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l i i 01 a urn llf A A A II
II ALL OLA T En ft UmAll
,T-rllght' Weathar FAIR AND boOLER
ToMorrow' Waathar FAIR,
i incuTicicn
I . iuE.il i iribu
II' 1. , T r- !
VOIi. LXni. NO. 22,189
Leader, &Says Qibinet
Doesn't jExprcss Pco-
Nationalist Movement, Be
gun Three Years Ago, Aims
at, Disruption of Socialists.
:TtOME, Oct. 2C (Associated Press)
enlto Mussolini, head of tho Fas-
Pstl,- liatr called together all tho tulli
ry leaders of that organisation and
Minultanoously lias ordered all Hie
military sections of tlio Fasclstl to
etp in readiness tlio sqo.ood workers
wvhp iiavo Joltlod tlio Fascist! organlaa
BMtp to' coippcrafo at an opportune
accent wun mo military sections.
rHila a Interpreted hero as prepara
ioii for the assumption of power by
kha Suscistt. 1
liONDQN, Oct, . The official or-
Itenjof the TTasclstl In X'oma is. quoted
lit 1 tlio great Fasclstl congress at
Naples, which closed yesterday.
00.000 FASCIST!
guf Ufclarlng: "Wd uro- on the ovo or
In 'important event." The conference
p Ittmio comes directly upqn the Iicelrt
nLJ"aples despatches last night quoted
ltatf. Mussolini as exclaiming, upon
kls, dqparturo for Home: "I tako a
olemtv oath that cither tho Govern
ment of tho country muat bo given
eacefiilly to tho Fascist! or wo Mill
tlio It Ijy force."
NAPLES. Oct 20 (United Press).
Ko Fasclotl National Council con-
ihued I Is sessions hero after tho rank
MB file 'of tho narty left, at tlio con-
lusjon of tho .National Convention.
rho, council conferred with Mlchclo
Ijanchl, Secretary of tho Fasclstl.
anchl, in an address, stated tliat tho
'asctsll' had enrolled 500,000 members
nd.havo Issued 300,000 party mem
bership cards, which ho said was the
ftrgest number ever Issued by an
tatian political party.
Blanch! stated that tho Chamber of
Deputies no longer represents the
puntry, and. that therefore any Cabi
net springing from the present Par-
araent is illegal. After the lnstruc
Ons to co back to their districts,
temberg of tlio National Council
ofed to adjourn.
I.The Fasclstl party Is made up of
Ktrenio Nationalists. Tho movement
lame Into prominence in 1910 when
kndo of Fasclstl were organized to
jaJbzibat' the Socialists .who had seized
tKiy factories throughout tho couu
First in
worta DrtnU men "Eulnei
iDortunltlu" Ui&n .11 th other
IJv York mornlnc nwpPr com
bined. What I the reaionT- Ciciuh
T World advertleeri cet Uie beet
Ifinhcf Stpltmhtr "Bpanen Opftrtmullti:"
HE WORLD 9,534 ads,
be Times 2,642 aih.
e American 885 ads.
e Herald 500 ads,
e Tribune 80 ads
'JiE WOULD S Majority.. 5,427 ads.
f .li h. H.nl.mher "UL'SINKSS
'n OPItBTOTIK8 wera printed
v In Th. IVArlH.
Oil) right (Ntwl
' l'uMhlr
Campaign -Already Under
. Way With Bonar Law and
Lloyd George Fighting
LONDON, Oct. -20 (Atwciclaiyl
Press). A proclamation dissolving
Parllnnient wa3 slpned by KI113
Georse this moriilns at a privy coun
cil held tit Bandrlngham, tlio Royal
cstato )n Norfolk. -Tho proclamation
will bo guiclttij this aflernoon..
Tho proclamation ordered. . tlio as
semblliur of tho new Parliament on
Nov. JO.
Tho general elections wero set for
tfc-. IS..
Tho Klug1 signed a further proclam..
atlon autho'rlzlng-the summo'nlns of a
mectlne of tho Scottish Peero at Holy-
rood Palace, Nov.. 10, ., tho pur
pose of electing tho sixteen represen
tative Peers of "Scotland to serve in
tho now Parliament.
