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Movie Queens Held Up
mp"l tmlf AT
Cousin Eleanor and Her Heavy of Young Beauties
To Beauty 's Mirror and
All Are Found Wanting
Who Made Annual Kiddie Klub Show Big Success
Believe Fear Is Keeping Some
Playmate From Telling
the Truth.
Nabbed by Detectives When
They Offer S 1,000 Vanity
Case for Sale.
hfi with rnu n!!M
our wi In iut buN
' 1
Funeral of Theresa Mc
Carthy, Mysteriously Shot,
to Be Held To-Morrow.
Tho whtto satin coffin eonUlnlnr
the body of ten-year-old Theresa Mc
Carthy to-day stands where her
Christmas tree stood a few hours ago
In the living room of her homo at
No. 563 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn,
Detectives who havo put In more
than twenty-four hours on the mys
tery would not bo surprised to learn
"that among tho sad-faced little
''mourners Is tho playmate believed to
.havo shot Theresa by accident. But
v.jt may bo a day or two before he or
' ' 'She-has the courage to come forward
""and tell tho truth.
." ' " The llttlo girl's funeral will be held
lo-morrow at St. Cecilia's Church.
. The Ansel Sodality, of which sho was
"a member, will attend In a body. The
burial will bo In Calvary Cemetery.
Tho detectives have found among:
. the tenants of tho hourfe next door to
' the McCarthy home an employee of
'' "the Dock Department who told them
.he had spent most of the day at tho
window of his home reading' the news
papers. Ho did not hear a shot nor
did ho hear Theresa's llttlo dog bark
ing. The" Investigators believe that
the sound of tho shot would hardly
have attracted tho attention of any
body on the street becauso the street
has a heavy automobile traffic and
.any explosion would be attributed to
, back-firing motor.
"My investigation." announced
Capt,. Dan Carey to-day, "leads mo
to believe that this llttlo girl was
killed by another child, most likely a
boy, who owned a toy gun and who
became frightened when the girl fell
mortally wounded and ran away."
Scores of detectives havo been
questioning children In tho neighbor
hood In an effort to find some boy
who had a toy gun or a small calibre
pistol such as might have held the
bullet that killed tho girl. They havo
canvassed tho neighborhood three
blocks each way, and to-day will
question children of St. Cecilia's
Ifarochlal School In hope they may
help clear up tho mystery-
Theresa went to her aunt's from
school every day for lunch. She was
Ihoro Christmas Day, playing with
loys her father and aunt had. for her.
McCarthy said he went outcelebrating
Tuesday night and detectives corrob
orated his story In detail. Othurs
questioned were Mrs. McCarthy's sis
ter, Mrs. Nell, who lives with their
mother, Mrs. Catherine Schacfer, at
No. 296 Nassau Avenue, and Mrs
Nell's twelve-year-old son Charles.
Tho boy hud been sent by his
mother and grandmother Tuesday
morning to get Theresa to spend the
day at their home, but ho returned at
noon and sold ho had forgotten all
about it- He was sent a Rain In the
afternoon and retumod homo at
o'clock with tho explanation that h
had met another boy who treated
him to an Ice cream soda and a mo
tlon picture show.
Neglected to Call Pliyalrlan for
Sick Hoy, I Clinrur.
William P. Tanner, a member of the
Christian Science Church at nutherford
was placed on trial before Judge John
B. Zabrlskle and a jury at Hackcnsack
yesterday on a charge of manslaughter.
The defendant Is said to have neglected
to call In a physician when the little
nine-year-old child was euffcrlng fiom
diphtheria and finally died.
Dr. Ralph,. Gilady, a specialist, said
an examination fhowed that tho child
iaddlphtherla. Tho tilal was adjourned
until next Wednesday owing to the ab
sence of County Thyslclan W. I'.. Ogden
nio Is ill at his home.
Artist Finds Betty Blythc
stance Talmadge Is "Saucer Breasted," and
Wanda Hawley Is Too Fat.
Without question, Penrhyn Stanlaws, noted artist, who recently has
been directing motion pictures, Is decidedly "popular" nuwng a majority
of tho femlnino members of the film
Screenland, Mr. StanlawB turns hla
'beautiful" ladles of movledom, and
Ruth Roland has a "moon face" and her hips arc too large.
GIsh sisters have imperfect noses and their lips aro too large.
Dotty Illythe Is muscle-bound In tho hips nnd sho has "horse nostrils
Phyllis Haver has a face like a
"over modelled."
Norma Talmadge has a "bulbous" nose.
