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Hpf'-... 8 ' THE 31 V EN IN Q WORLD, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1932. .
jfcjMfcgM 'i 'lUiiil .a . - ... . -
TiWO' DOLLARS will bo paid for each item printed on thi page. Check are
' mailed daily. The weekly special awards, announced pn Saturday, are m ad-
iitim ttt this.paynt Open to all readers
MCSfffiKB' ! r.IWIi : THE EVENING WORLD pays liberally in cash for FIRST new of really hr j
SPPHK ;fWsL'1,t '-MMSE! 1 tant happenings FIRST new of Bl6 news. Call Beekman 4000. Afk ff-
1- :
IN the Perth Ainboy. market I saw a formor who hod sold all of tils
produce except a few down fresh eggs, heaped in a tray. He. was
anxious to go home, but nobody seemed to want curb they wcro
all busy buying turkeys, chickens and othor things. Suddenly thore
was a crash. A small boy whose father was nurchaslnr; a fowl at tho
nest stand had accidentally upset the farmer's eggs. They wbro
scrambled all over ttib ground. Tho farmer looked nt the eggs and
then at the boy and his' hither. "Vou'il have to pay for them," he told
the latter. "All right," said tho other, "how muchr Tho farmer
told him, received his .pay, cranked his car and drove whistling away.
He had msdo a Quick silo in an entirely unexpected mannor. C.W.
Griffin. Jamesburg," N. j.
On Broad Street, Newark, td-day I
u4denly found myself' ti, t"he midst of
an excited crowd In front of a depart
ment store. An okl ldy"tbld 'mo that
a mother had left three .ohlldren In
front of tho store at i O'clock in the
rtbrnlng and had not returned for them,
although it was now b-ftO in the eve
ning. Fushlng ray way closer, I Saw two
email babies m a perambdlatpr and a
I'ttlft tellow about five years old stand
in beside them. A polleerrian was try
iujf.to question him. 8uddenly,n ex
cited woman rushed through the crowit,
clidrnlrjr the children. "It's an outrage!"
hxelalmcd. "I havo'beon gone only
a half hourt" Then ehe wheld tha
baMea away, mumbling to. herself about
Ctcjlc "minding their own business."
Virginia Archer, Oakdalo Ayehiis, Ma
cleWeod, N. 3.
mn HERE Is a lumber yitA next to ltlt apartment building la which
' l" I lire,, and a yount ti-sallor, tattooed on both arms, a,nd an
ex-soldier are employed there i.6 load lumber on trucks. The
de?ofcboy recedes the fcoar3i as thiiy, hro passed up by the tar, who
delivers each board with an accompaniment of antics and balancing
feats learned .on shipboard. He frequently stands upon one hand,
feaaalng the board with hisfeek He thrusts out a length of flooring
ala Indian club, under bih arm! "vvhon a girl appears at a window
faekle redoubles his effoHs., He not' only performs while ' passing
alettfc the boards, but between whlleslie cuts pigeon wings, does the
'ferd dance and executes ctog dances. The boss appears occasionally,
bt never raises any protest, pernios believing that suchanlmal
sprits will not last long.-r-M. MaithyKo. B4B west iS5tn bireet
nvr WHT PID SUE TlVitl
In the 149th Street subway atatlpn
this morning I sow tho crowd- waiting
for tho train laughing at something.
Then I saw the cause of their amuse
ment was tho way a girl was dresse'd.
OriS of hor stockings wan black, the
other brown. Tho girl herself was
aware of tho laughter and realised they
wero laughing at her, but aho evidently
couldn't determine the causo. Suddenly
she looked down and saw and imme
diately ran out of tho station. William
BOrdcIet. No. 15 Oardeld Street, Ton
kens, N. Y.
I saw two children on their way to
school to-dny with their cards, and as
they walked along they kept repeating
to themsclrcs aloud: "Day hyi day, in
Very way, I'm gottlng smarter and
smarter." Elsie Gang, No. 126 Pen
nington Avenue, Passaic, N. J.
