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lo-Nlghl'i Weather PROBABLE SNOW; WARMER.
To-Morrow's Weather PROBABLE SNOW.
i 1 1 j i in i
" Circulation Books Open to All."
"Circulation Books Open to AH.
VOL. LXIII. NO. 22,235
Film Magnate Announces It
as Christinas Gift to
Fojmer Star.
Roscoe Promises His Lite
From Now On Will Be
Credit to Friends.
LOS ANtlELES, Dec. SO. Hoscoe
"Fatty" Ailiucklo to-day was Riven
a Christmas "pardon" by Will It.
Hays, nude mentor, who banished
liim from fllnulnni almost ii year ago.
Arbucklo was lurrcd from tho fHim
following his acquittal of charges ol
ninnsluughtci in connection with tin,
death ol Yil-glnia ltupp
In announcing tlio "Pardon," Ilaja
declared that he loIccd the fip'rit
oi' Christmas and of Christ's teach
ings would servo as a gtildo, both f.:r
Arbtickle In hi future conduct an'I
for the publn in lis attitude, towar.l
"Thin Is a girut hiiinan industry
where billet in a man's caiuity for
KOodneh.M .should prevail rather than
tl.j thuat of punishment, as a mo
tive for right conduct," Hays iv
mnrkfl "I want this spirit of good
ness, instead of a spirit of punish
ment, to permeate the Industry, anil
that is the leasnn I am rcMl'.tating
"I belli M' he bus learned his les
on and no one ran demand more
than that of a man who has made
u mistake. l,ie and help live is
ni! rule of life. Kvery man, I be.
lleve, lias a light to n chance to come
back after lie lias taken to heart the
lessonM of Ins folly."
"1 will play the game square with
Mi. Hays and the public, if it is the
last thing 1 ever do," deviated Ar
bticklo when the Howh was rained to
him I am grateful to those who nte
helping me and will proe mjselr
worthy. I have made my mistakes,
but they an- behind me. 1 want my
life hcrcutter to lxj an open liook.
Joseph Si'lunck, Arbucklc's friend
said: "Itu.nuc Arbucklo will go to
work for inc. 1 am glad to help in
giving him a chance "
Two million dollar worth of l'"uti
Arbucklc's lilm pranks are ready to
bo turned loie-e by tho Famous '.'lay-ers-Lasky
Company, as too.: .is it is
deemed epednnt 10 release them,
following tin 'lomidian's icinstntc
mcnt b Will II. Hays. This value
of the plctunsi is a tough gutss, as
oflictaW said their e.ac,t value de
pended on how many people will so
to sec llii.ni
Supporters Lnnlile to f.et Vole on
t.lttiiK It lllglil nf Vm.
WASHINGTON. I ;n.- f. 'utile e.
forts m 111 trie iji the finuiu to-day
by auppuiiii., of ihe Administration
Shipping Kill iu iniiif i a vote Mm'
question o' wlniher thm ineuhiire
Should It-Ill 'I i tu tulo llie Senate Ol in'
dlBpland ' Hi- .Voiris agricultural
financing an i-nn
' Debali 1 id not been i-oiultlded whM
I the Houf. ..iljiiin neil last ntjjhl and tho
'resolution liui Ihe rl.'lu ot way again
to-day Iti'iml.ll, ,u, kadt i s, it was said.
were din on J by flu opposition in
their own mule, und opponents assert
ed that as the proposal needed a Inn
thirds ote n would not be put throiiKh
I .i i I ' i . 1, . j , Ahsiiul.tled
Put- '" ' I 'W n 'i mils t. .iii.li in tin
Pi.i '' lienors Inrc.'titei will
be di ' 1 two siMiips, known a-.
"Ami.uji. 'i l "K-u opo.tiis." iho
,ilim.i v nnii in eiteh Ce"iipp;.ii
inr; in m ' and the winnei oi this
cont 'i J ii. : t. e holdiT tor tin-cup.
Tin: out i 'I'll hi. m m: w
rcd, I'u.Ii7.t (World) Pulldlni
Prk H"v, . V City T'lepliun IJccmean
4'fK) .'tieck room Ter CSEKKu mid MiCl
o,)n day und nlulit. Munty oiileri aui
. uvfliers inecioi lur ai. Advi
tp;nxht (ew
Auto Speeders to Be Examined
For Sanity, Detroit Judge's
Order on Trials in His Court
Has Physician Ready to Make Mental Tests; If Deficient
Will Be Sent to Asylum for Treatment
Provided for the Insane.