Thirteen hundred candidates l:ave
already entered the campaign for
memberahlp In ' tho House or Com
mons. Of these about 425 aro Con
servatives. In round numbers Labor
has 400 candidates In the field, the
Asqulthlan or Free Liberals COO and
the Lloyd Georgian or Nullonul Lib
erals 200. Tho Uttla Welshman who
lost his post na Prime Mnllster lost
week la vigorously striving to increase
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bonar Laws first task
MnnUreio lesnei) Snjm Tranqnallltr,
V. Krlf-ndehlii end IVkph In
India Are Sought,
GLASGOW, Oct. i5 (Associated
Press.) Primo Minister Andrew
Bonar Law, In discussing his policy,
told, a meeting of the West Scotland
Unionist Association to-day:
"My strong belief Is that this na
tlon needs Bbovo everything else rest
and tranquillity, and my policy will
be a negative .onu in this Bonse."
The Governmpnt'a policy, raid the
Prime Minister, would bo to leave tho
recovery from tho war to tho untram
mclcd Initiative of the men and wi.men
of the couutry.
Bonar Law was unanimously adopted
to-day as tho Conservative and Un.
ionlst candldato for Parliament from
the Central Division of Glasgow. A
resolution of confidence In him was
At tho Royal Exchange lie received
a rousing reception. He said it wa
not an occasion for htm to make a
political speech or try to obtain con
verts. But, ho added, "In the position
which I am called, whether It bj fo
good or bad. I Ehall always realize thu
the real foundation of the welfare am
prosperity of this country I that tredf
and industry should flourish, and any-
(Contlnued on- Eighth Page.)
I "Circnlatidx Booka.'Open to JUL'
Tk World I, 'by rrts
Company, 1 023,
Talks a Lot About Gary,
Buses, "Kept Press," Not
a Word on Budget.
Wadleigh Girls"Called "Flap'
pers," but for .Second time
Fail to" Learn- Civics.
The final statutory public hearing
on Now York City's ?S81,p60,000
budget the highest In all history of
any city was held In City Hall to
day in tho presence ojf a bevy of
bright, eager girls from tho Wud-
ltlgh High Hcliool. Tlicao are th'c
3amo gills who yesterday-sought the
fountain pf civic- knowledge" "at the
Board of Estimate's mahogany liorae
slloe, tmt wero" inutead treated to .a
dissertation on Jutt wliat degrco of
kindred "ciist'o Tielw'gc'nn.''MartSr,'"
Manhattan, a Bronx 'or ah' qlrfisli
loncd c.5clUull tand 'French. taln
Ufobole'uomobrqW1' VeVmoutj
Five minutes tjos -jovotod to call
ing off the naritou ot tririotts; depart
ments and tho '-b'tidgot" estimate of
each. Tlio' remhlnder" of thl time
csactly twonty-ttvo minuted by the
clock. In, the room was devoted. to a
general .talk cboijt tjie.Gary sytcm.
tha transit sj'sterj,- the Queers Crow
Ray. Boulevard, 'the Hrlan buses,
Vermouth (once agam) and things in
general. Nary a word . about vthat
Mayor itylan, wlwao jippeiranpa
Indicated the i?reat strain, ho haa been
laboring under, that Is causlrj; his
frienda considerable 'apprehension,
started to edify tho young high' school
alrlii with a second .dissertation on
Vermouth and .liquor tratllc, but ho
suddenly halted after a warning
"1 wonder l,.tliere Is a family en
trance to SchtefTelln & Co.?" asked the
Mayor, smiling-broadly at the-glijBling
high school girls. Ho flaunted a pam
phlet as ho sp6ke.
"If you can tell me whero 1 can get
somo Vermouth," said Stewart
Browno, "I'd appreciate It. I havo a
soro throat." Browno illustrated with
a tenor cough. .
'Later, when tho Mayor emllod and
said "Welcome, , ladles,'-' to tho llttlo
glrlo, Slowart Browno surveyed the
group of hlgli school pupils In sur
nrls3 and. turning to the Mayor, cor-
ftveted: "Yoir mean flappers,- don't
'That's out.,of order," cried too
Mayor, now thoroughly shocked. Dlu,-
cusslng mixed drlnko might .Je, &
harmless pastime at a, KS,thering .ot
children, but the word flapped was,
taboo. Tho Mayor blushed pajnfujly
at the very tnougni.ot.fi. . r , -y
After -he had greeted the glrl the
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France, Ilnlr and Britain A;re o
Extend Inrltntton. .
PARIS, Oct. 26 (Associated Press).
France, Italy and Great Britain
have agreed to invite the United
States to participate ofilclally in the
Near East Peace Conference a Lau
ranne. Switzerland, Nov. IS. '
Tho suggestion to ask thu United
(Jtatco to participate officially cartiu
fi-um Lord Curson, the British Secra
i,ary for Foreign Affairs. The Invita
tion will be handed to the state U
nartment In Washington prpbably o-
morrow by the French, British and
Italian Embassies.
