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evening world, Monday, January 23, 1822.
Paris About Only Place Left for
' Wilson Now.
rOW "Champion" Johnny Wilson
is talking of Going to Paris to
flffhti That's about the safest
' place Wilson could find on the map.
Sine Carpentlor trrew out of the
stddJewelelit class, Prance has had
to middleweight with a punch that
ueuld dent a cream puff or scare
Mike Gibbons Issues another chal
lenge to Wilson, hoping to connect
before the proposed trip to Tarts. The
sly trouble with taking on Mike is
that Mike la Tery, very clever, and
irtiere t&ere Is a decision, judges and
nfereea have , a queer 'notion that
sere skill mere landing of ten blows
for one should entitle even a rank
Stslder Ike Gibbons to a verdict
ever a Champion.
Altd it l a matter of tradition that
Mike usolito have a wicked punch.
Suppose ho, should resurrect Just one
of these dumber tape for the occasion
. tf Wilson, were so unwise as to give
Msa a chancel Lot Mlko go and "get
a reputation!"
1 :
Vast going.
Johnny Buff Is off for a six weeks'
Mp to ESsJlaiid. Johnny, as Amcri
oaa flyweight champion, may arrango
to meet Wilde for the world title.
Asd there' be flrewarks. Buff 1b by
It eddsthe best llttlo man who
ever west ever to confer with Jimmy
Herman jvwaa many pounds over
weight wnso be beat Wilde, and the
math waap'so true test of the Eplen
d Utile Engllah fighter's ability.
With Suff'H would be quite different.
Then It wwold be fairly evtn, as far
mm weight goes.
Buff is Hardly a match for Wilde In
skill, but offsets this with aggressive
ness and bitting power sufficiently to
make a cMteh between tbem just
bout an even thing.
wl member, which is always nt the bot
v ALWV8 IN HOT WATER. torn. Notwithstanding what you think
The wajijof the contract breaker is ' l "'o club Is his and his contention
hard. AtK J. Wilson, the sent who ' that If !t is going- to le broken up
was recinfy given the eato in New wants io do the breaking. Thai
Terk, Massachusetts and Connecticut, sounds fair enough.
No, not the rate money the gate! i It has been brought to Mr. linker's
'- -v attention that two or threo club own.
GOOD FOR THE 8P0RT 1 rs or mnnagers have been monkeying
Iri the old days a champion was so rrltn " Payers. Though he does not
much of a UtUo tin god that ho "amo thm " P"bll the phllll owner
oaold do about as he pleased. He'd. 11 la Ba,d- wU1 'arUi very one of theBe
call off a rht at the last moment If Jfmperera before the bar of tho Na
he bappead to feel that way. He'd tlonal nsn6 tho moment It gets in
give tho jHtmoter a ring and eay: "i!0"; , -, ,
"That thing next Thursday nlght--tt'e 1 ,Jo tamper with the playero of an
off, s? Teah-I said off! What forT ?hr club R,ll encourage thorn with
iw r,.t
i ln-f it t Jri (T. n" I
irhe-t Z My 'goes- O'by.
But that doesn't go In thee dayn
ef Soxlnr .-Commissions.
Hny Ore-b, by the way. Is loading
a wneeoijfie life, when carpentlor
was here, Qnorffo Sngcl tried his boat
to'cet-frMM Carp to moot Harry, but
OarpesUeg took old Bat Levlnaky ln
atead. Tom Olbbona isn't enthuslai
tie over sittaglinf with Oreb, because
I tarry &a an awkward knack of be
iBg tberenghtlnr, at the flnlslt. Qrob
wants) to 'fight Dempsey, but Jacls
says, fairly enough, that he'd be
asfeamed to fight a Utile fellow Uk
Oreb after tipping ove'r such mam
snethH aa' Fulton. Llorrls and will
ard. Oreb-' wants to fight Brcnnan,
and Brennan is too busy trying to
ret a second return match with
Derapsey, Johnny Wilson llunkod
out of arQxeb match to "nave" his
title, Onn aides Harry seems to bo
a popuian a mo cnoicra.
