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rant in'Un,' Gibson to tho Prosecu
tor to to tlio reason why hor story
har not become known sooner.
Sine she retired from her clrcm
life and vet out to raise, pigs with her
twenty-year-old son na a helper, Hfo
has gone badly with her. Sbo docs not
know physical fear: she Is In a con
stant car qf material disaster. Shi
had more than a hundred pigs: ho?
cholera killed alt but forty of thun
arid she bad to bittle with the Homer
set Doard of Health to save the sur
vivors from condemnation. Her nlch
bora stole some of tho remaining
She Is always strained to meet her
mortgage engagements. The family
which she has Involved In the mur
der by her testimony has an alt
powerful voice In every bank In New
Brunswick. Mrs. Gibson had seen at
a church rummage sale tho woman
whom rtie ,saw with the slayer. The
woman did not'know Mrs. Gibson, but
Mrs. Gibson had heard tho universal
gossip as to this woman's sorrows and
sympathize with her.
When Clifford Hayen was foolishly
arrested and charged with tho murder,
tho' widow's heart would not let hr
keep silence longer. Bho went to the
Prosecutor's office here In New Brum
TClck and tried to tell what sho knew.
In tho prevailing excitement und Irri
tation the attendant to whom shj
made her application brushed Her
aside. Sho went back again and was
again told to mind her own business
the Prosecutors were .too busy to
"talk to pig woman."
But after Hayes had been freed,
and when the Prosecutors wcro
grasping .rlldly at any method to save
thcnsclvcs .from the personal de
mand of Gov. Edwards that they
make an application to be super
seded, somebody remembered tho pig
woman, and County Detective George
Totten was told of her visit. Ho went
to the farm on Hamilton Avenue and
heard her story.
This was a week, ago tast Saturday
and was followed by a mass meeting
of all witnesses In the case at the
Court House here tho following Mon
day, at which Mrs. Gibson end others
picked out the persons thoy could
recognlzo as having bad a part In
various scene! of the drama.
After fixing the time., of tho begin
ning of tho story by tho passing of
the Millstone, bus at a few minutes be
fore orafter 9, Mrs. Qfbson said sho
heard on of her younger watch does
yelping and barjetng. Several of her
dugs have been kllod by marauders :i
her corn fields recently. She ran ou:
to tho barn. The dog was still un
easy. Turning Into Do Russey Lane from
Hamilton Itoad was a ramshackle
wagon. Mrs. Glb3on at once tus
pected that the wagon was that of one
of tho thieves who had been carting
away corn from hsr fields.
"I made up my mind to follow that
wagon And.qpe ho, was stealing ray
corn," she'sald Hn substance. 'I first
thought ot -saddling my roan marc,
und then I thougty bcttef of It and
saddled Jenny, tho mulo. Bho Is shod
cn .only pne rear foot and would make
less noise, and she Is sure-footed on
rough roads such da I thought tba
wagon would lead us Into.
"I caught up with the wagon long
beforo it reached Phillips farm and
trailed behind It at a safe distance.
Bu,t when It turned towards New
Brunswick Instead of towards the
'squatter district' and I heard the rat
tlo of the loose tlrca on tho macadam
ized rood I knew the wago was empty
ana my suspicions wcro wrong, ana i
turned around and started back.
"An automobile coming out from
New -Brunswick turned Into the lane
right behind me. .ts headlights lighted
up the side of tho road like daylight.
It showed Just ahead of mo two auto
mobiles parked alongside of the lane
in .tho. bushes.
"Tho pne nearest Easton Avenue
was a queer looking car of a ehapo
which has not boen manufactured for
a good many years a 'queei high
thing. Backed against it as though
to avoid observation wero two per
sons, a man and a woman.
"I knew tho woman. I had eeen her
at a church rummano sato. Sho did
not know me. She wore a gray sloak,
about knee length, I did not know the
man: but he was a stocky man with a
bushy mustache and eyebrows. I do
not remember whether .ho'woro a hat
or u cap.
"When the light passed them they
crossed tho rood and started up
the pill toward tho farmhouso In a
way which would have token them,
as I know ow, to tho crabapplo tree.
"I rodo on thinking about them. It
was none of my business und I felt I
had no light to criticise that woman
for anything she was doing and J
mada up my mind not to talk about
her anyway becauso- a word from her
would ruin me.