Crash of Glass and Shouts
Arouse Throng After Mys
terious Attack. . '
Arrest for. Felonious Assault
Foll6vs Clash on Upper
West Side.
The crash of a breaking window
which showered pedestrians with
glass, and the shouting or men on
the third floor of No. 1270 Broadway,
followed by cries for help as two men
dashed from the building and Into a
liirlc'ab which v.hlrled thorn away,
utartled after the theatre throngo nt
Broadway nnd 5d ritreet shortly bo-
foro last midnight nnd caused a great
crowd 'to- collect.
The excitement ended when John
McC&'rt; twenty-nlno years old, of Tho.
SilEaat lh Street tvas.Jooked up
inT.tlie v:est;.iSt,u'sstrot "SUtlon.
chargod with felonious assault:
According to the police, tho fight
was in thq apartment of Harry Sar
tor, forty-fiva years oldj Jewelry
edlcsman.' Il6 toia'tlio 'pbllca that
McCort came to 'hla apartment and
Inquired for Edward Maasey, 8ar
tofis's nephew, who lvcs thero. Mc
Cort, when told Massey was not hemo,
tried to force bis way into tho apart
ment. ' '
flortorta wears many diamonds and
haa a quantity of valudblo stones In
hlB hpartment. He tried td keep Mc
Cort out, he eafL.and grappled with
him. Then, Sartorls alleges, McCort
drew a pistol and lilt him over the
head with It. Woodwork In tho
apartment and tho furnlturo wcro
spattered with blood from Sartorls'.i
Sartorls got. the pistol from Mc-
.Pprjk and, running to tho window.
smashed tho. glass with the weapon
and called for help. He grabbed Mc
Cort again but the man broke away
and rah down stairs.
On, tho floor above Harry 6 tern,
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Otto lielbtner Flared Pm-t 80 Well
tnr United StnteJ Iff- HooL-d '
Even the City Cope.
Otto. Helping, twenty-elx. No. SU
East Tremont Avenue, the Bronx, ar
raigned In'tlie' Court of Special fjlonr
td-day on a chance of havtnr heroin In
h'lf tfossonjton, turned out to'bs a (Fed
eral Investigator in the employ of
United States Dlitflct Attorney Hay
ward. The dleclosure was more of tea!
flabbergasting to Detectlro Moffett of
the Narcotic Squad, who arrested
Helblng two weeks ago In a ttouss fre
quented by drur addicts, near 116th
Street and- Third Avenuo.
Accordlnr to Moffett Helhlng became
confidential with a number of known
drug addicts .and was tuepectad of
being a drug peddler. When taken In a
raid herein was found In hla pocket.
District Attorney Banton appeared In
coyrt with a letter from Col. Hayward
and niked that Helblng.be discharged.
Ho is aald to, have been of great atelH
ance In landlnr dealer In narcotic
druea and to have furnlehed the eM
denee which led recently to tho indict
ment ot one of the meet dangerous
wholesale peddlers in the city. Helblng
waa dlecharced and went to the Fed
eral Building to testify before the
Grand Jury.
We Know Where fo Look for Proof,'
Molt Says of Eye-Witness Story;
Second Auto Owner Known to Him
Prosecutor Declares He Believes Mrs. Gibson Told
Truth and Will Act as Soon as All Evidence
Has Been Sifted.
(Special From Staff Correspondents of Tha Even inn World.)
, NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J., Oct. i(J. In tho Btatomont or Mrs. Jane
Gibson about ber presenco at thu murdbr ot tho Ituv. Mr. Hall and Mrs.
Mills, aho said bbc saw a second automobile parked iu U10 bushes at tho
foot of-Do Itussey Laue, near that asalust which "Ilonry" autl "tho woman
iu tho gray cloak" were crouching Jutt ljoforo tho niurderB. ,
Tho tremendous, slgnlrtcanco to
Special Prosecutor Mott of tho two
automobile parked together, lights
out, is that tha two persons who v.cnt
into tho farm prepared to commit
murder would never havo left their
car near a car of persons not known
to. them; they would not havo risked
encountering strangers, tho Froao
cutor assumes. And he knows to
wbots.tlie, other car. belonged; lio
knows to hla own satisfaction, hut
not by admission of tho man who
rode in it.
This phase of the caAo becamo so In
teresting to-day that Mr. Mott coun
termanded hia orders to Btatp , troop
ers, county detectives and hla own
man, tiout. Mason, to bring in every
body whose' nim had been mentioned
In tho case from tho beginning.
