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?r4 xy iyii^ j. J Li- x:/ f% ^?^JJk JWP Ww% l-.t--<>
B V H O R A Ci. wR K K L H Y. ?'I de?ire 70a to nnd?r<tnnd the trite primciplcx ofthe GoTernuieitt. I wifh them eariicd out?1 u?U notbins wore.**?Haiusox. O F K ICE "K" 0. 3 ? A N LV ? S T .
Will be pub 1 ished every mornfug, Sundays excepted,)
at No. 39 Ann-street, New-York,
And tUKvered to City Subscriber* f>r Otte Cent per copy.
Mail Subscribers, SI per annum m advance.
In'th* Imp*- s/secnriug a wide and general Advertising patronage,
?kesavorsof our friends will be insvirted til! furlle r notice at the fol
lewiag redacd rites, ri/. ?
Twelve fine* or |e?. (ever nr.-t insertion . 50 cits.
Do, (breach subsequent insertion. 2.*? "
Do. for st.i x insertions, or one week.s? I .><>
Do. for Tsrenty-flTC insertion-, or one month.S.5 OO
Longer Advertisements at equally favorable rate*,
far"Fflines, half the above ratet; Two lines, one-fourth of
these sate-?payable in all rase- in advance.
T II O n I* S O \' S K ,11 PORH' M .
OF CHEAP l>itV (;?tl!:s No. iv>o GRAND-STREET,
NEAR BROADWAY.?Opened yesterday for the drat, with au
entire lie* and fresh Stock of ftJlLLINARY, I'aNCV and STAPLE
Go?d< Tin- grand principle on which this New Establishment is
(bunded is exclusively the ?'a>h System, both in buying und selling,
therefore > f. m quotations of price.- mil suffice it to cay that the EAI
PORII'M i* unrivalled ??? ttsi- City.
i^l?O dozeu White, LTubleacbed, and Black Hosiery, for Is. a pair
and upwards, tin- day received from auction.
50 Drews ? Cbeni Delaines, all wool, damaged and telling at astoa. I
ishitig loss es.
10 raises Paris Lawns, superior, just imported for the Spring Trade.
100 Dresses splendid Cbnlla, modern style, only *:i per dress.
3oo l)r?-.-e- French Plaid Cheni Prints, superior to any yet offered
thi- season.
1 case of rich plain .Satin Striped BToUSficline <!c I.nine, opened
this m irniiit'.
Cloth-, Vesting*, Gambreons, Ac, together with all the different
brand- of Domestic M?-!iii., at Manufacturers priem
An those who desire Dry Gochs at a great redvctiox from the
usualpriees, ar? respectfully invited to call md examine for them?
The patrons of this Establishment will bear in mind that its former
location wu- gi? Grand-street, hat R< moved sine, the lir-t of May to
3 ?O Grand, near Brondwny. m.*i tf
?\o. It?7 Sprittg-siercct.
WOIT.D RESf-ECTFULLY call tha attention of LADIES to their
stock of l>rv Goods, ciiniprisine :i- rieal a variety of rich Silk
Good- us can he found in Broadway, ami at much lower prices. W?.
will endeavor to convince aH who intiy fuvor u-s with a call, that the
above are facts worthy of attention.
Our assortment wins ist* iu part of the follow mg artieles, viz i
Rich China SiAs
Damask dot, new style
Rich figured do.
Plain, of all kinds
Black and Muc-bluck do.
Bouriiaziucs, of every description
Pi iuted Lan us, a superior article
lsj-li Linens
Table Damask
French, Euglith and American
Sdk Shawl* Culicoes, Jtsckouels,Cumbrics,
Silk Scard I Ac, Jcc.
N. It.?Ju.-t received, n superior article of Gambreons ami Crnpc
doublets. u-7 Iim'
ZGRISWOLD A CO. respectfully inform their friends and the
s public thai they have removed from their old stand, l>li Maiden
]i:n', I.Liberty, corner of Nassau-street, where they will keep for
ale, at the lowest market prices for ca&li, a ganeral assortment of
Tliev now offer for sale the following :
411 bales No. ."> to Hi cotton yarn, I 1-1. 5-4 and 6-4 Canton matting
Ingram carpeting,
Ventlian do
Paper hangings,
II';-sia diaper.-,
gi do do lo to SI do do
20 do carpet warp,
200 do cott.ui batti,
100 do do wick,
158 do do twine, ?>.' Woolen yarns,
150 do blk and white wadding Werste? do
White knitting cotton Turkey red do
Spool thread: I Bine " do Ac. Ac. ml lm
ARE daily receiving from Auction and elsewhere constant supplies
of new and fashionable STAPLE A.NU I'ANCV
GOO OH, which being bought with CASH, am offered to country
tail city merchants at unusually low prices for CASH. They invite
, those wiim wish in nit a great man.. Goods for a small -sum of inouey,
?examine their pmseut nnequsdl.d Stock. ?17 tf
kendorf- of entire new pattern-, received ley the Great Western,
are offered for salt at reasonable prices, by
WAL F.JENNINGS, late Lynda St Jennings,
tKtf Broadway, [American Hotel.1 i
Gents, may in future depend upon finding at tlltS establishment a !
fotti assortmsnl of Fancy Die-- Articles, of the latest importations,
which will bo offered at fair prices._ml
mieeten?;h. kiiirtings ami CALICOES,
DOMLSTICS are selling at low prices at J. VV. .V S. BARKER'S
g-1 Grand street.
