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I jwtoweu.OrrEw.NC A Repository of Original Article*. Written
I by Females employed in the Mill*. Lowell: Powers A Baglry
j l3Centrat-?t "
? *> The second No. (for May) of this remarkable work has
I just rcnrVd us. It is excellent in matter and manner?e.x
I cellcnt iu plan and executi-rn. A periodical made up entirely
of the contributions of females who live by twelve hours'
daily labor in factories, and well filled, moreover, is a bow of
promise and a subject of deep interest to the great Laboring
Masses throughout the world. We heartily commend this
work to general patronage, and will gladly forward subscrip?
tions to the publishers. (32 piges monthly : $1 per annum.
(TJ3 We understand that the 4 Catholic Expositor' for the
present mot uh may be expected about the 15th in*:. In con?
sequence of the removals, and the necessary preparations in
getting up a new w?irk, the publisher - were obliged to delay
it. The contents will be entirely original, and among others
there will be found an Elegy on the Death of General Harri?
son, from the pen of trie Rev. Cl.arli s C -r -rantir.e !' -r . V. I).
Bale* at the Kitock Exebantre, 'lay 10.
30 -hares U S Bank........ 171 i.VJ shares Del A H ud. 60 ds 94
M5 do do.s30ds 1 "
_ do do. I
23 d? do. s 3ds 17!
73 do do.b.tdn 17J
100 do do. 171
100 do do.- 30 ds 17
110 dsi do. .
SO do d.1 .b3ds 17.
c_> do Howard Fire Ins.. 571
10 do Mohawk R. 6S*
23 do Boston JfcProir R.. 93
S3 do I.Island R... s 3 ds 33
23 do Stomngtou R. 30j
2? do do. 30*
45 do do. 31
30 do do. h 00 ds 311
23 do do. 174; 7 do do. 30j
-fj Ao do.?30?ls 17 8 do do_'.. 31
25 do do.slOds 17! I 30 do Harlem R. 38
Oj do do.s 3 ds 17J i 30 do do. 27j
30 do N A Trust.. lOJjlOO Jo do.sCOds S7'
33 do do.>3ds I0}i250 do do.-.38ds 27'
50 do do. 10}| 90 do de. t*T]
JO do do.s3ds l?jjlOO do do.. 30 ds 27
i?3 do do. cash 103 30 do do. 27
50 do do..blSds 10'. 40 do Utica & Schee R.. 133
3 do do. IQj'
Second Konn!.
20 shares Del & Had. B4> I 73 share- Harlem.. . 2<ii
SO do iU?.Gtt ds 05 ' 50 do US Bans .-orM- 17
130 d? Harlem opening -7 ' 73 do do. 17j
Commercial uud Honey .*Iattcrn.
Mottdaa, /' Ar.
Stocks lire down somewhat to-day, and die business was limited.
US Bank Stock declined! percent N A Trust J. The most mate?
rial variation was in Itadroad-. Harlem feil oll 1J per cent. Ston
ington do j per c. lit. Long l?lan<! do ; per cent
The sales of State Stocks were not very extensive, and the rat*1
arc not much rhaicd from the last tpiotuiioi.
$3,OU0 Canal Fives, 1835, at c3;.
81,000 Corporation Water Loan, 1858, at 06.
$3,000 Indiana Sterling Bonds, at 39.
SI,000 do do 50*.
$.',000 do D/IIars, 3JJ.
Sb.000 do do 584.
' The sales r.:' Sterling Bonds arc ati improvement of J per cchi. on
Saturday's sales, The Dollar Bonds exhibit u falling ort' of } per ct.
The siilert at the iv.rd of Domestic Exchange were?81,300on
Pbilndclph.u, 95i; $10,000dod~o91$ 300 on Baltimore, 95L $1.000
on Mobile. 90.
It ?ill be seen that the rate on Pbiladelpkia is lj per cent, worse
than the inle- at the Board on Saturday.
The Money market continues easy, and the Banks are anxioui to
obtain coed business paper, without much regard to the length of
time it has to run, Indeed we understand that some large loans on
undoubted lecurity have been made at less than legal Interest
Business among the grocers and jobbers, especially the latter, wat '
not ?o goo.s dunnc th? last week as wa? anticipated. The number of
country dealers in town ig considerable, but cot so large as it wa- sup?
posed it would be; neither do they purchase av extensively as from
the bght stock of goods in the interior it wai csnfidently judged they
would. The roads, however, we pre-uuie, are very heavy yet, and in
the aoniicrn part of this St ite, especially, the Spring has been very
backward. A we?k or two of fine weather would give our business
rtreets a more bustling aspect.
The notes of the Towanda Bn.-ih are redeemed at the Manufacturers' ?
and Mechanics' Bunk, Philadelphia.
We learn from the Journal of Commerce that the Morris Cana :
Company have issued post notes, payable ni 32 months.
The Bank of Delaware has declared a dividend of six per cent, for
the last six month-.
The Macen Telegraph says, that the Ocmulgee Bank continu? s
promptly to redeem its bdls with specie, and has reduced a circula?
tion of over two hundred thousand dollars to less than thirty thou?
sand since the 1st of February last The editor of the Savannah Re?
publican has received a letter from tiiccasbier cl the Bank, confirm?
ing this slutenieot.
The Mobile Register, of April 30, ay?" The bills respecting the
two sock Batiks of tins city, and the State Hanks, heretofore referred
to, have been passed into laws. Also, a bill sanctioning the suspen?
sion of. sjMxie payivwnU by the Stato l!:mk and its branches, without
limitlnc the, time."
Ths Milledgcville (Geo.) Journal, one of the leading. State Right!
presses of that State, unites in thu call Upon Congress to remedy the
existing evils in the currency. The country groans under the pre?
sent currency, it says. Exchange on New-York, it states, hi hard to
ret at 11d1-. oe.11t of from 17 to'JO per e.-nt.?and debts cannot 1" paid
st one's own door without submitting to exorbitant ' shaves.' The
Journal add-, it will support a remedy in the form *f a National
Bank, if it l?e deemed occessar] ?
Tie- Buffalo Commercial Advertiser says?"The wharves and
warehouse- arc'unking beneath the weight of produce, now accumu?
lating at this point?and a call 1- made for Can.:! craft to carry it on?
ward. -
Nnli's at Auction.
?v witxiNS * aetttNs.
Real Estate?Half the lat No. 10-1 Broadway, 33 ft 4 inches,
by 64 feet. . . .$3,300
Half the lot of ground known us 59 Courtlandt-street.... 3,3t*
?v j. at, muxes! .?'?
Twenty lotsoflandin the 12thWard, bogii ning northeast?
erly corner ?f the 7th avenue and I31st-*t, and running
northerly along 7th avenue to 132-tree:, and thence
easterly ul?nc I32d-*treet, 350 feet F.... h !?t 35 by 100
feet, a? $100 each. 2.000
bv e. 11. tun.tow.
Fifty-sever, let- trround on c'lli avenue and 103d*strc :?
sold part at V~>, part at 27.30 am! part at $:<0.
tVcw.York t-'ntcle Market.
Met, 10, 1S41.
Beeves?900 at market, including 130 frbmlast week. 430 were
from the South; balance, from this State?300 u;.-old. Sales were made
of C00 at 6 and $81?averaging $74 perewt Demand but limited.
Cows anp Calves?there were Vo offered, 30 of whfch were taken
at 00, 25, 30 am! $3t?.
