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To-Nlght's Weathor CLOUDY.
9 VOL. LXII. NO. 22,005
'Eighth Male Member of Fam
ily Escapes, When House Is
Raided, by Hiding Under
Lounge as Bullets Fly..
Attack Is Believed to Have
Resulted From Shooting of
a Number of Special Con
stables in Ulster Capital.
BELFAST, March 2 (Associated
ftt'rtea). A band of men forced their
vny Into tho homo of Owen Mac
Mahon, a saloonkeeper, early to-day
and shot seven members of tho fam
ily. News of tho raid has profoundly
Btlrrcd the entire city.
MaoMahon and three of his sons
Tvero killed outright. Another son
died of his wounds, and two others
are near death.
Another son who was ordered Into
tho room escaped by throwing him
self under a loungo and was unin
jured, although two shots vrcro flrcd
at htm.
This son was a six-year-old child,
who was taken from his tied nt the
same time as tho other members of
the family.
Mrs. McMahon pleadod tearfully
"Jlut In vain with tho assassins to
spare the family.
The McMahons are a Catholic
The crime Is thought to havo been
In reprisal for tho Bhootlng of a
number of special constables In Hay
Street yesterday.' ,
j. At about 1.50 o'clock this morning
-Qio raldcis, who ate reported to have
worn uniforms, smashed tho door of
I the MacMahon home in tho north end
I of tho city and rushed upstairs,
J where tho occupants of tho houso
wcro bleeping. Tho malo members
of the family were taken down to
the living room, lined up against the
wall and riddled with bullets.
' The shootings were heard by occu-
( pants of a neat by house, who notilied
' the Glcnravel Street llarracks. Mrs
MacMahon and her daughter rushed
i down to the living room when the at
tackers departed und found tho seven
lying on tho floor in pools of blood
fi lln eo of the bodies in a heap.
f When tho police arrived they found
jK the women In a state ot collapse. Am
bulatices took tho victims to tho hos
pltal, where it was found that four
jfe already were dead. The matron of tho
& hospital reports that tho two wound-
Ml sons nre very weal:.
HAn nmbulanco attendant collapesd
f ancr nciping carry mo uouirs iruu
nospuai, nltnougn narueneu oy :
of bloodshed.
Joseph Campbell, a city official, was
shot and killed by a sniper In New
Lodge Hnad this afternoon.
A freight train was held up near tho
1 city to-day by twelve armed men,
' who openeil the registered mall It was
.carrying and scattered tho freight
flpong tho t nicks.
Tho V. M. I". A. Hull tiero was
commandeered to-day for occupancy
by a British leglinent. Another regi
ment which has just arrived Is sta
' tioned at Clandebnye. near llelfust.
1 At a I'nionist meeting hern last
ivcnlm: Lady Craig, wifo of the
(Continued on Second l'agr.)
for tho
Sunday World
Classified Section
Should be in
iTfte World Office To-Day
Otfpyrlght (New
Orders Proceedings for Revo
cation of Contract On
Ground of Default.
Corporation Counsel John I'.
O'Urlen and members of his staff who
aro familiar with transit matters
were busily engaged to-day formulat
ing plans to carry out Mayor Ilylan's
orders that the subway contracts
shall bo revoked If it can legally be
dono and the operation of the sub-
wnys be assumed by the city. The
Corporation Counsel also communi
cated with District Attorney nanton
on the Mayor's surrsili " " t there
may bo a way to punish the subway
management for Its treatment of pa
trons by proceeding under the laws
prohibiting the main' ?-ca of
nuisances or "conspiring to Injure
the public health."
Mayor Hylan in a letter to Cor
poration Counsel O'Brien cites the
provisions of tho contract for tho
maintenance of the highest standard-
of operation, and tho provi . .
in the event of the company's non-
tulfllmcnt of the obligations, tho city
may thtough the Transit Commission
direct the company to cure the de
fault In ninety days, and In tho event
of failure enter upon and operate
tho lines.
"Tho company's admissions," h
wrote, "mako tho violations of the
contract solely a question of law, not
one of fact, and enables the commis
sion on behalf of tho city to act forth
with. I direct that you Immediately
call upon the Transit Commission to
forthwith Issue the orders."
Ho added that "the city Is pre
pared" to operate tho lines, "both
with respect to furnishing safe and
adrquate servico and in conformity
witli traffic requirements." Such a
procedures will protect every honest
investor In the Interborough company.