Sheetings van! wide, Cd. Very heavy, s !. 1} yard w ide 10.1. Fine
ksae Shirtinga, Td Very hue. lod. Morrimack, Dover.and Fall Ri
Mr.Printa, tfd, 7d, lOd aiid I. per yard, wnrruuted fast colors, niti tf i
JUST RECEIVED, a large lot of Bembaniuc*, all quid.tic, from
5s. to Ifls.. >d" Pnturlc, Lupin Si Co's. celebrated manufacture; ;
Dime-try Muttens, cheap; Cattinieres, Satinets and'Cloths, very low;
Seases super Pints, |s.per ynrd. A htrgn assortment of line nnd
superfine Linen.-, at great bargains to customers. Hosiery und Gloves
cheaper than over. P. GREGORY St SON, 175 Spring-st,
X. it.?.pi ii ?? only. ni.'i PC J
T H E GH E A i:
"ii H?LSE, GRAND-STREET, respci tfully informs hit put
it! s rous and the Public, that ho i* daily receiving from Auction a
great variety of I' nicy ami sinph- DRY GOODS, of the Intcat impor?
tation, which he i- offering for sale n-ry low >,t d, Chcop Store, ISil
Grand street, (between Brovdwny and Crosby street.)?Where the.
Nimble Sixpouce is made to take the place id'the slow Shilling.
M-M. II. PLACE,*ofs3S3 Grand-street, would respectfully rail the
attentiou of the Ladies of New-York to his stork ?f new and
fashionable spRlNG GOOD ,eoosi ling of Prints, Lawns, Dc Laines
and other urih le* too numerous lu mention, aH of w Inch lie ?ill sell at
the lowest prices. WAL II. PLACE, 327 Grand si
N. B. Red Hack Buffalo Notes taken at a ni'sUi atc discn.i.it. agi'-iiu
KRCEWEDThis Day, from auction, .SO pieces of new and -very
rich Mlks. just imported for citv trade, comprising; a very deai
ralde as.<,rtHirllt,
Lad?-, wishing lo pure Vase s,!!,.. can have by calling ul-'l ??'rand st.
a large ms h t-> i.iak.- their selections from, und the pr.s will >ati-fy j
ill who call of thei cheapness. J. W ft S. BARKER. a-.V tf
?JOHN B. PUDNEY, N... 461 Broadway, coiaor Grand-street, bat
a? jiet open d, and o?'ers for sale, the following desirable Good.-, ut
fair j rii es
Rich Printed Mouxscliu de l.aiucs.
Plain and s.itiM Striped do.
Bin I. and Blue bla< k, PI an and Ficu-red Silks.
French, English and American Prints.
Printed Lawns and Muslins.
Silk Shawl*nod Scarf-.
Scotch Ginghnma, lane,,.. Lawns, Long Cloth-, Linen Ciimbric
H?ii'B.ers!ie-|s. Roswry,Glpvosi.'itn..&?.. \r. a27 Im*
o.ni: pick i: ssTout:.
1>F.RSOVSwi !.i is to pa ch i,e ,sj eheaj, CLOTHING won!.! d-i
well to call at 133] Chatham ,t. wh..r,- liny will hod Iba Callow
big price,:?Coat, from *3 to$12....Cloth PanU from $3 to J."._
Jacket.?cloth, $1 ""0 to satinet, $1 ~:> to * j
SILKS A.nu HTOUSSELIN e?i: i, vines.
JHS I RECEIVED, a spbsndid v-nrmi. oi of rich pbud, and
plain, black, blue Ida k. and colored SILKS : a co,?l wsortmentof
[Ann and fignred Mou.seim de Latnes. Also. American, English, aud
Kosuch Prints, together w iih a full and well selected assortment of
the blest designs of Spring nnd Summer Goods extra cheap at
h-st. HKNRY WILLIAMSAe.CO. aggim
DE LAINES?Just received, ? lot of small figured crape De
Laiaes, a.beautiful article for Children** Dresses. Also, som?
very lieautiftil MousseJia de Lams, for Ladies' Presses, all for tale
Cheap stM. Hl'L^E'-j, 123 Grand ?. near Broadway. ml! lw
pI&ANDOLEM, CANDELABRAS Ac?A sj lernhd ?.,.,?.
V' tutu ufnew aod elerant patterns, just received, and tor sale by
>^ l.-u- .MEURI'IT -s A. PAGE, lot) Boaery.
HALL AND ASTRAL LAMPH.-lio you waat a
hsn hmme Lamp I Pleuse call at 10<l Bowery, and examine the
?** as*,rtujr:,t m the city. MEKJUTTS ?t PAGE, ai?ilrn*
f>RINTEO LAWNS?Warranted fust colors and Paru ma
A aufacture ul eighteuu pence, at
?2J B1RDSALL A BLRROb'GIIS, 150 Grand st. eor. Centre.
CA ki'ktoc.
?T WAREHOUSE; No. 7fi East Broadway, extending through,
aird fronting ou No. 71 Division-street between Catharine and M i -
het-ttre-t?, New-York.
The subscriber having taken the waU-knewn Warehouse formerly
occupied by J. i; J. H.Sackett begs |r3v? to rail tho a-t ration ofhis
friends, and thr friends and customers of the abeve firm, tea verv
extensive assortment of ENGLISH, SCOTCH, AM? AMERICAN
lARPETING,?namely: Superior E?glish Brussels, tbrea ply.
juperfinc and fine Ingram. Al-j. Damaak, T-.-. aud Figured Hall
and Stair e irpeting, all w idths and cploi - ; Nankin aed Canton Floor
Matting, white and colored; Toftad, Imperial, k'-u-?!- and Wilton
Hearth Rags, Piano, Table and Stand Cover?, Stand Mats, Figured
und I'laoi Baizes, Ac Painted Floor-Clolhs; Patent Painted Floor
Oil-Cmthavirom two to twenty-'four feet wide, w.thout -earn, calcu?
lated for the Cabins of Steamboats, Ships, Large Public aud Private
Rooms mill Halls.