EVERY mdrning a black" cat comeC.lo our storo and cries until we
let htm i'n and aire him somo breakfast. As soon as ho is fln
.. lshed, ho.departs, not.returhing uptll 4 o'clock in tho afternoon,
otja little later. This has been golng on for several days. Yesterday,
when I opened, the door ground Mr'." bat had hrouguT a friend with
nlto. Not being propared for an additional guest, I was forced !t0 run
over to tho btitcher sbop for an6thcr portion of liver. Joseph Fclner.
Xb: 188 East Siat Street, Manhattan.
Housewives' Guide
of Market Prices.
Southern shipments of vegetables sllg-htly under those quo tod then.
have been slightly disappointing this wholcsalcB at 14 to 16 cents por
'v)0k.' many consignments Of fresh
ereta beans having arrived in buoIi
tioor condition that thoy wore refunod
at the llroad yards. New Orleans
cacarol, chicory, parsley and slmllots
are not as good as usual and meet
a slow sale as a result, I'lno gtocn
beans from Florida sell' as hlsh ns
$6.50 per 20-quart Ouske't, and was,
J5.B0. A carload of Florida new crop
cabbage sold Friday at !.:& to $2.50
ner l.4-buehel hamper and 4,600 Iw-
rvls of spinach and 100 hampom of
trrM Vnln from Norfolk. Va.. broutcht
3'to-tt per barrel for the spinach
ai $1."53 o 11.50 per hamper fjr tho
kale. ,
la tho retail markets green vege
tables ara nigh tscccpt lctturo. which
can be bought at B to id cents per
lit!fd, and mushrooms at CO cents per
pound. Celery is 15 cents per stalk;
watercress irom tbo south, S cents
per bunch J cauliflower, 55 cents und
up "par1 head; green onions, 10 cents
per bunch: large bunches or beets,
.10 cents per bunch; savoy cabbage,
16 ctnls per head; Hubbard squashes,
IS cents and up each; Florida beans
and' ras. 15 cents per pound; Dei-
Mian 'cndlvo. 35 cents per pound.
Jirussols sprouts from Ixm Island
liavo pona up to IS to !S cents por
quart wholesale and are SO cents and
up retail.
N&w Program of Awards and Special Prizes
FOR THE BEST STORY OF THE WEEK; $50 for tho Second in Merit; $25 for
the Third. TEN stories adjudged Next in Merit, $5ach.' This competition is
open to all readers. ' fl
Special Awards for High School Students
will be divided weekly among high school pupils contributing to the "What Did You Sec
To-Day?" page. For the best letter sent in by a high school student, $50 ; second best,
$25 ; five next in merit, $5 each. ri.aj'SWsi "V"
Special Awards for University and College Students
wilTbc divided weekly among university and college students contributing to
the tin pe. For
the best letter of the week, $50; second best letter, $25; five letters next in merit, $5 each.
' School end oellsg contributors MUST nam their schools. Wait for the worth-Whits tnetdsnt. Do not try to writs every dsy. Boar In
rnlftel the ejuestlont ."WHAT DID YOU SEE TO-DAY?" Not what eomsbody else saw, not what you hserd, not something that happened
lest summer. What did' YOU see TO-DAY? r. . ck-
Contributors to ths pan should writs of subJsoU with whleh the? srs familiar. Choose, preferably, thlnne that happen In your own neigh
borhood. Toll your story, if possible, In not more than 12S words. 8tats WHERE the Inoldant took plaoe. Write your name In full. Write your
addrm carefully. Address your letter to "What Did You Sea To-Day?" Evening World, P. O. Dox No. 185, City Hall 8tatlon, New York.
