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THIE' EVENING WORLD, gltlDA i JJ-ja u-JBTJgsaB 8, 1-022. " . -v v ' .wj-v;... .
Magee of Kentucky Proposes
an Amendment to Permit
State Control.
WASHINGTON. Dec 8. Attacks
ntivo been opened In the Housj on
tlio Volstead Prohibition Law and
tlio Enforcement Unit of tho Treas
ury Department.
Tlio latest suggestion for a solu
tion of the dry and wet problem was
offered by Reprpscntatlvo Magce
(Rep., N. V.), a member of tho Ap
propriations Committee. lie pro
posed that the Judiciary Committee
make a careful Investigation, with
experts, to ascertain the maximum
of alcoholic content that beverages
may havo without being Intoxicating,
and amend the law to permit the
several States to work within that
Representative Hill (Rep., Ind.) an
nounced he would seek to reduce tho
appropriation for enforcement and
transfer this function from tho
Treasury to tho Department of Jus
Mr. Magco declared It was apparent
that under the eighteenth Amend
ment "tho pcoplo aro entitled to a
beverage containing any alcoholic
content that Is reasonably non-Intoxicating."
Ho added that "tho law
should bo based upon reason" and
"that reason should also prevail In
permitting tho ueo of liquors for sci
entific and business purposes and
under prescriptions from physicians."
"In determining tho maximum."
ho continued, "wo must bear In mind
that thcro exists for our consideration
not a wnrtlmo power Involving tho
defense and preservation of tho Na
tion, but a constitutional power In
volving the rlghti of tho pcoplo In
time of peace. If Minnesota wants
cold water let her havo It. If New
York wants tho maximum, no other
sovereign Stato could reasonably ob
ject." Magcc declared that tho proposal
did not look either to re-establish-mcnt
of the saloon or repeal of the
Eighteenth Amendment, but only to
guaranteeing tho pcoplo their .con
stitutional rights.
"Tho granting of such rights," ho
addefi. "would probably rffiilt In a
beverage, at a reasonable orlce,1man
tifactured from pure Ingredients undtr
governmental Inspection, and sold
only In the places and In the manner
prescribed by the Government; in
greatly reduced appropriation fur
the enforcement of Pratitblt'on; In
Increased Treasury receipts of more
than half a billion doltaia a year; In
elimination of the production and
consumption of poisonous and deadly
concoctions: and, beyond all, in res
toratlon of a wholesome respect for
law and the Constitution."
Representative Gilbert (Dem., Ky.)
declared tho people of the rural sec
tions and small villages stand ready
to see that the law Is enforced, be
cause they know Its bone.Hs In
emptying tho Jails. Ho described the
violations of tho liquor laws as ravur
Ins of treason.
Representative Hill's efforts to ro
dtico tho appropriation for l'ohlbt
tlon enforcement will neck to cut out
tho press agent, tho purchase ot "cvl
denco" and uso of funds by the en
forcement officers In speech-making
trips or In propaganda agulnst wet
members of Congress.
ninixn cum tiuumpiis.
In one of the fastest Indoor polo
games of the early season, the Riding
Club trio defeat! a mixed team of the
New Tork Hiding Club at Durland't
yesterday afternoon by a score of 10
goals to 8. The Riding Club men pl&yod
through the four periods, but their op
oonents cut In, using five men. The
game was closely contested throughoul
being marked by brilliant rallies an
hard riding and the result was In doubt
up to tho closing period.
Tony Lyons, a law student who Is
using th receipts he earns In the ring
to pay his way through law school, will
meet Jack MeParland, the lironx welter
weight In ono of the triple events that
Jets McMahon of the Commonwealth
Club has arranged for to-morrow night.
Lyoni, practically unneard of a year
ago, has come to the front In a manner
worthy of recognition.
He won fifty-one bouts by knockouU
end lost only once out of seventy starts.
Willie Darcey and Harry Catena, tno
clever 'llywelghts who have been- nag
ging each other for tho past year, final
ly meet in another ten-rounder, whlii
Johnny Coney of Harlem and KranlUo
Klorio. two lightweights, aro pal rod in
the third ten-round set-to.
SOUTH BEND, Ind., Dec 8. A com-
niltteo of business men headed by KII
V. Sleblrt. Mayor of this city, has
been appointed to work out a plan to
finance r new football Btadlunc for tlie
University of Notro Daino.
The bowl, which will accommodate
between 35,000 and 40,000 persons, will
bo completed In two years. Coach
Knute 1C Rockne stated that Ocorla
Tech will play tlio home-coming con
test here Oct. 27, 1923, and that cf
forts are being made to bring ono of
the big Kastcrn teams west for a game
in this city. .
TKWvrcssEn kmsvisn to im,ay
KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Dec. 8. Tennes
see's football team will play the Army
eleven at west roint In 1SZ3. An
nouncement to that effect was nmdo
here by Coach M. II. Banks of Tennes
see. The gamo will probably be played
Sept. 29.