The al.ove goods are warranted to be, both in point of quality and
variety of colors and designs, equal if not suycrier to any in the city.
They have been ordered for the New-Voxk T? son. ami cannot but
seit those who are in pursuit of au elegant article?and the adver?
tisers will sell them at the most reasonable pries.-.
X. IL?The ?tore will be kept op?n through the evening to ac?
commodate those ? ho may wi-h to consult their ta-b- by gas-light
Room- uill be measured am! the goods cat gratuitously. m'J Iw
Icarpe TINGS.
FA M. S. BROWS'. No. hi] Chatham streut, have juM received
and are ur.? offering for sale:
V?s'M? yards Carpeting at.2 ti
:i?w ?? .3 5
1-00 " ". . . . ..4 0
l.'SK) ?? " .5 0
3300 " " ..0 0 all wool.
Also,mattings, oilcloths, rug-, table rovers, window shades,stair
carpeting* aad.rods, al corresponding low prices, found at tin-, the
beapesl Carpet Store in the City. L. & Vf. S. BROWN,
aSUlin_" No. Ml Chatham st. N. V.
CHINA, (.>',\SS. AM) ]?]\RTlli:.\ WARF-:.
TyrERRITTS AND PAGE offer for side al their Stores, Nos, 100 Bow
.'1 ery and 333 (.'rand streets, an extensive assortment of the above
goods, which, being entirely of recent pur?bases and importations,
comprises the latest patterns, mid enable, them vo sett at very low
Brittanaia Ware, Plated Castors, Table Cutlery. Ac Sie a13-1m*
ROT.Fai: D (. K~RM AN ~Sl LVER.
JAMES <;. HOFFET, 151 Pr.ne.- street, near Wooster, would par?
ticularly call the attention of Hardware Dealers and Manufacturers
to his superior article ?f German Silver, ? hu b he offers for -ale a bota?
nic and retail, of all thicknesses, and warrants it equal to any, either
Foreign or Domestic, for color and softness. aStS if
?sJfMMF.R OVENS, of nil the most approved patterns, warranted
?~ to bake well or the money returned. Kitchen Farniturc, id'all
kinds. Grocers filled out with Oil Cane, Sealos, Weights, Measures.
Sec, cheap for cash, at 60| Vcsey, between Greenwich and Washinc
Um-strcets. ROCHFORD A W6RLEY.
N. I!.?Three fir?t rats journeymen ?nnteil. iuI !??
clocks : < i.oc km ::
' i ?HE undersieued lias take- the agencs Ii r tar -ale of JEROME'S
1 Bit ASS CLOCKS, at their Clock Wareroem, No. 90s Pn..,d
way, where he will >cll tlu-ir Patent Eight Bay and Thirty llonr
lira-- Clocks, of a variety of pattern-, al tin' (otccsf wholesale Factory
prices. Merchants aad dealers in Clocks would do well to rail anil
examine their stock before purchasing. Al-n, an assortment cf Wood
Clocks, Cheap i?k Cash. Recollect the number, '.'"I Broadway, up
ti. B.?Particular attention paid to the Retail trade. Every descrip?
tion af Clucks repaired and warranted. m-l if
IOA TD I El, \Y. BKIVKDH'T, Watch Mak-r, Merelmnts
id Exchange, corner of Wall and William streets; having formed a
com.tion in bii-iiie-? ?nh s. HAMMOND, tlo-ir personal attention
will be given to repairing fine Watches. The most complicated parts
of Duplex and Chronometer Watches pul in equal ta the original.
Mr. Hammond would make his acknowledgements to the Trade,
for their kindness and patronage since living in New Fork, and will
always give their work preference in nnkiai- Duplex work, but will
not be able to make any discount from trie retail price
Duplex, Independent Second, and other Watches of splendid pat.
leres for.sale, warranted perfect or the money returned. Jewelry
and Silver Ware as usual.
I? apectfully informs the Public, tl.ai he continues to Manufacture
bis Patent Bedsteads, do well known for its durability nnd coavea
eace, nl hi- old stand. No. 'Jo Hudson-street near Chambers. Thier
nnaeqaninted with the character of hi. Bedstead err earnestly invited
to call and examine the principle of the joint ami the "use with which
it can be put up and taken down, mit requiring any bed-key. He is
always happy to exhibit it both to those who wish to purchase and
those who do not. He can refer to hundreds of our most respectable
inli/.eiis who hau- tested it by use.
Also?Hair Mattrasses, Feather Beds and Pailaescs. N. R. The
Southern trade supplied ai'- flm
I-NLESS KING'S CHAIRS era, .- its parlors. They are a perfect
J scric. of beauty ami convenience, luxury and comfort Tin y
are know n a- follows ?
I?Elastic Revolving Chair.
S?Compcusatiag Rocking Chair.
3?Ladies Castor Riciiinbcut ('hair.
f?Versatile Chair.