Sheet and Lames?150 at market; all told. Sxcep from 3a 5t50.
Lambs from 2 to $4.
Hav?Sale- by the load at 1.00 aud l.lr? p. r ewt Supplies moder?
ate with a brisk demand. ^^^^^^^^^
marine! list.
_PORT OF NEW-YORK, MA> 11, 1341,
st'n Kisi.s.4 55 ! noon surs.morn
sun sets..7 5 ! high water.ev. 2t)
latrst advices.
Liverpool, April 20 | Havre,mdirect, April 15. 1 N. Orleans. May 0.
Ships Mary Phillips, Pratt, N Orleans ; Tremont, GiUespio, LiTer
Brigs Champion, Mitchell, Georgetown; L*Orieat, Deming Omoa.
Schrs Empire, McNeath, Norfolk; s: Leon, MsGrath, lisuror.
Elizabeth, Snow, Uampden, Me.
Ship Mary Francis, Perciva), 16 Jay- '"-[.ci Mobile, with cettou, Ac.
to Slnrges ? Clearmaiu
Baeaae Empress, Hartshoone, SS days from Malaga, u it!, >: j.t, ,v,c.
to J P Franc ia.
Brig Gazelle, Watorhou-e, 13 days tin Havana, w.tli .irrar. to Capt
S*e bng Sv-ea, Godbersoa, W daysfrem Buenos Ayrtt, skins Ac.
to ortlcr.
Brig Florida, PJullipe, from Arsnlaclucola and 11 days fretn Key
West, with cott.-n, A<- to Post A Phillips.
Bris Haide, Flttnrr, lb days from Ragged Island, with GOOO bushels
salt. Daw sea A Brothers.
Sehr \un A Parker, Collins, 13dys f.n Havana, w:t.i -ug.ir, to Capt
Sehr Abbot Lawrence, Baker, 3 ds fm Boston, with mdxe, to Capt
Sehr Syren, Diirlotg, 7 days fm Plymouth, N C , With naval store
to Brviuit ?V Msitland.
?ehr >iupcnor, Johcs, 8 days from Georgetown, * t. wita md/e, to
Br brig Helen Mar, Card, 83 days from Windsor. N 3. with plaster,
to muter. _ ,
BJEI,OW-C S Irigute Brandywine, -. fr?m I ert Maheuc. and
2S days fr?m Gibreller.
Also, 2 ships 1 l..?ie.nc and '2 brigs.
_ ?
Tbs puckrl skip Montreal, for London, wiU goto sea this day. if
fair weather. The Rotcoe, for Liverpool, was also dctaiurd o?mg
to tke wcuthsr.
AnaiTcmauricfi in ?w-Ycrls.
TUESDAY, May 11?.Iwrjrm Anti-Suvtry Society ; Broadway Tab
nvclc, 10 a. M.
American Temperance Wnion.Murray-m. Chure1!. 10 ? ,m
New-York andAiiK-riean Sunday Seboo) Union. Praees
aion, 3 f. m.; Broadway Tulwiriiacle. 7j p.m.
Young .Mos]', Natl-.ul Tempeiance Coavcation, IVarl-.t.
Church, 3 p. m.
Foreign Evangelical Society. Merrfr-'t. Church, 7> p. m.
American and Foreign inli^SInrerj Society, Church cor?
ner of Catharine and Madisoa-StreetS, 7} p. >t.
American Pcmate Moral Rtfurni Society, Dr. Patton'i
Churcb. Spnnr-fL, e p. m.
? YVr.pvt ?Oav, May IS?American Tract .Socjrty: Tabernacle, 10 a.m.
Meeting of Liberated African-; Tabernacle, 3 p. m.
American Home Mi--iouary Sim iety ; Tabernacle. 74 p.m.
N. V. Colonization Society: Middle Dilti n Churc b, ' ? I v
' Thuksday, May 13?American Bible Society j Tabernacle, 10 *, y.
American Education Society : Taberaai le, 7l p. m.
i Friday, May : I?Xew-York A< adcniy of Sacred Mu-u : Taberaade,
'7* r. M. Rev. K. N. Kmic, Albany, will deliver a Eulogy
on tbe late President Harrison.
| Saturday, May 15?American Board of Commissioners (it F<k->-cn
M;--."r.-; Tabernacle. 10 a. m.
r Anniversary .Notice.?The Seventh Vnnirersary of the
; New-York Female Mora! Reform Society, and Second of the Ameri?
can F, M. R. Society, will be holden on Tuesday Evening, Mj-. Ilih,
ut 7 o'clock, in the Spring-street Church, near Hudson-street Rev
S. S. Smith, of Newton. Ma--.. Eider E. Galusner, of Perry, N. Y "
-mI Rev.E.T.Taylor, of the Bethel Church, Boston, Mb**., will
addre?- the meeting. mtj ???
XT New-York l.ycimn?The Election for Twelve Direc?
tors will be held This [Tuesday] Evening, at the Lyceum Room-. No.
Ill Broadway.
The Poll will be opened ut C, P. M? and close at 9 oVIosk.
?11 It L. G. FOR MAN. Secretary.
3 ?niouiwi Association.?A regular meeting of this As?
sociation will be li-.ii a: Monroe Hall, on Tuesday Eveaiag, May lltk
at H o'clock.
Punctual attendance is particularly requested. By ord<*r.
.'ami s Has \ki>. ) .
George Quay, j?wtnrica,_ mi0 2-?
Families who study cleanliness, economy and conifort, arc re?
commended to coli at 71 Gold-Street ami examine WML-'- Pattnt
PREMIUM Itr DSTEADS, tor which tie' -river medal Was awarded ?i the
Fair of the American Institute iu I?'. These Bcd-tead- utterly pre?
clude the possibility of any vermin effecting ? lodgement, w hilst in re?
gard to durability .-.nd cheapness, they stand unartvalled. Thcv also
tjo-.c<? the important advantage <?!" being put up or taken down in
Itss then a minute. An examination will prove that even? thins de?
sirable in a Bedstead Urs been cwnceniraUid in tlui- ni jilts ultra of
Want '_alC-tf
XT To ftttr Friend* down tosvti.?Tor the
nf onrfrieist- in the F>r-t Ward, we have .irrancid with -Mr. J. \V.
Hale of the v.-r. bants' News-Rooms in Wall near Pearl-street, to
receive ItlbfS riptiena and communication-' for Tor tribune. A box
will always l?- open there Un the favors >.f our friends from 6 A. M,
till dark every week-day, aad those wishing io le- -erred with tac
paper will please leave their aemes with Mr. Hale. Single copies
always fer sale ?t Ins News-Room. Price. Ona Cent.
XT Kroolils it IVevrai Office, No.70 Middagh-street, Bid
dall's Baitdiags. ?The Subscriber has the pleasure ot' informing bis
(Mends and the citizens of Brooklyn generally, thai he bas.opened an
Office at the above named place, for ihe saieof all the Daih and
W >, klj Newspapers published in New-York and Brooklyn.
Subscribi rs will be served regularly at their residences, or places of
business, stan earlj hour, bj leaving their address in the hook at the
Office. H. GREEN.
