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Diiff-F n>\r. CENT.
VOI.. I. so. ?$?>.
Will be published ?t >? rv morning. (Sundays excepted,)
at No. 30 Ann-street, New-York.
A:.I vcred ti City Subscribers fur One Cent per copy.
Mad Subst ribers, ?l per annum in a.i-auce.
In'tfce k..j>e of securing a wide Mid general Advertising patronage,
ti-favor. ..four friends will he inserted till f:irth?r notice at we fol?
lowing reduced rate-, vi/.:
roa f.ach ADrEaTtsEMEjrr or
Thrive lines or less over six), first insertion. 5? C?a.
Do. for each-subsequent insertion. ???
D., f.ir <*i x insertion*, or one week. . SI 50
Do for Ts?en?y-live insertions, or one month,.S.5 00
Longer Advertisements at equally favorable rate-.
For Wire lines, half the abov< rates: Iwi; liaes, one-fourth of
a tbe^> rat.-payable in all caaes in advaui
oTe?P am) f:\SinO.\ablk mods.
No. I?7 SpriiiK-nrrect.
CTTOULD RESPECTFULLY crdl theatt< ation of LADIES to their
V? -? sell of DryGoode, comprising as rt.-.t a variety of rich SHfc
frvods ran I?' fot:a.l in Broadway, and ,-.t much lower price*. We
wiH endeavor to convince all who may favor u? with a call, that the.
aI?o>. sr.' fai t> worthy rsf am ation.
Oar ass ortment conoisu in part of she fallowing articles, viz:
Rich China Srtfcs Itonrlsar.ines, of every descripiiou
Damask .1"., new: style Printed Lawns, a superior article
Kiel i Ii cure, I do. I *i>U Linens
Ruin, of all kind* Table Damask
Pin It and bloc-black do. I French, English and American
S?k Shawls J Calicoes, Jackoaets, Cambrics,
Silk Scarfs 1 Ac, Sec
N. 1*.?,lu?t received, a superior article of Gombroon* and Crane
Cambiet*. a27 I in
i:r: tioval.
Tj GR IS WOLD Si CO. resjiectfullv inform their friends and the
Ais public th-.1 they have removed from their old .land, mi Manien
lau.. 1, 53 Liberty, cotim rof Navsau-strect, where they will keep lor
u>'. at the lowest market prices for cash, a gvn:ral assortment of
The* now ofTer for sale the following :
4o b ile- .-. I,, |U .-..tt..,, yarn, j 1-1. .".-t ...?,1 r,.i Canton matting
?) do do 10 to 21 do do j Ingrain carpceiug,
an do carpel warp, I Venitinn do
2t?l e;,. cotton batts, j Paper hangings,
list d? do wirk. Rossin diapers,
ISO .i.. do twine, J Woolen yarn-.
let) it,, Idk and white wadding Worsted il*
White knitting cotton Turkey red do
Spool thread I IHm?- ' <1> Sic A<-. ml lm
L 3: S T E 3-S , B3 O 6. W 2: S ** C O.
Ali.}. d.:.i> receiving from Auction and elsewhere constant supplies
fashionable STAPLE .\m> fancy
GOODS', which losing bought will CASH, are offered 1.luntry'
sad cit) merchants at unusually low prices for CASH. They mute
tho., wno wi-a n> get a (treat main ti.I- foi a -stall sum of money,
to examine then- present a.|unll?d Stock. alTtf
cheap sas.iis.
RECEIVED This Day. from auction, .00 p. of new and very
rii h Silks, just imporlod foi city trade, ? omprising a very desi?
rable a.-.Tis:.nt.
Ladies ,i isking to purchase silks, ran have by eollinr at 831 Grand st.
a l*ri ?:?>? I, t.. in ike their seta lioiw from, ami the prices will satisfy
all who call of their cheap. J. W A-S. BARKER. i-JO tf
CHEiP : cheap ::
ASPLENDID ISSOKT.M ENT ..f Kreuch sud American Paper
Hangings and Borders, for snlc at th United State* Paper Hung- ?
ine and Baad Bex Warehouse, C3 Canal-street, near Broadway, New
Purchasers are respectful.) invited to call and examine for them?
selves. Room* prepared m the uenlcst manner,
uilo lm JOSHUA BROWN, C5 dual-street.
KEW spklng ?00Dm.
JOHN B, PUDNKY, No. 101 Broadway, cosher Grand-street, has
just opened, and offers for able, the following icsirable Goods, at
fair prh
Rii h Printed Mousscliu de Luinee.
I'lain and S.itui Striped do.
Bl ck and Blue-blai k. Plain and Figured Silks.
French; English and American Prints.
Printod Lawn* and Muslins.
Silk Shawls and S. ir??.
