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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, July 10, 1922, Wall Street Final Edition, Image 13

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kuLi, Mui.'EAY, OULi 10, 1922.
1 (
to !
At last wc have heard a valid rea
rrm whv minv. mnnv nlptlirr.q nrp SO
dull and boring. But tho director who
Kiivo us tho Information didn't realize
it when ho wan speaking.
Wo wero In a projection room look
in; over a picture mat nasn i oecn
Winn MAM n vt. I
"That will never' do!" flatly an-
vay, am noi uireui mu ijnuia
"And why?" we aaked.
"It Isn't screcnl" ho answered.
. - . i ..i.i
M.VH I M' .1 II niuafl.uu UilU III 1IIUI
"But why f wo agTiln lnterrupt-
gacran to do It that way. It Isn't
Idone any other way. It's against all
I screen rules 1"
And It was right then and there
bthat ha rmve away the secret of why
Bo many pictures that should be good
I ar fllvrers.
Get away from screen formulae and
: Ztr ua REAL pictures, say we I
Hollywood colony deserves a medal.
In fact. Frank deserves two medals,
nml we'ro sending 'em out to him.
In Uip first place, Frank came in fir
tho first medal for his courage.
Weighing 860 bathslde, Frank went
fishing recently when tho tempera
ture was above tho 99 mark. If that
sort of courage doesn't deserve n
medal wo miss our guess. And so wc
arc having a brass one struck off.
But ho'll get a nlco Bhlny gold me
dallion lor coming back from a three
days' fishing trip and acknowledging
that he didn't catch one doggone fish
AI Bt. John, the film comedian, has
ft cold. A friend noticed It.
"That's a bad cold. All" remarked
tfea friend. "What are you taking
(for ItT"
"The adrlce of oil my friends!"
I answered Al, between sneezes.
We wouldn't come right out and
say we dldn t neiievo wnai vman
Moses, the Fox press agent, says, for
wo'vo always found him a very truth
fill sort of a chap, but
Well, Just read what he told us yes
terday and Judge for yourself.
' One of our stars," sold Vlv, "was
on the Mexican border shooting a pic
ture when a Mexican copper tapped
him on the shoulder.
" 'Why halve you not answer mo?1
aaked tho cop, 'I call you seex times!'
" 'I didn't hear yaP alibied tho ac
tor. 'How d ya call?
"'I call lak thees: S-s-s-s-s-s-s-st
answered the Mexican.
"'Well,' went on the actor, 'all
gotta say is that's a hell of a way to
call an actor!'"
Now, do YOU believe It?
Very well, then!
Montreal of being born there. Now.
since she has become so popular In
pictures, Montreal Is trying to get
Miss Garon will be there In person
to hear her praises sung and to ac
cept the key of tho city. And, If the
key really unlocks anything, she
says she'll bring a Uttlo bit lack "In
enso of Illness.
Chanlln. tho "Incomparable," has
been compared to the poets of old.
And now they've likened him to a
great dancer.
In his new book, "Charlie Chaplin."
H. Louis Dclluc compares Chaplin
with Mollere, but declares Mollcro be
comes tedious, whereas Chaplin can
never bocomo so. Ho nlso compares
Charlie to Nljlnskl, the dancer, say
"Charllo Chaplin Is an inventor In
his art as Nljlnskl Is. Charlie Is the
pioneer In the very first epoch of hlB
art Chaplin Interprets himseir.
think of Nljlnskl when I think
Wo wnndnr what Nljlnskl would
have thought if but what's the use?
Once upon a time some one re
marked that there had only boon one
man In history who could really
write fables and his name was Aesop.
But that was "once upon a time"
and before George Ado was discovered.
Montreal is planning to do Itself
proud when It heaps all the honors
in its power upon the fair head of
Pauline Garon, who played the lead
ing feminine role In "Sonny."
Miss Garon conferred the honor on
Empire City Course
nivEnsiDE runsK oam
Bpcll Race Train leaves Orand Cen
tral Terminal. Harlem Division, t
1.30 P. M. Reinlar tralno to Ml. Ver
non al 11.35. 11.30, UD, 2.35 V. M. Ad
ditional trains Bate. All trains atop ai
CSth St Alio reached via Leilngton and
lerome Ave. Subway, or West Karma
Subway to Mott Ave., transferring to
Jerome Ave. Subwar. or via 6th and flth
Ave "L." to Jerome Ave. Subway, thence
by trolley from Woodlawn Station.
Including Tax.
mecriccL& orv.mcnt Specialists
Oppenheim.llins &
Tomorrow's Specially Arranged Offering:
A Remarkable Special
Purchase and Sale of
1000 Women's
Hand Made Blouses
French Bastiste Trimmed
With Real Filet Lace
Values Range as High as 5.90
An unusual offering of attractive
French Batiste models, daintily hand
drawn and hand embroidered.
fri$riccLd oirncriJb Specialufo"
v Tomorrow A Special Sale of
Women's and Misses'
Sandals and Sport Oxfords
High Grade Models from Regular Stock
Reduced for Prompt Disposal
No Credits
No Exchanges
All Sales
Must Be Final
Cut-out models of fine quality
Patent Leather with very neat
perforations and instep strap.