"Then, lust as. I was about onno-
Bite 'the i piaca .WJier'e tho crabapplo
J - IM ' X j.V.1... ILtl? I .1 . t
off. 3 lind toXgetiilcrrai from Jenny
and Jook' for If. "Ittool a llttlo tlmo.
When I was, backMn' tha saddle again
I heard sounds etra awful quarrel
about sixty fcqt away from me In tho
"Then a flash1 laaip glowed two r
three tlmea and by Its light I ix-cok
nlzed . the gray,!-Wat of the woman (
had seen u' few Minutes beforo. Ths
quarrel grew angrier and angrier. I
du not remember any separate words,
but they wcro terribly wild.
"Then came n?vhot. Right after
that I heard the woman scream: 'Oh
-Henry. Please please please' "
"Four more quick knots Bounded
then. I am sure then; wore four,
wake up In my sleep shearing them
and thote screams.
"Thinking all the things that I had
thought beforo and frightened and
horrified, I Just put my heels to Jenny
and went liomc"
It Is easy, to 'understand' how Mm
Gibson has .folPiJustlfJed In denying
the version of hej statement presented
In The Evening: World from hearsay
from persons who had a glimpse of
her affidavit. Laughingly at first and
later angrily from behind a barrier if
wllroad tlM and armed with a. shut
Murphy's Friend Obtains
86th St. Permit by Phoning
Grover Whalen.
Gives Position to Tammany
Leader's Nephew to 'Learn
the Business.'
Frederick A. Grcln. Insurance solid
tor and n "6O-B0" business partner of
James Paul Slnnott, brother of Mayor
Hytan's secretary and son-in-law, will
be the first witness bcfoiv the Transit
Commission this afternoon when tho
Investigation of the bus situation in
this city Is resumed.
G rein will be asked to explain how
ho timed so accurately the solicitation
of liability insurance of bus drivers
almost colncldentally with tho grant
ing to them of bus permits by tho
Commissioner Of Plant and Structures.
It has been previously testified by Rln
nott that Groin solicited bus drivers'
liability insurance and placed much of
It with tho firm of Slnnott A Canty.
How Greln know when and where to
neck such timely business, Slnnott
sold he did not know. Grcln will bo
asked to explain this.
John A. McCarthy, Intimate friend
,of Charles F. Murphy, Tammany
chieftain and "discoverer" of Mayor
llylan, admitted on the witness stand
at the transit hearing yesterday that
his money la Invested In threo buses
on the 86th Street line, although all of
them appear under tho names of dum
mies. Mr. McCarthy was Indicted with
Charles F. Murphy In tho noted glu
cose cose, the Indictments later being
quashed by Supreme Court Justice
Wagner. He Is the man who as a
dealer in building materials pleudcd
guilty to a charge, of conspiracy to
vlolnto tho Donnelly Anti-Trust Act,
as a result of the Ickwood commit
tee's Investigation. He was fined fSM).
Tammany Hall knows him as tho
Intimate adviser and nssoclato In
various Dock Department and other
contracts with Mr. Murphy and tho
"Chief's" almost dally companion ut
luncheon and dinner away from
home. His nickname, "Flshooks Mc
Carthy," la a nono too delicate tribute
to his reputation of retaining that
which he had gained to the oxtont of
protecting the contents of hla pockets
from even his own withdrawing
angers by lining them with pointed
Mr. McCarthy testified ho obtained
the permits necessary to rim tho throo
buses he bought with his money mado
on the 86th Street llnc described by
bus operators as the "cream lino" of
tho cly by culling Grover Whalen,
Commissioner of Plant and Structures,
on tho telephone.
After an unuiually succcrsful season
tho Metropolitan Line, which operates
the Inside route through Capo Cod
Canal between Boston and Now York,
will discontinue Its passenger service on
Saturday, Nov. t. It is expected that
tho passenger scrvlco will bo resumed
early In April next.
gun. she shouted: "I. have never sa'd
I was on tho Phillips farm that
night," and thus protected her prom
ise to the. Prosecutor that sho would
not dJsciiBS her affidavit.
As It now appears after an Inspec
tion ot the affidavit. She was cntlreiv
within the truth In making that do
nlal which seemed' to cover a number
of features of tho published accounts
which wcro really true.
Detectives Totten of Somerset and
David of Middlesex, after the first
hearing of tho story of Mrs. Olbson,
asked her to go over the ground re
enacting her experiences of tho eve
ning of Bopt II.
