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Will Be Vital Competitor in
Jransatlanlic Communica
tion and Business Aid.
? By David Lawrence.
': (Special Correspondent of Tho Eve
N ning World.)
V WASHINGTON. Scpl . ID (Copy-
right). Tlio great i,allr and Mr
praph war is cmlrd. And with II
comes the collapse also ol I ho efforts
- to prevent radio from Iwromlnjj u vl
T taJ competitor to the cable In trans
- atlantlo communication. Lower rate
for messages lctweon the United
States and many foreign countries
ti aro Inevitable.
,' The Mor) of the flshl. which In-
. volved the Wilson nnd Hurtling Ad-
tnlnli-trntlons aa well aj the Govern-'-'
inents of South American count rles, Is
,yx a dramatic one, mbraclnc at one ttim
" the tlhi! of tin- I'nlled States Navy to
prevent the IhiuJiiik of a mli'c al
- Miami, Hu., the insistent attitude of
A the I'nltwl States Government that
'.jthe All-America Cable Company, an
'( American concern, should not be In-
Jured by the monopoly poss-essed by u
c. British cable company In Iiruzil, and,
t"i Anally, tho making of an exclusive
ti agreement between the Postal Tele
', praph Company whereby the Amer-
lean Radio Corporation Is at last ns
. FUrert of thousands of telegraph ofllces
throughout the United States whore
messages ran ) collected for radio
transmission '1 ,ie essentials in the
war Jut hi ought to an end are these;
Tirft. the Western Union Telegraph
-. Comprint- has ben gi-nnl'd a perma-
nent been?? for tlj lauding ot lis ca
I ble st Miami, rii.. which connects ut
Barbados with the l;i-itt.li owned com
; pany's cable from P.rnnl The per
mlt was granted as toon as the Dra
.jzlllan iovernment cancelled' the
'vmonopnl possessed h lb Tlrltlsh
company fo that noiv the All-Amor-.(.Ica
Cable Ccmipatiy tan land tables
i anywhere -along the coast of Hrnxll
,.' and cany them from point to point
( Up lo this time tin- A'KAmeru'ii Com
' pny has had to stretch n separate
cable from Argentina to two separate
points In llin7.ll because the IiiikIIiik
of cubles from ono Bruilllali port to
another was cscluslvily the prlvilei
.if the Urltlali compatu .
Second, the All -America Cable
Company renounced Its monopolies
on the west const of South America
so the Western Union and Its Hrllish
ally In the cable business nou can
encircle Kotith America. All monop
olies arc given up to everybody con
cerned. This action was the result
of the Influence of the Department of
Third, the desire of tho All-America
Cable Company for a collecting
agency has been realized. After
yeats of negotiation, during vt-lirch It
seemed ns If the Western Union
would make an agreement with Hie
All-America Cable Company to tor
ward messages to South America
oitglnotlng In thin country through
an American Instead of a Hritlsh con
cern, tho Postal Telegraph Company
has lioen prevailed upon to ant as
the American collecting medium.
This means that messages from the
United States filed at any Postal
Telegraph oflico will go . direct to
Sotlth American points without pass,
log through the hands, of any Brit
ish company.
Fourth, the addition of the Miami
cable means improved communica
tion to south America bec.umo It has
lititn all too obvious in the last !
yeats that the All-America Cable
Company could not handle all the
business. The direct line from Florida
to the liarbados and Brazil will mean
ltilck service to Brazil, and the West
ern Union Is also making arrange
ments to reach points op tho west
coast of South Amtrlca, though at
present the All-America has more
cble mileage on the west coast.
FKth, the decision of the Postal
Telegraph Company to act for the
American Radio Corporation In tin
same collecting rapacity that It Is to
net for tho All-Xmorlcn Cable Com
pany Is n rlgnlflcant stsp forward In
the development of world communi
cation. For one reason or another,
heretofore, the Wettern Union has
dtellned lo prmlt the sender's of mes
fcags at interior points In the United
States to mark a message for Kurope
"via radio." The Western Union has
accpted messages from shore to ship
but not between the United Stales and
tli eat Britain, for example, if the
sender marked II "via radio." Th"
general tupposllUm has becu Hint the
Western Union, which 1ms cablo Hues
of Its own scross the Atlantic, wasn't
going to compete with Itself by ac
cepting messages for Kuropa that
would lie transmitted across tin Atlan
tic by radio and thus be obliged to give
i portion of the sender's. fe to the
tladlo Company, ttadlo rates, further
more, are cheaper In many Instances
than cuble. so il was. felt that to fur
nish the American Itndlo Corporation
with a means of collecting messages
htoughout the United Stats by giv
intr them the advantage of the thou
sands of Western Union offlceu might
he an unwise buslncra 'move.