Municipal operation would furnish n
demonstration that it Is effective Gov
ernment operation in tho public inter
est." In Ills letter to Mr. Hantcm the
Mayor cited the provisions of the
I'enal Law defining a "public nuis
ance." lie also cited tho provision
against conspuing to commit any act
injurious to the public health. Chaig
ing that "intolerable condition's in the
subway are the result of a purpose
to ciente a public nuisance," the
Mayor asked Mr. Ilanton to study tho
question to di ti rmlne whether it
should !e presented to the Grand Jury
"We can't burrow a ten-dollar bill,'
(Continued on Second I'age.)
MONTREAL. .March 51. Sir Mantagu
Allan, president, and I). C. .Mncarow,
Keneral manager nT the Merchants
Hunk, merged with the Hank of Mon
ileal, nftcr tlnaneiiil illtllniltles, to-day
were summoned to uppear In Knnuetf
appeared on Munitions In Knquetu Court
Tti.i in,iiu ti ,'.. fMi 1 1 li Mori
Sir Montagu is charted with having
ri'iiruni'u in, iiiiu .nr. .Mlttiwuw wiwi
1 1 (ng nmde. "a deceptive return ti
the Federal Government on the bank
The Merchants Hank was compelled
io nruepi mi uut'i iu m:ii uucausn loan
made to the brokerage houses and com
n, tidal concerns hud impaired in it
serves of MI00.004.
(Racing Entries on Pag 2.)
pitctdaUon Bo&& tijfea to All
York World)' hi' Prew
Company, 1022.
Woman Afflicted After The
atre Had Walked to
Hospital for Help.
When Nine-Year-old Betty Is
Brought In Mind Is
It was the sight of her nine-year-old
daughter, Betty, at her bedside in
Bellcvuc Hospital to-day, that brought
back ina swift rush all the faculties
of a woman whose condition of am
nesia had before that made impossible
her identification. She had been in
the hospital all night, her memory
crystal clear upon everything save her
name and address. When these had
been asked her, her only reply had
been to clasp hr head In her hands
and scream as if a pain had pierced
her brain.
The woman was Mrs. Angelina Kir
gan, wife of John It. Klrgan, a build
ing contractor, of No. 143 Kast 46th
Street, Brooklyn. Twenty-two years
ago she suffered a similar attack of
amnesia, and when sho failed to re
turn home last night her husband
began a seaich for her In the city
hospitals. He located her in Bellevue
to-day. It was there she had been
taken for treatment for the earlier
He took little Betty to the hospital
to-day and us he and she approached
Mrs. Kirgan's bed, there was no par
ticular sign of recognition in tho
mother's face. But the Instant she
saw tho child her memory returned.
"That's Betty!" she exclaimed.
"" T "member. I'm Angelina
. , i lie next instant the
little girl had run to the lied and flung
her arms about her mother, with
happy tears In tho ryes of both.
When the reunion of the f.imily was
complete, the hospital authorities
permitted Mr. Kirgan to take Ills wife
to their home.
Karly to-day the woman walked Into
Roosevelt Hospital. She said sho had
been to a theatre last night and was
on her way home when the dazzle and
glare ot lights at Times Square nf
fected her and she lost knowledge ot
her name and address. Sho even for
got what theatre she hud been to. A
cursory examination nt the. hospital
convinced the physicians she had diag
nosed her caso correctly and she was
sent to Bellevue.
There, she -aid, she was a victim
of neutltls. Her chums to speak tlu
ently In French, German and Dutch
were found to ln correct. To verify
her statement that she was a com
posor tho physicians took her to a
piano, where she t ntertalned them
with her own compositions and many
classical selections. Sho knew no
"jazz" or popular music. Sho.de
clared that on Oct. ltl lest her son
sang her own erslnn of the "Ave
Maria" lri St. l'.'itnrk's Cathedral.
The woman has a bciutitul olce and
sang many of her own Mings.
United Fruit Liner Metapan Report
eJ Standing lv Damaged
, BARNKGAT, .V. J.. March Zl.
The United Fruit Ltm r Metapan col
llded with the three masted schooner
Charles 13. Dean of Boston ten miles
southeast of here shmtly before
A. M. to-day. A heavy mist hung
over tho sea at the time. Tho
schooner was damagej slightly, bin
boti vessels continued on their way
after daybreak. The .Metapan was
not damnged.