The above Chairs are altogether superior to any ever made in this
Country or imported. These desirous of a genuine article, that is so
constructed as not to get out of order, are respectfully invited to
call at the Patent Chan Warer. 171 Broadway. a29Jm
JO R A i? K k A N ? T AILOR,
Wo. III D'iiIton-?ti?el,
rti'lir; SUBSCRIBER res|icctfully informs hi- friends uh.I the pub
8 lie, thai he ha- now on hand and in . nurse of being made up, a
most excellent assortment of Clolhii c it his old Est iblishment, oil the
North-west corner of Canal mid Greenwich streets, which he offers
for sale at prices suited to the times. JOHN G. ROHR,
Norlli we.-t corner of.Canal and Grcenwictt-strects,
m" Iw near Clinton MarkaL
respectfully announces to the gentlemen of New-York that he is
permanently located a: above, where, be ilatt trs himself that having
had several year., parsoual experience in tL? French Metropolis.I
devoting Iiis" personal attention uvhis work, he will be able to make
fashionable clotiiino as . beaji \\n rash invariably, and as
perseel a- can be procured in the Country. Thankful for ps.-t favors,
be -oliisis a conliiitiaacc of pntronagc a-7 iliu
riTHE Subscrilsei h iving opened the -tore 27 Bowory as a fashion
1 able TaUorinf EatabBsbaicnt, offers-lo !n> Frieads aad the Pub?
lic avers superior asiortnteiitof Spring Goods of the latest style,
which tic warrants to lit to the laste and fashion of all n ho u ill favor
h,m with their nauonage. ROBERT A. BOUTON.
Thr Culling Dopartmenl is superintended by Mr. ( barb's Bouton,
formerh of^he firm ot Gray ft Bouton. A good assortment of reads
iu-.de Clothing always on hand. a2g:3m
* r L1SHMENT,22S Broad? iy, Imerican Hotel.?It had long Iseena
subject of complaial with these ? bo i. ere in ehe h ibit of paying rca ly
money for their garments, that they were taxed for oilier', delinquen?
cies; tbi* led to as stfict adherence to Cash sales, tlirough wbick the
desideratum of giving satisfaction to customers, ami offering induce?
ments t.. other-, could alone be uee?nipli-heil.
The subscriber is ao? iu receipt of a large assortment or new aud
rashiooablexoods for -pring wear, which are offered for the m-. ectiou
of the Public under the as-uranve that the -t> > and finish of garmenu
will comport with anv other bouse in die trade; whilst the reduced
prices ca'nuot fail tn otier mducemcbt* to purchasers
Strangers in the city repairing *<2#J^j*J* W'
fore purchasing els-ahere. U M. I . JENNINGS, Agent,
. if . L it.- I vnde A J -ii our-.
M ooha-daw.llselec.ed .tmenl of Cloths. Ca^imerei .
V^astines, Salted to ioc ?ea.ou. which be uiicr. to m:Ar up for the
public generally in the very best manner, al extremely low prices, for
Cash on delivery. _ _ *
i isiT IRLIKIIMKNT -or O rm. r.t- of the rirst quality, rca
E dl m "sTS? "r?rllwav tmerican H-teL The same wiU be
fouad of great coavmucrtcc to Gitinaos ..... Steers who .n case, of
emergency may require best rate articles, u M I. ^^?^'
inj ? Laie i.? ndr ,v jennin.s.
/ \l.n BOSS RICHARDS has just opened ?^of_,hel^.^Br',
I > Pee', and Shoe store, in the C>-on? a? ?.
Spring, and one at 231 Canal-trcet. ?ilfa all new goods, ^
and ehoapes, ,? the Daited Ststcst >J1 who want the re d cenuiue.
the greatest bargain, eicr heard of. wtU give the old
STORE^WAXKEK i FREW respectfuUy inform uieu
rrieadsandtha public, mat they keVp the well kno-au ua.-d No. _w
CaaaJ-atrcet, where they have on hand a large aad -P1"^8^,
mem of fashionable Boots and Shoes. In this assortment w .il he tou id
Men'. Root.. *l^o, $o ?2..S?. and $3 per pmr. Also, ^ outh- .noots.
8L Hr?. ?ud $2.50 per pair. A'-o, Laitsea', Mis.es and t tuldrens
Buskins, Tie, aad Slippsrs. ofaM colors ami f..shh.ns, uud cheapest 1?
Uta City. WALRER i FREW?Doa -?jotakatha nuaaber, ?CT?
Cuual-strsuL LoiJ t
Iinpoi-tauf from China.
TIj" Steamship Britan'5Jji, Capt. C1 eland, arrived n: Bos
ton on Thtrr?dav morning at ? o'clock, bringing important
intelligence fr-sm Europe. The affairs with the Chinese Go?
vernment, thcministerial paper* say,arc adjusted. The British
j squadron had reduced two of their fort?, nnd were carrying
on hostilities with great activity when the Chinese authori?
ties proposed n cessation. The tea market had been very
j nuch depressed, at:d the London merchants had remonstrated
j :o Lord Palmcrston agaiast the treaty of Admiral Elliot.?
I Dotton remained about the same. Flour du!!. The money
' nnrket was varinhle. Stocks ha?! rather improved.
Nothing had been heard of the steamship Pr's'Jenf. r.nd
:lie ltope of her safety is nearly abandoned. The rate of
! insurance upon her is SO per cent.
Tea has greatly declined in consequence of the Cliina
The? sales of Cotton at Liverpool during the week ending
Apn! 16thwere 26,260 bales. 5,000for export and 1,500 on
speculation. No change in ordinary ; the better qualities
were in demand for export, ami slightly higher.
Parliament had adjourned for a fortnight.
There has been a change of Ministry in Belgium.
U.S. Bank shares soid in London onthe 16th at ??'> l?s.
Franck is tranquil. The Ministry had declined to enter
upon a discussion of the affairs stf the Last until the pend?
ing negotiation between til the Great Powers shall have
been concluded.
The differences between England and Per;-i;t have been
j fully adjusted.
