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I "Circulation Hooka Open to Alt'
"Circulation Books Open to AIL"
VOL. LXI. NO. 21,680 DAILY.-
CopjrUht, Jlial, by The tress publishing
Co. (The Str York World).
Knlrrrd n 8ceomt-ClAii Matter
foul Ofllrf, New Vork, N. T.
mm m
mi v
Delegation at London jNotified
of he Result of Session
Held Yesterday.
Lloyd George Discusses Use'
. of Fleet if Blockade Be-
comes Necessary.
LONDON, March 5. Tho German
Cabinet has unanimously voted
against acceptance of the Allied terms
lot reparations, the German delegation
here 'was Informed to-day. Tho Cab
inet met In Berlin yesterday.
Premier Lloyd Ocorgo conferred
yesterday with Admiral Sir David
Beatty, Commander' of tho Fleet, on
tho situation which would arise
ehould the Allies decide to apply
penalties to Germany. Authoritative
information was claimed by tho Dally
Sketch that In case of a blockade both
tho North Sea and iho Baltic would
lw the scenes of a naval demonstra
tion and that Great Britain, In con
Bert with France, had made all prep
arations to establish a naval cordon
along the German coast Somo news
papers to-day mado the point that If
Germany expected "crumbs of com- ,
Sort" from President Harding's In-,
Augural address she was disillusioned.
' BERLIN, March 5. Financial ox- ,
merta who drew up the counter-pro-
1 posata announced to-day, following a ,
conference, thut tho $7,500,000,000 repa
rations offered by Germany represents
the maximum tho country can pay.
They declared they would "stand pat"
pn that figure.
Following the nuspcnslon of the
sitting of tho Reichstag yesterday,
during which Independent Socialists
nd Communists caused considerable
disorder, Paul Loebe, President of the
Chamber, disappeared. When time
for resuming tho session had como
none of tho members knew vhat tho
next inovo would be, and finally tho
Chamber adjourned without fixing a
date for the next meeting. This date.
It was arranged, will be posted on tho
' Reichstag bulletin board.
r&ssailant in Washington Wounds
Henderson, of Nevada, Over Dis
pute in Old Land Case.
WASHINGTON, March 6. Betlr
flng Senator Charles B. Henderson of
'"Nevada was shot through the wrist
to-day in his ofllce in the Scnato by
Charles A. Crock, a former resident
of Nevada.
Grock, who Is sixty-five years old,
and lives In Takoma Park, Maryland,
near this city, told the police twenty
five years ajjp the former Senator
wa counsel for lilm in a land' caso
and tho shooting was an outgrowth
of that. The Senator apparently was
not dangerously wounded.
Henderson was .appointed Senator by
Gov. IJoylc In 1918 to fill tliu vacancy
(mused fry tho death of Senator
f 'rancid fj. Ncwluiidh. Democrat. Iln
s a graduate of Stanford University
ana inn university oi .Micnigitii ana
ferved in tho Simnili-Anu'rlciin War.
Jin was born in S.tn Jose, Cat., in 1873.
!lronll)n Woman In Will Illkpulc
MInnIiik Iiiit Wpdiii'kiln'.
Mrs, Catherine Trotta. tS. of No. 17
Jackson Street, Ilrooklyn was reported
missing to-day by her sun. Louis Le-
vcstl, since sno left his House, two
doors from lirr own Wr-dn-fhliiv tiftcr.
noon, flhe hail J5.I00 worth of Jewelry
jii nor nanuuuK.
-Leveatl thinks his mother was kid
napped, in connection with a d'mmte
over the estate If ft Imr.liy ln-i rtrst
husband. Tim second huaUind died
.fast May, ailcr the rounln had bw-n
rpiarried m'r " month. Mrs. Trotta
1 1 T
Lorries Taking Prisoners to
Castle Attacked Many
Persons Wounded. ,
DUBLIN, March 5. Police lorries
escorting prisoners to Dublin Castle
wero fired on and bombed last night
along the North Quays. Tho police
men returned tho fire, killing three
persons and wounding four others.
On reaching Grattan Bridge, the
lorries again were subjected to a fu
sillade. Several moro persons were
wounded, among them two of" tho
Fifty men ambushed a ' flying
column of pollco and military In tho
mountainous district of Carrlck-on-Shannon,
County Leltrim, yesterday,
and a fierce fight ensued which
lasted an hour.
