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I' iff!
pld Time Marks Going Fast
As This Country Gains
Supremacy in Swimming
tAjuatic Feats of Kahanamoku
. and Ross Among Most Re-.
1 markable of Modern Rec
i ord-Breaking Achievements
in All Sports.
By Robert Boyd.
nHlia bim bccu an cxtraordlnafy
I year In athletics. Many of
twenty years aso liavo cither been
equalled or chattered. Several of
Ahese titrures, notably tho sprinting
marks equalled and bettered by
Charles Paddock on the Coast this
uprlnff and tho broad Jumping of Ned
Gourdln of Harvard, stand out most
Uoth marks set by l'addock and the
colored Crimson star would tend to
substantiate the fact that the present
day athlete excels tho stars of tho
past. Paddock has done better
Bprlntlnj? accordlns to tho timers of
California thau any athlete In the
long history of the track, while Oour
dln'a jump erased every lont? jumping:
Tiioso two new marks have little
blcnlncance, however, In proving the
(superiority of tho present day star.
For every record equalled or broken
lo-day you will note two established
by stars of a few years ago. Some of
these marks Hmrer under the "World's
Hest Rcords" as If they were chis
elled In stone, bearing out the truth
In the athlete on the track and field
of tho past being equal to the best wc
have to-day.
Right on down through the vistas
of sport, whero figures of tho top
watch offer a correct basis of com
parison, the athletes of past genera
tions can be rated on a par with those
of modern times. All have been
equal In their' athletic achievements
cave one, .swimming. It la one
branch of athletics where the old-
timers cannot say, "They aro not
what they u.sed to be."
The modern .swimming stars of to
day tower head and shoulders over
the aquatic stars of the pnt. Very
few records are Icrt on the books,
and tho ones that aro generally aru
broken before the International Ama
teur Athletic Federation can anction
The introduction of the modern
strokes has been the chief cause, of
tho steady tumbling of .swimming
?ocords. And in their introduction tho
United States le.id.s the. world both
In swimming and the greatest num
ber of sw'mmlng .stars. In fact, ho
progressing that there Is no predict
ing -when tho international record
breaking will cease.
About twenty years ago the Aus
tralian swimmers were tho greatest
in the world. U. li. Kicrun, Klchard
Cavlll, "Wtckham, C. Healy, A.
W. Harry, lleaupealrr, Longworth,
fhainrcon and llarwlek for years
lidd the world's swimming suprem
ncy. This supremacy was held right
Up until the Olympic (lames at
Stockholm, wnen iney rcim-
.mlBt.nJ .linip 1jmi1.ttM.il I, 4r f!..rm;inv
I HUIVH41--.. . .-. ...V ........ J ,
'never to lie regained again.
,? Much of tho Mihlrallans' hucccss
jha3 been attribut d to the por
Afectlon of tho leg drive. Richard
' Ouvill in 1300 wagored that he could
nwim 100 yards just ius fast with his
legs tied together at the ankles as ho
8'oould using the trudgcon Mck. lie
llfon his bet. Ho swam ju.st as fast
nd this was tho advent of the
'Australian crawl stroke. f'avill's
contention was that the awkward
thidgeon effected more resistance,
decroa-scd momentum forward and In
gatipr.il retarded the progress of
Bpeed swimming. Later Cavlll used
t at slight flutter to his two feet, held
" on the surface of the water, which
was later called the Australian
I crawl and helped Its discoverer to
.establish many new world's records
r and revolutionized speed swimming.
Hut the swimmers from the nnti
podts were not to dominate the
( world very long. Their international
leadership was short lived.
I At the Fifth Olympiad at Stock
? holm in 1!)12 Germany htipplanted the
j Australians as the greatest swimming
nation in tho world. They scored a
',. total number of 22 points. Sweden
ilwas second with 15. Great IJi-ltaln
li followed with tl, Australia 12 and
Iho United States 0.
