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fill 'Run in Spite of $100,000
Fund Talk at the Con
vention To-day.
t, - i
rYogramme for Government
Control With Democratic
Operation to Be Pushed.
DENVER, Col., June 20. John
Lewis, President of llio Untied Mine
I'orkers, to-day announced Ills can
didacy for the Presidency of the
American federation of Lubor.
Lewis's announcement was made
Ihortly after reports that a $100,000
impalgn fund was oeing used to
jrther his candidacy was brought
the attention of the convention, "
Lewis said: "1 have decided lo
Drmlt my name to be presented to
Ihe convention as a candidate for
'resident of the American Federa-
ttlon of Labor." lie had previously
told his closest backers that he would
not announce his candidacy unless
had enough votes pledged to In
sure his election.
John S. Lchcney of Idaho brought
I to ihe attention of the convention the
chargts regarding the $100,000 cam-
ilgn fund, and moved that the con-
Ivcntlon appoint a committee to In
stigate the charges.
) The convention was unable to con
sider his motion, however, because a
"previous motion of adjournment.
rwhlch had the right of way in trie
invention's proceeding, bad been
made. The adjournment motion was
, adopted. President Samuel (iompers
ruled, although there was a large
(chorus of "noes" from those who do
sldcd that Immediate action be taken
on I.eheney's motion.
"I am of the opinion that no coi-
poration can place one dollar among
l delegates In this convention and In
fluence the action of the American
Federation of Ijibov," Lehcney said.
"I am opposed to Ootr.pers, but th!.s
i convention cannot rest under such a
! cloud," Lehcney declared.
The convention adjourned until 2.30
P. M.. when there was every Indica-
iion nun me squuuuic uverr mc i
ledged $100,000 cnmpalgn fund would
probably be brought up again.
Andrew -uruseth, head of tile In
ternational Seamen's Union, present
ed a resolution which was adopted,
declaring A. D. Laskcr, Chairman of
the new Shippitig Board, had come
out for an open shop; that agents of
the union would be prevented from
visiting docks, and commending the
seamen for their stand In refusing to
accept "such persecution." "The
Shipping Board, while hiding behind a
smoke screen of union hate, is tor
pedoing the Merchant Marine and sea
power of the United States," the reso
lution declared.
The convention adopted other reso
lutions favoring: Appeal from deci
sions of the Federal civil scrvlco of
ticlals, and adequate housing laws.
A resolution advocating equaliza
tion of rights of white and colored
workers In union membership were
considered, but action was withheld
and the measure sent back to com
imlttee. The Irish question probably will be
or to-morrow. Tho committee In
fOharge of It was expected to recom
mend that union labor be urged to
support tho Irish cause. It was re
ported reliably, however, that tho
clause deolaring a boycott on British
'goods had been eliminated.
DENVER, Juno Z0 (Associated
Press). Tho International Association
. . . ! I . lino nnnnllnnfil tta .In-
terminatlon to have the A. F. of L.
ponvcntlon repudlato tho action of tho
Exccutlvo Council In severing rela
tions with tho International Federa
tion of Trade Unions. A resolution
kllrectlng tho council to Immediately
Irenfflllate the federation w th the
European labor movement has been
pubmltted. Tho request of tho United
Hrotherhood of Malntcnnnco of Way
Employees and Hallway Shop Labor
ers for reinstatement In tha federa
tion, It was learned, has the full sup
port of "all tho railroad organizations.
This union, with Its membership of
nearly two hundred thousand, was
puspended in 1919 because of a Juris
dictional dlsputo with tho United
iBrotherbood of Carpenters and
Joiners. Tho carpenters' union haw
announced Its Intention, with co-ep-cration
of tho Building Trades Unions,
jto fight against the railroad organiza
tion reinstatement.
Tho question of putting Into effect
iho federation's lauroad programme
railing for "Government control with
democratic operation" Is expected to
be one of tho major Issues. Delegates
of the machinists' union and other
railroad organizations declared that
Ihey nre going to demand that the
Executive Council tako slops immedi
ately toward getting this programmo
under way.
rnrcxm stkamkix aohoiini).
NORFOLK, Vu., June 20. Tho
Jrench Steamer Nord African Is
hground at Cape Ioolcout and a
vrecKIng tup hat been sent to her as
sistance from this port. A wireless
ricua? from th stranded snip said
he wae In no serious dancer as long
is thiiweather continued favorable.
