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PlfTJQ a Gi'rZ wr Marry
LJJJLji3 Her Summer Beau
A New Love Serial
By Caroline Crawford.
Near City Where Tax
Rate and Aldermen
Amount to Nothing.
y By Neal R. O'Hara J
CopyrlKht. 1022 (Sow York Kvrriln World),
by Prt'M Publishing Company.
All the Improvements Genius Can
Provide, Including Bullet-Proof
Checks in One-Arm Lunches.
UTOPIA Is cctoplasmlc suburb,
ono thousand nulrs and five-
cent cirfnio from municipal
The Day of Rest
ropyrlxht. IMS.
(New York llvrnlna World)
lly rrrni 1Mb Co
By Maurice Ketten
byrlglit. 1922 (New York KvcnlnK World), book lay beside her on tlio clialr ns much ullko as pens In tho samo
by I'reu l umisnMK Company. next , Tnf) can(,y wufl f rom Thy do tncir hair alike, wear
ALLY PLIERS decided to tako j,,,, IJrown and tno book fn)m a thpir krt8 lhe 8ame lensth, their
more than a two wcoks" vnca- friend but Sally was looking at tho huts at tho same angle and when tliey
tlon. Sho decided to tako n young man .who sat opiwsito her In talk"
ii.. . ... . . ...I.V. fif nil."
. L m i - mo oarior car. - on nKinj wim jvu
lUlB IllOlUll. I WO WWKB 1L'IU HI ..... ... . . ... l . - J i,or KPT.
ii mil Hi'nm rni in ' n rmnr npnrp iiiiir ftnnnnm, iin-. ri-iuiv lu ..... ... iiriionn nnn nnnnfnnun, I, ia n inn n
Itfao omco-s expense and the other a youn(J nd a yefy lmndjomQ aml her ,lp. to Jcoop back h-r no of Hasheesh and ypo.
o weeks were to bo at her own ex- 0no too, should havo the seat on tho anguish. "Of course New York girls
nso. As sho leaned bari In tho opposite side ot tho train. It was a try to bo stylish, und when ono fol- acrmlc llnilroad. Ono minute walk to
rlor car for a whole day's trip on wonder somo nlco old lady with lows a certain lino of stylo or fashion seashore; half mile to mountains and
t railroad she felt like a princess, n goodly supply of knitting or Sunday ono does wear ono's hair a ccrtnln lakes. Stone's throw from sorvlco-nt.
riuccn surveying the world which School papers wasn't sitting thore, way, measure ono's skirts by tho garage. Klght malls per day
ners to conquer. nut no. mero was a creui strapping ouarter or an men ami iui ...n. .,... .
11 supposo mother thinks I'm a bit young man of at least six feet two on at a certain angle, but as to nm- Avengo temperature Cof scoro
ravngant, taking two wc- on tny with glossy blond hair, blue eyes nnd terlals and color schemes. I think tho nnd m'ortnm ago between seventy
' 71 noon, sno tnougut ns mo irain a ianu suspicion or a musiacne. isew i one gin nuiiu unwura uuia.... , , -
I ecded merrily on thn ugh green Sally always admired blond men. In being Individual. As to talking
p Btures and barbed.wire lences. with Sho oven liked ,hem when their hair alike" sho held up her hand nnd then ',', ,' ,,,.,,"
II VI IIICIl iX BUJ-UHIU n.iv.llll ,,,., , ......vjl .i.uu... ...... .i ivii ui, uaiuu ....v..--
II 11 II
ii rj it
allow; (so MUCH - Vbu
jAi vXaI
tturesque cattle wudlng in Its cur- appeared about the lemplrs, nose and
jit. "Hut I don't cuie what tnothei neck,
anybody else thinks." sho con- Tho young man also had an uncut
dcd. "I Just want to bo lree, to book bnsido him. but ho too seemed
i-e nothing to do and who knows leluctant to read. As they passed the
ybo I'll meet somo awfully n'co inwns all tho way up to Albany each
you bolievu ln fairies,
nirrr, a. . . . rw. .. I? .... T..,l C ...1. .
let's go for tho New """. " - '
Well, now
York young man," laughed tho blond
"What do you think of him7"
"Are you a New York man?"
