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Whoopee! Jimmie, Freckle -Faced Hero,
Vhat Did You See To-Day?
NO LONGER REflUIRE WtQ Saved Dog Thrown Into 35-Foot Pit,
Gets $10 Gift From an Anonymous Friend
Educated Classes Now Suffer
ers, Declares Famine Work
er Here on Resolute.
Thousands Starve to Death,
but He Refuses to Tell
of Cannibalism.
Th peasantry of Russia Is no
longer In need of American relief In
the opinion of Dr. A. C. Ernst of
1 Stillwater, Minn., who as the rep
resentative of the National Lutheran
Council has been In charge of food
distribution In the Saratov district In
the famine area for three years and
also wan associated with tlio Ameri
can Relief Association. But he b-
llaves that this country should con
tribute enough to Insure n supply of
food until January 1 to the educated
class. Dr. Ernst returned to-day on
the United American liner Resolute
from Hamburg.
"The people who are really In pitiful
i straits In Russia," said l3r. Ernst,
I "are the Intellectuals and their chll
' dren. They arc unable to work with
j their hands and that Is tho only kind
I of work that brings any reward In
! Russia. They am looked down upon
by the uneducated workers; every
thing they had has been taken from
I them nnd thousands have starved to
death rather than seek aid.
"In the Volga region, where I had
; charge 0f the distribution of rood in
i 145 villages, the crops will be abun
i dant, considering the scarcity of anl
mala for farm work The cultivation
of the soil has been done almost ex
clusively by human labor, women and
children taking part In drnggtnR
'nlows and harrows. With the ooJ
.on hand the people will have enough
to subsist on until the next '.top.
which should place them on a self
supporting basis."
Pome of the passengers on ihe
Resolute said that Dr. Ernst had Alt
nessed exhibitions of cannibalism In
his work in Russia. He lefu.sed to
discuss his experiences In advance of
his report to' the organization which
sent him abroad.
William J. Love. Vice President of
tho Shipping Hoard, whphas been In
England and Germany for two months,
returned on the Resoluto. Mr. Love,
naturally. Is stiongly In favor of the
Ship Subsidy Hill now before Con
gress. Ak an additional argument In
favor of it he cites the fuct that Brit
ish shipping interests, already able to
build and opeiate more economically
than our operators, are seeking fur
ther economies in construction and
peratlon. English shipping, he said.
has been almost converted to the ad
vocacy of uso of tho Diesel engine,
which would cut down operating costs.
Rev. N. W. Hans, iastor of St
Anthony's Roman Catholic Church,
Nanuet, N. V".. returned with a relic
of St. Anthony, which ho obtained at
Padua, Italy. He anticipates that
this relic will make his church a
G. D. Revcll of Ashevllle. N. C.
ivho lias been in Europe, Asia and
iL"F!irvnt for two veurs. leturned with
the Idea that French and British
oolltlcians aro responsible fur tho
disturbed condition of affuirs In
Europe. He spent some time In Pal
cstlno and is not enthusiastic about
the Jewish settlement there. In a
non-productive country surrounded
by hostile Arabs, he said, the colo
nists aro not progressing:.
Col. Edward II. Hurklll, Treasurer
of tho Great Northern Paper Com
pany, and a trustee of the American
College for Girls In Constantinople
was a passenger on the ReBOlute,
He went abroad to supervise the In
auguratton of construction of twoVew
buildings In the college group.
5,000,000 ESTATE
JK Marcus L. Ward Left $4,000,
W 000 for a Home for Jer
sey Bachelors.
Tha will of Marcus I,. Ward, dls
posing of an estate valued at about
$5,000,000, Is upheld In a decision
handed down to-day by Vice Chan
cellor Fielder of New Jersey. Mr
Ward directed that about 14, 000. 000
bo used for tho establishment of
Ihome for aged and respectable barl.o
Mors and widowers. Including tho.i
who may have through misfortun
lost their fortunes. He directed tha
ICthey must be at least sixty yours ol
Ifnnd havo lived In New Jersey at least
ISten years.