According to officials of the United
Fruit Line, a report received at their
offices from tho .Metapan stated that
the steamer was standing by the
schooner, which was filled with water
but still afloat. The leport also stated
that a Coast Guard cutter was ex
pected to reach the vessels alut 9
iVclnel; and that the Metapan would
make port this afternoon.
Tio vcbsols weie nlout tweho miles
off Barnegat when the report wns sent
400 'Hear' and Some 'See' Spirit
Of Dr. Peebles af Banquet Given
On His One Hundredth Birthday
Messages Purporting to
and That It Is a Crime Not to Live to
Be 100 Are Taken Seriously.
I.OS ANGELES, March 2t (Copy-
right, 1922). Four hundred guests
who sat last night at tho centennial
Jubilee banquet held In honor of tho
100th birthday ot Dr. James Martin
Peebles, Internationally known spirit
ualist who died n few weeks ago,
declared Dr. Peebles had redeemed his
promlso to attend and speak with his
1'hyslcal eyes also declared to have
seen Ids spiritual body, and tho every
action and move of this spiritual
presence, was explained for the bene
fit of those who felt Dr. Peebles was
present but whoso vision did not ma
terialize ltls spiritual body.
No attempt was mado to sot tho
stago for the materialization of Dr.
Peebles. Lights burned brightly and
entranco was free to those who de
sired to look on.
In an alcove where a small plat
form was calsed for speakers was a
small tabic for especially Invited
guests and at this table was a roso
decked vacant chair set as for a
guest in the flesh.
Dinner was served In the usual
manner and at Its conclusion Dr. Do
gat t, calling upon Dr. Peebles by
addressing tho chair of roses, an
nounced Dr. Peebles would spcnlc
through his medlumshlp and that of
Herman Kuchn, tho "spirit guide,
friend and companion of Dr. Peebles
in physical life and In Astraland."
I lived for almost luu years in me
flesh and I still live in tho spirit,"
were the words attributed to Dr.
Peebles. "I promised I would be
among you and I am here. I want
you to know I will be ever near you
and do all in my power to advise you
and bring you to a better under
standing of tho things tho world will
come, to know.
"Do not lie misled, particularly by
the wave of psychtsm that Is sweep
ing tho world. Keep your feet nlways
on the earth. Investigate and search
out tho convincing truth. Do not for
get me."
Men distinguished in letters, relig
ion, science nnd research, accepted
the proceedings seriously.
LOS ANC.RLKS, Cal., March 24
(Associated Press). Dr. Guy Bogart,
head of tho Longer Life League, at
tho bnnuct held to celebrate the cen
tennial of Dr. Peebles, read a messago
he stated ho had received from Dr.
Peebles since the latter'a death,
through tho lato Herman Kuchn,
publisher, of Chicago.
"A word to Guy (Dr. Bogart) nnd
the Longer Life League friends," the
messago said. "I know in tny inner
most vision that I would celebrate
my centennial lwyond tho gates but
that I would bo with the Longer Life
League 'In tho spirit' as well. It
made little difference to me on which
side of tho gate I mado the celebra
tlnn. Guy recalls that I told him a
couple of years ago that I was
anxious to explore tho moon and go
Journeying among the stars. Well, I
am getting my wishes gratified. And
the old rheumatism Is a thing of the
"In the service ot love you will find
your excuse for living. It will make
your life full and overflowing. Watch
tho physical side tho diet and exer
cises to lengthen tho yenrs. It is a
crime to dlo under a hunderd years
"Thin ono word" moro: I am glad
to add my testimony to the fact that
there Is no death.
HEIR TO $500,000
Sentenced for Intoxication Soon
After Father's Will is Of
fered for Probate.
ST. PAUL, March 21
Heir to approximately JoOO.oOO
If he abstained from using intoxi
cating liquors and drugs. Warren
B. Strong was sentenced to the
workhouse for forty-five days
when he plemlfd guilty to diiv
nig nn automobile while int"Xl
cateil. His father's will was flle-l for
prolate Tuesday.
