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FOR $75,000 OVER
Founder of "Society of Justice,
Inc.," Says Financier
Promised to Aid.
Hays & Wndhams, No. 43 Kzchftnfce
Plncc. lm snys the society wai incor
porated In July, 1910, nnil Mint ho paid
llondcr $35 a week for Mx monthn,
fnllowlnp; which ho wnn dlschnrged.
Mr. KliiRler then told Utiiider, lm uy.
that ho hml dono nil ho Intended do
ing fur tho organization. Mo said lie
had cuntilbutcd about M.OW. He de
nied that Mender oiKnnlzcd the so
ciety at hlft Aolldtntlon.
W'hen the cnn wan tailed to-day
.lusttrn Mulljn put It over until next
Shipping Hoard freighter had taken
flro and three, others were endangered,
but this wa.i denied by Capt. O. O. W.
Parker, Huperlntrndenl of the. Marine
Depnrtnicnt here. The fire did )2i,0i)0
On the calendar In Justice Mullan's
ptrt of the Supreme Court to-day
there U marked ready the $73, COO dam
re suit of Gcnrse 13. Ucnder afrnlnat
John It. Flagler, financier.
Recently Mender served on Mr.
Flagler's attorneys n bill of partlcu
Ura In which he uIIcrci he met the
millionaire Feb. 1P19. Mender al
leges he told riagler he had Just fin
ished a term In prison for n crime of
'which he was Innocent and that he
was almost blind as u result of his
experiences while scrv'njr his term.
He said ho had found that approxi
mately 5 per cent, of tho men Im
prisoned were' Innocent. Mender then
augscstcd the organisation of a So
ciety of Justice, Inc.. In memory of
2atr. Flagler's dead wife, who had
taken n prominent part In wclfaro
Jtr. Flagler, according to Mender,
wu enthusiastic. On March 5. 1019,
Bender nays, he called on Mr. Klaglcr
and showed him itatloncry Informing
the public that tho society was
organized to the memory of "Alice ;
Mandellck Flagler (ono who love?
justice)." Mender alleges .Mr. Flag
ler said he would recompense him
for his work and that he would pro
Tide a foundation for the support of
the society.
Bender says ho called on n num
ber of prominent pmnn and ex
plained to them the ? of the oi
ganlzation, Somo u. .nosj he Inter
viewed woro George Gordon Matt'e,
"a Mr. Isyth of Wall Htrcct," HUinc
Dawson. Edwin ft. Merrill. Thomas F.
Fallon Jr., B. Ogden Ohlsholm, Alfred
T. Tallafero nnd Mrs. Lorctta (r
uthers. Mrs. Curat hciB, Mender
alleges. Interested Mr?. Klla O'Gornian
Stanton, Ulster of former United smtcs
Senator James A. O'Gormnn
Bender says that ho devoted seven
hours a day for ftvo months to the
In Mr. Flagler's answor, filed by
Children Removed to Safety as In
habitants Battle vith Stub
born Maze.
A spectacular fire early to-djy de
stroyed a two-story wooden building
on Barren Island and threatened for
a time to cprcad to oil tankn nearby.
The blaze started in ono of the tlvc
buildings of tho Now York Hanltary
L'tlllitatlon Company.
Antonio Dublaslo, the wntchmon,
guvo the alarm nnd thu eighty Inuab.
ItanU of tho Island formed a bucket
brigade to light tho flames until tho
flrcboat William J. Gaynor arrived.
The eight frame houses, In which
most of the Inhabitants live, woro In
such danger that all persons who did
not stuy 'to fight tho flro retired to tho
other end of the Island with the chil
dren. It was at first reported that a
Dn Pont Official Runs Down Boy
Cyclist and h Arrested Other
Drivers Held.