A Lieutenant commanding the troops
was seriously wounded and five sol
diers and two policemen wore wound
ed slightly.
Thousands of Youn(t Men Are In
terned In Ireland.
DUBLIN, March 5. Two thousand
one hundred and twenty persons were
interned in . Ireland at tho end of
February. As a result of this activity
by the British Government spring
cultivation a held up everywhere
owing to tho lack of labor most of
the young men not Jailed being on
the run. In some country districts
men are afraid to work In roadside
fields, fearing attacks from the
Crown forces patrolling the roads.
Doctors Unable to Agree on Diag
nosis of Illness of Former
Mrs. Leeds.
ATHENS, March 4. Princess
Anastasla, wifo of Prince Chris
topher and formerly Mrs. W. B. Leeds
of New York, who has been seriously
111 for several days, appeared to-day
to bo growing weaker, owing to her
Inability to assimilate food.
Dr. Hoover, who is hurrying to this
city from Constantinople, had not
arriTed up until 3.S0 o'clock this af
ternoon. Physicians attending the
Princess declared her condition was
unchanged, but they had not agreed
as to a diagnosis of her case. '
Condition So far Improved Consal
tatlou To-Morrow la C-ancellcd.
Tho following bulletin on Enrico Ca
ruso's condition was Issued at noon to
day by tho five physicians and surgeons
In attendance on him at the Hotel Van
derbllt: "Mr. Caruso is progressing steadily
and satisfactorily. Ills fever has dis
appeared." It was said the patient was doing so
well there would be no more eonsulta
Hons and no urore bulletins until Mon
day. Tho singer's brother, alovanul
arrived laxt night but did not see tlio
tenor, who waS' asleep. This mornlUK
the two convorscd for a fow nilmitus.
Hotel (iupklN Kxelteil l.y Fire.
A small file in aomo rubbish in the
basement of the Buckingham Hotel,
.Fifth Avenue and SOth Streot, canned
oonic excitement among guiats this
momma; when xmuko uncended tho
Wcvntul sluift anil penetrated tho
libv The fire, whloli was nuleklv
extinguished with trlfllnif datnaire,
was in u ruvni ureunieu in
Sailors, ' Slugged in Broadway
Place, in' Cells All Night "
Without Attention.
Law Student and Actresses ;
Held After Arrests in Third
Avenue Smoker.
The physical condition of two young
men who wero arraigned In tho West
Side Pollco Court to-day charged with
Intoxication and disorderly conduct
Impelled Assistant District Attorney
Richard Gibbs to ask for their dis
charge and censure tho policemen who
appeared as complainants. Tho pris
oners were Herbert Graves and "Law
rence Keen, seamen. Their faces were
cut and swollen and their clothlruj was
covered with dried blood. A
They were In Wilson's dancing
place at No. 1551 Broadway last night
when a squad of raiding plain clothes
policemen suddenly Invaded the room
Hnd began grabbing at women danc
ing on the floor. Graves was dancing (
with a girl who was roughly snatched I
away from him by a man ho had '
never seen before.
Tho man was Policeman namerez,
but Graves dldnft know he was a po
liceman and, sailor fashion, he hauled
off and smashed him on the Jaw. The
next he knew a half dozen men wore
hammering him with their fists.
Rooa went to his rescue and more
plain clothes men Joined In. They
beat and kicked the sailors Into In
sensibility, threw them Into cclU In
tho West 47th Street Station and left
them thoro all night without medical
attention, according to tho testimony.
"There is nothing In tho evidence
in this caso to Justify tho attack on
theso men by the police," said Glbbs.
"I recommend to Tour Honor that
they bo discharged."
Magistrate. Levlnc said ho agreed
with tho Assistant District Attornoy
and Graves and Bees wero set free.
The raid on Wilson's place, which is
at 46th Street, was tho second in two
weeks. No men wore arrested except
Graves and Reea, but forty-eight
women who are said by detectives to
have been dancing instructors, were
placed under arrest.
They wore kept in custody from 1
o'clock this morning until 1 o'clock
this" afternoon, spending the early
morning hours in Jefferson Market
Prison, which has recently been de
nounced by Magistrate Douras as un
fit for 'human occupancy.
