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I I II 1 ...,.-...,, . n ,"f". SM" "J3S5&.
W r f
III-' " io
Complete Stock Tables Financial News
i -m mm m m m V "C t T L':
aW Java! .al m vaaa a tx "ns aW -m aiTV M ff M m "WW It
MS ,
Features of the Trading, Hour by Hour J
10 TO 11.
Slock market trading th.s niurniug
relapsed Into extreme du.ncbs uml
price chances were without partlc
ular slgnillcinco. Tlic maiket win
wlUiout frli news developments,
nd pending new Influence or Im
iwrtancr floor Under have as
sumed charge of the market, ami
for the time being ate lesponslblc
for uhanges In quotations. Thi
cotton market, however, was active
and strong, with gains extending to
as much an 23 points. Wheal was
heavy In early dealings and showed
a decline of three cents a bushel
compared with the clone ot jester
day. Foreign exchange tales were
firm, demand sterling touching P.5S
in the first hoiu ot bu.ilnc.iM. an
overnight advance of 1 3-S cents.
The stock market at the opening was
extremely Irregular, with gains and
Arc you
well poslcd
oil the Mock joil
nr following?
Infortunium on n flock
before yon ttri -- - rather
than after it-ill help you.
Orcr 190,000 itrpcrts on 173
'.locks werr compiled .mtl dis
tributed List vrar Ire our
Information Dep.irlnir.nt
CAi.ir-rvoxr, or irnnc
for n rport on thr Xw Yntk
Curb Market tlockt that, inter
't iou. ,
nnOADSTHKhl T,,, Hrolll) ;IM
M A D I SON .SQ. EiVaTS,.;?
Snd S r I! I, I. I Tel.Mur.Uill 710
Direct Private Wires
New York Chicago Iloslnn Philadelphia
rituburih Detroit Baltimoro Cleveland
Jones & Baker
Members A'eur York Curb Market
How to
Figure Margin
THIS BOOKLET tells you "Ho to
Figure Margin."
IN ADDITION it fully explains ht
it meant by "Equity," "Short Sales,"
"Odd Lots" and other terms used in
the stock market.
A copy will be scut frer upon
request for Booklet -4.
Edwin E. Kohn
& Co.
3lembtr 'oiiftoUilutrd Muck
Uxcliuiicr of N V'rt,
uneksor- to
Kuuittr ft Oinijniiit
55 Broadway, N. Y.
I'liilmlrlpliiu, 4Vlun, I'lillstlllr,
Trpntn, WllinliixliMt, ritt.1jiircli.
initix.T PKiv.vri; wiitr.s.
t'ONMiCrl.Nti OITH'I-.
Late Developments
FjicIi issue of our Market
Review contains timely infor
mation concerning numerous
companies and conditions in
the various industries. The
current number includes;
Elk Basin Nipuoing
Cities Service MidwestRffininj
Anilo-Amrriean Guffey-Gillespie
Swift Internacionil
Atk for UW.6SH
htfK-k llonds firultt,
42 New Street, New York
Tetephoni. Broad ilio
r.on Mdii . Tel. lamirrMit nr:i:t
117 IV. JUMIl St. Irl, llullrm .'
J'tUafelpMa rittsburjjh CUxrland
Chicago Mrtieauktt
What of her Bonds?
Dismembered, exhausted and
financially proitrite. complete
dtwolurion it to be avoided by
a new departure. The Finance
Committee of the League of
Nations it to undertake reor
ganization of the fiscal affairs
of state.
A special letter coveting the
speculative possibilities in
olved In this advanced step
forwardid upon request.
Ail. tor L..:i
S2 Broad Street, New York
leles.aaat Kr.ma Mtl
Bris.S OA-.cci it uttt i cli.ii
, lrj li'tfH It Hftll
losses being about evenly divided.
Hut be.H8 boon lesunied the ham
mering tactics emiilojed in the last
half hour of business jestcrduy, dl
ifetlng tlie builk or tlnir ultack
against the sugar shares and the
t iltilpuients. American Sugar went
below ('& and within two points of
the low of the ear. but m other
pjitM of the list recessions of as
much as a point wete n.re. siejllng
was nl no t.me iminesslve. Motors
weie decided! firm. Stildebnker
rose about two jxilnls, and the easy
manner In which it was advanced
had a favorable cntlmcnlal In
fluence on Ihe resr of the motor
group. Steels wete practically un
changed. Oils weie llrm and to
liacco nnd eoptit'M weie Inclined to
bo i dictionary. .Money on call le
newed al .'i 1- per cent., which
lepresenlcd an advance of 1-2 of 1
per cent, over the renewal rate of
TO 12.
Itiason for Ihe conip t rativo lieov nu ds
of the copper group is loimd In
Ihe fart Ilia) while production Is
at a mIji iiilr-l III. and while surplus
slocks are giuiloull.v Imlng reduced,
tin. price of Ihe litelal eoiillnuert lo
mi;. II was ni.iilc known to-tl.iv
tlni I a large lol of lli. niel.il li.nl
breo fold .'il 117 eenl.' ;i pound,
a D"W low price fm Ihe euri-ent
downward ino ctornl
Si:nr r.i.i.rcn retcovrrrO io.".1 oi 1 1 iii "
rarty piBres In Ihe rsrcotiiNhour ;oid
r.-illrnl sliarff), took on .1 (inner
lone Pennsylvania ptive fvidence
Unt necuniulal irii of Hint stork In
1inprl.iiil itilcrcntft baa hce.n re
iiuuied. 1,'athei- charefi refinte-1 lo
r'-flecl the luipmv i;miciiI III Ihe
leather market. Central leather
icri-iled about a point I tilled
Stales Steel lliroughoul the morn
ing njoved within a range of Ihrre
elghlhs of a point. Mexican Pe
troleum walked ill) for a gain of a
point, and molors lield early gains.
Sales at noon totalled onl 171,000
The market was practically lllcless
during the noon hour. Studebaker
was the chief feature of Interest.
It was about three limes as active
as any other slock on the list. It
seemetl that the pool In lire issue
was endeavoring to whip up public
Interest, but suoli efforts were
Money wus advanced to ti per cent.,
but the higher rate did not have
the slightest Influence on the slock
TO 2.
Transactions during the fourth hour
totalled only 27,000 shares. Man
traders left the floor of the. e.ehangn
foi tlio balance of the week, ex
piesslug dissust sil tlie market's ex
treme dullness.
Tho list was decidedly iriegitlur.