Sally's eyes twinkled as sho said
L III JTy flS nK--W"JT tl I'M t - irMtUlllnJIIII I I J I
i m i i in i mm ' . 1 4 i 1 -5-" ' j- i fiwt - nvif vim i r i
I 17 if if H PeMIKih3uhII and their eyes met for the hundredth time, but this
your Congresaman says, tlien somo
flay you may find Utopia. It's on
every silk-lined map, between end of
lhe rainbow and Spotless Town.
Ulopla is village with all tho mod
rm wrinkles. Crystal fountain and
bed of orchids In municipal sijuare.
Cigar store, saloon, pharmacy and
poolroom decorating four corners of
lhe two main stems. Mosaic side
walks, stately elms, cream-colored
patrol wagon and mahogany Jail. Flr
alarm Is set of chimes and riot call Is
chord by Ueethoven.
Vlllago barber Is dumb and blind.
Can't recommend any dandruff lotion;
can't Identify falllns hair. Instalment
guv wear squeaky shoes and do col
lection business by appointment only.
Den i in on call night nnd day, but fee
is .smaller after sundown when rush
horn lias petered out. Hook agents
.ill only on request, and discount Is
bmfjcr the fewer books you buy.
Hut don't snap at notion that
t'topla Is perfect. Nothing Is ever
perfect but your wife's family tree.
I'topla has Its minor defects like
burket shop business or tariff bill.
For Instance, tax rnto on dogs Is
purely nominal, but they charge DO
ci nts per 1,000 for fleas. Water sup
ply Ik free from microbes, but has
high per cent, of alcohol and fusel
oil. Houlevards are broad and f-mooth
and lengthy, but limit Is 120 miles an
hour. There aro minor drawbacks,
like those listed, even in nobby town
like IT.
r FLowerV
R. J
Local rainfall Is one-half of 1 per
cent, and refreshments assay at 93',S.
This gives Utopia grand average of
mo per cent. In Amcrlcanslm, pntrlot
l.ni and public thirst. Congressman
from Utopia district sends back seeds
for maraschin.) cherries and olive
stones for glowing Martini founda-
FLOWIr ' '
X& p.o xx.
liverythlng In tills town is on the
up-and-up. Local lodgn of Ku Klux
and pillow slips, and authorized burg
lars havo permits vised for all trip3
above tho hecond floor.
ivian nnii 11 n nnnn nnii I 11 nprr
Sally was not a vamp, a flapper
i shy little girl who was going awry
l.....l r ,1. A .(.l...lni lnl.ini in ''Tlw.V n I IWil V'PIV iritntl (llCSSIMS 1
all the scenerv and particularly en- believe they give Jill their money to tions
Joying the station greetings. Oeca- their wnes, mothers and rcnilmuo
' .... .l.n.n ..-no I Ifl.'U ,,f llin f'tlllllv tilt' 1 IllUN tlO-
niunuiiy men -jin in. i nut .mi.! ....... ... -- -- Kin nnneirH onlv in full dresq sheets
ahvnys a stony reserve which made tied tho women dress much Let or K n a ppc arso nly ft dss sheets
them turn away. than the men. 1 hey smono 100 unieii,
At the first call fur thr diner Sally talk too little and are generally apt to
aiose and followed the white-coaled .ludge a woman by the way she dresses
waiter flvo cars ahead Into the diner, rather than for her mental qualities."
When she reached her destination "I don't agree with you," coun-
. .... ..... tnt-r.,1 tiw. i1m ml n lu pvm flashed in-
nnil was scaicci ai a luuic nil n, .. . , fllnlroro it eiteh
.. .. ... . i.. ., ,ii,',,!iii,u, "Tim New Yoik man s a clinkers .11 aitn
S I IP lOUIVt'U 111 ilill lUT lllf imiiis iiinti "n--" r... v liille nn.lnt ftnnnnatuirru
,h tnr,ne,l f .-nurse, wnulil goo.1 dicsser. His trousers are alays Burners p.i bills under Queenslxirry
follow and Introduce hiniFclf. Creased, he is shaved every .lay and
Hungry looking old men with still belongs to tho gieat dally shower
hungrier looking old ladles, who in- brigade. lie ndmiics women tor
Eisted upon closing all tho windows well, for their good complexions, tho
around them, began to pour into the sparkle In their eyes ami their power
diner A couplo who looked as it to defend themselves in an argument,
limit we.m tin 1 1ml t linnni-mrtin t nllf Tho New York man is a gie.it admirer
nnnl her table for two nnd then a boy "t mo business gm who ...men a""'" ...". .....
, The Jarr Family
By Roy L. McCardell
Look Your Best
By Doris Doscher
There is no pretenso or swank in
this burg Coal guys deliver their
weights and con-
coiiyrlstit, 1022 (N'cw York nvcnln Wnild),
by Trim PubllahlriK Coinpnny
MHS. JAHH shrieked nnd fell back
from the front window, palo and
"What's the matter?" asked Mr.
niles. Sparring for time and clinch- JaT nnxously
ing with Sheriff perfectly allowable, ' ,.,
in season or out. Stock salesmen II- 1Ir WII,lc w,,s ncarl' rlm over
censed to operate during good be- an automobile!" gasped Mrs. Jarr.
havlor of the market, but liable to ar- "It Just missed him by a hair's
rest when margins get feeble. breadth as ho ran acrois the street!"
Other reforms arc visible ln rjtopla. ..Tnns Pr.,t,,KU ,,,..., ,,, 1,.,
Z. 11 1 another tab e for two and then a Hoy ul u"11" '"" "' , , ,, ' , . Sent to Jail!" Mr Jarr declaied "Au-
for tho first time upon the money H..o hounded into tho ami earns almost as much money as "Thank you" when passenger hands seni ro jail. au. jarr .leciaieu. au
hud earned with her own brain. Sho .,.,.,,,' ,' , . ,,,,. frnm he does." correct change. Slot machines work tomobllcs shouldn't be allowed to run
miTi to ic m.qm nnii npieo cHnits Tlieir dinner was oliout over now twenty-four hours a day, with double oer flvo miles an hour In crowded
liack for the other members of his and Sally quickly grablxd her chock gum on Sundays nnd holidays. Milk slrPPS.
had selected a town up-State, 11
bot rdlnc house In tho country, and
arranged everything for herself. Why
she selected that particular town iho
sho did not know. Feminine Intuitu 11
told her that was the placo to go, a.Ml
now she was on her way, so that was
"Don't cat too
too much milk
"and write oveiy day"
Sally promised to beware of eggs
and milk but declaied she wouldn't
write a single letter. Sho might bend
a postnl card every Sunday but writ
ing letters took her twek to olllcu
-jvork nnd wasn't that what she was
YTlmnlng nway from?
fnmil. Hut no blond young man "en ire 1111s .n...ri ....... l"" '"' ..t,u.. .,.,.
with .. suspicion of a blond mustache Then she bounded away while ho was rubber tires and plush sandals for
sun sipping an nc aiiu ""inu-nu 1. norse.s. .iiner iiii.ik i.iu.u ii'j nuiu 111
he would take the chair next to her favor of the town, but what's the
for the test of tho tilp. use? It was wiped out by Aurora
To-morrow Destination!. Itorealis in 1763.
cried Mr. Smith, on tho seat iby tho
chauffeur, ns a bewhlskered old man
with a pushcart ixiused Ii 1 esolutely
in the middle of tho first street cross
ing. "Ho'a deliberately trying to get In
jured so he can sue us for damages!"
Mis. Mudrldgo-Smlth testily declared.
"I shouldn't be nm prised," re
marked Mrs. Jarr, rc guiding tho
nervous old pushcart man nith dls
Old man Smith leaned back from
the front scat and said complalningly.
"As soon as a man has an automnlnlo
he's a mark for accident damnge
swung into tho car.
livery seat was taken but Iho one
at her table nnd then, Just as a fat
-,! 11 ntitnrr.il tlir. ilitinr tlila trill U'll.
' "'""y BKS 11,1,1 lowv young man entered, sensed the
her mother warned. ... n,, .,.. ... ,.or ,,,, ,
WHKN this lilg, ambling blond
six-footer stopped at her tablo
in tho diner, Sally Peters tried
to look surprised and also become in-
A bor of chocolates and an uncut teiested 111 tlic telegraph poles which
they weiu speeding by.
"Mny I sit hero?" tho soung man
politely inquired, and their eyes mot
for the hundredth time, but this time
a smile played about their Hps.
"Under the circumstances, yes
a Modern Maid
By Marguerite Mooers Marshall.
"My heart Is In my mouth tho grafters. In Romo parts of this town
wholes time the, children aro out for a P1"-""" s"n'' ohlldren out in the
,, , . street in the hope that they will be
breath of fresh air." said Mrs. Jarr hll 1)y aulomoblrH. A ,, of ,p(.pB
with a moan. "Oh, I do wish I had make a living on damage suits that
them safe In the country for thu sum- way "
lllr ., "It's Just terrible," murmured Mrs.
',, , . , ..... "That's why I won't let Mr.
It Just as dangerous for children jnrr get a car "
in uie rouniry, wnero nutomouues tear "Aim look at that loom-y : cneu ,,. nd ft t r I - soup This pone
nl"ng tiio highways at sixty miles an "" Jnrr as a young woman ciartci trates the poies and Hi-nurs the rough
I am a young man, me
chanic by trnds, and at I
handla a great deal of metal my
hands are discolored and the pores
of the skin grimy. I have used
several patent
ed cleansers for
the skin, but
none of them
helps much.
Any advice
which you
could give me
on this subject
would be great
ly appreciated.
E. B. E.
You will II nil
tli.it the hands
ran h whitened
eiy nn.lih ij wufliing them thor-
otighlj with .1 handful ot ground corn
hour," growled Mr. Jarr.
"I tell you,
forward and then back, and was nl
and Answers
curd nklii without inflamim; It. Then
mimt Htrimlt liv lh tiniJii.-tril 11 .,,f ,,tta- .ul.lnh
automobile owner or driver Is ..n, nn , ,?,.m , i,t . . . .. " .V-.: . -1 , .....V.r.
".v. - jniit;u ji lime giyii'iu.i- un-i. nun u.-ui.
an .ictual or potential murderer, nnd boneheads and Jay-walkers, and I slightly diluted with spirits of enm-
I would not take one of those mnn- supposo they really don't try to get ,,nnl. Jn tlc ,,(lm Qf one moistened
i niniiinrim, ,nnni,innn .. m .. .,if, iTt.ni. hl"'. although they act like it," said h,..,,. ,i thoroiiL-lilv tub over each
Iteni v writes me thev h ive I tiled two M"'- MuJrilBe-Snilth. hand nnd wrist This will whiten nnd tlioro.ighlv massaging with ollva oil or
lleniy wrias me they hac klll.d two tuk,,H ,h(, pl(,n(mro out ut ,,tt0 ih rollKh.-n.-d sliln. lanolin, using .1 rotary motion. Tan
ol his pigs, four of his dogs and ten owning a car, I should Imagine," Vou can avoid a gieat many stains nml fn-c Ules can be faded out by beth-
of Ills clilckens as they rushed past said Mrs. Jarr. "Ho many people llV K(Tatt hinir the linger nallH In a bar Ing the face with lemon Juice or but-
uiu rigins 01 of soap before ntt. niitliig uny work, termilk r glycerine to which a low
ing the doltcato cutlcly of tho nails.
Thuro aro gloves nuido for almost
every kind of task. If you chooso ttw
proper ones thoy will not Interfere
with your work.
Dear Miss Doichen
I am a new reader of your
column and would greatly ap
preciate your advice. I have very
large pores in my face. Would
you give me a formula to cure
them? JOAN.
Encourage the propor functioning
of the skin glands by first hot ami
then cold applications. If the last
rinsing water is cold and a. few drops,
of benzoin or other astringent Is
ndde.l. it helps to contract the pores.
Proper functioning ot tho skin glnnds
of the face cmncs from good circula
tion of the entire body. A good rut
down after tho bath in the mornlns
helps affect a cure.
Dear Miss Doscher:
I wish to consult you as to the
best way to shape my legs. I
have pretty narrow ankles, but my
knees are very poor. How can I
remedy this in the shortest pos
sible time? Also how can I re
move tan and freckles? G. M.
The legs can be wonderfully lm
piocd In shape by proper oxercises
'he ankles can bo rounded out by
l il !l
1. now many woras arc .ncrc to ma t0r,(.. of -olcc
b a7
2. What is the shortest Book of the
3. What wrs the meaning of "Pa
trlarch" in Old Testament times?
4. Who were the Pharisees?
5. What was the meaning of "Ser
Keeping .1 husb.uul in like keeping a dog a matter of kindness, firm
nes and home attractions. But a perfect pet will sometimes run
away in spite of all tint ou can do.
r r i ill. utilv ium mini enn onensnorn !o n .vnmnn more man liv fnrirnttlntr Mu finm r Ii 1 r itmm,r ,mH hn unmn't na'' i" ih.iiu lur
the thinrr she has asked Mm to rcmemlsir is by remembering tho ...t.ie to ston them ami collect dam- '",',:r8 or.t""": .own nv und .'".n"a. This prevents the gnase from enter- drops of camphor have been added.
. JL ... Loon at uiat child hanging on neiunu
she lepllcd, nssumlng rather an Icy
"I believe it is the only
remaining seat in the diner."
"Unite right." ho cxclnimed. "Have
you li-'eii keeping tab of the heats.'"
Thin luought the color to her checks
and he quickly roenLil as he adiled,
"I huve. I was standing Just out
side, where I had un excellent view
of this diner via a mirror, and when
1 sau there was only ono seat mid
thing she hopes to h..en lie will forget!
that taxlcab!
"And what makes me so angry." "It's our Willie!'
A brnlc gloom's friends ro about wondering, naively, "what ho ever saw B( jlrs jttrr( is j),e supercilious Jarr
in that girl." He saw whatever sho wanted him to see
exclaimed Mr
6. Why did the Egyptian Princess ext lo 1 linow " wtlH m'
rescue Mo::i from the bulruihes? chance.
Again Sully becainn InteiPHted in
ANSWERS. ,jIU telegraph poles and tho young
1. There are 773,92 wuids in liio man gave his nttentlnn to tho inonu.
v.!Ut. "It's a great St.ilo, Now York." ho
2. III. John la the shortest Book of said. "I supposo of cutirso you livo
lhe Ulble. here?"
3. I rinrch was the namo given to es-
iho head of tho family. "I knew It. Now or girls nil look
4. Tho Pharisees wero a religious niK.
..-.U . . . l... . . .. i.i i .. .....,.
ttay autolsts turn around and glare . "', .... . rV ,..,
otter sho hnd decided that what SII13 saw in HIM at .ou lf (1,re to rross the street . , ... .
at .vou ir yo-u uare to cross tno sin hi wt.M we get a car I won't let him
Helps for the Mother
.,ii Li do!
I'loliably it was tho second married man In the
wo. hi who first was guilty of that bromide ot cynicism:
"liie ie.il wife is always tho other man's wife."
Winn a woman coos, "Toll me everything,
ili.art.4t." nothing can suvo a man except instantaneous
IPs easy enough for a business woman to turn down a man who wnnts
n wife, but refusing another woman who wants a Job spoils the day of tho
most hard-hearted among us.
n front of their machines, or if you ride In it.
een dodge back Just m time to save
y.mr life. Their expressions seem to
saw 'What right have people to live
who ..re so poor that they can't afford
Tf.fii urther criticisms wpre ut
mi. t flcrtiude, the nuiiil, enlriius
und ar.nounejng that Mrs Mudndgo
Hnutli's chauffeur was at the door
and said that Mrs. Mudndge-Hmith
presented her compliments and
w atied to know If Mr. and Mrs. Jarr
r i
party among the Jows at tho tlmo of
6. "Seraphim" was nn nrdor ot
C-testlnl beings, whom Isaiah bc-iu.u
n vision standing above Jehovah is
sat upon h - throne
"ThAnk you so much. You might
doses rom tlie bulrush. been use his
rles moved l.er to compassion
i.',.n- ,.ft.,r l.nii suoKcstcd to a man tiiat ho needn't tako her to an w.dd iro to come out for an auto-
saV U." ffinwW A' "I"- P lor dinner. .... constdcrs it sheer brutality It ..0 takes her-ut ,
havr known one you know the whole hor word. "Ceitnlnly; say. we 11 ,e don In a
(rlbe ." 1 ffw minutes!" ropllefl Vr Jai r, and
Oh, I didn't exactly mean thnt--at A friend Is the pprsn ' whom a woman tolls her love affairs nnd with ,n ,i sb'.rt space ot time that 1 idv am1
., I,, ; husband were gl.dniK ;inj) in
6. The Kgyptlan Princes rescued "'UMl 1 - "'"" c-....,.,... ....... ..o
slit becnuse his '"" ' ' "'" unr.ia.j
and He travelled an over the states,
lOepyrlsht, 1W3.
TrUneic l'catum Scnicc. "n. honestly, the New YoiH Kills arc man would need un adding mwhlao.
whom she trusts her husband ivcn nftrr tho telling.
To present uit accurate "tul ot all tho girls he over loved tho nverngo
th.ir friend's automobile.
"Look whero you're KOlng, btupid:
New Inventions.
TI 1 It 10 are lla . utting
units In a new motor lawn
mower which can be oper
ated successfully over uneven
An electrlu henter d.aigned
for warming rooms also can 1
used to toast biead or boil
Weighing only 110 pounds,
ii Ihrto-wlicclcd automobile
has beon Invented by n Japanese.
Its Indiana inventor Ins
patented u simple wn-e de
in which holds books open on
IflCN foods aie added to the M'.i
diet of mi infunt this should
nil ,
bo done very giadually and
l.l will
Kven a child of lour year.
Id receive not more than two
ounces of beef Juice or four ounces of
Mutton und chicken broth
A good wa to amuse the little
folk when tho weather la too hot for
n 1 1
at all tunes newly added foods should mn he given on alternate days with
ho served In small quantities. It is beef Juice.
best not to ndd new foods during the
lleuf juice should appear In tho ,rn "and i, 71
menu of tho ovornxe. child when It oll tm, p,,reh or In a shady spot In
reaches thn ago of nine months, l'hy. tho yard and let them sail a boat or
aintuns locumtnoiid it even for tho live- amuse themselves with tho swimming
tnontha-uld baby who Is woak and toyn- Roll up their sleeves and put
anaemic Ilegm with two teaspoon- on a rubber apron so thoy can spla-jh
fuls diluted with tho sumo nunnttty Ml the water unhampered.
ol w.itel. It should be gm n lit the '
midday meal. pri'teiubl about fifteen co cream cone ore a menace to
minutes befuro the regular feeding chlldien with unwise mothers. Chll-
iliailc ill iniTisim: the quantity until dren under six years of ago are better
l.) tin i ml nl a month iiik teaspoon- oft without ice cream, and when It Is
nils . ii' H ii'H Two u tim e table- allowed it should lw restricted to the
stuioiif.il ot tuef Juice, and double noon meal dessert and only once or
tlni aiiiiniiit ot broth, whon this Is twice a week at that. It should be
given, ato umplo lor a child ot ono berved ln dishu and never to cones.
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