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1 1" - r
O'Brien Says Counsel Takes
t .Unsportsmanlike Advantage
.lrv,' WASHINGTON. May 4. TtcscntlnR
'L.'tno reference by opposing counsel In
f-fthe United States Supremo Court to
fcMnyor Hyian as "our illustrious aia-
iSyor," who "se'ema determined to car
4ry tho war (against the New Vork
J; kas companies) Into Africa
'''aid not to leave tho ship Until It
alnks," Corporation Counsel O'Urlcn
,vbf Now York has nicd with the cbUit
it,, a supplemental brief In tho gas cases
recently argubd. Ho begs tho "pa
'"". tieneo" of tho court to consider it. ir,
OtBrlcn declared that tho "defections"
' of tho Public Service Commission ahd
; tho Attorney General of New York. In
declining to further press tho cases,
v, had been taken unsportsmanlike ad
'S ;!rantaffo of by cbunscl for the "Con
f' " Bolldated Gas System."
t ' "Wc represent more directly than
.v., any other public official," the Cor
poratlon Counsel stated, "tho pcoply
's ' who will win or lose bv this Htlrn-
C ' tlon," adding that, "our loiio ship
? has been somo what battered and may
"be about to bo' sunk by the powerful
. A.flcct flying: the skull and crossboncs
of tho consolidated gas system." The
I, brief referred to "the prlato cap
tains" as "seeking profit from tho
- - fllvcrtlon by the I'ublle Sorvlco com
f mission nnd tho Attorney General."
k' f..Tho brief presented In much detail
an accounting- by the Corporation
Counsel of the operating expenses of
.the six subsidiary companies of tho
Consolidated, whose cases aro pending
beforo tho court, the object being to
Impress upon the court that by the
omission of certain items which tho
companies are asserted to have er
roneously included tho statutory gas
rate would, have returned them rea
sonable earnings during 1919 and 1920
And would not have been confiscatory
Nine Hundred Employers Ap
plaud Assertion of Ohio
- Colombian Presidentelect Warmly
' Welcomed Dlnea at White. Home.
I"-r,Nl Otplna, President-elect of Colom-
1-1 I .. V. I I ' . . 1. 1 .. .. . f - .
Helena Osplna. arrived yesterday from
New York, was presented to President
Harding by Secretary llughes and last
night was the guest of the President
and 'Mrs. Harding at dinner at the
FV mill ITAiia.
,- "v. At the station Gen. Osplna was met
by Secretary Hughes, Gen. Pershing,
t , Admiral Coontr, Director General Rows
u..","of the Pan-American Union and officials
bjjiot the Colombian negation, while a mlll
frtary band played the national anthem
PiOi L-oiomnia. a squaaron oi cavalry
v;: ?corted Gen. OsDlna and his 'cartv to
athe Colombian Legation and later to the
3&Wblte House.
Nine hundred employers at a strike
prevention meeting of tho Economic
Club In the Hotel Astor last night rose
In ti Unite to Arthur Nash, a clothing
manufacturer, of Cincinnati, when ho
declared that the ono nnd only remedy
for labor troubles was the Qolden Rule
In business.
Recommendations by other speakers
were courts of arbitration and con
dilation, shop committee co-opcratlon
and tho destruction of autocracy of
cither capital or labor. These othei
speakers wero Edward A. I-'llcne,
President of William Fileno Sons
Company, Boston; 'Julius Henry I
Cohen, New York , attorney: Alex
ander Irvine a Icctuier; VllhjAlmui
Stcfansson, Arctic explorer, and
Randolph Bedford, member of the
Queensland' Legislature, the last two
principal guests.
Gcorgo V. Wlckcrsham, President
of the club, was Chairman. New
officers of tho club were announced
as followsr William Church Osborn,
President; Robert 8. Lovett nnd
Jllchncl Frledsam, Vice Presidents,
and' Mr. Wlckcrsham, Nicholas V.
IJrady, Paul "D. Cravath, Otto 11.
Kahn and Dwtght W. Morrow, mem
bers of the Executive Committee.4
"I wonder If ydu men really want
a panacea for strikes," said Mr, Nash.
"Tho real disease we have to get rid
of is doubt, lack of faith, mutual lacic
of confidence. Any law to prevent an
outbreak of strikes, ljko an attempt
to prevent an outbreak of measles, Is
detrimental to tho patient itself."
Mr. Fllcnb soes danger In tho all-
politically, socially and economically..