Price changes In the railroad list
weie evenly llvldid between gains
and losses. Hears pressed a feeble
attack against Pierce Arrow shares"
in ordeY to offset the pool opera
tions In Studebaker. Sugar stocks
were unlnfluenceU by an advance In
the iprlco of rcllned sugar to (i 1-4
cents. Oils were.' irregular. The e
tiemo fluctuation in United States
'Htwl up to the beginning of the last
houi was one-half a point
2 TO 3.
In the hint twenty minutes of trading
tho market turned 'hcav with lxirs
devoting most of their attention to
the t,l ntocks. Unltnl Sutton
Steel fell to "." ami Cruolhlo anil
other of the independents allowed a
net loss of about a iiint. Stude
baker, which hail .sold above. S8
earlier In the day, dropped Uiok to
71, and early gains in oils and miost
of tire miscellaneous Industrial
Hb.iretr were vlpid out. However,
transactions rtprcr-ented the opera
tions of door traders and were with
out particular Wgnllleance
The cotton market continued strong,
gains ranging from 20 to 25 points.
Wheat oloscd with a loss of two
rents n bushel
M'OINN. Suddenly on Tucdn) Vus J,
JAMI-S II'OANV, fcrlovn.1 hUJbjlul of
nilcn lcCUnn. (noo McUlrnr)
Ilrolilrs Ills wife hn traca threo broth
ers ami ono tlsU'r, l"rjinlc ml .Vlice In
IrcUnd, linriuril imtl Thuniui ui tlie
Ullltril Htatea He was a rulnt of
County Tyrone, lielanil
Kuncral SatunUy nioniins, Vuj. fl,
from Ins Utu rw.Metice, 10SI Pu.k iv.,
at 9 30. M.us ut St. Ignatius'! C'liureh,
Kolviiiii requiem nun at 10 u vlokk,
lutornirnt in 'iWar) t'eiuetiTy
Wherever Yon May Be
Tiitie la oar kepmtuUtive
Call "Colurobui 9200"
' 1970 Broadway at 66th St.
D.w.1,.1 Ofli. m it. It tifc At.
Sbaf Ut. Im ii'
!t !W'liM , , .'I . i
UVi tir.U a 4
.Uiui luni'tu It I I
vriift-c.hditiifM . .';. ''a ..r "i ' 'a
m fii . .v( -i1. -i1-. 'i
Am Ctt Vs... W'n :t tli ''-
ni Hi. I" ,1 IxmI.i II . II 11 '
in HUl V lnt-ti .VP, .i'.'.'. .VJ.-4 lT
v.i, be .r... in i:j i;i i
Vm In'Mtial. . . 31'. .'11 -r 'k
Am l.iiicl fl.l . J.-,', MH f '
Vir. Uitniotie. Ij l. si '
VII oi nii-.n. . , ;I7". IHi'i .ll'ii I 'a
m "s.ifiilj )U)r.. I'i Pt I't
(0 iU) ,1 Curt.. 1 7 7
A n .H'c-,'1 Ivj.iii.trv . Jt I''. ;'t
m Sun.it .. !m l!l 116)1 s i
An, S'lljr iif .. . xtj M, s'i I '.u
Vm Siuntrj (Anuvxi I'.i'li ta'i. tin;
Vm A. Ill .. I Ik". I,, lo.-!1, ttlT.'i
Vm Muni . . lil t.'.l l'i! '4
Am Ti i nw ltt M' :' I
Am W.il . TtT. iai, TUlt -r- '
Am Writ 1'JiK-r if . St 'il '
tii V.ln - . . 1 s I
vn.irnn.ri a7f4 a? r,"p
.oi lirallMiinn. . Hi 'i I'd
v.i Hr i.tKnin. . .. :ti)ra - i.
Aliln.n Ity Ml sr.ij .",i I
All 'limn I;t q.f. . 7t 774 - '-
Al CVLt lAu ... s" S7 07 - I
All fiiilr A: W I.. 'J.i 111". J 1
All il.rif A w 1 r.r M; '.ii l
ll.liln Im-n . .. 7S'; 7m 7s1.
li.li ,v (ilij :jk, :ao, :ni.
iic'ii sin-i ;.v, .".u', t ,
It.-t . Hle.-I II.. .. r.J :, .-.!', ,
llrrwkloi It T ... I-' IIS II'..
ltr.K.ilin I'nidti (!. J'.s ui is"; ",
ii'itt" Ci... .v. nit "in i'. r.
Il.ltlr Srxvrlof.. vj r.",
Ilil'I'Tirl! Co ... :"7', .J'!", I'T'i h
C.i.lcl.i (Vnl I l.l tl '1 1 t'i II n I . '4
Cntif I'uiinir r'.-ifc (il i III i, .
1 .luii n ,v An?. . . -I Is 1 P,
I'tiMdUn I'j'iili. . ll.'.V mi. 111', '
I'.'iiini lMih-r... ;;i jn
IVlllml lllll.T J'l. Ill'i li'S U",'-y -
l.iri Ii, Pa.., 1 . ill', ,! .J.l - ',
I'lMii-ii.r t.rtt.rs.. r3, ..h is; . 1.
1 n A "iii. 1 ... :;. ,".iii .-hi', '.,
VI A l I' lilt ;vi, ;. .7'.. r,
'. i a .si p i.r f.v, fj's v
1 'il. It I A I'm-.. ".I .TV, X. 'i
''. It I A I' ! I'f (V! Mi nl 1 ',
It I A I' 7 t.' .f 77 7H '
1 .! ll Wn.l nf. . I' I'i ! '1
i'w .1. .N..r l!i M', lii'"j r,-'. '.
liil. f.i"if I'll, In. I"'. I '
fliimt I iipr ! "il'v ".'.' I
i'-ilV,t III'- ..t'.i ;'".' I'-
fVil A f.itlirn . ,.S .-. ',
ri.i ii- a i ii,. :!', r.i i'i 't
Ovl.imhtj ,ri,'vi . P I'n -
.",. tas a. ii- :'.j'. .1:'. 1
niu.nl rij.r . jr", I 1.
I..1...I Irtllle . . IJV'a I.V-, I.')':
I 'on Inter ll Ml". IS ' 'i
Unr (an ( i t.'i (" - I
ri..i (n.r ... . ', ', I S
r'nnlon 'il . S -s. W. '
I'oni lv-lu.11 ... no i'.s5 r.s
I nrlbl ,rfl ... ,".l,i .".", .V, I
CTH...M- .si eel .f... SI ill M 1
lulu I'lini- Mujur. . tt' lo!. W, t
Cum ('.in .Sus ,'.. -7j '.7'.j 'J'1-! ',
Cihuir '.nc S'war HP. in' pi3
Pel l.a-k A VVmt 1UO a '.'00 4- 1
Ivn ,t la., !r , i
Hal A Hi,. (Ir Pt. Is. I'i I1. '.
I.NnlUiilt-.Minsoii .. OlPi CP, up;
Kritf H'i 11 11
Pjhiuik I'lajert ... 4S ills 47'.
IVIwr llclr . ... S!ll sst; mh, (V,
tt IliiliWr .. . !'.'. I". '"
limi. .Vsph-jU -Vi i.l's - 1
liasti.1.. Wll A Wl; H. 1'.. l'
lie-neral Cinar .... .7 .17 u7 'i
(Irwral Kin Irs- .. ll'.l'i IH'i IWVs I
(lennr.l Vlinr... . pi. 10'. Id"; 4 s.