Sport Oxfords of highest qual
ity White Canvas with smart
Patent or White Kid trimming.
Shoes Also on Sale in Our New York. Store
and Satislacrion with every
Store Hours 9 to 5
Broadtcay at Ninth
Telephone 4700
wil. find the tore easy to
Formerly 1. 7'. Stewart
Paris Favors Printed Crepes
The accompanying illustration is reproduced from a
photograph taken June 18th at the Steeplechase, Auteuil,
Paris, showing one of the many beautiful frocks of printed
crepe and Georgette crepe which were worn on that occa
Patterns strikingly re
sembling these worn at
the Pans races, are to be
had in, the Silk Rotunda,
40 in. wide, now at these
exceptionally low prices.
Printed Crepes de Chine
at $2.45 yard
$5 to $5.85 grades
Printed Georgette Crepes
and Crepe Chiffon
at $1.95 yard
$3 and $3.50 grades
Checks aplenty izreat (in
ures in blue, black and white, P'fY
or cherry-red, black and white,
resembling lorKea lightning ate
chrysanthemum design conven-
uunuuzea niio great uiocks 01
jade green and black on white,
or violet and black on white
Persian designs in various col
ors designs which arc copies
of old trench Toites de Jouy.
Small, neat florals for the
sober - minded,
and softer shades.
For frocks, summer capes,
linings for capes, coats and
suits, negligees, and the new
long blouse.
Street Floor, Old Building
Vivid s colors
Capes and Coats now $48
Black, navy blue twill and black canton crepe, in
models which have, at much higher prices ($65 to $95),
been among the smartest and most successful ones of the
Pin tucks or embroidery ejjeetive means to gain distinction on
capes and coats oj absolute simplicity o) line.
Women's Fashion Salons, Second Floor, Old Dido.
The Frocks women want today
Laces, chiffons, crepes, sports silks
$65 to $145-Tuesday
Today's prices are $95 to $245
Frocks from our salon collection. Authoritative fashions.
Trimmings of tinsel, beadings, ribbons, pleats or tucks,
each suited to the frock.
Black, of course, several shades of blue, from navy to
the most delicate shades of blue; green, the smartest beiges,
tans and grays, and shades of rose and red.
Second Floor, old Building
Linens for
Smart Tub Frocks
Linens, embroidered or striped,
dotted or plnin, in the loveliest
of summer colors nothing is
quite bo smart for the simple
one-p'cee tub frocks of the sum
mer mode.
Attract'vcly Priced.
Embroidered in gay colors,
in white, in both largo and
small patterns. Often used for
little jackets, as well as frocks,
S7.50 and J12.50.
Narrow stripes, wide stripes,
pin dots, In soft colors on
white. Handkerchief weave,
$1.65 yard; the heavier French
finish 1.35 yard.
Solid colors and such delight
ful ones and, of course, white,
in various weaves. Non-crush-able,
95c yard. French finish,
$1.25 yard. Handkerchief weave,
$1.50 yard.
Dotted grass linon the sheer
grass weave in tho natural color,
with coin dots, embroidered in
colors $2 yard.
First Floor, Old Dulldlno
Furniture to make
wee baby happy
Well proportioned, carefully
made furniture in ivory onamel
Wicker bassinets, untrimmed,
with three reeds for hood; rubber
tired wooden wheels, $16.50
regularly $19.50.
Wooden beds small size, flat
slat sides, woven wiro spring, rub
ber tired wheels, $7.50; small sizo,
decorated with little painted fig
ured, square link spring, swivel,
rubber tired wheels, $11.50; large
size, drop side, square link spring,
set on casters, $11.50.
Four drawer wicker wardrobes,
undecorated, $10.95 regularly
Wooden play yards white
. enamel finish, with numeral frame
and floor, $8.95 oak finish, with
numeral frame but without floor,
Third Floor, Old Building
Cool Morning
and Porch Frocks
Dozens of charming models, all
delightfully simple in line, ap
propriate not only for morning
and porch wear but for informal
summer occasions Because of
incomplete size ranges, many of
the frocks in this collection have
been greatly lowered in price.
$1.95 to $5.75.
Extra Hizes, $2.95 to $5.75
Ginghams in plaids and checks.
Figured voiles and striped per
cales. Moat desirable colorings.
Slip-on Aprons, $1.95 and $2.75
Plaid ginghams, beach cloth
combined with cretonne, and
cretonne combined with percales,
in models made to look like little
Third Floor, Old Building
in their new home
Now on the First Gallery, New
Building adjoining the Piano
Salons. A satis ying and con
venient arrangement, wth ample
space and demonstrating rooms
properly equipped to hear the
world's best music on any one oj
the tour standard phonographs oj
the present lime BRUNSWICK,
TROLA. You are inviuni lo avail
yourselj, of the good service o
these new Salons.