After this tho united States forged
to tho front. The- Australian crawl
The new Durant car, the long ex
pected creation of W. C. Duraiil, in
which the public has been showing the
keenest Interest, In about ready to be
exhibited. Hundreds of persons teeing
the new DuriAt &ln on the wliidowa of
(stroke was nurfecteo. or American
ized. Tho four-beat and sli-beat leg
drives were introduced and at the
interallied swimming races at uiku
St. James, Paris. In 1919, and at tho
last Olympic Guinea at Atuwoip,
American swimmers outclassed every
other nation.
Until February. 1305, Richard Cavlll
and Harney Kleran of Australia wcro
looked upon as tho world's greatest
swimmers. Capt. Matthew Webb, un
til that time, was accepted as the
greatest long distance swimmer, on
the strength of his swimming the
English Channel between Dover and
Calais In August, 1873.
Charlos M. Daniels, a Dwlgnt iligu
School boy and a member of tho New
York Athletic Club, broko every swim
ming record in tho world from 2
yards to -140 In three days during tno
month of February, 1906, In the New
York A- C. tank. The lithe Daniels
shattered eleven world's records.
Daniels for a long while was con
sidered the greatest all-around swim
mer in the world. His records stood
for a while after ho was through
competing. Hut to-day, not one of
the Dwight School boy's records are
visible on the record books. The six
and four beat crawl strokes evolved
by Americans developed swimmers
that far out-rank the former Mercury
Foot star.
In 1906 Daniels swain fifty yards
in 25 2-5 seconds. Duke Kahana
moku of the putrlgger Club, Hono
lulu, shattered the world's record for
that distance last Saturday when he
did 22 4-5 seconds.
During the jear of 1900, Daniels's
100 yards in 58 seconds was looked
upon as a record that would stand
for years, but Kahanamoku broko
the world's record In Honolulu Har
bor in 1917, swimming 100 yards in 53
Daniels's mark for 150 yards of 1.43
in 1906 is held to-day by Tedford
Cann, who did 1.29 3-5 for tho dis
tance. His 220-yard record of 2.33 1-5 sec
onds is also hold by Ted Cinn. The
now record Is 2.19 4-5 seconds.
The quartcr-mlle record set by
Daniels tho same year, of 5.50 2-5 sec
onds, Is now held by Norman Ross,
who did the same dlstanco in C.Oti 3-5
Just as these timci have been per
ceptibly reduced so have all tho old
distance records been lowered by the
swimmers of to-day. The breast
stroke, swimming on back, and other
modes of propelling man through the
water have likewise been shattered.
Wheic these record breaking feats
will terminate is problematical. as
fast as the records are complied In A.
A. U. headquarters they are lowered
again. And tlds is likely to continue
for some time.
In the record breaking swimming
achievwnents of the Americans, Duke
Kahanamoku, the Honolulu sprinter,
and Norman Rosa, chief scoicr In the
swimming events In the last Olympic
Games, stand out as the two great
est. McGIIIivray, l.anger, the Keuln
ha brothers. Warren and Pua, and
Ted Cann follow closely as rivals of
these great wulermen. The two Kea
loha boys perhaps arc tho most
promising of these live. The great
brrtize-skinncd Duke has seen his best,
days as u t-wim..ier. He will hav to
bow shortly to lime, and his supers- .
sor as sprint king will likely be one i
of his own sw.irlliy countrymen from j
the islands In the Pacific. !
"It a I ii Mnl.rro" Will MnUr nnllirr
Altrmpt Tn-MRht.
Thosn two Inevitable "rain makers."
Marty IJurke, the New Orleans
"Strlngbean," and Ocne Ttinney,
A. li 1'. llglit-hcaywelslit champion,
are scheduled to mako their eighth
attempt to meet In fl.itlu battle at I
Dyckman Oval to-night. Gone and !
Marty have been matched Just seven
times, and up to date each meeting
has been postponed or called off, gun
erally on account of rain,
Even this present match had to be
postponed onee on .iccnunt of rain,
as this show originally was scheduled
tor iiiesnaj- nigni. ,
John Jennings, manager of tho Ar- .
inory A. A. of Jersey city, was In town I
yehterday seeking to sign Hryan Dow
ney to (l$ht-the winner of the Miku
filbbons-Jeff Smith bout, which Is to
Ixj held at the Armory A. A. next
ruesuay nignt.
