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hT chief counsel. John I. Uremrin,
Mil Abo) . .Smith.
Kor Mr. Stllmati's side of the rnso
came Cornelius J. Sullivan, WtlUnm
Tland and Outcrbrldge Horsey the
latter bringing with him from the
llccknmn .rhis, nt Hhlncbock, Her
nard nnd Irene Kclley. The former
was Fred Hcuuvals's successot Ju
charge of tho Stillman estate at
Plcaocntvlllo and the woman was
one of tho housemaids.
Two Important witnesses on hand
for Mr. Stillman rro hotel clrrks
from Montreal, who brought registers
from the ttltz and Windsor hotel of
that city, which are to bo offered In
evidence to provr- thai tit crtaln
times Mrs. Stillman was registered
t each of theiie hostelrlcs
Ovciliears Teleplwne ArraiiRcmeiitb
and Principals Arc rrcskl
$2,500 Also Recovered.
'A telephone conversation overheard
by a colored mild spoiled the plan of
Batty Dlcezo nnd Jnhn ChihiIo to eloiw
after Hetty hud taken a purre contain
ing 200 In cafh una r..i)00 In Jiwelry
from her l.indliid, -Mrs. Frames
neynoldn, No. 415 Central Park Wont,
uetectlves to-day told MHglstriitr Sll
bcrmun when the couple were ar
raigned In West Side rourt.
Jr. Hryriolds said thut she ivturrnH
to her apartment yenteiday and dis
covered her roomer, woo li pmtty and
nineteen, was mlnnlng, aji well an the
purse. The maid jalil she had heard
Miss Dlcezo telephone a man to meet
hir ftt 10th Street and Central Pink
Wfit Detectives Kllrgetald and IJo.i
Ity cot there first atut took Hettj Intu
custody. A seatvh revealed the mlJ
Ing valuables, they wild. Later the
arrested Capulo when ho np;oarrd. Hi'
said he lived at No. Mil Ka.il lsSth
Caputo and the Jo'Jiic nnnnif Ixi.n
pleaded with the cell keener to get n
ptlust to marry them Immediately
Caputo was held In ."..0uti and Mln
Dlcexo In ISOOO bonds for examination
next Wednesday.
4 MIN. 52 SEC.
Loving Couple in Clinch Held Up
Mauritania Until Wile
Broke Away.
Cries of "Ureak awuy," "Lot no,"
and Come up for air" had no effect
cn.a couple saying good-byo to-dn
on the gangplank of tho Mauretnnlu.
The big ship was lato and the crowd
was held up; the man with n stop
watch mild It was for four minutes
ft&d fifty-two seconds, while tho
couple embraced and kissed.
A steward tried to break the Jam
od In liia polltrst tone said to tho
' "I beg your pardon, but you nre
blocking the way und really"
"You mind your own business!
He's my husband," said the womafl,
and the couple cllnchod again. Finally
she got aboard und there was mild
"Hill" Brady, who wus down to nee
his daughter, Alice, and her husband
, sail, declared It was tbo best long
distance farewell he ever saw. "They
would censor It on a screen," said
the theatrical manager.
Attorney for Husband Wants Judge
to Get "Bird's-Bye Vtew of
This Expensive Peggy."
CHICAGO. Juno ID. fl'eggy Joyce,
beautiful show girl, was branded as
"an Infumoua liar" In court to-day, i
when Alfred Austrian, attorney for
J, :8tanley Joyce, her third million
aire husband, answered her argument
Ibr 10.000 a month ullmony.
"My client had one fnult," aald Mr.
Austrian. "He believed In the hon
esty of all women. He believed that
thla woman respected her marriage
tows, lie now knows better.
"She attacked his war record. What
kind of a rocord did she havo? This
elren ensnared a lieutenant In New
York, caused him to becomo heavily
Involved financially and wrecked his
life. Thnt's her war record."
Austrian asked Judge Sabbath to
compel the woman to corns from Now
York and appear In court bo "Your
Honor can get a bird's-eye vlow of
thla expensive Peggy."
tmrm r folk) Mi
rrasr itxcs-run tsto
for mitArn two
uilut. 1 1U Truro.
111 liillr
unwn, lie; it) Aauuvb. in
113; Muwul'um. Jia. Umlitirt, U3, (a) ,Na
Stock Itim uU7
&UOOND 1CM;E Pant. 11KI). far nulm'
foiiM rir-blii unl tuil- KtAVlui'uMr, two
rufl, 142: Wlatounrti, Ut. Kiikuu, 11, lu-1-iit.
