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$2,1 78,763,500 IN
IICtlCl .IIV CH.UI Co AI.OOJ,- Mil IVCa-IVCd IC IXUW ill ill
i nil in in nnir in
I - m - -asr m m
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i Ln V U U L I Li)
This in Spite of
and Hull of
T7 l 1 T X T
jrourtn jrc.ace won Joeiore iipton
Yacht -Lost Use of Club Top-sail.
By John R. Spears.
(Noted YacKting Authority Who l Describing Ftacos for America's Cup
Especially for The Evening World.)
Copyright. 1320. by The I'resa Publishing Co. (The Kew York Evening Woild).
In a raco over a triangular course, wher the yachts were sont
Xay wlmlwo.nl in a 6-knot zephyr that eventually grow to a smashing
vifivyo -u nuum u reeio, iw, mat une as rair lo one as the
other the Resolute proved manifestly superior In the windward work,
slightly inferior In tho close reach of the second leg, and once more
plainly superior over more than a half of tba third leg.
As to tho gain of Shamrock In the close reach on the second leg It
may be said that It proved, In connection with previous work, hat she
Is probably better on that point of sailing In all winds than Resolute but
she is not enough hotter.
Taking tbo race as a whole, It
Resolute is the swifter, eron though
cent, moro cantas on a hnll that Is
under measurement rules.
In th.i mMlft -f .Via l-- Ohm.
. VI ..u.. V ... I IU1 k 1 1 (IIIIMII- .
roclc lost the use of her club topsail.
A rain squall appeared In the north.
and eventually hauled the wind to the
northwest. Tlvon the wind foil flat,
but came on opsin soon, and Reso
lute reached to the homo line- a fair
Of course tho last part of this let?
was wholly unsatisfactory as a test
of speed, but a auflldent test had
heeil made theretofore.
Unless there is a fluke Resolute
will win the fifth and final race of the
series and keep the cup.
For the first time In many years,
tho racera and spectators found a
UUck fog on the sea. -whem thev ar
rived at the lightship oft Saindy Hook,
but at 12.15 o'clock tlx tog rapidly
thinned and the two i-oers were then
seen under the usual ox oras ready for
Tttiej Racing jOommdttee at onco
tiatried dorwp, the pootjponement signal.
As the wfW Wthon ooonAwj fair and
true at about six knots, wit every
.appearance of growing, tho flnst leg
ywas laid soutt-OTitw nst to wind
ward. The oeoand was sot at east by
north, and the Ct-rd nortJrweot, vio
(haJf north. Tb eso olgala were bolst
d at 12.30.
A period of fvrbean cunutea was
tfhen allowed the racers for the usual
consideration of tho course and its
chances, and hn, at 12.45, tho wanv
tag edgnal was given.
The contest for position Which fol
lowed was not of special Interest, be
cause Oapt Burton had already placed
unomrocK on too wnea-ner quarter of
itesoiute, and e field hr there or In 1
nioireiwiuu revuni to Jier
quarter at wlll-unUl tte alg. ,
sial to go waa given.
lie did light good nrork. that Is to
nay, and he crossed tho lino on Ilco
lute'a weather quarter at auch a dle
lanoe that Capt Adams could not
Slve him any back win from Rcso
luto'a mainsail.
The ofllcial time of the atart was:
Rcaolute, 1.01.33; Shamrock, 1.01.56.
tlcsoluto led by 23 seconds.
After the crossing, however, the
Resolute atood on at bettor speed and
nt 1.07 Shamrock turned to the port
tack heading for Jorscy breezes
doubtless on the advice of Capt.
"Andy" Applegatt. It was very good
advice at that, for from that time on
the gontle gale grew steadily.
Until 2 o'clock tho raco waa some
what like that on Wednesday, saye
only that Shamrock had no occasion
to moke repeated tacks. Holding to
her courae she sagged slowry away to
leeward. Ilcsoluto hoadod at least
a half point higher during mot of
the time and Shamrock footed faster.
The wind varied somewhat, losing
a trifle In weight now and then but
regaining tho loss soon nnd going up
to Ibotter opeed. Then at 1J0 It 'hauled
to eoutlrwest, after which It gained
more rapidly and held true.
