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Society Not Eager to Marry
This Year, Survey Discloses
Social Register Shows Falling Off
Chief Society Circles.
Writes ere not a much in favor u l among aoclcty folk of
Ihcountry-. leading cities during tho current year, .ceo rdln Jo Mtat . lea
t.t.i.w- survey that prefaced th(S publication of the
7ll racial KwWcTta W c tho pre,,
conilderfaJjly in advance of that of pasi '
Op tohho opening of the Ccnl j tur
St the Register, that Is, the opening of
the winter season In society, there nau
tn 795 weddings In the chief social
caatres, agalnnt 871 In the preceding
jew. Those figures signify a railing
oft of seventy-five marriages. Tho sta
tistics show another dark mark In that
there has .been a markod Increase In
the death rate among society people In
185J over 1921, the figures In this col
oran being 539 deaths this year and
4tt last.
The Social Itcglstet records the
names and addresses of members of
prominent families grouped together
with tho clubs and societies to which
they belong, and Indicates the 'names
c the children In tho order of their
ages, qualifying the misses from 14 to
IT and mcssrs. front 17 to 20 um
Where it Is desired to find the nam"
of & married woman, '.ho may be re
membered only by her maiden name
the column of "Marricc Maidens" in
tho back of the volume reveals the
present married name. Whqre bride
have married residents of other cities
the city of their present residence I
Indicated and their names may b?
traced through tho lxcater. whlcn
gives In alphabetical r.rcer the name,
In all the Social Rcgiutera Issued by
the association.
.The custom of affixing stars opposite
the names of veterans of tho World
The body of a woman who coilapel
with n baby bey In her arms on Thnnks
riving Kve at Fulton and Church
Streets and died a few hour later wa
Identified as thnt of Mrs. Cecilia Fulila
forty-two, of New Tlrunswlck, N. J.
to-day, by her husband, Louis.
Pulda said his wife left home the day
before Thanksgiving to visit friends In
Brooklyn. Ite saw a picture uf the.bnnj
In a New Brunswick paper and rccoc
ntsed It as his child. He arranged fo
the shipment of the body of his wife tr
New Brunswick nnd then went to Bcl
levue Hospital to claim his baby,
The body of a woman who died eud
Jnly Wednesday In the millinery stor
of Mathllde Bpiegl. No. 6S7 Madlso
lAvenue, was identified to-day In th
morgue by Jacob Blttie. No. 160 Eax
Slat Street, aa that of Miss Mlnctt
Nauendorff, forty-two. No. 2 Harbot
lane. New Rochelle. Blttie aald tin
woman waa In tho printing business li
New Rochelle.
beautiful colored
pictures appear
WIAT aa odd thlnf to T
"J ail rub, and btauitfal
tttared piduru mpptaf." Nertx
iVtlcM, srer word Is Inn.
Tha stalcnent rtfoa to ART
CIUFT Pieturs Msilng OatBU.
la Colon foe children (sod (towd-
TrWbappena Pick op a IHUa frit
Arlcriit pad, select on of the
ABTCHAFT patented stencil
(csslcJ with bard color which
doe not smudfe, muas. or dlssolro
la water), then just RUB thsoolor
eff the patented stencil, tirouck
tadMl(n,entoth psper. Simple.
Learned almost lutandx.
It is NEW, patented
late this summer
Won't ;m call it the toy eoonter
of on of the stores to se Artcraf t
Three liuti SOe, 11. (2. DuraUe.
DeecrlpUta circular free.
S Piawoilrillm h
frlacajel Dowlwwi tm tt SSarx
Diamond Dyi
Each 15 cent pai kage of "Diamond
Dye" contain direction o simple
an woman can dve or tint her old,
worn, faded thing new, even If he
baa never dyed beiore. ouy urn
aanni) nea no other kind then per
fect home dvelna- I guaranteed. Just
ll vnnr ilrmrirltt whether the ma
terial you wish to dye I wool or silk,
or whether It I linen, cotton, or Jilaetl
goosla. Diamond Dye never streak.
net, fade, or run.- Advt.
Tulr Who Imprlnnijrtl Her Blnre
Mnndny Will Ir TUrn to IUhr
Inn tin Arre.f for Kaffir.
Thn Htory of mistreatment by two
nu n which has been related by Freda
Hoffman, sixteen, mlnalne from her
homo in Undcnhuret, Ij. I., Blnco
of To Weddings in
Mondny. but now In
Tho date of puol.aat.on 1,
Melons at the- Brunxwlck Home, hns
so aroused the peoplo
New Spct
For Immediate Wear
The spat pump is the shoe
of the moment for street
wear. It's a delicht to find
one that is well designed, comfortable and
at the same time trim looking. This is
just such a pump. With baby Louis heel,
semi-rounded toe, and plain Opera vamp.
