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I Ml
!00 Gold and Bronze Elephants
In Art Sold at Lawson Auction
1,000 Pieces Under Hammer To-Day Include Bric-a-Brac,
Pictures, Rugs, Silver Plato and Curios.
EGYPT, Masi, Oct. 12. Thomas Vf. Lawson was a- trader again to
day, this tlmo not In coppor stock but In bronzo olephanta. Tho famous
financier wljo has weathered many a Wall Street crisis, was disposing
through his trustees of tho furnishings of Dreomwold, his luxurious South
Shore cstato, for the purpose, of bringing his affairs In order after a porlod
f unfavorable operations. The estate Itself will be sold privately.
The atctloneor's hammer fell on 6
ore thaa a thousand of the articles
t comprise Dreainwold treasures,
Insured valuation of which Is
00,000. The solo, the first of a
rlcs, will continues to-morrow and
The collections of art objects have
on brought together from all parts
- Two Cousins Wounded Near
Spot Where Gang Leader
Killed Three.
8am Shlllltanl, twenty-three, No.
21 Mulberry Street, and . Sam Shllll
tXnl, twenty-six, No. 2408 Hoffman
Street, Bronx, were shot In the right
foot and back respectively, early to
day In Mulberry, near Kcnmarc
reet, a few feet from whero the
'Paper Box Kid," a brother of one,
klllod a civilian and two policemen in
The men mysteriously wounded to
day are cousins, and nay they do not
know who shot them or any reason
for It. The pollco behoved a myHto
rlous automobile they chased Into
C&MKenmare Street figured In the shoot-
n ing, and though they learned through
Its number that It belorjcd to the
wounded Shlllltanl of Mulberry
Street, they decided they were mis
taken. After . being attended the
wounded cousins went home. '
A few feet from where they were
hot, according to the police, "The
Paper Box Kid," a brother of Fred
and Sam Shlllltanl, on May 1, 1913.
shot and killed a man named Rlzzo
and then Policeman Charles J. Tearo
and Probationary Policeman William
B. Heoney, who tried to arrest him.
While awaiting execution In Sing
Slnff he killed a keeper, but finally
was executed.
7 X at home just as
you get it at the soda
fountain. All of the
Ingredients are in
one package. No
fuss no mixing.
The delicious choc
olate flavor is already
in it.
of the world. They comprise bronzes,
bric-a-brac, pictures, rugs, stiver
plate and many curios.
Unlauo amontr them are the collec
tions of elephants and tmJxi bellsThe
pachyderms, in ivory, bronze, china
and precious metals, are the works of
tho world's cleverest craftsmen. The
Htnallest, -made of pure gold with Ivory
tusks, is tho size of a peachstono; the
largest, of bronze, Is moro than a foot
In height. Thero are nearly 200 ele
phants In the collection. Tho bells I
wero gathered abroad, ono from every
country that Mr. Lawson had visited.
A battered hand organ otands In a
cornor of the dining room. It wus
purchasod by tho financier for $100
from an Itinerant Italian whoso music
pleased him.
To-Mwrow, sti Will FMtd, Dlnnlllii
OwrnliM Efints
Tfc Cojmcpoillin Hindltsf
Thi Usrirton Pins
FIUSX HACK AT 2.30 1'. M.
Station, 33d m. anil 7Ih Av., alao
FUtbush Av., Brooklyn, at 1Z.O0, and
at frequent Intervals up to l.M I". M.
Special ram reaervrd for Ladlea.
ncjrular tralna leaving Tenn. Station
at 2.00 and Flatbuah Av. at 2.08 P.M.
top at courae. Alao reached by Lei.
Av. "L" to 100th St., Jamaica, thence
br trolley.
UHAiiu ri a.t ii e.i.D4
rNCLtrnrNO tax.
i t
H l'UKlTLUI-; UM LNi;(llAU.KU.
H Any piece of 1 uiiutuu- ur complete tiuitu
udv-itlsci) us u Imigrtin by nny Wepait
I ir.ent tore or furniture establishment
H (no exception) ran be bought the Uia
Hi a(j" ivay fi i
Ml A ll,i;lI OF ItAIKsAlN'S
H At prtrvn to fit t-Vfiy une's puiby. Graxp
jHII this opportunity ami save
I vr3 to v.fc oi r iti:rii. phicks.