Nazlmova'3 eyes are too small for her face and her head is too big.
Mary Pickford shares the common blemish of having too big a head.
Pola Negri her face i3 too square.
Mia Loo'a figuro is too stocky and her face is "too flat."
Shirley Mason's fault's aro 'deep-set eyes and "horso nostrils."
Claire Windsor's eyes aro set too high in her head.
Bebo Daniel's figure is good, but
Gloria Swanson's head Is too
Marie Prevost's neck Is too short and her figure is slightly heavy.
Betty Corapson's hips are too prominent and are mucle-bound.
Constance xaimaage naB an inadequate moutn ana chin, and Is "saucer
i 101a uana nas a mg nose, too
wide and chin too prominent.
Wanda Hawley is too fat, her
too big.
Mary Miles Mlntor'is "too matronly," and Is "cup-breasted."
Agnes Ayres Is "gawky."
Claire Windsor and Phyllis Haver, in Interviews, admitted the possiblo
truth of Mr. Staniaw's observations, but the other ladles apparently are
"suffering In silence."
This drawing of Stanlaws is his
TakPH r.yanl a She I Htttlnu
Dentile Ilnkliand In Car.
As she was tiding north on Lafayette
Street, near Astor Place. In an auto
mobile with her husband, last night,
Mrs. Theresa rarsonally, twenty-five,
of No. 501 West t6"th Street, drank
lysol. according to a report made by
the husband. Theodoro Paraonally. to
tho police. She was taken to St. Vin
cent's Hospital, where her condition was
said not to be serious. Mr. I'arsonally
said he knew of no reason why sho
should havo taken the poison.
Has "Horse Nostrils." Con
world. In a recent Issue of Hollywood
artistic eyes upon the prcBB-ngented
observes anent them Individually as
diamond with too many facet. It is
she keeps her mouth open too much
heavy for her body. Her nose I
neavy at the end. Jawbones are too
ankles are too large, and her mouth i
own conception of himself.
AWARDED $15,000
Defendant Boasted Pretty
Legs Were "Her Fascina
tors," Nurse Said.
A verdict of JIB, 000 was awarded
Mrs. Bcrtlo Ellis, wlfo of Charles ft
Ellis, of Itutherford. N. J yestorday
by a mixed Jury in tho Bergen County
Circuit Court at Hackcnsac.lt In her
suit against Mrs. Ethel Saunders, a
plump and dashing widow, on a
chargo of alienation of her husband's
affections. Sho sued for $20,000.
Thero was a stir in tho court room
when Miss Mlnnlo J. Kcay, a pro
fesslonal nurso of New York, testi
fied that on at least two occasions
while Mrs. Saunders was visiting In
tho Ellis homo tho defendant raised
her skirts above her knees and re
marked, pointing at her shapely
limbs: "These aro my fasclnntors and
they will get tho men every time."
Ellis, It was testified, left bia
wifo and has been living lu tho
Saunders homo several months.
A daughter of Mrs. Ellis said that
while her mother was In n New York
hospital Mrs. Saunders and her father
were often alone In tho Ellis home.
Mrs. Saundors was not called to
testify. Ellis said his nffeetlfm? wcrr
not alienated by Mrs. Saunders, hut
lie nas forced to see' quieter sui
roundlngs and escapo hla wife's "con
tinual nagging."
Ellis formerly was President of h
steel company of this city with a sal
ar ot $17,000 a )eat.
Dctcctlvo Charles Hooker of tho
East Gist Street Station told Magls
trate Corrlgan In Yorkvlllo Court this
morning that Bertie Malstrom, twen
ty, tho footman of Mrs. William K.
Vanderbllt who was arrested with a
man describing himself as William
Malstrom, twenty-five, a butler at
No. 515 Park Avenue, while they were
trying to dispose of a vanity case be
longing to Mrs. C, O. Isclln of tho
Rltz-Carlton, had confessed the theft
of tho article from tho hotel.
While talking with George Mayer of
the firm of William Isclln & Co., No
67 Fourth Avonue, who la represent
ing Mrs. Ieelln until sho returns from
Providence, Hooker mentioned the
prisoners' names. Mr. Mayer recalled
that a man named Malstrom had ap
plied for situation as butler for Mrs.
Iselln on tho day the vanity case was
lost. Hooker then questioned tho
prisoners, learned that Bcrtlo Mal
strom had been at tho Isclln apart
ment and got tho alleged confession.
