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the Eaat View (nan camo upon th
wreck of tho a raves car.
. II drovo on the Klmsford, rrlicro
he ticked up Copt. McQuillan of the
areenburgh police. Returning tu the
wreck they found thomaelves unable
to tift the twisted body of tho car,
under" which they could see the body
of a mart. AMletance u summoned
and a search In the field alongside
the road revealed the body of Henry
Graves Sd and the unconscious
Duncan draves.
Coroner Fltxgerald was notified at
White Plains. Ho ordered that Dun
can Graves be technically placed un
der Arrest and then paroled. The
Coroner has not decided whether or
not he will hold nn Inquest.
Henry Graves 3d was a son of Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Graves Jr. of Irvlng
ton and a grandson of the founder of
the Atlas Portland Cement Company,
lie attended Hudson School nt Tarry
town, St. Paul's School and Prince
ton University, but was nut a Prince
ton graduate, lie married Miss Mar
garet Dickson, a daughter of Thomas
Dickson of Morrlstown. N. J., nnd wns
tho father of three children. He was
a member of the Drook and Authors1
Mr. Wilson was a Yale graduate.
He "married Miss Mnribn Heckt-r,
daughter of Mrs. M. Uathgntc Becker
or irongton. tie was associated in
tH rianltlnir rnlnlnc-aft with his ffllher.
Mr. Wilson's father was formerly
President of the Lincoln Trust Co.
The young man served in France as
a captain In tho artillery, nncn
Mr. Wilson wns seventeen, he at
tended, with his sister Helen, a dance
in a fcoathouso at Nantucket, Mass.
The building, a dry, frame structure,
caught Are. Miss Wilson and three
others were burned to death und
Henry Wilson had a narrow escape.
Ouarjre TIM" Tlmr I Drlvlna an
Anta Whllr Intaxlrnlril.
KALAMAZOO, Mich.. March :i.
John Duval Dodge, youthful million
aire, who yesterday complctel a flve-
day prison sentence in Detroit. for
automobile speeding. Is on trial In
Municipal Court here to-day on a homes, bodies, of aimed men mnreh
charge of driving an automobile while mK iakiy.
tntoxicatea, on in mining...
when Miss Emetine Kwakernaak, one
of three girls Invited for
" .
Jumped "and was Injured.
A Jury of sljt men was obtained In
an hour. Deputy Bhcriff rreston tes-
tlflcd Dodge under hc Influence
V. 7",?" "J X
" "fry'
was Identified.
Mr.chnnlsm One Wronf on llnlld
ln Delng Conatrtictrtl.
Vincent 1'crunc, No. 311 East 119th
Street, was killed' this afternoon by a
fall of eight stories In a building In
course of construction at
Riverside Drive.
375 I
a ....... ...,.. .hoi
Bv.uc......B nw.. 1
hoist used for carrying materials to
tne top oi ine muming ana it reu wun
mm. u corse uioncia. oo. iub iwisi
M7tn atreet, was me engineer in
onarge oi me iui. ine mversioe wn-
strucuon uompany, imo. zuu wesi o
Street, Is erecting the building.
Section of Main IIlHiMvay
Saranne Harried Anay.
SARANAC LAKE. March 21. Sara
nne VllUfe awoke yesterday to find that
a Itrea section of highway In Main
Street, a atone throw from the butl-
nets section, hafl slid Into the Saranac
Klver. t
Tons of earth, boulders, trees and a
part of the sewer pipe gave way when
water wmcn overnuwca a urninage
piyc wimcnuii.cu uiy OU..UJ wiuiouuu.
The cave-In carried away a section
of earth twenty-flye
feet to the river.
feet square 10U
(Continued From Tlrs. Page )
tho Assistant District Attorney was
that Sllverstcln had been nnnoylng her
ever since they met, six weeks ugn.
About two weeks ago, sho said, after
she had rciicatcdly repulsed him, Kit
verstcin waited for her nt tho Spring
.Street subway station and again dc
manded that sho marry him. Her un
Hvvcr was a flat refusal, whereupon ho
struck her In the head and then.
drawing a knife, slashed at her, cut
ting one of her Angers.
She reported this to her
mother. Sho went to the de
tective agency of William Lozarck, nt
No. 133 Second Avenue, and for a
week an operative escorted her to and
from the shirt factory. During that
time Sllvcrstcln did not molest her,
and luter the private detective's ser
vices wore stopped.