It is found in black calfskin, black patent
leather or brown suede, 10.75
Twelve-button Spats High, neatly
fitting spats in fawn or brown, 2.50
Warm Scarf Sets for '
Boys and Girls .
They need them for school wear and for
play and they will be needing them
more and more now that winter weather
has set in. These sets are made of brushed
wool in many bright colors.
Cap and Scarf Sets
For the very small tot this is a particu
larly becoming style with its 45 inch scarf,
8 inches wide, with fringed ends and its
pompon-top cap. Set 3.50 '
Tarn and Scarf Set
The schoolgirl of six to sixteen or there
about will look her best in this set with
its sixty inch scarf, 11 inches wide,' and
its' graceful tarn. Set 3.95
Strap Wrist and
Gauntlet Gloves
SAiake 'Pleasing Qifts
Chivalry, courtliness and gallantry are in
j dissolubly associated with gloves. To a
gift of gloves there attaches a tradition
of romance, a reminiscence of far-ofF days
when knighthood was young.
Modern sentiment is expressed by
gloves of a quality unknown even to
kings and queens of that age. In the olden
days many a ruler would have given a
king'.s ransom to possess gloves of the
fineness of" these.
Gauntlet and wrist strap gloves
2.50, 3.75, 5, 6.50 and 8.75
Mousquetaire gloves according to
length and quality, 3.50 to 10.50
Fur Coat Days
Are Here
A Hudson Seal (dyed muskrat) coat pos
sesses manifold uses. A coat for every
hour of the day and every day of the sea
son. An extensive collection of models is
assembled for selection.
245 "295 "395
Natural Raccoon coats lend them
selves to town and country, wear. Ideal
for motoring and winter sports. Deep
furred pelts, beautifully matched. 40 inch
model, 225, 45 inch model, 295
munlly that when the men ore nr.
rented they will bo taken Immediately
to Ilnbylon for snfa keeping.
The clrl was found yestcrdny morn
ing by her mother nulecp oh n wood
pile In the cfllnr of her homo, whera
iho had collapsed from exhaustion.
Several hours were required by phy
sicians and Deputy (Sheriff Wild to
get her story from tho hysterical girl.
tint) said she had bco naccostul In
I.lndcnhurst by two young men who
eventually took hor to n houso In I'uy
sldo, keeping her th'cro until yiM'i'nlny
morning, when they put hei Jt' ,a
tho cro of phy
motor cur and dravo to UaLi(in
of her com- whero thoy throw her to the rndVmy
v.? '
A Fluffy
Evening Bag
Softest moufflon, silk lined,
with a draw string top
decorative as well as most
convenient for party use
Generous enough to
hold all you need, 7.50
4 Brocaded
Evening Slippers
A slim tongue style with
graceful Spanish heel, illus
trated. Or a strap slipper
with baby French heel.
Both made of silver bro
cade, gold flowered, 10.75
A Gift Blouse
A Deauville neckline in
plain silk appears on this
printed crepe de Chine
blouse with a monogram
motive centered directly be
low it. Tangerine, French
bine, navy and black.
a Monogram
This is' a beautifully made
plain crepe de chine over
blouse with tied peasant
sleeves, in cocoa, navy or
black, on which one could
cleverly work a personal
monogram. A smart gift.
Blouse, 9.75
nnd drovo off. Sho found hor wav at
last to tho homo of Charles Atdrlch,
In Ocorgo Street, and ho aont her
home In n taxlcnb,
MMH. srill'MANN-liniXIC nBTTEII.
Mmc. Ernestine chumahn-IUInk, the
noted contralto who la suffering from
bronchial pneumonia In her home at
Garden City Is recovering rapidly, ac
( online to her physician, Dr. David
Dooman. Dr. Doonian further said
there Mad been no complications, and
Mmn. Schumann-Helnk's voice will not
bo impaired In any way.
Lord & Taylor
T7 T T7TU AVPMTTP v--m .
Telephone FitzRov 1900
Misses' Dance Frocks
They're made in Paris of flat crepe in
the most subtle shades of Chinese red,
canary, orchid and Nile. They're beaded
all over with beads in these exact subtle
shades, except on a few models where
the beads contrast, giving the effect of
a printed 'design. There are two models,
a straight chemise frock, a model with
front apron drape; both models are
sleeveless with round necklines.
Misses' Furred Coats
Developed in "new pile fabrics of the
most becoming colors, Hawaiian blue,
brown, black or navy, and generously
furred with caracul (lamb), fox, beaver
or squirrel. These $89.50 models offer
smartness, warmth and value td misses.
Other attractive values, $97.50 and $125
Women's Winter Coats
If you are one of those chilly persons
who like to wrap yourself to the eyes
in big fur collars and make perfectly
sure there's an interlining in your coat
before you buy it, we suggest that you
look at this group of coats. They are
made of the new pile fabrics and trimmed
with all the smart furs fox, Wolf, cara
cul (lamb) , beaver or squirrel. Other
excellent modejs at $89.50, $115, $125
8, 1922. ,
night tour of duty at 9 o'clock and
complained of head pains. Ho went
Immediately to sleep. At noon lila
wife, Catherine; left the hduso to do
somd household shopping.