From 1.30, that ds to nay, the wind
km above eight knots and the racers
were aWo to point toward North
Ixung ranch. The Shamrock pointed
north of tho tall Branch port tower
wbllo tttesoluto pointed eouth of It.
Both put up their smallest Jib top
sails on their way to tho beach.
lAt this time 1t was Been that the
Shamrock was heeled well down on
her sailing lines but one beclod lesa
than Resolute.
The moat etrfklng fact about tho
model of tho challenger Is her ability
0 spread 20 per cent, moro canvass
(l,fc84 square foot more) and carry it
well when her displacement Ls but
K par cent, (Zzl cubic feet) tn ex
cess. Off North lying Branch, Shamrock
waa tho first to turn to the starboard
taclc A big pound net was dead
Ahead and ehe went about at 3.08.
Kesolute turned a little later being
then well out on Shamrock'a weather
The itwo yachts lhad traveled over
nine miles on that board. They now
were aJbout 3 3-4 raUea. as measured
on tha chart, from the turn and
Resolute could lay her eourso true to
the mark.
The thrash down tho beach was
moat (beautiful, but it wan unlike
tihat of Wednesday, for Bhamrock
-waa vTmuia a icicii tne mora, anu
wt , therefore unable to start sheets
Larger Sailspread
the Challenger
T T r i
was uYmonshated that, boat for bontj
Shamrock docs spread nearly 20 per
G per cent. larger In displacement!
ltt I
and make a close roach In tho In.st
miiP, na she did on Wednesday. She
hold as high ns she could, .and she
made a awift board of It because tho
wlndi was up to at least twelve knots,
but Rfwolut did better still.
Just beforo reaching the mark Urso
lulo took in her Jib topsail. Then
she naswl off her sheets and rounded
the mark which under the rulo waa
pasned port side to. A renchlng Jib
torill tvus then sot quickly.
As Hhamrock had to paw tho umrk
on the same wide she turned to tln
first tack at 2.38 and rounded less tlvin
a minute later. Doth racers wcrj cor
dially applauded, of course.
The official time of the turn were:
Resolute, 2J4.17; Shamrock, 2.36.58.
Ttnvnlu,,. 11 1... ... I.. , . . .
ends. Detlwlln.- her lead of 23 scd
onds at the start. sho had ga ned 1
minute nnd AS second.? on tbo first leg.
The gain was less than the old sal-
lot hnd calculated for her in advance
and .they therefore watched tho two
raocrs with lntcno Interest dnrlnn-
the second leg. It may bo confidently
asserted that at first Resolute reached
away from Sliamrock oven though a
clone reach Is the Challenger's best
point of failing. Resolute did this be
cause Shamrock's crew took down her
baby Jib topsail after rounding. They
ragged tt In tho wator and they then
set another jib topsail too small for
the occasion. It was not until 2.42
that Shamrock's first reaching jib
toponll was act.
That u was too small wns then
Proved by tho crow taking It dawn at
60 and sruhsrltutinir. In ri
fashion, one of full length.
Meantime Resolute hnd sained at
least 100 yards and probably 150.
uunxiR: mis rencn tun vnchta r,n
real breeze Just what both crews
"au oecn caning lor. There were
w""e oops, aue not to tho fact that
,'V"" " " fi'"' hub las u
). 'but HB to? -nough ,
...iiu iu mne ma water nnnne nnn
dock of the destror Gokb.barough I
unu wet tno very charm nir vminp
ladles who had come abonrd t n nen
the race or somebody.
llavlne set the rlirht llh tnn.nii
Shamrock was seen crawling up on
Resolute. It was demonstrated thnt.
when woll handled ln a smart breozo
sno can outsail trie defender close
hauled. Hho can mobahlv do It In
nny breeze when on that point. But
sho cannot gain enough In a ten-mile
leg to make up for what she loses on
a ten-mile thrash to windward.
Tne omclal time at the turn wns-
Resolute, 3.25.49: Shamrock, 3.27.16.
Resolute led by 1.27. She h.nl led
at the first turn by 2.11. Therefore
Shamrock gained forty-four seconds
ln a close reach of ten miles.
As nald. that was not enough tn win
the race, boat for boat, let alone
counting ln tlmo allowance.