J_' Tribune sold there, ami subscriptions received. aitj
X.' The New World.?Subscriptions tt this Splendid Mam?
moth Newspaper are respectfully sola ,t<d at the "lHec ofpublii atioa
30 Ana-street A folio and quarter edition published. Terms, >1
ii year, in advance, or *T> for two copies, mailed te any part of t.\e
?tuitry._ a:."!' tf
3 Ttte ssoutlisrn Literary .TEeNweaas-r for 1SIO.
?A full a-nti perfect volume of the Messenger f> r last .-ear. for mien
this office. Price $5. Apply soon. mi
1 Wanted, some one te sell The Tribune ,-.t Sing-Sing, ft
keepsic, Kingston and Troy. Favorable terms will bogiven. Apply
[LT Wanted, an active Canvasser inul Agent for The Trenne is
ea. h jirm. ipal Chy oft^e Union. W'e. allow :h^ m?-t favorable turiur.
and the bu.-isc-- may be made lucrative if thoroughly attended to
May 10, at St. George's ('durch, Nicholas H. Snut.'^. to Frances
Henrietta, daughter of Peter Morris.
May 10, William llcary Bareer, :?> Aageline Taylor.
May J, at St. Anu's Church, Brooklyn, Thomas Augustus Walti i.
vo Ann Witty, both of this city.
Mav S, Daniel Godwin, formerly nt' Bath, Somersets lire, E ig la
to Elizabeth Aan, eldest daughter of Lewis Hcndricks, Esq^ofthit
' ? ?
May 8, Mrs. Su-iin Caro:.i:e Little, wife of Wiiuum M. Lc.:.' .
daughter ofthe '..it Daniel II. Mcrie,aged 36 years and '.' monthr.
May 10, Jalia A. Meies, wife of Henry Meigs, aged 58.
Mu'v !-. Snruh Cimilev. mit'e of D.ivid Cantley.
May V. Mrs. Abby Thnrston, <!aii"ht?r efutc latcC. J. Bogert, CG.
May 8, Mary Aun, wife of Thomas J. Hall, 34.
?stir; it it\.\ s GOUGO lo/ii.wts.
Tsui" greatest Medicine ever yet discovered.?The astonishing suc?
cess attending these highly popular . Lozenges is almost incredi?
ble to those v\ ho have r.ot had pero.nal rvation <:' tlx '. .:?...?'-.
Mr. Henry S. Bunker, i'7 Graeno-streeL
Mr. Stephen Smith, GO Tenth-street.
Mr Charles Perkins, 71 Bowery.
Mr. Jehu Starkey, Govemiartstrect.
K> 1. Mr. Ranem 49" Pearl-street.
Mr. M. E. Martin, W7 William-strei:.
Mr. K. (?.S a v. Gfl W(K?ter-streeL
Mr. T. .M:i..'i.?.'?-. - Caroliac-street.
Col. 6. S. Beuson, 21'J Bleccker-street.
Hon.?;, t.. Miner, corner Kh-ccker Kiul Carmine-streets.
And hundreds of others, have been cured of distressing Colds and
Ooughs, inn thort tune, sad often in a f-w iinir-. wacn they had tried
various other medicines fur weeks sn vain. The Editors of acarly .ill
the City papers have used them, and pe. iai their testimony iu their
: faver. , "~ '
Wbdesak and retail, st 106 Nassau-street. Agent?Ghnrcb, Isa
Bowery. Halo,5Toutiue BuiWinc, WaH-su; Neely, 91 Hudson-st,
?adS33Blcecker-st.; Sands, 77 East-Broadjray; Rushtoa \ Aspin
wall, three stores, New-York. L'.'J Fultou-sc, Ur?yii.">u; Redding, I
Stut?i-?:.. Boston.
, _ A KI'.ttAKK.VItl.K < AssK.
Mr.. MURPHY, 90 North Sixth-street, Philadelphia, Aceut f-r
Snt ".van's Medicated LoZOOgeS, -ays that a peer woman called
Bt In- Office ami stated laut her daughter, seven year- old, had been
' sick for r.earlv tin. ?' sears: her stomach was dsstended tn the -.x- of
' a grown person's ; her uruis and le-s so swoIIch that she could not
walk or help herself, although she could cat as much as two laboring
men. They iiad exijdoyed two celebrated doctor-, who could d(>
notlni'^ t" r i. v. an? i.ad civeu her up '??> incurable. Her bosbapd bail
become discouraged, aad?bandooed all idea of trying to do my thing
tuor." for her, ami looked to death alone to take her out af her misery
Mrs Murphy, beli? * bei case to be occ of W.-rtn-. gave her a l-e.x
of Sherman's Wen Lozenees, am! in two days she returned, with joy
ts-anine'm her eves, und said the Lozenges bad saved her chile'- lue.
' after -.'FliaJ eivea her -n'- The first dose brought away nearly a pint
of worms in one living mass. She had not taken two boxes before she
wn? entirely cured, havmir eas-e.l afler the hrst do.e. w htcfa ?h.- could
not coaat, over 4X? worms in one week. Sbe wa, literally eaten up
with them. Another living witness cf the almost miraculous ? Bs i ;.
?rShertaan's Lezesges. PrincipalQ&ca in New-York, h-0 Nassau
. ^treet. _?~L_
SHERMAN'S WORM LOZENGES will entirely e>-tr< j a Is
efAVerms. Over? million of Dostes soul yearly. Dr. Zabriskie,
3Chuinber?.rirert. Dr. Hunter, 108 Sivth Avanue, Dr. Castle, IW
an l many ether Physicians of tin.- highest respectability, u-e -mo. iu
their practice.
Mr. Lerine Cross, hou.srpeoter, SO Fulton-street, cured three
ha- children of worms by only one box ofShermsa's Worm Loa i ag ?
Sold at the W'srekn".*.-. losi N.l-an-:r-?L
AcEWTSe?Chun h, I8S Bowery i Rn-ht*^ Si Asp in wall Sat W uliam
streeV 110Bro?dway,:and 10 Astor House; Neeley's, 2?1 Bleecker
strc.:! Ncw-Y orl. i wi.t Mr*. Have*. 139 FsHton -t.. Bro..klyn. av7
? ONLY ONE SHILLING?warranted better than any ithi r ma--,
at whatever price thej m ly be -ol.l for. T:ie Poor Man's Plaster ?ill
cure pains er weakness in any part af the Wrdy as well a- back, -ide or
breast: also, piles, er teething in childrea. .
MV David WHnams, an old Revoluncuwry soniier e. bttzab tfc
towa,N J wascuceelof Rheumatism by one ir. less than two days,
?Aar oaviac suffered for a Ions tune in an alim-t helpless condition.
try sold at I9G N* -...:-?tr,(t. Church's, 188 Bowery, Sands?, ..
East Broadway, Nealy's, --SU Bk^er-su, Male's News u.....n n .u
st- New-York; 139 Fuiton-strect. Brsnjk.ya; K-is- : -. ? -?'? -??
I,' . as? tt
Bost-u. _
A ui. infalUblc remedy. . . ...
CHARCOAL LX)ZENGES--For ikos? who are m t ie bebit<
Charcaal.ia nuUfcocotkerwice.
NERVOUS HEADACHE?Sherman's Camphor Lozenges ? leave
uniassdiate relief ia nervous or sick headache, fewness !pmt*,de
spooUency, fiuatiaa am! palpitatioa of the heart.
W?. It. Attic,., Herald ?Mib e. Dr. Hunter, 68Sixth Avenue,andbap
taia Churle- Thompson, ^< CaurtUndt-.-treet. can ?-.tety the incredu?
lous of the truth nt'lbeir cures. ,
SOKj: NIPPLES cured in from one to five days by Sherman - I ?
pjUary OU. Refer- to Pr.-t". Binrjuun, 30 Spring-street.