Experts in Flying Who Are to Wed,
And Plane for Honeymoon Trip
Sixfeen-Year-Old Lad Held for
Death He Declares It
Was Accidental.
Lywood Welbert, sixteen yoars old,
will be arraigned In court in Orlggs
town, N. J., to-day, charged with
killing his mother, Mrs. Lottie Wel
bert. The tragedy occurred Saturday
nt the family homo near Griggstown.
Tho youth maintains that tho affair
was an accident. lie is "in a state of
Immediately after the shooting,
which occurred while John Welbert,
the boy's father, a truck farmer, was
In Now Brunswick, young Welbert
was arrested and locked up In the
Somerset County Jail at Somervllle,
rv. J., on the ennrge or murder.
The boy picked up a single-barrelled
shotgun lying In the kitchen and
started to leave the house, saying ho
was going crow hunting. His mother
ordered him to put tho gun down.
While ho was returning it to tho cor
ner, he said, It slipped from his hands,
fell to tho Moor and was discharged.
The shot struck Mrs. Welbert In the
chest. She died Immediately.
Welbert, who Is the eldest of six
children, was urrestcd by Gcorgo D.
Cottcn, county detective.
Automnlilllit Jump Just an Train
Miiiiixhi'il Tlirlr t'nr.
Mr. and Mrs. K. S. I'llchcr of Cald
well, N. J., motoring through Bust
Ornnge last night on their way homo,
did not notice that tho gates were down
at tho Hnrrlson Street crossing of tho
D. L. & W. llailroaa. inn auiomorme
wna nnrtlv under tho irate when Mr.
and Mrs. I'llchcr saw tho approuchlng
lloth reaped ami escaped injury, tiio
automobile was smashed.
Beginning Wednesday, July 6th,
Sixty motion picture theatres of Greater New York will open
their doors free to Kiddle Klub members three days a week.
A separate section on the first floor of each theatre will be set
aside for the Kiddle Klub Cousins.
Members of the Mothers' Clubs of the city will act as chaperons
to the children at these theatres and see to their comfort and Veil
Children of eight years or over, who are members of tho Kiddle
Klub, on presentation of their pin and membership certificate, and a
Kiddie Klub Amusement card signed by the parent or guardian per
mitting the child to attend the theatre, will lie admitted free.
Tlie.so cards may be obtained nt the Uieulres uny time after
Monday, Juno 27th.
A list of the theatres which ofter you their hospitality will
appear in The Evening World from time to time.
Watch for this list and select the one nearest your homo.
Parents or guardians are welcome to accompany their children.
Adults accompanying children are requested to pay the regular
In order to get a new Klddlo
Klub pin you must save up
tht uo coupons, numbered In ro
tation, and send them to Cousin
Eleanor, Tho Evening World's
Klddio Klub, No. C3 Park Itow.
New York City, together with
a letter giving your namo, ad
dress, ago and certificate number.
! Youth Just Out of Hospital Takes
j Poison, but "Rookie" Police-
i man Foils Suicide,
! A passing milk wagon enabled
j Policeman Jenncr, a "rookie" of
I the Atlantic Avenue Station, to
save a youth's life In front of No.
1932 Fulton Street, Brooklyn,
Jenner heard a bottle break on
the pavement and saw a young
man stagger to the gutter. He
smelled Iodine, and remembering
his first aid Instruction headed off
a milk wagon going by. Seizing a
bottlo ho held tho youth and
poured the milk down his throat.
By the time an ambulance ar
rived from St. Mary's Hospital
the patient was out of danger.
He refused to give his name,
but was recognized by doctors and
nurses at the hospital as Daniel
Nush, seventeen, No. 1981 Fulton
Street, Brooklyn who was oper
ated on for appendicitis a month
ago. He wouldn't tell why he
drank the poison, and his mother
said she didn't know.
Victim of Accident iiild to Have
llccn I'nrccd On" Iloml by Jhm.
