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From Ute New-York Uners ifl
Hillcio' a lovely truant mini :? mi"irr f on her home;
We araleh for her from dav to 'lav. and -he will rwt eome.
Ti- St ?e -hould. through ail th. earth, our gnevou. lo-- rrcs-ia.m.
And publish to rem-.te-t lan.;-. the rxnaol hansel's name.
HaIW we moat describe the garb in ^^d%?& ~U
Wk-ai last -he bleu*'d our longing f? >: J 'v V,'.':^
IW rabe wa. of the radiaat bow to a ha h :!.-cloud- f>????
When gentle -bower, have Anil isd the frerfilr l'r-':nI * ;r.'b
be mih beam, wreathed arouad her brow a aiademso origbi,
bar natura wore a dew v red f spare me gmaer ? MgM.
raere'er she passed beneath her feel a tbou'-ud flowers sprang,
a* a. her v., ... reapoaai? |.. the bird* their matins mng
be ?wd-dtwe, aoed ?.. r la aurenote, the a bupering water- place?
aebslmva.rbrc ???? : ..-ne r:U-:he wiBter wir.-!, were stayed.
Taas aua^HiauaJ wreathed around berbrow a diajjem<? bright,
Tbar nature wore , dewy veil f -pare the gmaera snjnt
As/ .
The I
Hall-., for Nature'- favorM will she.bear the -i,.-.k !
Tbe aaieaiog of thi. lovely raaw^-lbe youngest ?I the flock
The mother, unites are qoenehed in te?r.-a| p.dc and? an -he grieve*
So o. cme bio.,om- deek her brow, had hid in ., eJtenng leave*
Her beauteoo- band- no boor- !i-;.-ii-e. I ae-:?-<? ?'. : -tlow.r?
A pallid labw drop, here and th tre, in ai. kly beauty eowera.
I/aJJc*. I triejjj.id. perchance, bar slept?he cannot .- lard?
\tv p.ue aritnwut the biassed rif: she -< alter- from bet band
So promi-eil plenty clothes the earth?the husbandman complaint?
Hi. scattered seeds ar<- blasted by the. hilled dews ;nd r.ia-.
Where'er ?e cast our anxious eyes, the earth it brows and bare:
Jsor hsvc we felt, throoth tedious ?eik-. the balmy, v. mal air.
Halloo!?yet stay, w e -hall not mi-- that truant maid'-:; l< -c?
Brurhi .*?uinmcr.;oinc- to fill her puce?she comes with mirth and 10 ig
Yet never can our hearts consent?Oh ! no. we r-nnw briar
Oar coastaat hearts lo yield for aye that bk -? to reatun -??>.:>...
CTitrj intelligence.
Reported for t!.- New-York Tr.bune.
SotreMI cocrt.?The Civil Calendar will not be taken ur
antil to-morrow.
CornT of Common Plea?Calendar for Wednesday.
Part 1st?Nos. ID, ,')3, 'Jo, 4.1, o.l, 57, Cl, CS, 63, a.", 67, tir.''. 71,
73. 7i, 70, SS3.
Pa.-?. 2d?Nos. 52, 04. 06, C-. 70, 72, 74, 7G, 27?, ;0, r2. r4.
86, rfS, 90.
PoctCX Office.? Suspicion of Theft.?Yesterday m ming
at man riatt.e.! Matins- IL'ipp went to the preir.:-?-ol .lohn Crom
??.?eil. So. 434 Water-street, with a trunk full of female clothing
.uxi three pieces of calico, which bis offered t,. sell la Mr.Crom.
well. Tin* latter, suspecting tsat ti.e property vv.i- st'd'-n, from
the circumstances ??f the case, detained Rapp, and conducted him
?svl the trunk to die Police OHc-e. Ti.- r'- affidavit wa i .<?
against him, aud he was committed to prison.
Purloining Appnrrl, \<\?Ye-ter<iay uiorving s;.',u?o"'-!o ...
watchman Biaunclt arrested ? woman name ; A us Townsen I
for -teaiing s. laily's hat, sundry .ir.i.'Ie- of apparel, ami twenty
|sl*d;to tickets for property pledged, fr tn Eliza Green, No. 15
Orange-street, on Monday uight. Part of tiie tickets and the
bonnet were in lier possession, and she wns committed to prison.
Bobbins n Vestci.?A man named .Inmes Kennedy was nr
resu-d at "J o'clock yesterday morning by the watch, charged
with iiav-Ttig broken into the cabin of tio- brij En.a: i : e-u
thence the clothing of the captain, Edward .Sm.ti,, for which he
was ??nt to prison.
Thefts.? A woman named It-ddy Re Idy was lodged in the
nrateh-hbuse on Monday.night and yesterday sent m prison tur
vo-aliiu.' n barrel. Margnr.-i Brady also was arrested ami yes?
terday sent to prison for stealing a akawl.