Comet Rice
8 enpfuU Comet-BoUd Rlee
S Ublrspoonfak mlneM
2 mlncrd T.n popper
4 thlnallna bacon
i traspoontul .alt
H ttupoonlul prpprr
i cupful fr.h or canned
muahrooma (optional)
COOK the bacon until
crisp, remove It Irom
the pun and cook tho
onion and peppers in the
bacon fat for five minutes.
Then add them to the
rice leaving a tableapoon
f til of bacon fat in tho pan.
Chop and add the mush
rooms, seasonings and
the cooked bacon cut into
dice, turn the mlxturo
back into the pan in
omelet shape, brown one
side, slip a knife under
and turn so as to brown
the upper side.
oinot Rice
ricVfd In S1ed PacVafei
-never told loose
Tim otllv rritmirf rin,i-
crrdlt jrlry More down
town. Ktrrv nrtllM
marked In pluln figure. )
Different from other cudlt
A complete lino of the most
magnificent nclectlon of
Anv article la vnnra nn 1t
veil wun every purchase,
I (Haitian. mnflrluntt,, i
SACKS CO.. 105 LiberlySf,
v em oi unurcii tit
vo. in i t
, We Have Screed The Public Faithfully for Eighty Years
Gimbel Brothers
The Best Shoe Value In
Town For Boys 9 to 14
This Buster Brown
Special at
IGirovng Girls' ' Grooving. Girls'
Sports Oxfords Sports Oxfords
In Scotch grain. Perforations. In tan calf; with outside wing
And rubber heels at- er nn tip and medallion. K on
tached. Sizes 2to7'Pt.vU Rubberheels. 2H to7"p0.yU
Tho stylo's the style that
big fellows choose. The
leather is black or tan
calf. E n c h p a i r is
equipped with rubber
heels. Yet they're priced
$3.95. For they're
Uh to 7
GIMDELS SHOE SHOPS-Serond and Fourth Floors.
Growing Girls'
Sports Oxfords
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tip; rubher heels attached. In
growing girls' sizes cm n(r
Music Salons
Open Evenings
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After 0:00 P. M. Use 88 d Street
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Wc Have Served the Public Faithfully for Eighty Years
Gimbel Brothers
Music Salons
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Until 9 o'Clock
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After G:00 P. M. Uso 33d Street
Entrance, near Broadway.
Meeting a Piano Scarcity with Plenty: And Meeting Your Means In
Making Easy for You the Purchase of Either
aver riano
And Offering You These Club Advantages
Plenty of
Players Here
for Christmas
Despite jthe Scarcity
Wo rth o f Ne w Music
Rolls Included
in the Price
Kegurdleas of what player you
choose make your choice of music
rolls from our entire stock. Choose
right from the latest December
catalogue. Add nothing for them
to the regular price of tho player
tt low price because it's a Gimbel
Player Pianos
For as ?QQC
Low as
The piiino scarcity is n result of
business prophecy. A brief lull in
buying brought smaller produc
tion production that has under
guessed the demand by many
thousands. Practically every
good maker in the country i3
oversold by from ono to three
thousand instrumental But the
piano fame of Gimbels is based
not just on values but on rela
tions with the trade that make
Gimbels one of the greatest piano
centers of the country ever
ready scarcity or no scarcity.
In Which to Pay
Here you have them. Pianos.
Players. Popular priced as al
ways. And makes of nation wido
quality fame. To be had at their
low Gimbel price with $25 worth
of records added.
Player Pianos
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Music Salons Open
Evenings Until 9 P. M.
Here's the busy business man's oppor
tunity. Plenty of time to test out
players and pianos ' at full leisure,
out of the Christmas rush. Tho Music i
t Salons are open every evening and
will be so until Christmas right up
. lo 9 o'clock.
After 6 P. M., please use 33rd Street
Entrance, near Broadway. Eleva
tors direct to the Eighth Floor.
you Cannul Call, Mail the Coupon
Gimbel BroUu-nsTNcw'YoH
Music Salons
Kindly send me, with no obligation tn myself,
full information about your Christmas Club plan
for tho purchase of pianos and player pianos.
Name. . .
' J $37.50 H
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Half the
Pathe ,
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Lowest Price for Which
They Have Ever
Been Sold
And These Fine Makes
Victrolas Brims wicks
Columbian Widdicombs
For your ChriBtmas phonograph one of the finest known
makes. A phonograph playing all makes of records equal in
size and quality to any other machino that is three times the
price. Ranking with tho finest in tone, and in beauty. Tho
story of its price is a merchandise story now fixed in phono
graph history a story of Pathe receivership. Of a close-to-a-million-dollar
Gimbel purchase. And final Patho reorgani
zation. Gimbels Music Salons : Eighth
Floor : Open Until 9 P. M.
Music Salons Open Evenings
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Gimbel Brothers, New York
Music Salons
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Name .
m r
tiaMMBHlSMW yfyyy; , l, . u. man. .ifi -

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