N Stelnway Avenuo to-day I saw a peddler selling bananas from
his wagon, behind which, as It was drawn slowly along tho
street, marched a largo hound. "Ripe bananas, ripo bananas I "
yelled tho peddler, and every time ho yelled tho dog let out a howl fit
to waken tho dead. I inquired how he acquired his assistant, which so
ably backed up tho pother ho made in offering his wares for sale, V
and he replied, "I gave hlm(a piece of meat this morning and he'a
trying to show his gratltudo by helping mo sell the bananas." Ed
Simmons Jr., No. 808 Crescent Street, Astoria, Queens.
holiday sriniT.
I was In an automobile to-day with
two young ladles who were taking
presents to three orphan children on
Burgher Avenue. New Brighton. They
wero met at the door by a member of
tho household, who, on learning the ob
ject of their visit, slammed the doi.- in
their faces. William H. Neville, No. 183
York Avenue, New Brighton, S. X.
tldrl msgailne. and to-day 1 saw it letter
written to him frort California that flta
nicely into tho spirit of the season. It
waft written by a former cowboy who
had been attracted by one of the Covers.
Ho, had asked If It Had been' drawn by a
man who had oneo been a cowboy, and
If it was. that ho was an old friend who
had, worked with htm in tho same outnt
tertjyeara ago. The- address of thfl artlst
hod; been sent to him. and this letter
tOld us ,of the reunion of two old friends
who. had never expected td meet again.
Evelyn Breslow, No. 1088 Jackson
Avenue, "Bronx. ,
, connAoEocs.
While Vlsttlnr rrismlk laatWht I
a wchdefful exhibition of. courage and
play Ink thS game. The family upstairs
were planning to. give a 'party. Tho
mother was ironl.nr tho las of some
hand-ms.de lace e'drtalns oh which nho
hkd been laboring' for months., fiho was
uetogra gas iron when suddenly the
curtain caught fire. Her dress, caught
fire,, ytpo, sb she tried to extinguish the
flames. Then her sister's dress also
cagtrt fire when-the latter rushed to
help .her. The husbgnd, hesrlhg.tKo cries,
Durneq is hands extinguishing the
fiariiesi Tho women were bllstore'd and
suffering from shock. But thay, didn't
give tip having their party, .Thoy had
suffered a disappointment in .seeing tho
ourtalns' .burned, ..they had hurt' them
selves,, but when, wo appeared they
were., gracious and, charming. fivelyn
nreilow.' No. 1091 Jackson' ' Avenue,
Tile Lexington Avenuo "L" train on which I was riding this aeflfc
ing stopped halfway between the Vanderbllt Avenue susd Kery
Street stations and tho motorman, who ovidontly Is ft
loft his box, openod tho car's front door and climbed dowa a the
tracks. Thero I saw him pick up a football, which had been kleked
too high by some boys, and toss it down to the kids who had been
straining their eyes upward. "I couldn't see some kid lose hie Cfertet
mas present," grinned the motorman as ho re-entered the ear, went lata)
his box and threw on the switch. From tho street below, as we startei
forward, camo a shout of "You're all right I A Happy New Tear ftt
you!" Louis Capuana, No. 703 Qulncy Stroet, Brooklyn.
Owing to the tom-up condition of
Blttman Street, between Caldwell and
Whltlock Avenues, a truck loaded with
coal was obliged to dymp Its load at the
corner of Whltlock Avenue this morning.
Several families were to bo supplied
from that load and soon I saw women
carting tho coal from tho pile In wheel
barrows, .half a block to their homes.
Miss Loretta Kramer, No. SI Blttman
Street, Maspcth, Queens.
. My mall was unusually heavy to-day,
and I found some amusement in com
paring the different ways In which peo
ple spelled Jamaica. I found it spelled
Jamlca. Jamaeea, Jamaela, Jalmaca
and Jamalclo. - Doubtless the writers
ore unaware that our town la the fast
est growing centre In the United States.
Mrs. Charlotte FInckney, No. 121
Dewey Avenue, Jamaica, Queens.
At 18th and Astoria Avenues to-day
I eaw a man place a $3 bill on the
ground, lay a stone upon it, then walk
away, looking back every now and then.
