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In Fact, THere Is a suspicion
V .That Most of the Visiting
Bankers Are Both.
By Roger Batchelder.
. Flnanclora uuj. baseball fans may
havo trc itlonriUy different alms and
Idea,, bill It la liard to-day to tell
which Is a banker, which u visiting
fan, In tlio hotel lobbies. In fact,
thcra Is suspicion tluit moat ot the
MaUors arc both, and that the )ank
rs merely lrcfd their monster conven
tion so that they could find a good
Xcusa to uco Ilabo Iluth try to bust
tho ball on tho nose, or watch tlio
.Giants romp around tho sacks.
Thero was much baseball talk In
ilia hotels last night, although It Is
apparent .that Intercut Is not up to
standard, umong tho out-of-tovners
simply because- of that trick of psy
chology which makes a second j'jrV
formanco less fruitful of enthusiasm.
Last year's excitement has not as yet
been, duplicated.
Betting hits not been conspicuous.
ultliough Dotccth Joe Smith oC tho
Waldorf ms tcceUcrt few commis
sions by wire, mt-stly nt even money
A.,G. Dcnnlston, head dctecllvo ot the
Valdorf, has placed bevcral thousand
dollars, and reports that tho betting
seems to favor a puno by came bailq,
m'tlW than tho result of iho series
The bankers are Erolnpr to tho scries
In hirco numbers. An Inquiry put to
tqn men wljo were selected at random
Set Their Watches
By Your
Wear It
While You
65?A! 'H ""a WMtcrpt'-cc of
liTT S "vyitcTi nlaiwilaclim
r IVool small flri lis) uiriii ao-
.session balance you
pay nt rata uf $1.00
a wrtK It s a 1--
hIzc. full lirldno model, udjitttrd to posi
tions, uiuixraiuru anil IsoUmmlsm . and
It i'ciulpi.d ulili ilmiWo roller, steel s
cre wliecl with mieromotrto rcsulator.
Nlhrr dial uiul SI crnulnp ruby and
plilre JrurN. lirr i-5l In liandnir V
Jrar (riluruntrcil tlrern Hold t'mc, nrlln
tlrujly liaiul'rngrmrit, ttuarantred free
frnm repairs fur one senr. Price 915.
rilHH Oft til I-Inlay Watrh and
Plamoiut lioott. Write ti-day. Splendid
assortment of watehfs and Jewelry of
'every ,cV'sonptloii Klfla for all occasions
Add rear Dept. V-r.OO.
DIAMONDS I IUt.M $.1 TO $1,009.
Open Evenings Until 9 P. JV1.
1030-1680 llltOADWAV. NKW MICK.
' llrlneen 5lt and .VM ht.
Umlrr "lturl.ind llallrovm"
Instantly! Stop Gas, Sourness,
- Heartburn, Stomach Misery
at tho convention, brought tho rather
astounding total of eight prospective
patrons at tho Polo Grounds, each
one of whom was planning to sco at
least onegamo. Tho Yankees woro
tho fnvorllo by a largo margin; their
clIiiQhlng of tho pennant has caused
many who had been on tho sidelines
to Join their, chtforlns section. That
situation seems to bo prevalent every
where In hotel circles.' Vhllo old
players naturally follow their favorite
league, and Judge Landls, maintains
a discreet atmosphcro of secrecy In
his sulto at tho Commodore, tho rank
and llle, who havo come hero for tho
gamo's sake, think that tho Yanks
havo enough lightning pitching arms
to offset tho swatting proclivities of
Mcdraw's batting order.
' Dick Klnsella, chief Giant scout,
who camo early' from his Illinois
linmn l.nt, nrHnlnllv nrwMleil Giant
linnrlnlinAMt ot lift Wnltlnff. find lS I
Shaking hands with all his old friends
who agree with his opinion concern-
ins mo rcsuii. ,
At tho Commodore ft largo staff of
workmen Is busy transforming the
writing room on. tho first floor Into a
newspaper hcadauartcrs. Tho offlcors
nr tne liaseuaii writers ahuwuuu
of America comprising thb leading
reporters of this branch of sport
throughout the country, haw already
arrived, 'and aro planning to open tho
room for tno uoys 10-nigni.