After rounding the second turn tbo
wind was variously estimated from
eighteen to twenty knots. Sir Thomas
naa iDoon uut one race for the Cud in
wlrich he had os good a breeze, and
that was the second of the first series
Shamrock I. and Columbia.
Uut before the second turn thunder
wns heard rumbling in the haze at
tne north and later an ominous fog
bank appeared. Then n threatening
squall gathered ahead of the racers
clouds us well as the fog bank seemed
to roretell danger.
In tho meantime a man wns hoisted
up Shamrock's mnjrt to tho truck of
the club topsail. He worked nt Borne,
thing there for a tlmo nnd then was
hoisted up to the lower end of tho
yard (or sprit), where he niraln te
camo busy. What he, was doing could
not bo learned by those oiv the eve
ning press boat, but ho seemed to be
trying to nave the all from disaster,
because at 3.40 the top of the sail col
lapsed, leaving a triangle of It set
below a horizontal line from the end
of the gaff to tho topmast. At 3.44
the whole sail wns hauled down, und
then a rain squall enveloped her and
the whole fleet.
While the squall was on the n'lnrl
dropped. After the rain paused away
the wind enmo from Uie northwe.it
heading both racws. A little inter
tlio wind fell flat and flnaJlv oamn
from Uie Bouthweot or thereabouts,
tint t h ,ri nt .11.1
knotT "
rpv.' v.. m ,, .i..
The race had ended, nil but the
mivuiiiii, m j kmvi itoiuitj vnv Diiutu
1nn un .mi.rt v, - i. , , oiuto uia bo a nair minute laier
fn rn?erTnS?t ,n!?n?C ,em1"land a half minute later still 1.35
llberally sprinkle the crews I s)lamrook a npinnnxer.
in tnnt , .n-o.. n .... The ynchts now hod the home lino
?amo- wWev,e,r' Shamrock -mnda a
b,mv- ,1,?,h' u """?, clifbtopsatl.
fiho set the best working topsail she
hnd. It was not n good sail of the
kind. Thero had been emtio shitting
of Jibs on 'both (boats ibefero tho squall
ckei-lk nS clouds
S m a maUer '.f
f,?;l ,!".a"cr.f
in anticipation or wind from tho
but the
no Impor
tance to -the result of tho race.
Tn the light, veering airs after tho
rain the yachts drifted nround, head
ing to seven (more or leas) points of
tho compass. Hut after tho wind
oamo out southerly onco more both
racers began making tho bast of their
way to port. Hhamrock then had no
j hor full length Jlbtopsoil. but lUo-
iuiq net a oautKjn jid. jhho imiiica
Twt of tho eourso the light ship was
now plainly wjn but Shamrock
headed further than Itesoluto. She
seemed ihuntlng a breeze, but Reso
lute got It first and came ibawling on.
A Httla later Shamrock gathered
way nnd tt wns seen that botji hnd
held to the went because tho wind
favored a Jibe. It had backed to tho
n.u. . i . r , i. Kn
OB- far t...t n. 434 Shamrock ttbed
T0m' X fccyon 1 je rt rail
... , . , .
"Ti'""!" "X ZL
Holding fast her shoots Rcsoluto i
lieodcl east of the end of tho line
almost parallel with the lino for a
time, and thou, at 4.38.30. sho uun.rcd
awny to cross.
wow; .owlo! wnoop! She was
yet several lengtbs away, but evorv
skipper In tho great fleet of ships!
around tho homo lino clawed his
whistle cord and "threw her wide
open." The roar lasted exactly three
Slowly, in spite of tho spinnaker,
Shamrock then camo to the line and
tho greeting given her was, If pos
stblo, still moro cordial. Sho had
made a gnmo ending, and deserved
the cheers nho received.
Tho official end of the race wns Res
olute, 4.33.25; Shamrock, 4.43.0G.
Resolute led by 3 minutes 41 sec
onds. Deducting 23 seconds, her lead
at tho start, shows sho had won, lioat
for lxjat. by 3 minutes 18 seconds.
Adding ttmo allowance (G minutes 40
seconds yesterday) her lawful gain
was 9 minutes 58 seconds.
The race to-day ls the fifth nnd lait.