When ho had gone about 100 yards he
turned, retraced his steps, threw the
stone away, picked up the bill and, after
vlplng it carefully, placed it In his
pjeket. After ho had departed a man
told mo he had seon him do the samo
thing every morning for a week. Will
iam McDonald. No. C21 10th Avenue.
Astoria, Queens.
lesieraay i saw a man, prosperous
looking, and. very well dressed, walk to
tho curb and stop beside en "L," nlllar.
Ho opened his coat and rubbed his back
up. down, sideways, against tho iron.
Ho evidently had an Itch that simply
must be scratched, and his arms wero
not long enough to reach the torture
point. P. Zlmmern, No. 8J04 104th
Street. Richmond.
It is Impossible, because of the coal
shortage, for the Stapleton Coal Com
pany, for which I work, to make deliv
eries to alt thoso who ire badly In need
of fuel. The result Is that many people
como to the yard, buy a few bags of
coal and carry It away In express wag
ons, pushcarts and autos. But the
queerest sight I ever saw was when an
undertaker alighted from a white hearse
that stopped at the yard, bought some
bags of coal, placed them In the hearse
and drove solemnly away. Floyd S.
Clark, No. 122a Clove Road, West New
Brighton, S. I.
Perhaps somo little country girl is In
search of romance, for written in pencil
on one of a box of eggs a girl purroi
yesterday in a Bay Street store, I saw
tho following name and address: "Mil
dred Rutherford, Mount Orab, O." What
a pity the eggs were not bought by
romantic bachelor! Mildred Btrggren,
No. 211 Chestnut Avenue, Rosebank.
Staten Island.
Special Awards for the Week
pound for good jrrnde; veal, 15 to 17
cents; lamb, S3 to 24 cents: mutlOn,
14 to lu cents; pork loins, 16 to 17
cents. Prime ribs of beef for rottBt-
Ing will cost tho housewlfo 23 to 40
cent a per pound: pot roast of loan
brcf, S3 ccjUh; Rlrloln or top round
43 cents; nkirt and flank steak, SO
cents; chopped beef, 20 cents; hearts
15 cents each: kidneys, 21 cents per
pobnd. Veal chopo aro 35 to 40 Cents
por pound; roasting cuts, 33 rents
chopped veal SO cents. Legs of mut
ton weighing from 5 to 10 pounds
sell at 23 cents per pound. Shoulder
cuts of lamb retail for 42 cents pep
pound; legs, 40 cents; stewing por
tions, 23 cents, and breast of limb,
15 cents. Vfcesh hams bring 83 cento
per pound, nnd pork roasts and
chopped pork, the same prlcu. Khyu;
der"chop., sweet and lean, aro 20
cents per pound, and mlncfd ham
eultablu for breakfast brolllnrr or
sandwich filling, 40 cents por pound.
Lamb patties are a good buy at 40
cents per pound, for no was to must
bo ttkon Into account when ordering;
bralnS, per set, aro 25 cents.
General Division.
First Award $100.
LOUIS BTRO"l3NINQ, Io. 153 Graham Avenuo, Brooklyn.
Second Award $50.
FLORENCE E. BRADY. No. 48 Holmes Street, West Haven. Conn.
Third Award $23.
MRS. ELIZABETH A. BROWN, S'o. 9010 Pleasant Street, Queens
Village, Queens. -
Ten Awards of $5 Each.
CHARLES JV XL FAtJL, No. 243 Merrick Road, Lynbrook. L. I.
THEttESH M. !kING, Toms River, ,N. J.
AltV CROSfiLBY, No. 322 1-2 West 42d Street.
MABEL OBRAuD, tiox 134, Boonton, N. J..
AIRS. E. R&aERS, No. 674 Eajit 3!d Street, Brooklyn.
Dr. ILUUIY A. MARCH, No. 235 West 102d Stroet.
MRS. H. FISHER, No. 271 Bement Ave., Wost New Brighton, a. I..
W.,a. SCOUrB, No. 263 Lake Street, Newark, N. J.