Mr.' Mott talked with frankness to
day of the progress of tho case.
"That la something I cannot an
swor," ho said, when naked whether
ho had obtained new evidence within
the last forty-eight hours. "But I can
cay that I regard Mra. Gtboon an n
crcdlblo witness ' nnd I believo her
story. It la a Question of Judgment
as to whether to make an arrest Im
mediately. I prefer to wait until I
havo the case clinched. When wo act,
wo shall act not on ono ptcco of cvl
denco but on all tho ovldenco."
"Why has nothing been dono In tho
thirteen days which havo elapsed since
Mrs. Glboon flrot awora to her story?"
ho was asked.
"I do not know," said Mr. Mott.
"In It truo, Mr. Mott, that tho
Btato Is up a troo and docs not know
whero to look for corroboration of
Mrs. Gibson's evidence?"
"It la not true," tatd Mr. Mott
grimly. "We know whero to look."
Then Mr. Mott sent out his wholo
available forco of Investigators, State
troopers, tho county detectives of
Somerset and Middlesex and his own
man, Lieut. James Mason of the Es
sex County detectives, to bring in
overy person who is bellevrd to know
anything of the tnonth-ol.J murders.
Mr. Mott spent yesterday at his
Newark offlco reading ovor the affi
davits which have been collected, the
written reports, of detectives and get
ting comment on them from Mason.
Tho list of thoae to be called before
him Included Mrs. Frances N. Hall,
wealthy widow of tho murdered rec
tor; her brothers, Henry Steven.-, of
Lavalett. retired small arms export,
and Willie, tho subnormal amateur
fireman and, frequenter of th Now'
Brunswick Hungarian quarter.
Others to bo summoned Were Janus
Mills, Janitor of the church and of the
Lord Sterling High School, through
Mr. Hall's Influence; Charlotte Mills,
his sixteen -year .old daughter; Edwin
"Circulation Books Open
In War l,7te-T llrun l.-k n.t May
T rhert.
Timothy Plortu-, atltjrnoy for Mrs.
Hall, was silent to-day wicn asked
to comment upon tho fates t dcve'lop
mcnts In tho Hall murder, royetary,
and tho statement of Mrs. Jane Glb
Btni, reputed (onlyriyc-wncs3 to tho
"Havo you 'feailtho nlorning pa
pers?" he was askod at his homo, No.
29 Washington Scfuaro.
"Yea," ho replied.
"Dd you caip tp mako any state
ment In behalf of Mrs. Hall?"
"I havo notljlng to soy,"
"Are you going toNew Brunswick
"1 am going there this corning. I
may have u statement to malto when
I got there, but I havo abaolutoly
nothing to say now."
Carpf-nder, first cousin of Mrs. Hall,
who n no a car llko that described by
scuuo of tho Tiliirssrs; Uatbara
Tough, seamstress, and Loulfio Gclst,
downstairs maid in tho Hall home:
Mrs. Jnnn Gibson, tho maker of tho
eyo-w ItiiObn affidavit;" nnd Hulph V.
M. Gorsllno, tho vestryman who haa
told of going toward tho scone of tho
murder at about tho tlmo It happened
but who says ho turned back before
reaching Buccleuch I'ark.
Still another to bo summoned will
be Mrs. Addison Clarke, tho church
worker to whom Mrs. Mills mado
slighting refprencea In her letters to
tho rector. Baying Minnie had to bo
"satisfied with tho crumbs" of hla, af
fection. But not yot has an atom of proof
br!n forthcomllng of ono of the
sutu-scs of tho county detectives that
tho persons in tho other nutomobllo
went ahead aa spies to follow the
rector nn;l Mrs. Mills to the crab-applo-
tree and then by agreement
went to the foot of tho lane to meet
tlio man and woman who wero to
confront them.
The statement of residents on
Landing road who taw not ono but
two curs dash past them lato In the
evening, from the direction ot the
Phillips farm and toward New Bruns
wick at top rpeed tends to corrobor
ate Mrs. Glbson'0 account. It Is also
borne out by whispered gossip within
the membership of tho Church of St.
John tho Evangelist that a certain
member of tha congregation went to
tho farm that night knowing there
waa to bo a clash between tho rector
and a peron who ws to accuse him
of being led astray from his family
and church by Mrs. Mills; he hoped
to gloat ovcr the dUcomflture of Mrs.
MUM. who had rejected his advances,
tinJ over Mr. Hall, who had been fa
vored by Iit.
He went to laugh at a family snarl,
according to the gosslpu, and ran
upon a erhly double murder, and hla
return to New Brunswick was so fast
that oven the car of tho fleeing mur
derer could not catch him.