He'll a nice kid, too. Only trouble
with him Is that be gets in the wuy.
Jock HUtcblson, supposed to be I
evergottod wins the Northern Cali
fornia opcri with a course record score
and strokes to spare, and then visits
a few local ooursen and makea new
record scores for tho fun of it.
flt. lioula now han two rival Hoxlng
Cnmirilm'lona. if tho promoters run
oat of material they can pack any
arena In Mo. by putting on the two
eswmlnsloBa In a battle royal.
Tfemnuuaeat of Hoses Committee of
Miaad&na tn&do Washington and Jef
ferson a pfeaent of (0,000 for the col
tags athleo fund, just as a little
rstisn of-appreciation of the game W.
s X vufup against California. That
beats "Baling it with flowers."
JMfc McAultlfa went to Ireland to
1 a Heavyweight fighter to bring to
, to go after tho big title, but
It up. Found them all too busy
S (feting around noma
They may have Asiatic cholera and
sjfcesjo plague ia the Philippines, but
ttoy sevsf sad a stymie rule or a
W'8trels penalty tor out of bounds.
Mt tM piaos to lire hwUhe ltd-
ansa va-
PINEHUR8T, Jan. 23. The
championship course here hni
been the aoene of many unusual
exploits with wood and Iron, but
never has such n flock of sharp
hooting developed that flashed
out In a special mstoh yesterday
when three birdies were mad at
the same time and at the same
hole. The occasion was an exhi
bition match between George
Frotheringham of Vermont and
Herbert Lagsrblads, Youngstown,
two pros, against Emmet French,
who captained the American pro
fessional team in England last
year and Charlie Mother-sole of
Weeburn. The trio of birdies
came at the long fifth hole, par
five, where Frotherlngharn,
Mothersole and French reached
home in four strokes.
French and Mothersole an
nexed four birdies' on the round
and scored- a best-ball card of
34-35.69, but finished two down
to the opposing team.
What was probably the first
birdies registered at the tenth
hole by a woman was made by
Mrs. Herman Ellis, who scored
a fine three on the 323-yard up
hill tenth hole. Mr. Ellis
landed within six feet of. the cup
on her second shot and oleverly
ran down the necessary putt.
flathrrland Mans to Coach (La-fa r I
rite Ara.in.
KAKTON. Pa.. Jan. 2z It traa an
nounced here to-day that the signed con
tract of Dr. J. B. Sutherland as football
oach of Ivuayetto College had been ro-
ceivctl by Graduate Manager D. Leroy 1
Reeve. The contract Is for one year
Owner Baker of Phillies
Has Some Things to Say
To His Fellow Magnates
Pitcher !
They Deal With
Meadows, but Catcher
Bruggy Is Inquisitive.
By Bozeman Bulger.
WHEN the National Lcajrue own
ers hicet here for a confer
ence early In February, Will
iam F. lUker will have something to
aay with c burr on It. Mr. Uuker
owns the Hiilllen thnt club, you te-
nims or cing sola or traded Is a
crme of high treason in basobalL
punishable by a heavy fine.
From news Items In the sporting
poses and from current gossip Mr.
Baker has renson to helleve that at
least throe clubs In the National
league have been fishing around for
Lee MeadowBi nls 8lnr p,tcher, a
ter on which the owner has not been
The lillllcs do not propose to trad
or sell Meadows. They admit that he
might help several clubs in winning
the pennant but they figure that, if
let atone, he might also nelp the
Phillies a little.
A. report was sent out from Phila
delphia a little while ago that Mea
dows would be sold to the Giants
Then camo rumors of dickering by
other clubs. It seems that the owner
did not know about this,
Mr. Hiker make- no specino
charge.-!, names no defendants but he
wants to know.
A bombshell may be expected at
any moment in that meeting
Willie Mr. Baker la thus arotued.
What They're Saying To-Day.
