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JHSTOLEN dress on girl
Womn, rternKnlilnir Garment, Una
j Sccond-Hand Dealer Locked. Up
i Noticing n girl wearing a drew which
had been stolon from her homo I ant
i November, airs. Susan Dulfy of No.
, 369 (Marlon Street. Brooklyn, questioned
her and or a result, Herman Hertzbcrff,
a second-hand clothing denier of No.
MS Bedford Avcr.Uc, was locked up In
the Rntprj Avenue Station charged with
receiving stolen goods.
, More thnn $700 worth of clothing win
stolen from tS,tn. Duffy, who -recognized
on Anna Sccman of No. 381 130th Street,
Richmond Hill, a dress which had been
ado for her dnlightcr, The girl ad
iltted where she had purchased tho
garment, went to tho store and ldcntl-
Hertzberg as tho man who sold It
.0 tier.
Barglar Alarm Tut at 9'Vileral
Bolldlnir 'Finds Guard Alert.
While tho Federal Building In Brook-
im was crowded with Income tax pay-
to-day, a bell suddenly rang and
eight guards with revolvers ran out
from the cashier' a cages, searching for
ln-tnary robbers. Tho doorman let
do?rn the Iron gate, preventing any one
from getting out, and the elevator also
Increases the
action of the
Hundreds of men and wo
men have already found
freedom from laxatives by
eatins Fleischmann's fresh
j5 yeast.
I Doctors ara now agreed that
proper eUmtniucra or waste matter
fcosld be brought about by food.
Om doctor comes right out and
latsa plainly that the Indiscrim
inate aae of cathartics is one of the
of constipation.
PtryatcUns all over the country
are recommending Fleischmunn'a
fraeb Tea it becanee it is a fresh
l.trfcod. rich in those elements which
theiMeetinee healtlir. In one
lain of tested cases, normal lunc-
K tkea were restored In from 3 days
Try hoot for yooreetf. Begin to
4ajbf adding 3or 3 cakes of Fleisc h
mann's Yeaat to your everyday
diet. Keep it up and see how nor
aoairy and regularly yonrimrtina
act. Be (ore it's Fleischmann's
Teact the famOar do-foil pack
Of with the yellow label. Place a
aejfxMng- order with your grocer.
'Eat Less;
ML-A .A vnn linvp fiminf
Uttiml 'iwtli nr nerfect artificial ones.
: .
i With a plate, sucn as me auovc,
lade in
."ou can chew your fond thoroughly
ad enjoy all tne kooq tilings oi inc.
AtnA nn Innar (lel.lVS.
i Ht you need work In a hurry, come
Slid teeth out, new ones in, in a day
' I Uniutru Spoken Lidy Attendant
I Incorporated
' Established 1897
t 29 W. 34th St.. New York
f. 41)4-1 0 ruuon af., crooMyn
Offl More'
iWARNlNGl Always say "Bayer" when
Unless you see the
etting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians over 22 years
nd proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache Neuralgia
Toothache Neuritis Lumbago
Itcept only "Bayer"
?( Handy "Bayer" boxes
stopped. Another bell signalled the
end of tho test.
.Inlin T. Ilaffertv. Collector of In
ternal Itcvcnuc, said ho was satisfied
with tho performance of the guards and
that nny real hold-up attempt would
be frustrated.
One to h "person
get yours early
While they last, at cost,
10,000 brand new, seam
less, polished brass, nickel
plated vacuum bottles.
Insulated handles on
cups. Greatest bargain in
vacuum bottles ever of
fered. Satisfaction Guaranteed,
or Your Money Back
I Ana St.
ar. Fark Bew
IM ITeit Dd
East Bwaj,
aejajejefc-iaji an Irin e" X X M W M ' Tw .VM? I
Hoo MW MM?
niar'a jmssss s s s s r ssi. .-ostm:
sBsaat ir e-e w w s s , yyvxaT rrm alaBaW
MX- mw' mm
750-752 84-hAve.
Our Easy Payment Plan Applies Everywhere Within 150 Miles of N. Y.
We Furnish Apartments and Homes on Weekly or Monthly Payments.