The girl said that she came to this
country with her mother. Lena, and
four younger sisters, in lttL'O ftom
their home In Austria. Her lather, a
Sergeant In the Austrian Army, had
been killed on the Husslan front dur
ing the World War. Bhe Is studying
English at night In Public School No.
1, at Jlirlngton and Itldgc Sticets
Sllrerstcfn gave his address us No.
M Porsyth Street, but this is the
location of a loft building. It was
learned that he has a sister, Mrs.
Gel for, living at No. SB RIdgo .Street,
directly opposite the Kummcl Jiomo,
which ha frequently visited as a
means of seeing the girl he shot.
'Vol KtrA Not llava Cold
II j mi "III take l.aiatlve I1IIOMO QtJI.MNr;
Tahlcta hen jou ftfl tlif flral aymi'touia
Sniping and Occasional purst
of Machine Gut fire Shows
Rival Forces Ready.
Signs, of War Everywhere on
Both Sides of Border a
Patrols Move Up.
LONDON, March 21 (I mto.l
Picks). While there has not ,is yrt
been a general conflict along i'"
'Ulster front," last night whs marked
by brisk skirmishing, which showed
tj)nl b()ti, forces nrn leady to begin
' crept into "enemy ui r
lory in mucli the same fashion ns
scouting purtlcn used to crawl into
.. ,.,.. irrnoh,. in iw v.i,i
Bombs were thrown at scattered
points. Bridges were blown up
Motor cars' wore seized. Tienchcs
were dug across roads to act ns traps
for nutomobtlcs.
With the coming of daylight, the
scouts withdrew to their own sides of
tho linn nnd In tho early hours de
tachments or Ulster voliinteeis moved
up to "the fiont "
Whorover the opposing forces wete
within rlflo shot of each other, there
was sniping, nnd occasionally a burst
of muchlne gun fire wns heard.
Appioaching tho. front rrom eithei
north or south. Hi Pro tt fiVP at una riT
Wnr nrtitrlcs who riemnniiMt ,,..,.
8rria parties of rc.f;e icnvlnir their
Telegraph lines wore severed lo-dav
, Tyronc Alnajfi and Ij0nJond y
rvillnl 1.1
HKLKAST, March 21 (Associated
Press). --The slttiatlon along tho PI-
1 at..-. I.'m.. UI..,.. 1 1 i ,
Ing .s ,cd la C ' ock Vht
morning from tho Free State side of
the frontier between Auglm.iclov an
Caledon. The firing, which was
from commandeered houses, lasted
two hours. I
Haiders last evening surimindcd I
Glengean Lodge, the home of John
If Allinghnm, near Trllllek, Counlv
Tyioue. eloso to the Free Htate bor-1
der. Allinghum opened tlie on the I
ruideis and diovi: them off.
Encountering Samuel ijiircl. a 1
worker on the Allingli am farm, whol
also wns an Ulster "II" special con
stable, they shot and killed him.
iiuig oi isoiutcu unionist
houses was Mulwemicnllv hcinin.
Tilp ..,.,, ,lf ...,-, , ,,.
Dromore district was visited by raid
,erK nnil Stewart, who is seventv years
0ld nnd liven with i,i irn .i
,, ,,0 inU,,,. m,,lni!rs of the "11"
Hpocla, Constabulary, wus surlously
wounded defending his home. Tho
inlders then set the house and the
farm buildings on lire.
Many other houses In the same vi
cinity, sotno of the most substantial
farmhouses of the countryside, wotv
set on lire and destroyed.
In Trllllek. the situation beenme
serious. Even tlie lights hent up from
tlie police barracks attracted the at
tention of a mobile platoon nt Drom
ore, which hurried to the town. Ter-
lorlsm was so widespread and the
number pf men tngugeil In
against loyalist homes was so larcre
that the crown forces were unable to
,, ...u ,.,. I,,,.!, (I,.l,
. :, ,, ' . . , "
out tlie (list rit t tn-dn.
Several Protestant families In tin
danger zone on the northern side of
the border were obliged to evacuate
their homes and seek shelter else
where. One family was tired upon
while leaving their home last night
Otlieis vacated their houses to sleep
in safer nuarters.