14( Twilfu, 14ft- Jm- A HlTnln,
1S mJ iowrd , nt rartn.ua htc.wui,
116; AxumMlon, 110, I'iiiatiui Vur, 107: O
wwt A., 1071 Uuivllni Wtr. l(i. Ser Swi,
JO; !, W.
rormni llACIJ-J'umo cUlmta! Urr
yit ofcla uiftrvri: tU furUic.ltuuvij.
lli Tiwtr. 113t UiUwn, Utl: tttir tvtiim;
1UU; Oucmkic. 10S, HtUI Ktw. ll! f;u Clb.
100; Julnai llmw, 'MafaAori' 1U1
Hmi RCr l,CJO; for flr.rmf.oM tl
'mvw: oof nim irvl kiwu i.n: Um OliiuI
fttj l"art. AiiU4i.tlc, H7. tdr 1" . ws. lift:
mri'ii lui'i:.
l'un 400; UtAaJtiy; tuur
irl. inf mtl u.l blitnUi.
-VWIa W., lUU: ftuati, 117: lULrtliw, lua,
OlKaUU, 106; liorj. luu; lnUutt, l.i,
- .nil. niiuM. . . . !l ... .ti. j -
. iUtnk. V); aVI Cit, luu; Tuii U4tt. 1U1;
flEVBNTlt RACE- -ttr StO. rUlinlrf ;
foux-rcaruoj acd utud; oti taut tl M tn
LMitk.ituriM Vll... lift! UJuotm. 1H: IJlUf
budjr, 1CK): Attvmry ilair, 100; lib on. 10",
1UU, 'ouo, 01; liurllnGuue, KU: Alini U,
lict .ui,f, lea.
East Indian Poison Fed lo Him
Police Say, lo Cure "Bad
Remarkable Case Would Have,
Been Secret Still but for a I
Tortured Conscience. !
By, Martin (Irecn.
(8taff Correspondent of The Evening
I'LriVKhANIJ, Juno IS. The tor
tured CJtisvleiKC of un old woman,
played iion by pollco ngvntii, was re
spoiiHihlo fur tho opening up of tho
two-year-old Knber inurdor mystery
In till city and the unfolding of (ho
details of a plot which In boldness or
ciiiircpt.cin and the number "f pnrtlcl
pantu has no pai.illi'l In tho criminal
history of th! country.
It now (ippritrs that .Mrs. Kvn
Catherliu- Kuber enlisted the nld of
n verltahlo niuider Hindloate In hoi
dialgn to get rid of he i hunbiind, ur
di.lopni:iits rariy tod.i Indicate
that at Ic.iit one of the men -who
win, paid to commit the murder will
bo In custody before night.
Kour women are under Indlclmoni
for the Idlllns of Dan Kubor, and one
or these. Hljcty-nlne-ycar-old Muiy
Prleltel, the mother of Mrs. Knber,
i mainly respont ibtn for the Indlct
metitn because her conscience would
not allow her to keep the secret. Two
of the other women nre her daughter,
Mrs. Kaber, and her daughter's child,
Marian McArdle. The third Is Kr
mlnln Colavito, who mixed with her
prolesl()ii of mldwlfo a claim to
witchcraft through Intimacy with
the spirit world.
Hhe It W who Invests the oiuto with
an ntmo3phi'te of lCist Indian poison
Intrigue. lctectlvc!i arf hunting for
La mysterious drug alleged to have
been sold by Mrs. Covulito. The
poison search Ijegan when It was
luarntd that the womnn had sold
bottle of tho liquid n-s a win- for
"bad habits."
Mrs. Daniel Knber was aliened to
have purchased "medicines" from tho
Italian woman. Detectives, searching
the Covallto home, poked rubber cov
ered lingetn Into sticky and smelly
crevices of an amutour laboratory to
find mixtures of nrnenlc, a drug which
they believe was used on Knber before
he was stabb'd to death. Several
poisons were found.
City chemists declared that numer
ous deaths must have been cuused if
the woman's pii'scrlptionn wero as
frtoly used us evidence Indicated.
llerent mvsterlous (hatha here will
. . .. .. ..
be Investigated us a result.
Branching off from the Kaber mur-
der case IS a side rood of crime lead-
in to tho lUillan district of Uast
(Continued on Sixth IMge.)
Bnployees to Have Com
pany's Plea Before Them
Through Committees.
A committee of employees of tho
ways and structures department of
the Brooklyn Ilapld Transit Com
pany allied on the department heads
to-day to confer oa thu company's
plan for n wago reduction. Tho com
mittee heard orruinnnti similar to
those mad6 last night by committees
for tho operating and mechanical de
partments, to the effect that tho coot
of living has been reduced and that
there should be a wage reduction.