First Cillery, New Building
The Long-waited-for Carload
of Gulbransen Player-Pianos
has arrived
The lowest-priced GOOD
player-piano in America
We received a carload two months ago. They
went out in a jiffy. We've had many calls for them
since, but have been unable to satisfy them. The
demand for GULBRANSEN player-pianos from all
sections of the country keeps the factorv busv. And
tho we are the only distributors of GULBRANSEN player-pianos in Greater New York we
have had to await our turn.
Now we have got them. And it is only fair to everybody to give warning that we shall
probably have to wait another long time for the next shipment. So, if you want a GULBRAN
SEN, come Monday.
Plenty of Time to Pay
The outstanding features of the GULBRANSEN are (1) good tone, (2) easy playing
qualities, (3) complete musical response, j4) simplified, careful, substantial construction, (5)
manufacturer's 10-year guarantee, branded on every piano.
GULBRANSEN Instruction Rolls teach you to play any selection correctly, from
popular airs o grand opera.
Immediate delivery until the carload is gone.
Piano Salons First Gallery, Nw Building
RUGS Rare Opportunity
We have taken all odd quantities of domestic rugs from our regular
stocks all rugs which wo cannot duplicate or round out in complete
sizes and have set very low prices on them to move them out qu ckly,
Tuesday. '
In the 9 x 12 feet size
Grade Special price
Seamless Axminster rugs $70.00 $40.00
Seamless velvet rugs $65.00 $40.00
Seamless chenille rugs $75.00 $40.00
Seamed Axminster rugs $50.00 $30.00
American grass rugs $16.00 $8.25
Wool and fibre rugs $18.00 $12.00
In the 5'4 x 10l2 feet size
Wool Wilton rugs $85.00 $60.00
Worsted Wilton rugs $114.00 $85.00
In the 7lZtx9 feet size
Wilton velvet rugs $40.00 $22.50
Axminister rugs $42.50 $30.00
Third Oallery, New Building
Miss 14 to 20 could not ask
for more becoming Frocks
Waffle Checked Voiles
and Ginghams, $10.50
A very chic Uttlo voil frock
in tho new waffle check.
Freo, simple lines, white or
gandie fluting, gros-grain rib
Bons. Light and navy blue, red,
green and orange with white.
Ginghams plain, cube-checks,
broken checks all colors, four
Tub Silk Frocks, $19.75
Washable Habutai in fine hnir
stripes, with white, orchid, green,
black and Copenhagen blue.
Crepe de Chine Frocks,
Second Floor, Old Dulldlno.
Phone or write for the
U. S. All-wool Elaikets, $3.65
and '.hey will bo delivered immediately in time for camp
use. You may club together with your neighbors, or camps
or institutions, and
Get a bale of 20 Blankets for $70!
Hy the bale the cost is only $U.50 each. These blankets are brand
new, in the original fuctory balos. They are all-wool, 4 lbs. or moro
in weight, approximately 76x84 in. in size. Olive drab in color.
UncUt Sam paid irom S7.JS to $8.S0 tor ihem i, is line gixxt luck to gn
them Jor $3.65. First Floor. Old Dulldlng
50 Magicoid Refrigerators
) $27.50
White enamel inside and out
Have been selling at $35 to $42
33 X TJ X 4(3 in.
Holds 100 lbs. of ice. Made of 3-ply
veneer hardwood, with solid posts, in
terlocking air-tight frame with 4 extra
heavy steel bolt rods; thorough insul
ation. Heavy cast brass hardware,
nickel-plated won't rust. Extra heavy
ice chamber and reinforced ice rack.
The 32 x 18 x 50 in. size
45 at $37
The same model and sizo which we
have been sel ing or $44. Holds 100
lbs. of ice. Same construction as the
refrigerators above described.
Seventh Gallery, New Dulldlng
100 Dinner Sets Average Half
English Bemi-porcelain, Amer
ican semi-porcelain and imported
china sets. All by first-class pot
ters. Good - looking designs.
Great variety to choose from.
A bit of mid-summer luck that
we had not counted on being able
to bring to our customers.
No. of Sets
Piece Description Grade Special price
107 English semi-porcelain $es $30
100 American semi-porcelain t50 $30
100 Imported china $95 $50
Second Qallery, New Building.
47 Sewing Machines
Wanamaker brand, guaranteed for five
years at much lower prices
for the
tpOD $45 grade
25 hand-lift machines of Ameri
can walnut: long shuttle, complete
with latest attachments; five draw-
Discontinued patterns from
the maker of our regular
Wanamaker machines that give
such good service.
for the
$65 grade
15 automatic lift machines, drop
head, five drawers, mission fin
ish. CflT fthr.
iptU 1 860 grade
7 automatic lift six drawer ma
chines of mahogany; drop head.
10 Electric Sewing Machines
the celebrated "Free" machines, with West
lnghouse motor; in oak and mission and
American walnut; at the extremely ow price,
Partial payments, if desired.
I a-
Seventh Oallery, New Building

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