It will consist of a bent fifteen ml'es
to windward nnd a run home if the
wind comes from the sea In that
case any wind fit to carry tho racori
over the course within the time limit
of six hours should glvo Resolute an
easy victory.
But Sir Thrsiias has yet one rh.ine
If the wind comes from the land
sny from the northwest at the siar:
custom will lead the committee to lay
the course dead before the wind and
send the racers away with splnnakerj
set. Shamrock is a very wvlft Milp
lioforo n light a'r. Moreover, a Light
northwest wind Is pretty sure to die
out and then wo shnll have a wind
from a new quarter.
The new wind might easily favor
Shamrock enough to give her the race.
Tn a variable, flaky wind, she mny
have llio luck to win, mid It would bo
a legnl or legitimate victory.
Tpo Cup has bean saved moro than
once by a lucky slant of light air.
Who can say whether It will or will
not be lifted by Just ouch ludk?
Half Wast N. V. Ontrnl I'lnits for
W. K. Vanderlillt.
A. II. Smith. President of the New
Tork Central Lines, yesterday ordered
, all Units on New York Central vessels
"nd buildings placed at half mast for
"e week and sent official notice of the
death of William K. Vanderbllt to all
parts ok isiem.
Thousands Participate in St.
Joachim Celebration
on East Side.
James Street between aiadloon and
Oak Streets Ih In holiday atUro to-dav.
fcJlowlng a llvoly evening last rAirht
17" .. " . r .""'"..', ,TlV. l"" l
i oi. o.kio.i m. iiimureus 01
ailllH?, lirn rvirtMniitltiv n.,rl ,V.A
ber of children runs well Into tho j
thmiwnila 1
"o. , L, , . 1
St. Joachim Is always a favorite
with thp kiddles, for on the two davs .
of tho feast great ertreta ls put on !
the rito of oatltig. Everything tho
vendors havo Is quickly taken uu.
particularly watermelons, which tho
children of Southern Ku.ro po, now j
Americans, have, come to lnvn with I
r ... i
"i relish that cluiracUrizoti . tho ,
Southerner of America. I
Ux!sl n:Khl.s programme was full of
,.., .. . .. . , , !
J.A. ,1 .l V"tl II. t. .IC1 V illlni.
of tho Umo ojul when 1t wasn't, the
hi rains nf .stringed instruments camo
from nuarby wJndows. MoHt of the.
crowd w-is In the streot, for last night
n.s liuinid. Tho yviungstens grew a
Httlo impatient waiting for Lhe music
'o wtart up, but quickly sought vuut-
ago iKisauoiis wlmn tno orchestra filed
onto nn Impnn'lsod Htand ton fuot
above tbo street.
The loader called for "Klnfonln."
Tho first notes wore mibdued, wtitch
tho crowd could little appreciate.!
"Shako 'om up!" camo tho cry, and
tho loader threw it Into high while the
crowd applauded. In u minute the
audience was alive and feet wore
shuffling in responso to tho rpiisle.
"Flying Angels" then npiieared.
Thoy were toy balloons to which
were attached Fourth of July spark
lers. Thcu went up n.lxve the tene
ment roofs, shooting off shirks.
The programme of speeches was
passed up until to-night, when the
feast will conclude. Downtown Tam
many ls expected to bo on hand again
and .lames Street Is hopeful that Gov
Smith will make a speech.
In charge of the entertainment are
Holinrt Vanella, ".Mayor of James
Street," and his busy lieutenant, An
gelo 1 .1 pi.
Three More Justices Needed" in
Brookln Rush, Declares One
Justice William J. Ilogen.cliutr In the
SovinUi DUtrlct Municipal Court hoard
rent cases until 6 o'clock Inst night,
most of thorn being trials. The court
room was so packed with women and
their babies special rooms wero assigned
them until their oases were called. Tho
babies cried no court attendants asked
their mothers to remove them because
they disturbed the procedure. Nearly
ixriy cased were aisposea 01, an un
usually high record.
"We need three more Justices In
Brooklyn, especially In view of the
comliur October rush." said Jujtlco
Kogenschutz. "Moro court days also
are neeaea."
! GEMS WORTH $50,000
I :
, Customs Guard Seizes One of
Crew of the Steamer
Smuggled diamonds worth l&O.OuO
were seized yestorday afternoon by
Samuel .Schermer, a customs guard,
when he took Into custody a sailor
from the Swedish-American liner
Stockholm, which docked Thursday
ut I'lcr 95, North Hlver.