After tho pair had been held in $2,000
ball for examination to-morrow, Ucr
tie retracted tho story and said that
he had found, not stolon, tho vanity
case. '
Hooker was near an antique shop
at 59th Street and Third Avenuo last.
night at 6 o clock when .ho saw two
men enter. Ono showed a vanity case
to tho shopkeeper.
Hooker displayed his shield and
took tho vanity case. It was of
onyx-, with tho monogram "E. O. I.'
set In diamondH. ,Tho detcctlvo rc
membercd that Cartler, Fifth Avenuo
Jeweller, had recently advertised a
reward of $100 for tho return of u
vanity case lost ten days ago by Mrs.
C. O. Iselln while she was returning
to the Ititz Carlton from a theatre.
The case was valued at $1,000.
1,000 ShotsFired
To A rrest Man in
Barricaded Home
Machine Gun, Pistols, Rifles
and Riot Guns Used
to Rout Prisoner.
Joseph Jones, fifty, a mill worker, nnd
Deputy Sheriff Harry Ij. Jones of
Brook County,' W. Va., lay wounded
in hospitals to-day and Kollansbce, a
little town just across tho Ohio Klvor
from here, was recovering from the
terrors of a gun battle between Jones
and officials last nlgfit, during which
Its houses were hit by hundtcds of
bullets llrcd from n machino gun, pis
tols, rifles and riot guns.
The shooting Marted when Deputy
Sheriff Jones nnd other olficors went
to the Joseph Jones home at Kollatis
be to arroBt him on his wife's com
plaint that, while under tljo Influence
of liquor, he hud forced her at the
point of a pis'0' t sign ovrr her
piopcrty to him. Tho Deputy Sheriff
wns wounded in the lirst fighting nnd
when Joseph Jones barriended himself
In" the house, reinforcements with n
machine gnu and other weapons wcro
brought on.
More than a thousand shots were
fired by tho officials and Kollansbce
citizens who also participated, nnd
Jones, wounded in tho leg, flnAlly
ceased firing- His wife witnessed the
bnttlo from n neighbor's porch.
Atoms, Like Billiard Balls,
Carom at 20,000 Miles an Houf ,
Say Scientists at Cambridge
Hold That Baldness Cannot Be Cured and Point Out
That Our Span of Life is Longer Large Men
Not the Best Salesmen.
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Dec. 28.
Here nro bomo facts and theories brought out by the American
Association for the Advancement of Science In its latest session:
When atoms of various kinds collide they act liko billiard balls,
sometimes making caroms, sometimes "follow" shots, sometimes
'drpw allots rnd sometimes they break In pieces
Atom moving at 20,000 miles an hour can be photographed
even for the movies.
Baldness cannot bo cured by shaving, by vaseline, by "creams"
or by sunburn. It baldness can bo cured at all, the method was not
made public.
Largo, heavy men aro not the best salesmen. The Ideal height for
a salesman Is 5 feet and 9 Inches, "with appropriate weight."
Cortez conqueied Montezuma by bringing smallpox with him. Ills
soldiers were' nearly immune and the enemy was not,
Greece and Home fell becauso tho prisoners they carried home
brought malaria with them.
Tho average expectancy of life Is fifteen years longer than It used
to be. Cancer and heart disease are moro deadly than before, hut In
fant mortality and the tuberculosis death rate have been greatly cut
' Allegheny College graduates arc the parents of ahout ono child
Dr. Thomas S. S. Maker of Carnoglo Intitltuto of Technology criti
cised Bryan's efforts to "stifle freedom and thought." and tho effort of
tho Ku Klux Klan "to reduce tho country to a state of mob rule."
Itemeasurement of tho giant red si-n- Ilotclguoic makes It appcat
that the star has shrunk
Annual Show of Kiddie Klub
Thrills Hundreds of Youngsters
Who Jam Theatre, Pit to Dome
Evening World's Entertainment Goes Big at Opening
Performance at Casino Children's Old Friends
Take Part in Comedy Playlet.
Again the Annual show of Tho Kvoning World Kiddie Klub took place
this morning, this tlmo at tho Casino Theatre, Broadway nnd 39th Street,
' tho rain couldn't keep tho kiddles nnd their elders from whnt was oiu
of the best performances they over enjoyed undc tho mtsplces of Cousin
Eleanor's cute, clevor and charming Klddlo Klub artists,
Tlio house was crowded from Ihevi-'
orchestra rail to tho topmost gallery
and every ono in tho audienco was glad
Wield Shovels on
To Dig Hp HO Bottles of liquor
Agents Quiet Crew With Shots When Ash Cans De
scend on Two in Hold.