A pdlrccman named; Hopner appear,
ed in Jefferson Market Pollco Court at
noon before Magistrate Jean Norris of
the Womens' Court and filed a com
plaint of incorrigibility against the
(Continued on Second Page.)
Net Revenue of American Tele
phone and Telegraph Co. for
1920 $51,821,216.
The annual report of tho American
Telephone and Telegraph Company,
mado public here to-day, showed a net
revenue of 131,821,216 for 1920. com
pared with 44,393,7D1 for 1919. Divi
dends declared last year totalled $36,
376,705, and for 1319 they wero $35,306,
334. Tho company and Its 'predecessors
nave piM Olvlden ls of at least J7.50 a
share for the last thlrty-nlno year,
and fo: the Inst fourteen years tho rutt
ha Ui'cn 8 a share. It has 139,4 tS
sharo lioldera.
The total insets of tho company In
1920 wnro given as J939,868.2t6.l i. as
against J92C7S1.088.60 for tho previous
I There were 12.60t.93S stations In omer
. atlon durine 1920, a gam of 806.188 ovor
. 1919, and th averaco dally connections
ware 33.162.000. a' rain of 2.700.000. Tho
i ruirnbjr of miles of wire ln (rv( was
'twain bu a imiii ...,..
Thieves Get $ 1,200 in Office
of Paper Box Factory Where
Many Arc Working.
HOLD-UP ON B. R. T. "L."
Mrs. Campbell, Ticket Agent,
Prostrated as Result of En
counter With Thieves.
Tho third daring hold-up In Brook
lyn ln twenty-four hours was re
ported to-day. It took placo In a
United Cigar Storo at No. 32 Court
Street, across the street from Bor-"
ough Hall and In tho centre of tho
busiest section of Brooklyn.
Edward Bartel of No. 413 Flfty
olghth Street, Brooklyn, a clerk who
was alono in the store, said that two
flashily dressed young men entered
the store last night wh'.lo crowds of
theatregoers and others passed the
door. They pointed a gun at him
and forced him to keep still while
they bound his hands and feet and
gagged him with a handkerchief.
Then they throw him behfnd the
counter and began working, o,n the
Bartel said tho robbers, working In
true Jimmy Valentine stylo, opened
the safe by manipulating the tum
blers. They took J300 from tho cash
box in the safe, he said, and escaped.
Bartel managed to work loose tho gag
and yelled. Tho policeman on post
liberated "him. Bartel said the ban
dits wore brown Fedora hats, but
could glvo little other' detailed infor
mation about them. Detective James
Cunningham of the Adams Street Sta
tion is investigating tho case.
Miss Anna Rubin, twenty, is being
congratulated to-day on saving 10,000
In tho hold-up of her father's office
at No. 35 Meserolo Street, Brooklyn,
lato yesterday by four masked gun
men. Josoph Rubin, proprietor of tho pa
per box factory; his son, Benjamin,
and Miss Anna wero the only ones ln
tho office at the time. There wero
seventy-five employees In other parts
of tho building, but they, knew noth
ing of the robbery until It was over.
Tho bandits rushed ln, presented re
volvers and ordered "hands up," then
"lino up against the wall." Miss
Rubin,, as she got up, closed a drawer
containing $5,000 without attracting,
Tho leader of tho four took a box
containing $1,200 of the weekly pay
roll and complained thero ought to be
more. Miss Rubin explained there
were not as many people working a&
In the past because of trade condi
tions. They looked about, and the
leader then said: "Well, I guess we've
cleaned them out Let's gol"
Warning there would be "some lively
shooting" If anybody made any fU3s,
the bandits backed out and escaped to
an automobile that had been waiting
200 feet away. Miss Rubin handed her
brother a revolver from tho desk and
Rent blm after thorn, but the robbers
pointed revolvers at him and ho went
Mrs. Mary Campbell of No. 291 Mon
tauk Avenue was unable to go on duty
to-day, as a result of shock from be
ing hold up at tho Montauk Avcnuo
Station of tho B. R. T., at MonUuk
and Pitkin Avenue. Brownsville, at 3
A M. yesterday.