"WrettHnp la at big a porf at boxing, and one of the greatest tMngt
thai ciyt happened to it cas tho introduction of th flvtnp fall." Martin
Hcrmun. manager of the A. H. Woods theatre.
"In my opinion no coDeps prsMdewe or athletic director in the
United ttatet knou the exact value of intercollegiate tportt to his intti.
tution." Dr. Edgar Fauver, President of the Society of Physical Direc
.tora In Colleges.
"Ruth It a pood bate runner and a mart cmd told one. Matches hit
triu against such toidratealce dtUent as Goto and Speaker and hold, his
num." Jack Doyle, Boout for the Chicago Cubs.
( don't believe, in baseoaJl
'What' the natter you don't match mv bou vAth Jack Demptev
you've been training Mm for two week notot" inquired the father of
ilollauu Cohen, a Jewish boy of nineteen weighing tit pounds. "Well,"
replied Jimmy Johnstone, who adi-erttarri recentlv for a ttrono young
man to uihlp the champion, "you had him for nineteen years and uhat
did you tiafcB of himf"
"The same lull tftat was uod in the mafor leagues last year nill be
in use during the coming baseball ecason." Charles 13. White, manu
facturer of baseballs.
Yale IIPkrjr Star Inlnrr.d.
NEW HAVJ-JN, Conn., Jan. 23 ITcrtl
IteM, centra on Yale's hodkey team, It
suffering from a fractured rib, it was
UsrneJ towlay, and his return to the
Kama fn aeaac U uouktfvt, cautiatxHU taiwWilahrri.
aot-tccc REscewvnoNS ad& the athletic-, euitom&s I -s52!ll2SEfe ( orfr tR5 i.Sssa
" v- " " -rjr- rsvsr. IVaaaaaaaA BTaVaV .r ssisjajajm' .saaaaaaaajm w . r T
TT1 lllkJL IC DNArOai i llAr ' r ZOt ' ffiHr fl f rsflT tTTW ST ,fltl IIIH HaMm
Catcher Bruggy of tho Phillies would
lu rnaKO inquiries wu.i tii uu uuu
I appertaining to hln being railroaded
i out of the big league to Portland,
i Ore.
Recently waivers were askod and
socurod on Burggy from every club
In tho league. That being dono he
was sold to Portland.
Now, I don't olalm to be the
catching star of the league," says
the puzzled man, "but I do claim to
be good enough for the big league, as
nhown by my record. There is some
thing behind this more than a simple
sale, I believe. If I was 'railroaded'
I'd like to know why. It's a Wg
hardship for me to go out to the
cooHt because I have a business here
In the East."
It Is paaslng etrangc, come to think
of It, that all clubs would waive claim
to a player llko Brugge. Btlll toaso
ball is a funny game to some folks.
A month from to-day the pitchers
of the New York teams will be on
their way to Hot Springs and Ban
Antonio to boll out. A week later
the main body will follow to give
them support.
Already the trainers of the Yanks
and Olanta are dusting off and oiling
the armament It looks lively up
around the Polo Grounds.
Btlll the managers don't feci quite
Miller Hirrgina needs another out
fielder. McClraw o raven one mora
good pitcher. Wllbert noblnson lini
Just got to have iuiotlior outfielder
and an lnflelder.
Maybe something will barmen at
tbo February meeting.
Chicago authorities announce that
Kid Olooson- this spring is going to
look over a pitcher named Latnhke,
who is six feet and four inches tall
They do a lot of things In baseball
nowadays, but, somehow, we'd like
to see aleason do that. The Kid
would have to get on a stepladder to
take a handkorchlcf oat of Lambke's
hip pocket.
Eddie fnnett, the crack mascot
of the Yanks, haa beon signed for n.
return engagement Eddie specializes
In winning pennants, having nailed
three In a rowj-
race. " Arthur Devlin, formar QJaat
O'Hcam. wtm has been at Ms home In
uruoKllne for su week surrertuir from
Injuries rooelved In an ourly araxn
htxlcey game, wtll reAUaive hla r tudlra to
day, but no hope In held out of till play.