Chew a few pleasant, harmless
tablets of "1'npp's Uiupensin" nnd
your distressed siuiuacli will lcel tint'
at once.
Correct your digestion nntl case
your stomach for n few cents Don't
let your stoniiicli keep you miserable)
lJrugists rccominenu it.
A Tube Ft
n w..
AfYou nd not i'5J
buy JslUorm until you hmn
tried a free sampl. Send your naaM
I sg4 get aood sUe tube free. v.
I lUdway & Co., 201 Cntr St., N.Y.
FounJrJ 4827
Babies' Dept. Sale Days
Before Jack Frost arrives come Babies' Days, so that
the first cold weather may find the little ones amply
equipped with warm Winter things. All the little
needs which mothers count on buying at this sale
are here in the best assortments we have ever offered.
They were ordered in advance and bought for cash
that you might be sure of them when needed at prices
that" lead the city in economies in inf tints' and little
tots' wear.
Babies' Woolens
r 1 '(P
Irifajnt8' Fine Silk and Wool Shirts'
sizes to 1 year 1 1 fi
were $1.50 uiul 1. I'll
Babies' Half Wool Shirts Winter weight .
-sizes 1 to a years .
were $1.10 and' $12."; I 4t .
Babies' Ribbed Shirts 'Winter weight-"
s'zes to !$ years
were .03
Silk and Wool Shoulder Strap
Bands sizes to !J yrs. were .07.
Babies' Half Wool Hose while
only sizes fo 3 ynf. were .50 . .
Infants' Wool F4annel Gertrudes
hem or silk shell finish
were $1.50 and $1.07
Wool Flannel Bands three in 1 Oft
sanitary pnekage were $1.50. . . .l.liu
Flannelette Diapers heavy nap Rood
quality sizes 27x27 1 Oiii
were $2.94 dozen l.tU
Infants' White Flannelette Wrappers
also Night Gowns with draw
strings were .57 and" .0?
Wool Flannel Barrow Coats
cambric band were $1.10. .'. .
. .44
27 x 27
' wcrp$2.04 1
were $2.40
rtandlCrocheted Bqotees kuty length
white with pink or blue
combination were $1.10 .OO
Handmade Slipover Sweaters good
range of light ami dark shades
were $4.07 ' '.2.94
Infants' Sweater Sacques white with
pink or blue trim
were $1.97 and $2.25.
Hand Crocheted Afghans -pink
or blue combination
were $4.07
Lawn Pillow Shams
embroidery trim
were $1.25. . .
Babies' Commode Chairs O O
ivory finish were $4.50 O.J4
Woode'n Cribs including spring
drop side 25x51-wcrc$lH.50
-lace or
white with
Babies 9 Coats and Caps
Babies' Crepella Coats long and short
circular capes prettily embroidered
sizes to 2 years A A f
wcre$G25 . . 4.4tU
Babies' Silk Poplin Caps shield trimmed
with lace, embroidery or ribbon silk'
lined and interlined 0 .
were $1.19 .04
Dresses for Tiny Tots
Infants' Slips Yoke and Bishop Styles
lace and embroidery trimmed
were .97 I
Christening Sets two 'pieces late or
embroidery trimmed n rrp
were $5.47 O. i O
Little Tots' Rompers l'Maiinelcttc
Peggv and Toodles style. p -
wcrc$1.24 .10
Little Tots' Fine White Dressesyokes,
and belted models hand stitched,
smocked and trimmed with lace ami
embroidery sizes to 0 years
were $2.07. .'
Baby Boys' Gingham and Chambray
Suits Oliver Twist models sizes
to 4 years were $1 .47 . . . O O
Little Tots' Gingham and Chambray
Dresses empire nnd belted styles with
colored trimmings and hand stitchiugs -sizes
to (1 years
were $1.21 .75
Babies' Yoke and Bishop Dresses
luce and embroidery trimmed
sizes to !) years '
were .07 .Da
Children's Hair Cutting Shop
the Children's Hair Cutting Shop adjoin the Babies' and Little Tots' depart
ments on the Second Floor, no when mothcrJjriugs the little ones to the Babies'
Dept. Sale she thoitld plan on spending a few extra minutes having their hair
cut bf) our expert barbers, who know all the new becoming wags of hair cutting,
and charges arc far below what is .ashed elsewhere.