Account.-, from Armenia state that the whole country
j around l'iarbeklr is in a state of insurrection.
Austria has declared that she will withdraw from the
Quadruple Alliance iigain.st the Pacha of Egypt unless he is
? treated more favorably.
Frederick Reynolds, the Dramatist, is dead, aged 77.
The Penny Postage is about to i,e adopted ia Belgium.
A colored man named Dixon applied to one of the Police
Magistrates for assistance, and said that he was one of those
J who assisted in cutting ouf the Caroline. He cave a long
I statement of his history here, saying that be was employed
| to give secret information to the British of the designs and
movements of Mackenzie. He declared that only one person
! was killed at the destruction of the Caroline, and this one
; was a boy, run through by one of the officers who boarded
I her.
; forms?The Pitnjaub is the theatre of civil war. An ad
! ventnrer known as Slicrt Singh had corrupted the. military
j at Lahore, and made a desperate attempt to dethrone the
' reigning Queen, Ranee Chund Koar, mother of the de
' ceased Prince, Nao Nepal Singh, w ho wan accidentally
; killed while attending the funeral of his lather, Runjeet
! Sinoh. His success was probable at the last advices.
New Treaty of the Five European Powers.?The
treaty or convention (.paraphe) mi the 1'iih n!t. by the repre?
sentatives of the live great European powers and the am?
bassador of the Porte contains:?A preamble of considera?
ble length, .-t.iting and recognizing th* rights of the I 'wo?
man Porte as an independent power in her relations with
; the other European nations?Articles I and 2. which stip?
ulate the closing of the Dardanelles against ?II foreign chips
ff war, without distinction. Article 3, which consists of an
nvit.ition t<> all friendly powers, not parties to the treaty, to
? aocade lo it; and article J, which relates merely to the c.v
', change of the ratifications wuhin a given time.
By the overland mail, which arrived at Marseilles on the
, 4th ultimo, and reached London on the ^th, intelligence has
been received of the settlement of the disput" with the
I Chinese authorities at Canton. This was nut effected until
two of the torts at the passage of the Bogus hnd been
stormed by the British forces, the fleet of w.tr junks de
: stroyed, and the batteries higherap the river bombarded by
; the fleet. Then the Governor of Canton, seeing thai the
I time for procrastination was pissed, sent to beg for a sus
i pvnsion of hostilities, ami commenced the negoctation,
! which speedily le 1 to a settlement of the di-pute, at least
' so far an he had th. power of settling it. The following
. are the terms agreed upon:?
1. The cession of the Hand and harbor of Hongkong to
' the liiiti-h Crown. Al! just charges and duties to th*- em?
pire np?n the commerce c trried on there, to be paid ds it
j'liie trade wer- conducted at .Vhunnou.
2. An indemnity to the British Government of six mil?
lions of dollars, one million payable at once, and the re?
mainder in efjonl annn 1 instalm ?w-\ ending in lN 10.
j'. l'ireet official intercourse between the countries upon
an equal footing.
1. The trade of tii" port of Canton t<> be opened within
i ten days alter the Chinese new year, and to i>e carried on
i at Whampoa till further arrangements are practicable at
, the new- settlement.
The following is a copy of the proclamation i;.-ucd by
i Kcshcn, the Chinese Imperial Commissioner:
?? kcshcn, ti groat Mit.ister of Suite, and Imperial II ich
Commissioner, of. the second order of hereditary nobility, and
Acting Governor of the two hTwang Provinces, writes ti.i
kespatch fur the full information ef the Ttuigche, or Keun
ming-fbo of Va "ao :
?? The English barbarians are now obedient to "rdcrs. a;:,]
? by an official document I.rue restored Tinghae and Snake.?
invoking me with the most earnest importunity that 1 should
? for ti: -m report, and bog for [the Imperial] favor.
?? At present all urluirr. are perfectly weil settled. The
former, order for stopping their trade and cutting off the sup?
plies of provisions it i* unnecessary to enforce: it is for this
purpose that I issue these orders to the said Tungeln1, that
he may obey accordingly, without opposition. A sjsecial
The details of the settlement of the China Question are
not fully given, but so far as they were understood, it ap
: pears they are not satisfactory to the English merchants.?
A correspondent of the Morning Chronicle, under date of
' Bombay, March 1, says:
?' As will be supposed, the terms of arrangement agreed
! upon by Captain E'liot and the Itnpet?l Commissioner
have been made th-; subject already of a great deal of dis
cusston. The prevailing feeling is decidedly thtt of dissat?
isfaction, but this may be in some degree attributable to the
dislike so generally entertained of Capt Elliot."
Macao. Jan. 21, lS4l.?Chusan, it is understood, will be
evscuated, and no port will be open to the northward.?
The future course of the opium trade does not seem to
have lormed a subject of discussion : but we understand
opium may be imported into the new settlement, although
still contraband in China.
The gen. rnl trade, th.s season, is to be carried on at
Whampoa ; and until we learn the proposed measures of
the B-i;i?h Government with regard to Hong Kong, we
cannot say when it is likely to be diverted to the new set?
tlement. Altogether we lock upon the arrtngement as
a very unsatisfactory description of compromise ; and we
j fear the only real ami tangible result- will be a payment et'
6,000,000 dollars within the specified time, possibly cvi-!
' lected by some additional imposts on the foreign trade
.' We do not learn that any reduction of the existing heavy
j duties is ia contemplation, or any modification of the ob
jectionable Hong system : btt: we trust, when thedetailsof
: the arrangement are promulgated, we shall find :hese mat?
ters will be properly arranged, am! some hope be afforded
of a more secure system of trade tor the future.