. ,;irMJtfiiv-U! T t BC
5a. I 'I' 7; enUBaVU JKl. 1111 DINING
Chairs with genuine leather
Columbia Grafonolas from $30 Up on Our Easy Payment Plan.
March Columbia Records on Sale. Motor Truck Deliveries.
A Complete Line of New Home Sewlno Machines on Credit Up to $110.
i SSaSsSBSaturdny Evenlno- IffM II lyliH? Iriil
finish; upholstered In Imitation
springs in seats; 3 pieces, as illustrated, at
46th St.V50-75b;Ho AVb" 8th Ave. Wf
name Bayer" on
package which contains proper directions.
of 12 Ublets Also bottles of 24 and
A week's postponement In the suit of
Mrs. Helen Klwood Stokes against her
tlllCUitliU, ,. - .
restoration of her dower right was taken
until next Monday neiore jusiico v-o-halan
In Supreme Court to-dny, her
counsel, Samuel Untcrmyer, being ab
sent In Albany.
Equal in every way to
highest priced bottles on
the market. This quan
tity won't last long get
yours early. Mail orders
filled, while they last, at
15c. extra for packing and
Stop at Our Nearest Store
tOM 1th Are. t B. 14Stu Market St.
ar.lMttBt. Jut west etM effBreaa
Corner 46lU St.
trated, at
slip seats extra.
Frames In mahogany
leather; Indestructible
you buy Aspirin.
tablets, you are not
Painl Pain
100 All dmpfflsts.
Store Hours: 9 to 5.30
Telephone: Stuyvesant 4700
iese Silks, at this
A fine Capture of three
lots of ORIENTAL Rags
One -Fourth below the market
105 Persian Mosouls, $37.50 and $47.50
$50 and $65 grades; very attractive assortment sizes
ranging from 5.6x3.6 ft. to 6.6x3.6 ft.
150 Chinese Rugs, $18 to $95
25 to $125 grades; small and medium sizes 3x2 ft.
to 7x4 ft. ; good colors tan, old gold, light blue, old rose,
dark blue.
40 Mongolian Chinese Rugs, $206 to $525
$275 to $700 grades. The finest grade of Chinese
rugs, in exquisitely beautiful designs and rich colorings;
Sizes from 9x6 ft. to 14x10 ft. Third Gallery, New Bulldlno
Women's gay Wool Frocks
for country wear
$22.50 to $137.50
Soft fabrics which lend
themselves so well to the
low-bloused, carefully care
less silhouette Kasha'
cloth, flannel, spongeen,
Jersey cloth, eponge and
In white, brilliant Miades of
red, green and delightful pastel
tones of blue, lavender, yellow.
Trimmings Important.
Cross-stitch or st'ipes of
wool embroidery; bits ot nar
row fringe or ribbons for bind
ii.gs; wool lace; cretonne ap
plique or buttons these are
simply another means of adding
color to the frocks.
Specialized collection of
Coats, Capes and Suits for
women who wear sizes 42 to 52
Careful designing has enabled us to present Fashion
ideas of the new season in models which meet the special
requirements of the large figure at
the new Spring Prices
Tweed Top coats of U.c cor
rect English type for sports or
country wear. Tan or giay.
Daytime coats in the smart
twill or soft pile fabrics from
the simple tailored rr.odtls for
shopping to the more elaborate
sort for afternoon. D'ack. navy
blue, brown or taupe.
$69.50 to $145.
Distinctive straight.; no tpe
Spanish Silk Lace All-overs
and Flouncings, $2.25 yd.
$3.50 to $4.95 grades; 36 inches
The favorite lace for afternoon and evening gowns,
and the popular costume blouses. Heavy quality. Soft,
supple; drapes very effectively.
Brown, tan, gray, navy blue, white and, of course, . black
Charming designs, including many conventional florai effects, but
not every design in all colors. FU$X Floor. Old Building
1,000 strings of French Pearls
At prices not matched in New York
Guaranteed indestructible
At $9, $12, $15
Long ropes 45 in., GO Sn.,
72 in. long of snv.U-sized,
uniform, exquisitely ma le white
pearls, with a rare lustre.
Popular just now tor winding
twice about the neck and for
bracelets but very hard to find.