Say There Is No Death
Five Thugs Overpower Two
Guards and Carry Away
151 Cases in a Truck.
Tho bootleg supply of hooch In
Brooklyn -.-or, maybe, In Manhattan
and the Uronx was augmented to
day by 1,812 quarts or 151 cases which
were stolen last night from the Ocean
Storage Warehouse at No. 1G3 Pacific
Stieet, Broqklyn, whero it was stored
after ijji'bTUnltea States Marshal
James Power. Five armed men, using
a truck, ovurpowered two guardians
of the liquor and made a safe get
away. Robert Reardon, sixty years old,
has been acting ns night watchma i
for the Ocean Storage concern and
also for a warehouse at No. It;." Pa
cific Street, next door, conducted by
ohn Latimer. Periodically It was his
custom to make a cotnpleto survey of
both places.
Returning from nn inspection of the
Iji'lmer warehouse nt 11.30 o'clock
last night he found a door leading
from the office of the Ocean ware
house into the warehouse proper un
locked. Stepping In, he. was confront
ed by five men carrying revolvers nnd
flashlights. They took hlin to the run
way lending from tho wnrehousee to
tho street and there Reardon discov
ered that while he was In the Latimer
place tho thieves had forced open the
gato of the Ocean warehouse and
backed a truck In.
Under persuasion of the revolvers
Reardon walked to an automobile in
the rear of the runway and sat in the
tonncau. One thief stood guard over
him. The other four busily engaged
themselves in loading cases of whis
key on the truck.
At 11.15 o clock Latimer, who lives
in the neighborhood, arrived at his
warehouse to give it tho once over
before retiring. In search of Reardon
he found the office door of the Ocean
warehouse fqicn and nnteied.
The thieves suspended the opera
tion of loading the truck long enough
to escort litlmer to a seat besldi
lt"ardon. When all the whiskey had
hi pn .loaded Lntlmer and Reunion
v, re informed by the lesidir of th
thieves that a lookout concealed out
side would shoot If either of tlicrn
tried to' give nn alarm before the truck
was safely away.
Then the gates were opened and th
truck rolled out Into Pacific Street. It
was out of sight when Latimer and
Reardon reached tho sidewalk. l)c
teetlves investigated but could obtain
from Latimer and Reardon no cl
scrlption of tho thieves or the truck
because, they explained, they were
blinded by tho flashlights.
.Marshal Power said the stolen
whiskey is of very poor quiillt lit
hos b'-en expecting orders to destroy
rmrnla, Tlardanrllea, (.'nmf nntl
noplr unit ftrrck Krontlrr
PARIS, March 24 The AUnd SV.ir
Luit Conference to-day begun difcus
uteri of thn following problenif.
l'rotectlon of Armenian.1!, ronfrol of
th' Dardanelles. Allied occupation f
i'jiitiiiitlriOiile -when, how and li Die
f.nrner Turkish capital an b' ubau
dom-d; delimiting tlM niv frunti.i of
Tl th'--, wh' ruby thousand (,r vmiart
ni'"8 will I" iHiuriieil to rl Tut k
tiii: uiiiii.li ntwr.i. in itiiAt .
r-. I'u.lVir UVoriil) lluHlh'K! '
Im It'. N' V City. Trlcphuini llnkmn
if. I a 'l..u.lf r.ti.ni tfir hl.a.H. A lrl l.in'.l.
op. n dy und nlnht. Money ordem n4
KittUMl LOttkJ isr inn. ASIV.
'Circulation Books Open
Knierrd M Swend-CU" Matter
rt Office, New V.rL, M. V.
Counsel Declares Promoter
Was at Polo Grounds on .
Day Named in Charges.
Steucr Starts to Make Allega
tions When Court Rules
Them Inadmissible.
Mux l. Stetter at the close of his
opening presentation of tho defenso ot
"Tex" Rlckard, charged with mis
treating young girls, liegan to charge
a conspiracy by ngents of tho Gerry
Justice Wasservogel, after an ob
jection by Assistant District Attorney
I'ccoru, and a long-whispered argu
ment of counsel nt the bench, In
formed Mr. Steucr that the matter
was not admissible Mr. Hteuer called
his first witness, having already pre
sented his reasons why tho Jury would
llnd It Impossible to bellovo tho story
told by tlfteen-year-old Sarah Scho-
enfeld and Nelllo Gasko, thirteen, 'M
to Mr. Rlckard's actions on Nov. 12
and other days.
VI Hard Mcintosh, superintendent
of the apartment houso In which Mr.
Rlckard makes his home, No. SO
Madison Avenue, was the first wit
ness. He sold the switchboard which
Sidle Schoenfeld said she saw "from
the front stoop" Is In a room opening
out of the hall at tight angles, forty
four feet back, behind the elevator.