General Manager Mcnden, In the
absence of Receiver Qarrlson from
the city, declined to discuss the nituiv
tlon or the protpccU for an amicable
AU tho committees ore to report
back to the men, confer with them,
nnd sec tho company later, probably
In about two weeks.
.It-rnry Trolley 3lrn Ilrjret Vr
At eight mertlngfi of union trolley
employees of the Public Service Com
pany In Newark, I'atirron, Went Ho
boken, Uunellen, Greenville, Kllra
brth. Camdtn and New Brunswick. It
was voted last night to reject the pro-
losala of the Public Service Railway
Comp'tny to return to thn 19U scale of
wages The present wage scale Is (1, 6H
and 55 cents per hour. Tho scale In
force In July, 1213, was 11, 43 und 45
Some lime ngo thn Railway Com
pany returned to the old time of ten
hours a day lnrtvail of nine. The
men will take up the matter of go
ing back to nine hours a day.
Vigorous Prosecution Begun
Hollowing Revelations by
The Evening World.
Word wait n reived to-day nt th;
Ktdcral UnlMInn of the Initiation of a
vigorous prosecution of the theatre
Ihket speculators of New York City
and throughout tho country, fallow
ing violations of law and frnit on
the United Slate.'i Tieasury callcl to
tho attention of the authorities w-v-eral
months ago by 'Die livening
World In nrticlus by Sophie li-ent
In Wiishlngtou Coiiiiiils.'.loiior lJl.ilr
of the Jntorniil lie von ue Iiureau said
that hundreds of thousands of dollara
had been lo-rt to the (tovi.rutnunt by
the refusal of ticket brokers to make
the tax returns picseilbed.
Definite regulations were .issued
Keb. 5, 1321, renulrlng the broker:! to
submit, on n special form, n complete
monthly statement showing the
tickets to each llientro sold by him.
the e.Muulliihcd prlto of admission,
the price charged by the broker and
tho date on which tho tickets were
valid. Tho penalty for violation of
thfse rulea is a fine of not more than
flO.Oflo and Imprisonment for not more
than one jejir.
Agenta of the Department of Justice,
have leeii quietly collecting evidence
fclnce tho regulations were promulgat
ed. United States Attorney Wayward
will have charge of the Now York
prosecutions. Similar Investigations
and prosecutloiiH will be made In other
(ltlii, but because of the wide pub
licity given to the matter In New
York by The Evening World It la felt
that those who havo violated tho la'
hero are particularly flagrant offend
ers, acting with full knowledge of their
.lun in Llw Mitrb tar t(Mnrniw'n ruxvt tin;
ji toli'Mi:
VIllhT II CK -CoKlltioM. tor Uino-)-&rMi
HT.tl no mll
Iml.'J ltorw WUIImVi Mvm Wt.
1 11) H.-c'.ln.l 11M riuv'U .III
IK! IhUVmlitljr . H 11871 tl(itJnm .IK
Wnrt.fr . .Hrtl IT:' .1. Val J.in!(C.
ll." Sirtrr nt . I"7 VOO' Imi,.r .. its
rtlXll.S'li ItAI'K -V-lllnitj rf,l.riu for
f(!r -ifl-.VIt : ilnyit r'i,M
ImlM Itiinii- Wt Unlet llunM- Wc.
1M) "Wir Viilnr .1.1 I IW" .N Hat.n . i:
(KKl) Mlr Olw . I4UI U Klwwr .. .US
if 'tut; Tru..m no' tij iMiu.i. .mo
TlllIMl ll'K The MrA-Mi- l!mi.L.a.l. for
nirr. .,r oi-n t- p-rt nnji
Imlrr If.
firt'T Ilmo wt.
llfrTlhwtMcrntK-m 1IO
VJA IVtniiil-nk. . . :-.
lhP C.IJt. .Ocwk.ll7
I!irt I?t
202' Dr. OBr .. 1(1)
I0"' STflOT .
-jir- Mint
im oinaunr . in
I Mill lml llrlIHo:iI l'J
rMIMtTII Vr--nif IVarhlni Ott Avrlli
0kjt for rllllnn; thr-yMr M.v milp an.!
,,.,' ni, w,In.w wt
aiwv Jf .. 11 W .Kw Mirtr. .111
IKVUTVii nirtton. .IHl li Kl:r. .111
KIITII 1l.,K-4'llliK: for thiw.)!r-oW; '.
; tumuli: Kntvni.