I nave already made an offer to
Johnny Wilson to meet the winner of
thin bout." said Jennings, "and if I can
tie up Downey, I'll have three, and
possibly four, of the best middleweight
iout.1 obtainable at my club before the
c.o or ine open air season.
"My plan Is to matrh Downey with
tho winner of this tout, and then put
on the resultant winner with Wilson,
if Downey should not he the winner,
there would still bo a chance for a bout,
between Wilson anil Downey, reganl-
tho 1'cerfcncr Motor Car Company, at
No. 1753 Broadway, the firm which will
distribute tho car In this territory, have
called lo see It and gonq away dlsap
pointed. Tho car will bo shov.ii the
latter part of next week, 'rlio few who
im mm j
Clubl. W. U PC.
Plttlburth ...62 33 .633
New York....M 39 .610
Button 34 40 .374
Brooklyn ....31 49 .910
Clubi. W. U
St. Loull 43 48
Chicago 42 ii
Cincinnati ...4 1 37
Philadelphia.. 30 16
.31 J
At Si. lmls--
Tl. II.E. I
S Vrl I 0 1 M-
st. lul 1 o l n l) l o ii x .1 i
nattrrlca -Douglas and Smtlhi uoak ana ueai
At HtUhnMll
niiaiifiiiiiu oisnnoon o r, n l
11" i li II i) 1 0 3 3 II .1 1-0 14 1
Ballirles llublwll. Winters and llruit; L'wiht
al.u i.nmlt iHutttiii
At rhlfjiri. -I'lrht Catm
lln.tim J n 0 1 n 0 n 23 13
L'hiai.u I inoioooo n r. n
Itatltrlps OfsihiiT and O'Nt'll; Atouuder and
second Game
lUi.ti.ii 00101030 05 I 0
Chliacn n 0 u ll U 3 0 4 x " 11 1
llaturlei Sii.tt. MilullUii and Gibson; Martin,
Krennat) and OTrrfll
llrnoklin-rlaclmiail Eim" at Cincinnati lt
Mined; rain
New York at St, Loun.
tircoklyn at Cincinnati.
I'lilladelphia jl Pitli'f rgli.
ftoiton at Chicago.
.uir.itK a. i,i..V(ii;i:.
Clubi. W. L. PC. Clubi. W.I. PC.
Cleveland ....02 oh .bll St. Loun 51 .474
New York. ...51 35 ,6.'S I Boito KM ,149
Walhlngton ..5J 48 .531 Cllh ioo 13 5S .439
Detroit IS 5J .4751 rhlladelpllld..Jt) bl .371
41 r."lon K. " l:
(Tiuvto (1 0 1 1 0 0 n il 0 2 10 0
iif-.i(in n : i o ii n . s u
llallcrieu. Palier and -rrfiJV . Mt-i und fluii
liirolt Nt-w ork anic at fVIu Itiuunds it
( ponM
Cloifland WaHliineton yum at Wa.-ainjton im-t
IKHird: rain
IxmW PhUadc-liihia same a! t'liUad Irlila !"-t
poned: rain.
Detroit at Sew Yoik.
Cleveland at Wathinglon (two gamei).
Chicago at Botlon.
St. Louii at PhlladtlphU.
Clubl. W. L. PC. I Clubl. W. L.
' Oiltlmou ., 79 37 .74 Newark IC 59
Bullalo 64 41! .582 1 Jersey City.. .42, 59
, Rocheiter ,...50 49 .533 Sracui 4 ' 62
. Toronto 57 50 .533 Reading 35 71
Syracuit. 10; Buffalo. 2 (tint game),
Buffalo, 9; Syracuia, 4 (lecond game),
Toronto, 2; flootiettcr, I.
Newark. Reading (rain),
Jemy City-Baltimore (rain),
Jeney City at Baltimore,
Newark at Reading.
Toronto at Hocheilor,
Syracuia at Buffalo.