Sir James Craig, the IMstcr Pre
mlcr, told a deputation of workers
who had been expelled from Belfast
Industries that it wns Impracticable at
piesent to carry out tho agreement
made with Michael Collins, head of
tho Provisional tlovernment In South
Ireland, regarding tlielr restoration to
their places of employment. This, h
said, was lierause of tho differences
arising from the Uiundary question
and the tense feeling created by othei
Many carters failed to repot t foi
work to-day In protest ngalnst the lack
of protection from snipers.
As the duy ndvanced the carters'
strike became practically complete.
The city s trattlc resembled that of the
usual Sunday, only tramcars and
bread vans being operated.
DUBLIN. March 21 (Associated
Press). A special meeting of the
Dall Klreaun cabinet has leon called
for to-night to consider the situation
In Belfast and along tho t'lster-Kree
State bordei .MeH.jigis from the
Northern fiontiet indicate Iwith side
are ierfecting war ariangements
Two more brldgo. have been blown
up near Utrnliane t'ount Tyrone.
Chancellor Ilnrnr l)or, nl I
iomi In MnUr ('iiiiiIIIIimih.
LONDON. MaMi 21 (Associated
Lf the'llu-in-uuei. illseusHlnir the Urhlsli
debt In the Bona- of Coi oons to - daj -
i ui iilf itviiiii.i, iii.h tianuii. nil'
"1 do not propone la make any con
ditlons to the American Government
to tho payment of our due obligations,"
In answer to a qiicrtlon, Kir Itobertl
nld no demand had been received front I
Aniirlca for thn payment of Interest on
the British debt during thn coining fi
nancial rur, nor hint the other Hiiro-
p'-:ili il. lil-ir n.iti'ii i . I v - I :i uhuilai'
Miss Margaret Train Secretly Wed
In Paris to
In piouf of tin fnet that parental
objection Is quite secondary to the
call ' of romance, a cablegram from
1 ails ti-day announced the secret
wedding then- of Miss Maigaret A
Train, voting daughter of Mr. and
Mis. Aitlmi Cheney Tiuln of this
city, und Reginald Hnibreo of Boutuu.
Mrs. Kmbree's father wns formerly
an Assistant District Attorney here
und is a well known writer of short
stoiies und novels
The wedding occuired on SaMir-
day und Mr. and Mrs. Kmbree will
start next K.tluiday for a two months
honeymoon .In Algiers. ' Mr. ttmt Mm.
Train are Just now in Santa Kar-
liaru, Cal., nnd will leatn totday of
their daughters marriage.
The young bride nnd groom have
Missing Millionaire Schoolboy
Sought by His Mother Here Wrote
He Had Found
Disappeared From Plainfield Schgol Last Octo
ber Writes He "Is Doing Well" Will
Get $1,000,000 When Twerirv-One. -
A blue-eyed boy millionaire seven-
tten years old is winking foi wages
and possibly tips in tlie dining loom or
kitchen of some New York restaurant.
Maybe he's the waiter who got your
bin dime at luncheon to-day, or the
bus boy who carried away the dishes.
or the kitchen lad who washed cm.
There's no telling yet
His name Is Cordon Dufficld,
nephew of (ien. Cordon Duffleld of
Detroit, Mich., prospective heir to a
round Jl, 000, 000. and he has been
missing slncu Oct II Any one who
finds him Is ahked lo tell hint his
mother wants to see him also to
notify the Buieau or Missing Per
sons of the Police Dcpai Intent.
His mother. Mis. Oniliain )f.
field of No. 817 North Dearborn
Street, CliieaKO, it. in New York to
help the bureau in the seaieli .Itidgi
Levy of tho Cluldien's Court, u
friend of the family, i. also helping.
Mother of Five Owns the House; ,
Wants Rooms
Kiddies in a Chorus of
Finds a
Any one with a aeanl apaittuent,
ut reasonaljle icnl, that will accom
modate Mr. and Mm Tony Paliue
tlerl and their nine children, ranging
from six months to fourteen jours in
ige, will conler a great favor upon
Mrs. Helen Malioney and Iter live
children, lierause the Mahoneys are
just waiting for the I'almetbrl tnov
,K vun to start loading that they may
,n"vu '"'
,. . ...i.. . .