Special service agents of the Survoyor of the Port Hhovclled a few
tons of coal befnrc daylight to-day aboard tho ship fiulnna, berthed nt
pier No. 21, Amity Street, Brooklyn, and dug up 140 bottles'of liquor
good liquor too, it was reported as good as could lie obtained on tile
Island of St. Thomas, from which she sailed for this port.
Tho ucenu. McAdam. Ilarron,-'
Slaracv, Mnngin and Scmsoy, snw
much activity about th.e Mtlp at a tlmo
when all good snilormcn arc nupposeu
to be nsleep In tlnlr hammocks, nnd
also noticed n couple of motor boats,
which should have been in their water
front gaiiiRes, nlongMdo nnd btwy.
.They boarded the ship and tho motor
boats left.
Mangln nnd Semscy started down
into tho hold and a careless sailor,
without tho formality of shouting
"look out below," dropped a couple of
cans of nshes after thvm. Tho three
agontw on deck then llreil a few shots
end the crew agreed to be good. The
ash cans missed tho agents, but the
contents scottvrcd some.
hhWr JMfcte. fe L Kl JmBvmPw IaH
I that he or she braved tho elements it
(sight of tho wonderful show. Kvcry
Ship's Coal
In tho firo room
Ilomiau Hughes,
tho agents found
Negto, six feet
tlirco inches ig height, who said when
he wasn't it s.illoinian hu was a prize
fighter, and Clint les llogland busj
shovelling coal.
"Why Vo busy so early In tho morn
lug?" nsked Scnibcy, picking cinders
from his eyes.
"You see. It's thisawny," replied
tho Negro, "this ship is Itstln' cleat
over on tho poit side fiom too much
coal and sho Is likely to Jits' tutn
I right over any minute. Don't stop
me, man, I in busy.
"Wo will help you." nald tho agents
In chorus, and then thoy shovelled In
tho opposlto direction and, soon
drugged forth tho bottles.
"Golly, I wonder how that got
there?" said Hughes, and tho agents,
also anxious to know ahout It. at
rosted both Hugheu .mil llogland.
They wero brought to Mnnhattan
and will bn arraigned later in the day
before ti United States Commissioner
in Brooklyn.
For Your Winter Vacation
Winter cRsort oAnnual
Information regarding leading American and Foreign
Resorts, Steamship Travel and Fares Just Published
Free at all World Offices and by mail on request. Address
Winter Resort Bureau N. Y. World
Pulitzer Building
i in uj; u'eui just as it goi'.s In tin.'
nightly Jolly and rlb-crucking poifoini-
anco of "Hally, Iicno nnd Mury at
the same tncatro not a break, not a
halt, no fumbling nor fulling down In
lines Just a smooth, peachy' perfoim
nnre. To tho I'ourlcay of Momsi's. l.ro and
J. .1 Shulxut wnH the theatre given to
the Kiddle Klub, nut only for to
day's performance but for two more,
one to-morrow nnd thn final ono on
Sntuiday morning. The Hhulioi.tH not
only put the 'hentie In the hands of
the Kiddle Klub but also everything
that went with tho thratie, from tho
boss carpenter to the cull loy nnd
tho ticket collector to tho cui-tnln
Theio wore n lot oX the old friends
of tho Kiddle Klub In tho llttlp play
let written by Cousin Klcunor, entl
led "A Search for Hnnta Clans."
'hero were tho Coffey Kids who duck-
12 for8c
35 Restaurants 42 Cigar1 Stands
Now York Brooklyn Newark
63 Park
out of then i.tieineni on C'h'ibttnus
to hunt fin the old gentleman from
the North and lit. xielghbells ami
pietty proKontc. Thej hunt among
tho I'hlmnny pots nnd way cornels, ul
stnge doors and llnully lent h the stage
of the CYiMlno Thontte.
I.lttle Jntie and Minion Corfey aro
two years older than when we wtw
thetn UtHt, nntl they ate two years
better. They can sing and dunce nnd
they can net. two littlc.lwln mischiefs
wlto fttinWh the comedy of tho play,
and It's tcul good comedy, too.
And tho show tuns the gamut of
vaudeville, from tiptop comedy to to j
dancing nnd from fairy, kiddles to flip.
flop acrobatics. All the kiddies in
tho Klddlo Klub are under sixteen,
tho latter being tho ago limit. Nomi
of the artists in "A Search for Santa"
Is sixteen, but some of them look It,
(Continued on Twentieth Page.)
3 mans place
Row, New York
'Hill k.

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