She is ticket agent at the westbound
station, tho eastbound being closed at
night Two negro youths puld their
faros and went to tho -platform to wait
for a train to New xorK. seeing no ono
else about they went to tho booth, stuck
a revolver in Mrs. Campbell's fucv and
told her to keen still.
While ono kept her covered with tho
revolver tne oumr weni into tno Doom,
took $10 froa the counter, then tho $1 in
chance froiii her handbag rn the wall.
She followed them two blocks, but they
Hldrrly Mnn Drop Head In Home.
Daniel 11. Payne, seventy-eight. No,
490 Oreono Avenue, Brooklyn, drop
ped dead to-day at his home. He was
.found by his sister, Miss Sarah Payne,
who called Dr. Brunner of Bushwlek
Hospital. Death was caused by heart
failure. The polio? say Payns . was
iioae an eiitssr in ius navy.
T nc m e n d o u s Upheaval
Throughout Russia Reported
to the Finnish. Legation.
Workers Near Black Sea Also
Said to Revolt Against
Menshevik Government.
WASHINGTON, March 6. Official
information that the Sovlot fortress
at Kronstadt had fallen ihto the
hands of revolutionary troops wns re
ceived to-day by the Finnish Lega
tion. Other reports from Scandinavian
sources declared conditions' In both
Moscow and Petrograd were serious,
aomc of the preports otated that there
was a pronounced movement among
the troops against using force In deal
ing with the revolutionaries.
A cablegram from the fnnlsh For
eign Office at Helslngfors . said the
revolutionists were, holding Lenlne
Commissaries as hostage. A wireless
mesrage to this effect from Kronstadt,
the despatch stated, was Intercepted
by the Finnish General Staff.
The cablegram also sand uncon
firmed reports had reached Holslng
fors via Est lion la that "a tremendous
upheaval reigns throughout Russia,"
that tho Moscow garrison refused to
fight and that the greater (part of
Petrograd was under tho control of
LONDON, March 5. Peasants and
workers of tho Province of Abkhasla,
in the Black Sea district of the P.o
publlc of Georgia, have revolted
against the "Menshevlkl Government,"
it is declared ln a wireless despatch
from Moscow to-day. 'iAt tho Invlta-.
tlon of the 'Mcnshovlki," adds' tho
message, "French warships are bom
barding tho populated regions liber
ated by tho Insurgents."
TThls despatch would Indicate
This despatch would Indicate
that tho 'Moscow wlrtflesB nerv'.co
was still being operated by the
A despatch from Hclslngfors de
clares tho anti-Soviet outbreak Is
spreading. Tho mossage asserts that
Moscow and Petrograd are in the
hands of tho revolutionists.
Riga messages have quoted the of
ficii (Moscow papers as printing reso
lutions adopted by Communistic la
borer s showing the existence of
strikes and disturbances, and what
was declared to be an official decla
ration signed by IPremler Lenlne and
War Minister Trotsky on March- 2,
naylrrg grave disorder hod occurred
and that ipctrogard and the Immedi
ate district had been placed in a state
of siege, with nil authority given into
the hands of a committee of defense.
This declaration added that tho for
mer Genral Kozlovskl and othr of
flcrs, ibacked by Socialists, had imi
tlncd on "March 2 and arrested sev
eral of the Petrograd Soviet Admin
istrators. COPENHAGEN, March 5. Chinese
troops have been concentrated at
Moscow by the Russlon Soviet Gov
ernment, says a Hclslngfors despatch
to tho Berllnpako Tidendc Railroad
traffic Is proceeding only cast of Mps
cow toward Tomsk, Siberia.
HBLSINGFORS, March 5 (United
Press). Russian robelw have seized
the Baltic fleet and land fortifica
tions, reports from Hcvul say. Bail
ors In Petrograd were rtiported flock
ing to the White standard. Devel
opments Indicated again In strength
for tho white forcos, which appar
ently were in command at Kroruitatlt.
headquarters for the Baltic fleet and
tho naval training establishment.
nahmarlne 0-7 floated Again.
NUW LONDON, Conn.. March S.
Submarine 0-7. which wsjs ashore on
a rand bank on the south side of
Fisher's Island. In Lorvr Island Sound,
u jKUltd etc uu moral og.
KyBfc wKr HHP?
rtxrto bf OmlWl Studio.