Ill Relatives contested the will, pur
Iftlcularl. the provision for tho homo
IfDr. Joseph M. W. Kitchen, of East
;(l-u)ranso, a cousin, started thi action
(vjla was Joined by other relatives
kThey contended that the clause con
cernlnn the honje was vague and un
Illegal and against publl
Gentleman in Troy Forwards
Amount Through the Eve
ning World to Youngster
Who Won Fame and a Pet
Jlmmlc McKenna. now, Is the kind
of u hero you'd like to haVe been.
Jimmie Is ten, .sandy haired, frecltlcd,
blue-eyed and weurs well-worn and
well-patched blue overalls. Also his
dog Is always at his heels.
It was tho rescue of this dog which
made Jimmie a hero. ' The dog had
been thrown down u thl-ty-flve-foot
excavation on tho Grand Concourse
near 163d Street by a drunken man
Into ten feet of water. Jimmie wa
prcpnring to dtve down after the pu,
when 'Motorcycle Policeman Cornlss.
fearful for Jlmmie's life, obtained a
rope and, us Jimmie ptrts It, "h'lsted
him down.
Of course, the dog became Jlmmie's
fter his swim for It and jWmle be
came quite a personage up his way
after The Evening World made
known his oxplolt. Consequently It
was no trouble at all to find him to
day when an Evening World repor
ter cnlled to present to him J10 sent
by an anonymous gentleman, a fa
mous lawyer of Troy. N. Y., who
wrote he considered tho puoucuy
given the boy equivalent to a sub
stantial endowment to tho S. P. C. A.
and wanted Jimmie to have the
money for a dog collar and a license.
Knocks on the door brought no
answer at ' No. sus urani Avenue,
where Jlmmlo lives, but a hulf dnscn
boys, whlto und bluck, gatticreu
"Lookln' for Jlrnmle?" they in
quired. "He's around tho corner.
Wait. I'll get him for you!.'
Two raced for tho honor. In u
moment they returned with n third
boy. a- slight little fellow, bareheaded
and in overalls, und n skinny Ilttio
white and tan pup which loped at his
'Here's another guy come to see
von." Jimmie. tho gang, now con-
Idernbly increased, yeueu.
Jimmie grlnn.'d. The dog crouched
nt his feet trustingly.
Here's X10. Jimmy, a kind
sent you for saving the pup,
the reporter.
"CW!" exclaimed tne gang aimns.
In chorus. "'inula leu. iwemy,
yiZ Jlmmlo's got now!
.limin e crinneu wiuer unu mo pup
began licking the cuiivuh sneakers on
Ills master s feet.
"The man, continued the repot ter.
sent the money for you to buy the
pup a collar"
"I hnd a collar ror mm, uui nume-
body stole it to-day." said Jlrnmle.
no took the iu bin unu suiium u.
carefully Into a pocket of his overnlls.
"Say, who la this man mat sent
this?" he Inquired. "I want to thank
him. Ho makes the fourth mnn to
send mo money. I got 15, $4 and. 13,
all checks, one from Stamford, conn."
"All right, you can write mm n
note " SUKgesieo. ino reporter, wuu
nroduced paper und a pencil und
steered Jlmmlc and his dog to Jlm
mie's porch.
- "Let me write it for you, Jimmie,"
yelled one of tha gang. "You can't
Jlrnmle looked nt him scornfully
"I can too," he paid and sat down
on the top step. "Here," he called
to the pup. "Here's some ham foi
you, Uly." and he pulled a greasy
package fiom his overalls.
"I Just bought It at the delicntca
sen," Jlmmlo explnlned. A qunr-
The body of an unidentified white
boy was found In tho Hast River at
i:ast 25th Street and taken to th
morgue. The boy was about 14 yoars
old. & feet 6 Inches tall and weighed
about ISO pounds. He wore a pair qf
black bathing trunks.
ter's worth. I'm trying to get Uly
fat. He ain't had much to cat
Then Jimmy began Inscribing the
ioto of thunks. He wrote his name
i't, probably to display Immediately
.at he could write. The rest ol it
dn't come quite us readily, but it
asn't long until, with a little
prompting on the big words, he had
.1 finished. It reads under Ills name:
'Man thank you for tho ton riol
arj to buy Uly a collar and a
R. S. M. Mitchell's Wife Savs
She Is Destitute Children
in Charitable Home.