The East India China Association had held a meeting.
' ire! adopted a letter to Viscount Palmerston, expressing
their dissatisfaction at the arrangements ctitered into be
l tween Captain Elliot and the Chinese authorities. This
letter was sinned by all the heads of the houses engaged m
? the China trade at Liverpool, and forwarded to London.
Lord Palmerston bad appointed the "Jlst ult. as the day to
receive a delegation from the merchants on the subject.
The Xalional, a French journal, makes the following ob
j servations on the news from China. France may well look
' upon the planting of John Bull's sundard on the island of
Hong Kong, with jealousy.
"The most-important clause of the new treaty isthat
which stipulate-: for the cession of the island of Hong-Kong
to Gr?.at Britain. England thus realizes her dream of two i
centuries. In 176 '. after several fruitless attempts in the
Chinese seas, she established a factory at Formosa. She
then attempted to dislodge the Portuguese from Macoa, and
to create an establishment in the Island of Amoy ; but this
project failed. The authority niv-ri t? England in 16S0 to
establish a factory at Canton did not satisfy, and consequent?
ly, she never ceased intriguing at Pckin.in order to obtain
permission to in.-tal herself more solidly on the territory of
the Chinese empire. In 1755, the English appeared .it
Ningpo, and. in the course of the same'century, they sei
' foot on the soil of Tchou-Chan (not Clutsan) but they were
soon compelled to abandon both. From that time they were
tiinble to succeed until they called opium to th?-ir aid, and
now they triumph. Hong-Kong, or more properly speak
in?, the archipelago of Hong-Kong, is si'iiat d in the bay
ol Canton, opposite the river of that uame, and about three
myriametres (rather more than six English miles) to the
ea-t of Macao.
This group occupies so small a spice in the possessions
of the Chinese empire, that we only find it in very Luge
maps, and even there only the two largest islands are laid
down. Th ? largist of the two, that which ttives it.- name
I to the archipelago, is only two myriametres long, taken a'.
1 its ionge.-t |iurt, and its mean breadth is about a my name
'? tre and a half. These islands are barren, and are .-circely
inhabited: their position constitutes all their importance.
The English are not the fir.?t to appreciate the advantages
' which they offer in a military and commercial point of
view. They have long served as a nest of smugglers nnd
pirates. We can easily conceive the value of ihis acquisi?
tion. In future, the English will be no longer compelled
la place th. ir -hips under the proteciit n of the i". rtuguese
truiis. Whilst nominally within the d> minions of the Em?
peror of China, they Will be at home t this is all they want?
ed. In 16LI, they obtained permission from ihe Great
Mogul to found an establishment at Surata. Ttiis served
as tli.-ir puint d'appui for ihe conquest of India, and the
Emperors of Delhi soon learned to their cost, thai to sur?
render a single inch or ground to the English, is to furnish
them with the means of stealing an entire kingdom. What
the English did ou the banks of the Ganges, ihey will do
1 in China.
I They Lnow, to u3o the w ord.- of Lord Napier, that they
have to do with a people w ho are without the means of
defence, and they will lay held of ihe lir.-t opportunity for
throwing oli ihe mask- In the meantime, they will continue
to gain ground and strength according to tii' ir praise m orthy
custom, until s?me tine day the anger of the Emperor will
break forth, and give ri-- to a new war and vew conces?
sions on the part of the Chinese. This is the history of all
the invasious of the English."
The Paris correspondent of the London Morning Post
stat.--, on the authority of a letter from Vienna of ihe 1 Ith
instant, that the Eastern Question may be regarded as set?
tled, for that Reschid Pacha, whn hail been only the creature
of Lord Ponsonby, has been dismissed through the united
efforts of the Russian and Austrian Ambassadors, und has
been replaced by Rifaat Bey. who was formerly Ambassador
at Vienna, and who, since ihnt period, has been in close con?
nection with Prince Metternich. At Rifnai Bey's first con?
ference with Baron St?rmer, the new Minister for Foreign
Affairs solemnly promised thai within a few days the Porte
would publish a new hutti sehend', with the modifications
urged by Austria, namely, the direct succession t? the pn
cfaalic of Egypt. This news is sai.l to have produced a great
sensation in the diplomatic circles at Paris, not only because
of the defeat of Lord Poasonby, and his probable rccalh but
on account of the complete lall of the system of reforms ami
changes into which Reschid Pacha bud embarked. The
abdication of Mehcmet Ali in favor of Ibrahim Pacha is
looked upon as a, probable event.
On the |6th of March, the Turkish fleet, with only S000
of the 21,000 men who manned it oh reaching Egypt re
entered the Bosphorus. The Su!t,,!i had repaired in his
amer to the Kiosk- of the Seraglio Bouru<>u, in ordrr to
, witness the event. Tiie "Mkhmoudieh," ship of the line,
I took the lead, and on doubling the p<-int of the Seraglio,
' lired a saint" of 21 guns, which his highness ordered should
be instantly returned. All the other vessels of the fleet Fol?
lowed the example of the Mahmoudieh.
The fleet consisted of twenty-six sail*; eight ships of the
line, leu Frigates, two corvettes, and six brigs,and other I
light vessels. The entire population of Constantinople and j
its environs lined the banks of the channel, and crowned J
the bights which overlook the city, in order to enjoy the
sp I lele. In tiie course of the afternoon, the Sultan went
i onboard the Mahmoudieb, accompanied by all the Pashas,
and complimeuted Admiral Walker, in tiie most flattering
! terms, on his conduct throughout the recent occurrences.
