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Book a Man by the Pants
And Win a Natty Ford Car
learn to drive Slstor Is slrrtply
tickled to death. Now we can carry
Our flahlng poles without hooking gen
tlemen in the grousers.
"Who would novo thought lliat a
hook in that young man's trousers
would haVfa brought us an automobile?
It sounds llko magic. Hoolc an un
known man In tho. trousers after an
unsuccessful fishing trip and, presto.
yq,u'vo got a Konl!"
Hero Is Miss Lewis's story of what
she "saw":
t was riding on a bus in Port
Washington, L. I., and saw a
you no woman who got on cairy
inn a great,' long fithpolo, which
alio nlacnd on the floor close to
the teat. Gradually the but was, '
filled, and when the young woman
reached her destination it was a
difficult matter to get tha polo
from behind tho feet of the other
passengers. The obliging driver
lowered the windshield and started
the pole through the front of the
car. Operations came 'o a sud
den halt when one of the passen
. gsri found he was hooked. A
fishhook anchored on tho' side of
the pole had taken a firm hold in
the gentleman's trousers and
wouldn't let go. in the end a osn-'
knifo was borrowed, the fishline
was cut away and tho hook re
mained in tho trouser-leg. The
young woman and her burden
left us and the bus proceeded
merrily toward Mlneola. Miss E.
D. Lewis, Falrview Avenue, Port
Washington, L. I.
Every Bite
JXCcll JLCllg lit i
ratty PIES
urccr ure irom lour urocc
Miss Etta D. Lewis of Port Wash
V Ington, L. I., Is unlquo among ForO
winners In Tho Evening Worlds
"What Did You Seo to-Day?" con
test. She acted her story drat, ther
wroto It. Hut she didn't write it all
and what will now' bo divulged Is the
l best of it.
Ir JIIss Lewis, her mother and sistei
K llvo in the last houso on Falrvleu
Avenue and they need a Ford vcr
badly In fact, they were planning to
buy ono when they learned they hud
won one. Their need for a Ford Is the
cause of their winning ono.
Early last week Miss Lewis wltl.
Mends went oi a IJ.shlng party a:
Vmhassctt Bay. They dreamed ot
calMilnsr many snabocrs. but all af
ternoon their bait lay In the watci
4'and not a nibble.
Finally In disgust they took thcii
4 rods, went to tho Middle Neck Horn!
bus, got in and when they got on'
Miss Lewi:, s hook caught a inun
jjiissenger in the trousers. Then Mis
Lewis went home and wrote about it.
The point is: She caught no nsh
if. got a Ford. Soraii fishing trip I
J f I u u I ewla l'iiu' i,rt nt luiinn wliflil
h',Eveiilng Wirld reporter called to
rttll her of her luck yesterday. She Is
' tcuchlug at the Institute for the Blind
at 34th Stree and Ninth Avenue, Man
hattan, and goes home for week
ends. Her sister called her on Ihel
phono yesterday to tell her about It
und file answered bhe could imrdl)
wait to get her uuto on Middlo Neck
"We need an nutofnobilo, living sol
far uway from the centre of the
town," said MUs Lewis s sister yes
terday. "We've been talking It over
for some weeks und had Just uhoui
decided to get one. Now c don't
have to. That was tho luckiest fish-
tng party I havo over been on. And
wo were bo disappointed becauso we
(did not get any ilsh1 Think of It. I
Now wo will havo to get a garago and
The Grand Prize
Don't pay more for any electric
cleaner or sweeper until you have
taken advantage of our special
If you will write or phone our nearest
!tore (addresses and phone numbers
shown below) we will gladly send a
superb new model EUlIiKA to you
for FREE TRIAL right in your
own home. No obligation vfhatcver
on your part.
If you decide to buy after the
FREE TRIAL you can purchase
the EUREKA on our liberal deferred
payment plan, making a small down
payment and paying the balance in
installments of only 5 pi'r month.
'to our nearest store listed below and '
j la'c advantage of this liberal FREE
TRIAL offer fur your fall house-
Grand Prizes at Five International Expoaitiuas
NEW YORK. M West 43d Street, Vanderblit' 4541 -J .
BROOKLYN. 346 Livingston Street, Sterling 4656-7 '
NEWARK, 22 William Street, .Market 9418
McCreery 65th Anniversary Sale
.' More than a Sale a Celebration
Two Special Values
Just for Anniversary Week
Exceptionally Fine
Phonograph .
After this Sale 1,10.00
A Louis XV model with very
graceful lines which reveal its
excellent cnbinct work and a
clear, rich tone, possible only in
a precisely .made machine.