Through a Supreme Court pro
ceeding to-day it became known that
Richard S. M. Mitchell, mechanical
engineer, Inventor of a device for
raising Minken ships and other in
Mentions of note, Is a prisoner In
LUdlow Street Jail for alleged failure
to pay alimony to his wife, Mrs.
Beatrice K. Mitchell.
Matthew H. Sentner of No. 52 Wall
Street, counsel for Mrs. Mitchell, ap
peared beforo Justice Krlangor to-day
for an order requiring Mitchell to
show cause why he should not be
punished for contempt In his alleged
failure to comply uttb the lute Jus
tlco Hotchklss's alimony award to his
wife. The mutter was postponed as
Mr. Mitchell's counsel Is out of town.
In affidavits Mis. Mitchell alleges
that since her separation Ave years
ago her husband has been living with
another woman nnd has lavished lux
uries unon her while sho has lieen
destitute and compelled to place her
children In a charitable Institution In
Dutchess County.
Plctutes of Mitchell recently ap-
Deared tn the newspapers when ho
ga-e a demonstration of his Invention
for raising sunken ships at port Jei
ferson. It was through the publica
tion of the pictures that Mrs. Mitchell
leumed that hei nusiani wns living
In Bridgeport und brought about his
arrest on a civil warrant.
DmiKr.r, Not MJety of Un,
Canon! Her Report.
Tho complaint of a woman 'ollc
Inspector Ualley of Staten lidund about
a still In a bootmukcr's hop didn't ex
press concern abou violation of the
Prohibition law but "fear that ht
explode and Injure children playing In
tho street." However, when Detective
Kinkelatcln called to-day at t shop
of John .Veunor. No. 521 Van Duxer
HlroM. Stanlcton. he had the Mullun
Oftge act In mind. Consequently h
..i.imI ., f wnnti.nvf citlon ntlll. which
rmnrtr,,! he found III optr.itlon. sev-
eral barrels of mash und alcohol audi
ten bottles of what was said to be
, whiskey.
N'Junor was held In 500 hall by Mag-
latrate Creak for examination Monday,
' JlMMlR
Jimmy breathed more easily when
that was finished.
"Havo you seen the top of Lily's
mouth?" ho asked. "Look. See. It's
black on top. That's a sign he's a
good dog a fox terrier, a man told
me. I gujs I'll buy him a good
collar, but 1 don't know anything
about the license. Pop'll have to do
Pop's h policeman, so It's reason
ably certain Lily will have a license
as well us a collar, and a rcg'lar feller
for a master.
Refreshment Seeker Dry
Agent and Atlantic City Cop
Is To Be Arrested.
Atlantic City, N. J., July 31. As
slstnnt District Attorney Ktedoilck A.
Pearse said to-day that u hotel pro
prietor, his bartender, and a pollco
man wll be arrested late In the day or
to-morrow, on charges of conspiracy
In connection wttli the liquor raids
which have been under way here dm
Ing the present week. The policeman,
It Is alleged, Introduced a thirsty
stranger to the bartender. He did
not know the thirsty stranger was
rede r u 1 Prohibition enforcement
ngent, planning the raids.
State Senutor Charles D. WhiU's
charge of Wednesday, that a powerlul
political leader was getting j u case
for rill Ibiuor brought into Atlun'ic
City, will be investigated, according to
As a result of the raid on Tue.Ml.iy,
forty-six persons have been uneslcd.
sixteen of whom appeared to-day be
fore United Stutes Commissioner John
it., iszard, who lielu ttiem in various
amounts of ball for appearance b..for
tho Federal Court. The defendants
seemed to hold the matter lightly.