DETIIOIT, Dec. 20. Mental tests for autorcobitc speeders to determine
their degree of sanity were Inaugurated by Judge Charles L. Bartlctt in
the Uercrdcr's Court here to-day.
by tiiMnr drivers found guilty of speeding to the Morgue to view bodies
of Uciir.ts of ai'tomobiic accidents.
Under Ida new plan, which he an
nounced Just before going on the
bench to-day, Jud;c Dartlett will re
mand persons adjudged guilty of vio
lating speed laws to Dr. A. 1. Jacoby.
psychiatrist of bis court, for mental
investigation. The examination will be
conducted In open court, and if Dr.
Jacoby decides that thoso examined
are mentally deficient Judge Bartlett
will order them to an asylum to be
treated in the tame manner as other
Insane persons.
l'ersons ordered to take mental
ttcatmeut will loso their operating
licenses and n report of their enso an
mental condition will be filed with the
Secretary of State These violators
will ntver bo permitted to renew their
liccns'eo and if ever again arrested for
driving an automobile will be subject
to u long term of imprisonment.
Judge Ilartlctt liases bis authority
to order mental tests on Section 3 of
ihe Public Acts, which reads:
"The court bhall also have power to
make provision for psychopathic In
vestigations and examinations and
treatments of persons coming beforo
said court."
"No method Is too bcvere to prevent
death," Judge Hartlett said m outlin
ing his mental test plan.
"I believe this new method will
step thousands of accidents each
ear. I'olice Coinniiftioner James W.
Inches has told mo that tinder my
plan of sending speeders to Jail, und
notwithstanding tho fact that there
at" many thousands more automobile.)
on the streets this t.ir than last
year, there were 3,301 less accidents,
and that leckl'-ss driving has been
cut down from iu ir cent, to SI)
por cent. If this Is Mm result under
n.y J.ill sentence pi i. what will It
be under the im ntal test pi m?"
llnlx of Mile mioniiecd u rvnr
SlinreN of Hit I. niter lit One
Minrr of former.
Uiior Hill SUtl Company dltectors
to-day approvid sale of their com
pany to the Youngotown Sheet and
Tube Company on tho basis of four
shares of Hrler Hill stock for one
share of Sheet and Tubo stock.
The enlarged Sheet and Tubo prop
erty will bo tho laigyst independent
company In tho country with the
exception of the Ilethli'hem Steel Cor
poration. It will have a pig Iron
capacity of l,;t.".0,00o tons annually
and steel piodtictton of .200.000
tons, witli faeililii:- lor making prac
tically a lull line ol tliiisln d steel
llti t spurHim ( ouiiter Cirri.- KiK v
Wlml She Mi'nnl, anil (iranil-mii
Wilt iel I lirlxtiiiiio (.ill.
A smihng-laci d old lady with gold
siei laiirs and a little black silk
bonnet stood obviously perplexed
before the spoiling goods counter
of a 31th Street depaitment store.
She certainly was lent on a
very definite mission the pur
chasing of a Christmas present for
a grandson. She tried to explain
to tho puzzled clerk what b!io
wanted, but he was unable to un
derstand. Finally a triumphant
snnlu cume to her luce as she
"I Know what I want: hilling
It u.S her ii.tiin for boxing
nut !! nnu:i c-i.ivt to sr. t
OI' Itltl'ltlJsrjNTl TIVIJ SWIM it.
WASHINGTON. J,. .0, Tne Hoiio.
. i ii.au i ' Miii'i'l I, .. niil I,, m, annum-
iijmi to-ilay that Joseph iur
teiMteln, riepuhllt'un i ontestant. was not
tntltled to the seat of Jtepri'si-nuthv
A. J. Mahath, Demociit, of IN 'ah
Illlnol- District,
lork tVarM) Vim
I mil pan J ITS.
Judge Hartlett recently set a precedent
Specialist V i 1 1
Optic in Youth
by Fireworks.