Scotch Ginghams, Linens, Lawns, Long Cloths, Linen Cambric
Handkerchiefs, Hosier*. Gloves, Ac, A ... .v.. .v-'T lm'
\\'M. H PLACE, of327Grand-street, would respectfully call the
vl attention of the Ladies of New-York to his stock of new a.nl
fashionable SPRING GOODS, consisting of/Prints, Lawns, De Lniiica
and other artii lea too uumeroua to mention, all of which he w ill -ell at
the low. tpr. WM. II. PLACE. 32* Grand *t
N. B. Red Back Buffalo Notes taken at n modorate discoiMiL u2G:lm
nKV fJOODsi. CHEAP.- Those in want of Dry Goods
are invite.l t.:'l at 59 Houston-street, where the* uiny obtain
them as ch ap a> at any store in the city. Good l>r..?n Sheeting,
yard? wide, 6d.; heavy and line. Id.: over n yard, and very heavy,
bd, Other articles equally low. Cloths, Cnseimere*, Satinets and
Ve-t:. :"-. A full ?? at rtmeat of suminei Muffs.
nStl ROBERT DA WIE, M Houston-street.
pniiAP stock and READ1 '. *!>??: LINEN
\ MANCsrACTORY".?Th.bscriber would re.?|?cctfully call the
attention "of Ms friends to hi. entire XEY\- SPRING assortment of
Stock-. Sc irfsi Roady Made Linens ami Pocket Handkerchief*, all of
whi. i. he has newly parch scd for cash, and pic Ige* bimscll'to sell a*
Lv? a- lint other store iu the citv.
SAMUEL TORR ANS, 831 Hudson-street.
N. I> - Stocks, vholosale, at,reduced price*. uil.>2w"
T !I E C H E A P
GRAKD-!sT. DRY <;<>*> 5> E.STABr.liwtnTItlEIVT.
?fll III LSE, 122 i;U l.VD-STREET, n *poctfully informs hit |>.,t
ills rons and the Public,yhal be is daily receiving from Auction a
gr>a' vjvrietj ofFiuicv and Ma;.i. DRY GOODS, of the Intest impor
tntn :.. which he i- offering iV.r -i!c very low at lTi- Cheap Store,
GraoJ ??;.-.?. :. (between Broadway and Crosbystj where the Nimble
Sixpi uce t- maiie to take the plai e of the Slow Shilling. s?l lm
oiyi? pukcc NTORE.
DERSON 5 wishing to purchase good cheap CLOTHING ?>. uld .!?.
1 ? >U to ill at IChathnm st, where tbey vmI! find the follow
ing prii - ?Coats from ?0 to$12....Cloth Pants from$3 to ?5.... I
Jacket* loth, j I 51 ta ; .*i:u,.t, >l;0 50.
N1LKM \\J> rlOP.'-lfSK'LIN fVK I.At.YES.
Tl I RKCEIVKD, a s|dendid assortment of rich plaid, fitrurcd and
?? plain, bl ck. blue black, nnd colored sll.KS ; a vood nssorunentof
plain and figured Mouiscliude I.-..:---. Also, American, Eugbsh,and
French Prints, together with a full and well selected assortment of
the latest ?I signs of Sprmi' ami Summer Good?extra cheap at
905 Greenwich-**. I!!.\:;\ VHLLIAMS Si CO. aS?lm"
DEPOT Of? C'Wa'V S>lir:ss AKTIClsG.M.
k. r u..-f. of ei.ti.e new p.ittr.-v.. r.a-:. ,! by ?1C Great Western,
are oft. .-.'J for sale ?'. n tsounbla prices, bv
U .M. F. JENNINGS, late Lvnda A Jenninsrs,
Bra dwny-, [Anierii nn Hotel.]
Gem . may in future depend upon finding at this establishment a
good a--. -.m..,.t.: Fancy Dress Artiil.if tJie latest importations,
which - U be.oftei d at fair prices. ml
tall EE t irVC.H, HHIKTleiGM \ > ?> calicoes.
i)' v; ' 1 ' ".Iu . it low ; rices at J. W. A S. BARKER'S
Sh-.-ti::-.- yard ?ids 6 '. Vi n ?:.-,-. v.Sd. Ij van! h ido 10.1. Fine
?.me Smntnga, id. Very ij,,,., iy.|. Merrimai ... Dover, and Fall Ki
? Pr::.:-. :.!. lOd aad U |*r yard, warranted fast clor? if
LA SL Ss.BROYVN; No. ICttsliatham street, have just rcceit i
? aad are now offering for sale i
?J*. I i an,'. Carpiti: s at.o fi
3000 " - .".3 5
,s;'0 " " .IS
1500 ?? ?? .r, n
S300 " " .6 0 all wool.
Abo, mattings, oil rk?*h.. rue*, table ? windon ?I.es,stair
carpeting* and rods, at corresponding low prices, found :.t this the
hra;..-.t Carpet Store in (* :ty. L ,V U. s. BROWN.'
_ ? ui_._Ne. lCl Chatham -u. N. Y".
pARPETING Pha > b-eri woald ? publ in
A-' gener al, ami hi* friend* and up-town peopleinparttcsfor, th It ie
ha* on hand at 2Tfi iled-on. (between Knie an.! Hatimi.-r?le* streets,] i
very neat and selected assortmcut of Carpets, which in eon.. .
quenr.- of reduced expenses be can afford to sell at prices that cannot
faff to rive sa?-fac?oo? themc*?teconomical COME AND SEE
??i ? im* TUOi?LYs Dorset.
rjIBANDOI.es. CANUKLABRAS, a -.? \ *pl< ud d uisort
v >??? :.t of ae-t ami elegant patterns, jnst received, ami for sale bv
?f**"?J MERRITT'S St PAGE. 100 Bowers-.