JOSEPH A.. BUTLER. No. 1709 Pilmetto Street, Brooklyn.
UBS. GEORGE BURGER, No. 617 East 141st Street, Bronx.
University and College Division.
First Award $50.
DAN R. MAUB, Columbia.
Second 'Award $25.
BENJAMIN LTCHTMAN, Collesro of tho City of New York.
Five Awards of $5 Each.
HELEN HILLEJR, Teachers' College, Columbia.
NAT FINKELSTE3N. College of tho City of New York.
High School Division.
First Award $80.
ANNA R. FREEMAN, Girls' Cmmorclal High.
Second Awprd $25.
HELEN MOORE, New Haven 'onn.) Btato Normal.
Five Awards of $5 Each.
ELBA NETTLER, Evander Chlldn High. ,
STANLEY A. KATCHER, Do Witt Clinton High.
GERALD J. VENTER. Xavler High.
ABRAHAM SCHUTZER, Do Witt Clinton Hlrb.
8e P.0. Five for stories which received the Ur0r awards. New contest week begins to-day. Haven t you seen somethln0 IntoresstlnaT
Write to Th Evening World about It. "Everv reader a reporter."
S, 1
N' a Fulton street Store, Brooklyn, I saw an eel wrttblag a arose tke
floor, walking a few steps farther, I met another one. A start
distance away, still another. Then I found the cauis. A Trnmil of
Italian birth baa purchased a number of cols. Dhe was carrylag
in a bag, the bottom of which dropped out Part of her purchase i
a speedy escape. When I saw her, sho was struggling desperately to
retain her hold on those that remained while they were werklag Jaet
as hard to get away. I bought her a paper shopping bag, we reeevwesl
the eels and she went on her way after thanking me profusely la her
quaint dialect. Frieda Rlchtor, No. 1193 44th Street, Brooklyn.
On Bay Parkway, near 8Sth Street,
this morning I saw a boy leaning de
jectedly against a tree. Ills chalky face
spoke eloquently of Illness, and when I
questioned him ho admitted reluctantly
that he had been smoking a cigar. I
offered to take him home, but ho was
fearful his father would punish him. so
declined. Certainly I would not wish tn
seo him punished further. Nature had
seen that his punishment was ample.
E. D. Blair, No. 3134 67th Street, Brooklyn.
NOT A caAirotii
In the window of a men's toggery
shop at Fifth Avenue and (Id Street.
Brooklyn, to-day I saw a gaping bete,
tn the middle of which a $10 bill woe
Invitingly suspended. I went to tfcs
window and made a grab for the MIL
But, alas, to my er--rrasaraeot and to
the amusement of onlookers who per
haps had been stung previously I fowad,
the "hole" was an optical illusion, cre
ated by gluing bits of half-leek plate
glass to tho window. Lauri Anderson.
No. 4 E4th Btreet, Brooklyn. ,
Madison Ave. Cor. 58th St.
Credited Jan. 1st, 1923. at the rate of
Interest Credited Quarterly
Banking by Mail $1 Will Open an Account
The trustees have
declared a Quarterly
dividend at the rate of
per annum on all sums from
t to $6000, payable on
and after Jan. 15th, 1922
Money deposited on or before senary lOtk
will draw interest from January 1st, 1028.
WILLIAM B. IBOTTEH. president,
H, EOKUT, Secretary. BOBEBT O. HART,
Assl Beeretory.
r .jijii-ii-inrw."."."i.-.." - -"i-- -r,- - .- - -i - - m
By Capt. Robert Scofield Wood.
Tut key la retailing from B3 to 6J
ccn.te, per pound for lino Maryland
and Htato Btock; Maryland gceso, 40
cent's per pound; Muscovy duckH, SS
to 40' centH per pound and roasting
chickens, 42 to 45 cents per pound.
'Htlll there Is next to no demand for
anything but chicken, and poultry
dealers, are not exactly Jubilant ovor
tno pre-.New iear s busluces.