Wallace H. Clark, of No 30 Ilclltown
Head, Stamford, Conn., was killed yes
terday when tho automobile he was
driving turned over In a ditch on West
chester Avenue near White Plains,
pinning htm underneath. His son, Fred,
who was with him, escaped Injury, nhlle
i.iiui,, iu.i, iiiiukiii:i l.if-i-t.JIfjU, ,
suffered a badly wrenched shoulder.
nlntzninn Inlrt tho Whlto Pin In rll,...
that Chnrles Wcln of No. 30 Townsend
Street. Port Chester, whllo trying to
pass thorn with tho Port Chester-White
Plains bus ho was driving, forced them
off the rond. Weln was charged with
homicide but released In tho custody
nt hin nttnrnnv. iMndint? nn (nnnnut
for July 1.
llr.iuotiu tvtih in) Hum
ber. cut out iU it lliiie rutl
puoi, TS0, till, la.', ioj,
ni ml T'J5. and tai
thrm tu cotutii Klniior,
Kfinlnt Worm MiMIe Klub.
.No C3 l'k How, ,Viv York
t'ltlf. HltU note, In hl.-h
,.o,llm.u;.,'.'; ,our :.
All ckUdrrii up to ilxtrtn )rtr of aw may
b'TOtna mrmbvra. fcrh mvmbrr U prttrniod
im a illftr in) Klub tin nd DumbrnlilD
Marry To-Night and Tlien Hike
by Sky on Plane Named
for Bride.
Up in the clouds Is the proverbial
place for bride and groom, and to
mako It practical as well, Mr. and
Mrs, IttiHscll Y. Hplderman (who will
not share that namo until 8 o'clock
to-night) are going to start off on
their honeymoon to-morrow In n
fast-flying aeroplane. Both bride
and groom are, by the way, expert
aviators. x
Tho brlde-to-be Is Miss Dorothy
Currier Harris of No. 974 Brooklyn
Avenue, Brooklyn, who has to her
credit many flights from Hazelhurst
Field, L. I. In fact, she has flown
countless times In the very machine
which Is to be her "Honeymoon Ex
press" and which Mr. Holderman has
appropriately named "Ooiolliy."
Mr. Holderman, who lives nt No. $79
East 179th Street, thu Bronx, used to
be a Sergeant In tho Flying Corps of
the army and was for two ytuis In
structor at Hazelhurst Field. Liter
he entered the L'nltell Htules Aeio
Mail Service and now he's Hying in
his own bchalr.
It was in l!il7, during a visit to
Archie I). Smith, who is to be best
man, nt Jamaica, L. 1., that Holder
man met Miss Harris, and It wasn't
long befoio they became interested in
each other and finally engaged. When
arrangements were mnde for their
wedding the Hew Helvln W. Maynard,
"the Flying Parson," wus to have per
formed the ceremony, but ho is at
piesent in North Carolina, so the
servieo will bo read to-night by tho
Hew Thomas Williams, pastor of the
Pilgrims' Congiegatlonal Church of
Jtichmond Hill. Tho wedding will be
at Husurban Inn, No. 1030 Fulton
Street, Brooklyn, and to-morrow
morning the nuwl) weds will My to At
lantic City, Asbury Park and points
.South. When they ictiirn they will
take up their homo temporarily with
the How Mr. Milliard at Queens, L. I
Justice Dike Hopes Simonetti's Ex
ample Will Stop Perjun in
Divorce Cases.
Paul Slmonettl, for fourteen years
a member of the New York detective
force, to-day was sentenced to from
two to Ave years In Sing Sing Prison
by Justice Dike In Brooklyn Supreme
Court, after hl plea of guilty to per
jury In a divorce action.
Slmonettl was for four years head
of a private detective agency follow
ing his resignation from tho polico.
In tho action for divorce of Joseph
de Martini against his wife, Nora,
Slmonettl testltled to having found
the defendant In a compromising sit
uation with Frank Itusso, named as
co-respondent. He testified lm did
not know Hiisbo. Later it developed
Husso had been In Simonetti's em
ploy for six months.
Justice Dike, after referring to
Simonetti's good polico record, wild:
"You wero ready to furnish per
jured testimony to tho.se who desired
It. Something must io done to stop
perjury In these divorce case."
Five Othors Hurt in Elizabeth, N.
J., Accident Both Drivers Are
Held by Police.
Miss Bessie Condon, twr uty-nlne,
was fatally Injured mid five persons
were slightly hurt In an automobile col
lision on Railway Avenue, Kllziibeth, N
J., shortly before midnight la.it night.
Miss Condon, who was employed ns a
governess by Francis Henderson, iront
clalr, died to-day In Kllzalieth Hospital.