Wholesale aad retail, at KH. Naacaaeatreet. ,
Acests.?Church'.. I-V Itowerv. corner of Spnag-street; Sat".
77 East Broad wa] : Neeley's, -'C* r.le.-ck.u---r., Ru-htoo k. AspiuwaJl,
10 Astor House, 110 Broadway, ?ad i-o VViUiam-st.; Cctdinrton. Hua
soa corner Si>ru:g-?t.; Hall'- News Room. STonhae Building. Wall
t^HKIlMAVs Oi;RIS TOOTH PiSTK -ill give .. pcuriy white?
st MM ta the Teeth, render tbe breath nreit, harden jne gums, prr
?? :it the Teeth from decay and achmr. R-coinmencrd by ilr. A. C.
Castle, 3d?'Broadway, one of the best Dentists thcotv. AL-o, by
Dr. Elliott, the c'lct.raled Ostili-t; Ba:u<l M. Frye,Eeq_ and most
??t't'ie Editon in the citv.
DYSPEPSIA?Sbenaaa'a Dinner Lozenges ccrerf CoL Ch-irlcs S.
i Reason,219 Bleecker-stree*, of Dyspepsia in a vrry-her: time, and
: .-.ere also cured raasv ether* who h???? -utTer-d for vas.
PALPITATION OF THE HEART, Lewness of Spirits and all
nervou." diseases cured in u few minute* by Sherman's Camphor
HEARTBURN cured ir. three minutes by Sherman's S<?:a Lc
. zenges.
SoM .-.t 166 Na-?au.--trc-t, whotesals and retail.
Agent*.?Chur?h. Ire Bo*rry: S-md.-, 77 E..st Broadway . Rrd
disg. B State-street, Bc-ten. tub
is RECOMMENDED by aergymen, Public Speakers and Veeal
? I ??t? a. a valuable c.mpvund we clearing the voice ur.d ?ir< ngthen
iar the long-.
From tht .Voe-Teri II'raid.
" Receive adviec from that our who is disinterested. There are
' more that t-ike told- aad die w;rh Codsiimptio? by sleeping ja .l.nnp
rr?.x>. ei-.Eer p:,int>-d or whitewashed ; hence, there i- m. remedy so
harmless, pleu-nnl :mri yet etliiacwm- a- Pease's U'.arhouad Candy,
I". I>ivi-iou street. We would advise I v? ry family with-ui an exeep
i tion to provide t hens-el ve? with this unrivalled remedy, which we
' have been eye witnesses of it? efficacy in numberless ra-.-; ia fact
it i- astonishing tne virtue- it po-?r--r-. Ttw ."'lr??r-. IVn-r are ?tn
nsoetalieing themselves both by praise for the rood their Candy has
, dun?, aad al-o their pocket-. There :- no remedy is :iir whole scope
of our observation that h..- attained thr celebrity of this ralanblc
remedy. It i? true that numbers of Professors have appeared, who
have given out (bat they could crTert a cure of every disease which
fic-h I-hsir to, but how-e|dum have their re-oit- t.e-n rqunrled by
their pretension*. This is not the case u iwi p. ase'i Cempeusd Hear
bound Candy : ho? justly then should tke meed ot" prji?c be swarded
to ibo Me.-r-. I'e.-e i",.r rix discovery of th-ir .-overt ijn remedy."
Messrs. J. Pease a Son ?Dear Sir?La-: Saturday sieht I s!tp:
in a newly painted room, and when I awoke in the morning I was
almost deprived of the power of my voice, and h..d n pres. in my
tide. I immediately sent for Dr. Rogers, and he -aid I could not
live ti'-l night: hr -aid I had the painter's . olliek and palpitation of !
the ke-irt. sad when they same in contact, death was mvariebly the
t consequence. I sent my son to No. lit Aster House foc onedoHars
; worth of ysuir Candy, and I consumed two-thirds of it during the .lay. ;
snd i a thewftemoen ?iot t?e D.-tor called to see how bis med leine
operaed, I was sitting up. aid he was astonished and said he well 1
knew that if the. medicine he left did ust relieve me my case was
hopeless; and after he c.<irlud>.l telling what a dangerous ?ituation
I was in, .vc, I then divulged th? -' erst that I had u- d Pease's Hoar
. hound Candy; he looked aghast r.t in" .red that he would name
.int. ly send for 'i larg* quantity of this Candy and u?c it all such
cases, which is >o prevalent at this season.
Rev. Mr. C. DOWNING.
Sold at 4.1 Division-street ar.l 10 Astor House. n.1 ltu
I |EALER?, and uthrrs. arc invited t. . dl it JOHNSON'S CLOCK
i." MANUFACTORY,recently removed from the corner of Cart
liuidt and Greenwich-streets, to No. 16 Cortlandt-street, near Brood
way, where taey will find a large assortment nf Clocks, comprising
several Ii? w patterns, both Bra.- and Wood, >h.< h will be sold as
j low fsreash as at any other establishment in the United States. Dealers
are informed that all Clocks soid at the above place arc warranted a
"wd art i. I' anil inferior to none.
'.v.M. s. JOHNSON, Agent for the sale of
i mil !.??_. Jerome'- Patent lir.-.-s Clocks.
|)AKT.\ER W?NTE?.? In a <.'.r-: *.??..?>?. ?.^.t,
i IT end Commission Business, with a capital of a few hundred del
l..rs. This ir mi excellent opportunity for a person with small means.
In.)..ire at tie Land Office, No. I Ann-street mil lw
REAMS lar;v Imperial Printing Paper i> r n.le. i? by in
inch's?[size and quality of the Folio New-Yorker.) it ? ill
Id cheap frr cash. Apply lo the Kditor of :h.? paper. mil if
rAJYTJED.?Boys to pack Spices. Ippty
mil If .N^R. BL.MR A ( (>.. H7 Cedar-st.
\M D8IC?W C. R \Y\i:it. Professor and Tea. ?.. i i rthcPiano
-"I Forte, and Guitar, would be glnd tin obtain a I. w :r.?re pupils in
i..-Im?-. Terms moderate. Residence Nes S3 First Avenue.
Piaoa Fortes tuned on application. n.7 lw
near Beekman. LkcIic- DRESS CAPS, made to order: Crimp
i work constantly on hand or made at the short) ?; notice. mC 1m
? i R B A T FACILllrY
N?-\v-YorU < akin Tailoring IvstnLliohMient,
142 Fu?oti-slreet, \rar Brokdwsay.
1 " From eighteen lo twenty-four boon only it mimrrd lo furnish
a full -tut ?lade and trimmed ?:i a style r>?-: surpassed by any hoj-c in
the city,..: .t saving f f 40 per eeet. from Broadway price*. Sirangrrs
' arriving in the city will do wei; tc call aad examine our stock of Su?
perfine Clothe, Casnmeresand Vestings, which w^l always be foand
large and well selected. Also, a fc!! assortment of I'rab d'Ete Ca-t
mercts, a-ai other Summer ?leods, l*ught exclusively for Cash.
Stn<: punctuality always observed h fitting orders.
A few Ready-Mode Garments kept on bond for the sccommodaiiea
! tf trete wishing to leave ibe city at a -hurt notice.