During a dispute between i-mi ,,
in fiont of bin lioini) taut nlrli'., li;l-jcnr-old
Jotcph Mniloi:i cf No, I.1 41
lloe Avenue, Ilrons. U iiHi-cl to liavo
been puihrd Into thu street Jitt a all
automobile, driven by K.ithni Itoamr.iin
of No. 7M Mast Kllli fltrfo:, iimo
along. The machine .'truck th: dilM,
throwing him ugalnst the curb and
fracturing his skull. Me dlei twenty
minute later. lom.in as arrrstert.
An aulomoblle driven by F, 1.. Conna
bin, a Ue President of the K. J. dJ
Pont uV Nemours Company, collided
near Sua Bright. N. J., yesterday atlti
lioo:i. wllb a blejcie riildcn by fourteen-jcur-old
Juieyh Porter. J he boy suf
fered a Inwtuicd skull an'! Jio.l al:uut
lutantlv. Mr. Connable m artestcd.
Helen Dolnn, .evcn, vra. killed by an
automobile In front of hti home at No.
715 beontird Str-ft, llrooklyn, laat
right. The car was dilvm by Frnnk
Carpenter of No. 203 t'Jth Street, Cor
am, who was chaigcd wli.i manslauch
tcr. Thomas Corcoran, eleven, was U lite 1
hv Harry Solow of No. 1610 Rsd Street,
riiooklyn, Solow wils temporarily de
tained at Clymer Street Police Station
lllsliap l.nnrlr on Vs to Wurmit
Miiilsti-r l.unn on Kmequlbo.
Among tho ptuuenger on the Hoyal
Mall I.tnn Hteainnhli) F.Mequlbo which
arrived to-d.iy was liishop Lorenzo
Ijuirloe, for four years Apostolli; Nuncio
to Peru. The Hlaliop Is on bis way to
Warsaw. Me was met by the Hew Ku.
gene A. Donnelly of llrooklyn. Whl'e
stationed In Home previous tj his des-
l ll ll
ii ii i
Ignatlon to South America, the Bishop
was Instructor to Cardinal Dougherty of
Philadelphia and also to Bishop Munde
teln of Chicago.
Boas W, Long. Amefican Minister to
Cuba, also was aboard. He Is going to
Washington, as is Capt, Aristedes del
Solor, Naval Attache of tha Chilian
Kmbassy to mo United States.
Capt, C. I' (Jreen of the Kssqulbo
announced It was his last trip on the
:hip he had handled for ye-ira, having
been transferred to the OrcaiiA of the
same line.
Three yards for $1,85! Perfect
Pongee from China and Japan, hut
not more than six yards to each
customer Wednesday (tomorrow),
8 A. M. Sharp.
Lei u repeat it. Three yards tor $1.85!
Not one yard tor $1.85. It seems too good to
be true, but here it is. Every Frutchey Silk
Shop ad is good news, and true news, too.
Special Purchase
Men's and Young Men j
All-Wool Suits
Brings Sensational Price Cuts
On Smart Wool Suits
Purchase Price
Made to Sell for $35.00,
$37.50 and $40.00
The manufacturers needed
money and so they sacrificed
these high-grade suits. There
are serges, black and white
silk mixtures, pencil stripes
and plain colors in styles tnat
both the younger men and the
more conservative older men
arc looking for single and
double-breasted models two
and three-button coats sizes
from 33 to 48 in regulars and
stouts. Slight charge for al
terations. Come early and
get just the one you want.
This is a real bargain oppor
tunity. Men's Fine Straw Hats
Up-to-the-Minute Styles
Improved straw Sennets in a. wonderftu assortment all sizes S EZfi
in Uie lot were $3.45 jS.DJ
Men's Silk Shantung Shirts
Tan, with collars, separate or uttached
See Page 23 for Other Hearn Advertising.
Lambert Brothers
Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry
Platinum Bar Pin, pierced, set with 7 ditmoncli, $220.00
June Weddings
goes to the altar
on "the
hand" and
Wedding Ring
Fine Diamond
Engagement Ring.