Major Brace, i ?>???? and brother-in-law rf Baron Bru?
no??, the Russian Ambassador in-London, has entered th
service of the Porte, and is at Beyrout, in command of the
Turki-h regiment
Great dissatisfaction was felt among the Syrians still de
taint d in Egypt. Numbers were to be seen in the regt
. m-nt of cavalry encamped out-ide Alexandria. It was
chiefly this circumstance which had given rise to the cool
j ncss.and dissatisfaction observed between the Pasha and
Commodore Napier, previously to th- departure of the Ut
t-r. Th i Maronite Emirs and Druze Sheiks had, however,
arrived safely at Beyrout.
It is remarked that M. Coehelet, who had been replaced
as Cons?!-G".neral for France by Count Rohan Bhabot, had
long c.'.niislentia! ititerviev.-s with Mehemel Ali before his
: dep itture.
Advices from Constantinople of the 17th of March state
that the Ottoman tl-et r- turned to that capital on the 16th,
and had resume i its former station along the European bank
of the Bosphorus. A conference had been held a few days
! before atTerapia, ia the palace of Lord Ponsonby, fer th<<
; purpose of examining the reply of the Porte to the last de-1
: mands of Mehemet Ali; when the Ambassadors came to I
die resolution of supporting the claims i f the Pasha, and no
tiffed to the Divan, that if the Sultan did not grant them, his
Highness should noi expect any further interference on the j
: part of the Four Powers. The Porte would, it was ex- j
, pected, accede to the wishes of the Ambassadors.
Bv the French Etc trner Mentor, despatches from Constan-:
? tino'ple to the 2Sth of March had been received Councils
and Divans were held to decide the laie ol Mehemet Ali..
A tranquil termination to the discussions was expected.
[ The " Defterdar" of Candia had heen sent to that island
I to restore order under the cannon, if necessary, of the Brit
? ish corvette " Magicienne."
A grand convention (a. folk mote) had been called at Sa
j mos, to ratify a general pacification in that island.
The Syrian news is from Smyrna and Beyrout of the
: iSth uit. Lm several points of the coast the plague was rag
1 ing. The mountains were tranquil.
From Athen- the new*come*down to the 31ai u!t.
The plan of a N'.ci na! l'.ink for Greece wag abandoned.
Mavrocordato's first duty in office was to suppress a revolt
of his countrymen agaiasi th?ir Bavarian monarch.
The frontiers cd Egypt were much dhuutbed. Mclik
Nlutr was said to have beaten Ahmed, the Parha?sGovern?
or of Kartootn. The two greal l.edouiti tribes en the west
of the N ile were i Dgaged in warfare on their own account,
and th" peaceable inhabitants employed in the collection et
natron at the lakes south of Alexandria had been extensive?
ly plundered. The Pasha had Termed an alliance with the
Bedouins of the Desert, on the borders of Syria, exempting
them from tribute ; and he was preparing; them to fortify
The Pasha was awaiting the decision of the Pone upon
his objections to the proposed conditions annexed to the
hereditary Pachaltc of Egypt/without, however, relaxing
his preparations to enforce his own views. He had de
claied his determination to concede nothing beyond the
payment of a fixed yearly tribute of 300,000 or iW.OOO
dollars;, and to allow no interference in the details of his
government. As if in defiance of the hatti-scherifTof the
ggd January, he had ordered the army to be increased from
the present number of .'>5,(NNi to 70,t..H H) picked men; he
was daily bringing in conscripts in f< tiers; to Cairo: he had
Stopped the supplies of corn .-hipped at Sue/, for the Holy
Cities, which form their yarly tribute from Egypt ; and he
had raised the French Colonel of Engineers, M. Calise,
who recently fortified Alexandria, and was now ?tren^ihoa
ing Cairo, to the r.ihk of a Hey on full pay, at LS0 purses,
(?750,) per annum. Three regiments had been ordered
from Cairo to garrison Alexandria, and none of the Pasha's
sailors were permitted to leave the city for a moment.
' Oot ?-?, Msec?
" It seems to lie trio intention of Russia to employ this
. year a very considerable force n-ainst the Circassian mmu>
mincers. The division of infantry stationed ni Taganrog,
(belonging to the ">th corps of the army) is alrndy gone to
Georgin. The llth division, stationed on the other side of
the Dniester, has also receive.! orders to be in readiness to
march, having been already rai-cd to its full complement.
The 12th division remains for the present in Bessarabia, but
is recruiting with great activity, and seems only t'? wait till
it is complete. The troops in Georgia are, t is trne, grcutly
reduced by typhus and other epidemic disorders; hut the six
divisions consisting of 72,000 men, which are advancing,
1 united with tin- troops in Georgia, may certainly operate verv
: decide,! on the offshsrvc, unless hindered by want of pro*
! visions, which is much felt in these provinces, eIii? fly in con?
sequence of the severe winter.
Cajcton Beggars?During the first month of this year
upward of i . Jo lo oM.irs died about the street.-, of Canton, in
consequence of the severe cold and continual wet.
Switzerland.?Private letters from Perne, of the 6th of
April, state that notwithstanding the recent decision of the
redend Diet ngninsi the right of the Canton of Argau to sup
pie, s the Cntbolic convents of the Canton, tin1 Argovian Gov?
ernment was proceeding us actively a? ever with the spolia?
tion of those institutions. The Catholic population, on the
oiln r hand, emlwshlcncd l>v tin- admission ?f their rights by
the Legislature, wen* preparing, with the aid of their allies,
to enforce the execution of the decree. The Conservative
party al Lucerne were reaJy to support the Catholics of Ar?
gau ky force of arms. The roprescutatives of Austria, Rus?
sin und England had taken a strong part in urging the Diet
to oppose the proccodii gs of the Argau Government.