1 ''.. 'i . i. il. l.vrry. and no abatreient in prwo*.
n V.?Mr. M. Gavlorb is at the head of the Cutting Department,
devoting bis whole time to that brauch of thi business, thereby n.a
bling hici tocoii.snlt tl.c wishes and tieie.? of car various customer-.
I'.irtc a! .r att(nt:?pan: to eutting I'^^ :
ml tf J. C. HOOTII. Agent.
LISHM?NT,9C9 Broadway, American Hotel?It had long becna
subjei t of complaint with these who were in the habit of paying ready
monej for their ctwincr.t-, that they were taxed for other's deliuquca
? re-; tiis- led to as ?tnet adherence to Cash sales, through winch the
ile-i.|sr.vt i:r t! eivu.g satisfaction to < .s-ti iii?ry, atd otTern.g indure* j
i.i' ills t* other-, ci nit! alone be accomplished.
The subscriber is no* iu receipt of a large asenrtmeatofnewand
fasli > nablegoods for spring wear, which arc offered for tke inspection
> ?f.the Public umh .- sic assurance that ti.e style and finish of garments
will comport with any other house in the trade, whilst the reduced
?ricescsanet f-.l te etn>r indHcemertts t>. purchasers.
Strangers ie tiie city requiring garments would du well ts cd! be*
I forepnrchasingelsewhere. IVM. .'KNNIN?;s. Arn.',
oSCis tf Late L) nde A Jennings.
f > ARNES ON RF.VIVA1.S.?Ju-t published :u.<l tVr sale by JOHN
Its. TAYLOR Si Co., MS Nassau-street? Sermons oa Revivals,
Rev, Albert Barm s, with an introduction by Rev J*cl Parker, I).
I).. l'r*--_ of the New-Yorh Union Theoiegii albcmiaary, 1 Vol. Ifimo.
Price 30 cent-. The publishers e.f the? S. rm. ns believing them
ctninontlj calculated to do g???I, will make a very liberal discount
fro: ; tue regular pr.r,:, lo Superinte ale:::- ..:,.! Teachers ?f Sabbath
Si Ii.?.:-, and to the h> new lent who may wish to purchase for rratui
lov-s distribction. It is believed that the friendi of n rivals w:!l p.-r
terr: :,:. i.iij.iutui.t ?sr. :? 1'ie Fhjrch uu-1 to the world, by giv.ng
j t? thi-work an extensive circulation.
The following notice of tils weis is from the Olive Leaf and
Weekly Msssengerof May 7:h:
"The annunciation of this book will doubtless be received with
; joy by tbe Christian public Mr. Barnes is eminently .inclined to
1 write upon this subject, and we believe that in ail his previous and
i.uiiien'.:.- j ill-sicai.???.-. he has done no -s.-v:..e re-re important to the
Church, than will in t'ie end appear to have resiili-ii from thr-e
'?Sermon? en Revival,." Their style is easy, flowing, and copious;
t;ie arguments and illustrations, forcible and a;>| osite, and the views
taken of the subjeet, sober, discreet, and scriptural. The preface is
.>....: :m.?.??,; be ex fee ted :':oni the and lucid pea of Dr.
" We kail t>c book, with gladness. It w.1! .iu in correcting
? fobe notions respecting thi- important subject, rcmoviag prejudice.--,
enlightening und stimulating the Church :o do l.er duty, nod hasten
the Intter. day of glory. !. "t .ill those who wish to promote the true
spirt: of revivals aid it. riving :: an extensive Circulation."
Ali ? just published, by j. S. T. A Co.. A Plea fcr the laiempcrate,
: by Dr. Reese. Price 23 cents._wilu iw''
1 f.9 Broadway, conn i' ci" Caiial-sjtrcet.
Entrance from Canal-street. n;? tf
?.!, !:.ROY, DtsTsT, (late Mcltrtnj ?V Spoer.rr.) respectfully
notifies his patrons and the public, that be has removed to
No. IG Veney-?tret-t, a few -?? fr. m I ie \ yr House, und_
adjoining ?t. Pad'- Church, w here lo: will continue to devote himself
to the rariousoueratisns ia Surgical ;.r..l Mechanical Dentistry.
Internal TOOTHACHE ,or pain proceeding from the internal
membrane and nerve of the Toetk,) etfoctnallyand penuur... nt!y re
iieved, b> a simple application. External T.nchari.e lor pain fr?m
the membrane li ling its socket ?:u! fane.; remsved by -.lie speedy, ami
only certain remedy, of extraction.
Scrupidoui attention-iven to the prevention am! prc-cr.utioc of
DECAYED TEETH. Ineerrodible Trcth accurately fitted te the
' fane- or ctne, on pivots or goid plat"-. _miO Iw*
m* So. S Uurra}-?t., near Broadway. lm*
ARSAPARILLA is known tot-e one of the mort active punters ef
: O the blood of any article in the .Vuteria Medlca, and with this we
' eomponad s nunil-'r cf other medicines -elected from the vegetable
1 kingdom, the whole strength of whic't is concentrated into a f.uid ex
tractof great power. From this extract the Syrup is prcpar-'d. one
I*-::.* of which is warranted te contain more than three time* the
itrength and medicinal virtue of that of any other kind. For purify
itu :i>' ! . :s reniovtr.u all i:r.!iea!thy hu.-nor? from the system ;
? .uch as Scrofula or Ring's ?vil. Incipient Cancers, L'lcers, Mercurial
Diseases, Fever Sores, Kheutaa-.i.-m. Diseases of the Skin. A.., ;h.
Syrup :? particularly useful. Ve:r.g a mild, yet efficient aiierauve, it
[ operates grodaolly but p^r.naneat.'y on the csnstitution. It is an ex
: . -I! ?:?: --?ring r.sd s-umoter purifier, s.^d in prop?r d?-c? operates as a
diaphoretic and laxative ; it exerts a pecul.ar iniluence over the glan?
dul?r -yst'-m increasing nl! th' -ecretions and excrataVws, and thereby
ov< rtiirsvwtng the r!csx!-g.-.tes ?:" di-cr-...-. and restoring the patient to a
perfectly ?ouud and healthy state. This medicine is highly ber.rficiai
i :n many dovbtfci. Disc.iir.s, and in various com(i!xmt? m which the
cou?titut:on i* enfeebled and requires to be invigorated. Pains in the
bones aud legs, and all oi-ra?cj aris.ug from an improper use of mer?
cury, arc effectually cared by its use. Persons makikg sea voyages
will lind it a ir.c-: valuable article :o u.-e, as it cleanses tbe b!?(-d aad
system generally, and prevents even,- inlet to disease.
Pirictioss^?The do-e fcr aa adu'.: is half a wiuc gisjs of the Sy?
rup, to be token on an empty slamac'i. morning, noun. anJ nijbt.
citiW cl-ar or mixed witn water, as prufcrred.
The dose for a chdd from live to ten years old, is a tea-spoonful, and
so on ia proportion. Prepared and ?ofd at w holesalc and rstail. a?.-l
for expertatien. hv A. R. A D. SAND, Draggwts,
ml 1 No?. 79 and 1CS3 Fullen -.reel. >? I.
TTAVING made extensive purchase* of Imi^r;^ icd iVxr<v t?n' it
II eff'.-^-m ? ? Wbol??] and Retail, at Prices weUwonhy theattentis>uof
rienhies , a.'-o. Sirs ~r:?r? Ti>it:!UI th? City, an' r??p-ttf?!Iy l?vi:?^":!
descriptions, of Pry Good* k.-p: at this Establiihmcst.