A reinarkabb- oiferatlon Is to In' per
formed at I'aterson, N. .1.. within a
week or so by Dr Kdwanl Morgan,
eye specialist. No 310 Van Ilouglilen
Street, who plans to restore sight to
Alfred Lemonowtcz. eighteen years
old of Lyndhursl, by puttng a pig's
ee into his head.
The operation cairn to puhuc aiteti
tioii to-day, when Chief Justice Min
ium granted the a ppl nation of Abra
ham Klenert, attorney, to appoint
Jivsepn Hurke as "next friend" to
lnonowncz so that Hurko might bring
a suit against I.Mtdhurst Township
lor $100,000 damages alleged to have
in in sustained by I.emonowicz nine
e.u ao.
tin July 19. VJ13, I.emonowicz, then
nlm- e,na old, attained some llie
works irom the township, acconllng to
tbi' iomilainant in the suit, which
had been Intended for the celebration
ol tin' previous Fourth of July. While
playing with the llrcwoiks the I.c
inonow h . liny lost his sight, one of
tin im . lc tit blown out and the
sight ol tin other destroyed.
Di i -can said that the oplm
ni i 'i e not destrojed, and that
Willi 1 . p -s ce the outh would be
able In -i loi tin; rest of bis lile.
Dr. Moig.in said he mndo a similar
operation twenty jears ago for a wo
man, who saw for three years, when
tin- p.g'a exe went blind This will
not happen in Letnoiiowicz's case,
LU-. Morgin said.
oung la monowicz said thut he has
compli-te faith in Dr Morgan nnd ex
pects soon to huve his sight again
through the pig's eye. The operation
!. to lie performed in a I'.iterson hotel.
Itnii An When I'lremen Tried li
I'liiil lilm In lliiMeiiient.
A battalion ef flr-m. ,) i inde a rwift
and noiseless ni-li to I'ubllc School No.
SS at No. 23il Mast KVh Street nt 12.10
o'clock this irfterno'jn in response to
an "uutoinalit'" nlarni Down the eor
riilor as tliey nt. ri d the building tiny
mi a small buy standing in fiont of
the Mann watihlng it -.agirly. When
lie looheil up and faw the firemen he
lan ilimn Into the basement r.nd tbey
could not find him again.
There wus no tin and the firemen
lUFgeil their hose b.u I. to the wagon
und moved away .
llnkel , V ho M I -
I'n Silent U il in '
nip a 'd ton. -in l-
"" New ton n.
ii inr of ui in
a 1 1 I line f ilmiet.
l le S' fill I I ' d-
el il i;r
iii i -tr;
nil Jut
llll. w i
i Im h l-.
I 1 . Id -
i l lieie
nw ntKvini:T in- riii. vmi
i:i.i:i i nti.
IIKI'.I.IN. Uec. J'i. Stanls.au Wotol.
. rhoivski. i iii'iiVl.ile ..f the , fl, u
In . n elected Prcsid.nl of po'und by the
Xnioi. .1 n mui .ii'i orill ,g i.i -i ftls-
el-, ijjt
.i. nt
n nil aw 1,'
l S'llll'd i
w hi) tt a
hn.a. n.'iii at retail l
- ii I I n i erof.t l'rtti'3
- a' .iioi -I Aii I.
Judge Refuses to Free
Widow as State and
Defense Rest.
Prosecution and Defense Sum
L'p Testimony on Murder
of Showman.
(Special From a Staff Correspondent
of The Evening World.)
.MOUNT HOI,I,Y, X. J., Dec. SO
Tl,o fate of Mrs. Doris Brunen and
Harry C. Mohr. chanted with the
murder of Mrs. Urunen'a husbatid,
"Honest John" Urunen, may bo de
cided by the Jury this afternoon. At
ten minutes beforo 11 o'clock As
sistant, Prosecutor Peacock began tin
tlist chapter of tho State's summation
of the case.
Tho defense closed its ca0 ut 9.00
o'clock and after a few witnesses
were called in rehuttal Attorney Ke
own nnuounced at 10.20 o'clock that
ho had no witnesses to call In sur
tebuttal and moved for the discharge
of Mrs. Doris Urunen on the ground
that the State had failed to connect
her In any way with tho death of
her husband. John Hiuncn.