See Pages 9, 10, 23 and27 for Other Hearn Advertising
Music Salon'
Open Till
9PM .
Gim bel Brothers
For Other
See Pace 14
ale' $25
emaining Stock
Grail : DprI
Player Piano:
o 4
Tliis Distinguished Piano House, Which for 82
Years Has Built One of- the Highest Class
Pianofortes, Now Passes Into the Hands of the
American Piano Co., Builders of the AMPICQ.
Gimbels, who for years have featured j. & C. Fischer Pianos in their
stock as the Highest Type Instrument carried hero, will distribute
All the Remaining Recently Man
ufactured J. & C. Fischer Instru
ments at the Lowest Prices Ever
As soon as it was learned that this famous old business was passing out of
the. hands of the J. & C. Fischer Co., Gimbel Brothers, who 'have for years
featured the J. & C. Fischer piano, arranged to get the entire remaining
Fischer floor stock. That stock up to the very last piano made under
the old regime Piano No. 147300 will be distributed through Gimbels U
New York and Philadelphia stores. At a one-fourth saving on every instru-
ment. AncJ the response beyond expectation. Only two days of the sale
have passed and some- numbers are near y exhausted. Come ear.y !
This $565 J & C Fischer Player, W8.75
A Once-in-a-Generatibn Opportunity to Se
cure an Instrument of Unquestioned Repute
and Acknowledged Quality. But Come
Early: Limited Quantity of Each Style
& C. Fischer Pianos of AH Type!
Are Ready for ' You , Here Today
This $470 J & C Fischer Uprlihl: $151 50
The Regular Prices Are Plainly Marked
You. Deduct 25 When You; Buy
That you may 'quickly see which Fischer piano you are buying, each
instrument is marked with its regular prevailing price. From that price
you deduct 25. Exactly one-fourth saving on today's price.
Years to Pay
Perhaps Never Again Such a Chance
It has not happened lief ore. Tho chance may never
come acain. To buy an instrument .ol J. & -Fischer's
maRnif iepnt quality at the price of a popu
lar piano. For tho music lover whose rravini; is
for the liiwst and the finest only the one chance
is here.
j. & C. Fischer $7D.r Grand
Will Sell for Only $596.25
J. & C. Fischer $675 PIaycr
Will Sell for Onlu $198.75
J. & C. Fischer $470 Upright
Will Sell for Only $352.50
Gimbel Brothers, New York
Music batons.
Kindly send me, with no obligation to
myself, full information about your sale
of the remaining recently manufactured
J. & C. Fischer upright, player, and
grand pianos.
B.W. 10-3
U Modtl It 11
" Pathe Freres Phonograph Company to Re-Organize! " y
Yet Gimbels October Sale Offers Brand New
At Less Than HALF '
The 1921 Prices
Model 7: $45 Model 10: $55
Model 12 : $65 Model H : $105
Model U
Palhe Freres Company re-organizing!
That's big news and
good news in the phonograph
world. Hut CJimbels still have
hundreds of new Pathe phono
graphs which will be sold in the
October sale at a fraction of their
worth. Pathe goes back to the
top of the ladder. The Gimbel
price stays down, on the remain
ing Gimbel stock.
A Few
And As
Low As
$15 Worth
of Records
- Inc'uded in the price 20 new
75c Pathe or Emerson records.
Choose them from our entire
stock latest numbers.
Open Until 9 P. M.
Shop n the evening. After 5.30, please
use 33rd Street entrance, near liroadway
Gimbel Brothers, New York
Music Salons.
Kindly send me, with no obligation
to myself, full information about
your Sale of Pathe Phonograph.
Address. - i .
E. W. 10-3
1 '.

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