Clarence If. Mnekay, President of
the Postal Telegraph and Cable Com
pany, which also has cables of Its
own. took a different view, however,
of the transatlantic business. Ho felt
that ir radio could bo used for many
messages II would relieve the conges
tion and uuiKe coble communication
quii si r and thus tempt buslncs.1 men
to Use the cables moic frequently and
to Ik tier advantage.
It Is ,i will known fact that static
interferes with radio every now and
then and while remarkable, speed Is
made there arc some serious delays
Many messages, however, ure sent 'o
Kurope which the sender Is not anx
ious to have delivered at once and a
delay of a few hours Is not material.
Radio will get much of this trofllc.
whereat- for communication at certuln
day hours when radio Vs not us u
rule a- good as cable, the latter will
reap the benefit. The Postal Tele
graph Company's idea Is that a readi
ness in gi the American Radio
Corporat.on a collecting telegraph
agency will stimulate business
of all kinds with Europe, both
cable and radio, and will unquestion
ably work to the advantage of th
cable lines of the Western Union us
well as the Postal, for all cables have
been congested In recent months and
It Is an open secret that the old pre
war situation of almost Instantaneous
communication for all messages has
never ben restored.
Another complication In the fact
thnt the Allies took two cables which
originally went to Germany by way
of the Azores. American companb-s
have been thwarted In their efforts to
get cable licenses abroad and cable fa
cilities are therefore not being built to
meet the demand. The addition of
the radio for commercial , use across
the Atlantic comes at an opportune
moment and the prediction Is made
In well-informed quarters that tales
to Kurope must Inevitably come down
as a result of the new adjustment . It
Is expected als.i tint the arrangements
for wireless messages arriving at th'
Par I lie Coast to' be .sent through the
Postal land lines 'ind iti'c eiva will
follow as a matter of course the
agreement Just made for transat
lantic business.
llnutc Jmlh-lnrj- Committer to - on
liter Impeachment.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 13 Imp-r.rh-meut
olmrge against Attorney General
Dougherty, as the result of his petition
tor an injunction In the cases of rtnk
Ing railway employees, prejented to the.
House Monday by Representative Kel
ler. Republican, Minnesota, will be con
jldered by the Judiciary Committee at
a meeting to-morrow, at which Mr
Keller will be heard.
... . . .
$536,000,000 MERGER
CHICAGO, Sept. 13. A merger of
meat packing companies. Involving two
and possibly four of the "Big Five"
packers Is being considered, according
to a story printed by a Chicago news
paper. The companies mentioned were
Armour & Co., Wilson & Co., Morris t.
Co. and tho Cudahy Packing Cor
poration. If all of the four concerns were
merged, It was said, the deal would In
volve tho creation of a new organiza
tion a 338,00O.00O concern, headed by
Armour A Co. ,
Charlie -Will .evrr Starry Atalu,
Mir &ny.
ELYRIA. O., Sept. 15. Denial that
she Is going to marry Chnrllo Chaplin,
movie coMmllun, was made by Miss
I-lla Lee, film star, hero to-duy. Miss
Lee slopped off hero for a brief visit
to her sister.
"Charlie Chaplin and I marry?" Miss
Lee said when asked If newspaper
tumors to that effect were true. "No
wo aro not going to be married. In
fact, I don't think Mr. Chaplin will
ever marry again."
For the Season That Brings Cool IV eather,
College and New Social Gaieties
( i Bap I
mm immmm
mm -v '
Two youthful types with "Jackie" collars; two coit
dresscs, one all-over braided, the other of Poiret twill
with braid and pin tucking; a straight line. frock with
interwoven ribbon borders and cuffs; a draped frock
with silver braid.
A charming hand smocked frock of crepe dc chine; a
simple exotic frock of brocaded faille; a smartly tucked
frock with colorful embroidered sleeves; a frock in two
piece effect with eyelet broadcloth collar and cuffs.