Wages still have to be very much re
duced, he said, and indications of
trouble all over the world are at
hand. He said men strike as a re
volt against bosslsm. The present
wage system ho did not consider In
fallible or final.
Annual liztratatcania la 'Travesty
an William Tell," at Met
ropolitan. One of the most attractive audiences
of this dramntlc season last night at
tended the University of Pennsylvania's
Mask and Wig Club annual musical
comedy at tho Metropolitan Opera
This thirty-fourth play of the series.
entitled "Tell Tales," followed the gen
eral lines of Its predecessors In a picto
rial extravaganza, with original book
and lyrics by students and alumni. The
cast and chorus Included about 100
under-graduatcs. eighteen musical
numbers by Charles 8. Gilpin, Includ
ing the specialty. "Tho Doggone Opera
ntucs," were sung, the Qleo Club tak
ing part In the chorus.
Tho plot was a travesty on the
opera "William Tell.- The following
New York boys were Included In the
cast: J. M. Coward, Charles D. Con
nell, H. W. IJrown, C. M, N. KUlen Jr..
Harry E. Ford, Thomas Hyatt, Robert
D. Hamilton and M. F. Moore.
Tho committee In charge of the pro
duction Included Frank A. Paul, Irving
A. Chandler, I.. F. Curtis, George I
Schclllng, William G. Grove and Rich
ard n. Ferris. Among those New York
men holding boxes wero Dr. Henry
Oalbralth Ward, tho Re. William J.
Thompson. William A. Redding, Will
iam auggenhclm. Vri G. W. Riley,
George Wlckcrsham, Lester Brlon and
David King Irwin.
The largo ctowd attending may be
accounted for when It is known that
of the 26.000 living alumni of the Uni
versity 2,000 uio residents or Now Tork
City and vicinity.
Ten of the State Cliarterp Granted
Arejn Metropolitan Area
Charters for nineteen new Masonlo
lodges In the State of New York were
granted at tho annual Communication
of thn Grand Lodge of Masons rfr this
State. Tho meeting -was held yester
day tn tho Masonic Temple, 23d Street
and Sixth Avenue, Fifteen hundred
delegates representing 902 lodges In New
York attended. At the last session to
day the election of officers will take
Ten of the new lodges recommended
by the Commltteo on Charters, of which
District Attorney Joalj II. Banton Is
Chairman, were In the metropolitan
area. They are: Angle, Eternal. Cler
mont and Publicity Lodges. Manhattan;
Colonial and War Veterans Lodges,
Brooklyn; Mlneola Lodge, Mlneola: Hol
ll.i Lodge, llollli: King David Lodge,
Astoria, and Bayslde Lodge, Bayside.
32.34 Watt 34th St.
32 34 Wst 34lk .St.
Demonstration Week.
OsteoTarsal Corrective Shoe
LAST LaY to-morrow
THE inventor of this shoe will dernon
strate its perfect, corrective features
features that have won instant rec
ognition from physicians, foot specialists
and the Y. W. C. A.
He will explain the natural function of Its arch
guide toft and hard rubber heel, the broad tread,
the flexible arch and the straight imide lint, and
by means of the X-Riy Foot-o-scope he will
determine for you any present or impending foot
abnormality that would be benefited through the
comfortable guidance of the Oateo-Tsrssl Shoe.
These consultations will be without obligation
on your part and individual attention' to each
case with competent advice in perfect fitting of
Osteo-Tarsal shoes will be given.
Queen Quality Boot Shop
32-34 West 34th Street
' . Ssptttalfy Motstd la tAt
Jittoxt PAyftyi '&ueaftM JfttarJ
Y. "W. C. A.
l Funirtta
RiAW Heal
3 Point
-X equally
Correctly Guides the Shot
riNl'.I), AS MOVIR MASHEn. I Folwell In the Gates Avenue Court yes
Daniel Ccrls, twcnty-elgnt, a World I terday, charged with disorderly con
War veteran, No, 115 Walworth Street, duct on the complaint of Mrs. Mary
Brooklyn, was fined 15 by Magistrate Drum, Np. 207 Franklin Avenue. Brook
lyn. Mrs. Drum alleges that Certs,
whllo.ln a motion picture house, put his
hand on hers and said: "Hello kid."
Ccrls paid the fine.
Work Planned lor Claussen found
to Be Unnecessary.