. Itulrt Unnn Wt Ittricx How Wt
- IVlilK . ...HOi . Tdliiu . 111)
tfti ffcruiw Man ..1KV t?n W .107
tin Onvr K. .. Ito 10.1 Nohmt i::tl
1CTI ninlirt , ..1071 IKnrin MMt(K
, - Hnwrtjr ,110 liil Aku UrOit .l
I IlwUm 112 COt Mrttrm ...llrt
, va tiow trn inn ir ivit im
Mch Owiimr.llU M J.umlc IWU03
! KIXTH IHOlv -V'r mtlifiw: twreiw-olta:
Jlr-i fitr'.otici; itniilht
ltlot Hoti lnI llonw Wt
- imwti . ..nr. iiiwn ... ilf.
10S" ll-ill'a.-.t Hit nr. Jimu c.wm . l(ir.
(VA Mwlit .tl llrrilnn .illti
:v iiountKui i"i ;ui itruioji.i in
10T OierUVo 1 1B Mftcr tfaint. 11.'.
ill Krot (IrwM 1 If. ,o irvOi Hrleuttrrtir,
It'T (Hpp l'Ului ..IIS too TlniiollK ...US
17 Nn Htrflno .115' - HUT JlT ....110
1OT V.'lwvtion ....1151
Wfittitr rlnnr. Trck fjt.
Tho ltoula entries for to-morrow1!!
races arc as follows:
PllMr K.Cl-lMv fl.400; cWntlnc; fr
thrN-y.okU And upiird: s furluws. MU
n.l. 107; OU.Uy. 10J. "Hurvw, 1W; CImu
'JliMjnn, 1CU; Itlntf 1Um 100: Cjxtwutw, llli
hlut tin, 117; (Wir'i Ilaudiur. li
IUI; Slmxw, Hi. .bv rlu.1 llriw
lit, IVJ. 'Awkr. HO; Kbizttk. UC; W
M,'j,tock. ltt; llif Ml, PU! (Vll, 1.11, ll.
RKtXl.Nll RAO. IVrfa M0O: UuHwia
I.j'umI tilUw. n0 Itirlonsi -KaiUli&nih. lib;
t.iuuitKm, IK' .Muvint Wiiuor, 11&: Waj
anl laJl. 115: Coll Olrt, lift; Kirnux
.SMirlM. 110' But UU-. UlMurlii. lib;
lltrwtfi,, lit: HJWW iw, liubr l'ely. no'
116; HVU,nl Jlnix, lir, li...r!l:m, 116; lln(M
l.il. 115. Pmlon !!. lift.
rillllli ItU aniM- l.;i0: rUunict: fv
tllv-j wkU ul tipwud uir sUV hmI ii tiuir
trr vlc, II; 'Ilnuti Unnl, Hi. Haa slhl. mi;
Miit Jii !r yrtnX Li. IM: 'llok'i. ll.
IWlw "IViiuKon. 11031 'ivmi. 1U1. Hoti liy.
ll :'.Utn Wwl. HIS. ToVuv. 10S: 1'lt, 111.
lnVo 'Itkllon. 10:l IWIu. 1'. 'lYnw-v liiO)
Til )lle.i 'r; lur )iTHltii aiiti ui; mi lur.
Ymxs MSI. AufUKtln", 103; TrulvAr, 11X1, lUi'lil
1U. Vtl. Mill llulr, lot, CuaWnUa, 107;
Ink Hum Jr . Kl
Ml'PIl llACIV lMnn II, WO, The 1UxS.k.1
UtDlMiu for tlimvjn-i.roUW. rnti aul u rtx
trmllli. -rtre Hrnil. IH1, .M:ontlu, HI!. Hot
Uti, !. IMitlrL 110, Hit rl WSutv, UH.
nlXIII UAilK -IMnv I,M: rlnnti(i hu
rwir-.kl; tiw l.nlJH. '.iiiJ llyr'na, IrT .
Mrtnl,. X, 101. Wil'iui OUt, 11 l; lluii.trl.
llM; llniin, 101. IVjuxe Iv. 1H7; Kurtiu.
IUI, WI Ikv. IW. IVrvm. 1V1, n'J;
l.nl ly.rt. in
hJ;V!VlDl IIVOB Pwir M.400; tiiimnv.
f.tr fu,.yMr-&t' Ad u. uu aiUs tad an
.-jWh. - KM. 't-M I'nw. 107:
(li r 1'", !''' I.J'V. it; U.tluii, ls;
Wf.fonl. 110
Ari.KWrf a:nutu, cuiuuJ, fiM nouiila.
V.llwr rVtf, tmiA fyt.
Indite AV. A. llloii.it lli- In Ilaltt-
BAITIMOItU. June 15. Judge Wll
lism Alexander Illount, of Pdnaaeola,
ria., president of tho American liar
Association, died t Johns Hopkins
opltn! to-dsy. Judge Illount arrived
at the hospital yesterday for treatment,
lie was seventy years old.