IIAI.i. ANfD ASTRAL LAMPS.?Do yoa want
* rojjvime Lamp* Please call at loo Bowery, and examine itie
sssorta-ent in the city. M ER RITTS A PAUK, a-f'.lm'
ALFRED ?Ol i Til.
on hand a wrll selected ass ir!:i).-nt of Cloths, Cassimercs and
I V~-iinc". suited to the sea.on. which lie oUnr* I? make up Ct the
puldir generally in the ;cry l>--t manner, at extremely low price* tor
Caan or delivery. " a26 ly
TO ti IC \T I. t. ?: Ij ?* O F TJk wT t
respectfully announces to tlie gentlemen of New-York tbat h.- is
permauetitly located a. above, where, he Hatten flmself (hat, bavin*
hadseveral years personal experience in the French Metropolis ami
devoting bis personal attention to hi- work, he sill be able to make
fasiiionaei.f. et.0THt.vc ?> .heap for <-a-ii invariably, and a.
aeriect a- ran be prnriirs.l in the Country. Thankful for past favor*,
h<- soHoits a continuance of patronage. a27 dm
lERnm cash.
\T theOld Staad, in Grand-street, Nu. Ml. II. P. OS IVOR N A
. BROTHER have always on hand a well selected assortment of
Cloths, Cassimerea. and Vesting.-, which on the above-term- thej will
make up into < oat-. Pantaloons and Vests, at a price which must (they
think) sccsrca second " all. Their work shall be done by the best ..f
workihen, and they do not iiKeml to be a whit bebhid the best in
style; Roth departments of making and cutting being attended to by
them personally, thev are certain in rain; satisfaction to th.who
m ycalL They will make fine Coats from Se to?14, ??!' blue, blue
black,ninl all the fine; colored Clot!.-; and super fine Dress and
Frock (.'oat., from415 to ?24, from the be.it ot wool dyed Saxony,
l.'iiprn.d. blue, blue black, olives an-! invisible green; and all the other 1
fancj shades of West of England Cloths, which are selected with a
particular reference to selling for cash.
Also, Cnssiuiere Pantaloons, from tine to e.vtra fin.-, f.: y*. to ?3,50;
Vests, from si lo ?3.
Cutting ? dl he attended to personally by one of th.- firm, v. ho will
devote especial i are in it- being done well.
II. P. OSBORN .V BROTHER, Between Pitt and Will. t. at
mlu 444 Orand-su, junction of East Broadway.
.1 III Mltb'U.? F<ILWELL ,\ BKEVOORT, Merchanl Tailors.
No. 'i-j Fulton-street, between William and Gold-streets, take tu.
p.r. ?cm opportunity of informing their customers and tin- public,
that they have just received ? supply nfWcst ufEnglmid and French
Cloth, Also, a larce selecthiu of single milled doc -Kin Cassimeres,
London T?. ed-. GambrsHsas, Drill-, Ar., Ac. Also, a large variety
of VcstMgs, superior in quality and patterns to any thry hau: ever
poured, all -elei ted from the latest importations.
They wi-b it to I..- understood that their business is conducted ex?
clusively on the Cash principle, and thai the) .!?> not promise to take
otl fifteen, t? entj or twenty-fit ?? per cent., but on examination, it ?ill ?>??
found that their prices arc less than tin... that cuke such pretensions,
f-.r they irr compelled to charge at an enormous rntr to make tie- dis- ;
count; but .mi body with common sense ran see that is only j
ii bail to rat. h the pul lie, a 111. Il they feel above using.
A couple of firs! rate pantaloon makers -ranted, mill Ini
(loth ex.. establishment.
miTE Subscriber having opened tho store J7 Bower) s- . fashion
I able Tailoring Establishment, offers to his Friends and tie- Pub
lic a very superior asvortineut of Spring Goods of the latest style,
which h- warrants to lit to the taste and fashion of all v. In. will favor
him with their patronage. ROBERT A. BOUTON.
The Cutting Dcpurtmeiit is superintended Isj Mr. Charles Bouton,
formerl) of the firm of Gray Sc Bonton. A good assortment ofn uly
made Clothing always on hand. a26:3m
L'siTA Itl.tSII.fl ENT for '.' u-ments ..f the fir-: qu ditv, rea
Is dy made, 229 Broadway, American Hotel. The same will be
found of great convenience to Citizens and Strangers whe m ca.>i
emergenc] mat require nest rate article*. WM.T. JHNNINGS,
a'JI I.at.- I,i nde .v Jennings.
i> j: a i' i:a x z? t i a i. o ic.
No. ill Psilton-ntrert,
Iai* BROOKLYN. ,v>
11 atm I hats!!
C. WATSON respectfully reminds hi- customers and the
public generally, that he, has a full supply of Fashionable
Hat-, of the D'Orsay pattern, a- well us other models, to suit
siaturs and taste, at I he old established prices, viz i Silk; e. Mole,
$3, Nutria, and Beaver, $4,50, which an- per < cut. cheaper
than tin- -am- quality can be bought elsewhere. The r.-tilar increase
to In- li-t ustemers fir the List three years, bears uluple testimony
to their quality und durabilitv.
WATSON. 150 Chntham-sU and ICS rJju?KI Q?