(len Slot iWi 7 r 72 72 72
(iu.!xKji ::i .i-J'.i a-'t.-
Ilreat Northern pf. 771. 7,",ij 7rl
(Ire.t .V.w (Ire "S ' 'JS 1'S '.
Oreene r.nsneji .. 20 j -i 1 'JO1 '
(inlf stite.. siel.. :'.." :m'S 2',
iU'krU .1 llarler .'.S', S7 Us '.
Ilnrntoii Oil ... . .""
ilouiistake .Mill . "7 C7 ."7 '
Illino. rntml 1.IS I" I S'fi
tivtlaluiiu llAlininx Si '2.. 2".
tiler t'.mii V.r;i... :'.' a'. a', ',
Inter lUnwitT .. 73'i 7:!''; 71 : "j
Inlnr iMot...- :!2 .".I :i'J 1
Inter IMpy M'a "Hi '"'1'.. - '
Inter Vle-.Vjnne. .. PI1; Hli lo'j i S
liiior VM M.ri't .""; I35l I..'.
loler Nieke' II'; II', IP, '.
Iioln Oil .. 10 !"; 'J'.
IbIjihI O.l . . . 2' -. JTi - '4
Kiiiw 'ity - '.'"i '. '- 'i
Kin oil .'i.i.. . ! er-; rj-, -
IC.'.lv sptinfulJ . r.K 41' l, - 1'.
kruneoutt IV.'.'er. lll; l!li; H'. - ',
Krj.tone Tire . tl'i 14 H'i -
U'Uw.nnS rSte.-l . ill"; .Kl. !'i
U ltu'jer i Tire 27'i '.'71.. 7".
l.' In" 12 II". IIS
li!t Ine . . I". US , t". '.
Muckaj '.im;)aiiv . ill ' (11 - 1
'VUnall "nirar .. . St Xi - 2';
iVlrv I'etxiitewn. .. 111!' 1"7',
Miami On,T,T .... -M VI 21 - '.
Mkl. .Stat Oil.. 11". U; I-' - '4
VIJiaV Stwl .... 2A St. -'' - '4
Mo Kan A. Tel.. - ' 2 U ',
.Mo Pacific 21 2S "JO'i 'i
Mo Pa-lflO pf. . . US (1. 41 '. 4- 'i
M -St P S S M . . 7 i 71 71 ',
No Amer l . to1. l t" .
.NetKl. "iiil .. In I" 1" '
N t" Central. ... 7.1 S "2 7V Is
N t i-k ki ki 'J:i iS
X Y N :it A n . 17 'a 17 17 '-a
No-loU A VV ... !7. 07S 7S - 'i
.VooSieim tSeitic.. 7lti 7"S 7 1
On'jrin SiIkt .... a'i a if, tt'j S
Otvtwim Oecuit ..2" 20 2o
Otll MeMtor t r7 7
Oti Hte-1 . . . Ifi' 10S to1.
fwon lWUinc . '.' 2S 'JS
I'ae De'eloo Can.) . 0 ! 0 '.
Paerf c (lac . . " '"'S '.'-,l S
fanfic Oil .... "'7 "'''S TjIS
U'nJi-Amer Pe-. .. MS If'a ''.. I
Pan.Amer IV. H . MS O 4" - S
Perm It R rss S, ."SS
Pen Seard (St.. 7S 7S - '.
I'enole'a liM ".' .V.'s !i'i - "
Pe AtarqunUe ... VO'r 21'i 201. S
Pbltaxla im I'l's ."."S - '.
1'tutU.n lVio! . .. 19 VI V. S
IVr. Am," I."'1 1.1S MS - S
Pieriie Arrow I'f . . I211. VS', - IS
I'loreo O.l 7S 7 , 7 S
l'llt.tv.MX!'.i Cal. .V'i iVt ."s
int. A, Wmt v. ?7; ;
l'nfceil bawl '.r. nl r)S ti a S
Pullman Oomrwn?. pi '.Ml,, i.i-r 4- S
I'nnta Mrt ts-u.r. "oS ."o. an'. S
Pure Oil irri V7 ."7 I- "a
Pleice O.l li! ... 4S . til', -) 1',
li.ll ,-tel r-Siniis. 7s.l1, 7sVj 7SS - I'i
lU. IVpivr 12'- 1 2 l.. I2S - a
lt.-j.Unj ... . 70S 7ll 70 S
lt...p.. 2.1 Pf ll'v 'IS II'-. I .'S
lie I. ,U .sleel il t 21...
lie Pun A s:.l. 4, 17'. 17' ',
P.. al U:t .. 02'. .".IS l
J. A 'an Pi.n '..'. Vi-H vp, 4
i t. A -an P- 'l iS .'I'S ',
- 1 ,v .s. .ti, . 1 :ir :i7 J7
1 .'a t ft. i;. 'i
llui" .4 U.'S' Tl'i uS
I 1 .i.-r 17 17 17 '.
she.. T A 'I 27-. .'17S -.7 -.
. Sir o.l . .'i. '.US .0 .
Su . 11 rn P..I11C 7'IS 7s . 7 , '.
soi,. mn U .. 2U'a -1". 20-. S
huutUru 10 tJ.... 17S PJS IJi, - ,
. l-aa',
..ll J ll
.S.-l .1 ll
.- inni eg
11. s t
K.7 a
I .
1 a
1 117 S
is a
Si Ii nai inr II
eu . .llui- II
'i ea I mil on . .t .
IVii, A P.ui . .
lea' A Par ti.al. . .
."o'i -S
121', -
np; 4
InlS -
1 7-.
.I'i -
I lit ue Pr iuvt. . .
I ran..'!) 1 Oil ....
L'mon IUi A Pajier
Liiio-i Oil
ln1on -Pjcilic . .
I'niini Pa It) )f. .
I'riitnl lirrs
I'nltel Inill
I'lllt'el t',l Prml.
t'n It-till st..reii
1' S le.l AWml
l".S Itvalll A ttll'i
P Ilia r.r . .
I' s tu,.i lt ,,'
I. S Ml,.)
( (,., ,,f
P'll i'o r.T
.liiniha.u '.S'eel . .
Va nr lioni. . . .
Wi run 1 !j,f A
Wn.ii i.:, ,.1 p..
121 S
21 "a
2t''a - S I
2-1 - S
7S S,
2J'; 'a
US 1
(.1 S
1.1 S
t' S
11 S
s". I S
i- s
ll'jr; I s
1 1 s
at ",
Wst Pa.- tt
IViwtluah.ji m.
W t -1 1 1 1 ic A
Wneel A I
I. I.
i: i.f
jWille Jlniw
..in" 11 1 .
Willi. Oierlanl
Total ili. ;l.'.l.'
"Just W'lul Was Coining lo You,"
S.l). M;l,t;islr;IC to Mjiii Who
AniiioeJ Vom:m.
"Voir gait Just wlial was eoniitis: to
ou. Von wen. puiiislied ,111 a III. inner
belter than I would In. iiblo to do
b'Ti , so I'll iliitniivn Hie complaint.