Ing hoctcwy again this year, and it Is
doubtful ntwUter tin wtM Jeta ti traes-
CoprrlghU 1923
sw W''rV- IHIbH aHBTHr "V ftIIf Hs3W fa ' ill t sat-
I Ml
Clive wires)
ooenfcL 1M9. Wnr Tot mlt World) trr Fna rutaiilm O.
Prexy Ixiwetl of Harvard claims one Harvard football game a year Is
enough. It Is for Yale.
But advocating only one game a season -proves that Prexy Lowell wan
never a cheer leader.
On rumor that McGraw will wear a player's uniform this year.
Jumped 2 points In yesterday's market.
Last year Mac tipped players from
language, while guys he sent to coaching
Question for to-day's geofraphy lesson:
Johnny Wilson Is aUll ollglble to fight
For six months of each year Roger
But when tho box scores blossom out ho
. . .
X-ray proves that dislocated vertebrae caused Pop Young of tlie De-
trolt team to maki wild throws all last
that throwing often affects the bonos.
that bones have over affected the throwing.
Rules for Amateur Boxing
Better Than Those of 'Pros 9
hey Are at Least More Im
pressive to Those
Around Ring.
By Robert Boyd.
INCH tho different State boxing
salons throughout the country
deprived tho referee of his su
prema power in rendering a decision,
ai dictated In the Marquis of Queens
berry Rules, end substituted the two
rlngulde judges, the system of declar
ing a winner has been very unsatis
factory. For the first six months after the
Walker State Boxlnc Law went Into
effect, the third man had absolutely
no voles in the numlng of a winner,
except In tho case of a disagreement
by the two Judge ut tho ringside. If
they foiled to agree ho wan pormltted
to havo u voice In adjudging the vic
tor. After tbo Dozing Commission ap
pointed under the regime of Oov. AI
Smith pawed out of office and the
amendmentH to the Walker bill that
put the present Htats Athletlo Com
mission Into power, a change In the
rendering of decisions was made jrlv.
Ing the referee equal power with tho
judges In naming the winner. But
just as unsatisfactory as the system
that preceded the prurient one fell
Into disfavor amoug the patrons of the
fight same, so lion tho one now In
vogue become unpopular. The sys
tem of secrecy of the present ruling
of the commission in which neither
judge nor referee nor the spectators
shall know how the others voted, has
added materially to the method that
U denounced to-day by the fijrht
crowds. They do not know the judges
wno migm ue capable or Incapable,
una Becoming io mo Hoxlng Commls
slon, they ore not supposed to.
At tho last two nmatcur taxing
lournamenu new in Btadlson Krji'nt
Oarden under tho Metropolitan Ath
letic Union, namely the Now York
State Championships and tho recent
liiter-clty tournsmeut between Pitts
burgh, Boston, Philadelphia and New
York, n system of adjudging the win
ner was Introduced that met with the
approval or tho light fans In general,
and Is unquestionably a moro practi
cal method than the ono employed at
tho professional tights. These rulos
were adopted by the A. A. U. after
tbj woadsxful results ebta&sd frags,
(The New Yuri. Evening World), br lYess
the bench by means of deaf and dumb
lines coached 'em in dumb language
Name the thirty-one Htate? that
Pecklnpough is Iloger Peckinpaugh .
is simply Pck'np'gh.
season. Crap sftootera have proved
but this Is positively the first time '
them at the Inst Olympic Oames nt
Antwerp in 1920.
They are na follows
The Judges shall award at the
end of each round flvc points to
the better competitor and a lesser
number to tho other compeUt'ir,
according to his merits. When the
competitors arc equal the maxi
mum number must be given to
each. At the end of each oout
the Judges' scoring papers shall
be collected by the announcer. In
cases whore both Judges give one
competitor tho most points, the
winner shall bo announ;cd.