N. II.?Cap., also tin moat extensive assortment of Caps ofcrery
description to be found iu the City, at prices corresponding- i
Whslesahi dealers are particularly- mviirj to look ai !?.- isi.?-k ..r '
Hats and ('ups while ;? itrehn-iiig. ami In- ns-iire- them that every
article i- tborougkl] Inspected previous to dein cry. ml 3m
* 4>.va s-: \Mi> SEE.
IN tlir lei,l.lui-j Kiio-mi a-t-!i- C( il.I'MRI A V IIAI.L, 263
ai_k-~*iw^> i.,r ii ! -tr-.-t. thr in -t -p-iri.-u- w hob-. i|e ??-.! fVI tH SALES
ROOM bi the United States, the brgvst and liest selected a.-nri
mcM "I" Ladies' Misses' and Children's SHOES exclusively, in all
ih.-ir varieties of pattern, width, color, ?Ii ipe and material usu?
ally called for, iq' our ow n manufacture. Wc Would inform those
tallies who have formerly been compelled to go to Broadway and else?
where, that they are under the ueces-ity of doing so iu> longer; and !
v. e invite ahem ta "come and 8005* and save from two eight shillings
per pair, and be better served, without tie: del..) - and disappoint
mi- it- attending being me ,-srni.
Wc would .l-o say, that baring from -J to300 personsi? bur em?
ploy, and having been for a iinniber of years tin- I srgi -t nuutufai turers
in America, that onr work is well known, approved of and so eht
ait. r. 1 ii every market where L'oed work is sold. Tie- citizens of New- .
York, Brooklyn, Willinmsburch, and .in- surrounding country, are re
spectfulh soncitcd to cull and examine for themselves. Wholesale
and 1 .-tail dealers for city and country trad.-, w ill lind it to their ad
vautag* to call before purchasing, as not only quality and quantity,
but pin. ., shall make it a great inducement.
* OLD BOSS IlICHARDS has j.i-t iqsened two of the most
^{ splendid Ik ail nml Sh.lore? in the City?one at .'s.u Green*
**^f wieb, comer Spring, . 1 ic al SM Cui Urtreet, with all new
goods, liest quality ami chqnpi . in the United Slutei: all who wain
th.-, real genuine at th.- greatest bargains ever heard of. will give
tli. old ch"p a call forthwith. in4tf
<;cn>e> moots: latest hum ii style!
hj- RKNTLEMEN in want of good and fashionable Boob
-? a,.uhl do well to rail at 111 Fulton-street, where diet will find
ig . (tensive assortment, at the following reduced prices:
-** ? Calf Dress Boots, from 83 <?> S6.
Seal '? " from sj tu y-,.7.i.
Half Root-. from 82 to $3,50.
Shoes. Slippers, &<%, ifec, propor?on?bly low.
The subscriber respectfully informs the public t!i-: h? Root- a.
made of the very I?--! material and workmanship, in the latest French
Spring styl-, II- ha? jus! received a lew dozen Calfskins, of superior
quality and beautilHl soft finish. Those who buvu been troubled by
their Root- cracking at the sides, and a ho ?ish to have some made that
w ill not do so', are particularly requested !?>. ill soon ami leave their
orders. ' J.'IIN L WATKINS, III Fultdu-street,
ml5 Imis near Nassau-street.
171. oni .Ks.r heloa Motl-strect, where OLD IJOSa
IUCJIARDS las titte.l up an elegant store, lillod a itli the most
elegant'Beotsand Shoes, on the ucw and splendid ghus front plan.
All who admire his taste, in preference to the open, bar;, s) -i. ru. will
eii-.l. ti.ul 171. Ladie.-, piva-e look :o i!::-. ,i;.i it'von rail the ret'
tlcmon will call al-e. rull tm
Sb cheap ax? 4-:t)0"?.
* VI L who want get Boots ; ::d ^.?H..?- ..: the best quality
J|T and latest i'.i-lii'.ns l??'er than h ue hither:., bei :; oflercd 111 the
city, ... please call at the CLINTON BOOT AND SH?I
.MARK!'.'!'. No. SWiCaaul-strcet, northeastcornei of Hudson-street,
w here can be Ibuud almost every thing 111 the Root and Shoe line.
oa, .r than ever. Ladies,you can set Gaitors, Buskins.Walkine
Shoes and Slips at this establishment, of all colers and kinds -uil
fortlie -priii" and summer wear, cheap -.. the chcape I and r>??i as
tiu besc Country merchants .0.' solicited to call and.examine our
-to. k of goods bef re purchasing ebsowhere.
t\', p..?Don't forcet the name and number. 204 Canal-street, Berths
east comer of Hudson-street. A. KNON S. CO. mltlm
SHOE MARKET. 73 Cathar'rae-strcct, of Monroe.
?CRIBNER .v CO. would inform.the citizens of New-York,
Brookl) n, and ti..- surrouuding country, that they luu- opened
the above store, with Boc :- and Shoes
Enough to supply !: :!!' the Nation,
The Cheapest and Best iu all Cre ithm.
I ..?! .?- ?. on caa fiad : '.!:'-? store a splendid assortment of ^lae's ami
. lorcd 1; iters. dped ClbtS Bnskias, Morocco, Pr. ach Baskias. glip.
pers and Tics, at a'~'ut two-lidrds the prieo uniall) asked !??: :':??
same articles.