Tho New Year's dinner need cost
but llttlo more than tho regular Sun
day one If the housewife will shop
MeSt r.lso Is nulct and meeting only
. light demand: receipts are ubout
normal following the holidays at tho around and select tho cheaper meat.
"Mrtcninc or u wecx ana prices are icivia ana vegeianies insicaa or dux
400 SlIllVUKS
S.SO P. if. Song recital by Warren
M. Itobblns.
3 P. M. Agustells. Ford, dramatic so-
3.20 P. M. weekly ,pook review Dy
Earl Dana. "On a Chinese Screen, by
V. Somesut Maugham; "natouala," by
fiene Maran. and "The Russian The
atre." by Oliver M. Sayler.
3. SO to 4 I". M. Snorting news up to
tho minute by Fred J. Qendell.
6.15 P. M. Program or musical num
bers by Joe Mltttrr'a dance orchestra.
Ing whatever her fancy dictates.
Itoast gooso, with candled apples
(goose, 40c. per lb.; apples, Eo. per
lb.), or
Duck and colcry dressing (duck,
3Sc. per lb.: celery, lOo. stalk), or
Roast fresh ham. seasoned with
cloves (ham. S lbs., at 35c. por lb.),
Buttered new" potatoes dressed with
parsley (potatoes, lOo, per lb).
Boiled yellow Onions (onions, Sc,
per l&.). cr
Green .beans creamed (beans, IS to
SOc. per can).
Uomalnc with tomato dressing (ro
malno, 10 to 15c per head).
Mlnco pie (homomsdo mincemeat
at groceries; I5c. per lb.1
Coffee and candles.
t t. m "Uncle Wlgglly Stories," by
Howard W. R. oans. u,u'' ,fli.or
8.30 P. M. "Fashions, by an canor
of Harper'a Dasar. -
g,4S p, M. A wnwinn ...
G. Tolles. .
nltv Club Dance Orchestra of New York
9.15 P. il. oouuictM o..v,
an editor or uoou iiou.iaw.i
9.10 i . Ol. wniHiu."""
by Mr. Tolles. ,
9.46 P. M. Continuation of program
bv the Communitw ClUD uance or
chestra. . ...
9,50 V. M. current iut- '
. ....... Durvl...
0. 55-10 P. Arnuijivi '
weather rorecaai. , . ,
10.01 P. Jil. Lonucuauvu w
4.30 to 6.30 P. M. Music, verse and
song tor children and grown-ups by
Anno Crewe Kennedy, alueu by Kath
arlne Clttlnnn llowen, pianist, and Mar-
Ian Owen Wclser, soprano.
7.30 P. M. Concert by the West End
Ladles' Trio.
8 P. M. "Advertising and Its Itcla
Clon to the Public." by W. H. llankln,
8.30 P. M. Slgmund Kempncr, young
est xylophonlst in America.
8.45 P. M. Recital by Hesslo Wynn
light opera prima donna, accompanied
by A. V. Llufrlo.
8.4S P. M. Resume of sporting events
I P. M. Musical ptcsnm.
Citizens Savings Bank
Corner Bowery nnd Canal St.
The Truites hae deelsred a Qnsr
terly Dhtdend at the rate of
Four Per Cent
per annum for the three months end.
ng Detember 3UI. 10, on all
amounts of 3 up to 15, OOO. nUtld
ther-to nnlir Iho n-ii' ml Itule.
of Dig Hank.
Mourr dri)lll nn nr liffore Jaaa
r I Slli "HI (Iran Inlrrr.t from
llllNItr FAVLUIS. rriideut".
KDWIN A. I.AH.M. Beeretarr,
CAJll. A. HlOHTKHi Als't Beo'r,
For Your Winter Vacation
Winter cRgsort oAnnual
Information regarding leading American and Foreign
Resorts, Steamship Travel and Fares Just Published
Froo at all World Offices and by mail on request, Address
Winter Resort Bureau N. Ye World
v PuliUer Building
63 Park Row, New York

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