Coro.vxR's Office?The Coroner on Monday night held an
inquest en the l.tfly of an unknown male infant full age, found
?su Monday afternoon, at -I o'clockj floating in the Hudson River
at the foot of Clarkson-street. It w^s in such an advanced state
?vf putrefaction that it was impossible to a scertain whether it had
been born alive, <>r what was the ? auseofits d<'atli. Verdict?
Cause of death unknown.
The Coroner also held an inquest yesterday at his office in the
Halls of .Iwi-iic- on the body of Elizabeth Brenning, n naty-c of
Ireland, aged about 33 years. The i!e.-o;i.-e?! went to ti;.- P .
lice Office on Sunday of her own accord, and wished to !..- com
rnitted to prison to be taken care of. aad she was committed nc- .
oardingly, in a weak und sickly state. On Monday siie was-Iis.
ebarged, but in the afternoon recommitted to be s.-n; t., Black,
well'? Island for six months. When in prison she appeared to
be so .si.-kly, weakly and had so bail a cough, that 1).-. Tonn.-!,
fi'-r. who was called in, recommended palliating medicines and
Siwne thickened milk for food, as she sni 1 she had had nothing I
of .any amount to eat for two w.-.-k- before. Her cough wna so
bad, and tier disease apparently a chronic consumption, that about <
eaidnight of Monday she died. Verdict, that-lie died of disease
and exposure.
fsAlso at the City Hospitalthe body of Thomas Fitzhorbert,
I native of Ireland. Ogcd 40. The deceased was a wire worker
by trade, aud worked for Mr. Moore, in Beckman street.
was a man of intemperate habits, aud was what is commonly
called a ' free drinker.' He was on a spree last week, but wii?
?tble to return to work on Monday. For year- be had been auf- j
tering under ;i had, ulcerated sore leg, ibr which be went to the
Hospital last summer for a month, and came out somewhat bet
^?-r. On Monday afternoon, while engaged nt work for Mr.
M.x?rc, the ulcerated leg began to bleed so profuselv that his
shoe was lil!e.l and he became exhausted.. Information was
sent to Mr. Carr. of No. 52 Cherry-street, where be boarded;
tin: he was lying dead on die sidi ?? .Ik in Beekman street. Mr.
Carr went and found him on n a'euut t<> be taken to the
Hospital. When be arrived there, he was attended by Dr.
Markoe; who found him pulseless, breathing only at intervals,
?jid in a dving state, and he s.">ti alter expired. "Verdict that '
h?; died ot hemorrhage caused by an nicer of the leg.
Reported for tha New-York Tribune.
Uawasl's Hotel.?P llulme. I'hil; JS Mania, do; E O l.oomis, '
Miss; Mr Seymour, Hebron; A Braiuard, tireenficld: \ S Bissell, Otis
<-o; H U Graves, Houiar; J W Jenkins, Barre: J Sibbel, Pitlaburc; II
Li ..!-. \ V; ii > Smith, do; .1 \ l?.ui-.Count He Aim 1?Lisb in
HBraiUey, Burlington; G Rockwell, Trov; B Gould, Cuyuga co; \
Scovel,Albany; It P Wile....'.0; W W Guulding, PoUdam; /. A l.c- 1
land. Rath; .1 Angrell, Almond; I? II Davis. MtMbrris; N Van Vrnnkin
sjeheuecudy; \v G Fryer. Albany; R Ford, Cunujoharie; J It Cliip
aaaajr, Shoreham; II Wolgus. MtTroy; D O Kellogg,Troy; T M ,
.1... .1 B Maun, do; G M Bewey, Mich; r l> U ;,t...w. Albanv; L II II, :'
br.-.'. BoilsHiJ Brskiuc, Milford; ti Uoomis, Eriu: A C Pitta i >n. i.
tici-t. \\ Soddant, Pbtsdum; E I" Alien. Boston; .1 V\ \\ I itc, .\?rw,- h
J K Slater, do; J Thompson. NV: H (Jakes, Boston; .1 Bennoll, Erie;
F McCollougb, Lancustcr; J McManus, do; m ?-nowd rn, Siu; Sii r
Amok House.?Cap! Hazzard: Mr Kinncv; Ret II BShenuiui
Windham; A P Brown, NV: Ur W Richard: Dr TN Mercer, VC; J S
Vau Reasaelaen A II VVelln. While Plains: J Nelsonjr, Sil fSin?; V\
A Sackrtt. SFalls; W II Imlay, Hartford; It P Macon, Virginia; T Al
>en. Washiuglou; NT Williams, Ithaca; M Mallorv, Virginia; JN
I^ske, Little Full-, Judge .1 Sutherland, Geneva; F W Doane, Boston- '
Mr (isnord.?!..; J G Holbrook, dot Dr Nevins, do: C T It tier, do: I
t( B.-a.lb-c. do; E Codman, do; U Itoyd, do; \\ II Townsend Slooi'nc
ton; 11 T Windsor, Unudou; 11 \V v.- ... l':-y. J Adgnr, Cbarlnstoa;
P Copeland, Richuwud; \\ R. m.n.ton, Phil; A Jones, do; I Dodge
?seorgetowu; LtA II Marbury, Frigate Brundywine; <i \v Palmer! 1
v$A..si?n; W Livingston.
tl'. S. Hotxi_?A L Fagg, XV; A X l.iidigb, Phil; C Smitli, de; 1< 1.