Head, of Banking System Will
Remain as Long as He
Wishes. It Js Said.
WASHINGTON, March 5. William P.
G. Harding of Alabama, aovcrnorjf tho
Federal .Ilescrvo Board, Is ono Demo
cra,t who Is likely lo remain In offlte
Indefinitely, according to common baltef
here. President Harding and Secretary
of the Treasury Stellon lira credited
with having profound admiration for
the way Gov. Harding has handled
financial affairs and with desiring him
to remain In office as long as ho con
venlently can.
The attitude of tho new President on
this subject caused genorah satisfaction,
as it Indicated that the Federal Reserve
system la to be kept out of politics.
Gov. Harding was arranging to leavo
the Government service to becomo haad
of tho now OXorclgn Tnido Finance Co:
poratlon, but It was said to-day he had
consented to dofor his rc'sigination ro
the new Administration will have the
benefit of his services at the period of
'business depression.
$188,000 in Stolen Bonds In
volved in Captures at iHo
boken Rooming House.
The quick wit of a noboken room
ing house landlady, whose name the
police withhold, led to tho arrest to
day of two mon said to be wonted for
major crlmos in Pennsylvania and
Michigan. The woman eald the. two
men asked her for a room, and when
nhe asked for their previous nddross
gave a street and number which she
knew to bo that of a prominent mer
chant. She dissembled her uspldon,
runted the room and then called the
One of the prisoners Is alleged to be
Frank Wells, otherwise 'known an
Carl Lordl, wanted in Dtttrolt in con
nection with the holdup of Morton
Hrothem on Jen. 31, when $8,000 worth
of bonds were stolen and three de
tective) shot In the fight for escape.
The other, the police say, has boon
Identified by Miss Helen Davis of
Wyomlfln'g. Pa., as one of the two
men in a car in which fche rode im
mediately Httcr the $180,000 rubbery
or tho Pciple'H This! Company, lie
gave the name of John ltiw-., and the
poller say he has t trtng K.ng record.
Ml Davis already hail Heiillned us
the oUrtv man in the ear. Juinci Mino
gue. now In the Tombs. Mimntur, under
indictment as one of the men who
"stuck up" leorKe Alexntcri Wash
ington Maiket noultrv daaler and ro1!.
bed him of $47,000. whs reported to
have offered to r.veaj the hiding .l hm
of $100,000 In Liberty bonds taken from
the VVyomUIng Hank if prscdln:j
agtlnst aim war dreppod.
Hostilities Between Panarhn and;
0r4- "D T:., J O. TX7L.jiit
House Conference, in Which Secre
tary of War Weeks Takes, Part-i
Harding Has Many Callers. . . T;
WASHINGTON, March 6. Hostilities between Panama and Coa TifSi"
, i. i n , , i . .
yvd uiu mot. ouujiki iu uttup mo uutJimun lo-uay ot wo new Auministra
Hon. ,
President Harding bad a long
State, Charles Evans Hughes, regarding tha situation and they called In J
John Vf. Weeks, the now Secretary of War, who had with him the' latest J
t ispaicnea aa w tno oonmci ueiween
Ex-Presideftt Busies Himself at New
Home Directing Hanging
of Pictures.
WASHINGTON, Maftsh 6. Word
came to-day from tho homo of Wood-
row Wilson that the former President
apparently had suffered no ill effects
from his visit yesterday to tho Capitol.
Mr. Wilson was up at the usual hour
this morning and busied himself
about his new home, directing the
hanging of pictures and arrangement
of furniture.
Make-Believe Little Ones "Perish"
in Doll Exhibit at Hotel
Dreslin. '
Tareo hundred babies wero burned
to death to-day now, wait a minute,
they were only dolls in a room on
tho seventh floor of tho Hotel Drcslln.
Those that were not quite consumed
wore dismembered, decapitated and
otherwise mutilated In the efforts to
put out the fire that atarted among
When tho fire was at last put out,
the floor of the room was Uttered
with arms, legs, beads and cinders
of d rap erica. There was no panic In
the hotel, cither among the dolls or
the guests of the establishment who
mannod the tiro hoao and put out
the flames.
Tho dolls were a trade exhibition
of tho Averll Manufacturing Com
pany of No. 37 Union Square, Just
before noon V. O. Hopf, one of the
salesmen, saw a flash on a shelf of
dolls and a moment later tho entire
shelf, dolls and all. was ablaze.