Collector of Customs Newton inti
mated there uro reasons to believe a
gang of smugglers Is at work hero
and at the other end of tho line. He
said that, from Information In his
possession, he Is cortatn other sinug-
gloru will bo found. Schormor savs
v, .1 t. I-. ...i u..
saw a sailor coming a.horo from the
Stockholm, with no outward Indlca-
tli.Mu thul nnvthlm. ,1,1.
hlm- Ile hml a "hunch" Just the
.i.uue iii.n liiu cviiuur wuuiu uuiier lie
Investigated. The sailor, who unld
hi namo was Jncobson. iirotnHieil ,
against being stopped, and asserted 1
htt wls mt IV'y Kol"- aslloro on leave ,
for a few hours.
nn . in . Hrimil v- MHr Mnvmint
Devised for the Comiii;
A i ii ii p.i ik ii of evangelUm but is
the servjeos of the profimslonnl evange
list has been devised for the eomliiR
year iby eighteen illffurent churches,
among which are the various MethiNlInt
liodliifl, HnptlHts, I'resbyterlanH. l.uthor
nns, ("ongreKatlpniillstd, Dlsrlplns ami
the two reformed groups. Tlio drive
will lie nation wide.
The directors will onll ifor a bark-to-thc-faniily-altar
movement .Services In
tlic noniii, more prnyjntc by Individual
church members and greater omphnsls
on tho Individual's udhorencn to tho
tenets of his own creed will be urged.
C'huruh rallies will be held early in
the fall at which pastors will discuss the
detailed plain with their congregations
and a eall will be sounded from every
pulpit from .Jaliuury to K.uter. during
which period the drive will bo at Its
lli.hllt Clillil 1'nllnd StncU In
SiTliiililliiu Pmil rlil.
Ililnard t'rlinn, ten years old. of No
521 K.ist USth Btreet was drowned yi-s-ti
rday efternoon when ho fell Into the
Hint 1th or at l!8th Street, where he
wii. playing with a number rX other
bill's on a srow owned by tne Jlaltlmoru
und Ohlu Itallixud.
The mystery of the dlsiuuiearnnrA
Thursday of nine-) ear-old John (1 Mc-
l jiii en rioin ms nomc ru .no. zit, rrcston
Avenue, iciaKriiolil I'arK. N. J.. was
solvivl yesterday when several playmates
namllteu tney nail gone swimming witn
lilm and that alter a (Jive tie hnd full ml
to ri'iiKtmar.
The father of the boy, with townsmen
who hud been tmnllng for young Mclil
len went to the swimming pool und
touna uio uoay siiick in a ciay pit.
Wall I'aper Manufacturer.!' Assocla
tlon. eonventlon, Hotel Commodore.
Ksperanto Aasoclatlou of North Amer
ica, convention, liahai Library, No. 415
Madison Avenue. 10 A. M.
United Waist League of Amerloa, ox-
Tilbltlon, No. 23 Kast 3!il Street.
I'. Kearney Circle. No. S, L. O. A. It.
meeting, No. 897 Gates Avenue, Ilrook
Jomns L. Toung Post. Ainerlmn
I Liegion, summer carnunl. uusliwlek
Ulgh sobool, etenlrn.
Cibrille of Shipping Board Stranded
Near Atlantic Qty in
ATLANTIC t'lTV. July 21 Tlia
United States Shipping llonrd nti-iuner
Cnbrlllo, ImhhiiI from Mexlcsn ports to
Ilityonne, N. J., wit'.t n enrgo of crude
ull, went ashore four miles off Drlgnn.
tlno yesterday In h heavy fog. The
vessel apparently Is uiulamacod. A
tug has been aummonul from Kew
Ynrk, nnd It Li expected tli Cabrlllu
will lui filiated to-day.
Tlio Culirlllo enrrles n crew of thirty
nine. When she struck she did not
sound ilL.tri'Si signal, and It was only
when the fog lifted ut o'clock Isst
I'vrnlng that the llrlgontlno const guurds
noJ the vessel.