Rousing Send-OfT at London,
Where He Says He Has
Nothing lo Retract.
Will Go Direct to Her Here
Has Received Many Mes
sages Approving Attitude.
LONDON, June 15 (Associated
Press). near Admiral William H.
Sims left Waterloo Station this
morning for Southampton, where he
was to board the steamer Olympic
lau-r In the day and proceed to New
York. Ho rodo In a special car that
was so burdened with floral testi
monials that there was scarcely room
for memlKTs of his party to move
leaning out of a wlndor? of the
oar the Admlrul waved lna cap to a
largo group who, despite tho carll
ni'Hs of his departure, had gathered to
give him a rousing send-oft. Admiral
Hims spent half an hour befoic hla
train left In handshaking and ex
changing greetings with friends on
the station platform. As the train
ulswly moved out, men raised their
haLi and women waved their hand
kerchiefs, and all Joined In three
'beers, which weru given so lustily
that a cab horso nt the station plat
form curbing shied and nearly ran
Answering the reporters' requests
for a farewell message, Admiral
Sims called attention to despatches
In this morning's newspapors, tolling
of a reaction in the United States
against his critics. Ho declared he
had nothing further to say, "and
nothing to retract." Ho said he had
received hundreds of letters approv
ing of his attitude regarding "Amor
lean hyphenates."
Asked whether ho had received
any threatening missives tho Ad
miral smiled and wild:
"I have had one signed 'Krln-go-nragh,'
making a play on the refer
ence to zebras in my address las
week, and telling mo I would meet
tho oases on tho other side, but I have
paid no attention to it It doesn't
worry me."
He added that he thought the hand
writing was that of a boy, and de
clared the letter bore a London post
mark. He did not turn it over to
Scotland Yard for an invtstigation.
LONDON, June 15 (United Press.)
Admiral Sims forgot his tickets to
day in tho rush of getting away to
Southampton in response to Secretary
Dcnby's demand that he report in
Washington. Ho left his transporta
tion at his hotel, but ofucials of the
steamship lino promised they would
tako care of him.
(Continued Prom First Pago.)
gallon and when he thought ho hnd
used up his suply he landed grace
fully at the nearest town, which he
found was Gary. Ind.
He then had no gasoline nnd no
money to buy any. So he began cast
ing around for natives who wanted to
take a flight. He finally found a
victim, who paid 13.50 ln advance,
with which Rlddlck bought gasoline.
A little hop wlUi his paasengor and
niddlck headed merrily on his way.
At Valparaiso, lnd, JUb motor
popped In. a discouraged fashion and
Hlddlck knew that it was again time
to feed his tank. And hero he found
a ready customer, who paid $5 for tho
provllego of looking at hla backyard
from "upstairs." With his motor
humming merrily. Illddlck again
"gave her the gun" and rollicked on
!Us way. At Hamlet, Ind., two men
wanted to try the lifo of a bird for
a few minutes. Hlddlck touched
them for $5 each and began filling
his pocket as well as tho insatiable
irus tank.
At Monroeville, also In Indiana, ho
found sixteen persons who wero will
ing to pay $3.50 each for a little Joy
ride in tho clouds. Hero Hlddlck
filled himself with tho best chow in
town and purchased for his sturdy
strod a brimming liagnn of gasoline
with a real "bead.
Thn ship perked up Instantly nnd
roared Joyfully on to Kenton, O , be
fore It gave, up. Hero Jllddick pur
chased a tank full uf gas. At night
he landed on the top of a con
veniently located flat mountain near
Old Concord, where he stretched hli
After collecting all the loose change
in West Virginia, ItiddJck lore up the
iilmo'ipnere on his way to Washington
and at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon he
put his wheels down In u vacant lot
mi MfisxiichUHHtts -Xvenno extend,!
to the. consternation of residents and
ot the Police Department within rally
lug dlsanre.
"Where nm IT he muttered in the
general direction of the least awo-
stricken resident ns he flashed an In
destructible smile and flicked a peck
Wife and Child of County
Meath Man Perish in Deslruc-
lion of Their Home.
DUBLIN, Juno 15. James Kane, a
police pensioner nnd an Inspector of
iMihcrlcs. was shot dead lo-dny by
a member of the Irish Itepubllcan
Army as ft spy near Llatowel, County
A fanner named Hoylo was shot
dead near Klllonty, County Tip-
perary. Tlin body was labelled,
"Tried and sentenced to be shot by
tho Irish Itepubllcan Army"
Tho hom-e of Dernnrd Jleilly. near
Athboy, County Meath, was Immed
and Itellly's wife and child, who were
unable to escape, perlshei In (he
district Inspector Sully, a Ser-
geant, and , two Constables woro
wounded In the explosion of a mlno
a road at Ballydwycr, County
HKI.KAHT. Ireland. June IS rAsso
oiated Preih). A feature of the Hoi-
fast disturbances which ls disquieting
to the authorities Is furnished In what
they termed to-day n concerted at- ,
tempt to keep nllve the disorders.
