve years old, whose bod
was found In it field yesterday after
noon Tlie Kin was cnokeu to deaui.
Mub. her bead being boaten 'by Jamming it
The Cup Favorite
SEEM AN BROS., Neyr Yorlc
Proprietors of White Rose Coffee,
Canned Foods, Cocoa, Cereals, etc.
We FeatureS Moreoi 7 Those Popular
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Vacation-itesandWeek-End 1 ourists
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1A)W t'hewlnc (linn. I'AOKAHK fOSiri.nl r.
Combination No. 2
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iut Cwuuimt Klie. 1 I.b. Iln Aiiilent MoUs.r.
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Combination No. 3
h, romprised of the followlnci H l.b. Ito rtioc.
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A monas. '? '. Hos A.ortel llnrcl. randies. I
lis. Ml leri Mirk.. H l.b. lx Milk Cliocnfata
U&Mbliu. Cherrle. and WMQ.
2 49
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EXTIIA s''',, 1M)X 0C
J'lth'MII l'lACIIIS Then blc lnn
rloiiH lleautles wero hrouslit to I'rr
fecllon , In the Oorcla J'encli
Orchurds, full of fruanince and
fjatur, Jtrst rut Into daintr por
tions, they nre nlunrnl In rich lon
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HlArfMt New Yrk
llubokcn mill rntfrcon.
Tar ciAct Ideation tlrpbns ArcAtry
Th tclff(Kl wHicht InoludM th container,
nollretion of toothsome
fUioroltilA Csiifm (iiiim
Hon lloua rrnAnted In
!) fit 1 uriei v. nii.l
nut nu In nrat uttmc-
rHtrtl rufk-
r . 1 ' -irriW'Tni irs '. ,1 h- r -
Wuii TWim iTI IIMWl I 1 1I1T11 rim I.AJ. l A tin . 1 ...

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