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' Mother and Father Expected
, to Compromise Girl, of
Age Then.
- New Petition to Be Virtual Re
quest for Injunction Against
CHICAGO; June 2. Mrs, Edith
; Rockefeller McCormlck'a sudden de
cision not to fllo the petition asking
that a restraining order be Issued
against the marriage of Mathllde Mc
Cormlck to Max Oeer is said to bo a
. move to postpone the Issue for a short
time. Fending a search for further
legal support for the court action de
sired by Mrs. McCormlck her attor-
neya aro said to have been Instructed
to learn wht concessions Mr. McCor
mlck will make and to dicker with his
lawyer to that end.
Since Mathllde will be eighteen
years old and of legal age April 8,
1928, It Is thought that Mr. McCor
mlck mav atrree to forbid the mar
rlage until after that time wrien
Mathllde will be free from the control
of either her mother or father.
If Mr. McCormlck agrees to take
this action It Is thought that his
former wife will withdraw her court
action to prevent the marriage since
a postponement until after that date
wuold be al lshe could hope to obtain
even If she were successful.
Mathllde McCormlck Is only one of
several Americanfhelresses whose for
tunes have been sought by Max Oser,
Swiss riding master, Charles S. Cutt
ing, attorney for Mrs. Edith Rocke
feller McCormlck, the girl's mother,
declared to-day.
According to Mc. Cutting, several
other 'rich American girls have been
the" targets of Oser'a attentions, but
have eluded his fortune-hunting wijes.
The seventeen - year - old grand-
daughter of John D. Rockefeller,
Mr. Cutting says, was the first to
succumb to the extent of promising
to marry him.
'I understand this Is ndt the first
time Oser has tried to marry a rich
American girl," said Mr. Cutting.
He seems to have tried before to
make use of the opportunities af
forded by the fact that many society
people were members of his riding
i "He evidently thjnks now that he
has succeeded, for he has sold his
riding school? His other means of
livelihood seems to be $8,000 in cash
and aa assured income of $100 a
montn. this would hardly be suffi
cient to support Miss McCormlck, and
makes It plain that he is counting on
ner money to maintain them both."
Convinced that Oser is a fortune-
hunter whose sole object In marrying
Miss McCormlck Is to attach himself
to the fortune she may inherit from
John D. Rockefeller, the attorney
yam, nirs. 'Mcuormlck considered It
her duty as a mother to carry her
ngni to tne Probate Court.
Cut Off Money, He Says,
and See How Long He
Ljoves Mathilde.
CHICAGO, June 2, Emil Burge,
Chicago cousin of Max Oser, said to
day he was ready to aid Mrs. McCor
mtck in the battle In Probate Court
she has waged on her divorced hus
band, Harold F. McCormick, Ma
thllde's guardian, who favors the mar
riage. "If she's looking for evidence to In
duce the court to restrain McCormlck
"from allowing the marriage of Max
and Mathilde, I'll give her plenty,"
he said.
"Let Mathllde's relatives cut off her
Interltance t and allowance and see
how much longer Max loves her."
Cousin Emll laughed when he told
of Max's "spirited horses." "To read
what he Bays to the newupapers,
you'd think he had a string ot horses
! iiko .-uorvicn, Man o- war and Dan
) Patch," he said. "But you should
seo 'em."
The cousin said It was altogether
unnecessary for Charles Cutting, at
torney for Mrs. McCormlck, to search
Europe for evidence against Oser.
"I'll ndvlso him that I'll bo a. most
willing witness," he said.
Women and Ministers Pro
test, but Mayor Sticks
to Morality Ruling.
TRAVERSE CITY, Mich., Juno 2.
Orders from Mayor Swanton di
recting the arrest of any woman
or gill appearing on the streets
hero wearing knickerbockers will
stand despite the storm of pro
test tlioy havo occasioned.
The Mayor has been criticised
by women's clubs and pastors,
, who declared his order was too
drastic. In explaining his stand,
the Mayor said:
"Tho morals of the piesent
generation of boys are assailed
and I propose io kco that they no
longer aro tempted by Immoral
His order will apply to tourists
as vcll(nB local residents, the
fayor annosfitetd.
Who Is The Most
This fifteen-year-old boy of No. 1193 Third Avenue, took first
prize for the most freckles at the May party of Thomas M. Farley,
Democratic leader of the 14th Assembly District.
15,000 ALIMONY
Mrs. Beulah Field ' Wood
Wishes Separation Agree
fbr $3,600 a Year Set Aside.
