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9 A
Employees in Building Camp
;Rode in Automobile Hired
at $5 a Day.
i a
WASHINGTON, June 20. Munj anil
Tafled wero tbo expedients resorted
to Ay ontractora doing construction
work for the army In the early Maces
of tAmerlca'a participation In tlio war
to '.swell their bills. Marble tile was
usd In bath roomH In Held barracks,
r.lokel-plated showers were Installed
! Service camps, railways wero built
of klmost Invaluable spruce logs.
Out of a mass of such detail,
it?m which Attorney General Daiiffh
tivy hopes to secure convictions tho
'i port on the construction of Camp
JoJeph E. Johnston In Florida, rewals
n development of tho "cost plus" sys-
tern which might be tornicd pic
turesque. ocordtnp to documents on file with
the IIcuso Investigating committee
and the Department of Justice, tho
olflclaU and laborers of tho contract
lnfe company constructing this camp
Ml"e fed on;
Caviar at (4.32 a pound; pompano
a'-;;40 cents a pound; broilers at 42
cents a pound; ducks at 23 cento a
pound; turkeys at 3? cents a pound;
E-.cso at 2G cents a pound; butter ut
centR a pound, and oysters ut
$:';S0 a gallon,
TCho commissary at tile camp was
operated for 144 days and tho Oovern
i.iont suffered a loss of $95,746.80.
Omcorn in chargo of the camp, even
after' vouchers for theso luxuries worn
uncovered, declared that "caviar was
hi-rycd on one occasion only when
Secretary of War linker visited tho
camp to make an olllclal lnepectlon."
The company to which tho contract
for-feeding the men was let received
It per cent, on expenditures of $222,-:U3.-(9,
or a total prollt of JH.Uj.18 for
I hi 144 days.
Tho Government was further
mulcted In the matter of transporta
tion. During the ISO1 days or so that
tho contractor was oil the job the
Government paid (81,000 for automo
bile" transportation alone.
'Practically' every oflloo employee,
superintendent and foreman bad tho
ucuT'of an automobile," says the of
I I eta I report.
Wllelei- lilxf. Iter Ita Initial
. V Complimentary Dcurrrr.
5FPLLESU2Y. Mass., June 20. Mmo.
lOuflo received the detren of doctor of
eUnce, the only (honorary degree ever'
ttnrerreu oy wciicicy Collt-so. at the
t'ommencemeiit exercises to-day. De
crees In course were n.varded to 355
Extreme Precautions Taken to
Prevent Renewal of
Riots To-Day.
HAVANA, June 20. Kxtrrnit- pre
caution ,1m being rxerclsed here to-day
to prevent a renewed outbreak of the
rioting whloh attended Uic funeral
yesterday of former President .lose
Oomnz In which throe persons were
killed and many wounded, .lit it how
many wero hurt wilt probably ncvur
be known, but slxtrin persona are In
tho hoflpltals to-day having their in
jures attended to.
Thus far tho cuuse of the troublo
seems to be In douht, although the
police .blame the friends of the late
President, who Insisted In breaking
through the lines and taking the body
of the dead leader from tho gun
caisson so that thoy might bear it on
their shoulders. They add that In the
excitement which followed the action
of the mob tho pollen flred into the
air and this wns replied to by a fusll
lado from tho crowd during whloh
bullets splintered the posts back of
tho otllccrt).
In some way. It Is said, a stampede
ensued and In tlm wild rush many
were trampled upon and hurt. It Is
estimated that 20,000 persons were
caught in the, nwlrllng mass and
among them were u largo number of
women and children, some of whom
were borne down and badly crushed
under foot. Ono report says that
more than a hundred shots wero flrod
and that clubs were freely used by
tho police, who nre accused of using
little or no discretion.
Theft Cliaricril to Women Who
Camp Uninvited.
Detective Joseph Donclon last night
arrested on charge- of grand larceny
Mrs. Mabel Jirnder of No. 297S West
32d Street, Coney Island, and Mrs.
Jennlo Bcrkowlts of No. 1482 Southern
Boulevard, the Bronx.