Smiles were tho rule, no one seemed
worried, the defendants Joked nnd
laughed and made bets among 1 1 1 - n i -selves
as to the probable penalties.
IlrldKra Jnllril Without llnll n,r
DSright Bridges, thirty-seven, of No
929 Marcy Avenue, physical director in
the Bedford Branch of the Y. M. C. A .
at Bedford Avenue . nil Monroe Street,
Brooklyn, was held without ball by
Magistrate Dodd In the (Jutes "Avenue
Court to-day for examination on July
25 on a serious charco preferred by n
fourteen-year-old boy The assault wan
witnessed by a policeman and an agent
Tor the Children's Society. "
The Trnrllc Club of New York hne
ranged for a tpeclal meeting 1 1 th.
Waldorf-Astoria Hotel July 25 to !e-
clde upon perfecting a lease for per
manent club quarters In that hotel.
Banton to Present Evidence in
Jane Street Explosion
to Grand.Jury.
District Attorney Banton announced
to-day that the Homicide Burcnu of
his ofTlco has concluded Its Investiga
tion Into responsibility for tho flro In
tho Jann Stiret warehousn of tho
Manufacturer' Transit Company,
Which was the direct cause of the
death of one tlienuin und the Indirect
cause of the death nf another.
The evidence will le submitted to
the Grand Jury next week. Indict
ments for manslaughter In the second
degroo will le nuked.
The investigation disclosed thnt
Wolsenthal & Co., chemists of No.
1 45 West 4.rith Street, stored a quan
tity of magnesium In the warehouse
in February. Some of this was sold
on July 15 to the Ordnunce Depart
ment of the fritted States Navy.
On orders from Cupt. A. V. Klm
berly, Weisenthiil & Co., urumgej
for the transportation of 13,300
pounds of magnesium from. the ware
house to the plant of the Gciii-nil
Kompollte Co., at Long Island City
for sorting and sifting preparatory
to using It in the manufacture of
aerial bombs ami rockets for the
nnvnl nlr service.
The work of taking tho magnesium
from the wait house was liegun at 8
o'clock Tuesday punning. The work
men hail piled eighteen cases on the
sidewalk in lnmt of the warehouse,
mA were moving twenty-six cases In
the building when somo of the mug
neslum which hud leaked from tho
boxes caught Hie by friction and
sturted the tuttil blaze.
A permit lor t lie storage of the
magnesium bus bten produced.
Thousands gathered this niortilni;
In tho vicinity of Jane and West tilth
Streets In the hope of witnessing tho
collapse of the fire-eaten wurchnusi
which Is still smouldering In spile
of the continuous deluge of water
to which it has been subjected
for more than seventy-two hours.
The east and west walls of the build
ing are bulging und appear ready to
Because the spectators wero begin
ning to, impede the work of the file
men orders were Issued to close June
and 12th Streets to traffic uguln in
i he vicinity of the fire.
Deputy Chief Helm, Just before be
.v.ns relieved foi the dny by Battalion
Chief McKenna, said lie neiievcii n
would take two or three days more to
xttniTUish the fire. He said there was
no estimate os yet of the amount of
noncy It has cost tho tuxpuyers to
.ight the fire, but added that the sin
gle Item of high pressure power win
ie considerable.
Mine than tlltv hjemen were still
at work on the luins to-d.iy.
"aken Accidentally Husband
Is Vice President of the
General Electric Co.
Mrs. Ceorge V. Morrison, wife of
the Vice President of the flennrnl
IClectrie Company, died at her home
No. 77 Myrtle Avenue, Montclnlr, N
t late last night from an ovcrdosv
of veronal. Mrs. Morrison and other
members of the family wero prepar
ing for an outing and she took a
...,..ntltv of veronal tn settle her
n.irves, which had become unstrun;
due to the excitement attendui'.
preparation tor the outing.