They waited until tho 0 o'clock
Mtlstono bua passed. Mrs. qibsort
went out to tho barn and middled thr
Jenny mule. JSho rodo ahead of
them down I"c Itussey lune, at o
paco ono would take following a rani -shackle
wagon down a Boft dirt, rain
gulllod, Jlttie-uscd highway. Sue
turned about at Easton Avenue.
The detectives turned their nuto
mobllo, in behp- her and she polntivj
out the places whero, In tho beams of
its headlights she had seen the auto,
mobile against which tho man and tha
woman stood, and tho other automu
blle, Mrs. Gibson went on up tho roud
until bho wus opposite tho crulmpp'o
tree, kicked off a moccasin and got
down, retrieved It und lamountcd.
One of the dstccllves stood by her und
tho other went to tho crabapplu trej
and flashed a searchlight extended at
nrm's length on himself, so that It
was certain Mrs. Gibson's recognition
of the woman In the gray coat there
was possible. It was.
"Woll," said Detective Totten after
this test, "that's enough for to-night,
Mrs. Olbson. Shall wo go homo with
"No, boys," she replied with a
oood-natured laugh. "Thank you,
no. I'm not afraid of the dark. I'm
not afraid of man, aod or beast."
And. to U9A her nnn tvm,l In h.
narrative of he murder, she "put her
heels to the Jenny mule und rodo on
V. r.T. 1 , n -Rllnn In 1 . A .
tho lane. ft
Scene wf Hall Tragedy on Lonely PKillips Farm,
And Map Showing Principal PlacTes in Mystery
The map shows tho homo (2), opposlto tho Agricultural Collego
(1), where tho wealthy Mrs, Hall maintained her "husband, tho rector,
and tho Wom.in's College (G), .from which tho barking of a doq called
Watchman Phillips to see a woman approach' from Jones Avenuo
through Redmond Street and enter tho rectory at 3 o'clock in tho
jnornlng after tho murders alone (though Mrs. Hall has, sworn she
was accompanied by hor brother WllUon a visit at that hou'rr.to tho
Church Of St. John tho Evangelist (4) and tho Mills homo. (6) search
ing for her husband.)
Tho point at which Mrs. Mills took the trolley car (5) to go to
Bucclcuch Park, followed by the rector on tho next car, Is shown, and
tho terminus of tho trolley lino (7) on tho other side of tho city, with
the Initialled spooning bench In tho clump of bushes (8) where Mr.
Hall and Mrs, Mills wero often seen sitting. The Parker Homo for
tho Aged (10) is the placo whch was given out to bo tho object of tho
excursions of the pair to. tho oar- hut wnsnof. -
" Lord, Protrct Mr In 3Iy Dully
iOccupatlbhV'lleaa' OiWf Uriltfild
Prisoner's Nec.U.
When tho police arrcatcd Frank
liny, Negro, at his home, No. 46
flankln Street, Newnrk, to-'day
and charged him with a" number
of recent 'daylight robberies, they
-found n, prayer In. a Blip of- papnr
In a chamois pack hung -around
his neck and closo to his heart.
The prayer tcad in part:
O Lord, protect mo from shot,
shell and all otfier kinds of
projectiles which I mny en
countor in my daily occupa
tion. According to tho polco a largo
quantity of Btolen clothlntr wni
found in Ray's home.
Dutch" rtcuthcr, pitcher for tho Urook.
lyn club of the National League, who )t
visiting hero. 1s probably tho flrt hold
out of the 1023 season. Keuthcr wild he
had declined to accept u Ealnry of $3,000
and a bonus of $1,000 which Chaile"
Pblvtn, pi'ne.r of thn club. "tt-.rcl
Iteuther "If he proves ho U worth It."
Marty Krug, of tho Chicago National .
hero for tho winter, snys ho will not re
turn to tho Cubs next spring.
Incluilil In 'nvnl Arnuinir nt
Agreement, It Ix Snlil,
LON'POV, Oct. !(! (As'ivMntnl Prois).
Tho admiralty, U wn Btnir.d to-day
on high authority, ha isauut (cndcis
for the construction of two 33,000-tou
This Is In accordance with the Wash?
Inglon agreement. Thuro lias lx-en
much discussion, however, ns to whether
Great. Britain would build theeo ships.
Yoiiiik 3II"itrnn Woman dnnlctril
nt rirt D'ltree Slimier.