F.d;:er, Hartford: J M Parsons, do; S It IV, r?. Ph mouth; 1 !apl Davis,
NHavea; Capl Colo, Bangar; J m Thum isou, Bridgi water; J S Pern
M. EC Daggett, StLomsi .1 Fullei jr, ? ill; Mr Pali . r, M !l .-. .
OH>nr, Otis; H Sears, do; J .McCorinack. Ohio: B Ream, do; J Parker
MSaven: W II Eltiet, do: II K Hl ii .?:--. .1..; J X Jsdd. Southamp- .
r-?n-. (.' s Margerwii, SutTield, 3 ii :'.\:<s.-. Hartford; I. Sc. mour.Grau- !
ville; S Smith, Nil ven; J U Colev, do; B Smith; Yale Collj F'Ellii
KBedArd; C Smith, Ct; II Winchester, do; V. It Pitcher Prev; .1 ?'
Low?, Gwncestcrj A \\ hue W..:srt..ws.: .1 ?iley, do: J II Mi ore, Au
ga?ta; I" G Fred or, Germain; f> W Bartlett, Mass; i Chapm iu, llai u", .
Pt.vuL-sT. liocsx.?D Anderson, Dekali; F UcFitling; P.. Ilevillc; B
B Woodbiirv'. Ohio; WH YA'clU, Eric: P C Davis. Springfield; L L
Clarke. Kab uia/oo; II F Kit..-. ll.i:'tlo:d; J >,.?. !.. .'. Oi:i.ui?; \ C
Gardner, Ohio; W Kmc: Malone; SSClarki do: X F Griffin NY; J
11 San. I r.-. All.am; K ii French, s ork; A Hum., Port liibsou; S V
Bicker, Cohe< sj 1> Mi Glister, Erie; A Nellis, Fultnu; J G A iu Vo irl
do: A Shtith, Itirard; D.Sa-iith; Amsterdam; ?' M Hompkrev. Albanv;
CBVVaXeman, Waterford; J Riley, Erie; J P Mdntg . r>-. Haver
hill; A Chun In'.l. L'licaj;S F GlniWiu i"Pl v; K Osbi Danvers; tl
Converse,Ohio: 1? Boyce, Starkey; J Taylor, Sidney: A II Gtiai !,
Furt JetTeraao.
MrwenvNT'- Horn..?G Galloway, Bloomingrove; J DTerwilleg -.
KPaltz; p-Torpenwiag.BiuTalo; TFAnd rson,Sn.s?ex .-. BSSl
N<-k.?rk: J Lward,do; J Leisisring,do; G J Shall, Lchigh cw V. 1
fettet. Newton; C Toms, NProv; s l aw. Phil; J G Fliele, A skm- .
ster. Newton; W W hit,., EN . .. J \ Black? >\ ',.,,- 1)
MixseJI, Pohatcons: J V P iflln . It ? It; Mr Vande,-bet-k Warn
II I. Stebbiaa, NJ: J D Gale, Hack ii-:,...: : W He. . 11, Easton; \
Kline,ClTntott; CTaulman, Piermoni; J Vun Zaut, Ptuckaniin: \ o
Aaatia, 111.
I.omjjvS?J Crane, NJ: W A Moriey, Hartford: Mr Best - J
Campbell^ Buffalo; C F"AVhale, Vlbanv; B G Hazard. Pcm Van J It
Rrvoa.. Phil: B S '.' U, NJ; OH .; utk a H trtf :?!. L P metl r
J W \VT,tte, do; T D Brewster, Pt J Wheeler, Eittle Fulls: 1! \
sii vine. C VV Roberts, Trenton: 1? K Baltersh ill, Troy; \ Park
II X Gilb-rt, Xl.eb.o:?i,.s Moasoa, Ct; K L Drake, Trot: II !> J me
Mi.nbs; Mr Felley.do; Easti rty. Rice; H Wt'-.....T.. ? :- . 0 F
Turu-r. Boston; >t BassemMlavcn; CA Phal is.J asioa i;SP
?Io; H rarker. Woburu; BT Si ... . .),?; H Pixlev; \\ Pbelps. De
trotl; \\ It I'-:.,. