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RYAN FAILS FOR $32,000,000
To-Nightfe Weather FAIR.
To Moreow'e Weather FAIR.
wall Street!
"Circulation JJodka Open to AIL" !
I "Circulation Books Open to All.
m .
& VOL. LXIII. NO. 2Z,10b DAIIiY.
CBpjrijht (Nrir Vnrk World) by Vrtss
rubllahliif Company, 1022.
r.nlfrrd as Krronil-Clati Matter
l"it Office, Now York, N. V.
Voluntary Petition is, Filed in
the Federal Court by
WITH $27,806,984 ASSETS
His Fortune Is Estimated by
His Friends at
Allan A. Ryan of Allan A. Ryun &
Co., No. Ill Broadway, filed a volun
tary petition In bankruptcy in the
Federal District Court this after
noon. Liabilities are placed at J32.435.
470, of -which $27,806,981 arc secured
Assets arc mentioned at boinn
J643.523, including securities of
?5 )9,89S.
Up until a little more than a year
pr Allan A. Ttyan waj one of tho
most spectacular stock market oper
ators in Wall Street. As a result ot
his market operations, which were
mostly In htocks of companies owned
largely by himself and associate.", he
built up paper profits of many mill
ions o fdollars. His close personal
friends at one time estimated his for
tune at more than $25,000,000.
Ills most notable performance was
the consummation of a market "cor
ner" in stock of the Stutz Motor
Company. Hut whllo tho corner was
eminently successful, it began to
mark the swift decline of his market
As a result of this corner he an
tagonized many of the most financial
powers, and his resignation from the
New York Stock Exchange was
Companies m which tho bulk of
Ihls fortune was understood to be
placed began to experiences great fin
ancial difficulties. Certain of them
were forced into receivership.
Karly this year Ityan was sued for
$1,755,76? by his sister-in-law, Caro
line S. Hyan, who alleged that Ryan
"wrongfully converted anil delivered
to his trustees" her securities.
Similar suits had previously been
filed by Mrs. I. Townsend Iiurden and
Mrs. Eudora F. Walsh. Mrs. Burden's
claim was for $328,111 and Mrs.
Walsh's $305,222.
RAN FRANCISCO. July 21. Filing
of candidates for the California
prnyary m .August nan closed to-day.
Ar.long the last minute petitions was
-that of Vpton Sinclair, of I'asadcna,
author, who filed for United States
Senator' on the Socialist ticket, adding
bis candidacy to those of Senator
II Irani W. Johnson and Charles C
Moore, Itepublloans, and William J.
Pearson, DcmocVal.
Those Who Aim to
0wna Home Will Find
World Ads. Valuable
Homeseekers find The World Real
'Estate ads. to be exceptionally valu
able because of the practical and
timely information they contain.
Read them to-day and see what they
offer you.
World "Real Estate"
and "To Let" Advts.
More than correspond
ing week last year.
Shelled City and Under Cover
of Night Crossed King's
Sound in Barges.
LONDON, July 21 (Associated
Vress). The city of Limerick has
been captured by tho Irish National
Army, says a Central News despatch
from Dublin tills afternoon. Tho
Nationals took many prisoners, to
gether with arms and nmmunition.
DUI5LIN, July 21 (Associated
Press). Tho Town of Waterford, on
the southeast coast of Ireland, which
yesterday was stoutly defended by
Republican Insurgents, lias been i-
tercd by National Army forces, who
havo already taken fifty prisoner.
says an official report issued by tho
Nationalist General Headquarters
early to-day.
Tho capture of Wutcrfo-d was af
fected by the Nationalists crossing
the river two miles southeast of the
city and entering tho rem of tho
country club premises, where they
surprised the alccplijg garrison.
HHLFAST. July 21 (Associated
Press). Nationalist troops were am
bushed to-day In the south side of
Dublin by assailants on the housetops
and behind walls, who fired rifles and
hurled bombs, says a Dublin despatch
this afternoon.
A joungglrl alighting from a trolley
car was struck dead. Several civilians
were Injured.
Irregular troops, preparing for an
ambush near Roscrra, Tlpperary,
were surprised to-day by National
Army troops, who captured eleven of
the irregulars, with rifles and bombs,
sas a despatch received here.
Ban on One-Pieee
At Bradley Beach Creates Shock
The single piece battling suit has
of the most exclusive resorts on tho
Notices were stuck up to-day alli
oer the town and among the trees
leading to tho town; on Main Street
and tho streets leading to the beach
and all along the boardwalk, to tho ef -feet
that beginning with to-morrow,
women bathers must wear skirts and
have their limbs entirely covered up.
Bradley Beach boasts of Its beauti
ful lathers and In particular of their
beautiful, it abbteviated, bathing uwd
dazzling costumes! But never had
$5,355 HOLD-UP
S5,170 of Payroll Recovered
After Running Battle With
Tour Robbers.
Menace Paymaster in Street
With Revolver and Es
cape in Car.
Four armed men held up Jacob
Alux, Vico President of Stuta &. Co.,
cigar box manufacturers, No. '-So
Monroe Street, on the crowded cor
ner of Columbia and liroomo Streets
at 12.30 o'clock to-day, robbed him
of a payroll amounting to $3,353 and
fled in a Chandler touring car. Within
an hour, through excellent police
work, the car was located in Long
Island City, two of tho thugs were
captured and $5,170 of the loot was
Mr. Alux bad drawn tho money
from the Corn Kxchange Bank branch
at 10th Street and Avenue 15. Ho car
ried It under his arm wrapped in u
When bo roaclH-d Columbia. 'and
Hrootno Stieets four men clci.od ii
on him. One grabbed the packago of
money. Another threatened Mr. Alux
with a pistol: Witnesses made no at
tempt to stop the thugs as they ran
to the automobile which was standing
at the curb a few feet away with the
engine running.
Tho car was so'on out of sight.
Within a few minutes a policeman
was on the scene and he immediately
telephoned the news of tho robbery to
Police Headquarters. Capt. Lawrence
Hlnes of the Telegraph Bureau flashed
tho report to every ferry landing and
bridgo station and to the railroad
terminals. Policemen were notlflfd to
loot; out for a Chandler touring car
with four passengeis.
Patrolman Michael New of the
Queensboro Bridge squad had just
received news of the robbery at the
Long Island City end of the bridge
when tho car passed him. He ran
after it and the chauffeur, noting tho
pursuit, got excited and stiiered the
car ltno pile of sewer pipe at Mott
and Van Alst AvenucK, wrecking it.
The thugs Jumped from the car and
ran, separating New, who had been
joined by Patrolman Kdward J. Sul
livan, gave chase. Tho thugs fired
two bhots at the policemen but dldn t
stop them. After a pursuit of two
"blocks the cops ovejtook two of the
thives and nabbed them.
At tho Long Island Citv Detectivo
Bureau the money was found in tho
pocket of one of tho men who de
scribed himself as Il.iriy Cohen,
tweenty-seven, No. 342 Hast 72d
Street. The other said ho was Harry
Walker, twenty-three. No. 194 Hoso
Street, Brooklyn
In tho abandoned touring ear, Do
tectlve Vesey lound a fully loaded
.32 calibre icvolver.
Among the. ih'tcetHcs who were
sent out fiuin Jlcadquartors when the
news of tho hold-up was received
wero McCartney, Hepetto and La
Battogllo. They hurried to the scene
of tho crime and in Broomo Street
near Columbia saw three fugitive
youths lounging In a doorway. On
gencial principles the detectives
nabbed the young men and from the
coat pocket ol one of them took a
loaded plslol.
Bathing Suit
been swept off Bradley Uracil, ono
Jersey Coast
thcie been the slightest objection
voiced as to the scarcity of tho bath
ing apparel. So the posters which
went up this afternoon with the name
of Mayor, Flank C Borden jr., at
taclicd to them, has cicated a pro
found shock.
Fvaslon of the order means arrest
and a fine. not to exceed $200, or 90
days In jail or both Tho ordinance
was passed by tho city commission
yesterday and applies to men as well
as women.
Try to
Rose From Teache to Asso
ciate Superintendent of
N. Y. Public Schools.
Mrs. Grace Rtrachan Forsythe, As
soeiatn Superintendent of Schools,
died In her home. No. 235 West 72d
Street, to-day, from spinnl arthritis,
from which she had suffeied since
shortly after election to her position
In the school system last January.
Having risen from tho teaching
ranks to tho highest plnco which a
teacher could occupy in tho schools,
Mrs. Forsythe was ono of tho most
widely known educators In the coun
try. For many years an advocate of
better working conditions for the
women teachers, It was she who led
the fight for equal pay for equal
work, and first proposed tli moasure.
She championed the cause of the mar
ried women teachers when there was
opposition to women continuing in the
city's employ after marriage, al
though she herself, at the time, was
unmarried. -
Mrs. Forsythe was flfty-nlno years
old. She was born in Buffalo and at
tended the schools in that city. I'pon
graduation fiom the Normal School
in that city when sixteen yea is old
she, received her license to tench.
Mrs. Forsythe taught in the grudc
schools nnd In the High School In
Buffalo. A year later who came .to
this city with her parents and obtained
a position as a teacher In Brookln.
Later sho became a piinclpal and Dis
trict Superintendent.
Sho surprised her friends four years
ago, while on her vacation, when she
married Timothy J. Forsythe, n ieul
estate dealer with an olllce in Long
Beach. Mr. Forsythe was seerul
years her Junior.
In addition to her husband she
leaves two sisters and two brothers
Mrs. Charles F. Kingsley, wile of an
attorney, of No. 235 West 72d Street
and Mrs. Anna G. Cronln, a widow
also of that address; two lnotlie-
John Strncban. a publisher, ol tins
(Continued on Fifth Page.)
Real Estate
for the
Sunday World
Must be in
The World Office To-Day
Before 6 P. M. .
To insure proper clarification
HE 01
Fire and Blow
John P. Roullot Accidentally
Shot in Abdome'h by
Robert Purcell.
Automatic Pistol Discharged
As It Is Drawn From
Lieut. John P. Roullot of the Avia
tion Corps of tho tinny was shot ami
in'stuntly killed at Mltchcl Field.
Mlneola, L. I., at noon yesterday by
Lieut. Robert Purcell. The trag, 'y
was not made public until MaJ. W. It.
Weaver, commander of the post, an
nounced to-day his finding that the
shooting was entirely accidental.
According to the statement given
out from the headquarters of Mitchel
FioM, Capt. Ira C. Baker and Lieut.
Roullot had taken a group of Ofllcors
Reserve Corps men to the pistol rungo
to glvo them instruction in the use of
tho .45 callbro automatic plslol. Theio
was no target practice contemplated
and no ammunition hud been Issued.
The btudont officers took their pis
tols apart to the last screw and spiing.
The mechanism was explained to
them and tho name of each part.
Then they put tho pistols together
again and sat ulout the table, which Is
used by the scorers on tho range, In
casual conversation
Lieut. Purcell, according to the an
nounced result of tho Investigation,
had como to tho field with bis weapon
loaded, had taken out tho clip of cart
ridges before the lesson, and had
slipped it back and put tho pistol in
his holster uftcrwards.
In the courso of tho conversation,
according to the statement, he had or.
caslon to take the pistol out to ask for
some further Information nnd it was
discharged as It left the holster.
Lieut. Roullot was sitting on tho op
posite side of tho table. Tho bullet
struck him In tho abdomen. A hur
ried call was sent to the post hospital,
but Lieut. Roullot was dead by the
time a surgeon reached him.
No report was niado by Mltchcl
IFeld to civil authorities.
Lieut. Rouillot, who was twenty
six years old, was one of tho best
known aviators in tho army. Ho
had recently been assigned to duty at
Mitchel Field, coining from Fiance
Field, Panama Canal Zone, wheie ho
left his Wife, a bride of a little mole
than two months.
Lieut. PurcclPs homo Is nt No. SI
Fast Avenuo, Rochester, lie Is mar
ried and hns two children. Arcorillng
to Ills enlistment application, ho Is
forty-flvo years old.
During tho World War Lieut. Pur
cell was stationed nt soeral Texas
flying fields. He was a private in
the Reserve Officers' Training Corps
In 1917 and In 1918 was commissioned
u Second Lieutenant In tho Signal
Corps, aviation section, as a nop -I ly
ing officer.
Mrs. Roullot wus notified by cable
this morning by Mujor Weaver of her
husband's death.
Lieut. I'uiccll was put under aneat
Immediately, and Major J. W. Jones,
who Is summary court ofllcer oi the
post, was appointed as a board of in
quiry. Ho will summon bOoie him
all the twenty-two oflicern of tin
training class as wltnesHrs 11 will
list with the finding of the 1 . ,. i . 1 !U,
to wbothir a court martial .-. 1 1 . . 1 1 lie
oidercd Bi;causo of tin; Matus of
Lieut. Puicell as only on temporal v
duty the army rnny turn tin wimi,.
matter over to tho authoiltics
Nassau County.
Hospital Baby Scalded to Death
As Nurse Prepares Her for Bath
Infant Rolls Off Platform Into Tub of Hot Water at
Welfare Island Institution.
Ruth Larscn, n nurso In the Mmio
politnn Hospital on Welfare l-lainl,
ii ported to tho beail nurso tn lnj
Mut while she was preparing Muiim
ict Young, eight months old, of No.
SO Allen Street, a. patient, for a bath,
Jewell Announces That Men
Have Authority to Nego
tiate Separately.
CHICAGO, July 21.
Hulking shopmen are ready to
negotlato with Individual roads.
Bert M. Jewell. Piesldent of tho
bhop crafts, declai od to-day that
peace may result from confer
ences with separate roads.
"It Is my belief, however, that
separate agreements would not be
as satisfactory as a national
agreement." Jewell said, "but our
aim is to end tho strike. Wo do
not caio in what manner it is
ended as long as tho roads ngreo
to our demands."
Several leading loads wero ic
ported ready to negotlato Indi
vidual agreements.
Public Utilities and Essential
Industries Precede Do
mestic Use.
WASHINGTON. July 21 The Na
tion will be put back on a win time
fuel basis if coal production Is not
lesuuied in the near futuie.
With many parts of the country al
ready feeling the effect of a coal
shortage that is gi owing more alarm
ing each dny, Secretary of Commerce
Hoover is framing plans for the re
vival of the wartime fuel administra
tion to ration and control the dis
tribution of coal.
Secretary Hoover, after a confer
ence at the White House with Presi
dent Harding, announced that later
to-day ho would announce his plan for
controlling tho dlsttlbutlon of coal
through priority orders to the tail -roads
the first step in the Govein
mcnt's fuel conservation plan.
Secretary Hoover now has agents
throughout tho country rcpoitlng on
coal conditions nnd under the direc
tion of these officials the organiza
tion would be expanded Into a vast
voluntary' agency.
Local committees probably would be
asked to dec.laro a fair pi Ice for coal,
In tho iK'llef that the prices could be
enforced through tho pressure of pub
lic opinion.
Kurh local committee would de
termine what coal users In Its com
munity should lw given fuel to pre
vent Hiitforlng on tho pait ot the pub
lic, while tlio national organization
would tako steps to distribute the
limited supply of coal to parts of the
country that wero In dlro need
Tim first step In fuel conservation
will be priority oiders to railroads to
move coal uhcad of other freight.
Hoover Is now working out plans for
Hindi orders with tho Interstate Com
merco Commission. Orders also may
ho If-siicd .giving priority on oal ship
ments to tho Noithwrjft anil New
Kngland, where tho fuel shmtago Is
most acute.
In the event a voluntary Fuel Ad
ministration Is established, coal wmiM
go first to tho Government and the
lailroads, then tho public utilities, the
eentlal Industries, tho private con
sunn is, nnd finally to tho non t-ssen-I
i.i I Industries.
tho Infant rolled off a platform into
the hot water In tho tub and was
scalded to death.
Dr. Rosenberg of the hospital taff
reported the case to Police Head
quarters. The body of the child -iui
taken to the Morue at Bellevue.
Up Coal Mines
Two Frick Properties Attacked by Strikers, One
Tipple Fired, Bomb Hurled at Other
Deputy Sheriff's Home Burned Attempt
to Keep Out Maintenance Men.
PITTSBURGH. Jul 21. A battlo marked with 'shootiugB and at
toniptmi dynanittlnss started in tho Fayette County coal Holds to-day be
twen striking minors anil guards, as National Guardsmen converged on
th" disturbed area.
Guards at Lie Dearth mliio, owned by tho II. C. Frick Coke Company,
.'ipeiied fire on miners as they attempted, to set flro to tho tipple.
Investigation showed that au attempt had been made to dynanilto
tile mine.
U the Laniont mine, also owned by Frick, a bomb wus hurled nt'tlic
I letachnients of National Cimrilkmen
Pear lillect on Party Politics
From Industrial
By David Lawrence.
(Special Correspondent of The
nlug World.)
WASHINGTON, July 'Jl (Copy
right). United States Senators aro
getting restless and uneasy over the
Industrial crisis Several of them
flocked to the White 1 louse to-day to
find nut If leglalatloii could euro the
trouble and bring peace. Others told
Mr. Hurdlug that If there was going
to be any allocating of coal, they
wanted to know about It. Senator
Lodge, Republican leader, .said, for
Instance, that he hoped to see that
New Kngland would get Its share
Tim situation has readied a point
where the effect of continued Indus
trial warfare may bo felt In the polit
ical campaign.
The Republican Party lias much to
lost this fall if conditions approach
ing their campaign pledges uic nut
realized by the rank and file.
Many nt the Republican leaders
know how close the connection is be
tween tudustilal pence and Killtieal
success next autumn. Senutor James
Watson of Indiana caino to tho White
House with Senator t 'umiiiliis and the
net effect of their visit was a de
termination to i n.siin with tho rail
executives and see If they wouldn't
wulvi) the single obstacle that stands
In fife way of agreement, naiiu ly, a
restoration of seniority lights to the
men who return fiom the strike.
Tho word has gone out that the
Northwestern roads are. leady to set
tle and that many of tho Southern
rojds would do likewise Tim Kastern
executives are unyielding. Will they
put tho Republican Party in a holo by
prolonging tho striko beyond the point
(Continued on Fifth Page.)
Slaying of Heckley .wrist
Followed Family Quarrel
Mrs. Anderson Arrested.
HKCKLKY, W. Va.. July 21 Judge
John M. Anderson of the Criminal
f'ourt was shot to death by his wife
here last night following a family
quarrel, according n Italelgh County
authorities, whn l. Mm. Anderson
under arrest at her home.
Mrs. Andeison, authorlt.es n!d,
fired five times, thrro of tho bullets
taking effect. ThoJiUal hot entored
Just above the heart. Judito Ander
son died tn a hospital twenty mlnutei
ero diawlng near Fuyctto County
when tbu battlo started. Tho guaids
inen wuro to mako bendquartf ra in
Westmoreland County, which adjoins
Tim homo of Deputy iiheilff-Und- ,
say .Miller, a guard nt tho Revere
mlm;, was burned to the ground. Tho
family was ubient when the flro broke
SHAMOK1.V, p., July 1. The
first dlslui banco In tho lower anthra
cite coal llehls slnco tho suspension
went Into effect occurred to-duy, when
a crowd nttMiiptcd to prevent maln
tcnanco men from reporting for worlr
at the Ponnsylvunlan und Richard)
HARRIsfeuitO, Ta.. July 21.-,
Pennsylvania cavalrymen and ma
chine gunners moved Into Cambria,
Indiana, Somerset, Washington nd
Westmoreland Counties In tho south,
western pint of the State to-day to
prevent disorder when bituminous
mines nie reoiened.
Tho whole power of tho State Gov
ernment Is being massed behind
thorn. State policemen In the af
fected dlstiicts will act, with the sol.
With the 1,100 cavalrymen and
gunnels In the .strike districts, moro
than 1,0110 men wlU move toward
.Mount !i etna, in Iho centro of the
State, to liegln the first of tho two
periods of active servlco of tho sum
mer encampment, and G.0OO moro
men aro at home stations ready to
lo called out.
Announcement that guardsmen had
liecn sent Into tho Southwestern coal
fields caused niimeious requests for
soldlcis to lie made by operators In
other pints of tho State. Assur
ances nt i dullness to start, if protec
tion could lie given, came from a'
dozen counties, including soma of
those Into which guardsmen entered
With the announcement that
guaidMiien were on their way to
Westein Pennsylvania, Important
mining Interests pushed preparations
to ie-npen the mines, which have
lieen closed by tho Coal strike.
Four mines In Washington County,
selected by tho Pittsburgh Coal Pro
ducers' Association for Immediuto
operation, wero being cleaned up ut
Hill Station, Hondcrsnnvllte. Rich
Hill and Hridgevllle, and it was fiaid
that within a few days they would be
ready to rut coal.
Only two mines are operating In
the county. There h.ve been dis
orders ut both and they are cow
under guard of State policemen and
deputy sheriffs.
From Somerset, Indiana, West
moreland and Cambria Counties cmf
reports that tha operators were pre
paring to reopen their mines and to
increase working forces at mines
which were sadly crippled by tho
Movement of the aoldlen to the
soft coal districts Ii the first to ba
made ns a praventlva measure.
Heretofore ruardamen have been or
dered out when dliorder oocurred.
Many of the men on active duty are
overeA oteran and they are
equipped like regular.
Col. K. J. Sttckpolc Jr. of Hrrt.
(Conlinuad on Fifth I'uaa.)
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