IH day You wni m-r rrRivt It. 1
K Your St is vith j Mien you
MEt m H(i:t ritoM Tin; rAnom.
flw MhnlcMiIe .luhbrr if ltiiK ami lUtrib
Hh utum of Mutinous aud Icelander
V Catalogue Ntt J. on request.
I'honr Hl.'n IxikIi r 4 MOO
"Charge It
That's all there la to opening a liberal credit
account here; select your suit or overcoat or
both and
Pay a Little
Each Week
or Month
Smart Suits
For Both Dad and Son
Perhaps you've conceived the idea that you cannot
obtain a good selection at credit store. A visit to
this store will quickly show you your mistake. We
carry at all times a most complete assortment of
smart suits and overcoats for men and young men,
fashioned of fine all wool fabrics in the most wanted
styles and made by some of the foremost makers
of men's clothing. Clothes with a reputation of 36
years' square dealing behind them clothes that
we are sure enough of to guarantee for complete
Hecht Bros
53-57 W. 14th St., Near 6th Ave.
With the fingers 1 No pairf at all ! Drop a
Utile ''Freezone" on a sore, tender corn or a
callus. Instantly they stop hurting, then
shortly you lift that bothersome corn or callus
ri&ht off, root and all, without pain, soreness
or irritation. Yes, magic 1
J vP1 1
W li wiil! Costs only a lew cents! All kinds of r'orn.s ami
puinful calluses on bottom of feet just Iqusun and lift off. Truly !
You feci no pain when applying Frecrone or afterward.
This is Safety Week
Don't Get Hurt
Broadway at Ninth
Formcrlu A. T. Stewart
Largest Assemblage of
Pianos under one roof
Telephone 4700
Jealousy, Spite
and III Nature
ore neighbors to movo away
from rather than cultivate.
They nil live In a gloomy
shed nnd are ever plotting
Better to go a long dis
tance out of your way to
avoid them.
"Let not the sun go down
upon your wrath."
October 12, 1922.
Five more shades in
Crepe d' Annam
$3.85 yard
This silk has been such
a success that pooplo are
asking for it ih additional
Whllo it Is scarco wo have been
able to find It In five new shades
elephant gray, toast brown, seal
brown, Bapphlro bluo and a vivid
And moro of It In the shades
wo have had before Chineao red,
navy bluo, gray, black, cocoa.
40 in. wido, the silk lends Itself
to draping with an almost oxotic
charm because of its clinging
softness and a Bhoen almost moire
In effoct.
811k Rotunda,
Street Floor, Old Building
I .
Where else such
Bridge Lamps for $3?
Of wrought Iron,
flnlshwith a touch
of gold on tip and
base. Good tripod
base with feet that
stand close but
steady. Adjust
able at rod. Six
feet of cord, bulb,
Shados to har
monic, $1 to $7.50.
nf rlnrnra ted
parchment paper,
banded and painted
with flowers. A
good selection at
prices under $6.
Second Qillery, New Dulldlno
Handbags, $3
A noteworthy collection
of at least 2,500 at this price
Shopping, swagger, pouch
bags and envelope purses. As
sembled with the one thought
of greatest valuo linked with
correct style.
Of leather: pin seal, beaver
calfskin, goatskin, walrus grain
seal, long grain seal.
Of duvetyn, velvet and moire
and pekin silk, in good qualities.
Well fitted with mir
rors, change purses, some
with combs.
Good silk linings in tho silk
and velvet bags.
Excellent leather linings in
most of the leather bags.
Black.'brown, gray, navy blue,
tans, taupes.
Street Floor, Old Building
Soft Souple Laces
are- favorites with the smart
SnnnUh silk nll-
'over laces and flouncings are those
mn.f foimrml nnrl thn I.flCO ShoD
now presents a charming collec
tion ot these laces, in plain or cire
finish, all closely covered with
attractive dtsigns.
36 in. wide, In beige, cocoa,
gray or black, $2.50 to $11.95
50 to 54 in. wide, in black only,
$4.25 to $5 yard.