Usual list price is 150.00
After this Sale, 95.00
An,attractively designed and ex
ceedingly well made Cabinet has
been' combined with a bell-like
tone in this unusual instrument,
exclusive with us.
Iteg. U. S. Pal. OiT.
Either Model at 5.00 Down
Balance' Liberal Monthly Terms No Interest
I Fifth Floor
James McCreery & Go.
The Store lhat is Different
Delightful to shop in. Sat:sfying
Broadway at Ninth
Broad Preparedness in New
Autumn Fashions for Everybody
Formerly A. T. Stewart
Telephone 4700 Stuyvescr.l
Do You Know
That Sometime s
Our Best 'Friends
see the best in us, and that
fuct calls out of them their
best to give to us. It is n
pity, una may be n real lo3s,
to become so busy that wo
have no time when our friends
think of us and call.
Life is strangely made up
t things that in themselves
seem inconsequential, which,
when traced through from be
ginning to end. -are almost
October 3, 11)22,
In the Auditorium
Sunset Club -
will hold a public meeting at
2.15. Wednesday. Mrs. C. A.
H. Itugg, founder, will preside.
Artists who will appear Auguste
E Boylston, reader; Robert
Vivian, organist: Albert Walkup.
Dream Pictures
Synchronizations with tho new
Jewel Organ and with the
AMP1CO. At 3 p.m.
. Flr.t Gallery New Dulldlng
Girls' Frocks at
Wholesale, $5.75
Special purchase of smart
wash frocks for girls of G io
14, including the very, prac
tical bloomer dress for girls
of G to 10.
Fine imported ginghams in
large and small checks und eham
brays, finished with touches of
hand stitchery or hand smocking
in pretty, harmonizing colors.
Soft browns, greens, French
blue, rose, mauve or navy blue.
Second Floor, Old FJulldlna.
Exhibit of New
. Imported SILKS
Reveal ng the fact that the Master Designers
of France have brought aboijt
A Renaissance of SILKS
We attach so much importance to this display
of silks which in nearly every instance are exclusive
with the Wanainaker Store that we have given over
to the exhibit the entire Main Aisle and the centre of
the Silk Rotunda.
These precious silks will be draped in glass cases
and on tables so that you may have a comprehensive
view of them.
First, we must turn back to a night in Paris
the 24th of June when representatives of all the world
gathered at the Hal du Grand Prix a l'Opera; about
which we quote from the Paris Edition of the New
York Herald:
"The event proved to be the most magnificent and
gorgeous spectacle ever seen in the Opera.
"It was much more than u mere ball, there being scenes
of splendor surpassing tho wildest dreams. It was rep
resentative of a reception in the 18th Century given by
I ho Doge at Venice for the Persian Embassy. Leading
artistes of the Opera und the Comedie-Francaise, dressed
in most wonderful Venetian and Persian costumes, took
part in the grand entree and the various tableaux.
"The floor of the Opera was transformed into a hall
of honor in the Doce's Palace. All the loges weret decor
ated with Venetian and Persian banners and gorgeously
embroidered fabrics and filled with beautiful I'erslun
and Venetian women in 'costumes of gold and silver."
. .
On that night evefcy one. knew that the gorgeous
bilks which France had made for this occasion would
he made the keynote of the new Fashions by the dress
makers of Paris.
And the- silks which the Paris dressmakers used
are tha silks which you may, see tomorrow imported
by in to give the same pleasure to American women
its tl arc giving to the well-dressed women of Europe.
Street Floor, Old Bulldlna
Ney versions of
the, Costume Slip
The most favored type of
petticoat slip th6 straight
line in fine qualities of crepe
do chine.
$6.95 and $12.75
Bodice tops fit very smoothly
under the new frocks that show a
marked tendency to follow lines
that mould the figure, and under
tho new jacquctto blouses.
Skirts arc entirely box plaited,
plaited at either side where full
ness Is gathered, or have flying
panels, plaited and pointed.
In 8 a b 1 e, cocoa or tobacco
brown, navy blue or black.
Third Floor, Old Building
Tailored Silk Blouses
And very moderate in price
The new tweed suits, the new knittai
wool or silk suits, the seterelu made
taiileur, must each have its perfectly
mane mouses, or us smart air u ioji.
A fine collection
$5.95 to $22.75
Crepe do chine, broadcloth silk
la jerz and hahutai in blouses,
showing every new detail and whim
of decoration, but never sacrificing
their simplicity and tailoring.
Monogram to order ,
The last new touch from Paris,
added in our own workrooms.
