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i -I.-. ' m'i I !!!! I 1 'I' IMWII Mi l.lll. I Ml . III Ill I I
own story of hisi
Trip Abroad
"Code of
Practice" Lawyer
Sentence on Island. .
Strolls Through Famous Ois-
tricl With Thomas Burk-ir
Author of "Limehous-:
Nights." ' "
Thrilled by Sights
Keniind Him of Weifd
Scenes in Burke's Stories.
By Charlie Chaplin.
(Thin in tho nineteenth instalment
Cf Cliaillu Chaplin's orcii afory of
M Huropcan tour, it the previous
installment hi told of a dintwr at the
Oarrirl- club tclfi .Sir M. Uurric
and other celebrities.)
TUURB is a bis .luncheon party
on unions my friends and I
am told that a party has been
arranged to go through the Ltme
fcouso district with Thomas Burke,
who wrote "Limehousc Nights." I
recent It exceedingly und refuse to
go with a crowd to meet Burke.
I revolt against tho constant crowd
ing. I hate crowds.
London ana Its experiences are
telling on me and I am nervous and
unstrung. I must see. Burko and go
with him alone. Ho is the one man
who sees London through the samo
Vlnd of glasses as myself. Iam told
i'nar Burke will be disappointing be
cause hu la so silent, but I do not
believe that I will bo disappointed in
Robinson tells the crowd of my
feelings und bow much I have
planned on this night alone with
'Burke, and the party Is called off.
We telephone Burke and 1 make an
engagement to meet him at his
,home that evening at 10 o'clock.
Wc are to spend the night together
In I.lmclioiifiC. What a prospect!
That night I wan at Thomas
Burke's ahead of time. The pros
pect of a night spent in the Lime
house district with the author of
"Llmehouse Nights" was as allur
ing as Christmas morning to a child.
Burke is fio different from what I
xpected. "Limehouse Nights" had
led me to look for some one physi
cally, as well ns mentally, big,
though I had always pictured him
as mild-mannered and tremend
ously human and sympathetic.
I notice oven as we are introduced
that Burke looks tired, and it Is hard
to think that this little man with tho
thin, peaked face and sensitive fea
tures Is the same ono who has
blazed Into literature such ele
mental lusts, passions and emotions
as characterize his short stories.
His tired-looking, sensitive eyes
at first seem rather severe and
serious, but suddenly I am awaro
of. something keen, quick hnd
twtnkfing In them. Ills wife has
arrived. A very young ludy of great
charm, who makes you feel in
tantly her artistic capabilities
even in ordinary conversation.
Shortly after his wife comos In
Burke and I leave, I feeling ery
much the tourist in the hands of
the superclty guide.
"What, where anything particu
lar that I want to see?"
I have nothing to suggest except
t that we ramble along with nothing
deliberate In view. I feel that this
pleases htm. for a light of interest
comes Into his eyes, chasing one of
responsibility. Wc are Just going to
troll along.
We stroll along toward Stepney.
There Is a greenish mist banging
about everything and we seem to
be in a labyrinth of narrow alley
ways, now turning into streets and
then merging into squares.
There Is a tang of the cast In the
air and 1 um tlnglingly aware of
omcthlng vital, living, moving. In
this murky atmosphere that Is more
Intense even for the occasional
dim light that peers out Into the
soft gloom from attic windows and
storerooms or municipal lights
that gleam on the street corners.
Here is a little sllco of God's
fashioning, where love runs hand
In hand with death, where poetry
trings In withered Mongolian hearts,
even as knives are burled in snow
white breasts and swarthy necks.
Jlorc hearts are broken casually but
nt the same time thero comes just
ns often to this lotus land tho pity,
terror and wonder of first love, and
who shall eay which is predomi
nant? Behind each of those tiny garret
windows lurks life, life In Its moat
elemental costume. There is no
time, thought or preparation for
anything but tho elemental pas
sions, and songs of Jo , hope and
laughter are written Into each ex
istence, even as the killings go on,
surely, swiftly.
On the other sido of tho street
there Is stepping a little lady whoso
cheap cotton clothes are cut wtth
Parisian cunning, and as we cross,
and pass her we discern-beauty,
enhanced many fold by youth and
vitality, but hardened with prema
knnuripriirp. I can't help but
think of little Grade Goodnight, thu
little lady who resented tho touch
of a "Chink," so much so that sho
filled the flro extinguishers In his
place with oil, and when he was
trapped in the blazing building,
calmly and with a baby smile upon
her face, poured the contents of the
extinguisher over him and his fur
niture. There Is tho Queen's Theatre,
bringing forward a mental picture
of little Glna of Chinatown, who
stopped u panic In the flre-frlght-eucd
audience of tho playhouse as
her debut offering on the stage.
Llltle Glna, who brought the wholo '
neighborhood to her feet In her Joy
ous dancing delight. Little Glna,
who at 14 hud lived, laughed und
loved, and who met death with a
smile, currying the secret of him
with her.
Hero are the robust of tho slums.