In tlur llritauia. from Liverpool tor Halifax ?n?l Boston. For Elali
fux?Mr. and Mrs. Koland, 2 children and servant, Mr. O'Sullivaa aad
.-riant. Mrs. Daip Ison, Mi-. Cli inn la, Mr. and Mrr.Gillies.Mrs. Aas
ky, Mr. aad Mrs. Young, Messrs. S. Macauley, R. Esdaille, F. Char
niau, Cochrane. A. IIhhi.;, \V Falcs, VV. Machlachlaa, J. McKiaaoa,
T. Cannon, G. Beek, iL V. Sj mes, E. Barlow, A. Ewiag, It. BaBcatyae,
.1. Cat son, T. Patrick, J. B. .Miller. Mr. and Mr-. Itacoy, Col. Clirvo of
guards and servant, Cal. Barnnrd.do. Lieut. Nugent, 36th reg't, Lieut.
Ereleigh, roval irt'y. Me* rs. H. Bvrstall, W. Eslmondstone, N. Milbv,
C. Levey, T. r-..-ie. J. Burne, I?. Miller, W. Chapman, Hanta, For
srthe. J. I. nine. VV Jolm-t., G.R. Die! son, T.C.Kinnear, Hamern,
Porter, It. D. Waters, S-T. Samuels, William. For Boaten?M.
Windsor and Lady, Mr. Corning aud lady, Miss Butterfield, NaL P
Ames, Beckwith, C, Benard, J. McMurray, F.. Lamb, E. L. Kennedy,
Wvielli, W. II. Saunders, W. S.in-, J. E. Groljan, J. L. Clarke,
ILL Johastoiic, Kortwright, Butterfield, J. G Swnn, It I) H.urd. Rev.
G Scott, Dr Van Rcuscllaer. Dr Rlisigue, and friend, W N'iblo, T
Bishop, J Moero, Capt Barclay, K Miatarn .Mr Ridgway,
FtntTIIKn from Nkw GkEXADA.?We have been favored,
says the Journal of Commerce, with the annexed extract of a
letter from Carthogena, which is somewhat in collision witli
our advices received by way of Havana :
" AVttls regard to politic.il news, I havo to say that General
Obtindo is nt Popaynn ?iili his troops.
?? Col. Barrero, Chief of the Government troops, has been
completely defenti d by Col; Cordova, in the Province of Mo
dellin?the former capitulating und promising not to take up
aims against Cordova. Ho accordingly .withdrew with the
troops that chose to follow him, (about bO men,) and this rest
remained under Cordova's command. This took place on
the 1st of February, and we have received official news of
the fact. It is als., said that President Marquez has n-j
signed, and that the Vice President has now succeeded him?
[fCongress meet on the -Jd of March, as was intended, it is
to be hoped that a grand convention will he held iu order to'
suspend hostilities for the arrangement of our difficulties."
The following gentlemen hove been invited by the Secretary
of War to attend the Annual Examination of Cadets of the
Military Academy, tu commence at West Point, .New-York,
oh the I'rst Mouday in June :
C. B. Hkdduck.'Esq. of New-Hampdiire;
Oharics Dnvics, of Connecticut;
J>r. Lcvi \Vheaton, of Rhode Island;
.M i or General Pierre Van Cortland, of New-York ;
Charles Augustus Davis, Esq. of New-York;
Major General S. Alexander, o( Pennsylvania;
John L. Gow, Esq, of Pennsylvania;
John How Peyton, Esq. of Virginia;
Hezektah Meadc, Esq. of Virginia;
Hon. Hugh S. Legare, of South Carolina;
Asbtiry Hull, Esq. of Georgia';
Col. John Miller,'of Kentucky;
L. !'? Williamson, Esq. of rennessee;
Dr. Gerard TrOOSt, ol Tennessee;
0. M. Mitchell, Lsrp of Ohio ;
Itev. John Breckenridge, D. D; of Louisiana;
Ca>t. D. Hunter, of Illinois;
CoL JiiRii O'Fallon, of Missouri ;
Jc.-e Turner, Esq. ?f Arkansas;
William Ruggles, Esq. of ?be ?istrict of Columbia;
Commodore Charles Stewart, of the Navy;
Commodore T. Ap C-itcsby Jones, of die Navy;
G-n. A. Eustts, of the Army;
CoL S. Thayef, of the Engineers.
The Lsdii.s'r?wr\>ioN-. A .Monthly Magazins. May, ISO. W.W
Snowdcn, 107 f ulton-street.
The opening number of the Fifteenth Volume of this Ma?
gazine contains a very spirited and beautiful engraving by
Dick, titled the ? Young Chief \ First Ride.' Its lit.rury con?
tent-, too, are various and for the most part interesting. Mr?.
Ann S. Stephens contributes a tale titled 'Alien Copley,' and
Mrs. Embury a in-w entertaining story, 'The Will: or Law's
Labor Lost;' a spirited, and in the main, true account is
given of the bunnntr of the steamboat ' Phciiix,' on LaVe
Champlain many years ago. Prof. Ingraham has a lively
Sketch and some very lair Poetry from the pens of Dawes,
Benjamin. Sargent. M.-L-ilxn, Mr-. Sigourney, Miss Wood
bridge and Frances S. ?.g-od, add to the attractions of this
Magazine._ _
CCP Two new numbers of Charles O'Mallkt have been
reprinted by Carey 6c Hart, aasi axe for sale by the Carrillf.

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