Mrs. Beulah Field Wood, authoress
and relative of the poet, Kugerte Field,
appeared before Justice Wasservogel
In Supreme Court to-day on a motion
for $15,000 a year alimony from her
husband, Gilbert C. Wood, publisher,
who lives at Garden City, L. I.
Mrs. Wood also requests he court
to reverse a separation agreement en
tered into, between herself and her
husband on Nov, 1, lOib, whereby she
agreed to relinquish the custody of
their two children, and was to receive
JS.800 a year-alimony. She.also asks
(5,000 counsel fees.
Counsel for Wood opposed the mo
tion on the ground that the separation
agreement between the couple was In
force, but Charles E. LeBarbler, at
torney for Mrs. Wobd.j. declared the
agreement was off as one paragraph
provided that the agreement shall be
void if the marriage Is dissolved.
iris. Wood has Instituted suit for sep
aration on grounds of cruel treatment
and desertion.
Mrs. Wood does not ask for the
custody of her fifteen-year-old daugh
ter, Beulah, who Is attending a fash
ionable boarding school, but she does
ask the court to award to her, Gil
bert jr., eight years old.
Mrs. Wood lives in Greenwich Vil
lage and recently published a book
of lyric verse, "The Silver Pool."
Justice Wasservogel reserved deci
sion on the motion,
Mrs. Duncan's Fortune Had
Dwindled by $50,000 When
Friends Step In. '
(Special to Th ENenlns World.)
MT. VERNON, N. Y., June 2,
Geo. Allen Ingraham of Paterson, N.
J., It Was announced to-day, has been
named as a committee to look after
Mrs. Gertrude Duncan, aged wealthy
resident ot Mt. Vernon, and care for
her csttftc. The appointment was'
made by Justlco Mbrschauser, fol
lowing a report of a jury and com
missioner. Mrs. Duncan was for many years
socially prominent and active In
works of charity and mercy. During
tho hearing It was brought out that
following her acquaintance with one
William F. Turner, a stock promoter,
her habits and mode ot living changed
materially. Mrs. Duncan became
something of a derelict and her friends
and relatives took .tho matter up
legally. Mills & Nanry were retained
to represent tho petitioners In a re
quest that a committee be" named and
the evidence -was heard before a
Sheriffs Jury ivtth Attorney J. D.
Toomey acting as Commissioner.
Sirs. Duncan's estate was estimated
at moro than $800,000, According to
tne oviuenco sue had been Induced
to Invest In enterprises to tho extent
of more than $50,000 in a pc-ilod of
throe yra.ii. During this littio Mrs.
Duncan denied hcisrir tho oidlnarv
comforts of life.
Freckled Boy Under 12 Years of Age
176 Families Win Test Case
But Agree to 35 Per
Cent. Raise.
The Appellate Division of the Su
preme Court to-day upheld tenants
in an action for increased rent in two
large apartment houses yovcrlng the
blocks fronting on Riverside Drive,
between 141st and 142nd Streets.
There are 176 tenants In these
buildings. One hundred and four re
fused to sign new leases at the be
hest of representatives of the Ala
bama Holding Corporation, which
owns the buildings. A test suit was
brought by I.eo F. Coni-oy and four
teen other tenants.
In the Municipal Court the land
lord won. In the Appellate Term it
was decided that the landlord's de
mands were excessive, but an in
crease of ,15 per cent., which the
tenants were willing to pay, was al
lowed. The Appellate' Division to-day sets
forth that it allows the 35 per cent,
only because the tenants' have ex
pressed a willingness to pay It and
denies the landlord's appeal from the
Judgment of the Appellate Term.
Woahlnston .luiluen I'lnii I'rnalllox
t TfMTlirmlft.
WASHINGTON, June 2. Advisability
of handicapping red-headed boys In the
freckles contest being staged by the
Wahlngton Dally News was considered
to-day. A local physician told the
News that red-headed boys have the
a.dvantage, because their skin tifkes on
a pigment color more rapidly than
others, rigment color means freckles,
he said. A handicap ot six freckles to
the inch between the nose -and neck
was suggested.
Girls have been barred from the
contest for fear of the wrath of mothers
who do not want the beauty or their
daughters marred through the raising
of freckles.
He Admit Ho Onve llrr Toothache
Itniirilj Jury
CAMBRIDGE, Mass.. June 2. Dr.