The arrests followed the disappear
ance of three fur neck pieces from a
wedding dance Saturday night at
Tlelior's Hall; Ihto which the two
women, both of whom are pretty and
dress well, wandered in search of a
cabnrct. They were permitted to re
main and danced the rest of the evo
nlng. According to the police, tho fur
pieces were recovored when the women
were arrested at their homes.
Plays ALL
Weighs Only
15 Pounds!
The demand for tub model
h now very great and we sug
gest that you order at once.
The Sonora Tollable weighs
only IS pounds complete, plays
all makes of disc records, all
sizes, has a case of the finest
calfskin and is handsomely
leather lined. The case ts
10ji"- x x 10J". has a
strong leather handle and well
made spring locks. The motor is
excellent the "double spring"
The volume of Bound pro
duced by tho Portable fills
tho largest room and tho tone
Is excellent
Price $50
Sonora Phonograph Company, Inc.
George E. Brightcon, President
Fifth Avenue at 53rd Street 279 Broadway
Fur Storage
Absolute Protection at
moderate cost. Repair
ing at special rates
during the Summer.
James McCreenr & Co.,
Telephone: Fits Roy 3400
I-irst Cargo of Edibles in Three
Years Makes I'ctrograd Dock
Workers Hustle.
ItlOA, June 20. Honors ruoli as aro
usually accorded to royalty were riven
the Dutch steamer Alexander Poldcn
when arrived at Pctrograd re-
rcntly, nays the newspaper Izvestla of
Moscow. The strainer 'brought tho
Mrm large cargo of food that has en
tered the harbor for about three years.
With years of starvation at the back
of them, the workers at tho dock, by
day and night shifts, unloaded 5,750
barrels of tho ship's cargo to swiftly
that the ni'xt day twenty airloads of
herrings were dvepatched to Moscow,
wlille Urn rest were left for distribution
In I'etrogrnd. ' Only tho day before the
ship arrived the Economic Mfo wrote
hs follows about retrogrndi
"Tho fate of the city Is so trjglc that
tin comparison can he found In the
world's history. The Immense mor
tality of Kuasln during the past fW
yiwirs may bo regarded as far more
tmglc than the fall of Pompeii."
Since tho Alexnnder 1'olden mndi
Irt two more steamers have arrived
ut I'e.trocrad carn-lno 17.0M) bnrru
of herrlnirs.
LaJ Shoots Cousin After Pulling
Trigger Three Times, Then
Joseph Klmeson, seventeen, of No.
M3 Bast 114th Street, shot and se
riously wounded his cousin, Oeorge
Klmeson, sixteen, lato yesterday af
ternoon with an "unloaded" revolver.
The younger boy Is In Harlem Hospi
tal with a bullet deeply Imbedded In
his left groin and may die, Joseph
Is missing,
Tho wouuded boy's homo Is at No.
316 Host 104th Street. Yesterday he
visited his cousin, who lives with
Frank Toller, on uncle. According to
George, Joseph found an old revolver.
Twice ho pulled the trigger, pointing
tho weapon at the floor. Both times
tho. hammer snapped without explod
ing the cartridge. The third tlmo he
pulled the trigger the explosion
camo; George fell, and Joseph fled,
leaving the strloken youth writhing
on tho floor.
George crawled from tbo room to a
corridor of the apartment house.
Neighbors found him and notified the
police of the East 104th Street Station.
Chinaman Assaulted by Robbers
Who Are Driven OH With
out Booty.
Tom Ling, forty-eight, owner of a
chop suey restaurant at No. 1643 Third
Avenue, was alone addlnr up his cash
at S A. M. to-day when two men stopped
an automobllu outside and went up thi
ono flight Into the restaurant.
One aoked for a package of cigarettes,
and when Ling stooped to cot Uiem the
man hit him on the head with a gas
nine. Line shouted and the men con
tlnueil In beat lilm until he was un
conscious. Walters on the floor above
l-.Htl lieartl anil hastened down,
The bandits escaixM without Kcttlni:
Mm I7i"0 In the eali register or thu
diamond ring and pin wom by Ling,
nho was taken to tile City Hospital In
a crlous condition. ills skull was
Find Man With Throat Cnt Itooni.
mate Seised.