Her dumthtcr. Mrs. Vincent Knr
idl, noticed that her mother appeared
to be 111 Immediately ntter taking the
lernnal and uuminnned a physician
but Mrs. Morrison wus dead upon his
,.,iiv:il. County Physician William
M. Brleli of Orange announced that
death hud been uccidentul, due
veronal poisoning.
Mis Morrison was fifty-three jenrs
old. She and her seven chlldien. tlv
inn s and one girl besides tho man led
daughter, were to leave to-day for u
iump maintained on Lake Ontario by
the Genet al Klectrlc for tho families
of that concern's executives.
k-r Smiles to Holh
After He Enters Pica
of Guilty.
George I.udwlg Schrocder pleaded
I'Uilty liefore Magistrate Conway in
tue Mdgcwiod Court, Queens, to-do y
ti. bigamy. II in two wives weie in
, ..,,,.1 nne onlv eighteen yea is old
vhom Ire married on Julv II and th
.Irst with li'T twenty months' i
i..il,v In- her arms.
On July 12 Schroeder disappeared
md his wife. Mrs. Marion Schroedor
,,f No 2S51 Myrtlo Avenue, Glcndale
.inked for hM arrest on un abandon
ivnt charge Schrocder went to Al
bunv with Kthel Gould, eighteen. &
H. Imont I'.uk. I.. I. The two er
ei in led tin rt on July 14.
The second wife collapsed twn u
mutt and required medical aid
Hihroeder smiled to both fur he hu
pleaded guilty
iAJtLUjMWliiiiiiiiwil earn i m rint
Write a few lines to
The Eveninir World Will Pay SI tor Each Item Printed.
The Evening World Will Pay $2
Some Unusual Scene
AidrfM "What Did Ven H..1- Editor. Bvtnlnt World. H O. Ims 1S3. Olt Hall Bt0-
... w,r!' our own nam and ddrn (jarttuiUr. ticod. at manjr contrtbutiooa
viipcki arc mm out wceUj.
Wo wero motorlnir alone the road
approaching (lien Cove. I 1. A turtle,
In tho tortuously slow manner of Its
kind, was crnsnlmr th M.d Automo
biles were us thlelf r htnrkherrlca In
August, hut every last machine rnnde
u careful detour around Mr. Turtle so
mat he might cross in safety. A. O.
oiniur, no. 3 wall Street.
snie tiro 6011 0 about fourturn
chaar a "onn-mtm" rnr half a block,
hop oil thn rrnr onit nnd climb In
through on of the icbiiioios, fhere
by pcttinu a frrr ridn. Charles
Peifer, .Vo. toe Richmond Strtnt,
I saw an old "treet r kitr nt Rochester
rvenue and Kulton Street with 11 live
snake wrapped Hrouild hla neck. The
faker wns xelllncr rheumatism medicine.
Miirclu T. Peterson, No. 190 Hull
Street, llrooklyn.
mho's Arit.tmr
Early this morning I saw n bird In-
lustriciusly engaged In building a nest
In the poeltvt of a scarecrow we had
placed at the top of the rhcrry tree to
keep the birds awny. Theo. lloss, No
S'J L'hn Street, Passnlc, N'. J.
While preparing the vegetables foi
dinner I found two perfect wax beans
growing from one stem. For half their
length they wero grown together. Mrs.
I... Cos Cob, Conn.
I sate a piiir 0 hHlfmtt purple
sorA-t Jinnpinff In the icindoio of a
livery xtablcKva I'almer, No. tn
Writ DOth Stivct.
A modest looking young woman ap
proached n really large porson who ent
in a corner of a tt. It. T. subway train
nnd asked -If she mlsht sit beside her.
Yes, If you Inr.lst," said the larne lady,
hut It Is and long has been my custom
mid practleo to pay TWO fares, and I
very much prefer tn sit nlone." The
modest looking young nonmii turneo
out to be somewhat of 11 kldder. I
think that's a perfectly splendid Idea,"
she said, us she calmly seuted herself,
"and you uro perfectly Jiistlllcd tn your
positinti" . In three or four min
utes they wero galiDInK uwny tOKCiiiur
like old cronies. C. .Noith drove Htteci-
Someiville, N. J,
We weie standing In lino at the pen
Oltlce iti the liriiud Central station,
waiting our turns nt the stnmp wicket.