Michael M. Stevens was acquitted to
day of tho charge of manslaughter
brought against him because of tho
death of Miss Graco Logue, his office
assistant, Christmas morning.
Miss Logue was found to have dial
of an overdose of poison. Dr. Steven
testified ' that he gave her two doing
of a drug because the had been suffer
ing from an ulcerated tooth. Ho dis
claimed any knowledge of a vial of
poison found on a shelf near tho body
In his office.
in his chargo Judge Brown said the
question bcfoie the Jury, was to de
termine whether tho defendant gave tho
girl too largo u dose oi did not give her
proper care afterward. The Jury was
out only twenty minutes.
William F. Jadlaugh, representing
'tho American Federation of Labor ar
rived in Jersey City to-day for the pur
pose. It hu stated, of nrgnnlalng tho
emlinliiicrs .it IIikIp. ( I'uiinty Into a
unl'itu .Mrsmlj thtj'" i.-u hern formed
In 1 1. il-on I'oiinty. mil .! of the unl.--lut
. :, grave-diggers i"l loai-lr and
Uvurse drivers.
.Special Prizes
of $50 for the
Boy x of , each
, Borotigh
, $25 first prize
five $5 prizes
Send your photographs
to The Evening World
for publication in the
Night Pictorial Edition
(green paper), give full
name, address , and
number of school.
Manhattan Boys' Photos
Will Appear on Monday
Nights, Bronx on Tues
day Nights, Queens on
Wednesday Rights,
Brooklyn on Thursday
Nights and Richmond on
Friday Nights Photo
graphs Will Be Recqived
Until June 15.
Armour' Ferguson Wants to
Stop Paying, Now That
She Is Wed.
Supreme Court Justice Wasservogel
reserved decision to-day on the motion
of Armour Ferguson to have the court
annul alimony "he Is compelled to pay
his wife under the decree of absolute
divorce granted her last November.
Although the amount of alimony was
not made public. It is understood to
be $5,000, a year.
In asking that the alimony award bo
set aside, Ferguson's counsel called
the court's attention to the fact that
Mrs. Ferguson was married to Will
lam G. McAdoo.Jr., in the Municipal
Building May 22, and now Is on her
honeymoon. Counsel for the former
Mrs. Ferguson objected to the motion
on the grounds that Ferguson himself
was In court with "unclean hands,"
as he remarried in Connecticut three
days prior to his divorced wife's wed
ding to young McAdoo.
The former Mrs. Ferguson was Miss
Molly Tackaberry of England, ,an ait
1st. She and Ferguson met In 1913
at an art school In Lexington Avenue.
Miss Tackaberry was a Roman Cath
olic and the marriage was performed
in February, 19H, at the home of the
bride's aunt, Mrs. Imre Josika Hctc
zeg. No. 28 West 10th Street.
They went to llvo with Ferguson's
mother at her country home, The
Monastery, at Huntington, I., one
of tho show places ot the North
Shore. In tho winter the Fergusons
wejo prominent figures at Palm
Beach, where Ferguson took up au
tomobile racing nsn Npnrt and won
several Important races.
.Tho nnmo of tho co-rcspondent In
the Fergusons' divorce wa3 not given.'
She was described merely as an "un
known woman." Tho sccno of her
allegcd-misconduct with Ferguson was
il houseboat owned by his mother.
Distilling Co., Petition to
Quash Indictment
' Also Denied.
. Judge A: N. Hand In the Federal
District Court this nftcrnoon denied a
motion made by former Judge Nash
Rockwood for permission to fllo n
plea In abatement to tho Indictment of
Col. Herbert CJ. (Jntrow, former Ai
ulstant New York SStato Prohibition
Director, charged with conspiring
with others lo defraud tho Govern
ment by Issuing withdrawal pennltn
for 1,000 cases of llciuor.
TJio Hill & Hill Distilling Co.. Inc .
also indicted, argued through Judge
Rockwood for it quashing of the In
dictment, claiming that the corpont
tlon was described In the Instrument
as a Kentucky corporation, wlmr.o.
It was orgnnlfced in lclmmr in
'I'll.. Court held that the cou i -i mi
Hud 'ijl'i-itily plnulru ,., u,. in,!.. . ir
nml ,(i mild not br coiiM.lru-l i; il
prctivat time ay not involved.
Woman Witness at bigamy
Hearing Tells of, His Life
With Miss Hudnut.
LOS ANGELES. June S, Details
of Rodolph Valentino's Interrupted
honeymoon with Winifred; Hudnut at
I'aiiii norinirs wprn rn da intrnriiirfi
by the prosecution' In his bigamy hear
ing to-day.