Several police barracks notified mil
itary headiitmiters'nt 1.10 o'clock this
morning that whlstleH had been
blown, icvolvcrs fired and cries of
murder raised ln their districts, fol
lowed by genuine screams of panic
from women and children who asso
ciate! the noises with reprisal raids.
This happened In one district yester
day, but to-day It assumed a wide
spread character. Shooting occurred
during the breakfast hour this morn
ing In tho streets affected yesterday
evening. Sandbags wero used for
shelter. Snlpein were seized by the
police in one street.
The worst fighting yesterday eve- .
ning was in the maze of streets radi
ating from Conway Street In the Kails
district. Irish Itepubllcan soldli'9
armed with revolvers, took iosltlons
on roofs and at other vantago poitils.
Sandbag barricades furnished shelter
for others, behind which they were
rafo from tho bullets of tho Crown
forces, while gunmen kept up a con
tinuous fire on the police. When tho
barricades were stormed It was found
that tho defenders had beaten a quick
An attempt was made to empty lie
sandbags, but the police did not havo
time to do tills properly, and as they
passed on Sinn Keiners reassembled,
rearranged their defenses and tho
hhootlng was begun again.
Tho Nationalist newspaper, Irish
News, to-day says, "there are moro
than 100,000 Catholics in BelfasL It is
ime they awakened to the grave perils
which beset them and took practical,
courageous and enective steps to de
fend their integrity as Irish citizens,
to hold their homes and to preservo
their lives."
So He Left Polite Note of Regret
and Escaped With Another
Warden Hosp of the Ksscx County
Penitentiary at North Caldwell, N. J.,
received a note from ono of his "guetts"
this morning. Tho signature was that
of Charles Heed, burglar.
Ho wrote that the penitentiary was
an vxcciieni Doaraing no'ise, mat me
food was good, the sleeping accommo
dations all that could bo desired ami
the Warden himself a Jolly good fellow.
Hut there are so many restrictions,
bo many rules to be observed," said the
writer, "that life here proves irksome
to ono accustomed to greater liberty. It
is with rcgrvt that I take my depar
ture." Heed and and William II. Wllkc. an
other burglar, escaped from the prison
yesterday afternoon.
Hrflncd, at B.7B Whnlemllc, In
Chen prut In jMmt Six Yean,
The price of refined sugar was cut
to the lowefit figure of the last six years.
Tho Federal Sugar Refining Company
reduced its quotation one-quarter cent.
to 5.75 cents a pound wholesale.
Haw sugar Is now being freely offered
In tho New York market at 4 cents a
pound, which Includes cost and freight.
r.i'n. lVrshlnK ,ovr Doctor of
Jtllltnry Science.
C1U0STEH, Pa.. Juno .IS. Gen.
Pershing was to-day given the honor-
aiy degree of doctor of military science
in me centennial commencement oi
Pennsylvania Military Collide. The
degree of nvuter of arts wan conferred
on Ueotgo it. Christian, .Secretary lo
President Hurdlng.
of oil and soot from his features.
Then without waiting for tho by
standers to rally from this quip ho
proceeded to tahe stock onco more.
lie found that he had very llttlo
g.ui in ills tank but that ho had $35
in his pocket. He also found that ho
wus near the home of his father, the
Congressman, who lives at No. 3011
Kent llace, Northwest.
So he abandoned the piano tem
porarily and went home where ho
divldid his attention between chow
md conversation until bcdtlmo. Mnn
day morning he persuaded his mothoi
tn t:iU'p m liltln fltirlit with hltn. cn In.
gethor they hopped off from .Mnssa-
ehiisi'ttR Avin.i.' nnd flew over to
Hulling Field, where they landed and
tho army men raised their eyebrows,
as has been said. Mrs. Hlddlck said
sho enjoyed It thoroughly and that
nho wasn't a bit afraid. Whereupon
some more eyebrows were seen to
movo slightly.
Stillman a "Bolshevik,
Type of Vicious Rich, Wife
Says in Striking Interview
, ..
Mrs. '
"But he has
. n -
1,10 eve of to-day's resumption of tho
dlvorco hearings, Mrs. Anna U. Stlll-
man discussed rich men of Wall
gtrcct , BCncr;ll and hcr husband,
, , , ,. .
James A. Stillman, In particular.
SIra- Siillman Is to attend all the
hearings before Hefcreo (Jleafoh, and
B a house guest of Mrs. John E.