1 all the trunk lino highways that lead
,.. .....
liao teen the ear iU Un:
very enthusiastic about it and it i
dUlle evident that it wi'l g i aw.iv to
a good stirt. .No price anoui 1 1 men'
has iK'en made as y t. lint tie ,i iieri1
inpression is tlut It will j well uiidc:
Ruth Thinks
Make Up Lost Ground
Against Ty's Tigers
Rain One of Reasons Babe Is
One Day Behind 1920
I lome Run Record.
By Imac Shtunan.
WKATJIIilt permitting, tho
Tigers will play Iho l'anks
at the Polo Grounds this af
ternoon, to-morrow and Saturday und
ltabc Ruth has in his eo the bright
light of expectancy.
And well hu might.
For the Habe, be it known, what
with one thing und another, prin
cipally prejudicial pltohlng and a
couple of days of rain, Is now one
day behind his 1920 home-run record,
und he feels that ho eun maiko It up
off the Tiger pitchers.
11c should, If past performances
this season count lor anything.
Klvu Detroit pitchers Dauss,
Khmke, Mludleton, Cole and Suther
land havo yielded nine of the thirty
eight circuit clouts tho Habo had
amassed by Aug. 1, two more than tho
pitchers of any other club have given
him, and, naturally, Georgo Herman
doesn't expect any sudden curtail
ment or their generosity.
Colu and Sutherland have each
given him one home run, Middloton,
two; Khmke, two, and Dauss, three.
Ehmke and Dallas on Juno 13 and
Juno H, respectively, gave hlra two
The Yanks also look forward
with pleasant expectancy to the set
to with the Tigers, and, If precedent
in their case holds good, they should
easily win the series.
The Tigers, despite their great hit
ting strength, havo proved the. weak
est team in the league against tho
Yanks, who in twelve engagements
Neht or Ryan Carded
To Pitch for Giants
New York Club's Record on
Road iS'ow Six Won and
Six Lost.
ST. I.Ot'IS, Aug. 4. Hither Neht or
I Uy.tn will bu put in the box to-day
for the Oiants In an effort to halt
I the slugging Cardinals and turn in a
I i much needed victory for the slipping
visitors. All the ground the (Hants
have gamed in their series with the
Pirates has been wrested from them
by the second division teams they
have played against since, and now
the can boast of only an even break
in the West six games won and Uix.
I'liil Douglas allowed only six lilts in
.M'Nt'll linings, but two of tho hl
were home runs by Jack Smith nnd
Austin .Melltnry and these blows,
coupled with a run fecorcd on a double
and a single, r.n.iblrd tho Cardinals
l.j heal the Hants by a M'ore of 3 to
Douglas w-a removed In make
room for a pine!) hitler in the eighth
and Slim Sailor limshed the game. 131 1 1
Doak, who hurled for St. Doills, kept
Picturesque and 1 lealthful
Country With Roads in
Splendid Shape.
,' O. V. W'clh, Chief Hoailman
tlif Mttomnbilc Vluh of America.
Tho Pntskdl region ii one of the
most pieture.qiio and healthful moun
tain sections In the ICastcrn States.
A apiir of the great Appalachian
system, .vhlch extends along the At
lantic Coast from -Maine, to Alabama,
Iho CatskilU rover an area at some
" Ann unlln ro mile with a ironeral
to tho Catskllls nro hard surfaced,
and those that radiate through the
mountains, arc in nm.it cahes hard
.surfaced and in good condition.
To reach the Catsklil section from
New York City, botli sides of tho
river can he used, from. New Tork
on the east shin go north nlon the
Albany l'nst Hoad through Yonlfers,
Tarryt iwn, Osslnlng, reeksklll and
I'oughkeepsle to Hhlnebeck, then to
llhinerl fl". where the ferry i crossed
to K ngstoii. Or tho motorist can
continue on to Gmndalo or Hud
son, whero the Grrendale forry
irossos to CatsklP and tho Hudson
fetry troc-es to Athens, both of which
aie in the foothills of I he CiWkills.