Valentino sat nervously, smiling
ana uroDD nr lrle remarks. H i rnr.
mer wife, Jean Acker, dainty, bob-
nairca ana vivacious, drew more at.
tcntlon than he ,dld. y
Testimony thnt Valentino nhnennul
out of doors In pajamas has aroused
tho defense. It la admitted that the
'star appeared In clothlngrcscmbltng
iiiguv. wear, mil il win do contenaea
that this was "Chinese clAhlngl"
made necessarv bv thn brat.
Carroll T.vnnh nunnlv Shnrlff nf
i-aim springs, told of seeing the
couple living in a cottage there.
Ot,hor witnesses, Including Indian ser
vants at thn Vnlenttnn nntlarra auh
stantlated Lvneh'a testlmonv.
Testlmony of Mrs. Ranaldo Lugo
and her daughter, Lena, who care for
uungaiows at palm Springs, a desert
resort which. Is nomilnr. nn n i-etlrlnp
place for motion picture peoplo, fur
nished the most exciting testimony
thus far. They described Valentino's
alleged appearance In "pajamas" ot',
as the defense say. "Chinese Cos
1 saw him at breakfast." said Mrs.
Lugo. "Ho wore nalamas. Thev
wore of lavender silk."
Carter Leidy Convicted of Be
ing Drunk, Held on Other
BERWICK. Pa., June 2.r-Arralgned
before Chief Burgess Kitchen
oh charges of drunkenness and
disorderly conduct, larceny of two.
lanterns' and a flag and operat
ing his auto while Intoxicated, Carter
Leldy paid a fine of 113:20 on the
first charge and was held under $800
ball on the other charges.
Leldy Is the socially prominent
Phlladelphlan whose elopement with
"Flfl" Wldener, daughter of Joseph
Wldener, created a sensation In soci
ety circles, and subsequently came
here to don overalls and learn the
steel business from the ground up.
' The police assert Leldy drove his
car up to the "silent" trafflu police
man in Market Street early Wednes
day, unfastened the red warning
lantern and flung It Into the river.
Leldy offered $100 to pay for dam
ages done to borough property, and
the Burgess was Inclined to accept
the offer. Councllmen wouldn't ner.
mlt It, "President Pealer declaring
Council wouldn't even consider the
proposition at a meeting.
Dorn in Ittnuk, She Wstnta to He
Married in Germany.
Miss Ernestine Von Zuener probably
will not be married next Sunday In
Cologne, Germany, despite her appeal to
the Newark ppllce and .the effort on
their part to help her out She says she
was born Jn Newark. Under the Ger
man law she must produce her birth and
baptismal certificates.
The Newaik police have been able to
And the baptismal papers but not the
birth certificate. She also asked them
to And her parents, but they have been
unable to do this.
Olilit liny Semis Defy Here In
CLEVELAND, O,, June Wilbur
"Speck" Mitchell, fourteen, to-day threw
his hat Into the ring as a contender
against George Wldden, New York, for
the American freckle championship,
"t wrote George a letter to-day,"
"Speck" said, ''telling him he's not got1
a chance. Us Ohio kids Is the berries
when it comes- to raisin' specks. You
can't tell whether I got a million or Just
one lug one all over."
Wilbur said he hoped thn "show up"
wouldn't be'for freckles on the face only.
Five Entries in Contest
fur Quickest Completed
KNOXVILLK, Tcnn., June
2. Two Baptist ministers and
t'irco Methodist ministers com
peted here yesterday In a con
test to determine who could tie
the speediest marriage knot,
and the Baptists won.
'Chi Rev. R, Pedigo pro
nu.inccd Ernest Mcsser and
Ruby Ferguson man and wife
in 15 seconds. The Rov. N. B.
Mi'ii-r, who was second, re
quired 10 seconds for his pair.