A bont whk M.int nut In tlia CiLhrMle.
bit the eo'int, Kilnrds wore Informed the
ttn In no ilunKer.
UVA VJct IoTk.""1"'
,. !, rwi.,1 Cl, H..r!-I
Mrs. MariflO Denied Slie Hllfled
Daughter in Front of
I knew I wns Innocent, and felt I
would he acquitted," said Mrs. Mnrle
Marino of No. 2018 llorgen Street, Brook-
Ivn. lo-flnv of her ncnutttnl on n charge
of throwing hr I Ivi-yeur-old daughter
l'i front of an nutomohlln June 4.
Hho wns aeiiultted
In the County
C.iurt. llrooklyn. lute yesterday by
Jury Hint was nut only half an hour. At
the time the little girl was killed. Mrs.
(1 her hUKbniiu were crossing
I. nrxulng their domestle
trouble. He was said to have Inilstrd
or, V.,-l,iL' 111., irlrl. uml thi. mnllmr wax
alleged to have hulled her In fiont of
the mnrnini. wmie nysiericai. un tne
stand Mrs. Marino denied that she even
had hold of tho child's hand.
Hsri Illvorer Did Mot Hurt l.'eelcsl-
nstlrnl Mtnnillnir.
Thn Itev. IMwurd Halrd of Brooklyn,
who Is suing Grace Bplscopal Church of I
Mlllbrook, Uutchess County, to recover,
150,000 for the rhurch'a alleged failure
to issuii mm a certlliaiic or election ill
s rector, made application yesterday to
iuiireme Court Justice Knwcett of
Irooklyn to strike from tho answer tiled
bj the rhureh the alltgatlon tthnt his
wife. Kiln, divorced hlm In Oklahoma.
and that h was unuccuptnhle as pastor cause win the child shmild not on
foi that reason. . Hum, under tliu ailoutlon of Karl
Dr. llalrd In an allldiivlt said his wife
did not obtain her dlvotro until moro
than a year after lie had received the
eall from Ornr,. Chuirli The ulW'Katlon
concerning the divnri-e, he roniended In
Irie.evant. lie said the decree In his
wife s luvor has not intluenced hl.i
status as a .U-rgymni.. wl.H I. could only
! nrreeteii ny the minings or nn ecu.
siastlriii tr,bui al after , trial of chargn
a K ii ii t h in Durlslon was reserved.
ORANGE PEKOE? Certainly!
is just that and pure and fresh withal. Every
little leaf tells its story of deliciousness.
, . I
Escape 'Rent Gougers.
metro ixilltnn .lint riot emMd I!50.-
nnn nnn ... t . m n.ni. . , n
greatest volume for., any similar
period on record nnd more than dou-
total, ns shown hy tho records, wns
:,178,"C3,.r00 an average of JSJ.IOO,-
000 for ech week. It emhrnces snlcs, J
mortgage loans nnd building opera-
Tor tho fliat half of 1919. It Illus
trates tho wild rush to buy as a
result irf the scare created by rent
gouging. In 1918 the six mouths' total
woh only 54, 150,000.
In tho Greater Utty the half-year
total was f l,m,26S,300. It compares
U'llh 1777 (inn n h nn ..
,. . . i
$474,875,000 In 191S. Hales amounted
If) 1 1 .270.0(10 Oft A mMtrii(rsa Cift -
na . ..-...-
ouuiu n m iVLv rrwnu
... r .1 J it vnnnA . ..
mortgages, 100,10J,000 constniotlon. I
and thut of 1918 with $3(it.57i,00U
tales, 7i,V5U,O0O mortgages, J3I.560,
000 oouistructlon.
From the metropolitan district,
sale of Ufl.060 parcels Involved $1,
456,000,000, In comparison with 01,383
and Jdl,700,000 a er ago, S7.24S nnd
tjl fiir. i.m I mi, , t .
far t&m.lia noo nit aun ,...i ... . a
agntnat ll2,5U,000 tiuit roar and $5,
0,000 In 118. Dulldcrs filed plans
for $:03,O44,SOO, ngalnst $119,700,000 a
year ago nnd 42,400,000 la 1918.