The following an- a par: of this extensive Stock
3C pieces beaatiful r.cw stv le rie'd and Stripe S..k*. desirable colors,
r.ich F;r-rr?: S.:;.:?.?. , r.!;. per van!.
i Plair. P-jU rfc Sois and Gro de Naps, for 4s.
CO r-cc" v'.z'k zhC Vae black P?u .!>? Sots, Gro dt Naps. Gro do
s ??>.*, luUisn inj Lu:r? trier Silk.-, all eta!.:.?.
SO piccs? black and blu- black, of superior quality and manufac?
ture, from ?s. to 16s. per vard.
130 DresfCS, S;r:fe aac i icured, ,,t 2?. p*r yard.
lbfl mo beautiful new style, on 2*. Cd. per yard.
73 do W<,o.'. superior, only e?. peryard.
S.Ofsi yarc- Thibet Wool DeLaines; new a.id -pl-nc.-! *.-^.gu*. c;
snperii r manufacture, at reduced prices.
Heavy 0-4 Linen Damask, only 3.. pev yard.
Super do ?-4 do in from 4*. to C-. prr yard.
Yard aride ir.-h .. m good quality, from 3s. 3d. tea.-. Od. peryard
Heavy Linen sicim:., 2?. to 2*. M. per yard.
Scotch and Irish Huckabuck and Bird-eye. D-.ap-r Toweliags, a.i
Ke>t quality it. -^.a Diapers, oaly *2 j- r piece
Linens, Lawu-. Ct-t.brn -. Jtc.
Auction, and of Importer- and ManusVturers for Ca.-h. srDI
Pur !:a-cr?. the Citizens of New-Y'ork, Brooklyn and their
aad satisfy iheaiselve*, r?tb as :e quality and cheapness, ef ait
Ri s -t Satin Dxeu-U Shawl-, i splendid article
130 rieltCashmere S:ta?l>, purchased at auction, full 2? ;*r rent.
Ic? t'...ia .*e;-t importation.
A large stock of Breche: Shawls, at ?1. 10.-., -W * f : .v :? T7
K.? Sflfc Cl... y and ether -tvles, 4-4. .V4 as.d 6-4 Shaw!.?, at lew
,'. . ? LACES.
. arre sto. , ..: r.-.m.niHg Us. s. Edgings, Uudlsngs. Ac, at re
doc*.1 prices.
? Ribbe us, Hat sad Cap Ribboas, Nos. 1, Id.
I*- -.1- e...red Tateta, ?od nuabties
- ... ei ii rj e,K>:, ... u and u.^.. ,JcB_
:e0 do .?ine. at ?s. each.
J-? do ar-or:- ! qualities, fre.n 2s. &L to 6-, oa<Hi.
? ii .' Ladies Cottc I H. se, r-.ed odor, and qualities, frvra
I Od. ?.? 4s. p'r pair.
';? :.!.. Hose ...id Halt llwr, all qualities.
Ladies utd Gents. Kid, Goat. S.!k. Cetlon. and other ?trles, all
isses Rich and entirely new de-urn, in-rwe:??'. ex| rcssly tor City Trade?Prices Com 6d. to 2s. Od. per yard,
ilo H.v.?C.?m- yard wide 1'rencH di. superior quality, at 2s. od. |>er yard.
ut 20 .. set later; ,:. Prints, of the Mcerinmc, Dover, Kali River, and o:?;er desirable styles, from 6d to Is. 3d. i
10 c.~.-e? P. i and ? rttirely new d
AI-o, a full assortUM of American and imported Fu
i per rard.
mture Prints.
it) h-.;? Heaw yard wide Sheetian, at Od. per yard, the best ever before <old at that price.
SS du Assorted qualitir?. from 7d. to ?Od. p?r van!.
m) cares Lous Cloths.at Td. Ed. M. lOd. aud lid. per yard.
I.in-a Tape-. 4.. van!, lour, only 1?. p.-r Cozen.
? 'Jnrii'- i ist Spool Cotton,osly id. per spi? L
Best Cord, oniv -J cents per Ball
Also, Thread, Buttons. Sewing Silke, Pins, Hooks and Eyes. A ?. A- .
A :'?? assertmeat < .'"su;?inrr Stuns of all qualities Linon aad Cotton Drill?, Jeans, A.c. Ac? ut reduced price*.
The ?rciprietor would state to those unacquainted.witit hU system of doiaa basincss, that aB {articles arc Warranted to be v
re represented by the Salesman, and a* deception all-wed in the -ale of Good-.
Country Merchants, D-al-r-. and other.- t.uvnn: to -nil aeain, will find it aa ..snec; tocali before mukiag their purchase*.
N. B.?ONE PRICE etrictiyubserved.
? ? <". R. Tiri.T.. 7 1 CntharinoStrees, lir.t door nbore nonroe-Mtrect.
hat they
T\LL OPEN THIS MORNING an extensive assertment of DOMESTIC GOODS, by far the best assortment a\d lewest prices ever
oneml in any -??.-?? :s New-York Cky, east of the Park.
We ..r. ... :? r:n r. ?? : ??: :?? h- out.I, n ? it. i.a :l- -; a....', . -;1 '. : ? 'i .11" r than the Pine-.-trect Ageats, as WC have all ear
Domestic Goods direct from the Manufacturer*
Wc h.i'.<? 4'J bolet Warwick and real stout Sheetings at Gd. per I
yard, now sold a: its!, by Most nf the trade,
i". c.-.-e- of Hamilton and IWcr Long Cloths,..: 10<L
T> eve- fl f -uper super Lor- Goths, as tine as Y'<fk Mitl Muslins,
only One Shilling.
10 case- very superior Prints, some entirely new patterns within i
i! " last tea days, at orly CVie ShiHan: p'r ynnl.
AL-o. Shirtinr Stripes, the best quality, at Oae Shilling
A. C. A. Tickii c. at Sixteea Peace.
AH other I?. me-ti' - :i id .u pioportion.
We :re prepared te supyly, or the rno.t UVeral tenu
raly.sav (all and be satisfied.
The French, Italian, <!. in .im! Greek Languages Spoken.
S?.KS ' SILKS '1
A -pl-n.'id assortment of blue black ami black Silks, at exceeding
low prices. Do. de. at 3*.
Breche aad Edinboro Shawl*, at IS -hillings.
>mi rur at S3 . Kvtra superior, at
An cadless lot frcm theGreat Trade Sale - . Cloth*, very
;is.,i. a] *3; and good enough for any man, !
CASSIMERES a: only <!?e Dollar.
SATINETS?Real Farnums, at ."> and 6 Shilling*.
iN Ri era'lower than can buy of Jobbers, and to the Gonsumor we weed
\1TE would invite the i ttci tion of the Ladies < f Naw-York and ti.o?e v
YV in the City. Considi ring the patrnuage with which we have hithert
GochIh we can vie w .:!i any ; and to please all, w-? keep high and low priced
o ?ri ret mte the m v ear.-cd exertions cf the S-b-.-ris^r* to please the eye
l ?EPO K T A
1 kit very rich Brocade frein to 0s
15 pfces very i l-'Cll.t Satin, -trip. d.
Gro de Fi igaa Set per yard (usually sold .or 12?)
I lot mourning Ggured Silk; T.-t"?l
aj pieces Ggured Silk? from IsC to <s
id " plain striped " 5* to f.-i?I.