The time of the Mcthtxllsts
was not taken as they were too
far outdistanced. One, how
ever, said he was entitled to
.i handicap as his pair were
leaf mutes.
unity Cleik Aaron W. Ud-,nj.'.-.-2
ivits Mm I i l ! r; Ast.H
i ' ' I Stl lU K I iM'l- . I, ! hunt- u
' ' " " and all il- c uuuii.id
Miss Katherine Van R. Crosby
o Become Bride
Miss Katherine Van Rensselaer
Crosby, daughter o' Mrs. Frederick
Van Schoonhoven Crosby of No. 103
East 75th Street, will on June 7 be
Princess Marie
Ancient Serbian
Marriage to Ferdinand Next Week
Roumanian Bride of King Will Carry Wine,
Bread and Clothing for Herself and
.Husband at
BUCHAREST, Roumanla, June 2
(Associated Press). The entire Rou
manian royal family will travel In
state to Belgrade earl next week for
the wedding of Princess Mario of
Roumanla to King Alexander of
Arriving at Save Quay in Bplgrado,
the Royal Party will be received by
King Alexander and the Mayor of tho
city, who will present King Ferdi
nand of Roumanla with a golden tray
bcarlrar bread nnrl salt an a nledirn or
&lav amity and hospitality. The
wedding ceremony will take placo In
the cathedral at 11 o'clock Thursday
All the Serbian traditions and su
perstitions will be scrupulously ob
served In connection with Jho wed
dlnc The bride will not cross the
threshold ot her futuro home until
she. Is married. On entering her now
Dean. Denies Discrimination
' in Attempt to Limit
BOSTON. June 2. An order call
ing for investigation by a legislative
commission of reports that Harvard
University mayi discriminate against
students of thn 'Jewish race was In
troduced In the Legislature hrre to
day. ,
Representative George Pc.nl Web
.iter pf Boxford, Progressive leader
of the House, introduced an order
calllrig for appointment of a sueclal
ttecess CoMmlsslon composed of two
members of the Senate and three
from the House to Investigate "al
lgcd or proposed discrimination
against persons of the Jewish race
at Harvard."
The order provides that the com
mission would mako recommendations
4 to the Legislature to Insure nil stu
dents, irrespective of raco or nation
ality, equal right and opportunity In
Harvard operates under a Stnte
charter'granted In early colonial days,
Reports that Harvard wa.- consid
ering limitation, of eorollmmrnt
started when a-statcment was ssued
that the university was f,irrd with
he necessity of limiting li" number
of students because ot lack or facili
ties, Tho part which caused such h
furoro said:' "It, Is natural tliut such
wldesDread discussion colng on thcro
should bo talk about the proposition
of 'JeWs""at"the college."
College officials pointed out that
this passage his been misinterpreted
and that In mentioning Jews no dis
crimination was Implied.
a Ut nvriov or iii:m;.
i K -oin the Atuliliou (ilube.l
'Vllj N l i'e U' -it I M . ' i-
th .n:m n 1 i ii'Ml.- -i orUun- mi In - UM
Hoi)"- T'-a '. t'.r u i t.f - i il . u
another lonn. and Uien kuoiks hsl
I Old Home Town?
of John Gregory
come the bride of John Gregory,
whose homo Is also In New York.
Thn wnrlrltn t- will tnkn ntnplt In
the Madison Avenue Presbyterian
Will Carry Out
Traditions in
abode she will carryv toif of bread
and a jug of wlno as symb'ols of Joy
and plenty whloh slip brlnls tho King.
Under tho other arm sbl-wlll carry
articles of clothing for hcnioU and her
nusrjand. According' to tho sermnn
custom tho brldo must supply the
liushnml with all his raiment.
The now Queen will then kiss a.nialo
child in observance of the custom In
tended to insuro her first-born being
a son.
The honeymoon of Alexander and
A.ario will bo spent at one of tho
royul castles of Jugo-Slavla.
Princess Mario Is receiving hun
dreds ot costly and quaint gifts.
Among the latest presents was a flock
pf rams with golden horns from her
Albunlan admirers. Another was a
Bible, written In letters of gold, from
Rumanian peasants. Queen Mario
hus presented her daughter with an
exquisite set cf furniture of Bysan
tine design, embossed by herself in
flowers and gold.
Company's Expert Admits
Methods of Calculation Used
Are Questionable.
The Transit Commission lo-dny pur
sued ItH efforts to tone down the vnlu
atlon which tho Intorborough Rapid
Transit Company has placed on Its
Clarence J. Kliciirn, counsel for lb
commission, charged at a hearing be
foro Chairman McAncny tlfis morning
that tho Interboroui:li Itnnld Transit
Company's experts havo overvalued
uie property uy J300.000.000.
Ho said this was done by a method
of. Inflated overhead charces whlnh thn
Intcrborough accountants resorted to
in making computations of tho prop
crty and material costH.
I'harlOH W. Knllnri? nf thn firm nf
Stono & Webster was iin expert for
thp Intctboiough company to-ilay nnd
was -cross. examined by Mr. Shcnrn.