. wcycr. i , muuim- ago .mis. .Manoney
bought .the tenement at No. 1259 Jo.
- romo Avenue and selected the Palme-
nsl tlerl upartme.nl, tho largest in tlie
pluce, In which to live. She bought
the house because she had to have a
placo to live. It was winter, and when
the uct Ion tot potseMMon i-atiie befoie
Justice Hhlef he looked at thv snow
und then .it t In c .ili nd.u
"Murili :i m Uiu Qui day ut
Fellow Student
been studying art in the French capi
tal for the last yeur, .Mrs. Embrce
living at No. D Hue Leo Delibes. Her
mother and father vlsjted her in
Paris last summer ajid learned then
of the romantic attachment existing
between her and Mr. Kmbree. Owing
to their daughter's youth, they ob
jected to a mnrrlago between them,
but this did not serve as Jin obstacle,
so far as the young people were con
cerned. Mrs. ICinbiee. as n debutante in
this city, wns considered one of the
prettiest girls in society and she and
iier sister, Miss Helen Train, ro
(it'lvcc! much attention. At the Tram
home. No. 113 Kast 73d Street, it
was said that Miss Helen Train was
visiting a school friend. Arthur K.
Train, her brother. Is in Harvard.
Job in Restaurant
.My son utsappearcd on uct. n,
.Mrs. Dudlcld said, "from the Cirosz-
mnn Pru ne. ,.,l m Plr.lnMnM v T I
' I
kjii mat ivay i lereiyeu a teieKiaiii
from li I hi saying he was coming home.
But he did not come. Tho next, news
I had was a letter fiom New York in
which flordon said he was 'doing
falily well.'
"Then theie wns a long silence.
Three weeks ago there was another
letter stating plainly that Cordon was
employed and Intimating that his
work was In u restaurant."
It Is understood that Mis. DtlfTleld
will lemaln in New York while the
search is being made. The isiy is de
scrlled as 5 feet II), weighing 130
pounds, blue eyes, brown hair, dim
ples, wearing when he went away)
dark gray suit and brown cap.
.No definite reason for bis leavln;
school has been learned, but It is said
that he may have found Ills studies
The fortune lie it. epct'tcd to inherit
from his um le, whose name he bears.
will not bo his until he is twenty-one.
of Mother of Nine
Bawls in Court Justice
Way Out.
spring. said the eoupt "You may
have till then lo get another apart
inent," and the parlies to the suit loft
Malionej ii-sus Palltteteiii loi
possession was called to-day licfiue
Justice Uobitzek. Mis. Mnhoney came
forward with live young Mahoneys
tiailitig alter her Prom the other
side of the court loom camo Mrs.
Palmetlerl nnd nine little Pnlmetelris.
One of the Palmetieii chlldien looked
at a Malioney and began to bawl. In
a. minute there was ft churns of bawls
that could be heard at Canarsie.
"Tell them I win take them nil to
the circus tf they will stop. Tell them
anything, but stop It." said tho Court.
"You women take them out of
court nnd come bai l, " said the cletk.
and two processniis i.iup led outside.
When limi t '..id u eti ivuloreil tho
.unit explalmd h wanted lo see the
l'hilaJelnhiaiVBrancls Renort of
Announcement at dark
Party as Falsjf. ;i
I'HIIVDllLl'llJA. MAcll. 2C
Denlnl thut gfjr!,. Huynrdf.tvas nn-
gaged to Pauline yrelnlqlark. the,
Hoston artists' moaor arid; divorcee
who committed suicide at Mot apart
ment Thursday night, w&Swado by
HepOtr -froin IlostoolUaei quotfd;
Miss Ona M f'0.SHlle,r:'WorV;el5tetrr
having stated ttf ngdgeiiioht was
announced Just twenty minutes be-
re tne iiukici swallowed the poison
ulmh ended her life.
It is not true." said the father
to-day. "somebody Is ni.inurnriin.inf-
tho stories which- somo 'rotter' haB
sold to a newspaper.
M son has made no statement to
nny person concerning this case, ex
cept the. proper statement he made
to the police after Miss Clark's death.