Willi liar- ndv n-i mil lo annoj Hunieir
on Hi. i.lrcel ill tin. future."
This nan Hie o 11 11 L with wbleli
M.igiMlrulc rrotliiiifTha.ui in ,lr ffvrson
l.irk"l I'.iurl klai diniirc'r Hi"
conipl.i.lnt ag.i.inil Samuel laiizurd,
No. :'t)H'i Hughe.') .e.nue, the lronx,
who n.iid In. wan a 'harbtr at the
Motel t'l.i ndpr
I.i7..'irdi hm, in cur' with h broken
nose oinl laceratioiib of Ihe scalp and
face, received at the hands or Henry
I''. I.. Mllslro. or No. 21 27th Street,
an 'inspector of thii Florence Motor
I'oinpiiny, No. 2.V) Wist rittli Street.
.Milyliey, who Is six feet, three Inche.s
tall, was strolling down llroadway
with his wife 1 aat night. At 28th
Street Milstrey pnur-od to ltntk at a
.ihop wlndlw and his wife walked
along, blzardi, according to Mrs.
Milstrey, ttMik her by the arm and
insisted on walking down to 27th
Street with her Then Milstrey
caught lip and sailed Into him.
It Was on (he Metropolitan Siagv,
and llu Girl Was a Da'ver
in "Aida."
(Special to the Kienlnc World
MOUNT VHUNON, N. V . Aiis ' -Mrs.
M. Quartaraco of No. ISi .Stevens
Avenue told to-day how the lain Uarlco
Caruso saved liei dautihtcr Irene, twen-ty-thtei!
years old, from being trodden
to death bj the spiilted chariot nor m
In a scene ol "Aldn" on the Melropali
t.iu Opera Iloii.?e .stage
"It was last November," .she ..si,
"anil Irene was d.i!ieln'. The lio.iios
broke from their yuanls and diwiied
aeioi the stage. Caruso, who was in tho
wings, saw the glrl' peill ami leap.'il
In front of the lioiie.1, iltasKlni; her from
their p.ilh.
"Several yejrs use" ciiiitliiueil VI'..
Quarlacuco, "when ms ilaughter i,s i,
child Joined the Uillct of the .MeU o..,!l
tan opera Company. C.nuso took i I 't
Ing to hei anil always culled lur hr.
little 'pel "
Ilualiiraa Men I'rKrd to ItraiT llual
uea. Will, Trathfiil Ati.
CtflCAOO, Aug. t. Fake fiie mles
weie decried und predictions made
that sharp legitimate advertising
would cause a flood of 'business, by
speakers before tho National Congress
of IteUtll Merchants yestordjy.
W. FrHnk McClure, Chairman o'
the Advertising Council of the Chl
engo Association ot Commerce, whlrh
had cbartro of the mcetlnj. said
that advertising would "bring iucii
a flood of customers that goods can
be marked low and small profits on
one customer will mount to large fla
ures on many customers, "
WASHINGTON, Aug. I. A number
of resolutions relating to withdrawal
of American oceumtlon forces from
Ccrmany. loug pending before the
Mouse Korclgn Alfalrs Comnilltce, arc
not CApectrxl to be acted on thU tea
slon, If nt all.
Ch tir man I'orter nnnouncaMt to-day
he had discussed Uie altuitlon wllh
the Male licpartnpnt.
"It Is tny porsonal view," ho said, 1
"tlint American soldiers will trrnaln In'
fJermany until we have adjusted our af-l
f.tlrs with that country, which I trust)
win occur in trie next sixty or ninety 1
lionrrnl lllrelrle I'nla Watitra
uf 12,000.
LYNN, .Mass., Aug. 4. A wage reduc
tion affecting 12,000 employees uf t.ie
General Hlcetric Cump.inv's plant here
was announced In-day. T'le cut will '
vary In amount with the .several classes
uf employees, unskilled w inkers' wajsj
bilng redutisl rnivt ;
, V. Ituaiell Whitney I'iihimI llrnil.
ATLANTIC CITY. X .1 . Aug. 4.- ,
S A I!us-ell Whitney. 01 Hot toll .Vl.ii.. ,
was loun.l tlomd ol li. ail disoase In his
Put .it thu Hotel Strilld earl) to-diiy.
Hi. Whitney, who h.ij just : elm lied
t'oin lluiop... '. 11 ' 'nre fpoiu New p
Y11 k esli ,.i..v ,
siulr Jersrj l'iii', l.ilnrej elr,
T!i.' lildgrtlvld Talk. X. .1.. pjlae ur.
11 the lookout to.ilav for the thiof nlio
tuie a uiotoiocle beluiighiK to one 01
tlie oltleers. How the thief sot ny.i
mill the iiiuchlnc L a mystery.
Sliarea were firm at to-day's open
ing of the Now Vork Curb Maiket.
ami during the first hour there .vas
little fluctuation one way or the othe.
except in Hie cayc of Standard O'l of
Indiana, which followed Its grdn of
csterduy by advancing to around 72
Slintns- hcJd at 7 and Atlantic hobos
was at lii 1-2. The list In general was
on an upward trend as the noon lut.'
approached, although some profit Ml;
lug reflected Itseir In the oil group by
forcing prices Uowrj I'ractlonully. Ub
by fold up to 9 1-4, up 2 points, and
Magma sold at I7S-I, up 1-1.
The market lontlniied active during
the iilternoon hour.s and Standard Oil
of Indiana held Us earlier advances
lirmly. Amalgamated Lent her also
advanced to new high ground tjiil n'l
til. Cities Service shares weie acting
well. Me'iTltt ull wits llrm at r, Cli.il
mers Motors certificates advanced to
1 1-2. up 1-2. being the first sale in
The market closed lltm.
lfisli. Ii f. fa,!. Cia";
Inn Aenif (oil J(m t) f no
lino Amal la"athir tirf, ll'v 12'
20U Jim, .Mo'ots ;o -ft
11'D.t Car Until f, w,
HOf) Carlisle Tire a-; f j
.'( Chalmer. .Mot ctf 1,1 I
12H0 Mc Kat III IIS ltn H,
75 iv.m P y 47V, if,
i; iv,m r r pf rn (.2 cjs
1(1 Pailea Wm A. A 22 ?j
10(1 Puraiit Mot 'li "..a. 23
loll tiiplrc Food 52 .11 ' Z2
."(11 (Pen Alilrn' I'aial ilS 34S 3IS
Hid tlKnljear Tire 13 n 1.1
1011 llane. Knltt II US 1IU US
4'l(l Hej dm Uirm ; 2 J
4im take T II !)7 s: 57
tCU IJtil'i Me.Nell f'i i",, !"i
Pin Mepilre A P JJS US S'S
I COO Mirerr .Molora 2S I'i, .'(,
IfD Nl. la Pae-r PS 3 'I3.