WHITE CLl-'D. Ml- h , Oct. :C
Mrs. Jledu Ilodcll, t-nenly-year-old
swamp country girl, wos found guilty of
fit st desreo murder by a circuit court
jury here to-day In i-onnectlon with thfi
deith of her Invalid futhor.-ln-law.
Uuvld Itodell.
Tho Jury deliberated u little moio
thuii two hours. -
Thonmi Wader, No. 1076 Anih-rson
Avenue, tho Bronx, was fined $'.'J l
Maslrtrsto Marsh In Morrlsanla Omut
to-day on a clmiKO of wantonly Mioof
Inv ft ntrnv iloir (hnt wnntloiuil into 14
ynrd, Wader said tho doe wan frotldnif
nt the mouth und ho -wus iifi'.ilj 1;
wouM MUi hid valuablo i nlilo. Mr
Maria Cauo, it neighbor, declaied tho
dot was harmless, .
Tho Armistice Day proKrarome In tho
lironx will bp a flno tribute to tho bor
orough Presi
dent Brueknor and his Citizen's Com
mittee call for a programmo that will
beRln In the rriornlns and run until
night. Church services will constitute
Iho mornlns ohservspce of the great
peace day and church bells throughout
tho Bronx .will tolffa't noon.
In tho' ' afternoon1 'thp Veterans of
ForclKn Wars. American Leirlon, Na
tional Guard and other ' military aiVt
somi-inlllthrv orgnnlratlona will hold
services niut the moiiiorlal trees and
'monuments in tho county will bo decu
rated. Tho nlsht end of tho ceremony wl'l
bo taken up with n monstur production
of the opera "Alda" ut tho urtnorv of
the :55tb incld Artillery, KlncKbrldno
Itoad and Jerome Avonuo. ilaurlcO
Krank. tho producer, whose brother
was one or tho llrst nronx men to fall
In battlo, will direct tho opern.
Seats nro now hulriK Installed to-
22,000 persons, and Carmela Pomollc,
Anno itoxeno hpu ucoii itothier. Metro
politan stars, will havo tho leading
roics in tno die prpuucuqn.
Portlier Hunch o.wr I'ronilt.,rj in
I.enve City.
On his promlso to lonvo this rl- ten-
tenco was suspended to-tlay by MokIs
trate nyttenbort; In JrlTerf-on Mnrket
Court on Predcrlelt Iliiinmlll, 1b1,'j,s
peddler, charRed with dlnorderly con
duct. Iliuumlll wan HrrtPtrd last, Satur
day on Sixth Avenuo near 20th Stioet.
Probation olllcurs told the Mitclstrato
thoy learned llammlll wus bom In Notlh
Dakota iorty-5'x years ano. n rrlnnle
fipniiblrlh- Ho Inst a fnrtuno on a
rnnrh llicr'i. llo paid fiu.uiin un it, al
lowing the remainder to stand In mort
Caes. A .'erlt'6 of l.nd cicps ruined i,im
Later lie went to le on a renlnl lann
In Wliltlrini. Mans, whin- ln; -.till 1m. a
iTHldenco. The llreiir-o to operate IUh
nutoniQiillo was Knintod io lilni liy the
Stato uC MusMiclnisotts,
Had I)lniiietireil Several lliuet
llrllevrd Iternimed.
Mrs. Catherine Uanser, thirty, of Np.
2S Austin Avenue, NVpeia rrk. Von.
kers. mother of three i hildren. (lie
youmtest of whom Is u, little over 'Ivr-v
months, wps ofnart to-djy lo ha,vo
hanse( Jjorsalf to . the limb of a trye
behind the Pioneer Inn. No. 071 Saw
Mill Itvcr rtoud. yonkers. fihe hod
been missing since Monday nlht end
hnd disappeared severs! times within
tho last two years.
Mrs. Ttanffor was scrlnuMy Injured in
Manhattan about two years hko In an
automobile Occident and this. comMnril
with Illness, was believed to have -i .
riitimd her mliul. She disapiearei Ilhi
week nnd was found In New Vorli ibn
dnyi later, belm? returned to her liuive
Dir."' i.-itint Afro ix.ii'itii:i.
O.'orm- . 'i'W"'u'i. elulit -una years
o'i, tiled at the llor kman Htii'el H( .
pltal to i'm Iront Injuries ho lerolwt
whn si nick by nn automobile at Ccntru
and Walker Strevts Monday evenlus.