When Mrs. Ollvo returned she found
her husband In tho bath tub. his head
resting on a pillow and a bullet hoie
back 6f his right ear. His .45 callbio
revolver was on tho floor.
Nearby wis this note: "Qoodby,
dearj my head hurts awfully. Percy."
That was his mlddlo name.
Mrs. Olive blamed her husband's
Despondency 1)111- In t.nsa nf Girl
and III Health niaroed
for Snlclde.
Despondent over tho recent death of
his. baby girl, and becauso his health
was shattored by two accidents while
In the motorcycle squad, Police Lieut.
Otto P. Olive, thirty-eight.- shot him
self with his service revolver at his,
home, No. 4611 Park Avenue, Bronx,
vpntorrlnv nnhn.
physical condition nnd baby Emlly'H
recent death for his act. tlcut. OUv)
Olive returned home from a was transferred
1 , i
Strands of Pearls
They're lovely in color,
warmly lustrous and with
those soft lights that are
so becoming to all women
32 inch, 48 inch, 5
Gold Bandeaux
With simplicity of coiffure, f
the bandeau has returned
to favor with many charm
ing styles, none more be
guiling than these of gold
or silver leaves with flowers
to match, 1.25 to 2.50
Draped Skirt
Draped without stiffening
to fit snugly about the hips;
overlapped to give ample
fullness; developed of Cart
ton crepe, satih-back Can
ton, and a heavier crepe,
these hip-line skirts are
priced from 18.75 to
24.50. The popular,
finely plaited skirts of black,
navy or brown crepe dc
'Chine are 12.75
Note the clever fur arrange
ment on the cuff of this
coat, also deep fur collar
and. slender line it's one
of the excellent 97.50
values in the Women's
Coat Department.
Bquad to the Charles Street Station .
short time ago.
AW.tllDIII) I'Ull ' IXJCIll
AIIO.lIlD "sUlP.
A Jury before Justice Cropsay In the
Brooklyn Supremo Court to-day brought
In a Verdict of $30,000 In favor of An
gelo l'raurncnl of No. 70 Union Street
against the southern Steamship Com
pany of Manhattan. Whllo the steam
ship Alglcra was being loaded tJVan
Brunt Street, Nov. .19. ,1011,tjVa$mehI,
In Ihn I16I1!. was cnuclit Qhdbr thn on-
tunts, wi-lghlnv 700 potimls( bf if boom,
which broke. ' Ho eurtorcd a permanent
from the Wotorcyclo Injury.
Have Yqu Called on
Santa Claus and
Ridden the
Jolly Go Round?
vmiy two more wccks tut viltuuricia
hasn't that a thrilling sound ! Some time
in between there you must visit Toyland,
surely. See the dolls with curly locks
and eyes cast down demurely. Watch
the. 'lectric trains whirl by and hear old
Santa laugh. Lots of other thrills here,
too. Wc can't tell you the half.
Among other things is the Doll's
Furniture a wonderful assortment, from
beds to tea wagons.
Holiday Qifts in
Real lai handkerchiefs to be had, in
Binche, Valenciennes, Rose Point, Dutch'
esse, Point d'AIencon, Irish Crochet, and
Filet edges, 1.75 to 35 each.
French chiffon handkerchiefs, picot
edges, an outstanding collection of de
signs and colors, 85c each.
Silk bandannas in the new designs of
Golf Tog, Paisley and Oriental colorings,
3.50, 4.50, 6.50 and 8.95 each.
A leather wristlet clasps a wisp of
chiffon from France bearing a floral de
sign, 1.85 each.
An Elente Corset
For the Slender Woman
It is an excellent model, lightly boned
with an elastic girdle top and comfort
steel. The material is a dainty figured
batiste. A corset for the average figure
is made of striped batiste with low top.
Both are priced at 2.95
Men's Gift Slippers
Slippers of leather or felt make a gift
acceptablcto any man. Slippers of every
description, from hearthside favorites to
a traveling companions.
Felt Slippers, 1.75 to 2.75
"Comfy" slippers, padded soles, 2 and
$2.50 j
Leather Pullman slippers with cases,
2.50 to 5
Indian Moccasins, 4
Fleece-lined slippers for extra warmth,
Opera slippers, fine kidskin, in a range of
colors; also in red and brown Morocco, 5
Everett slippers, 5
Romeo slippers, tan or black kidskin, 5
Faust slippers, lined with kid, 6
Brown leather Cavalier slippers, 8
13 Shopping Days Until Christmas
'J ' '(!
sr. mil, 1 IIIJWWHWH .UjI,I,I

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