I'rom New York on tho west side of
th.i river cross by ferry and run to
Hackensack, then north through Hut.
fern, Tuxedo und Cornwall to New.
burgh and continue north to King
it' n. either via tho river road
through Highlands, or New Paltz.
Krom Kingston the most direct way
to got Into the heart of tho Catskllls
is the M-onio route around the Asho
I,. in ltrsrrvulr, then al mg tho Ksopus
i "reek to I'hornlrln, tin nee into tho
heart of tho CatsUM. through the
Slony f'tive; in fart, the Stonv Clove
I la tho only safe way to gt t Into the
rcntro of tho c'atskills from tbo
nth andl east, as Iho riattckill,
wmm region
ooiith and east, as t . I'lutlektll
both steep and dangerous
Molorusts going in iro, n t .a llage of ,
Cat.sklll an run w" l Hnnugli Cairo,
to SViudUau, thcu toulli lliroujii
t a
He Can
sJM'j l"w jr
Nfw TorlL .
M. I .Mil J ..
1 Uinuiutl i
IMtutnirth ,
Kntokljn .,
(fclniKo ....
"ciuV T's i J4TY 1'wT tITJjTitu
lorn .,,
St. tuL ....
(llfwlantt ....
1'iiiiijnpnit .
1 r F's tii
I) 6 .... . 31
: r d .... no
4 .1 ' .... II
I . tJ
t ' C 1(1
t 14
II 10 13
a 17
I t H
0 13 13
3 7 3 12
1 2 10
(l 4 0
3 4
4 .. . ..
ay. Leo1...!.'!! ltjl
Turont'ai IS 1 J . . . ,
Sirii'UM 3 3 ' U ., ,,
ItociirMer 7 7 I 1
Newitk li ' ' ' t. ..
llmtliil IS ' .. ,,
Muffilo 4 1 11 .. .
lUltlmurft C ' ..
Jorsot Illy 0 4 l "I ..
.. 17
.. 21)
.. 19
.. 19
.. It
.. 17
No iimo rltrd.
have come off with eleven victories.
Two successlvn days of rain havo
given both tho Yanks and the indluns
a much needed rost for their pitchers.
Of the two clubs the champion., prob
ably needed tho lay-off most, .for as
matters stood at the beginning of this
week they had only tho overworked
Covelcskle upon whom to pin their
hurling hopes. Tho big Polo now will
be in good shape to start against the
Senators and Kothoron, Hagby, Cald
well und Uhle, each, will have im
proved. Meanwhile Duster Malls Is
at homo rccolvlng treatment und ease
for his injured side. His absence
coining when It did made Cleveland's
pitching piospects look dark, but tho
rain and tho consentient rest have
brightened their chances.
the Giant attack down to ooven scat
tered blngles.
Colrrnor 1 'orb Id llunrr - MliUr
I.AN'SI.S'U. Mleb.. Auir. 4. dnv. C!rrx-
bi;ek to-day inatru.iusl the State Itoocintr
Coniniuvilon not to iK-nnlt a teti-rnuiwl
Iwxlng bout betwee-ii Capt. Hob Kopur
and Hilly Xfiske, sehcibikd to Iws held at
fsraiiii mf ns. Aug. i:.
In ls.tiliiK the oril"r the n-overnor de
elared li" all el not believe the propnv.d
bout wouiii uievi wiiii tne suriri rriuir'
niciils of the MinhK'Hii Having Ijiw.
".Since the war the promoters In Miehl
gan as well its other States have turned
tliu game into a eouiinorciai proposition,
end It has develoiKil Into nothing more
than a 'come-on' game," th Governor
in it. "if lxixlna is to ne enntltniixi in
Michigan, It I? lo go on In an entirely
different manner."
I'nllnn Hrlnntnlril by Stlnnrinln
ST. I'Al U MJnn., Aug. I. Vred Kul
ton of MlnmsiiKjIla, ho.iv weight boier
who was suspelidid some, two years
ago. following rh:iri:e.s of bis Imvliu:
Kiignged In i "fake" fight with Jack
Drmpsey. tliu pri'.-eiit lioavywolght till"
lioldi r, wii. i-iiiist.iteil to day by the
Minnesota Honing tVuniiilsslon and will
now ho permitted to port lei pa to in touts
In tills .Stale.