Miss Condon wns in a car driven by
William Fisher, No. 423 Badger Ave
mic, Newark. Fisher's cur crashed
into tho rear end of"a truck dilven by
Joseph Walsh, No. 102 Orange Street
Newark. Both drivers wore held by
tho police. Fisher asserted there wna
no rear light on tho truck.
Tho other passengers In tho touring
car, 'all of whom wero brulned, wero
Mr. and .Mrs. Henry l'rlggs. No. 151
Glenn Street, Brooklyn, and Mr. and
Mrs. O. A. Moeglln, No. 41 j Lincoln
Avenue, Brooklyn.
Queens Ex-Sheriff Is Accused of
Bribery and Conspiracy With
NasSau County Men.
Herbert S. Harvey, former Slmrlft of
Queens County, under Indictment on
charges of consplrnry end bribery, was
put on trial in tho .Supreme Couit at
Mlneola to-day tx;tore Justin- Cinpgt-).
The ease grown out nf tlm scandal over
the snlo of stolen automobiles.
It is expected the prosecution will
full ns witnesses L'arin in Plant, former
cojnty detective; Aubrey piittlt. for
mer .Superintendent of County Build
ings; .Matthew J. O'Nell and William
Hoffman. O'Nell is serving a seven
year term at King Sing for receiving
stolen property. Plant ami Peltlt plead
ed guilty to the saini) cluirgu ami am in
the county Jail av.-alt'.ns sinter-?.
Hoffman U under Indictment on thiit
MONDAY, JUNE 20, 1921.
Wife and Baby of
Posed at Their
MW1E C ADDc - M,
tV1 Kzl r yv rs t . . . " ' i .1,
This is one of the latest photographs of Mine Carpentier wlfo
of the heavyweight challenger She Is here seen with baby Jacque
line awaiting the news from the great encoiinlor
150,328 Pay 54,500,000, aihl
Form One-Fifth of the
Number Reporting.
ALBANY, Juno 20. Hccords'of Iho
New York Slate Income Tax Curcau
concerning tax returns filed for 1919
show that 150,323 women, onc-tlfth nt
the total rojiortiiig, filed Stato Income
tax returns In 1910, contributing very
materially to the cost of Statu Gov
ernment. That energetic New York women
lead their sisters In other States as
income tax payors Is Indicated by tho
latest Federal figures, which show
that In 10H a total of 373,851 women
llled income tax returns in tho United
States and C2.720 one-sixth wa-o
residents of Now York State.
Itecords show that over $4,500,000
of the 1919 tax aggregate came from
slnglo and married women who filed
Individual returns, lteturns also dis
closed that taxes paid by women ran
from n penny to many thousands of
dollars, with members of the feminine
son receiving handsome salaries not
lily from the motion plcturo nnd
theatrical professions but also from
financial and business enterprises.
While tho Income Tax Law pro
vldes that husbands and wives may
fllo separnto returns, the Joint returns
were the more numerous. Husbands
and wives llled 331,401 Joint returns
fur 1919, and signatures attached to
returns tell the story of how devoted
husbands wero assigned thu privi
lege of six-ndlng sleepless nights
Bayly toying with income tax figures
and blanks.
Perhaps the most Intcrost'ng thing
about statistics on men and women
concerns married femalc.-i who f.lcd
separate r turns, some with d pend
ents and others without. ThW class In
cluded a very Urge number of weal
thy worm u who.se names are familiar
Xi residents of the metropolis. Tho
number totalled 12,815 and cxivo led
ihoso of married males, w th or with
out depend nts, who total 12, '.81
"A very odd thing," siiid Jame T.
Komers, chief of tho Investlgitlon dl
v sion, "Is that few women aro tax
dndgcrs. Since April 15, whlc'i was
tho lust day for filing State income
tax returns, f eld Investigators novo
conducted over 10,000 Individual invei
ligations from New York to UuttfU,
and of the $50,000 or moro collected.
Home in France
- . .
She Was Adeline Marshall,
Who Had Left Her Home on
00th Street Yesterday.
Tho body of a young woman, clad
only In underwear, found In a hall
way at No. -53 First Street, lulu which
she had been carried Home lime after
midnight, -was identified this after
noon as that of Miss Adeline Marshall
of No. 120-122 West 90th Street.