Manhattan maintains wall Its old
prewtlge with I90'l,7 13,000, comprising
Ifi7t.100.ooo Balea, 8220.150,000 mort
gage, J93.483.00O construction. The
wilos InvolviNd 9,900 parcels; the mort
Riicmi, 0,500. FVir the 1919 first hnir,
6,217 fmrceU were sold ut 8235,100,900,
with 85M50.000 mortgage loans nnd
834.750,000 for building. The 191S'
records show 3.330 sales at 8183,200.000,
with 833,750,000 mortgages and 811.
S50.l"X for lMI.Hrv-
llrooklyn comes next with $546,914,
000; tlin Hiilea of .11.595 parcels calling
for 8379,200,000; mortgages, $123,475,
00(1 on 21,295 lotitraqts; buildings,
84 1, 239,000. This compares with 8261,.
350,000 last year, composed of 24,8ie
wiles at $169,600,000; 852,900,000 mort
gages, $.18, 860,000 buildings. The 1918
ilrst half recorded 8130.700.000, with
8101.100,000 paid for 11,230 parcels;
$22,150,000 mortgages; 813.45C00O
Qderns holds. third place with $191,
414,500 from 17,150 Miles nt $121,400,
000; 15,250 mortgages at $46,200,000;
$23,814,600 buildings. A ymr ago tho
loiais wore 'ju.o.'j,oiki, witn 10,805
nates at $58,400,000; $23,600,000 mort
gages; $17,525,000 taiildlngs, la 1918
flhero were 0,930 parcels sxld at $.19,
750,000: $11,160,000 mortgages: $G,
000.000 buildings.
Tito llronx scores $111,767,000, with
6.615 .sa'bs nt $66,200,000; 4,550 mort
gages at $32,144,000: buildings. 13.
423,000. This stands agalnat $84,300.
000 a yenr ago when wales of 4.412 par
cels Involved $42,100,000:; mortjragva,
$14,20,000; buildings, 88,160,000. tn
1918, tho :3r salon amounted to $24.
9oo,00y. with $5,760,000 on mortmurea
nnd $3,050,000 for build. ng,
UP 1295,600,000.
sail of 6.050 parcels ut $32,100,000;
sales of 6,050 parcels ut $ 2.100,000:
mortgages, $8,750,000 on 3.100 Con
tracts; buildings, $1,603,000. Iist vear
tho total was $26,000,000, with 2,136
sales at $19,750,(KK)i niortgngea. $5,450,-
000; buildings, $830,000. In 1918, there
. Wf re 2,500 saltd ut $13,425,000, $3,160,
. 000 mortgage. $1,100,000 bulldlnirs.
Total subui'baJl tninsnttlons cover
K th0 oummiltliiir zoiim of West- I
, ,. uff,,iic ,ih,l tho i-- I
L","u r; N,","'ul ln.'thn. .J?.r-
""J"1 "'"v s:n.au,uuu. wun 2.iao
eillcn At 81 fill 900.000 1 11.225 mort L-IIXTJI
nt $82,100,000: fulldings, 826,500,000. A
yar aim the total $1 43.525.000, Included
tiijrvi.rioo al.. nn.i7R.nno mnrtir....-.
$19,600,000 buildings.
in 1918 t'js eji
was onlv'iJ89..
t re suburlNUt total
Olrl I'iKliI" tn Iterorer llsliy I'rom
IU Knllirr anil Ilia Wife.
What apienrod to bo the final chap.
ter In the fight of Miss Terena laco)
t0 reKn t, y )f lt,r ne-year-
, . ,11L.i.,- i.,,,!., ttnl wrltirn vm
0,11 lauglitcr. UiuIhii. was wr tten es-
tenluy by Surrogate t'ohalnn. iho
bNiiied an uriler dlnvtlng liPr to show
. , .i.. , ...
""""""" " " ' . '
ii'i"" "-u "pi "ui i.
The eliriulls tangle was revealed In
tin rfliptemii Court when Mls.l Uaco
uttemnti d t., ..bta n a writ of .uncus
.i ...... n..,.,
?" "L 7h JZ ,1, J , J . 'h-n
' er fhlld, and that bo nnd his wife
refused to Ifimlt her to see it.
... .