Ftnt Floor, Old Building
Sonia Hair Nets
Again 35c doz.
Regularly 50c dozen, and
without equal at that price
Large, single mesh, made of
genuine human hair. Cap or
fringo shapes. Shades blend so
perfectly with blonde, auburn,
light brown, medium brown, dark
brown and black hair that the
ncia .are invisible.
6trt Floor, Old Dulldlno
The Indispensable Frocks of a
New Social Season, $55 to $79
Realizing the importance of distinctive frocks for after
noon and dinner wear the Women's Fashion Salons have
carefully and discriminatingly made a delightfully smart
collection of
Individual Models
All the lovely soft silks, with tho new crinkly and gaufro crepes
and the ever effective crepe do chine and crepe satins.
In many shades of brown, In blue and black and In lighter colors,
too, such as the lovely greens and soft grays.and beiges.
Colorful Trimmings
Gay embroidery, fine headings and appliques of other fabrics
often combined with tinsel and other new ways of adding brilliance to
the mode, are used with lavish hand and fine sense of design.
Note: As theso frocks are tho result of very special shopping on our
part, the prices arc well worthy of consideration.
Second Floor, Old Building
FUR Neckpieces
So essential for the perfect costume
The Fur Salon is featuring a special collection of
moderately priced neckpieces; single skins and smartly
Bhaped scarves that are so important at this season of
the year. '
Australian Opossum, $15 to
Dyed Baum Marten, $55 to
Third Floor, Old Building
Squirrel, $15 to $79.50.
Pointed Fox, $18 to $123.
Mink, $19.75.
Stone Marton, $37.50.
Moleskin, $35 to $49.50.
The Women's Sports Shop
presents first in New York
The "Dab-Dab" Sweaters, $5
Just as smart and gay as they can bo and tho most
original sweaters sden in many a season.
Each an individual pattern
That is the first and most important
bit of news, for by some secret process
in the weaving, no two are ever qulto
The careless splashing freedom of
design, tho brilliant mingling of colors,
found in the new impressionistic paint
ings, are amusingly enough transferred
to simple slip-over sweaters of fino
mohair wool which are so smart now
for all sports wear.
In more than twelve stunnlng,color
Second Floor, Old Building
NOTE Priced at little above ordinary cott to ui;
offered every little while; a motl unutual reaton for
watching carefully the fathions in the Wanamaker Gray
Salom Qowni. wrapt, lingerie and other articles.
Pretty Silk
Negligees, $10.50
Our $12.75 grade
Wing-like sleeves of Georgette crepe,
falling softly from deep armholes,
are an interesting detail of new negli
gees of heavy satin, made in a
simple straight-line style to look like
little frocks.
In curir, rose, turquoise, mauve,
peach, Frehch blue, or black.
Exquisite Silk Underthings
$9.50 Nightgowns $7.50
$5.75 Step-in Chemises $4.50
$5.95 Costume Slips $1.25
Crepe de rhino of a very fine qual
ity. The nightgowns anil ch'inise
are of charming simplicity. Fine
white net, embroidered with shell
pink dots, is joined to the garments
with enlra dcur which gives the effect
of hand-faggoting. In flesh only. ,
The Costume slips -the foundation
of present day fashions-are made
'in a smart tailored style o( radium
silk. Thf additional fullness needed
in the skirt in eived in over tli" Hips
at a low waistline. In navy blue, brown or black.
Third Floor, Old Building
Great Doings in
Floor Coverings
these days at Wanamaker s
The low prices arc in the face of rising
4 wholesalo costs arid a higher tariff.