Mr. Ann .Marshall, mother of the
young woman, Identified her In-day
from description published In The
Hvenlng World.
"It Is my daughter," said Mrs.
Marshall. "She left home yesterday
afternoon to go to meet her brother,
Marvin, who runs a sightseeing tins
to Coney Island.
"When sho did not come homo at
10 o'clock and he had not seen her
we started to look for her. Wo
searched everywhere and were still
searching when news of the finding of
the dead woman was received."
Hho wore when she left home n
platinum wrist watch and a gold
chain. Kho had between $15 and $15
in a pockctbook.
When the body was found there
was neither Jewelry nor money. Her
pockctbook with her clothes wns In a
neat 1undle by lu-r side. Thero was
nothing but a mirror and n powder
puff In tho pockctbook.
Tho lMdy was found this morning
y Mrs. Jacob Wltkln, who has a store
on the ground floor of tho tenement
Mrs. Dora Itichmnn, who lives on the
Iloor nlxivo the store, reported to the
polico that soon after midnight she
nw two men carrying a bundle or a
person from a Imuso diagonally across
the street. When they came to her
sldo of tho street sho lost night of
Tin- body was taken to the Morgue,
where It was said this afternoon tint
It would be twenty-four hours before
tin- riui.se nf death would be known.
Miss Marshall's fingerprints were at
I'ollco Ile.'ulqii, li ters, bet-.iu-.e :-.ho hid I
from delinquents only an Insignificant
amount has been collected from worn-
en who neglected wilfully or through I
Ignorance of the law to mako H20 re
turns. The havn willingly shared tha I
tax burden nnd ohown themselves to
be honest citizens."
Tho total Income subject to tax In
New York Stato In 1919 was $3,200,.
Victim Said to Be Manufactur
er's Wife Police Round
Up Tube "Jostlers."
A lot of alleged pickpockets were. In
tho I'ollco Hcnd(Uartcrs'(llnc-up this
morning, threo of them charged by
lJotcctlves Stanley and Drum with
hnvlng stolen from a Mrs. Ilium, wife
of a manufacturer, whose uddress Is
withheld by the police, a handbag
containing $0,115 In cash nnd Jewelry.
Mrs. Uluin rtdc from 96th .Street
lo H6th Street In the subway on the
night of May 14. When she got In nt
96th atreet, she had the bag and
when she got out It was gone Tho
men were urrcsted last night nt Sec
ond Avenue and 10th Street on the de
scription Mrs. Hlum gave of threo men
she said Jostled her In the subway.
The suspects are James Hocks,
thirty, of No. 300 Second Avenue,
who, according to the police records,
has been arrested twenty-four times
nd has served long and short terms
in Sing Sing, Klmlra and tin work
house; Henry Allen, thliiy-scvcn, of
No. 203 Bast 14th Street, urrestcd
thirty times and been In Sing Sing,
Lianiiemom and on tho Island; Mor
ris Wiseman, thirty, of No. 325 South
Third Street, Urooklyn, said to have
been once on tho Island.
Detective Henry Muggo of the
Pickpocket Sqund Is looking for u
man who lost $32 at Canal Street
and Hroudwuy yesterday afternoon.
The dctectlvo say Sam Schwartz,
thirty-four, of No. 116 Suffolk Street,
and Harry luiini. forty-eight, of No.
142 lllvington Street, were on a sub
way train, nnd he saw Ilaum take
some monoy from the pocket of an
unknown man nnd step from the
train to the platform.
Mugge says he grabbed the alleged
pickpocket, who dropped thu roll.
According to the detective, the money
wns picked -up by a b slander.
"tllve me that money!" cried the
"What money?' Inquired the by
plnnder. Muggo made a reach for him, at
which Hie money was forthcoming,
and the bystander disappeared.
Muggo dragged llaum to the plutiorm
steps and arrested Schwartz.
Harry Colin, twenty-two, of No. "8
Kldrhlge Street; .Morris UoldbAg.
twenly-four, No. 195 Kant 171st
Street, nnd William Joyce, twenty
one, of No. 131 llioadwiiy, were ar
tested by Detectives Stanley nnd
Harding on a southbound Third Ave
nue car lust night, charged with push.