27 " e:...i., blue black, plum ur.l figured from 4-- to Be
H) " r.L.in gro lie Naples, cso de Sw;.- from 3-0 to t'-si
LINEN' Gt'rfiDS of every cb -criptiou.
DOMESXlt S. a large stoc't. very cheap,
embracing a!i kinds and .(u iliti-*.
I.AMES, fir-.i-e . .. 1 and examine ear rich mu<k of Silk? lor yoar
N. It. The French, German asd Italian Languages -piJien.
the City te a- r "il v.iried jStock uf Dry Gmuki as any
bs i n faTMrad, wo Matter ourselves that for the same qwintity of
goods of every style, convinced that a discerning Public kuowliow
aad judgement. From recent
T ff O ."V S .
10 boxes elegant Satm Du mask, from $-3 to $dl.
Cashmere, Brocfaa, Men.:,., ami Thibet-.<ool; all prices.
2 ra-'s French from 2s to 5* per yard.
12 ?? English, splendid, from IsC to Ss6
IS " American from tld to Is
Very rich French from 3.0 to Ssfi ; all wool.
A large stock of printed Mu-liss from 2? to 4s
meres, Vestings, Moleskins and Flannels; very*low.
al3-lm 301 Grand--! corner of Orchard.
* THE KI(i wn??\v.t
?,' HURRAH FOR THE BIG WLNTOW oi Chatham Square,
JhNo. 174, one rloor below Motl-street, wli. OLD Ho.?.?
; It it Ii ti?'S ha? rittcl iti> el-pant store, tilt.t.l ? itn '.H'' mo-l
elegant B?ots and Shoos, on the new and splendid "!??* trout plan.
All ? ho admire his tasu . .:i preference to the epen, i am system, will
? easily find 174. Ladies, please look to this, uud if you call the gen
tlcmen will call also, mil lm
?; A!.L who win.: to ???: BW:.? an?! >h.-s of t..e be-: r , .
JB at ? lot) I ..? o v.t than h ire hitherti been offerci
city, w ii please call at the CLINTON BOOT AND SHOE
MARKET, No. 9M Cural-strcet, northeast ebner of Hudson-street,
where caa be.IbiintLalmost every thing in the Boot ami Shoe Use,
cheaper than ever. La4ie*,.yo?j can get Goiters, Buskins, Walking
Shoes and Slips at tr..- establishment, of all colors and kinds, suitable
for the spring and summer wear; cheap .*.- the cheapestnnd-g.I as
the ben. Country merchants are solicited to call and examim our
stock of goods bof purchasing elsewhere.
N. R?Don't forget the name and number, vO-l Canal-street, north?
east corner of Hudson-street. A. KNOX A CO. mil lm
SHOE MARKET, 73 Catharine-street, corner of Monroe.
SCRIBNER & CO. would inform the citizens of New-York.
Brooklyn, and the surrounding coio.tr.?, that they hu?" oj ento
the above -tore, with l!ools and Shoe
Enough to supply half the Nation,
The Cheapest and Best in all Creation,
luidic- yen can tied at this store a splendid assortment of 1 :... .-< and
colored tt .it.H--, tiped Cloth ISnskias, Mori ceo, French K?.?k.?-. Slip?
pers and Ties, a: .ilK'.it two-thirds the price usually a-ked for the
same articles.
Gentlemen, you too can find a splendid assortment of stoutand hue
Boots, Brog.in-, Shoe.! rump-, together with any quantity of
Boys, Misses and Cli Id re as Hoots and Shoes, ?II of which will be
sold lor. er than the sum* article- were ever sold before. Come 0BO,
come all, acd examine for yourselves.
Please recollect that this ?t.#r?- is 73 Catharine, corner of Monroe
?tre.'t, the first Corner below Lord A Taylor'-, and n?-U door to Hull's
large Dry Good- store.
N. B.?Country lacn .-.an:- and other in dir :r-de, w ho w ish to buy,
(cheap for cash) would do well to call before they purchase else?
where mil les*
Come all ye ba!d. and all that', grey,
Come listen to my ditty,
I wi-li to tell, witiiout delay.
What brought me to jour city.
It i- '.?? clothe jsur naked head-.
With nature'- proper covering,
Rene* the sott, that's almost dead,
Nor undrr wits be hovering.
My naate and Cime i- entspread wide,
Key oii.l the distant ocean ;
Both France and England, Sp?.:a be-sle.
Have all go: in the notion.
A bald !'.iri.-.u:i cannot be ftund,
N r one throughout the nation.
Ami all because tbey till the cbovnd
With bis eleagis.eus preparation.
I uSer now '?.tri free and pure,
Although your case is chronic.
And warrant ad a perfect cure.
In L'r. JtY.nk.- HAIR TONIC.
I Sohl at wholesale and retail by A. B. A D. SANDS, bras-g.-ts, TV
I and 100 Fulton street, sud 77 F.ast Broadway. Price SI.
i N. ii.? A liberal a.;- a.uise nude to tnose who purcln.s<" > .ell
] agate. mil lm
TF.RS ?The following are u few of tfic Editorial Notices:
From Itaje B?-tn:i Morning Po.*.
I Dr. Ri< hard-on'- Sherry Wine Bitters are au excellent m?-uic..ir.
; We have :aken u bottle of them, and are about ten years younger
(in ?i?r feeling-,) than we w>ere a mouth ago.
From the Bunker Hill Aurora, Charle-town.
j Dr. Richard-on'.- Bitiers.?Th" Editor of the Po-t has le^n made
. feel ten ycar? younger cy the use of one bottle of Dr. Richardsoa's
I Bitters. These Bitter.-urc quite popular, and prove highly beneficial,
j The editor of the Post I ? rt.nt.ly ?ood authority in such a ca-.. :r,/|
. his personal experience ihould go far tow ards establishing the Des i
From the K.-c.? Banner and Haverhi!! Advertiser.
This is the season for the use of this valuable medicine. It is the
] most safe an.l effectual family medicine for discuses w hich ;t professes
? to cure, tliat has ever been di-sovered. It :s composed of dirlerent
. root- aud plant-. We ..i.e th- Bitters because they are no quack, but
i prepared by a rerul ir practical physiciaa, who say's but very little
! about them bim-clf, bu: leaves frr tho.-e who u--e them to make their
! own statements of the:.- beneficial etTect.s upon the system. We have
just used the last of our bottle, which we purchased of odc of bis
aee.it-, wh?.-e name w.'l t?: fo iud ? r. :n? outside of our paper. A j
; month ago we could neither run, tight, sing, hoiloa. darce, -r go to j
i work, without feeling that our davs were soot to be nums-sreu among
. those that are Hot. But tie--. B.tter.s have cured us, and we :??', : -
iTwehod been born aeam. and can >ing .'in our own peculiar st ?. le
? br-: .ne dull care," ;>, mit ourselves j and ihos* ?!? wish to fe?! .?
toe mast resort to Richardson's Bit:- r*. or there is a* help for them.