Should the judges disagree, the
announcer shall collect from the
referee the slip of paper upon
which he has marked the name
of his choice. Tho rpferoo and
announcor shall Inspect the t.m-e
ballots and If two out of the thro
ballots agree tho decision shall bo
so announced. Should tho three
ballots disagree, the referee shall
ordor nn extra round of tWeo
minutes. After this round the
judges shall mark tho name of
their choice on a scoring paper
without scoring points and, If
both Judges agree, the wluner
shall bo announced, ir tho judges
Btlll dlsogreo, the referee muet de
cide in favor of ono of the con
testants. Tho referco shall have the
power to caution or disqualify a
competitor for any infringement
of rules and to stop a tuund if,
In his opinion, a man is outclassed
or unlit to continue, and that
man shall be deemed to havo lost
the bout.
This system of point scoring In
token from tho method of scoring a
winner In a fancy diving contost.
Another new rulo taken from the
Olympic rules Is the counting over i,
lighter who has leen flooml. Herc.o
foro, tho wldo sweet, of tho arm or
the referee made counting moro a
spectacle for tho edification of a
frenzied crowd than for tlio bonellt of
tho fallen boxer. The shouts drown
tho counting of tho referee's tollinr;
and their daxed senses prevented tboni
fiom keeping track of thn sweep of
tl.o refcrco'a arm. Tho referee in tl.e
nmateur bouts does not uso hlo arjn
lut counts loudly In tho car of the
da2d fighter who Is bettor able to
follow the time he has nn (be floor lb
clear Urn brala.
By Thornton Fisher
Publishing Cu.
n! rosi Tout
Hirer a4 Oonrr. O. Qctii. Oola. rt.
rolUju. Ctlvmbla 4 t 31 37
CullMl, Dartmouth i i 2 3t
Qnn. rem 7 II IB
Dab. Princeton 2 t 12 24
Luther. Cormll 2 17 23
Rouutt. PtfK 2 7 t 14
Srlohoni. OlurabU ... 4 7 t 14
Milcotm. Datrnoeth .... J 7 14
Kliw, PrlKMlM 2 6 II
Mlllir. DutatMlh 3 C II
ZV14 rod Tail
0lltt. O. Golt. Colin. PU. O.iD.
Otrtmouth .3 24 21 74 (2
PMlg 1 St II M 32
Colombit .. 4 21 23 H7 II!
Prlncton .. 2 2 J 12 M J
Crnll 2 II 17 ft Ai
VU I- 4 v l JS
Turn. O. Won. Iok. I' c.
PrlaoetMi 2 2 0 1.004
Dartmouth I 2 I .G7
Columbia I I J .2S
Cornell 22 MS
Vlli I 0 I .093
Pennlj-Kiula 2 2 t I.OOO
The eml-flnal round of the Greater J
Nmr York, amateur pocket billiard
championship tournament will beheld
thlt week at the MdUon Billiard Acad
emy, 6th Street and Columbus Ave
nue, and at Doyle's. The bet player
from each billiard room in the greater
dty, selected by elimination matcher,
will meet In this round robin tourna
ment. The players who will compete at the
Madison ate Coleman, representing the
home loom; Whittle of Doyle's, Terker
of Kintracht & Oiins, Kanntnky of
Dunn's, Engel of Heymon's, Hart and
Watson of I-awler Bitw.
Thn match between EimtpI and Halt
will bojin at 7.15 o'clock to-nlg!it-
Liggett k Mttm Tobacco Co.
TWo Rival OlO
p.CSPSCTvC CO U.E6C 5 TO jvCfcuE
afiOOr tMSrHAO OF ,pCX5T6L-
Sport News at a Glance
Harvey Litcntenatein won the Brooklyn A. A. road run held over
the Kinaa Highway course, Brooklyn.
The Brooklyn F. C. Soccer Eleven defeated the Carlston Hill tem
by a acorn of 7 goal to 2.
L. C. Dally won tho hirjh scratch prize at the traps of the Larch
mont Yacht Club, with a card of 95 out of a potalble 100.
The eleven of the Norwegian Turn Vereln defeated the Britannic
team by a score of 6 to 0 at St. Agatha's Oval.