I'm' rvrffftion Tir I I 1 1
li'tl lUdln 'Mm IS IS IS
lO'ln llei-lawa,! It M 3 IP, r,
lim .nu'hein Coal Iron.. IS IS IS
Itl" s-cs!, C , 2.
3 nl p s s'teani li' 31 I
31 "1 P S Ship Ore L'l 1! P
'"'1 I nl.rd Pr-.'ll :'.arlr; . I,. I , l,ii
i"5 V'nJle-i H-iail CaiUr. . v '. S '
-e.l Wan" I'oal .IS i'i IS !
10" waija torp :n t" it!
i"0 Anjlo 1m Oil 15'j US li'-il
t1) Ull" laito 12S I2S I21i I
1" 'lain a ul U.) S3 j
10 iijiioi. p 1, is-: is: 'w 1
10 lla'o Oil I i ?i).' W 1
riO'i s oil n' id ri'n ;is 1
IMllirCNDl.TM' UDit.
SK3 Allleal O.l 3 ( 4
sod Allied oil w : :ir :o
:) Arkansai .Sat Ja . .1) I'S 1'
.irtjo linnna O'l 2" 17 21
4C0'J lKuton W.ouUns ?! 7D in
1190 fanl) sjT,a 4S 4S 17a
1C0 cities Menlcc "11" clfj. I'lS US 13S
50 Cities ScrUce pt 13 4i 13
2: fllles S-enlee old 1 IS US US
23 titles Serriee tcrlp ....'! SD Si)
p) Cities Seriicn arrip lash l.J t.& ti) I
51 4 Pies Senieo pr str.p . 70 70 70
13io t'usuln: IVi I'I Pi 1')
3!n) mk llaaln l'e! . . .. l"a 4.'t S
,",.)j i.lmlaern Pctioleaai . IS Is 4S
IID tilllll.iid Oil 1'. IVa IS
Illn (llenruck oil "-' il
11,10 lludvun 01! IS 11
.nil Ut Tetrol US US III.
7ID I.v.n.. Pete 3 ?'
1M I2i.nj-.on Pete .. IS. IS "i
Wall St. uossip
I'urt'lier Indications of what many
beJIeve to be J tevu.i: ot b.i.c .11
dustpies are contained in the nn
nouncement of the Ameilcan Cji and
Foundry Company that ti has
ceived orders for repairs on S.DOn
cars from railioads of the I'nited
State. This Item will call for 37,00..
tons of steel. In addition, the Amer
ican Car and Foundry Company na
received ordeis for new cats, notably
anions them beinrr the recent contract
for 500 tank cars for the Trans
Siberian Hailioail at a cost of ,2,000,
000 to tna Miissian Soviet (.ovem-
The American Car and Foundry
Company on May 1 had M0.000.000 in
forward business, enough to provide
for dividend, payments, and V. U.
Woodln, President of the company,
predicted tecentl that this was
mti-cly the beginnm? of a vast vol
ume ot husiness wlncih must Slow
out ot tho railroad?' demands 101 new
rolling stock and to, repairs on ex
isting stools".
Wall Street bhowed Vcccn interest
to-day in the decision of Judge Hand
of tho United tSatos District Court
that Htock distribution Is taxable as
Income, and wondered it that railing as
handed down in the M.000.000 tax sui
of. John D. llockrfeller would apply
also to the. sale ot Glen Alden Coal
Company stock to shareholders ot the
Lackawanna r.ailroad Company
In the opinion ot lawyers, there is
a marked dirfcrcnco between the two
cai-rs In Mr. ttockctcller's cas:. tliey
said, tho Prairie Oil and Gas Com
pany, following the segregation of its
oil and pipe line holdings, received
the utocli of tlie Prairie Pipo Line
Company in return for certain tssets
and then offered the new slock to Its
own stockholders. In the I.ackawaniia
casti tlie Glen Alden Coal Company
bought the Lackawanna's coal prop
erties for 5,60,000,000 and then offered
Its shares to the stockholders of tins
Lackawanna Haitroail Company and
tho railroad company did not ilifi
tribute the stock itseli or was it a
patty In an sense m the s'n.k
Aiii.lhui ti elation case vs.ik., i
lioulintf i" n eiosl ot' the tnvisl.n,
publ.c i-. l Jt the heading .liopei
ties. Tlie day's news from Philadelphia
states that Judgu Thompson In t.ie
Fllitul States District Court there S..s
adowed Hie !iH..ent,ly formed Piosief
toiiimlttec, resprebcntlny tCie common
irisv. h li.i' Olil'ite
-vO M.rars.bo Oil 21 !JS !0S
10O Mn-i-.u O.l tl t s
S.'OO Sleltoo O.l S3 SO S5
10') .Va! Oil .S 3 ff 5?i -a J'i
S'lilO .Vot.lc Oil tl ii 1
:00 OTiar On Hi tl, l'l
30,) lliit Knek Oil :i3 li 55
SCO Sal; creek Prod I0!s tOS 10S
110 Sapulpa lief ,., 3 3 1
Will Mmrm Pet 7 7 7
300 Sl.illy Oil SS J, Jii
ijS'j" Teson OIL fd 5') V
I'DO Womilium 'J) 90 0
1110 Ala. Ill l ul i! 3'i ii
4C0 Am T.n 1 j li
.otll All. una Pat ii "ik
I5i U 11 t Uills 21 ' 1 2J : i
' iJ.IOD lldit A. Sloa 72 f 7"
1300 Canada Cop &3 32 33
1'0 1'rpf-on llolil IS 1. l'a
IJ.iOO lllrida Pit i3 SS ' ".'
310 KI s.liador 2'. 23 :'
"ilCCO Cimka Cloeiil o) 43 41
13H0 tWdrlrld Plur'nie .. . l l 42
ifii r.olil slltri I'L-a 1'.' 1 1 la
:t(l liar Mill 6st I.' I.' -i
Ull (IreJa MI11I111 4'1 4S J
10. 0 aVrotne elde 11 H H
ICO; .rtim'io Intension 1 7 7
pidO lnos bifida 11 ll li
ICO I., lin.e Minim 13 IS '!
'.SCm Mi.N.nura 1,1 i j Pi
IO0 Vtam Cop 17-", t?i V'i
I CO Molherlodo ell Si "U .IS
IMi Murrat Moiridia . ... 41 4!) 41
t.HIWI NStloriat Tin ' 1.7 !17 !?
p.uU irada Ophlr '.'1 '.1
i Vlplwtni IS 4S 4S
a. 11.1 ' I. r Mlnea Am tr1. 1. 1 1 a
lRCO Tumi tllrlde 73 77 71
2IOToliopak Mln lia ll. 1A
410 Pnltad Ka.trm 2S "i
liuO West tnd ! 73 72 72
3 tlllvilan eSs US 1SS 1SS
3 Itu.s.lan CS. 20 20 ?0
7 Sls. SSs 7S S7S M u
10 Alll'd VaMier ts PIS 43 43',
3 Am Toll 7 23 100S Pi"S l""S
4 Am Tel 1. 24 P7S S7S S7S
4 .i'aennd Cop On S1 SIS VSS
7 Anaetmda 7s. 20 Pl4 J1S MS
10 Anplo Amer Oil 7V.S ... 1004 10iS I "OS
'1 Armour A Co -3 P?, '7S t1?