Justice Kalisch asked at Just what
point did the State claim to have ad
duced cldcnco connecting her with
tho murder, to which Prosecutor
Kclsey leplicd that she sent a tele
gram fiom Charllo Powell's homo to
Mohr. calling him home at once. Also
that on the evening of March 10.
when bhe learned that her husband
had chanced bis mind about going
to New York, baying ho was going
there the following day's. She re
mained at home Instead of going to
the moving picture show, as was her
custom, though othets In tho house
did leave.
The court refused to grant this mo
tion, as it did one for tlio discharge
of Harry Mohr.
Mr. Keown maintained that tho tes
timony of the State's witnetsej had
not made a cneo sulllclently strong for
submission to a Jin
"I disagree with counsel, Justice
Kalisch replied, "becauso I ferl thero
are facts in this Instance which tiro
Jury Miould consider."
In his address to th Juiy. Mr.
Keown llrst asked tho juiy to con
sider tho provocation Mohr bad iu
his outburst a few days ago when
Hazel ISruncn Implied that Mrs.
Mohr. the defendant's motlur. might
have been concerned In the killing of
"As to tho testimony of the state's
witnesses." 'ho said, "Dr. Maul
stated that when he arrived at the
(Continued on Tenth Page )
This Fire Story Is the Cat's Meow;
Gave Fire Alarm, Saved Baby
So Were Bevy of Factory Girls Next Door, Observcr
From Headquarters Reports.
Hems a ccul stoiy m the rat's meow.
Mrs. June Ulrnbach, Unity il. of -
ample physique, occupies th i ail
ment and ground floor of No -12
West lltli Street. She left her
daughter Dorothy, six, in the ba o
ment' to-day whllo sho was primping
upstairs with cretonne for Christmas.
Sho heard Dorothy ungin,; as ho
played at kindergarten. Then for
awhile silence telgned and i lit n there
ciimo to her ears an unearthly
Down the Halm ran mottur to nnd
her clofcet blazing. Kin btumd In r
hundR trying to beat out the flinns,
then grabbed the klddl'- Hid ran up
stairs yelling "Kue!"
An a!.;rm iva- clvrn, t!..' tlrcp'.i-n.
came, and everybody on the live floois
piled out with the xi'i-jt mil of M '
Knot he. who i bitwer i n.ii; : I
Uli; ' ti a-, old. The "I ' ' "
a Ti 11 k lal ' 'I IM II . 11-' I !'
i the h vi I rf hei w.in:,'. lot ro
tation ( hicf Ilauur i riii urn fun n
il i t'j I ei lonni 'is-li' li i ' '
Dollar Princess and Husband
Arrive Here for Extended Stay
Anastasia, Homesick for U. S.,
and Christopher of Greece,
Democratic Couple.
Princess Anastasia of Greece, suf
fering a. llttl from a cold In her head
but with tho light of tho lionio-conier
in her eyes, arrived on tho Olympic
to-day with her husband, Pnnio
Christopher, brother of ex-cx-King
Constant inc tho double "ex" mean
lug that he has abdicated twice.
They are a democratic pair, theso
royalties, and they matin It plain to
the ship news reporters that they
have no more ambition to run the
Greek nation than they havo'.to run
ti Greek fruit store in Delancoj
The Pilncess admitted flint tho
strongest of tho motives that brought
her to America was Just plain homo
sickness. She wanted to see again
tho country In which she used to be
known as Mrs. '.Villi. nr tt Leeds,
wife of "the tlnplate k.i;." And
she's going to "visit' biii and there
with old fiieuds und niatiiis. for two
months or inoie.
As for the Prince-who 'ooks liko n
l.ondon chap ho won't tag around
with his wife, f i om house to house
through all the visiting. Ills plan Is
to see America, or at h ast a big part
of It. After a while, when he Is tired
of travelling, he will Join his wifo at
Palm Ueach.
The pair will bo at the Hotel Am
bassador for a day or two. Then will
go to tho homo of Henderson Green,
brother-in-law of tho Princess, at
Montclalr, X. J., to spend Christmas,
after which tho Prlnco will buy u
(Continued on Second Page )
everything was a.l n!ht slid to keep
her company whllo the rent of the liro
fighters coped with the flame." und
kept them confined to tho basement
Next door is th manufacturing
plant of Daggett & Itamsdell. It Is a
house of many windows and every
window was crowded with pretty girls,
blondes and brunettes, some thin,
Borne fat not too tat. Max rischel of
hi adnuai tors decl.ued. and added th it
thy wcro the cat's u w
llut tho cut's meow that savel the
limisc from the llamei was not heail.