I observed that the man In front of mo
was fidgeting nervously. As the Ironl
of tho line faded away and bis turn
cunie nearer and nearer, li heeuino
picpoi tlonutely more embarrassed. At
length It was his turn. There was u
sort of sickly smile on bis ftice. "Would
you please. Miss," ho murmured, "give
me four pennies for theso two 2-cent
stamps?" Tho young lady looked nt
him. Ho was red as a rosu. ' 1 vc sud
denly discovered," ho explnlned, "that
I have exactly can cent with mc una 1
want enrfare." He got the four pen
nies, and, with eyes straight nheiid,
hurried away, Joseph Kaye, No. 3
Kast Seventh Street, Mrlgliton Uracil.
L. I.
Week-ending nt Long Ueiich I niwi
(1) An elderly woman wading "s the
chlldien do, with her skirts above her
knees, while her little grnnddniiKbter
minded" her hhoes and stocking"; (2)
The elite of tho soclnl world wntrhllig
Prank Tlnnny circus fiom sents on
the lloor. Uig success! Leouln hchelm.
No. TS5 Forest Avenue, nronx.
"iiovTt" i:th av aptkumios
; .idio trade Hopt mjoyiixu Mm
atlf u'tttchinu r mt-piut hjioiKii
fltitnr htticren Olrn Own unci Mini''
ola ut the Fair Grounds hen.- 1. S.
(., Jfiiieoa, .
M fiiend nnd I, ench -.-i ri ing
bug of peanuts, stopped fur a iiilmitu or
two nt tho curbing. A hor! hitched to
a market wagon stuck his bead over my
friend's bhouldiir. snatched the ling out
of her hands and disposed of the pen-
nuts. H. V- Kendall. No. 47fl Hlsliop
Avenue, Hrldgeport, Conn.
I saw a blue Jay chasing a squirrel
from tree to tree. Hvery tltnu the
squirrel halted the lilrd landed on Its
back and pecseu at it. The reason np
pea red to be a nest of young blue Jus
In the ncignoornoou. airs, u nenson
Stamford, Conn.
A Ci AIltt"M-'l WHO IC.MIWM nn.s
I iaw to-day In a hack yard gnrdeu
rtrnnmsllcks. table legs, un umbrellu
handle, a flsblnrs pole, shade stick, chnlr
rocker, gns pipe, simile roller, tree limn
wide handle, bed slats nnd n shuttrr
strip all being used as poles tor llnis
Take our word for it when we
say Piccadilly Little Cigars are
good. Try them today at our
risk. There is a guarantee in
every package.
10 In tha package
Clar Colorado Claro - Colorado
tor Each Snapshot Printed of
or Incident With an
henna. I.. L. Nunnally, No. 23 Itcnnett
street. Phllllpsburg. N. J.
In tho window of 11 plumbing cstab-
llshment. home mnde li: "Cast Iron
Sinks." Henry HsKenau, No. 33 West
lilKhth Htrect, Usyonne, N. j.
i. inviNU's cou.vntY.
Coming down the new State rond at
a gallop, an old-fashioned stago conch,
drawn by six horses, The passengers
were three cowpunchers. who enrriod
six shooters und everything. I didn't
want to say much about It. for I was
afraid I had bcon dreaming snd you
know how people talk but to-night I
learn thnt Will Honors and his company
are cnmplnn not far awny, lllmlng "The
Legend of Sleepy Hollow." Arthur
Hopper. Pearl Hlver, N. Y.
AN "111. NIK." HOOK.