5 Pansdall ,1s 5'. t'V
II nets sit ,T. 23 ??S Jiii;,
1 IWh S'tl 7. Oi PIS 01
1 Can Pa- 65 OrS P7S 11
f1 01 t Ma r.s tor, 101 tots
n Ton. )aji t .. liei, K0S
1 l'"l iMtll 7l 112 I0t I""
0 Conrr I ip f. it . 101 !"! lm
5 o.pr-r nap Ss .. . top. p ion'.
3 Csrv Mp ?s 24.. . . IMS. PIS PIS
2 Copper Kip 5s 25 .. . . ! 102 jo
in !ale"a s- O it 03 i-,-., " f,
1 iioed'le.1 IJrc U. . 51 !t "I
i,ruid Trunk CSs. . . . MS US ,
7 f.u-'f Oil It. p tics .ITS
Uumhle Oil 7 01 or', J7S
10 Irter 8 T ! f0 70"), f
15 111 Cent f.Sa PIS lH 101 ',
5 Kenneenlt C 75. . 'Ttl 0.".S IS
3 IJSSv Me.S A I. 7. ... t") S3 0.
U'MorrtJ A Co 7'i' MS 01S TO
2 Natl Cloak S Si. ... Ji 0: O'l
10 :: V X 11 . II 4a. .. J1 34 Z
1 s,ar lloitiurk 7s 21.... ro". tyr, !,";
2.' Sears llornuck 7s C3 . ''7:i 07'a t7S
S.Mrai- .t C.ie 8... . . HO I'O 00
28 Southwev Dill 7s . . US'i !,', MS
: s o n r 7i :e . . . pj;3. ics pl'S
2 S o ,N Y 7s 27 ... 10;;, 102S PUS
2 S .N V 7s 20 . . 1'J.IS VT.V, lOW
2 S O V V 71 31. . K1S 101S 104".
44 S O N Y CH. PO'a 1C0S 10.,'i
9 Swift Co 7s 25 . . r7'!; 07S "7S
2 Teias i'o 7a. . . t'SK Of . til1".
.1 Vaniuw O.l . PUS 101S P'lS 1
I 'Western Wee 7' ln0S KOH lln I
2 Cn o.l PruU Ss .11 . 1U.S lol l"l
stock'holdtrs. to can then appei.i
from the recent segregation plan to
I'nited States Court of Appials l',i
present segregation plan would gtv
pielerred and coruinon shaiehold"!
ei(iial riglits in participating in Hie
coal company to be lot tin d
Lioerty 3 1-2s opened at oa.id oh
(li;: Jst 4 1-K &7.92, off .iii; 2d ST 7 1
I up .OS. 3d. Ol.t'i. up Oil: 4th. !7 Su. up
I 0t! : Victory 4 'ji.ii. .uf .o.'. .
I Dttnar.d sterling. 3 57 1-1: c.i'olis,
3 37:1-4 up 1 cent from Wednesday's
, eioor. Palis francs, demand, .07117. up
.0004 1-2. Lire, demand. .0122. uj. .00u.'.
'Herman murks. .0122. unchanged IP-:.
,;t.an fiaucs. demand. .0737; cables,
Lo;:iS. up .0004 1-2. Creek drachma,
'.0jj.'.: caules, .Oj.'.O. S"'ia-s franc-', ile
' maud, .llitti: cables, IU4S; gutlilcis,
'demand, .2u,'.S: cables, ;!uCU.. Sweden
kronen, ilnnaiid, .2033; cablts, 2040
Not way kionin, demand, .1207: cublfv,
.1272. Denmark kionui, demand 1"..U;
cables-. .1330.
Alter IT Ire I'I reel Into Illm llnteh
r'a Itlnlfr llnilo II.
TATKHSON X. ,1 Aug 4. A Ion.,
horne-d Texas steer which hail csctp.d
Urom n slaughter house ran wild tlirouh
the busiest streets in tlie downto.v.i
section of Pater.-on to-day, driving
pedestrians Into store? and offices id
automobiles on to the 3idewa!'is. Pur
sued by policemen in motor cars the
animal wa.i overhauled and shot In f r out
of the I'Ateison almshouse
Straight Street and i.vi nki , suer'
were cleared by the fraiui ; steer in it
course thiciign the business ulsti'iet.
When It was finally rounded up police
men fir pel volley after volley of revolve.
. hots at It but pistol birtiotf atipeHj-od
to Imv-e little oect. Solriebody PioiiKh'
a rifle oat from the almshouse and thr
best jK)lle9 that In Uie pajtv voluele-rocl
to wind up the tt-i-air. Me Irad to lire
ion diols before tihc. hardv product of
the plains .succumbed, it did not die
until a butcher silt Its thron.
Alctlni, a V rtrran of VA nrlil Ttair,
l'nral.sril liy t'olllxlnn.
I'iitce-n days in the Workhoase v.as
the sfnlenct) on Michael Freer, thirty -tivo,
taxlcab driver of No. 10 Colgan
Avenue. Klnuhurst. L. 1. to-tlay by
.VUiglstivite House in Traffic Court lor
leckless driving.
The complainant nn Weinfti F Mei
I a niuntitax-turei of No. 33 'West fStli
Ml eel ind a veteiaJi of the World Wai
Merz lalntisj three times during tlie
trial t.-wn shock receivisl when gaaised
n. tli" wnr, supplemented by injuries
ivaea Fleer's t-.ixiciili cwlihled with un
otlnr taXicab ill which Men: was a pas.
j singer "n 1 ily ii.
t l:o.id'.Vay und Until Stie,.-r, Mnz
, ti'wr.ilrd, Fiee.- cm nto '.ij "is'it of tin
' ii.achlue n rrhlch e ivn riding Mera;
was taken to Koosewlt Mospltiil, where
' fifty ftiuluxs were iinule by ph) UcNn.-,
, aisjii Mu.v. a !ied, itco and l.auda. lie
' paralyzed as a result of the uCc'der.t
ICoyrorbt. 1!2I. lay llanareti'odlar.)
Diana Qjcn'Jn la on her war to Ike house of Slsnor IJlronl. a flushi teaclier in tendon. iwain
the wind Ltima a music .-oil out of her band. The sheet arc PkkU up and ritfton-d to taer be I Iran
of alxna Uitrtr-fiie. ho then ioca Jn nil r. Kluuor llaronl declares Dlao.'s lolcu to Iw of lupern
MUall'r aod takea ber as a ouplu Ua a tralu Plana la put ay nUatake Into thu ounifiarliueut or I nsaii
wlio ai-peara to la- an autkor. she nv.-i.ul.s aim a Uie fctraugir who calhirid up hir niuhlo: he.',
"hen lliej Weie ana), hut lie lells h.T iaat J10 la mistaken. APer dlnul lth knu. ui. droi aalip. to
bo annsmed br einai. lie .101.9 10 h.r reanie when thi train Is reked. Plain Kn,, i p.,
houia or her inianlLiii. ltn. Alan stair. Ui tko vlUase of CraUliia4. The only olhir lunnlxr it ii.
liouxhold la his daujnter Joan.