Gentlemen, you too can fin I a n- ?! a- ortmcnt of stun; and nue
Boots, Brorani, Shoos and Pumps, together with biij ijuantit) .
Boys, Mis-sci :?::: Chddrcas Boots and 5hors. ?II 01 which will he
-of.! lower than the same article- wersevcr sold before. Come oae,
come alLahd'examitie foryoarselves.
Please recollect that this store is 73 Catharine, corner ..: Mouroe
street, the first corner b:Jow L.>rd A Taylor's, u-.n next door :?' Hu!i'?
large lirv Goods store. .
X. B?Counrn merchantsarod others ja ihe trade, who wish :. -v.
(cheap for cash) would uo well to call before the- | arc! se else?
where. < mil I:
[STOKE.?WALK R .v FREW respectfully inform than
friends and the public, th l they k" | the well known star No
2;?i Canar-street, where the* have on hand a [arge nie! spl ^ndid
assortment of fashionable IV.?..- .. - Sh ?--. In this assortment will -
found Men's Boots,Sli50,S2.32-5 ? S3 pair. Also, Youths'
Boou, >l.?.].."s>. and$2,50p. rpair. Also, t..i li<?'. Misses uid Childrees
Baskias, Tic? and Slippers, of all ??<?'. -r- ..d fa-Jtioas, and cheapest in
th.. i n.. WALKER A FREW?Don't ntistaki thi nuabet '2:1*1
Caual-street a23 Im
J?? a23 WKDSAU. & BI C.KofuHS. :" Grand
ouferioii to all others now in i-.-r -j heyvytt re
1 V' eu'uU) informs t!.- fuKic. that he continue- to maiiafactore
bis Pateut P?'!-<e>i.l-. -o-a.-H known fur im dtirabintr andconvea
rno\ al Iii? old ?? ... !. No. 20 Rud?n-street, oe ir Chamber-. Those
unacquainted ?itfa the charm lerofhis B-d-te,,! are earnestly invited
to cull and examine the principle of tin-joint nod the ease ?itli which
?t can 1?- put up and t-ken dou a, s>t requiring any bed-key. ii- is
always happy to exhibit it, bstth to those who wish to purchase a:..;
tho*e who do not. ne caa refer to hundreds of our most respectal ?
citizen* who bare tested tt bv use.
Absb-rllair M.ttr.,?.. Feather Beds and Paihurses. N. R. The
Southern trade supplied -'--I Sm
< L04 K flERCfl l.\TS,
^EALER**, ai.Ibers, areiuvitod in call at JOHNSON'.! CLOCK
M A VI TAI "TOR V. r.. . a:i. removed from the ?orner of Cort
lamlt au?! Greenwich-streets; to No. 16 Cortlandt-slreet. near Broad?
way, where tier will find a large assortment nf.dbcks. comprising
several new patterns, both Brass and Wood, which will Is* sold a*
low fercash as at an) otherestal Itshateai in the 1 uited Stales. D? lier*
are informed that all Clocks sold at th* above place :ir- warranted a
good article and inferior to none.
U.M. si. JOHNSON, Agent forthesalc if
mil Im Jerome's Patent Brass Clocks.
rpHE undersigved has taken the agew v fortbe sale of JEROME'S
? BRASS < LOCKS, at their Chick Ware room, .Nr.. sn BhmvI
way, where he will ...il th.-ir Patexi Eight Hay and Thirt) Hour
lira-- Clocks, of a rarii iy nf patterns, at t!ie lottert wh desale Factory
price.. Merchants and dealers in Clocks would ?!?? well to . all and
e\.innne their st>>. k b fore purchiisine. Ahm, an assortment nf Wood
Oocks,.CHEAP ran Cash. Recollect the number, 2tM Broadway, up
Si P..?Particular attention paid to the Retail trade. Ever- descrip
lion of Clocks repaired and warranted. nit tf
(SAMUEL \V. BENEDICT, Wal h Mafc r, Mcrel
O Exchange,.nor of Wall and WiHmm -ire. t-. having formed a
connection m business with s. ILAMMOND. their per?.mal attention
will '.e given i? repairing fin- Watches. The mostcomplicated parts
of Dupl \ and Cnronomcn r Watches pal hi equal t? the original, j
Mr. Hamm":;.! would make bis acknowledgements to the Trad*. ;
for their kindness and patronage -nice living in New York, and ? ill '
always give their work preference in making Duplex work, but will
nut be able to make any discount from the retail price.
Duplex, Independent Second, and other Wat. lies of splendid pat?
terns for sale, warranted perfect or the nien-v returned. Jewelry
and Sih.-r Ware a- usual.
?j-lir: GREATEST LUMINARY in THE world.?The under
X signed respcctfolls -?.!;. it attention ot'ihw Public to
11 I17GIT5 1' vTEN I SL'llUT I. UII'S,
manufactured by them, and of ?hieb hundred- have been sold within
the last two ninths in this city. All who hat.ii -iii.iii--.itii.-in,
a.-kme.t le.'t-e their superiorits for light over all other Lamp?of
which **ie grcii -Urmaiid for them i- evideocc. They give a-misch
licht a.- tun, Gas Burners, ami the expense is Kitrv pkr cL.nt lks?
than t!.xpen.f gas.