Tho cat who was wise nough to glee
an plnnn was also ! enough to
I .en i it when be ncul'i the liii'llien.
He had tustod lite and smoke and
knew of the prop. II. ng puwir of a
stn am Hum a tin !-
"llut the eat wi.i i ri i I a. s. .1"
iiartnl Mis. ISirnb.i' . .1 er b r .nil
and head had been tri-.tid tor iurns,
"and thero won't bo njthlnr In the
- U- i t 10 "I fur I ! '
20, 1922.
Hopes for Good Results lrom
Trip, but Is Very Much
I1AVKI3, Krance, Dec. 20 (Asso
ciated Picss). Georges Clemcncoau
arrived homo from his American pll
grlmage to-day In n typically hilarious
mood, but uppniently Buffering from
The ' rmcr Premier had a very
stormy voyago. Ho appeared gay oil I
vivacious, but under the surface his
friends saw that his experience in tho
United States had bt-cn almost to
much fur him. IIu will go to b.s
Paris homo fur two weeks nnd then
take a long test nt Ms country plaeo
In tho Vendea at St. incent du Jar.
"I liopo for good icsulu from my
trip to tho United States," suld M.
'Clomenceau to the Ajsocluted Prots.
"Howevor, lot tho piopla decide. 1
put my thought:! fully beforo tliom
und they have n.i-tair.lv ,ot senso
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HachI statc gbs.
Sunday World
MUST be in
The World Office
:'RI1)A V
Uelore 6 I. M.
To Insure Proper Classification
Kntrrril rVrnnd-ClflM Mntlt-r
l'ut Office, New lork, N. V.
Ninety Outside Alleged Confederates in Gigan
tic Swindle Also to Be Arrested Lieut.
Trainor Largely Instrumental in Capture
Huge Lot of Goods Smuggled Out.
Twenty-two civil employees of tho Nttvy Haao in South Brooklyn.
between 30 til nntt 33d Streets, wcro arrested and locked up early to-day
by :icnt3 of tho Department of Justice and Dctcct(vo Francis Trainor ot
tlio KcwVorlc Police Department ns tho result of thefts of Governs jt
property said to ho valued at mora than $1,000,000. Ono more arrest ot a .
civil cmployco will be inado to-day, and fully ninety moro men outsido tho -
huac. Includlns junkmen and contractors, uUo will bo taken Into custody -
In two or thrco dnya.
' "
last and West Side South
bound i. R. T. Trains Held
Up by Motor Troubles.
Southbound traffic on both Kast and
West Sldo subways was held up at
tie peak of tho morning rush this
morning when a short circuit through
a shoo beam on n Seventh Avenue
, xpress put ono train out of conimlu
slot. at the 70th Street Station and
r led Heal trouble disabled ono south
bound east sldo express and air bruko
trouble unothcr nt tho Grund Central
Station. Thero wcro tho usual delay
to thousands und tho icsultnnt crush
at tho stations.
Southbound express traffic was
routed over tho local trucks of tho
West Sldo lino between OCtl) Street
and Times Sqnaro stations between
O.Oii o'clock and 9. 2d o'clock becausu
of tho accident to tho train at 79th
Street. Southbound traffic on tho
Kant Sldo lino was delayed from 8.29
o'clock to 8.39 o'clock becuuso of tho
electrical troublo to tho first express
to becomo disabled at tho Grund Cen
tral Station, and from 8.C7 o'clock to
9.07 o'clock becauso of tho failure of
the air brakes to operate properly on
tho second Bust Sldo express to got
out of order.
At the office ot tlio Iutcrborough
It was said thut tho eust sldo subway
troublo was caused by tho stalling of
two trains nt Gitmd Central, both bo
Ing southbound express trains coming
from Jeromo Avenuo. A broken air
pipe stalled ono of tho trains und the
troublo on tho other wai caused by
electrical trouble, wa3 tho report.
Tho tio-up iu tlio west sldo subway
was caused by a short cltcult on a
shoo beam on a southbound train at
79th Stieet, the Intcrbotuugh said.