Jersey City pollco this morning found
the body of Frank Lavella, forty-two,
In a room of a roomlne douse at No.
263 Hallroad Avenue. The maa's throat
had been cut from ear to ear. Sslvator
rorreaslna, sixty, wno had "been room
1nr with the dead man. was arrested
and charged with murder. According
to the police, Camello Montana, who
occupied tne adjoining room, neara tne
two men quarrelling.
Lord & Taylor
A Great Summer Sale
of Things You Need at Home
Imported Cereal Sets, 15 pieces, square-shaped,
6 large cereal jars, 6 epicc jars, one oil bottle,
one vinegar bottle and one salt box. This
set is a necessity at the summer home. Set $6.50
Bathroom Scales, white
enamelled, without meas
uring rod. For the
home athlete, at. .$32.50
Clothes Hampers, white
enamelled, curved foot
to raise from floor,
slotted back for ventila
tion.... ....... .$9.00
Family Scales, weighs up
to 24 lbs. by ounces.
Just the thing for gen
eral household use. $3.95
Bathroom Fixtures,
illustrated above, all
brass, heavily nickel
plated, warranted
not to rust. In more
than twenty - five
different styles and
shapes. They will
add to the comfort
of the toilet... .85
Bath Room Cabi
nets, also illustrated
above, white enam
elled, 20x15, bevel
French plate mirror,
cabinet is 6 inches
deep and has two
plate glass shelves.
A great convenience,
White-Enamelled Cos-
turners, four brass hat
and coat hooks. A very
attractive design. .$1.95
Kitchen Pastry Tables,
white enamelled porce
lain top, sanitary, easy
to keep clean, two draw
ers, two curved flour
bins, pastry board, Size
26 by 42 inches. .$24.50
Iff II
Kitchen Tables, white
enamelled, porcelain top,
sanitary, one drawer.
Size 24x36 inches. . . $10
Size 25x40 inches... $11
"Universal" Electric
Coffee Urns, 9 cup cap
acity, nickel. Adds to
joy at the breakfast
table $15.00
Fireproof Glass Sets,- 6
ramekins, 6 custard cups,
one oblong bread pan, one
round covered casserole
(2-qt. 6ize) one pie plate
(10 inch size). Set.. $3.95
"Botpoint" Electric
Irons, 6 lb. size... $5.00
Sanitary Garbage Cans,
white enamelled, foot
lever opens the top.
Needed at a Summer
home.. .... $3.75
Miscellaneous Items Reduced
"Mirro" Colonial Tea Kettles, S
quarts $4.95
"Mirro" Tea Kettles, with inset,
5quarts $5.75
"Mirro" Preserving Kettles, 8
quarts $1.95
"Vollrath" Covered Sauce Pots,
white enamelled, 5 quarts $1.50
"Vollrath" Tea Pots, white enamelled,
2 quarts $1.50
"Vollrath" Sink Strainers, white
enamelled, 10 inches... .75
BmentH Floor.
34th Street New York
Tuesday An Exceptional Sale of
White Canvas Low Shoes
For Women and Misses
Offering Very Unusual Value
Strap Pumps and Oxfords of fine White Canvas.
Walking, Baby Louis and Louis XV. heels.
Shoes Also on Sale in Our Brooklyn and Newark Stores
34th StreetNew York
Radically Reduced To Close Out Tuesday
150 Women's and Misses' Summer Dresses
Values to 35.00 Reduced to 18.00
100 Afternoon and Street Dresses
For Women and Misses Values to 50.00 25.00
125 High Grade Silk Dresses
For Women and Misses Values to 75.00 38.00
300 Tweed and Jersey Cloth Suits
For Women and Misses Values to 39.75 18.00
100 Sport Coats, Wraps and Capes
For Women and Misses Values to 59.75 28.00
150 Misses' Cotton Summer Dresses
Values to 15.00 Reduced to 9.75
75 Misses' Coats, Wraps and Capes
Values to 48.00 Reduced to 18.00
Women's Deptfs, 2nd Floor.
Misses' Dent's, 3d Floor.
Summer Resorts Annual and
Good Motor Roads Guide
Many First Class Automobile Tour Maps
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'i a

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