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Tue deservedly h:.-ii reputation which tin- Oven enjoys in thin cut
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periur to any other Oven in tin- country. It i- an indispensable arti?
cle in hoUsC-kccping. The Public an: cautioned n-.un-t purchasing
a spurious article sold for the Union Oven. Noac are the real L'nioa ,
Oacns, but Hi. made bv the -nb.ern.ei-.
JAMES MYERS & CO, II- Fulton st.
N. P..?Tu- prices of the Unioa Ovens have been reduced from the
nritrinal prices One Hollar on en< h size. ?in tf
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and for the sale of which they arc the sole areiils in the United
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"A I it- M. A. GAUVADi is bow forming new classe- tad request*
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MADAME GAUA'AIN and her daughter al-o eonrinue to give
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.n lhe.aft-rs.-ua to Gentiem-u. Apidt a: X'7 Broad*-:i\.uear Walker
street. ml3 Iw*
OUGAR BEET SEED, of tj - st ,b<
k - Repository of the American Instinite, :-.i th-- Park. ml7 !??'
From Th-- New-Yorker.
There's a glorious gern in the brow >:"Ni
A:i?i dear to the heart i- hs radian: light :
It whispers of peace to the troubled bre is*,
And calmly anu sweetly it lulls :.> ro-t.
The weary wanderer in deserts afar
Blesses the light of in? n:din.T star ;
And the mariner, wreck'd on the mcitj *ea
Turns his last, dying look on thee.
Holy nri.i pure is thy blessed ra-..
And the weary of earth pass gently awav
t >u thy trembling beams, to a world of it,
VVhere thou sinne.-! for ever in -lory brightl
When the silvery Moou ha? gone to her rest,
At:! die kingly Sin sunk low in the West,
When the stars come forth iti the clear blue skv.
How sweet is thy smile to the lover's eve!
A mother bends o'er her sleeping bov.
Ati.l her eye is lit with .1 suddeujoy.
For a ray from thee on his pure brow fulls.
And in dreams he rove, through tKy -:srr\ halls.
A: Creation's dawn, when the heavens awoke,
Ami the uioming stars into music broke.
None tu the ear of their M ike.- above
Sent a tone so sweet a.- the Star of Love. ROLL \.
Captti . John Hull was the mint-master of Massachusetts,
and coined all the money that was made there. His wa.? .1
now line of business, for, in the earlier days of the colony,
the errrrent coinage consisted ?f the g >M and stiver monev
of England. Portugal, ami Spain. These coins being scarce,
the people were often forced to barter their commodities in?
stead of selling thou.
For instance, if a man wanted to buy a coat, he perhaps
exchanged n hoar-skin for it If he wished for u barrel of
moloses, he might purchase it with :i pile ?C pine boards.
Musket bullets wer,, used instead ol farthings. The Indians
lud a sort of niotn-y called wampum, which was made of
clam -hells; and this strange sort of specie wns likewise
taken in payment nf debts by the English settlers. I'm:!!,
lull- had m-.er been Itcard of. There wasnot moneyenotisli
of any kind, in nsuny part- of the country, to pay their min?
isters, -o that they had sometimes to take iptintids of fish,
bushels of corn, or cords of wood, instead of silvn or gold.
As the people grow more numerous, and their trad with
one another increased, the want of current money was still
more sensibly felt. To supply the demand, the general court
passed 11 I iv. fm establishing a coinage ol' shillings, six?
pences, and threepences. Captain John Hull was nppoiuteil
i.> manufacture this money, ami was to have about ouo -lul
ling out ofevi ry twenty, to pay bun for bis trouble of making
Hereupon, all th ? old silver in the.colony was hnndedover
to Captain John Hull. The battered silver cans and tank
ards, i suppose, dud silver buckles, am! brekun spoons, ami
. buttons ot worn.t coats, and silyct hilts of swords
lliut had figured at court, all.such curious old articleswere
ihtoe>slos ? thrown into the inciting pot together, uttt by
far the greater part of the silver consisted ofbuJltoa from tin;
mines of South America, which the English buccaniers, (who
w ere little better than pirates,) hod taken from the Spaniards,
and brought to Massachusetts.
? All this (>I,| and new silver beim: molted down ami coined,
the result was an immense umoui of splendid'shillings, iix
pences, and cpenccs. Each had lite date of 1653. on the
one side, and the figure ot' a pine-tree on tue other side.
Her.ce ilicy-werc coiled pine-tree shilling?. Anil lot .?..:;.
twenty shillings that in- coined you will remember, Captain
John Hull v.a- entitled to put one shilling in his own pocket.
The magistrate soanbegnu to suspect that the mint-master
would li r e the best of the bargain. They offered him a
large sum of money, if he would give up dint 20lb shilling,
which lie was continually dropping into his own pecker.
Hut Captain Hull declared he was perfect!} satisfied with
the shilling. Ami well lie might lie; for s.i diligently did he
labor, in a fe\v years, hi- pockets, his money i.ti-s. and hi
strong box. were eycrllowhis with pine-tree shillings. 1 his
was probably the case, when he cam- into possession of
Grandfather's chair; ami as lie had worked ... h ud at tie'
mint, i: was certainly proper that he should ha >? a c imforta
ble chair to test himself "t>.