I llen.snnville. lo Hunter, Tannersvillo
and Humes l''ulls. The. main lino
through the cnnlre of tho mountain
runs west from Tanneriivlllo through
Hunter, Lexington, I'rattsvillo and
Grand Gorge to Stamford. Mutorlsls
'coming down from A many will find It
prrforablo to ronllnuo on through
C'atsklll t Saugerties, llie.n west
through Woodstock nnd Hlalrsvllle to
Mount IMeasant, connecting with thn
trunk line northwest of the Ashokan
I'll rill lillla lllly Outfielder.
ST. l.OL'I.S, .Mo Aug. 4.-The pur
chase of riarence Miiillcr, outfielder,
from the .Syracue Club of tho Inter
national IattLKUo has been announecl
by thn St. Louis Cardinals.
"Untied Special"
Electric Irons
Weight six poundi, Top, heavily nickel pla
ted ; ironing surface, high polished steel. Com
plete with 6 feet of connecting cord and resting
stand. Guaranteed to give complete satisfac
tion in every respect.
MM Hecliie Stops
w Tni Unmo Ctacraic Dcirr C Pcwt Co.
130 Eiit 15th Street
89th Street h Broadway 146th Street It Broadway
far lai ! I, ,iu; fxaf Culrfcaf Dulu
There seems to bo quite a revival of
the former practice of maintaining
npoed traps at certain points in New
Vorl and New Jersey.
Advices Imvo roino to the Autoniohllo
Chin of Aiiicilcn of a speed trap In
operation north of llohokus, lietween
trial town and Allenoale.
Alnmi Tuxedo, the State Con.itaini-
Inry are takltm part in thn nnfoi euinnnt
of the upeed laws. They tnakn u piac-
llr of stationing tlienisctves at siiarp
turns to nbaorvo tho rato at which mo
torists ta'iu the curves.
The Keystone Tire and Rubber Com
pany has ben showing an Industrial film
In Ha windows at fl2d Street und llroail-
wny, which ha.s nttraeted crciwd.i. I'ho
movie Is entitled "Tno l oiilenieu jioior
Ist," and k1(o!4 every detnll of thn
nuinufaetun) of Keystone eonl tin's. Tim
plettirn Is ediicatloiial and ntertalulng
anil the. company Intends exhibiting it
In various places.
D. -'. I'essler of l'erry, la., ban erected
a contrivance In his garage which
makes II possible to take the weight of
thn car off lb" tires whunco4- tlm ear
Is not In use. lie attributes to this fact
partly the unusual rreoid of .seven ye;uu
un one the tlut he reached recently.
On June 2.1, 1DH, Mr. FY mi I it Niught
11 lliilek ear nn which wns a fwt of
I'lialn tread United .States tires. On Mny
14 of tlm present year the last oiin of
these tires still In existence lu.nl Its first
blow-out, the first trouble It liad glve.i
during iU entire life.
Solid tlies on trucks iiro as ll'iely to
pick Uf stones as aro horses's Kmfs. Thu
stones forre Llielr wuy Into tho rubber
and clnk deeper with each revolution of
thi. wheel. To Tinlt them to remain
means on injury to the tiro, which will
increase, rapidly.
Tin! t'nlted State Tin- Coinpmy
staie.1 that the proper rourho of pro
rediin: under sueh cireuiiistaiires Is to
rriuoo the stono and cut away the
roiiuli edgis.
With rcgird to ruts In wilirl llres It
Is practically lmioM."lbl lor even tho
inot careful drivers to avoid tlii?m.
These tuts rtltoiild be t iken rani of
when first discover! d, lie ause with each
revolution of the lire the rut spreads
ii little ami In hum the small rut will lie
eome n bifKn fissure eN nding down to
the hard rubber base Thl.-, tlien ,'ivci
rise lo separation und :hliplug. Tho
renuily Ls to trim off the edges of the
small cut until Instead of u Klutrp Mit
there Is a smooth ilepreshlon in thu tire.