Ho called to A. T. Whltbeck, an
other sutcsman, and In stripping oft
the draperleii they burned their
hunds slightly. The smoke brought
guests of the hotel to the scene and
a moment later the hoso had been run
out and turned on tho "nursery."
Someone sent In a fire alarm but the
blazo was out by the time tho ap
paratus and firemen arrived.
Named "Caswell LaJiiij Boy," Son
of Champion of the
United States.
WASHINGTON. March 3 Prosl
dent Harding wns presented to-day
with an Airedale dog, "Caswell Lad
die Hoy," which because of the fond
ness of the now Chlaf Kxocutlve for
dogs, Is expected to becomo the most
popular of tho White House pets.
The presentation wns made by
Charles W Quotsohe of Toledo, Ohio,
who said the father of Laddie llov
! was "Tender and Tip Top,"xhamlon
1 Airedala of tho United fiutCt,
. i ,1 ... . .. . fif- !V"
conference with his new Secrotary. ot
me control American republics. V
Before calling on the President,
Hughes discussed the subject at soma
longth with Under Secretary DaVls.
at tho State Department Henry P.
Fletcher, who la to ibe the now UnSec
Secretary, was presented at thUconr
ference, but did not accompany hl. ,
chic to the White House. ' f
When Mr. Hughes left the White,
House ho said thero was hothlryMa.
be given out: that ho had discussed
number of subjectn with the PresV Jl
v.u iviuillljlQf- IU Ills OlllCO MV
Hughes conferred -with various SfV
flcera of the Latin-American Division
who presented reports as
to lihe,
irouuio weiwcon l"unama ana CortA.-?
'Secretary Daniels, before he affiff.'
rendered office to Mr. Denby, itd J
the Gunboat Sacramento had been'
ordered to Almlranto ln comDllane&
with the request for warshlns
that Hear Admiral Bryan, command'
Ing tho Special Service Snuadrbn.-
had been instructed la nrnrent AmSS
lean lives and property if necessary ',
wun wnntever force ho needed. DjoVv-
airoyers wero also sent to Almlrante
und tho Quit of Dulce. t
What other steps might bo tokens i,
hero was not indicated. It was underjU!
sioou inai aeeretary Hughes waSJnr
accord with the notes sent by- ,lhej
retiring Administration mrglng iW
two governments to rench a peaceful:.
settlement of their dispute. State De
partment offl.clalo were Inclined, -to t'
view landing of Costa iMcan troops"
beyond the frontiers of Panama as'
making the situation more complex, 4 '
Mr. rlllirheji wn HnArminnA tn .Kari' '
approved the orders to the warships,'.
The situation regarding the Island '
of Yap also was understood to have.
oe en discussed between Mr. Hughes
and Mr. Davis, and the new Sec re
was reported to havb expreeed. ap- ,
proval of-tho action of the State Dt
nartment In the controverav reirnrillnir'
cable communications at that island, r
President Harding went to "worK,
cuny, nppearing in ma i-Jieemivo
Offices a few minutes after 9 6'cIoo'r;
and dictating to a stenographer ford'' -
soma time. IIh w&m arimnnntM infc-:
T. Hanling, and hit. brother, DnJ
ucorge t, Hanling jr.
Tho new President was up carl-;
ana naa breakfast with his fomUj
Early callers at the White House in.'
eluded Henry C. Wallace, the newi
Secretary of Agriculture, and Her-V
bcrt Hoover, Secretary of Coramergef
Mr. Harding's first dictation wai t
glvpn to Mis Kva U. Uhl. and VAwr
t'orunclla Mattcrn, who will be hlf
icrsonal - stenographers. They ha?&
been with him since his nomlnatlflinT
Mlsa Mat tern was his stenographer
In tho Senate and Miss Uhl, prior ,tft, .
Inst June worked for Senator Flklnaf 'iJi
of Wost Virginia, Tho uso of 'won3if'f(j
sienograpners is an innovation, foe
mfr Presidents having employed ;
Senator Lodge and. Heprceentatl
Momlcll, Ilcpubllcan Congress leadtJ
called at the White House in tho i
afternoon ta dJaouM with frcal

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