W hen the mint-muster had grown very rich, a young man,
Sumuel Sewell by name, came a courting his only daughter.
His daughter?whose name I do no: know : !>.it we will rail
her Betsev. Betsey?w as a tine, hearty damsel! by no means
so slender as some voting ladies of our-own-days. On the
contntrv, having always fed bcartilj on puoipkiapiua, dough?
nut*, Indian puddings,and other puritan dainties, she was as
round atul plump as a pudding. With this -round rbsj Miss
Betsey, did Samuel Sewcll fill it: love. As he was a young
man of good character, industrious in supines*, ami a mrm
.ber of the church, the niint-moster sen reodily uave trisj
?? Yes?you may take her." said he. i;' ii- rough ivuy, ? and
you will find her a heavy burden enough.*'
On the wedding day we mav suppose titat honest tl .11
dressed himself in n plain colored e.-ar. all the buttons of
which w.u.- made of pine-tree shillings. Th ? buttons of his
waistcoat were sixpences: and the knees .:' hi- small .-lnfln-s
were I tttoncd w ith silver threepences. Thus attired, he sat
with jreat dignity in hi- CTandCithcr's chair: and being a
portlv old gentleman, he completely tilled it from clliow :.>
e;t>.iw. < hi tilt' otirio-ito s;.le .'! the I'Mntii, hef.veen her
le-maids, -a: Mi-- Betsey. She was blushing with all
bet might, and 1 toked like a fnii bloom peony, a groat red
appl ?. or any other round and ssarlet object.
! to... was the bridegroom, dressed in a hue purple
coat, and gold lace waistcoat*, with as much other finery as
the Puritan laws ami customs would allow him to pot on.
His hair was croptclose to hi- head, i.tuse Gov; Endicott
?. ;.i fi chidden any man i" wear it. below the ears. But he
was a VL-ry personable you g man : and so thought th'.' orid> -
maids, ant! Mi-s Betsey herself;
The mint-master also was pleased wt&his new son-in-law;
esj ' ..illy a- lie had saht nothing at all ah' lit her portion.
So when th.- marriage ceremony was over, Captain Hull
whispered a word to two of his men-servants, who imreo
diati ly went out. and soon returned, lugging in a large pair
of icales. liny we;.- such a pair as whole-ale merchants
use I r weighing: buhVv commodity was now t*? beyveighed
'? Daughter Betsey,*' said the ramFraaster, "go into one
side of the scales.'
Mis- Betsey?or Mrs. S .veil, as wc must now call her?
did a- she was hi '. like a iutiful child, without any ques
Hons of why and whojrefere. Bat what Ler father could
mean, unless :?? make ber Im-band pay for I r by tie pound,
t ;n wlaich ca.-e she Wohld have been a <i ar bargain,) she
not the has: idea.
?? And now. satd.ttoncst Jonn ttnu to nt*servants, ovmg
th it ': ox tether.'"
The boxi which the mint-master pointed, was a. n.?ScJ
sanare, iron hound, o?keh chest : it was big e:a>...'ii.
cl Idrcs, f.-r '.I: totir of vuu to plav Inland-seek ;n.
The ?r..i::t- tugged:*with mi-in and main, but eouwl not
lift tie- enoi motu recet.tacle.ami were firiuily obliged to dra?
it across the ?oor.
Captain Hnll the:: tool: a key out ot his girdle, tmlocked
the ehest, and lifted it* ponilerous lid. }!? hold! It was full
t.. the brirn of brisht pme-shillings, fresh from the mint, and
Samuel Sewell bewail t'1 think that hi- fathei-in-law had got
possession of all the money in the Ma-3 i h Treasury.
Bat it was.only the mwt-rnaster's honest share of die'cotrsagc;
Then the servvnt-. at Captain Hull's romtnanJ, heapitd
double handfull of sbt'.Iinjs into one side of the scales, while
B< ?:--> remuixed in die other. Jingle, jiiigl:, went the shil
| lings, as handfull afterrmndful was thrown in,till plotnp and
rwndcrwis a. see was, the? mMv weighed th- voun- ladv
troni the tloor.
? rhcre, ?an Sewelli" cried tlw honest mint-master, re?
suming hi* ?at in grandfather's chnir, ?? take these >hiiiimx*
for my daughter's portion. I"so her kindly, and thank hi a
ven for her. Jt is not c* try wife that's worth her weight ia
J silver!"
rhe children laughed heartily at this legend, and would
hanlly be convinced '.? ;t that grandfather had mode it out of
hi- own head, He assured them faithfully, however, that
he had fraud it in the pages bl a grave historian,aad had merefv
tried to tell it it: a somewhat funnierstvle.
"Well, grandfather," remarked Clara,/ifwedding por
?.?>:?- now a-days were paid as Miss Betsey's vva>. vouuc
ladies would not pride themselves u:?oti an airv figure, as
var y of do."
tUasinugton vfoircGpoiiicncc.
WaSUI.NGTOM, May 13, lyll.