"lie nover said he was engaged to
marry her and last Saturday morn
ing when I talked to him over the
telephone, he set everything right."
fS0"MnI to 'rh"e Evnilnr World: 1 '
HOSTON, March Yl.'-Dlstrlct At
torney Thomas C. O'Hrien will con
fer witli Medical Examiner MuGrath
some tlmo to-day In connection with
the Clark tragedy and, if the facts
warrant, will conduct an investiga
At her home ,n Worcester, Miss
Ona M. Cosskie. the only other girl
irc-Hcnt :it the party which ended so
tragically, said that Miss Clark an
nounced informally "Hayard and I
are to be married on Saturday."
"The announcement was somewhat
of a surprise," she said. "Wharton
smiled as It somewhat embarrassed,'
but offered no comment whatever.
Nothing was said as to any possible
objections on the part of Wharton's
people against his marrying I'aullne
"I think she had planned to tell us
all at the party and that we were to
celebrate. I do not think It waw
plnnned as a suicide parts . Kvcry
body seemed happy and all congratu
lated Wharton and Pauline.
(Continued From Airsl Page )
phia. a clo.se associate of Mr. lllcknrd
in boxing matters, came Into tlie court
room Just as Mr. Steuer was using his
fouitccnth challenge in response to a
shako of the defendant's head.
Mr. Steuer began to-day lo ask
talesmen whether they would be preju
diced for or against witnesses who
have been for weeks In the close cus
tody of the Clcrry Society, which initi
ated the prosecution Jf Mr. Hlckard
Tho Criminal Branch of the Su-
ii elite Court was the only part not
adjourned because of the funeral of
the late .lustice Hotchklss. Justice
Wasservogel said that inasmuch as
the iurv was being kent totrcther nnd
away from their businesses and their
homes, it was only fair to shorten
til nine or uteir r tieotn uuieni e as
much as possible, and for that teasoti
u ii. ...,noi-o .r.i i.- .,-..
I iiu ii.iii .in v.'".'.i i.i' tj iwi.-v .hi:
I privilege of adjourning court in re
sped to the memory of .lustice Hotcll
kiss and ot attending mo luneral ser-
The samo consideration for the jury
had much to do with the order com
mitting Mr. Ulckard to a Tombs cell
while the court is not In session. At
a conference oetween ine justice,
District Attorney Banton nnd Max
U. Steuer, senior counsel for the de
fense, befoie the order was issued
.lustico Wasservogel said It seemed
hatdly fair for the man on trial to
be at liberty while, the men who were
to try him were under guatd and
might lead to some prejudice against
Mr. Illikaiil had prepared, so his
frleiiils say, to furnish oonds up to
$500,000 had there been a possihil'ty
of his leniaining on nan.
Mr. Ulckard spent last night u i
cell with A. H. Lindsay, charged witl
swindling piominent women nut o
$700,000 by impressing them with his
Intimacy with men o( great tlnancia
"Seems like a pleasant sort of foi.
low," Mr. Ulckard snid.
"Did he try to sell you any stock?'
he wns asked as ho sat waiting for
the trial to begin.
Mr. Ulckard smilingly shook his
A hundred or more applicants for
ndmlsslon were held up at tho tern
porary barriers outsldo the court room
at 10 o clock. under Instructions
from Chief Clerk Pennej'. Cnpt
Powers of the bailiffs gave notice that
there wns only loom Inside for tnles
men and lawyers having business will
the court, and the would-be spectator
melted nway.
I motheis needed shelter. He sug
Igested that lltey get together and
Icomo Kirk on April 0. Mis. Palme
I ttri to look for a new place In Hi
I mean time
I "And If you hear of a place you'll
let her know." said the couit to Mm
I Mnhoiirv.
I "l certainly will." she replied, with
I sincerity, and the case of Malioney vs
Pnliti' tlen
was marked down lor
(dill. iiniMi HAXii'.it
,.t i ) . ' it' 1 1 ioiiia lailltl imUllriE no
..ltd l, .ili. I. '1111 m Ivillitiiv AH I'lliv fovi
,u cau. Amu
-roniises to Say Who Is Trying
to Railroad Him Out
of Country,
'IWnurd Sandler, atlorne fo
ugnst Probst, the oung 4u-
butler wlio declares his satnlj Is
.being questioned In deportation oro
Codings at Kills Island lierunsr oi
IthT'love for tlie young daugatcr oi
Pittsburgh millionalie, said to-day
hat "If hn is pressed" In the habeas
hearing befoie Judge Knox t'lis after
noon he will "teveal all "
Mr Sumllei drought tlie hit be.it
proceedings to enable Probst to make
$500 ball, and he declares that nt
every step he has been opposed toy
overnmcnt otnciais.