Mack whoso hUBband ls icgal
dlan of Guy Stillman. She had come
out r th hamo for n rlde ln hcr car
when reporters confronted hcr, and
sho snw rscano was cut off."
"You win," she said with a smile.
"I suppose ynu want to intorvlotv me.
I don't want to bo Interviewed. What
can 1 say thnt would bo of Interest?
It was suggested that she tell what
she thought of Mr. Stillman. She
did. In calm, dlspasslonato language,
with thu "understanding of an on
lightened woman" nnd without using
"Jlmmle" once ln referring to him.
When asked about her contest for
Guy, she said undramatlcally that
she would "fight until they bury
No better illustration of her attitude
could be given than this generaliza
tion, spoken with her characteristic,
cool emphasis:
'I can appreciate tho feelings of
those Socialist and Anarchist persons
who would stono us for permitting
these things to bo. Already they are
pointing to us as people of big position
nnd ask what Is to becomo of the hu
manity If wo can wreak our will upon
the world,
"It is not of my doing, yet I could
scarcoiy blamo anyone who did at-
tack us. Remember, Stillman was not
the only one,
Wall Street Is full of
such men."
When sho had plunged Into her
discourse, her method was almost
academic. She would begin with Mr.
Stillman, and then classify him as
"type." Sho talked of tho effect ot
tho "type" upon tho world, upon civ-.
lllwitlon. She seemed much more ln-
terestcd In the sociologlc.it side ot tho
dlvorce coso man mo personal.
Mr. Stillman, she said, "Is a sick .
mnn. Ho ought to bo In a hospital. 1
He's abnormnl."
There wns a pause, a scorning
dcslro to be scrupulously impartial.
Then: "Ho has admirable qualities."
Then came tho generalization:
"The fault seems to Ho with the
lives they lead down ln Wall
Street, tho const-nt strugglo for
power, tho eternal mania for making
money tha power complex.
"In moments of relaxation they turn
away from equals to their Inferiors.
They don't want equals."
"So it was that Mr. Stillman turned
to the poor Mrs. Leeds and filled Ills
yacht with women."
And again came the philosophical
"Such women are mero phono
graphs for expression of certain emo
tions of these men."
"And consider this: Mr. Stlllman's
eldest son refused to shako hands
with the father after learning of his
way of living. Think of this." It
was then her voice rose for tho mo
ment, hcr eyes clouded almost Im
perceptibly. "Doesn't it show that there was an
abnormal condition of his mind?
Surely this was not a normal condi
tion. Stillman tried to destroy his
own home, to fling the wreckage all
over tho world. I mean Just that.
I havo letters from as far away as
Japan. In which men and womon ex
pressed sympathy with mo."
Again, aa If inevitable, camo her
"This ls not a city or State affair,
or even national. This thing has
literally gono ull ovor tho world. It
Is not a beautiful thing to say, but
"A man of great wealth and power
to strike out at the foundation of the
nomt" What Is to become of tho
t-'t-ite and clvllUition In this case,
If ' am net nttacl. ng Uo much Im
portance to mysulf. Yet wnat ' am
pass '.g tl.rougn 1 mm is ,i vaiao in ,
the world. j
"When I consider this, Stillman Is j
a Bolshevist, worse; and it convinces
in he ls an abnormal person, aa I ,
havo said."
"There aren't eighteen servants ln
this house, to cling lo you to push
i your chair under the table when you
cat. Thev bored mn to death, Hhe
hater she
left tho limousine and
sat upon a
stono fence, while tho
i photographers massed about her. To
them sho said:
"J don't know why It la, but pictures 1
1 of me are bad. But, my baby Quy
"Mr. Stillman is a sick man. He is abnormal.
"Eighteen servants to push my chair under
the table bored me to death.
"The rich are not happy. Their children do
not have the chance to develop like other
"Stillman tried lo destroy his own home; lo
fling the wreckage all over the world.
"The fault lies with the lives they icad hi
Wall Street.
admirable qualities."
takes a wonderful picture doesn't
And several moments lator sho con
sidered tho attitude of the radicals
who. as she expressed It. desired to
stone the Stlllmans. Hut again sho
cinpnasized: "btinman was not tho out that 'tho owners of the dls
LSsnres""Wh0 lndU'SUd SUCh, mantled plants were now directors or
"No, she said after a somewhat' nt 0110 tlmo had been connected with'
lengthy pause, "Stillman Is not as bad! the Queen City Urlck Company.
mad,eU,lil;,8ou,t,,to0,be.mST.V ffloflS ! alntIcl chief counsel for
a woman hater. He docs not believe ,hu committee, asked the witness If ho
In any woman. He would bo glad to, did not think It strange that tho.
email my.