The Yale Freahmen rifle squad sleeted Preaton K. Dedderick a
Captain for the 1922 season.
Bob Fowler of Boston haa beeen appointed ooach of the William
swimming team.
Adolph Arnold of the Pastime -Athletlo Club won th weekly handi
cap member's walk over tho club's regular oourae.
Secretary Graver of tho Boston Red Sox ha recetvad a ietfctr from
Jack Quinn, former Yankee pitcher, denying that he had Jumped hit
contract, and that he wilt report for spring training.
The Durland Riding Academy Junior Polo Club defeated the Junior
team of the Essex (N. J.) Cavalry Troop Polo Club by a soore of 11
to 6.
Aiken, the Peter Pan oolt whioli races under the popular oolori of
the C. &. D. Stable, showed a good performance yesterdsy at Havana
when he finished first in the Mariano Handicap. Thia was a dash of
Ix furlongs for which all ages were eligible. Aiken, ridden by R. Wil
son, came from last place in the back stretch and, getting up in the
final strides, beat the favorite, Ararat, by a neck.
Morris Schapiro, Columbia University chess champion, malntainsd
his lead in the annual championship tournament of tho Manhattan
Chest Club yesterday by winning against M. Schroeder in the sixth
round. .Samuel Katz, half a point behind, kept pace with the leader by
defeating Dr. Freundllch. Dr. E. Sokal soored a game from O .W. Field.
American featherweight Kid Payn of El Paso-, runner-up in the
A. E. F. championships, and Jimmy Flttens, protege of Jimmy Britt of
California, fought a 34-round draw at Mexico City.
K.K.MIXS o?c ivay imitr:.
OAKLAND, Cal., Jan. Jack
ICearne, manager of Jack Dempsy,
world champion heavywelglrt boxer. Is
on his way to New York, whure, h snM
before he left here Saturday, he was
celled by biurlw.M. Kpims would not
say whether ho expected to arninge a
match for tlv champion wh!l In tha
From down
where the good
tobacco grows
Straight from the sunny
fields of Virginia, the Caro
linaa and Georgia comes
theprime.mellow "Virginia"
tobacco that you smoke in
heYhLi3L Cigarette
New York Bo Favored to
Win Event at Lake
UArCM PLACID. W. Y., Jan. J.
It la very probable that Bwedsn and
Norway, In. addition to Canada, will
be roprosentod In the take Placid
Diamond Trophy Championship, tin
new world nkntlnp event for oin.i -leurw,
which is to take plaoe liei-.
Feb. 9. 10 and 11, under tha aanctlon
of tho International Skating Onion of
Formal invitations to have repr
sontatlvos here to competo In thli
Qrst international skating; contest for
amateurs have been extended the
Athletic Association of Sweden and
the Chrlstlnnla Skating Club of Nor
way on bohulf of the Lake Placid
Skating Association by Its President.
Henry Ulhlein, who la also President
i of the Adirondack Bkatlng Associa
tion and First Vice President of the
International Skating Union. Cable
acceptances of these Invitations are
expected within a few days.
By winning the Canadian National
amateur outdoor speed skating cham
pionship at St. John, N. B.. last week
Joe Moore of New York become the
first man eligible to compete for thr
Lake Placid Diamond Trophy. Others
eligible In this country will be the
winner of tho National amateur out
door speed skating championship at
Pittsburgh, N. T, January 14, Jfc
and ti, f
n.A.i tnn,ooo ArrroMrmiMS hack.
BAN Kit AN" CI SCO. Jan. IJ. Plana
have been announced hero for a 500-mll
automobile roco on next November U.
ArmlMtoe Day, at the Qreater San Pren
cdsco Hpewlway at Sam Carlo., California.
A puree of 5d,CK)o and lap prises of tit
leant 125,000 will be offered. Local auto
mobile men ay the prize money will ti
the Inrget mm ever offered fn an auto
mobile race.
and for cigarettes
Virginia tobacco it the bett

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