From the homo of McCnhc lH), oij top Rn'rltan Canal, near Land
ing Itoad, Mrs. McCabe and her husband heard shots from the Phillips
farm and later saw two autojnobllos In reckless flight to New Bruns
wick. Others along Easton llqad (9) heard shots and screams.'as did
tho Jones family (13). Tho pata (12). 'from tho boundary of tho farm
on Easton Avenuo leads to tho farmhouso (16), and tho crab
applo'tree (17) under which Mrs. Gibson (19) says sho saw the woman
in tho gray coat is shown besldo tho upper lane leading from Do Kussey
Lano (18) to tho house.
The lower end of tho lano (20) is where Mrs. Gibson says sho had
seen tho samo woman with a man cowering against ono of the two
nutomobilos, parked in tho roadside brush with lights out. Tho arrow
indicates tho direction in which tho horror-stricken widow farmer gal
loped 'a'er mule after tho murders.
The brook. (15) marks tho boundary between Middlesex and Somer
set Counties.
National Guard Is Ready to
Repel Invasion of the
PORTLAND. Ore., Oct. IG. Gov.
Ben Olcott said last night the State
was ready to bo to bat with the I. W,
W. In caso thero was. an invasion and
that there was no room In tho Stale
for them. Ilo Indicated ho had In
structed tho Adjutant General in
command of tho' National Guard to
have the 'guard ready for service.
II. ' A. drccn, representing
I. W. ,W., io a letter to Mayor Halwr
said no Influx of I." W. W- would te
ulluwcd by tho .organization if tiv
city would suspend Its drive und all jw
tho members "peacefully to picket,"
the s.imo as other workers on st-tke.
peacefully to occupy their hall and
go about their legitimate business in
un orderly, lawful manner."
A letter from tho I. W. W. StrlHo
Cominittvu Chairman to camps wttha
200 miles radius of Portland said:
"I want you. therefore, plcasa tp
molto suro that no'moro fellowwork
era leave from your plate for Purtlan 1
unless called for. Oo your boot also
to stop uny from farther points wh
nro coming through from comina
".Vftcr tho arrests of Tlwrsday the
few bianubcs appealed to turulsht J
more than. enough volunteers to re.
pUcc tho an vstcd pickets and It lpolhj
io mo. inoro like sendlns somo away
than ljko needing more."
Green said suits would bo brought
ncalnst the city on behalf of Portland
residents who had boon thrown Into
(all Jury trials will be demnndod.
Police have 'permljled tho I. W. W.
to reopon their hali.
IlltU.VIvS OUT OP JAIL hlcusi1:
op iii- iii:ai,tii. ,
Jesso Prater, n miner defendant m
(ho Jail here, csciped last nlliht, lcalnp
U note WlllCn SlUieu uiai iw up ica'
InK becnusiV of 111 health and would
return when bis case was called. He
lias uern awnmns inai sinco April.
Get acquainted with Piccadilly Little
Cigars today. 'J "
We take alS the risk your money
back if you're noi satisfied
They're guaranteed.
10 In the packaco
Claro-Colorado Claroy Colorado
26, 1922.
. .K ' '
ConiinlMlnn Ifnmi't Power to fm
pel. r(1ii"e(tlv- Htd, Thcv "inr.
WASHINGTON, Oct. '26.-Emphat!c
objections to proposals for compettltlvo
bidding In tho sale of now railroad se
curities was made by tho Association of
Railway Executives to-day when tho
Insterstato Commerce Commission
souqht the opinion of railroad manage
ments and otners as to whether it
should alior -Its present methbd of con
trolling tba marketing of bond issues.
Appearing for tho Railway Execu
tives. Robert S. Lovctt of the Union
Pacific, Chairman of a special commit
tee of tho association, said:
"As to requiring railroad security
Issues to bo sold to tho highest bidder
In competition, we say It Is not within
tho power of tho commission to require
it. it Is for tho directors of the com
pany to determlno how .they shall pro
ceed in making the actual 'sale."
Westchester Jiulcr, However,
Grunt Jllm Change of Venue.
(Special to Thfc Evening World.)
WHITE PLAINS. Oct. 20. Maro Mc-
Dcrmott, an actor, to-day obtained
from Justice Morschauscr n chango ot
venuo from Westehcster to New York
County for tho trial of tho separation
acton brought by his wife, Miriam
iNesnin .iincuermoii.