SO the young man yklded to
force majeure and allowed
you to travel with Mm?"
... ...
force majeure and allowed
you to travel with Mm?"
said the rector, add'ng
seriously, "I'm very thankful ho did.
To think of you alone in that awful
smash! . . . This morning's ,aper
says thole were forty people killed,"
Diana save u little nervous shiver
and then quite suddenly began to cry.
Stair qulLlly took the reins from her
hand and patted her shoulder, but he
made no effort to check her tears.
At the gates they both descended
from tho trap, and Stair was prepar
ing to lotd the. pony Into the stable
yard when Diana suddenly flung her
urnis round him, kissing him impul
sively. "Oh, l'obs, dear," she said, half
laughing, half-crying. "You're such a
darling you always understand
ever thing. I feel heaps better now,
thank you."
tHAl'TElt V.
DIANA threw back tho bed-
clothes and thrusl an ex-
tremcly pretty but reluctant
IANA threw back tho bed
clothes and thrusl an ex
tremely prctly but reluctant
foot over the edge of tho bed.
My the time she had bathed and
dressed, she fell better able lo face
the da with a cheerful spirit.
There .was no one about, as Joan
had accoinpjiiled her fallicr to
church, so Diana fiaunlend out onto
Hie flagged, path atnl pp-ed nllv up
and down, waiting for th' ir return.
I'reucritly ihe heard the dlatinl
click of a gat-', and very coon ill"
rector aud Joan appiand.
Soon aft' r S.air had lln'.htU hi.,
after breakfa-M pip' Hie chiming of
the bell announced Hut it vuu mm
to prepan. for church. The . rectory
now 1111 aiiua'ed cloi-o l" tin. pulpit,
nt hghl .uigli s t" Hi body ot the
church, anct Diana aoul Joan took
their plaosa on' al either end of it
'I'he oriraii had ceased pl.nilig. and
the words "Dearly bcl'ivtd haij -rl-
ready fallen from tin r. civt'u lip,
. hi 11 tin. church duor tipeiicl oil"
again to aUinil uomt lal.i. .11 rivait.
Instinctivuly Diana looked up lnim
her pravcr-book, and, as hi r glanc ' " nt inr jn.1.1 mi j I
rr.ll iinn'ti the newcomers, tho pupils"":1' Plate lo 1 1 1. 1 . 1 in ,
of her eves dilated until they looked
almost black, while a wave of color
lushed over lier face.
Two ladie.s were coming up Ihe
aisle, the one bordering oil middle
age, the other young and of uncom-
uton beautv. but U was msiti ntlthi-
of these that Diana's .startled e es
were li.xed. Mehiml them, and evi-
deiitlv ot then paity, came a ten,
tall man whose supple length of limb
mid verv blue e.ves sent a liltle thill,
of recognition through her veins.
It was her fellow-travelh-i oi that
ni.sMi.n-.ii.ie iiiiirnev down fiom town.
She closed uer eves a moment.
I When she opened them again thi
I little party ut t.ne. nail taken then
i places and weie composedly lollow
! ing the setviee. Appaielltl lit hail
nut seen hei.
That they weie stianfjeis lo t.u
netghborliuud she w.'i- sine; sliu nail
.eriiiir.lv never seen eilliei of tin
two women belore The elder oi Lie
two was a plump, round-faced little
I lad, w.th liillu blown eyes nii-t
' prettv ctuikl brown liali I ghtly
powiiti'd w.tli gia. rilie was very
fasiiionab. il.e-sid, and Ihe- caietu
dt tail ol ner toilet pointed to no lie
ot means The younger woman, Pi",
was e.X'ii istttrl toriud "lit. but I . i.
was soinething .-" liidivl.lutil a oi'
liei yetsoniilils tnal .1 iloni n.' ' ' i.
eveiythlng elff" I eleaat'.ng ht 1 cl.it e
i lo a vt! necundai iwiliun
She was vt-ty la.i. witn iii.int.i.e
of pale gulden hair latlier tlaboraleb
drtssid. anil her eyes were blui noi
the keen brilliant blue of tho-c oi
tile mill beside hn. but a solt lillle
giay, like the sky on a mist sum-
liner's moinln?, Ilei small, e.x.iiisile
features were clean-cut- as a cameo.
.and she can led heiself with a little
lone), of hautem an ail of aloof-
ntss. as it w re.
rnere was notuin,
sinenieinnsi about it. but it was un
mistakably there a slightly emplia-
Sued hint of personal dignity.
in icpust. wia.i iisnivs... ...
lace was giase .nuejn. .u a,.i.s..
Hid taeic was a slisiuiy worn iooi.
about it as of ono who had passed
thrnnsli some ficrv discipline ot fi
lierience and had forced himself to
meet its ocrnands.
So ab&orbcd vv.is she in her
thoughts that the st r and rustle ol
the congregation issuing from their
scats at the conclusion of the service
came upon lur In the light of a
surprise; she. had not realized thai
the service in which she had bceu
taking a reprehensible perfunctory
pail -had drawn to its close, and i'he
almost lumped when Joan, nudged
her unobtrusively and whispered: -
"Coinc along I believe you're half
She, bhnok her head, smiling, and
L-athering up her s'ovob and prayer-
book, she followed Joan down t he
a. sic and out into the churchyard.
A big limousine had pulled up be -
.idi4 Hie rootpa'h. and an immaculate
footman was standing by its open
door, rug in hand. Diana wondered
idly whose car ir, couiu Df, ano u 1
occurred to her that very probably at. ;
belonged to the strangers who had
attended the service that morning.
A minute later her assumption was
confirmed, as t ie middle-aged lady,
followed by the young, pretty one,
came quickly tlnough the lichgate
and entcied the car. The footman
hesitated, still holding the door open,
and the elderly lady leaned forward
to say:
"It's all right. Maker Mr ih'rlns
tou is walking back."
Urriustun! So that was his name
-rli.it was what the V.. on the hand
kerchief stood for! Diana thought
sue wouiu 11.1a.a1u . i e.i sunn uje guess
'as to why he had elected to walk
she would hazard n reasonable guess
hoaie. He must nave caught sight of
hei 111 cliuicn after .ill.
Hidden from hp sight liv an inter,
veiling ew tree, she watched him
mmlng down tip church path, con
scious of a somewhat pleasurable
sense of anticipation, and when he
Ihad passed inder the lichgate iad,
1 turning tn the loft, came face to face
with her. she bowed and tallied, bold.
1 lug out her hand.