From uu LuctU P?trmt
Te the above w? eheer/oliy add our own tesumonyof. tne efficacy'
of R.chardso.r- Hitter-. TJiey ore excellea: for all :ne parpose* tor
I which they are rrccmnieieled. ?
i XT For sale wholesale and re tail, by A. B. A D. SANSS, Geaeral
; tee nt 79 and 100 Fuifn-street, ana ,, En-i Broadway j MiInor,19t3
B'eaJwav ; 6assner A You?e. IM Chatham-it.: Grigs, 3S7 Bowery ;
Tarrant, 30V3 Orrcnwo h--'.: J. Codding (C Sen, 3SC Can d-st : T. A
J. Coddi'nrton A Son, -S7 Hudson-st.: Schie-fslm, 111 Caaal-st, |
Georre Ltndsey, u? Sixth Avenue; Rinr, G-i-t Broadway; J-.h-t
Svms. 63 2o?-ry; BaUeau. ;tcj Bowery: K. C. A F_ It. Mo?,-Sjd
Grand-st.; Rotton. 193 Baft Broadway ; Guion, 127 Bowery' ? Su
ples A Ford. 13*2 Bowery : Reuen, 171 Rroadway. mil lm
TJNION BANK.?The Notes of the Union Book, MonlrsaL,
\ \-' will be taken at 1' per teat, .iiscou t, by
m6 1?L5 H. GRAY i CO, 00 Wo.l-t.ree..
WINCHELL, iu bis Six Character Piece. a< performed by him
* ith iiirrea?eil and universal ?ati-fict;on to the crowded audience*
?lu.li nightly attend the Saloon of the above establishment,
The CANDERBEKS, whose Musical Imitationii are unperalkled,
will il-o appear.
UK. COLLYER, -.?hc>*e successful Experiment* in Annual Magnrt
i.ni imve ??!.. iie.l im? warm?.; encomium* tV.no ilie Uarucd ami ?ri
?. tittc ? " this . ity, will Lecture upon and illustrate the above exciting
theory viitb a Living Subject, evety afternoon id* tlii. wlak, cwn
menctng -i ? ? and :<> continue and ? o'clock, thereby affording umpie
opportunity to !!:?? audience of investigating thoroughly the truth ?r
falsity of his pretensions. Being positively the last week of Aaiaaal
Magnetism in New-York by Dr. Collyer, prior: to hut departure for
Ever} eve rig week, Mr. Winched in his nea aseee of LOVE
ami PHYSIC; 01 \ Centui) Ago! in which I..- ?mm perform -ix
. barai ters, each distinct from tat other.
After win di. .'.'.?:>?. and Mndame Canderbek will perform an Adanta
f.oii Rosini, i i ? ?ich M?ns. C. will unitata the Flageolette.
FRENCH WHISPERS, iu u!:ieh Monr.Cwill imitate the singing
of a young Nun and Monk?Mother Abbes? and Father Capuchin?
M?ns. C change by imitating various instruments, each evening;
Atter which, Mr. Wincbell, In hie Trip to Niagara Falls, Yankee
Story, Ac., to In- varied ?ach evrni.'ff.
?mitb Beers' Paten) Odometer Carriage, manufactured by Heary
Hull, Naugatuek, I'nn.i., to be seen every day at tin' Museum.
.1 TV- performances will commence every evening this week at
half-past - o'clock.
Al-o exhibiting, Paaey Guus Working, and the Gr ind Co?mor*mn.
Day Visitors admitted in the ev< uLra ofthe same day Fran, murder
to enable tliem t*? witness the Saloon Eateitaiameats,
Admittancu to the Museum and aU the. Entertainments, "JO cent*.
Cbildn n under lOyean efaajo, half-price. mlO
* It I. IN O I.ADY jl44.nktizki? :
IVTEW-YORK MUSEUM, (known as Peaks'* Museum, Broadway,
. 1 onpo tetbeCit) Hall aad Park.)?Experiment* on ANIMAL
M IGNETISM, or tkeNervo-Vital Fluid, which pervade* all animated
Two ladies, one of them Riiod, will be put in th* Magnetic ?t?te
> vi r> evi ing this we tk, at ? o'clock, in the Lecture Room of th*
The Blind Lady n Intelligent^ and has been Well educated, and
H .. . a state OfSomaambunsm, will be made to play on the Piano,
accompanied with her voice.
Public Day Experiment* will also Kites wry Monday, Wed?
nesday a.,.! Friday Afteraoon, at 4 o'cl?..?
Private Experiment* made dering the day, on application.
Day Vllitcrs to the Museum ire admitted oa the name evening free
of char--. Idmission to all, 35 cents. Children'half price. m3
[Openevery day, mid brilliantly illuminated live cvenug* a wcek.J
OWING to the great increase of the number uf Visitors to tbena
splendid Panorama-, the proprietors give notice thai the Rotun?
da m Prince street, aear Broadway, will continue open every il*>,
Sundays excepted, from 11 iuthe morning till dusk, and every evening,
pi Saturday and Sunday, from 74 to !?}, wheu full explanation* of
the pictures will be g.ve.n ._ the gaHeries, commencing a) half past 8
nSi lm
The new steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M.
*?H, Truesdall, leaves the steamboat Pier between
Cortlandt and Liberty street*, Thi* Afnu-noou, (Tuesday) May 11th,
at .1 o'clock.
The n< * mil fa-: steamboat UTICA, Capt. A.H. Schultz, wHI
'.??ate :!;,. por ;:i the foot of Cortlandt and Liberty streets, To-morrow
! Afteraoon (W?*lne*?4ay) May 13th, at r> ?'dick.
Fur pa* age or freight, apply to
P. C. SCHULTZ, at the rsOce, or on board.
N. R All kinds ?,!' property taken cs.jy at the ri?k ?f thi owner*
thereof. mil
J. w. <v 8. BABKER, la Grand street, bavejatt re?
ceived, in addition to their former large ?n?;k, *ev*ra thousand dol?
lar-, -vorth ofSiHts, Ciiali.es, Mcaee-li.ie de Lji??-. Bomhaaiae*, Tag
Uo'..'-. ril> Silk and Sal,a S.lawi,, British and French Prints, tiegelher
with a great var.ety of Dcroritic Guods, reJiing at greatly reduced
price-._iSU tf
st IT TIN'*? ? t: ?'???! '?* ?? tv.,1,! : ,-'..-:(i- .-lul.areo
?I at Canum. A general assorrment, s-4,5-4 and C-4 at IM Graai
rCrmtre, bj B1RDSALL A BURROUGHS. _a3__
PK1NTEI> LAWKS?Warraa ted fait colors and Paris taa
auActare at eightean pence, at
a-3 ?Iggg^Lj-, 6c BL'RROUGHS. 150 Grand ?t. cor. Centre,
Db? pkkv .ticmlinm.?A laree lot of Broche and Em
hrou!errit Drapery Muslin, for sale law, at
P. GREGORY .v SOX'S, 175 Spriag-street.
J CRKAT BAKGAf.VM are g,veu in DUY GOODS at
BARKER'S is Grand street AN in want of g.?el am] cheap Guids
: will do we!) to try this noted establishment. _aSO tf
for i.'oi.i.,Coug!;., and Asthmas. at*H at 51; Ibeaery, at Ose
5rulliag per bottle._ ' .ejrj :<n
!9B 1
TH!~ i;f*<)ri Ii so well known as to need but little said. It c?n
lista of View? in tae Holy Laid, and man} of the most remarka ?
ble objerts rneiitionsd in the Sacreu Scriytures, eirefai'ly compiled
from the Lcwusss. tCTOaixL Bulk.
The Sixth Kdi'.ion. making 12,OK) copies have been soMJ and the
S-ve-th > in pre-e. Published and for -ale al No. l?? Nassaii-.trret,
a: s^pefCopy. ROBERT SEARS. *29 Inns

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