Othtri $25 to
I with o of Lambert Brothers'
diamond engagement rings
th finger of her fair left
comes away from it with a
Lambert seamless gold or platinum or
diamond paved wedding ring also is for
tunate in that
these two noble
symbols come
from a house the
name of which
stands for charm,
excellence and
Take an hour
from business
or an afternoon
from society and look at Lambert
Brothers' modern stock of jewelry, any
piece of which would make a June bride
happy. You will be struck first by the
Lambert willingness to serve, then by
the moderate prices. You'll be satisfied.
I5-Icrt..$5.75 up
22-lurat $6.50 up
Platinum $20.00up
1 4-larat gold Cradu
ation Ring, roie fin
ish, raised (igurea.
Platinum .
II Diamonds,
$100.00 up
22 Diamond,,
$230.00 up
Green gold la
valliere, plat
inum faced, 3
fine diamond,
Platinum faced and M
karat green gold laval
liere, I fine diamond and
2 Montana sapphire,,
M-karat green gold wrist watch, polished, octag
onal ahape, tetted timepiece $40,00
Similar style, gold filled, plain case,, $28.00 up
Store Open Daily Until Six, In
cluding Saturday, July 2.
Third Avenue, Corner 58th Street
Fine Mercerized Socks
Were .50
These little socks are made of finest mercerized
yarn, with full fashioned tops in a variety of
lovely colors, interestingly combined to harmon
ize with the children's summer dresses.
19,370 Yards of
Dress Voiles
Were .45 and .57
Every kind of cool, attractive voile that a woman
could wish to fashion into summer frocks is in
cluded in this fascinating selection of voiles,
with light or dark grounds and large or small
flower, figure, check and coin sport design. All
the pretty summer colors and combinations are
featured in infinite variety. And last, but not
least, the value is amazingly good.
See Pages 23 for Other Hearn Advertising
1. Altmatt $c Ota
Thirty-fourth Street
Thirty-fifth Street
Wornem 9s
imartDy Tailloredl
for town or country wear, are specially ffeatured-
at attracts vely low . prices
Included are
Worsted Jersey Suits . . . . at $ 1 4.d0
Homespun Suits .... at 24.00
Natural Pongee Silk Suits . . at ' 27.50
Tweed Suits at 38.00
Embroidered Tricotine Suits .' at 68.00
Hawaiian Crushed or
- Grated Pineapple
Serve it Like Apple Sauce
For serving just as it comes from the
container, or for making pies and
puddings, for 6alads and desserts,
Hawaiian Crushed or Grated Pine
apple is the most convenient pine'
apple to use.
Hawaiian Crushed or Grated
Pineapple is genuine, siuvripened
fruit, packed before sundown on
the day that it is picked; thus is
all its native flavor and lusciousne&s
Buy it at your grocer's in half
dozen or dozen lots. It will keep
perfectly until you are ready for its
use, and it will always come in handy
for the emergency
Your grocer has Crushed or
Grated Hawaiian Pineapple.
Association of
Hawaiian Pineapple Packers
SS Eta Wtillitttm St., Chlcaf o
Here are two good recipes that can be
quickly prepared with Hawaiian Crushed
or Grated Pineapple. Try them today.
Cnud Pineapple Omtlrt
Beat H t jjs. without acparatin:,
until lifht; add 4 lablapoonluh of
water and iuat a suspicion of talc
Put a tabletpoonful of butter in
omelet pan; when melted turn in
theeoa. As Boon M the omelet ia
"set (old in somo Crushed or
Grated Hawaiian Pineapple; turn
into heated dtsh; pour remaining
pineapple over.
Sponce Pineapple PuJHlnt
Put tule tpooge cake in a pint
mold or bowl, pouring; nm it
sufficient thick pineapple piire In
moisten the cake;set in ncmlplarc
until aervinr time, then invert ontn
a dih and tap the bowl haul
enouxh to allow the- cake to slip
out unbroken. Arranre Crushed
or Grated Hawaiian Pineapple
around it.
The World 1 92 1 Summer Resort Annual
Is now on Sale at all World Offices and at Subway. Elevatwl
and Railroad stations and 'Newsstands or ' by mail.
- w

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