Third Floor. Old Bulldlna
Straight from London to the
Women's Sport Shop
Topcoats of stunning tweeds
and mixtures $57.50
Herringbones, "pepper and salt"
diamond weaves and other smart
ones, the very patterns most used
in men's topcoats in browns and
grays. 1 Brighter colors, too, for
one who, likes her sports clothes
gay. t ,
Year-'round Coats
Not only for actual snorts but
effective for mornings in town,
shopping, and needless to say the
coats for motoring.
Second Floor, Old Bulldlna
& k? ftv'
Women's High-grade Watches
Good time-keepers. From Geneva.
Imported under the old tariff
(which was only a quarter
h a half of ilia new)
For Ribbon
bracelet Watches with
guaranteed movements
Quite a choice
SO nt $2114 karat gold,
fancy shapes, with shaped crys
tals and dials, 15 jewels,
Wnnnmnlrnr ntintWp
75 at $20 veiy small white gold watches, in six dfrsiEns, 15 jewels.
Wannm'aker quality.
Also Men's and
Boys Watches
60 with gold-filled cases,
15 jewels, guaranteed
movements, Wanamaker
GO flat watches, with 18
karat white gold-filled
cases, beautift'I silver
dials, special 17 jewel
movement, Wanamaker
'Jewelry Shop, Street Floor, w.d Bulldlna
A NEW lot of wonderfully fine
Woven Madras Shirts
At $1.25
Afternoon Frocks
follow the line of coats
Even the soft line rather elabor
ate gown for afternoon wear has
succumbe'd to the appeal of the coat
frocks, and most effectively so.
Charming ones at $79.50 to $147.50
In silk and in the new woolens
broche and plain. . Brown or black
with vivid bits of color in the
trimmings, often combined with
ftil'. Gecond Floor, Old Bulldlna
Down. Quilt, unequaled, $18
.Light as a feather. Exceedingly warm. Covered with a
standard grade of sateen in rose effects, and Persian designs in
rose and gold, with plain sateen borders to match.
Double bed size, (J X 7 feet. Flrt Floor, Old Bulldlna.
Long Kidskin Gloves
$2.95, $2.35 pair
Eight - button mouMiuetaire
real kidskin gloves, niquo hewn
hlark with embroidered backs
in white; brown shades with belf-
color embroidered harks or back?
embroidered in black. Sizes (
to 7'( $4.50 jjrade- 52.95 pair.
Twelve-button mousiictaire
real kidskin cloves in white
only. Sizes 03,' to f.'j -$2.!i5
pair. Street Floor, Old Bulldlna
Pretty Undies
of fine silks
Crepo do chine, crepe-back
satin, plain und satin striped
radium silk or trousseau crepe
in a variety of smart lace trimmed
and tailored tstylw-Bomc repro
ductions of exclusive French
Nichteowns. $5.5(1 to $8.05.
Knvalnpo chemises, 52.95 to
Vest chemises and step-in
drawers. S3.50 to S4.'J5.
In chair a delicate shade of
pink peach or mauve.
Third Floor, Old Bulldlna
Adorable Robes of
wide-wale corduroy
Lounging robes which
hang straight from shoulders
or introduce a low waistline,
sometimes only at the back.
$9.95 to $16.95
Slender in silhouette, they reveal
the. new wide nlrcvcs, an important
noto in the recent French open
ings and original trinlming details
of chaiming simplicity.
Linings are of plain or dotted
silk mull in matching shades, or of
white china silk.
French blue, wisteria, cherry,
fuchsia, orchid or coial.
Third Floor, Old Bulldlna
Umbrellas, $4.95
Many a woman will bo pleased
by these bilk taffeta umbrellas
with satin borders.
Leather loop or ring handles.-Stub-ends
and rib-tips of whlto or
amber colored composition. Silk
Street Floor, Old Bulldlna
100 Patterns- not a poor one
in the Iol
First choice Wednesday
we haven't seen the equal of
Uiese 3,G0O in a long time.
All sizes, 14 to 17. .
Three sleeve lengths.
Street Floor, New Bulldlna
The Million Dollar
Stock of Fine
is ready for the inspection of all homc-Iovers in or
about New York. It is the largest purely retail
stock in New York. It covers every possible need
sizes ranging from a small mat at $9.50 to n niBg
nificent 3,3x23 ft. Persian carpc'.
$250,000 of these fine Rugs
are offered at a
Fourth to a Third Less
Never was so all-embracing an opportunity In
Oriental Rugs, within our recollection.
Third Calltry, Nov Bulldlna

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