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policeman slayer
Soden Had- Quarrelled With
Lifelong Friend and School
mate and Shot Him.
Former Patrolman Jolin P. Rodcn
of tlio Lons Island City station, who
was Indicted Jan. 27 tor murder In tlio
first degree, appeared before Judgo
Mancuso, In tlio Court of General
Sessions to-day and pleaded guilty of
manslaughter In the first degree. He
yina icmandcd to the Tombs for a
week for sentence.
On Jan. 20, In an argument In a
saloon at No. CO Ninth Avenue, ho
phot and killed John McQulnness, his
llfo-tlmo friend. The two bad been
Bchoo!m:fte3 In their boyhood.
A. special panel had been called to
try tho case on tho murder Indict
mcnt, beginning May 15. Soden said
he. had no money to employ counsel
n m,I T TT f-M Zt ,n, fvAnn naDlr.A.1
to defend him. It Is understood that
he acted on .Gilbert's service to-day
in entering his plea.
Gilbert said Soden had been ten
years on tho force, with an excellent
record. Once he went Into a dark
basement, at the risk of his life, to
savo another policeman, held at bay
thcro by un armed burglar.
Ilobcrt Ilandolph, twenty-three, a 13.
It. T. trainman, was found dead In bed
In ii famished room, at No. 33 Monroe
Street, Brooklyn. The eas was turned
on and tho police found a letter which
thev say was addressed to a woman
named Gladys, at No. 117 Kleventh
Street, College Point. It3 contents were
Plea ol Fiance Secures Freedom
For Sweetheart Who Faced Jail
Alter Conviction tor Larceny
Miss Esther Bloom Promises to Direct Future
of Oscar Hirschmar! and Wins Court
to Suspend Sentence.
in tlin hmrll. A lcndthV,
whispered conversation between tho
two brought ever-Increasing smiles to
Miss Bloom's face, and when sho
glanced at her fiance- at tha bar lie,
too, becamo clicoriul.
Tlinnlf vnn. vnlinsr lmlv. I Want
to compliment you upon yotfr work,"
concluded the Judge, ana men lunuug
to Hlrsolimann, nonaaoa:
r nm rointr in Riifinond sentence In
this case, but bforo I do so Miss
Bloom will havo to return ovcry penny
of tho money sho has borrowed from
her friends and yours to mako good
the amount of your defalcation. I
Tlio Implicit faith and loving do
yotlon of - twenty-year-old Esther'
Bloom to-day won ' for her fiance,
Oscar Ilirsclimann, twenty-four, a,
suspended sentence after ho had ap
propriated' $3,500 to his own use.
Through her own efforts Miss Bloom
hnif collected from friends an Initial
payment of $835 In cash towards full
restitution. Bhc told Judge Craln In
acneral Sessions to-day "I want to
marry this man."
Tho caso of the young defendant
was so unusual that his employer,
Charles H. Carruthcrs, of tho broker
ago firm of Carruthcrs, Pell & Co.,
No. 10 Broad Street, told Judge
Cram no would not havo prose
cuted his bookkeeper had It not been
for the force of circumstances. When
arraigned last July, Hlrschmann, who
lives at No. CI East 113th Street, ad
mitted drawing a $500 check, pre
sumably for a customer, and then di
verting It to his own use.
Illrschmann's father was critically.
Ill at the time and probation officers
'verified the prisoner's statements that
he had used all the money to obtain
medical attention for his parent. Sub
sequently the elder Hlrschmann died
and Oscar lms been the sole support
slnco of hta widowed mother and
Although United States District
Judge Mack and Mr. Carruthcrs sent
letters to Judgo Craln urging leniency.
none had as great an effect upon tho
court as tho comparatively short noto
of Miss Bloom. Tho fiancee, who lives
at No. S6 West 119th Street, wrote
"I know of one one, aside from my
own immediate family, to whom I
should want to bo a power for
good as I want to bo toward
Oscar Hlrschmann. Tho tragedy
has occurred. As a result I havo
'appointed myself a silent sentinel
to keen jtuard over him tho rest
of my life. Ho Is thoroughly able
to go out and meet conditions as
they arise and he Is sincere In his
vow that ho expects to cancel
every penny of his debt by the
sweat of his own brow.
"Wc have merely given the Ini
tial payment In cash to tide him
over tho most difficult crossing.
Tho rest his friends havo pledged.
Ho Is turning In each week a stip
ulated amount. He liaB never
fallen down on this since his re
leaso from the Tombs. The
Hlrschmanns aro now working on
a family budget and It Is Inspected
regularly each week by me. He
Is now beginning tho task of the
future, which I trust will more
than compensate for the' act which
can only be associated In my
mind with irresponsible youth.
"I want to marry this man, and
by so "doing glv& society some
thing It shall bo happy to have.
Only honesty, loyalty, trust
worthiness and ambition will
flourish hereafter In his heart,
, for theso are tho only attributes
I shall encourage. All theso
traits have always existed In him.
They were Blmply choked out by
a big,, ugly weed, which I shall
endeavor to pull up full forco by
the roots. So sure' am I that ho
will measure up to the true stand
ard of a man that I do not hesi
tate as early as now to say that I
know that I shall never regret my
untiring and devoted efforts In his
"I just plead for one more
for my beloved."
After reading this letter Judge
Craln asked If Miss Bloom wcYc.
In court. A quiet young woman
arose and responded to tho order to
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Krnost A. Becker of B. A. Becker
& Co., brokers at No. 15 Broad
Street, and formerly with Carruthcrs,
Pell & Co., nroso and told Judgo
Craln he would employ Hlrschmann
as a bookkeeper at $60 a week and
would not require the customary
Miss Bloom, who will soon be Mrs.
Hlrschmann, then walked out of the
room, her arm In Oscar's, as the
throngs of friends beamed their hap
piness and confidence In tho future.
Kinsler, '.15 Years at Bat
tery, and 55, Won't Tell
Name of Fiancee.
The newsboy at tho 39th Sheet and
Hamilton Avenue Perry Station nt
the Battery for tho last 35 years has
been William Kinsler, but to-day he's
quitting at the discreet age of fifty.
five to get married and live with his
hrldo In Ills $15,000 house at- Princess
Hay. S. I.
"It won't do to keep on working for
ovoiVhe told the importers who write
wlmt he sells. "I'm turning over the
business to my old friend John Kav
niinugh. I've got my house and I've
got $25,000 In cash, and I guess that'll
lc enough to start on "
His ' friends gave him an old
fashioned bachelor dinner last night
at No. 10 South Street, It was a gay
But when the reporters asked him
this mornlnir for thn nm
lirldo-tO-bc. he mere I v nmlltrf muVT
teriousiy anu challenged them to find
out. inoy naven't, tj
RUTLAND, VI,. May UAlln M. '
Fletcher of Cavendlth, former Governor'' T
of Vermont, was found dead In a room'f?,4!
at tho Berwick Hotel here to-day.
Death wai declared due to k cerebral i'
hemorrhage. Mr. Fletcher was one of ,' ?
Vermont's rlchcit men, having large
real eatate holdings In Indianapolis. t '
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