On a Hudson Itlvcr boat I saw an old
gentleman with his right arm encircling
the stnnder form of a girl of eight, who
wus fust asleep. The old gentlemun ap
pealed to lie absorbed In the book tho
child hud been rending I simply hnd tn
see whnt It wns. "Klslo nt Miss
Phoebe's Academy." U. A., Uogota,
N. J.
1,111 1: nilAMJI-'ATIIKIt'N.
n July 13. perhaps while the Transit
Commission wns preparing Its order In
creuslng service on Ihe llrooklyn Rapid
Transit Hues (us much ns forty-flvo per
cent. In some Instnnc.n), thu IiIk clock
suspended ovor tho U. It. T. trucks at
the .Manhattan end of llrooklyn llrldge
gave up the ghost. It stopped dcud.
Six days Inter thu clock still hntigs life
less. When nro they going to hold the
funeral or give us nnothcr clock? V. II.
L., Ilrightan Ueuch.
On the rond to IJImlra we camo to an
unusually dangerous turn In tho road.
with u pond visible Just beyond. Thcro
was a warning sIkh culllnc Httentlnn tn
1110 pmco: "This Is thu llnth Tub:
forty-eight have had n bath here: who's
next?" Somebody wiser nnd unddur for
his experience hud mude un effort to
bring tho statistics down to dnte bv
crossing out tha "fotty-elght" with u
piece of charcoal mid substituting the
figures "forty-nine. "-M. Owllllaiii. 2i3
West SSth Street.
I saw an exciting ball gnmw between
two teams representing West 38th
Street and West 3tth Stre'et, played
light out hei on the block. One of the
games of the Interblock series, tho age
of the plueis ranging from nineteen to
twenty-five. The ball was of rubber;
the batsman used hit open hnnd. Up
to the ninth Inning the 38th Street ag
gregation led hy 9 to 2. Then tho "39's"
rallied nnd tied tho score. Hoth tennis
hnd plent) of noturs windows, stoops
nnd doorwnys filled with funs. Ir. the
Inst half of tho ninth thu first 38th
Streeter to como to bat clouted ih hull
over tho bend of the most remote fielder
for a homo run. John J. Mugulre, No.
330 West 38th Street.
MOHNO! , .
a 1 iu a cioci; mis mornrng I saw
two members of the orchestra of the
Stadium Symphony concerts run nroiind
the track In a race. Other miihleluiii
cheered them. At tli end of the beut
tho two runners wero purring like steam
engines. David Weinman, No. 514 West
1 45th Street.
Wbllo walking In llth Stieet I saw
a mnn come out of Pot's City Theatre.
whllo workmen were changing tho let
terlng of the electric sign. They wen
using a ladder. The gentleman decided
not to challenge hud luck by walking
minor 11. in trying to accomplish a de
tour, he collided with the foot of the
bidder nnd fell spinwllng Anna Scbor,
No. 81-86 Churles street.
snui 11 id)). Kin Aiffl.ii ot 11 ii'bi
oii ut Eighth Avmuc anil ',tl
Strett reaillnp bu the H.iht ut thr
rlrctilc sitfrt Httiirhrd vertically tn
the front of the bullttlnu.itiini Jo
Heuan, So. JJil HVst Jfitn Htrect.
On the road to the Municipal leny
ut St. George. S. I., I saw a boy with
0110 of those express wagons you gel lor
so many soap wrappers. Ho had udde.1
a tnufit und a sail to the soap com
pany's equipment and was nulling be
fore tho breeze nt a lively clip. Flor
ence J. Klynn. 151 West 6(itb Street.
caiit lricpont: tiii: iionsi:.
At an auction In 22d Street I saw a
horse nnd a wagon put up to h
knocked down for the high dollar. The
horse brought $22. The wagon went for
Sr.. Uornurd Guralsky, u43 Rocknvu
Avenue, llrooklyn.
I was driving through Park Place,
llrooklyn, watching tho street numbers
on the houses because uncertain of m
beurlngs whon 1 saw something that
cauied mc to step hard on the foot
(Continued on Ninth Page.)
ApplKes for Writ of Prohibi
tion Against Justice Mor
schatwer's Investigation.
John Woodward, former Supreme
Court Justice, of counsel to Walter 8.