Justice Morschauser also refers to tho
yaw York Court tho Plaintiff c unnll-
catlon for $10,000 per year alimony and
la.ouo counsel fee In an opposing brief
Hied wilh tho order here to-duy tho
actor says: "I was stunned. I bad
not (he slightofct idru that tho plaintiff
wished to ho .separated from mo or
thnf. sho contemplated any suit or my
Mrs. MacDcrmott claimed that h.M
tMhand'b uffcOtlous wero undergoing u
Loiik llnnd Wife of iSfO-l'IcliI
, Sniitilil .rpnrnllon.
Instead of srnntinu Jlrs. Helen It.
Ketchum separation from Archie IJ.
Ketchiini, well-to-do duck fanner of
Kartpor't, f?uprcnio Court Justice. AVhl
tuker lo-duy efferted a reconelliition.
Thu iCeti'liaius have- been living opart
tho. past two years and a half. Thty
worn married in 1911 nnd hiive no chil
diiai. , Mrs. Kntcham In flfly-elght nnd
hof hi'isbanel two years younger. The
wife stifled oc'iinst her husband this
raoViilng.' ' Then the. JiiUro invited tho
couplo1 Into his chamber, whero they
aRtecd to eivo married Hfo another
IWol. .
1 jet-fs--i
I' illllTTT
Canadian Schooner Leads
American Boat at Third
Mark by 31 Seconds.
GLOUCESTER, Mass., Oct .25
(Associated Press). Tho Henry Ford
of Gloucester nnd tho Dlucnoss of
Lunenburg, each with ono race to her
credit In the International sailing ves
sel championship competition, had n
llRht wind from tho westward , for
their decisive contest to-day.
Tho crew of tho Bluenoso nnd her
skipper, Angus Walters, flushed with
their success yesterday in tho smash
ing forty-mllo scrap with tho Henry
Ford, wero In high spirits, although
whistling for more wlnd,t which would
bring out what they Bald wero the
best qualities of their' boat. Capt,
Clayton Morrlsscy brought tho men of
tho Henry Ford together on the deck
beforo. they started to hoist sail and
said they wcro going out to do the
best that was In them and hopefu
that their best would bo good enough
to win.
I5oth boats wero slow In leaving
their docks and the committee on
board tho Patriot did not start down
tho harbor until after '9.30.
The brcczo dropped to less than 10
knots. Shortly alter 10 o'clock both
boats prepared to leave for Eastern
Point. Tho Bluenoso was first to
start down the harbor In tow of her
tug with tho crew hoisting the1 main
sail, and as sho slipped along tho
Ford set her tnalnsall. 'while ,at tho
Both boats wero under sail at 10
o'clock and running down tho'harbrii
without aid of tha tugs. Tho Ford
backed out of her dock like any fisher
men, without n tow lino and hoisting
her. headsails off tho end of tho dock,
soon followed the Bluenoso out to the
start. Tho wind was still from tin;
northwest, so that tho boats were out
sldo of Eastern Point ct 10.16 with
the committee in position at the start
ing line.
Capt. Walters won all the honors
at tho start. Ten minutes beforo he
berthed the Bluenoso to weather of
tho Ford and both boats came dowi,
from the West Gloucester shoro bo
fore the wind. Flvo minutes before
tho start tho Ford, Instead of glvlnfc
over and heading for tho stnrt, tacked
ship and lost .nearly two mlnutci,
whllo in staysails.
Tho boats wcro sent away at 11
o'clock, with tlio Bluenoso leading bj
37 seconds and going very fast.
Tho Bluenoso had a lead of ono
mlnuto und six seconds at the tlrat
mark. The rounding: tlmo was.:
Blttcncse, 11.2G.23; Ford, 11J17.20.
Tho Bluenoso ran away from tho
Ford In the last mile of tho first leg. .
As both boats ran up tho bay the
wind lightened to less than ten knots
and tho Ford began to creep up.
At noon the Ford had closed up oti
the Bluenoso until she was less than
200 yards astcin. ' Both boats had
sailed nearly halt tho second leg.
Tho Bluenose was Ss seconds uhcad
at tho second marll.
At the third mark the Bluenose was
leading by 31 ecconds. Tho timet
wire: Bluunose, 1.21.32; Ford, 1.22.03.
Second Hnnl In Ynr liaises Loot
to IJ1Q.OOO.