I have had, for some reason.
oven to fight for my privileges as an
attorney," he said. No co-opera
tion has been given to nje at WliB
Island, wheie Probst Is herded In a
ngle room with a tlozen or more
abnormal, subnormals, morons nnd
Idiots. He Is perfectly sane, but the
officials have tried to dissuade me
om doing anything in his behalf.
They have waved the flag in my
face, begged me not to drag tho Ad
ministration Into the case and asked
mo why I wanted to make all this
fuss about a foieigner.
I'm going to see this through.
robst was kidnapped from his
laco as butler in Kolllng Hock Club
t Ligonlcr, Pa. He was brought to
ew York and held prisoner In an
purtment on West 137th Street.
e was released lien, after passage
o Europe was Iwuglit for him, .the
wlss Consul i of used to vise his
passport, and later rearrested be
cause his original entry was Illegal.
His enemies learned ho could be
allroadcd If his sanity was qucs-
loned, and unless 1 get a fair deal
from the Government officials In
court I'm going to bring out In the
habeas proceedings Just who is per
secuting Probst and why."
Dr. Perry Lichtcnstcln, alienist at
the Tombs Prison, will
be In court
s a witness for Probst to testify on
his sanltv.
After an Interview with Trobst Mr.
Sandler said tho butler, on tho stand,
will tell the following story:
He was a ereat favorite at tho ox-
clusivo Rolling Uock Club, member-
ship In which Is confined to twelve I
Ittsburch families.
Miss X. daughter of a wealthy fam-
llv. fpll In love with him and he with
her. ho says. They became secretly
engaged, much to the chagrin of a
young Mr, Y, a society lad who had
been courting her. Young Mr. Y
went so far as to produco a revolver
nd lay it on his breakfast table when
Archie was serving that meal.
On Washington's Birthday last, ao
cording to Archie's story, Mrs. Z
no relation to MIsr X but a matron of
one of Pittsburgh's most prominent
families called the butler aside and
"Archlo, 1 understand you are In
love. Who Is the girl?"
It Is MIbs X," he saj's he con
We have plighted our truo
lovn to each other."
"You poor boy, you'd best go homo lnc question 01 repeating me iikiu
t vonr mnthor In Switzerland ntiA eenth Amondmcn.
forget this," the matron replied, ac-
cordlnir to Archie's story to his coun-
sel. Then the next morning (so hehnl" f provisions as too extreme
tun In hln sworn nnnlicntton for a
habeas corous writ) ho was forced
out of tho club at pistol point, brought
to New York, confined In a West
137th Street apartment three days,
scaped, was recaptured In Trenton.
nd has been In tho observation ward
on Ellis Island ever since.
Club officials In Pittsburgh denied
tho kldnaDDlns: story, although they
admitted lie was taken away from
Rolling Itock "under escort.'' They
said ono of his queer actions was to
wander about the club's preserves at-
tired only in his underclothing. Again,
they say, he was fond of claiming to when one-half of 1 per cent. 01 aico
liave "royal blood" and of declaring hoi was an accepted principle of Pro-
hlmself the euttal or superior of a
certain other Swiss whoso engage -
mcnt to nn American millionairess be-
ame known.
When the case comes up to-day bo -
fore Judgo Knox the Government will
be represented by J. C. Thomas, n
v. 1- - i a i..,..!
Negro lawyer who is an Assistant
Federal Attorney tinder Col. Hay
ward, chief of the district.
I'arl uf (Sli Infantry Welcomed nt
Portland Willi Wlirn nnil
PORTLAND, Me., March 21. "Wei
come home" was extended here to-day
to two battalions of the. 5th Regiment
of Infantry returning on tho transport
CantiKny from Gcrmnny, where they
had served at the uooicnz iirictgenead
for two years. They were among the
last American forces lo leave Ihc
Pndcr command of Col. Harry K
Kulght. tho 10 officers and 97ti enlisted
men were taken to Forts Preble. Mc
Klnley nnd Levett, where they will hu
With them weie thirty-seven women
nnd children, dependents of officers,
and the families of enlisted men, num
bering thlity-nlno women ana children
Cominlsjloner of Accounts Hirshlleld
announced to-doy that ne nao sent two
r i.u ..xmnlnnra to nrooklyji to Inven
.1 i it,. t,nirti' hooks nnd methods
,,i the riiniiest of noioush President
1I. .o..l, tmn In t lift .Mai'Or.