Kcrmlt Roosevelt, son of tho late
President, was walling In tho corri
dor, ready to tie a character witness
for Mr. Rlckard.
Frank Coultry, secretary to Mr.
Rlckard, told ot going with Mr. Rick.
ard and Ike Dorgan to tho Polo
Grounds, leaving tho Garden at 1.15
o clock Saturday, Nov. 12. They
went to a box In the footlmll Held
They remained In the box until near
the end of tho Inst quarter of the
game. They got Into the automobile
ind returned to the Garden.
"Mr. Rlcknrd was with mu In the
Tower oj the Garden from 5 to about
0 o'clock nnd then wo went to the
arena und Inspected the dance floor.
He. left Mr. Rlckard nt the arena nt
6.20 o'clock.
Mr. Coultry told of the use of the
Garden tho afternoon before for the
meeting In honor of the Unknown
American Soldier, when there were
thousands of people in and about the
It was recalled that thn girl wit
nesses had told of going to see Mr.
Rlikard ut the Garden at 1.30 on
Armlstlro Day and tliat they said
they found Mr. Rlckard on Fourth
Avi'iiui) and there was nobody In
.Mr Pc-corn usked if there was not
(Continued on Second Page )
Brother Severely Injured When
Machine Strikes Auto on
Long Island.
Clarence Waring, twenty-on", of
Norh Bellmoro, I.. I., was killed and
Ms brother, Lawrence, severely in
Jiirnl last night when a motorcycle
on which they were riding collided
with a bus on Newbridge Road, near
Waldorf Avenue, North Bellmor".
Clarence Wnrlng was thrown to the
road and struck on his head His
brother wan catapulted through the
windshield of thn bus. Lawrence sus
tained a broken leg and numerous
cuts from broken glnss Wllhum
Wenzlngcr, driver of the bus also was
Injured by flying gloss. The niotor
rv le wan demolished and the but nas
slightly damaged.
LONDON, March 21 fl.'nitcd Pre--!
i'orly-Hi'ven labor unluns, Kirnpr.h
inu more tliun 00,000 workers .ufi'l
.ited with tile engineers now lo'lied
.nit have voted overwhelming'. '
. en-ot tin- employers' teims, .1 i i-k
,n ii.nii'i-fd to-duy.
Tiif rigineerlng lockout w ,! pi
u ,1 V be extended, as a result ot ti ir,
to include a million workers.
To-Morrow. Weather SHOWERS; COLDER.
to All"
219,000 INCREASE
Board of Health Figures Sliow
Growth Since Last Federal
New York City's population
has increased 219,000 since the
Federnl census of 1020, accord
ing to estimates mado by the
Health Department. Dr. Frank
J, Monnghnn, Deputy Health
Commissioner, said to-day that
the estimated Increase this year
over the last year was 87.S7!.
According to the Health Depart
ment figures the present popula
tion of the city is 0,8311,738. Thcso
figures were based on births. Im
migration from Kuropo und new
arrivalH from other parts of the
Tho population Is estimated
each year by the Heulth Depart
ment In order to keep Its records
Up to dute. These estimates lire,
accepted by tho Federal Govern
ment, Dr. Monaghan said
False Rumor Spread That
Northwestern Trust was in
Unstable Condition.
CHICAGO, Mnrch 1 1 . A special
detail of twenty-live policemen, armed
with rifles, was called upon to-duy to
control thousands of persons who be
sieged the Northwestern Trust and
Savings Bank to withdraw their de
posits. A false rumor had liocn spread that
thn condition of thn Institution was
Seveni,l women were erusheil In the
scramble to enter the bank.
Bank officials were paying out
money as fast as thn depositors could
be served and other bnnws were said
to be ready to supply all the cash
.lohn r. Srnulhkl. I'risuent ot the
tiank, iinnmmrfd an offer ol a re-
wnrd nf ti.onn for the identity of the
person responsible for the false
The bank was declared by bank ex
aminers iiH the strongest bank in
Chicago In proportion lo Its size. The
last statement showed resources of
approximately KO. 000,000 and de
posits of 1S. 000.000.
The Federal Reserve Bank, of wl ich
the Northwestern Is i member, sent
$750. 000 In an armored car to the
l,es:egid bank The Contllienlal nntl
Commercial National Bank hent Jl,
UO0.000. Before the hank's closing hour, the
run had subsided somewhat.