After his shop at No. 416 Tompkins
Avenue, Brooklyn, had been robbed of
$1,000 worth of dresses lat January
Max Stern reinforced the rear window,
through which tho thieves entered, with
a steel thuttcr und concluded ho was
safe from further depredations. But
when robbers tried tho window lust
night and encountered the shutter, tin
promptly 'Jimmied the rear door and
carried off $6,000 In cloaks and dress. s.
Tho robbers left twenty-five dresses
on the floor ot the shop and scvotul
othcri in a rear yard.
mow '
Extra 8 Pago, JL
J"' 111 . 'if" 't
AI$ Estimate riosirll'Variiofl
An application - of tho 'Mniilratlan
TransltConipany for a tcmpoipry bus
trtuichlse'.to operate buscs through
out the-, city jvljl ,como befbro tho
Board of Estimate to-mori'MV. Tho
application explains that 'it Is mado
without any wulvlng of righUi clalmc1
by tho company under n .perpetual
legislative franchise' graritcd Jn 1S90
allowing It to operate on any streot
In nil first class-cities, in tho Btnto.
The terms and construction 'of tho act
granting what the company holds' Is
still a lino franchise are now tiro rub
ied of litigation In tha Bupretfn
Court, Kings County. w'
In Its application to the Board of
Estimate tho company say that It Is
prepared to begin tho operation of
buses Immediately,
iNVm wqi inp profit!
the Home
Our popular price lines 'satis-'
fy all 'demands, and'. Tur
Daily Specials tell of wel
come economies. . .
Advt. on Pftgs 1:21
Notice to Advertisers . ft
DUplsjr adrnUio typ copy spa r!ul
inlrre for tlthri thr rtk day Mbnitssl
World oi Ttw Evcnhin WorH if viifi.i
after 4PM Iht d,PFeolln publication:
can bt Inserted only as ipa' rria) permit t
and In Order of rrrelot 'at Thr World Office, t
uop) roitiaining engravinge id dv waae or
The World mult bf received by 1 P U 3
Dliplay advertising type ropy for trie B'fvei
nlemni S.-ctlona of Th- Sunna World nu'tVl
be received by I P M Thursday prectdla!
publication And ivleaev must b reielveaMr
t i ?t rriaay vtxjr cumainws rncce.viiESi
to be made by The World mint be rcetu.jt1
by Thursday noon "
Sunday Main Sheer cosy, tytie ropy ersXi
haa not been received by 4 P . u .Frldy
ennrvlne copy, which has not been 'recelMl
In the publlcatlor nfflce by 1. P M Frldsy,
ii" , . i , . , r hip- ,,uii iwi i "l , . J I
6PM Prtday will be omltUd as oasdUloasV
rtqulre. rigidly In Ihe'order XX tesl" Nn.tpi
and positive relt4 tt4tx. 1 I II
Dliplay copy or ordere relnfi late, iunl
as provided aboro. .when ooUttd.'.'wlU',o4Ji
tsrve la earn- dlsi-onafe vrany characitrjf
HE LP W A N T E D-E W A L fg J
GIRLS, experienced ond.? lnj
experienced, Tor tlaing 'ai31
bandinn envelopes In boKftijll
8 minutes fr.om Opatld CeViK
trol; Hunters Jf,Qi,t)J..uv, ejMk
tion, Queqnsboro .s.u)'VY35j
xviui'uu vvu.ru, iiiu., wi JUi).;l
Long Island City.
lmrsnwoitKKIt. cvnerat, npartineit, thr1
ndulla, reicTencv iciiuirl, conpetcAll
till Apthorp Apts., TbUi anil fiiuudurayl
IU.NO lulnky).
ppniree, aiamoin In XTttf
ire, Huriuunaca by siiall diamonds
tneen Jim at. ana itn av. and lintel Pit
sybanla, Tuesday nlsht; liberal reward
.Mrs. j. i. woourn, iioiei i'eunsyiv,'ania.r.
l'UNl:UAl- CIIUUCU. U'way, 6Uth -if.
until Thursday
m 1 1. 1, ti it.-.jiATnn.rn. CAirpniiy
inuisuajr, I , -u
m-ial Cliurcli, Il'way, COth.- Thurs.; lX
bTOUlTi:n. JOSnrillNli Campbell t-J
neral Church, Friday, 11 A. U, Auipleal
Actors' Fund.
; yMrder-etcetc
, .....j.
T rm nWiirt n,m

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