Tho largest Btock of Oriental rugs in New York City
upwards of a million dollars' worth a great part of which is
going at a fifth to a third under standard prices. Features
for Friday are:
50 extra-size Orientals
Name Si Grada Salepriot
Kashgar 18.1 x 12.2 ft $850 $550
Chinese 16 x 12.2 ft $875 $650
Kashgar 17 x 18.4 ft : $1000 $650
Laristan 16.8 x 12 ft . $850 $550
Serapi 21 x 13.10 ft $1200 $720
Hamadan 15.4 x 12.8 ft ; $1200 $825
Kermansha 15.3 x 11 ft $1200 $850
Serapi 23.6 x 13.10 ft ' $1350 $900
Ispahan 21 x 12.3 ft. . . .- $1500 $975
Ispahan 19.5 x 14 ft $1500, $1000
Chinese 21.1 x 13.3 ft $1500 $1100
Hamadan 23.6 x 13.9 ft; '. . $2000 $1250
KermanBha 20 x 10.10 ft $2000 $1250
Kermansha 16.9 x 11 ft $2100 $1375
Sarouk 19.2 x 12.6 ft $2250 $1800
The Sale of Wilton Rugs
took New York by storm. Some of the lots sold out at once,
but the following desirable groups are in good variety:
Fine HWfon Rugs
$44 for $66 rock wool Wiltons, 6 ft. 9 in. x 9 fL
$72 for $106 super worsted Wiltons, 9 x 12 ft.
$115 for $170.50 worsted Wiltons, 11 ft. 3 in. r 12 ft.
$142.50 for $205 worsted Wiltons, 11 ft. 3 In. x 15 ft.
Excellent Chenille Rugs -
$36.50 for $50 rugs, size 6 x 9 ft.
$52.50 for $72.50 rugs, size 8 x 10 ft.
$59.50 for $87.50 rugs, size 9 x 12 ft.
The Sale of Carpets
is offering practically all grades from very fine to medium at
exceptionally low prices.
27 in. Wilton Carpets
$4.15 for $5.50, grado fine quality worsted Wilton; plain colors.
93.60 yd. for $4.50 grade Plain and figured Wilton In many colors and
all-over and two-tono effects In neutral colors.
Seamless Chenille Carpets
In lengths of 9, 12 and 15 feet; wool back; extra long pile; In taupe,
sand, mulberry and blue, made In Czecho-Slovakla $12.50 a square yard
for the $16 grado.
27 inK English Velvet Carpets
$2.40 yd. for tho $4. grade In Oriental and, self-toned greens I Hall''
and stair carpet to match.
Short Length Carpets
$2.25 yd. for $2.75 grades ) Axmlnstcrs, Vclrets and
$2.60 yd. for $3.50 trades Wiltons lengths from
$3.15 yd. for $4.50 grades ) 5 lo 9 yards.
' Third Gallery, New Building
High-Grade Wrist Watches
Imported from Geneva under the old tariff
$21 ' and $26
Both ribbon bracelet
watches with guaran
teed 15 jewel movements.
At $21 aro 14-karat gold cases in fancy shape, with shaped
crystals and dials.
At $26 are very small white cold watches In 6 designs.
Jiwel; Shop, 8treat Floor, Old Dull ding
Pure Linen Draperies.
At Less than Half Price.
2,225 yards Irish linen hand-blocked in 89 designs
475 yards
of our regular
$2.25 grado for
95c yd.
750 yards
of our regular
$4.25 grade for
$1.95 yd.
1,000 yards
of our regular
$7.25 grade for
$2.95 yd.
The Draperies Shop has achieved a "scoop." To offer at less than
half price 2,225 yards of natural color pure Irish linen, hand-blocked In
color, in 89 designs, from a manufacturer well-known in tho linen world,
is an achievement, indeed, even though they arc discontinued pattern
and slightly defective.
The defects add charm
They are defects only in the
printing. They are slight, a blur
here and there which shows
slightly on the light grounds, but
is scarcely noticeable on darker
ones. On lengths of many yards
there may bo only two or three or
four such blurs.
Small patterns
for slip-covers
The single tulip in blue and
mauve or yellow and rose; the
fuchsia with a little lattice of
black or yellow; the close-little-knot-cf-roses
In many shades.
Impressive bi designs
English oak; can't you see big,
spreading roses und long stripes
to harmonize with English oak
The Love Bird, perfect for a
bedroom with modernist proclivi
ties. Art Nouveau, in which all the
colors of the rainbow minglo to
produce a harmonious and most
engaging whole.
Hose Basket, from which great
trailing roses spill in a profusion
of glorious pink.
Peony rose big roses, peony
pink shade.
Fourth Qallery, New Bulldlnj
y ,1
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