A run nf smaller proportions start
ed shortly before noon at the second
Northwestern Trust & Savings Bank,
,i subsidiary nf the Northwestern, At
this bank, also, depositors weie being
paid as rapidly as possible
IJN'lON. M.mli It ( Asociat-il
PrrhS). -Former F.mpernr Churl.- of
Airctrlft'IIungnrt . rub'd on the U'arul
.,f Mitdelra. I 111 wtth ftver, i"ay a Ceu-i-.l
News tfbtpul'h from Funohal to-
His temperature glvn ft 101, and
h ,-onBiiltatlon of physicians has been
Every Attempt of Opponents
to Effect Modifications in
Hour - Power Treaty Fail
After Thirteen Roll Calls.
All Four Articles Approved in
Committee of the Whole,
and Leaders Are Confident
Ratification Will Follow.
long succession of proposed amend
ments and leservatlons to the r'our
Power I'nciflc tieaty wore voled down
ono after another by the Senate to
day us It approached a final roll call
on ratification.
I-or the most part the majorities
were overwhelming and virtually co
incident with paity lines. Only a
handful oi"Dcniocrnt'tttjlc2wlth tlieli
titular lender. Senator Underwood of
Alabama against thn effort to qualify
the ratification resolution und only
the little group of IrreconcIIables op
posed the Republican leadership of
Senator Lodge of Massachusetts to
vole with tiro icsorvaUonlsts.
With upwards of a score of reserva
tions still to be ncteil upon, It was
apparent that the final ratification
vote might be delayed several hours.
One of the largest crowds to be at
tracted by a Senate session In recent
years looked down on thn final scene
of the bitter treaty fight from packed
galleries and jammed tho corridors of
the Capitol, hoping to "get a peep In
side the Senate Chamber.
The capacity of thn amphitheatre
ovci looking tho well of the rhumlx'r
was iiNert.ixed mote than an hour be
Inie the Senate met at noon, and an
extra guard of Capitol police was de
tailed to handle the eager crowds that
iM'sleged the gallery doors. On the
floor there was scarcely an empty
seat, virtually the entire Senate mem
liershlp lnMng present.
The llrst iiunllfylng declaration to
lie voted down was nn amendment by
Senator Robinson. Democrat, Arkan
sas, which would havo pledged the
treaty signatories against "uny secret
treaty, arrangement or understanding
with any other power or powers dur
ing the life of this treaty."
Six Democratic Senators Dial.
South Carolina: Myers, Montana;
I'omeiene, Ohio; Ransdell, Louisiana:
I'liderwuntl, Alabama, nnd Williams,
Mississippi -voted against the amend
ment, and four Republicans France.
Maryland; Johnson, California: Iji
FuUette, Wisconsin, and Borah, Idaho
supported it.
The next vole was on ngreeing to
itlele 1 of the treaty Senator Robin
son demanded a loll call, but later
withdrew it I'oindeMer, however,
msisletl .ind the ote proceeded.
Their was no real objection so It
was nei w helmingly adopted. The
vote stood 71 tn 51.
Opposition lendfis said the dhl
slim did not represent the strength
that would le shown on final ratifi
cation since many Senators based
their opposition on oilier sections.
Those wlio voted against Article I
weiu Senators A. Shurst, Arizona:
Culbertsnn, Texas; Gerry, Rhode Is
land; Harris. Georgia: King, Utah;
Reed, Missouri; Robinson, Arkansas:
Shepiiard, Texas; Shields, Tennes
see; Stanley, Kentucky, and Watson,
Georgia Democrat.. and Borah,
Idaho; I ranee, Maryland; Johnson.
California, nnd La I'ollete. Wiscon
sin -Republicans.
Senator Robinson then otferetl and
the Senate rejected an amendmnnt to
Article Two, pledging the signatories
against uggichsinp against any outside
K)wei and giving outside powers the
right to stl in confeiences affecting
their interests. The vote on tills
amendment was 3S to
The only Republicans supporting it
wen Si nators Borah, France, John
son and La Toilette, anil the only
Denioeiat opposing It wero Senators
I-omeiene, Ransdell, I.'nder-wood and
An amendment by Senator Hitch
cock, Democrat, Nehrnska, to mak
tho conference provisions of Artie!
I, to tho lino's office.

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