' . - .
. . " , . , .
The investigation, tie paio. i
will of the liHIletnieni ia.ii writK
I'onneeiion wttn
rol'nn.e of th Ameilran Theatre In effect )lr Tsan-Cow. a Chlnoie en
J ...... ' ..u umio killed andlaittetr. who wa iircompenylnir th
..mill m. acure inJUICB.
(Continued Krom First Page.)
the Eighteenth Amendment was put
upon the Constitution, so that we feel
sure of keeping dry majorities In both
Houses of Congress.
"In 1020 the wets made the strong
est errort tnoy could to elect a wet
Congress, nnd wo put the question to
the people in every district and the
result was the election of forty more
111 "mi man were in tne 1
66th Congress. That disposes of the I
Idea that the people would rcncall
Prohibition il the question could lie I
sent to a national referendum."
The temperance forces are much
more efficiently organised than their
opponents. Thirty-five Protectant
evangelical denominations with a
membership of 21,000,000, two-thirds
of which are voters, and two Uomnn
Catholic organizations with about
1.000,000 voters are claimed by Mr.
mall as the backbone of the temper-
'"" umviii.
tie estimates that there are 120,000
enrolled pulpits from which pastors
actively and continuously are support-
'"B the Prohibition cause. Added to
mese are fraternal organizations and
lnc famous Anti-Saloon League and
omen s Liinstian Temperance
union, wun memDersnipa contnnut
mg mommy to promote rronioltlon
Thp Prohibition leaders have been
stirred to greater activity among tho I
labor unions ever slnco Samuel 1
Hampers Issued a statement on bo-
ha,f t,1fi American Federation of
iitiDor, urKiiiK niouincaiion ot tne
Volstead low. The claim Is made by I
the. drj-s. that thousands of local labor!
unions have endorsed Prohibition and
will not stand for "light wines and
The. wets, on the other hand, have
taken a tack which they hope will I
swing sentiment toward them. They!
do not urge tho return of the saloon
-they Insist It will not come back.
1 ney no not. luitie men- lauiimiK"
nut ,he' "rfi concentrating on the
Volstead law. hoping to exhibit cer-
and inconsistent wltp. tne intent or
the Eighteenth Amendment. The ob-
Jectlve is the return of light wines
and leer, tliougn tne nnu-i'roniruuon
forces are by no means united on that
I point.
The drys, of course, see no way by
Which the Volstead law can be mod-
ified to permit light wines and beer
without being unconstitutional, as
they Insist that to increase the alco-
hollc content of beverages now sold
1 merely would fly in the face of the
experience of dry States before the
Eighteenth Amendment wns adopted,
hlbltton legislation.
1 The "drys," however. are not having
It all their own way. This election
for congress is tne ursi in which
1 Prohibition Issue can be fought out
I without lelng encumbered by national I
Presidential questions nnd party plat-
I , . ti'u it,,, flrot tlmo nlncn the!
forms. It's tho first tlmo slnco tne
Eichteenth Amendment was adopted
that the returned soldlor, who Is said
to be against Prohibition, will have a
chance to register a protest.
Tho preparations being made by the
drys aro the best evidence of the re
vival or survival ot the I'roninmon
Tareiit Corporation Vile A pullet
tlon In Friendly neornanlaa
Hon Suit.
As a sequel to tho suit In equltt riled
in the Unlt-d States District Court yes-
tuday. whereby the Islanu un ntiu
Tnirmrini-t Cornoratlon was put m the
hands of a rece ver. a seeonii 0111 111
equity was filed to-day. Tlie complain
ant is tho defendant In the suit of yes-
ipnlnv. the Is and Oil una Ttanspori
Corporation; the defendant the Island
Oil Marketing Corporation, a subsidi
ary si lhtitt aeency ennltaliiied ut
The conipluint alleges inni the .pir
let-ting Corporation owes Ihe patont
concern 11.244.632.