Uno of tho stalled cast sldo trains
was run down to Brooklyn Rrldgo
after temporary ropalra bad been
made, and was there sidetracked. Tho
other stalled cast sldo train was sldo
tracked at i:d Street.
A 15-mlnu'o tie-up ou tho Fourth
Avenue llrooklyn. O. R. T., lino was
occasioned by tho locking ot tlio
brhkes on n Manhattan bound train
at t'ourt Street, llrooklyn, at 9.21
o'clock this inoinlng The truln wa
drugge I througn i ho Montague ttiu-
iv 1 v ith the locked Lrukes, which du.
IucJ the entlro f-crvlce. There was
no excitement anions tho passunsors
of tho tabe.l train
mitiiii imiia.v vc-t: Dins
l.i'MION HOsl'I r VI..
i.' n. re- :o a. .j.. : prt.ei)
ir.i ! I'l.-raja'i of t'pi.'h 1 im. e.n
t ma I.-.; K'.atr. or M.ti'.in I'll."'" nun
a i i Ui'Uirn MK'i.e ani.i.,,' ;hi pa,
lenlKS ol Illtul JSt.l'l, Ulnu In a ' .o
P'tal hero to day nfter a brief Illness
llvns thirty-lour years o!(i
Tlio Navy Base Is ti depot fct"
equipment, sustcnroicn and other sup
plies' for all sorts of naval outfits,
such as warships, navy yards, naval
hospitals and reservations. It han
dles property worth several million.!
of dollars annually. Thtfts of t!i
property uro said to have ten going
on for nearly thrco years and tho
investigation which resulted In thj
wholesale arrests was started about
tin re months ago.
Chief William J. Hums of the De
partment of Justice was asked for
help and ordered Kdward J. Hrennan.
head of tho New York branch of Um
bureau, to put oiKsrators at the sendee.
of the navy people. Ilrennan consulted
Pollco Commissioner lCnrlght and bor
rowed the services of Lieut. Trainor.
Under tlio direction of Federal
Agents Robert Walsh and Ralph Nav-
ario and I.Ietit. Ttnlnor, men were
pyt Into the warehouses ns checkers,
laborers, watchmen and bookkeepers.
These detectives found themselves
watched narrowly until they took ad
vantages of opportunities obviously
put in their way of stealing small ar
ticles such as wrist watches and mnr
Ino glasses. Not until they nctually
concoaled these articles and pretended
to steal them wcro they ablo to get
any evidence ugalnst the men now In
They then learned that Government
property was being stolen by tho
truckload. Including great boxes of
clothing, paint by tho barrel, crates
of glass and commercial alcohol by
the gallon. Instances were found in
which wasto and salvaged material
bought by contractors was replaced
by now goods or by other- merchandise
than that metloned In the contract:
In other cases twice tho quantity of
actual salvaged stuff ebntracted for
was delivered.
Investigation rovcnled that the
group lesponslblo for the thefts of
Government property worked openly.
The method was Oils: A requlsltlou
would come, say from the Navy Yard.
for supplies listed to bo worth $7,000.
Tho foreman of the department which
received it would wilte In pencil aver
the Ink tlguies Inci casing tho amount
by from $8,000 to $10,000.
Tha goods ordered by tho Nary
Vard would be loaded on a truck or
trucks and bent out, whereupon IS, 000
or $10,000 worth of other supplier
would bo set aside and smuggled out
of the base by chauffeurs who weio
members of tha group, after which
the pencilled figures would be eintvd.
leaving tho original requisition ai l:
was lecelved at the base.
Capt. Illclts, In command of ths
base, and his assistants, Capt. Fjftn
and CommanJer Karker, became cer
tain about three months ago that
vaat dlrciepanch s wort occurrlnc In
tho baso nnd li'uiched a secret In
vestlKntlin, bu: e Navy lntrlllsrenr
men wcro ui. ' to uncover dU
honesty. T. .lellovod that th
tinval dotec'lv-fiji . , : .veil known to
tlio in'ii bi'i-i ff ihfc jp doing the
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Then Cnpt. ITk-k.i reported his us.
plr.'.ons to tho Nwy Deptrtmcnt at
Washington r.nd Ch'.ct Hums was

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