At $8, $9, $10
Beautiful graduated pearls
usually twice these prices
light cream and ro-.y, deep
cream tones; 24 in., 27 in., and
30 in. long; 14 karat wh''c gold
safety clasps with small rose
At $4.75, $5.50, $6.25
Beautifully graduated strings
of pearls $10 to $1? dualities
two shades ivory anl deeper
cream, 24 in., 27 in., and 30 in.
lentrthn. urith 11 Iror-it whtta
gold spring ring clasp. f
Second Floor, Old Building
hoautifnllv tailored of tlicotine
or fine velvety fabric. Black,
navy blue, and the new brown
In tricotinc well tailored
distinctive mode s Slack or
navy blue.
In tweeds most altiactive
country suits. French blue,
gray, tan, brown or deep violet.
$45 to $59.50.
Second Floor, Old Building
At $8 and $10
Exquisite strings of mall
$22.50 to $25 qualiHes slightly
but abruptly graduated pearls
white with 14 karat white
gold filigree barrel clasps. 18
and 20 in. lengths. The kind of
imitation pearls a woman wears
who has real pearla ir. safe
keeping. Street Floor, Old Bulldlnn
94 fymjamA
price, will fairly ij it,
It Is Always
in the gardens of kindness.
Living fi r weeks beneath
the open sky far off from
railroad whittles or trolley
car bells; near thn shores
where flock., of quail wore
hiding, or in a li'tlo boat
wutching the 'habits of the
sea gulls, pcllraiu. long
necked, wliito cranes, hugo
turkey buzzards, and thou
sands of black, wild duck
flying and feeding, never
out of sight. Now r.nd then
an eight-foot-wide winged
bald eagle sweep'rig high
and far away to tc only a
speck in the sky, the size
of a house fly.
All this is noss'blf- by n
railroad trip of one dsy and
a night from Now Yoik City
or Philadelphia to Jackson
ville, Florida, sitna'cd on
tho famous, beautiful St.
Johns Kiver.
But wearied bodies and
tired nerves can make a
garden of kindncs net far
from home by even a short
running-off to the nearby
seashore for change of
scene and rest, and get it
often in tho three weeks we
have had in Florid.
It is not fair to limit our
lives to drudgery a.'one.
March 13, 192?.
Boudoir Lamps
For $7.50 (tO 7C
grades. . H'
Dainty little lamps of highly
glazed pottery in four tints
soft cream, canary ye. low, pale
pink, and rose.
Good tan silk cords and bulb
Charming silk shades to go
with them, $1.50 to $12.
Second Gallery, New Building
New Models
Girls' Gingham and
Dotted Swiss Frocks
Nowhere but in Paris
could such charming frocks
have been inspired.
The lovely imported and
American-made fabrics tel
the story of their finesse
111 their soft textures and
bright colorings.
The becomingly shaped col
lars and cuffs of fine organdie
and chambray are daintily
finished with blanket stiiching
in harmonizing shades.
Second Floor, Old Building
New Spring Fashions
for Miss 2 to 6
Capes and coats at $15.75
that reflect the ways of the
grown-up mode to a degree
unusually smart for wee
Fringed capes of boldly
cnecked tweed in bright color
ings orchid and gray, b'ue and
Top coatH, with leather but
tons such as are usc(' on Eng
lish top coats of tar, camel's
Hats to Match, $3.95
Smartly designed hats with
soft crowns or tam o'&hantcrs
madQ of material to match
capes and coats.
Third Floor, Old Building
Ready-made Dress
Linings, 45c to $1.50
Waist linings of fine quality
batiste, white, 45c.
Linings of strongly woven
cotton net, white, 65c.
Soft firm quality of Jap.
silk, whito or black $1.50.
Sizes 34 up to 4S
All scams neatly bjund and
finished, nock picot edged,
rust-proof hook and eye tape
Notion Section,
Flrt Floor, Old Bulldlnn
V w i
Formvrly A T. Stewart & Co.
Broadway at Ninth, New York
5,000 yards $.1.50 Satin Charmcusc
3,000 yards $2.85 Crepe-back Satin
4,000 yards $2.50 Radium Silk
They are all staple wanted silks in plain colors, 40 in.
wide, made by one of the best silk houses in the country.