Ing and Jostling. John Leonnrd,
twenty-nine, of No. 335 liist 118th
Street was arrested' by Detective Kll
ley at the Fort Ieo Ferry on n sim
ilar charge, and on the same charge
John Demeggla, twenty. No. 15 Mon
roe Street, and Hos.iro Sclbettl,
twenty-two, of No. 1270 Prospect
Street, Urooklyn, were picked up at
South Ferry.
WIDOW WINS $30,000.
Illixhnild Klllril In Srnffnlil fall
lit .llllli Slrrrt and Tilt Alrnur,
Mrs. .MHI1' Mi'tzroth, whose husband,
Charles 1'.. a telephone lineman, was
hilled a year ago when a yraffotil fell
at 19th Street and Seventh Av-nue, to
day rxfl ed a verdict of $10,000 against
the 712 Seventh Avrnup Corporation,
the (Ireonwich Asuoila'tci. Inc., anil
Kraiik Melton, from a Jury lefore Jits,
tlce Mitchell. Several others wen
burled with Metzrolh. The city was a
co-defendant, hut was cleared
been urrestcd on a ohnrge of forging
her mother's namo on a check. She
wits rcleiu-cd by a Magistrate. Tlies-j
fingerprints aldul In her Identification.
"Her arrest was a terrible mistake,"
said her mother. "Tho pollen should
never have taken her fingerprints.
And they did they should have de
stroyed them, because she was a good
girl and there was no reamin for her
In one of the stockings of the
young womun there wus found a
small vial containing a whlto powder
which thu police thought might have
been a drug.
"If there was anything of that "kind
In my daughter's jKissession It was
placed there -by tlioso who killed her,"
said (Mrs. Marshall. "Sho did not use
drugs "
The All-Ceylon Tea
n- . . . ..
X HE leatl-toU package
carrie all the full, rich,
tea flavor from tunny
Ceylon to your tea-pot."
Impression Grows That the
Admiral May Be Taken Off!
Olympic Down the Bay.
In the absence of definite Informa
tion ns to whether Hear Admiral Sims
will be transferred from tho Olynjpie
to a naval tug or cutter at Quarantine
next Wednesday or will remain
aboard tho liner and debark at th
Chelsea piers,' the projectors ofu u.
demonstration to honor him and of a,
rival demonstration to subject him 'to
ridicule aro marking lime. Tho im
pression is growing that the Navy
Department, In order to avoid any
chnncn of n riot between tho rlval ro
ceptlon committees nt the pier will
order the Admiral to leave the Olym.
pic down tho bay and proceed to-a.
naval landing place. Prj
Caspar Whitney, tho most actW,
of tho admirers of Admiral Slnui.
'pent the day trying to And out wUt
the Nnvy Department Is going toii
If anything. In the event that Ad
miral Sims Is transferred from tjo
Olympic down tho bay a receptju
commlttco will probably meet hlim on
board the liner and formally wel
come him home. - ,j
Directors of the American Assoc,!,!,
t.on for tho Recognition of tho Irvtji
Kcpubllc are divided over the ptjjj
o glvo the Admiral a mock refla
tion nnd ipreaent him with a young
Jackass as a mark of appreciation,
his characterization of tho Irish Til
America ns "Jncknsses." Major Mf
chacl A. Kelly, who fought w.th thu
C'Jth In France, l strong for
mock reception Idea, but there '.tt con
siderable strength to the oppoal-.'n
nlso. Whether tho mock reception fa
clllclal or not there Is no doubt that
there will bo a large gathering of
radical Irish at tho pier on tne fir
rlval of tho Olymp f. Itcent i-i-rivals
of persons favored by or dr.
tr.steful to tho radicals have shown
that they do not need any irganlr.-('-tlon
to direct them to a given iiolnt
where they can make a demonstra
t on of their feelings. .j-
If the Irish agitators contempt.'.:
staging their mock reception down
:lto bay It will bo necessary for th jm
to charter a boat. The Whllo Hl.ic
Lino will tako all precautions nalntt
ny of the mock reception commit
tie getting aboard tho lln r eitnir
at Quarantine or at the pier.
An amateur cook, being
asked how she knew when
the coffee was done, replied:
"I know that it is done when
it boils over and puts out
the gas."
As a matter of fact, the mak
ing of coffee is a very exacts
ing art- '
An art that reaches its cul?
mination in the delightfully,
mellow coffee served at
Il appdliint rom and d
liciout flavor mak CHILDS
caffaa- Amarica't favorlla
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