Gets Half Supply.
ouaness of the country's fuel PIlffB
luifi nin miMnv in. nwrnnfininM.
of the position of tbo public litll.tTi
of . this . city, have been prrtente
Holding hearings, with Senator Cald
ns Chairman, In tho Engineering t.
clctlea' Ilulldlng, No. 29 WmI W
nounced his conclusion that 'ln sWme
ineasure' the nrejtent jitrlnffenut. lit
npparcntly duo to tho export of coal.'
une wimess cnargeu mat rur)itn:
buyers have bid as lilgh.oa 123 a ton
me utilities companies to pay Mm
prices nnd odillnir more than JlO.rOO.'.
I UOU ftl vrwlf'- rnnl 1,111 rtf
...i.I . ri-
,vllv uuiiurs, (iKraiors sluing ipe
product to high bidders regardlei'
the fitct that contrnctn wltW itllltlea
iu iiiui cuuniry navo doi Deen ill tea. '
uervico commiAsioner. safd .to tue
. " ' 1
"We re -attlng hardly enough coal'
rpmnir nm iinff n, nil vnw iMniNir
null ,iii no unui:uit.
I'Mn I. I I. 1 I A
tn n i,l ri n I -.rf. nan ihn. .1 m
serve coal now has a total of only
6.000 tops nnd that ls for Its current'
nreus. u e ougnt to navo m mis city,'
between 600,000 and 600,000 tons b
coai on nana ana we navo only 233,
nnn am . - . i .. .... .. ni .. vr.....
orK Mteam company uses 660 tons v
day. U has only one day's supply
nnd receives each dnv .nnlv .nmiarh
1 1. n V , iln . . 'I , V. . . 1 1 1 nn n n . .
.w. ...a . . A fc ui.J, .1 1 1 1 lui. , WVW.,U ,
the New York Udlson ComDanr. re
marked of conditions:
"The total coal tonnage contractedr
1 sv 1 1 1 ii uihl v un i.d. j. in ii in
Since mat aaio we nave got only,
been bought In the market, '5PoV
corn pvronasea nt tne mines in com
petition with foreign bidders payings
as high as $25 a ton. Tho Utilities
have had to pay as much as $5 ntr
more a ton above contract figures and
the yearly extra coat for this reason
wilt V.- nw,..., ,an ClftnAAnAA f.,K.
.,1.1 ug ,..v.v . . ' ,..UUVUJU . u , , U
-..JV.1I. ..,1,1,1.. n. ,1.1. .1,.. r
IUIII1U Uklllkldl ui iiiib v, J, '
"Nomlnatly we have a reserve at
our Bdgewater )rds of 150.000 to,
200,000 tons. Wo now have nothing,
In reserve. We are getting only
enough for current needs and .none to
store up against the winter.'
Promises New England It Will Get
Fuel Priority Orders May Be
Issued To-Day. . .
WVjSHINaTON. July 24. Cool,
shortages reported already ln exist
ence tn some sections of the country,.
and threatened In many others clalmi ,
dlie attention of nearly half a dozen
Government departments and agna!e'
I'reslilent Wilson Mnraclt tcoK. at
hnnd In the New England coal situa
tion and ns a result the In tartrate'
Commerce Commission ls expeofed to J
Issuo to-day an order establish-1
Ing priority for coal Intended for the u
iiriiieunv niinuur iu milt insueu s
few days ngo for coal to Lake ports.
allr Chooololec' -a Locrr
Our new store the Eighth
Miller Store in New York
opened yesterday at 8th
Street and Broadway. Right
in the middle of that busy'
downtown section. Miller
Candy and Miller Soda de
licious, refreshing, ideal for:
warm weather R E A D Ys'
lal llraadMOT 7 12 BnndnitV
At Cnn.nl St At aiatoiTl..
B'M llromlHST M1U Hruwlwnf
At Hpr.ns w
Al 4 1st St.
II III llnMulnuv
1IIUN llrotMlirar!!
ai 4iu'0i-ici.r ar ai tvm ay
..... v.aa...
lttirr.'ti ilkmi and Ann Htm
Al .Miller's Krrrr rmin.1 UajsJ
Gordon -tBHwortiS
Serve a salsd of crisp I
leaves and luscious i
toe with Imp
k BrlclhWV
in . . . j
a -. JJ,j .1 on his
l to ibo wcatwora la da effo

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