Mr. Kellogg admitted that sonio of
tno metnoas used ly intorborough
'valuation oxncrtx In arrti'lne- ir nvpr.
head charges nro not tho methods
employed py his firm In such cases.
Men I.cnil In Mnrrlnue, A iinirit
Ahonil In III iin'r.
WASHINGTON, Juno 2 -Tho Com
merce Depaitment Hiinounred to-day
that, according In tho 1920 Census, the
population of Albany, rT V . 113.311,
comprised 4I.S37 miiloH fifteen yours of
ago and over, of whom, 23,036, or 55,1
per con!., wore married; and 4(1,117
temnles aboyo Iho mtmo age limit, of
nhoni 2J,.ri3i', or IS. 9 pt-r cmt.. vrrc
Tluro vipib In the populuiion of VI
Iihiiv ni Hi'- rriisiu date 2.3SI kIom ih.
U.MI Whlo.v.. 15!) ilivuii-il 1 1 to i ami I7S
ilivoii-i'd women Tho ixipul.illon lortj
IHe yi-nrb of hsi nml ovci Included 2.2U0
Mnglo men and 2,513 single omui.
$200,000,000 HIGH;
Somewhere Between CariadKlsS
and Havana Pier Whiskey
Changed to Soft Stuff.
Nine men. Including two former'
Prohibition agents, a. Custom House.
broker nnd a Custom House truckman 1
were to-tiny indicted by thrfi Federal
Grand Jury, charged with consplrlA
to transport booze from Canada to th '
United States. The specific compltkri!
Is that on April 11 they brought, lata
this city a 'carload of Canadian Club
whiskey, under bond, for trans-ship-,
mont to Havana nnd that between, the
tmln nnd tho Ward Line steamer,
which was to carry the cargo to
Cuba, bottles of ginger ale wereJlruh.
ntltutcd for tho bottles of whiskey,
which were packed In ISO barrel.
Tho men Indicted are Roy E. Hob- .
lnson, a Custom House broker, No. 7 i
Water Street; dcorgo A. RohiMOB. '
his brother, a Custom House truck
man, with offices at No. 2t Kooro
Street: four of his drivers. John
Aqulrn, Morris Sender, George. Rosen.
tnai and Harry 1-agen; Harry E.
Mead nnd William F. Walsh, former
Prohibition agents, nnd Bernard
Schultz, of whom no description hi
According to Assistant Federal.DI., j
trlct Attorney Lemon, the alleged
conspirators naa received a permit
for the transportation of the liquor
through this country on Its way to '
Havana, which was legal at the time
but Is no longer so. The liquor, lis
sold, jvns taken from the freight car
at the St. John's Park Station ot the
New 1'orlt Central and placed on tho
Robinson trucks and carried to the
pier of the Ward Steamship Line.
while the barrels were being trans
ferred to tho steamer one of them
dropped and was smashed, as were a
number of bottles, of Ringer ale. -No
whiskey wan found In the barrels. -
A switch had been made somewhere
and the Canadian Club had been' dis
tributed, and If It hadn't been' for
tho accident the ginger ale Wouhl
have gone on lo Havana, with no one
but 'the conspirators being the wiser.
Snlit to Have Practised Slgnatat
of Woman Till rerfeet.
Arthur Rondo, former Japanese but
ler of Mrs, Orace Horton Itaynor, ot
No. 159 West 56th Street, was held In
J2.E0O ball on a charge ot forgery this
morplng. In the Ayest Side Court. The
specific chargo was passing a forged
check for $160 upon the United States
Mortgage11 Trust Company. Other
checks aggregated J7T1. It was ald.
Mrs. ttaynpr, testifying the signature .
was not hers, expreised surprise" at the
cleverness ot the forgery, Kondo had
been paid by cheek and .thus obtained
her signature. The police srfy he per
severed, in accordance with the old
copy book rule that practice makes'
The police said that Kondo was
known In the dance halls about Colum
bus Circle as the Dancing Jap.
; .
in excellence '
That never-to-be-forgotten
saldl Heinz r
Vinegar and Heinz ,
Olive Oil joined forces
to make it taste so good.
That is where the sur
prisingly delicious fia- ,
vor came from. Heinz
Vinegar impartg 4n
unexpected goodneM
to every thing on which
it is used. So doeg
Heinz Olive OiL They '
are companions in '
excellence. ,
- ... .
" ')

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