1o AIL" ).
Untrred in Second-Clan Matter
I'oit Office, Mew York, ft. V.
Astride Mule in Darkness, Mrs. Gibson First
Saw Principals and Two Autos in Light
From Passing Car, Then Woman in Gray
Cloak in Torch Glow Heard Row and Shots.
Farmer Widow Unable to Distinguish What
Angry Voices Said in "Terrible Quarrel,"
but Has Since Recognized "Stocky Man
With a Bushy Mustache and Eyebrows."
(Sp.cial From a Staff Correspondent of Th Evening Worjd.)
NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J Oct. 26. The affidavit made by
Mrs. Jane Gibson, the former- circus rider and now a pig rancher,'
describing the murder of the Rev. Edward Wheeler 'Hall and-Mrs.
Eleanor Reinhardt Mills, has been exhibited to a representative of
The Evening World, It tells as clear a story of the hilling as though
it had been enacted in front of a moving picture camera, and leaves
no doubt of the identity of the person who did the lovcrsitb death and
of the woman who accompanied him. k - ;.V , ,
Tho uarrativo tlltcrs In, detail from the oltiteby ftccoutlt of the con
tents of tho affidavit rotated to. Tho Evening WorldTioriijtofoM by persons
who havo haa hasty access to It hut a tho main It. fears out the ylta.
features of that account v. r"v- . "
Tho now disclosures" from a reading of the affldaTli aro .thews j
Mrs. Gibson saw tho murderer and hla, 'woman companion bVforo the
murders In the full glow of an automobile at a. dlstanco of not moro than
ton foot. She knew tho woman by sight and by name.
Shu saw them strike across the Hold from Do llusscy lane Into tha
Phillips farm iu n direction which w6uld take them to tho knoll on which
tho bodies of Mr. Hall and Mrs. Mills were found under a crabapplo tree.
Dy tho headlight of tho' ppmo automobile, sho saw a Becond car parked
boulde tho firct, dark and empty and tho prosoeutora bcllcvo !t was the
car of tho letter stealing, eavesdropping, spying Ingo who piloted the
woman hi gray and her murderous companion to tho lovers under the
era!) npplo tree. ' ' '
A moment later Bbe saw tho slow of an electric flash lamp on tho
knoll, sixty feet from tho road Iu which sho had 'stopped to listen out"
of curiosity as to what was going on. By tho light of that flash' lamp,
sho recognized (he gray cloak of tho woman sho had seen walking Into
tho fluid a few minutes before.
Sho hoard voices in violttiit quarrel.
Sho saw tho flash of a xLiut and heard tho report.
Sho heard a woman's toco In an agony of horror and remorse scream i
Oh -UenrTj I'leaso please please I"
Sao heard four more shots.
And then, duzod In horror, In rrlght as to what would happen to hr
Involved persoual fortunes If members of tho influential family of whicn
tho nctoro In tho tragedy -wero-members knew eho had witnessed their
crime, "sho put her heels to her Jenny mulo and went on home."
Not In affldarlt form yet, but on tho records that havo been turned ovct
to Special Prosecutor Wilbur A. Mott, Is the statement of Mrs. Gibson first
published In The Evening World yesterday at noon that sho has since seen
and reeo&nlied tho man who accompanied tho woman In the gray coat
and who waa presumably sUll with her when tho murderous shots were
fired under the crabapple troe and fired them.
The reasons of Mrs. Gibson keeping her secret until two weeks ato
aro not embodied In the afildavlt, but are of a nature to dispel every doubt
which may have been raited by her silence, as will be shown.
Mrs. Gibson, In the afndavtt, flies tho time of tho murders at a little
after nine o'clock as long as it would tako her to saddle tha Jenny mule,
rido it slowly a quarter of a mile down Do rtussey Lane to Easton Avenue
and back up the lane a hundred yards to a point opposite tho crabapple
The time is fixed by the passing of the Mllletono omnibus on Hamilton
Avenuo on which her farm fronts and lo verified by her memory of the
man who happened to be chauffeur of tha buB that night. Hla presence
on the bus on that trip has been verified.
The tlmo coincides closely with that'"
llxed by Norman R. Tingle, a nelgh-W.-r
farmer, ana hla wife, who said
they heard abots, and Mrs. Tingle,
hearing them, reproved her husband
for laughing at her for saying the
falling of a shooting star on which
they had commented could not mean
there waa a tragedy impending.
The story of the affidavit may well
be prefaced by, tho. informal aUta-
keeps the
Reader Guessing
. to the End .

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