Jmlge John O. Knox appointed II
Snowden Marshall land Arthur J
Wevens receivers nlo for tho stilish!-
I auar I ih is
I PARIS, March 21 An attempt was
I l . n A , .1,1 1 - f'l..,
I lliuuo lu-ui.jr it, ... ..... t.r.i-
, 1. 1..... T I I . . T-
ineiivi, v-umuou .'iiiti.ivt iv .-nnic. iwm
stiui mti . nou tttmnr
tneiyomn, nmiu ui wiucn. uunsitt, hjuh
3 wounded In the hta.4.
Playing Indian, av
Girl Is Shot by $
Grandfather J
With "Harmless" Pistol Sends
"Bullet Through Grand
daughter's Heart.
Krnt I'uchs, No. 33 Hemlock
Street. Brooklyn, who accidentally '
killed his little granddaughter last
night, wns In such a nervous state this (
morning, bordering on hysteria, that he7J
could not talk about the tragedy.
The child, Emma Uauer, six year
old, had been "playing Indian" wit
her grandfather. She was dressed
an Indian and had a wooden toma
nawit as a weapon wun wiucn sn , 4
ptetended to make an attack. Th
grandfnthei had heard his son.,
Itlchard, say he had an empty an'Mf.
useless revolver In a bureau drawerr
no got it out to mane tne game more v
ijcuguieciiy tne utile gm auvancen
again to the attack and tho old man,
pretending to be frightened, pointed
tho revolver nt hor. It never occurred
to him to think the weapon mlghtf
be dangerous after all. He pulled thirs
(rigger and she was Instantly killed, .
with a bullet In her heart. JL
No charge was made against the
grandfather, but his son was arrested '
on a charge of violating the Sullivan
law. Ho waived examination In th.
New Jersey Avenue Court and was
held in $500 ball by Magistrate Rey
nolds for trial in the Court of Special ?'
WASHINGTON, March 21 Millions
of dollars In Income taxes collocted
must be refunded, according to an Inter
pretation by Internal Revenue Commit-
6'',er PlahT ot the Sup'erao, c?,urt d"
Cll. i.,i, m-.l- -ra.r.i.
The Supreme Court held that Income
held and accumulated by a trustee for
the benefit of unborn or unascertained.
persons was not taxable. Taxes have
been collected In many such cases.
They come
to stay
The trying out of Heinz
Baked Beans for the
first time is quite an
event in the home. Be-$
cause Heinz Baked
Beans always come to
stay. So appetizing:, so
good, so satisfying.
with Tomato Saace
IIAICII On Sunday, March 1, la, AN
NIB. nldow of H.rtly Hlh. Fuiwr.l
ervlrM at W. J. Mathswa'a Fuarl
Parlor, 233 I.enoi av , near 132d at
Wtdmsday morning 0.30. Friend atu
18 yeara, beloved aoa ot Patrick Br
Itogen, and the lata Delta Doaoliu
brother of reter J. Ilocera.
Funeral from hl lata rettdenc Jilti,
Weit SDth Btrctt. Solemn requiem ram '
at U0I7 innocente cnuren, BTUi Btreet,
West ot Droadway, on Wedneadajr, March I' '
22 at 10 A. M. Interment Calrary. jjv
WThan Death Occurj
GirColumboa 8200
"Qftc gtiwral Ghurch int..
Droadwajrat 66th St
Kfiir Uiamona bracelet." at or near "Alt
fa.ina: a iiuerai rewaru lur rciuiii. simn-
tatnln Dale, 65 Wcet End av., apt. SIM
telephone Bcnuyier un
ami Pound" article
advertUed in The World or report!
to "Jjoat ana ouna uuwu, ioovi
103 World Dulldina. lll be UaUd
for thlrtr day. Theaa beta eaa ka
seen at any of Th World.' Office.
Lot and round" advrttamot
can be left at anr ot The World'
Advertising- AreselM. or eaa ft
telephoned dlreotlr Is Tha WbtM.
Call 4000 Beekmtn. Iftw Trk, W
rtrnoWlrn 6fflm, 4ln Miitv
i a ioia conuac on. aqii.
Uw cuu led uut dii'i hv Kuew bulb
- -.

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