'.WASHINGTON. May 4. W. J. Lave,
lyice President of the Emergency Fleet
Corporation, In charge of operations, to-
Vs ? 'day announced the' resignation ot ll. B.
jClausicn, former advertising manager.
'tfi'The situation has so changed that
B&fthe work planned for Mr. Claussen he-'
tj. rme unnecessary and he therefore ten
jjM'dered his resignation, which has been
W Accepted." said Mr. Love.
1 r.
Produced by Sho.
specialists whose life
work has been given to
style, comfort and qual
ity production. fJiiniA
Newest leathers and
models made over spe
cial lasts in one hundred
different combinations
of widths and sizes.
For example C forepart, B
Instep and A heel. Grips the'
foot firmly. Cannot gap at
ankle or slip at heel. Corset
fitting at instep. Absolute
comfort in forepart.
t "honi so cootr
1434 FrsasSrsy 1X7 Stvasvay
1177 BrtaJvty 21S grcajtray
41 Mmtt St. 264 KM At.
TcUi7 HecklanS. Viu
The World's
fcKarlem Office
V. Now Located at I
2092 7th Ave.
The "Ritt"
Dofjn 1981 inTuinPflr
IMAGINE what a relief it must be to your
merchant to be able to show you a Simmons
Mattress and say:
"This Mattress is built for sleep and. absolutely
sanitary!' and kttow beyond shadow of doubt
that the Mattress is everything he can say for it.
Wholly pure, clean, new kapok or cotton.
No "renovated" materials. Sealed in carton
roll sweet, clean, wholesome. Built'for sleep.
Your choice of fivet styles distinguished by
Labels of different color at a popular
price range
Purple Label
Blue Label Green Label
Red Label White Label
The "Cambridic"
Desitn 1 964 in Twin Pair
(Extent! Pi Officii, Ktmttha, Wit.)
Sut't for Sleep
- 1 ' m
S III I III 1 4Kurm.-
A Service due
the American Public
-Today Slmmoai Company' caa
jIto the 'public a ctmplilt ilttpUg
mult. Beds. Springs and Mattresses
each built to fit the other all Mlt
ftr ilttp. In this way, you secure a
rtel guaraatea of sleep iitltf action.
Look for the Simmons Label
Sle&mons Purptt Lbtl Mattress at
$60 U the ultimate fniUtping com
fort. Other Simmons Mattrcssea
at prices raagtag down to $10.
Sixth Avenue and 4ia St.
e hmr.
Four-Piece Bedroom Suite. A Colonial
Adaptation of effective design in Ameri
can Figured Walnut with solid Walnut
Posts and Rails
Special: Fireside Chair.
Solid Mahogany. As
sorted Tapestries . . .
k Special: Lowboy. An-
il tique Mahogany Finish.
Five Drawers ......
OUR Dining Room and Bedroom Furniture Departments show al
the period developments in the new Woods) and Finishes. One Hun
dred and sixty interesting individual exhibits of Complete Suites make
selection easy, and the low prices assure savings on your purchases.
Harlem Store:
145-147 West 125th St.
Brooklyn Store:
1333-39. Broadway
Stem Brothers
' WEST 42d ST. (Between Fifth and Sixth Avenues) WEST 43d ST. ,
Men's Suits- Special!
Smart business suits in worsteds, serges, cheviofs,
pencil stripes and cassimeres; young men's models
in suitable novelty weaves. All made to the very
highest quality standard-and priced for consid
erably less than the average for clothes of the
same character. All models all sizes
Kirschbaum Tuxedo or Full Dress
Coat and Trousers special at $45
(Slight charge for alterations.)
Even these will look
almost like new!
Take your old shoes to the
repairman today he will
hand them back like new I
The price for attaching
O'Sulhvan'a Safety Cushion
Heels is centrally the aame
as forordinary heels though
they cost the repairman more.
He has two reasons for doing
this! O'Sullivan's always make
satisfied custoniers, and satisfied,
customers mean bigger business.
Ask for O'Sullivan's tee that
thsy are attachad.
MILK chocolate id one sweet that
can be given to children without
fear of consequences. In fact, it is truly
nourishing and valuable from the food
Especially if it is absolutely pure, as
Borden's Milk Chocolate is pure. For
Borden's is made by the makers of
Eagle Brand, which is in itself a
guarantee of quality.
'Borden Building New York
Rich iri Mlfc
1 yaKlH.
Built for Sleep
Buy it by the Box 90 cents
Near 125th St.
Writ as ftr 4,Sltp miiti Emvinumtmt"

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