Yesterday was very solemnly observed, according to the
- ir.rtit:. v.tion oi the President, as a slay of Fasting, Hu?
miliation ami Prayer, by the different religious denomina
tions of our city. All business was suspended ia the Public
Offices, and by the citizens without distinction of party, und
the quiel of the Sabbath prevailed in the streets and mar?
kets. Th-: ceremonies at St. John's Church, in which the
departed President worshipped, were peculiarly imposing;
The church was hung with black drapery throughout, and
the pew in which Gen. Harrison used to sit was shrouded
with crape. Ko'one has ever entered it sauce his death ; and
on this occasion it remained empty, though the body ot the
church, aisies and galleries were crowded to overflowing.
The vacant seat .-poke touchiogly to the heart of the spec?
tators, of him who was reposing in the narrow tomb, and
el those whom he loved, now desolate and sorrowing for
Iii.? los.-, at a distance from the scenes of their late splendor
and joy. President Tyler ami his family were present,
besides the Heads of Departments, Generals Scott, Jesup,
Macomb, ami other distinguished officers, Military, Naval,
ami Civil, and many eminent citizens. The Episcopal
Bishop of Maryland preached a most beautiful and classical
sermon appropriate to the occasion. In tin- afternoon the
Volunteer .Military Companies of the District marched in a
body t? the Unitarian Church, bearing their banners in
mourning : bat without arms or music, where a most elo?
quent discourse was delivered to them by the Rev. Mr. Bull
finch. !:i the evening the religious service ; usual on the
Sabbath were solexinizcd in the different churches. The
day and the ordiu inces have made a powerful impression
on the religious community. May the prayers of a united
people be answered by renewed blessings on our beioved
country !
Among the strangers now on a visit to the seat of Go
verument i- Sir Joseph De Courcy Lallan, of England. He
is a gSlltl -man of yreat intelligence and culture, who is
using the inllucnce of his high rank and splendid fortune for
the :u>biest object?tire promotion ot the good of Ins fellaw
men ; and, despising equally the beguiling pleasures of lash
ionable life, and the courtly gewgaws of the ambitious vul?
gar, he has timed at the honors most worthy of our rational
nature, the distinction of-advancing the cause ot intellect?
ual and moral improvement. With th*? *" J ?' ""r
?..._tins travelled extensively in different quartersoftue
globe; and is now in the course ol a journey over the U.
States, vvh ch h means to extend to other portions of the
American Continent. As a statesman and a philanthropist,
ii- naturally feels a deep solicitude in the present telatiana
between the United States and Great Britain; and would
earnestly exert himself for the preservation of peace. As
might be imagined from his character for humanity, his po?
litical principles arc liberal, in Englaud he goes beyond'
the mass of,the Whigs, as a reformer, and would perhaps
be suspected of republicanism. He was, presented to the
President to day by Gen. Scott. It is an amusing illustra?
tion of the peculiar V way ot life for which Queen Victo?
ria's Envoy Extraordinary is remarkable, that when 5ir
Jo-, ph c tiled on him to-day about noon, he was informed
that Mr Fox was in bed, and had ordered breakfast at half'
pant ', P. M ' T:ie Minister's usual dinner hour is ten o'
cl ick ;ii th? evening. An English gentleman, it is prrj
sumed, would prefer to be presented to the Chief Magis?
trate by the r< present ttiv-" of his o^n sovereign ; but, us et
| leite did not require it. Sir Joseph preferred not to wait,
and availed hltnscil of the o?er of ins friend, Gen. Scott.
The Rev. Mr. Stewart, bearer of despatches from our
squadron in the Mediterranean, has been In Washington
several days. The despatches contain very little informa?
tion beside, what has already been communicated through
the New-York papers derived from the officers of the Bran?
dy? iae The vessels of war had left tho stations in conse
qaence of a communication from the American Minister at
ndon stating the probability of war between England and
America. The other ships, it is presumed by the Navy
Department, re :eiyed information of a different character
- ? i -rw I.--J-, and returned to the .Mediterranean. The
squadron now fitting out for sea, under Commodore Morris,
will Bail for that station, to relieve them, in about three
What was in Mr. Stevt aeon's head, or rather hi* nerves,
th tt he c immitted this blunder I Or was his wish father
to :he thought T His party j'i-st now seem lo he very anx
j lou.s for a war with 1 rreat i'.rilain.
The elections for members of Congress thus ur have
strengthened the hopes ?f the Whigs for the prosperity of
the Administration of their choice, and for the success of
the great measures of reform and remedy which will be
brought forward at the Extra Session: Some apprehen
I sions of apathv were entertained ; but the decisions of the
popul?r voice :hu.<= far show that :he Whig strength has in
creaaeii ,-i several of th- htaVs?and e.-pcciallr where a
tailing offwas most ;-.ired?Virginia and Indiana. This is
cheering. The ft i nds of the Government have a deep in?
terest in securing .1 powerful jtippor: to the Administration
in (.'? Ogress, i:' it should be weakened 'here, the ascend?
ancy of the principles on which th* last ur* :: revolution
was achit v--o. might be hazarded, and th* meet beneficent
plans of ill* President and those charged wiih the Execu?
tive Departments mi^ht be embarrassed and defeated At
present &H looks well.
There is a tire stili kept up from this < ity against some
of the Secretaries?and especially against Mr. Pell?by
men who are iadl>j in want of plaett in hit offic? If these
worthies think they can, by arbitrary imputations or calum?
nies, compel him to bestow office on persons of their cali?
bre and character, they mistake the man. The public un?
derstands their tii-iinlertsttdnei*

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