"Ho has complained I was always
crawling out of holes In which he has
tried to bury me. Hut I Intend to
keep on until they do bury me.
Sho was asked, whether her Inter
est In tho divorce suit was not cen
tred on Guy. She ropllcd:
Well, I nlways loved children. I
understood them, nnd they seem to
understand me. 1 remember that
even the younger people ln society,
used In the narrow sense, wero my
favorites. I tried to help them to
havo their rights recognized.
Itlch men's children." she observed
suddenly, "do not have so good a
time because their parents are rich.
They do not have the chance to de
velop llKo other children, no, sno
shook hcr head decisively, "tho rich
are not happy.
"One sichcns or riches, ir one nas
nny breadth of understanding. I am
;in individualist, i tninK i have won
my spurs as the equal of nny ono in
my family."
"Wall Street full of men of Mr.
Stillmnn's type, the abnormal typo,
who believes that no woman has a
right to life, much less to happiness
and least of all to equality. Still, Mr
Stillman has a few fr.ends who aie
real friends. They are splendid people
who recognize his many good quali
ties, and they have wntten to me ex
pressing ama7eincnt at his nctlon.
"It ls my linn conviction that this
suit will teach a lesson that will wt
soon bo forgotten by a certain type
of Wall Street man. American gen
tlemen, rich or poor, or normal mind
do not treat th' women of their fatn
flics as mw husband has treated me
The time Is not far off when thi
I i V, I n ,.!... ...Ill .
cleVatc such an attitude on the pan
jf rich and powerful husbands.
1 barly ,Nc.miIlg Collector With vSvXi
KrtbbeJ Fires Pbt.il, and PolLc-
riits AlW.vl PnWw.
1 J.ih'.m Colombo, No. 135 White St. -'
is u collector who docs his collect ii.
'early ln th.' morning. Therefore wli i
, he was held up by two men in fro- t
, of No 1 Chatham Strf ut at 5 o'elocli
this morning he hud ri00 in cash in h
I jiockets. He also had a revolver, w i
u permit to carry it.
One of the men grabbed him by t'n
throat, while the other punched him
the face and reached Into the pooki-.
where the JoOO was. Colombo fired h
pistol Into tho ir. Patrolman Ileig
heard the shot and arrived In time to
see two men running. Without stoo
ping to Interrogate Colombo, he kept
after the men nnd grabbed them both
and held them, with the assistance of
tho collector.
Tho men gave the names of Dentils
J. Italic, longshoreman, of No. 354 West
11th Street, and John Heffernan. a sp.i
man of No. L'5 South Street. Magis
trate Sweetser held both for the Grand
Jury in 110,000 bail each, congratulated
the policeman and complimented tho
collector after he showed his permit to
carry a revolver.
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We Also
Tells Lockwood Committee in
Buffalo of Five Plants Dis- s
mantled Since 1913. ?
HUKKAIA June IB. Charles U.
Uelnhnrdt, salea manager of the
Queen City Hrlck Company, recalled
to the stand before tho I-o-iiwood
Legislative Committee to-day, admit
ted that when tho supply of brick is
below tho demand, the directors of
tho company which controla the brick
business here got together and boost
Helnhardt testified that flvo brick
plants in nnd around Buffalo have.,,
been dismantled since 1913, nnd the
plants now operating bought part of"
the machinery.
It was also pointed
Itoche-ster Ur ck Comtianv did nr,t
compcto with the Queen City lirick
Company, as the freight rate to
Itochester ls bout the same a3 the
cost of delivery of brick In Buffalo.
Itelnhault said it did look a little"
That there Is n brick combine in
Buffalo that controls tho sale price i
of brick was clearly Indicated in tes
timony furnished to-day. u
The cross-examination of Helnhardt
consumed tho entire morning session.
The eight dealers in bulld'ng ma-"'
tcrials, who yesterday refused to
waive immunity from criminal pros
ecution, wero Instructed to bo pres-V
cut at the openinc of to-day's provf
ceedlngs and considerable curlositA
was manifested as to those v.'hiJ
would bo examined under the cloaUf
of immunity.
It was understood to be tho pur- ,j
pose of the committee to take tho ,
testiimny of a few of these men and
i the disclosures warranted, to liy
their Information before State aid
i'Vileral prosecutors for action in the
AH "Lost nnd Found" artlcln
ndvertlscd In Tho World or reported
to "lost and Found Bureau." Room
103, World llulldlnK. will bo listed
for thirty days. Theae lists can be
seen at any of The World's Offices.
"Lost nnd Found" advertisements
can be left at any of Tho World'a
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telephoned directly to The World.
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