Satin Charmcusc recognized
in the industry as the best char
mcuse of its kind made, so well
known that it is usually referred
to by its number.
Black and white and a rarge of 50
shades of the new colors for Spring,
from the lightest to. the darkest.
Crepe back satin an exquisite
quality, beautifully adapted to
the draped silhouette.
Black and 28 colors.
Radium Silk finely woven,
texture, greatly in demand, for
lingerie as well as frocks.
Black, white and 48 colors, including
plenty of pale pink, blue and orchid.
Just received 200 more virgin
wool-filled Comforters to sell at $5
Nothing to match them at the price, anywhere
Floral coverings with plain sateen border" pink, yel
low, blue, lavender. Second Qallery, New Building
Silver-Plated Tableware of
standard qualityHalf Price
$8,000 for $4,000
Berry spoons, $1 each.
Ice spoons, $1.25 enrh.
Jelly spoons, 75c each.
Platter spoons, $1.50 rarh.
Sugar spoons, 50c cadi.
Salt spoons, 20c each.
Tomato servers, $1.25.
Pie servers, $1.50 e-uh
Jelly knife, 75c each.
Cream ladles, 65c enrli
Oyster ladles, $2 earh.
Punch ladles, $1 earh.
Soup ladles, $2.50 cpcIi.
Cold meat fork.; large 80c
Cold meat forks; small; 75c
Large fish forks $t each.
Large fish knives $2 25.
Child's set, $1 each.
(Solid handles)
Tea spoons, ?2.50 doacn.
English Dinner Sets are
only $40 in the March Sale
ine $00 grade; 107 pieces
semi - porcelain service for
twelve. In one of the most pleas
ing wide border designs of this
famous English potter colorful
full-blown deep tinted roses,
black and white line and medal
lion border.
Note new shape of gravy-boat.
2,500 Pieces Guaranteed
Glass Ovcnwarc
20c to 35c grades
bakers, various sizes.
40c to C5c grades
Au gratfn dishes, pie OCT.
baking dishes,
Just 50 Refrigerators
at these low March prices
$22 for the $28 grade.
45 in. high x 27 x 21 in 85 Iba. u
$2j for the $32.25 grade.
47 in. high x 30 x 22 in. 110 lbs. iit,
$22 for the 528 grade.
50 in. high x 25 x 18 in. 90 lbs. ice.
$25 for 31.50 grade.
54 in. x 25 x 19 in. 100 lbs. ice.
30 for the $38 grade.
57 in. high x 27 x 20 in. 110 Ib3. ice.
$35 for $44.50 grade.
CO in. high x 30 x 21 in. 140 lbs. ir.
$11 for the $53 grade
54 in. high x M x 23 in. 150 lbs. ice.
$50 for $63.50 grade.
50 in. high x 41 x 2 in. 2?0 lbt. ice.
Street Floor, Old Building
Dessert spoons, $4 50 dozen.
Table spoons, $5 doxen.
Ice tea spoons, $.7.50 dozen.
Ice cream spoons, $3.50 dozen.
Orange spoons, $3.25 dozen.
Medium forks, $5 dozen.
Dessert forks, $4.50 dozen.
Ind. salad forks, $5 di zcn.
Ice cream forks, ?l dozen.
Medium hollow handle knives,
$11 dozen.
Dessert hollow handle knives,
$10.50 dozen.
TVio fact that we offer this
silver-plate underprice does
not relieve us from our custom
ary warranty of satisfaction:
Main A III
Street Floor, Old Budding
75c to $1.-10 grades
bakers, lirga sizes,
bean-pots, one i cook
ing dishes
$1.50 to ?3 5C grades
large oval i i rule.-,
bread pans, r; k; bak
ers, beefsteak dishes,
eic. ,
Second Callery, New Building
All hardwood case.
Tangued an J grooved
air-tight. Sf'.id end
construction. Air
tight doors and cov
ers, plain an'! raised
panels. Go'oeri oak
Tho proviT'cn com
partment U lined
uitli pure -Ahite
bakfd-on ci amel.
Shelves are of Unntd
wiro. Waste pipe Is
i emovnble.

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