Iliinninn ot Krtlironril, lull
eonlliiK tor 1'lilln.
IMIIKADDIil'IlIA. Aug. t.- I'retident
U llliam K linker of tl"' I'hll.iilelplila
Nationak I-aguo Club said to-d.iy thai
Irving Wlllielm wwrld rontinuo to net
as manager of t-'iu rhllllm during the
remainder of tin; Western trip. Tiling
are moving so nicely under W'llhelm's
control that he did not think It wise to
disturb condition at proerit, Mr. linker
siiid, "This does not ineiin tluit Wild mil
Imnovan haw been dlsmlssud as man
ager, Kild I'l-esldeiit llJiker. Dnnovaii
is on a K.iMitlug trip iiii'i has l.uidi il a
gK.l pitcher and Is doing his pirt to
build up tlm tram for next yivir, Jlr.
linker added.
- .'W
Orgiinizes Companv With
Hruminenl Detroit Men to
Build New Car.
Eddie V. lllfkenKirker,
America's aco of aces, has entered
tho niitoniobilo business ,im a maim
fuc hirer In Detroit He Is a member
of tho Hlckcnbacker Motor Company,
I which has Just been organized. An
application for a charter In Michigan
' was filed at lanslng Motula Tho
(Between Fifth Ave. & Broadway, Opposite Waldorf Hotel)
Daily Till
6 P. M.
Till 9 P.M.
"(Between 5th Ave. &
This Sale
Positively Ends Saturday
It comprises the major portion of
the stock of our out-of-town stores,
together with the unsold balance
of our New York establishment.
Over 3,000 Suits
Suits That Were
Suits That Were
Suits That Were
Suits That Were
Suits That Were
Suits That Were
Suits That Were
Suits That Were
Suits That Were
Positively nothing reserved. Plain Black
and Blue Suits included. All sizes regu
lars, shorts, stouts, longs, extra sizes.
All of tins season's Top
Coats carried o v e r,
Wc should like nothing better than to be able to continue
giving such record values as these indefinitely but this sale
will positively end Saturday. Its sole purpose is to clear
out the unsold balance of our out-of-town stores as well as
that of our New York establishment. Many of the Suits
arc medium and heavy weights, ideal for Fall and Winter
wear. Alterations charged for at cost.
' (itolHccu Jtli c.
Open Daily Till 6 P. M.
new company will be Incorporated for
J5,00O,'o00 and will bring together men
of international promlnenco In the
automobile world. 11. F, Everitt la
President ami General Manager; H.
V. Itlchenbacker la Vice President;
Harry I Cunningham, Secretary and
Treasurer, and Walter B. Flanders,
Carl Tlchetior, Hoy Hood and K. R.
ICvaiis, directors. A site for a factory
lia.s been secured,
Thn Itlcki nli.ieker Company brings
together in the buslnes once more
"llaruey" Uverltt anil Waltm-f3. l'lai
lb : s. who wero members of the old
li M. I'. Company, which later be
came the Studebaker. William B.
iUtz?er, who was the M. of tho B.
M. F. Company, which In Its day
brought out tho first popular hlgh
pneed car In U.intlty, ts not con
neetrd with thu new organization.
Mr. Cunningham has been associated
with Kverltt und Flanders for twenty
No announcement Im made ct a.1
to what kind of a car the new com
panv will build it will bo exhibited
I for fir f rst time at tho New York
Automobile Show.
Itu krnUi' ker, who has been on the'
Pacillc Coast f r tho lust few months,
Ua taken up his residence 1n Detroit,
Waldorf Hotel
1y Price
$25, Now 2'50
$30, Now 500
$35, Now
$40, Now 20
$45, Now 22,5
$50, Now 25
$60, Now 3Q-00
$65, Now 32a50
75, Now 3.50
lintirc Second Floor.
Hro.idw.iy,) Opp. Waldorf hotel.
Saturday Till 9 P. M.

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