People act more quickly hero than
In Lambeth. And suddenly wo aro
back where, we started. In a car
we go to Huxton the old Britan
nia Huxton I, rajhet reluctantly.
There Is a glaring moving picture
palace. What a pity! I resent its
obtrusion. We go along toward the
East Indian docks to Shndwell, and
I am feeling creepy with tho horror
of his storlrs of Shadwell. I could
hear a child screaming behind a
shuttered window and I wondered
und imagined, but wo did not stop
We meandered along with Just a"
occasional gesture from him, nil thru
was necesary to make hts point. Tc
Stanhope Boud and Highgate, Beth
nal Green, Spltalflelds, rtatcllffe,
Soho, Nottlngdalo and Camdenr.own.
And through it all I have tho
leeling that things trivial, porten
tous, beautiful, sordid, cringing,
glorious, simple, epochal, hateful,
lovable things, aro happening be
hind closed doors. I people all those
shacks with girls, boys, murders,
shrieks, life, beauty.
As we go buck to Highgate we
talk of life In tho world outsldo this
adventurous Utopia. Ho tells me
that lib has never been outside of
London, not even to Paris. This Is
very curious to me, but it doesn't
seem so as he says It. Ho tells me
of another book that ho has ready
and of a play that he Is working on
for early production. We talked
until 3 In the morning and I went
back to my hotel with tho same sort
of feeling that I had at twelve when
I nut up nil night reading Steven
son's "Treasure Island."
Friends of John T. Hcttrlck, "codo of
practice" lawyer, wore understood to
day to ba planning to ask his parolo
from tho penitentiary on Blackwell's
Island, whero ho Is serving an inde-
tcrmlnato term of six months to three
years on a charge of conspiracy growing
out of tho Lockwood committee Invest!
gallon. Samuel untermycr, counsel to
tho Lockwood committee, raid be hnd
not heard of tho tnovo to freo Hcttrlck;
Hettrlck was convicted last February,
along with William II. Chapman, former
business agent of tho Journeymen
Plumbers' Union, who was released on
parolo a few weeks ago. Chapman's
salary of T3 a week has been paid by
tho union while ho was In prison and
ho was reinstated In his old Job. but
resigned when Jlr. Untermyer threat
ened to put him on trial next mouth on
another Indictment.
Ktiimlilr on Still nnil lit llnrrrl" of
Vt'liUkey Whllr Smrehliiir Farm,
SO-MBltVlLLU, N. J., Dee. :7.-Tcn
barrels of whiskey and a rtlll, from the
farm of Itlchard Helm nt Tcn-Mllc Jlurt,
Franklin Township, were brought to the
Somerset County Jail yesterday, follow
ing the ilrst liquor seizure by members
of the new State police In this locality.
It Is understood another truckload of
whiskey Is yet to bo hauled over from
thr farm.
Helm Is held on a charge of carrying
concealed weapons, a revolver and a
knife having been found on htm by th"
Tho whiskey was discovered whllo tho
pollen were searching the farm for evi
dence of another kind. Helm declared
the liquor was for his own use.
liusnv i.oiin school iiuiui.
FALL niVKIt. MasJ.. Doe. 27. The
Henry Lord Grammar School was totally
destroyed by flro last night, entailing
a loss estimated at J30O.OO5. Onn flro.
man was slightly Injured when part of
tho south wall collapsed.
Jack Nozak, twenty-three, of Jso. 368
Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, nnd
Jacob Hoffman, forty, of No. 211 113th
Street, Long island City, were injured '
when a Manhattan Bakery Company
auto-truck they wero riding In was In
collision with an automobile nt Second I
Avenue and 73th Street to-das They I
were attended nnd went home.
Going to Carlsbad?
If you cannot go, Carlsbad is coming to
you. The genuine imported Carlsbad
Salt can be had again at every Drug
Store. It is Nature's Remedy for Con
stipation, Liver and Kidney diseases,
Rheumatism, etc. Insist on the genuine,
take no substitute.
Carlsbad Product Co.
90 West St., New York
(Continued to-morrow.)
Coprrifht. 1921.
Br Uie MrClun- .NrwspMr Syndtate.
AU rlstts roiened.
All the JIonr.T to Clear Place Do
nated bjr Public.
NASHVILLE. Tcnn., Dec. 27. Sergt
Alvln C. York Is to-day owner tho
410-acro farm In his home county t
a grateful pcoplo gave to him becauso
of his heroism In the World War. York
had to go heavily In debt and was in a
bad way financially when The New
York World and tho Naahvlllo Banner
came to his aid.
Tho cash donated all over the country
totallod 2D,000. and the deed will bs
delivered to him as soon as formalities
are over. The presentation camo as a
Christmas present to him. York said:
"I thank everybody for what thoy
havo done; every ono for what they
have given."
Advance Millinery Styles Shown Tomorrow in a
Very Special Sale
of New
Trimmed Hats
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An exceptionally charming selection of
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The "Food
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& InralidV
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A A U.-Jabwif f'.wf. Cut

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