1 'I'n her ntlnr !i 111 n ifs. r.n t hn 1,1,. J
a, Jl0r wllI0Ul lho fllnlcflt HlBn v
recognition on his face, pausing enly
f"" n fraction of a second, aa a trail
nine when Kmne Iniinni. el ... I x.ulf. l
aciiualiitanct! by mistake; then wth
a murmured "Pardon!" he r aised I !.i
lint slightly and passed on.
Diana's hand dropped slowly to I r
side. She felt stunned. Tho thSg
Mi'i'men 1 lie Treii 1 it n 1
In a dream she crossed tho road
and, opening the gat that admitteil
to the "church path," made hor way
home alone. She felt shit must have
a few minutes to herself before who
faced the rector and Joan at the rec
tory mid-day dinner. Fortunatel..-,
they were both In ignorance of tho
amazing, sPujKtfyiug fact that her fellow-travellerthe
"gallant roscum , '
about whom l'obs had so joyously
chaffed her had stgnilled In tho iiio,,t
unmlstaka.ble fashion that he vvantci
nothing more to do with her, and by
the time the dinner bell sour.dej,
Diana had herself well in hand -s .
well that she was even able to ask itt
tones of quite casual Interest If any
. . -
,hu,cll Ulilt Ior7,IiV? "a"i',-rs ,J
"Ves, Mowbi-.i told me," replied thi
rector. "The arc the new pen, ill
win. It... .... I,. ., ....... .1..
....v. t.ui-i, iicii s.ai'.es -ilia,
pretty little place on the Woodu 1
Ito-ul. Tin girl Is Adrieiine tie ner
vals, the actress, and the eldul lady
Is a Mrs. Adams, her 1 hap ion."
"Uh, then, Dial's wh her tua-y
rieemcd so familiar!" ixclaliiu it
Diana, a light bii.il.lng 111 upon hei".
"1 mean .Vliss de i;. rv .u-' - nut Mm
chapi roli'n. Uf tour-., I iout Icr.u
r.ei u her pi, iurc 111 tlie 1II11 tr.ittil pi
pert) di'.rn.j
"And Me 111 rn w tin u-i. n itli tl;. m
e Max UtTiogiDii, p, , iit, . n....-' ,
a" the plajt, 111 ih'rh 1 he t ii.is (,o "
chimed in J.jan. -1U. .uiipond fJ
bo in lur vv 11 a ir r. -j-p.,, ,itcc L.t 01
forma Hun I aoiuir'.i tropi Mr. il..
or.i3 '
"1 d'.trrt .Mr.- .o uro sairt'
..-a"?', ,h : U'l J" " vi u n
;lioi!iuig i'. Ii-ifvee ti. t i'i ,L.ut and
1 L f" " I-- h"Ur. d .Ire; if "
1ncotl11r.1l.1u.7l1.il ,
s-uppo:.. w. sha 1 lu- ' ration
1 '"', I vie .r lb ) Cublea,
; '" aas"j .huh, .111. a bej f pi.
ti r .1
t flu n
at lh)
1. up n
Inch fl.'W -tito lur 1 .1, . i
, 'ugg' sjnii Mie imhH.I 11..1
VvtV 1 V. ' . ""
uui tlie rector was i.p.,
' t" Joans itiiiuir " understand 1 v
;' 't;.,m, i !"ns lV bo,;" u'"
and then-when Mi-s de tluia .
"';''' .1 rot from her pr..fi s8loi.l
"'l. eNptft-t. hut t 1 . ,,s liny
nave come to our chile h and
strangers in the di-trlct, ii we.i! I
Ierhaps be neighborly to e.ii Wou l
,t Unt'.'"
"Can't yon call o.l t'lem. Hob- "
suggesteil Diana "A suit of 'nv' n- j"
visit, y.ni know. That would strxl
be siiftli'ient."
The tector lies tated
'I doll t know about
you think it would '.i
iiielldl on the tku.
IL.ther snubliv. eh'."'
'I'hti vv.i-. pi-e.-lsely n
Ihoilg'it. itnl the '.il.
loi ib il ii, r no s-na'
SIl- -111 llgge I he.- ',,,
::ii' o' indli'iV'-enei
"Oil. v, ,. , j ,. .,U
''.on'' Hunk .n li-.-se-w
111' 'ue. the I an i
th. mi. ,i inin ) ui Ml.
pl'i'.l 'li.-;.inl!
1 1
I 'O'l
I) an , t
ha '
- w th
i) eal'
authors) '
n avs f, r
" ..he r -
( II VI'TKi: VI.
V X V .. e. ol.e . .-!.,
I '1. ' p '.l.l I I
- .. ii. id been .i n0' j i
I, in "lope of .-.md
,i l o( k ss ,t h in i ,J01(
II. u lu-race .in I 1,.
up ill from of he
an ll '
.iga n-'
on ii-
pioip. ,
Mill she iv. is 1 liiicoug'lils ,,;,. ,i,iiii
now. and .-..if looked round In, w tn
a lather startled expiessioii n-a:
ing that she must have s'lep' loi mn
j considerable tunc, foi
the oiin. win .)
Kuj been
high in Ihe heaven, li t
adv dnipcd Inward Ills hor., '.
and was .1'iitildin.r a io..v i:a,'s j f
Si)t acj. ,K surfaei uf tuc w.u,
The tide. too. had cu.n,. up a lo '
way .-nice sue had doz.d nil in
slumber, and waves wc.e tioiv brr.ii
ing only a few yards distant fro n
her fee t
She cast u hasty glantt to right an I
lelt, where the arms of ibi littt. cos
stretched out to meet th, Mrcw '
with big b.iuldets clothed ,n chill ar I
bcawced Hut there wen no ruo.kj, ,
be Men They gray watir 'vac pi
ping laily nguinsl th' '.ur'tec oNuV
clitf itself and she wan up .ft '
ciliier aide
l'or a minu'r oi so her hret bej
unpleasantly fast; thru, wiih .1 rpii.
'sense of relief, she rcrpllectrti tha'
' only at spring tides was the little b v
Where she atood entlrt 1 under wall"
There was no danger, fthes reflccte I
but nevertheless her position was
cldedly unenviable.
An lntrmlnaDl,
hour crawled by. Diana shivered m
her thin blouse.
And then, all at once, across '
water came the welcome sound or a
human voice -
"Ahoy! Ahoy there!"
A small brown boat and the tlgurf
of the man in It, resting on his nan
ishowtd sharply etched against thu
background of tho sunset sky.
Diana waved her handkerchief wild
ly and the man waved tuck, promptly
Felting the boat with her nose toward
the shofe.
As he diew nearer, Diana ni
' , , . . , , ,, , ,,,
s,,'ll,k b' something oddly familiar
in his appearance, nnd when h
glanced back over his shoulder 1.
gauge h.s distance from the shore,
aha recognized with a sildiJen shock l
sense of dismay, that tho man In t
uoat was none other than Max I-.
Do Not Mm To IViorrowS InUrMtincj
niiinriffWiWWffriinri if"

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