Two-piece autumn suits without fur
Two youthful tailored types of marleen, one with
ridge-tucked pockets, the other with notched lapels
and narrow belt. In all autumn colorings.
A particularly smart model of marlesn with hand em
broidered Canton crepe bodice of contrasting color,
and large fur collar of mole or badger on the coat.
A smart model on swagger girlish lines in Hawaiian
blue, marten, navy blue or black with large collar of
black caracul; silk lined and interlined.
Exceptionally smart models including new Moused,
draped and interlaced tucked types, in panvelaine with
squirrel, beaver or wolf, or gerona with wolf.
MISSES' FASHIONS 14 to 18 years.
Third Floor
1 25.00
Youths' Hand -Tailored
Suits at $30, for the
First Time in 5 Years!
The finest value in first lQng
trouser suits in five years
finer in workmanship, finer in
woolens, finer in every
department of worth! genu
inely hand-tailored in tweeds,
homespuns, blues, grays, and
novelty weaves modeled in
sacks or Norfolks.
Youths' Four-Piece
Golf Suits, 50
Men's Shops West 38th and 37th Streets Street Level
America's Foremost Specialists mf
35lth Street New York
Very Speca Saturday
New Trimmed Hats
Values to 15.00 8.75 '
Delightful models of Incomparable distinction.
Black Panne and Lyons Velvet quite predom
inate, and colors have, charming representatives'.
Hals Also on Sale In Our Brooklyn and Newark Stores
i. Attmmt & (En.
Special Offer fling's
fdr the first Autumn Saturday
French Beaded Bloiuises
(recently imported from Paris) ira three new
models; made off fine-quality crepe de Chirae,
ira taupe, Etruscan, navy and brown; every
blouse an exceptional value at
, Sizes, JO to 42
(Blouse Department, Third Floor)
Masses' amid CMdmrs's
Taini Calfskin Shoes
(laced model) off excellent style and quality
at exceptionally low prices
Sizes 6 to 8 . , per pair $4.00
Sizes 8V2 to 111 . . per pair 4.50
Sizes 11 11 Vz to 2 . . per pair 5
These Shoes have been made on lasts spe
cially designed to insure comfort and correct
poise to the developing foot.
(Second Floor)
A Special Selection! of
AMtanmnira Wool em Fabrics
(in Suit, Dress, Coat and Skirt Lengths)
at especially attractive prices
Tweeds, Wool Jerseys, Homespuns, Velours,
Plaids and Striped Skirtings all off superior
qualities will be found in this assortment.
The color range is comprehensive; and, in
addition, there is a good assortment off all
black and black-and-white materials.
(First Floor)
fHahtBott Aurnuf - SFtfllj &'mtuir
34Ij atth 35t!j &ttttta 2fem ftrtrk
Those who know Bay prices of shoes arc as low now
us they are likely to be for some time to come
And our new fall goods are priced, wc believe,
as low as you can find quality considered.
Women's New Fall Low Shoes
l'atant Icatlier and
blnck Idd onn-strap
llffhtwelsli( J'umpi,,,,
All blAckxatln an
nirep tow eui f f
Ulauk biocad. cmln C
trimmed, Ktrap blip- Pn
per ,
J'atont lutilliai' vrtmp, on
olrap, Lnulu heel er?
(.Uppers, black Katlii 91
Oiuiriar ,,,, ,.
Mas? MHtfM It ( 110,
Many New Fall Styles for Men
Tan, lace, plain and gCJ
win- tip vtl
Hlaalf and fan, lane.
i n q aouma
New littlturn lt(iiatitii
sola ,,,,,, brown ,,,,, ,, 1 VJ
And at IB a TMt varitlf ( Ualii and ptlltrai,
Children's Shoes
(., full frtjnd e ptialJ iavn niiftoa, (an at
lutunildl eltft, W2 black, lieu, rubber CO
to .,,,,,,,...$ "
it ), rili, f6frln anil li OP . C Of?
:h plain or ng tips, tan and ?d to vh Nf)
titer, sizes iVj to 7 VfaUl
Sixth Ave., Cor. 19th St.
Hudion Tub, tth Ave. "L" and Wcit Side SLbway AH Convenient
ma f

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