Ward, under Indictment In Westches
ter County for tho murder of Ralph
Petals, appeared before the Appellate
Division In llrooklyn today and nsked
for u writ of prohibition to restrain
Justlco Morsrhntrser from continuing
tho Investigation he has bten conduct.
Ing In Whlto Plains to discover If a
conspiracy exists In tho Ward family
to Impede the course of Justice.
Mr. Woodward In a lengthy argu
ment attacked the Investigation as
unauthorized by law. He said that
justice .Morscnauser. as a Justice of
the Supreme Court ruled that lUiph
H. Wnrd. a brother of Walter, should
not answer a question put to him no
fore the Grand Jury as to what his
father told him about the killing of
Peters. Justice Mn'rschauser. Mr.
Woodward said, decided that the evi
dence nsked for was hearsay.
"And then, continued Mr. Wood
ward, "Justice Morschauser went to
his chambers and constituted himself
a Magistrate and ordered Ralph Ward
to nnswer the very question he had
ruled out in the Grand Jury proceed
ings. Ralph Ward did nnswer tho
question nnd his answer was that his
father hud told him that Walter had
said ho had shot a man who was
blackmailing him."
Mr. Woodward contended that the
District Attorney of Westchester
County has no legal evidence thaf a
c.rlmo was committed In tho Ward
case and Is trying to force tho de
fendant und members of tho de
fendant's family to supply tho evi
dence. John H. Mnck, special assistant
District Attorney of Westchester
County, argued against granting tho
writ. Ho snld that tho purpose of
the Invcstlgntlon is to get at tho
"They say." said Mr. Mack "that
Walter Ward shot a man who had
blackmailed him. Hut thus far there
has been no evidence produced to
show tho nature of the blackmail.
Tho District Attorney is trying to
find this out."
Decision wns reserved.
MIAMI, Fla.. July 21. The converted
njulllary schooner William II. Albury
was held up by motorhoat pirates off
Gun Key yesterday nnd her mnster.
Cnpt. I'dgecomhc, shot dead on deck,
according to u wireless messnge from
Hlmlnl picked up by tho Miami Reach
rndln station Inst night.
A little goes
a long way
Heinz Vinegars Malt,
Cider, White and Tar
ragonare an impor
tant factor in the kitch
en and on the dining
room table. A little goes -a
long way in making
a(great many other
foods taste better. Bet
ter not just sour. In
Heinz sealed bottles.
'Nothe to Adveri:se7S
Th'irlji iu.n ill ; ure Tr tod rUtw ori!t
for lt!nr .1. n f. un Munilu noilil cr Ta
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Vrrcdau puolli miiui ito b tnurtrd only ai
ftPK'O wir lrmir tud In urdcr of rvcrlpt at Th
Worlit Office I'opj rouiilnluf rntfraitnis to b-
DUdo b) Tha ttuild 31U1I tw rtctllcd &r 1 P. iU
Phnlar rl. rut i; !: "rT 'or the Susplt-
enmt S.ciloiu cf li.f s ndiy otia m,t
l,(vlTfd by l r. M iuurkuay irnraiui punwi;
tlon zii' releaio mutt bu r(reli4 t) 1 P. if.
1'rlilai r'opy ronlali.mj fnirilnrf to b mada
tiy Tto Wuild lain". 0 itrttind Ir Ttuaaday dmo.
Sraitar Main 'tit copv, tipa ropr whlrt tiaa
Mot Win n-c-lr-il t) ! P. M. Friday, and co
cru:nt con "ti.cri baa not txrn rfcld In io
ruM'iailiM ofdcu uy 1 1". M. frlday. and poililta
Intfiilou ordftj 101 nttittt hj 5 1. St. Ktldir,
trtlt V onuticd a. condlilona rtijntrf. tlildly In
the oidT e: latii recUpt od loaltlis rtlttJa
PItplay copy or o.-itera ri'Usird later than 9
prafldrd Itw..-. t :.u oul'.i.J lll not acrm .5
cirn tUitsunti it su; chancier, contract t olQUa

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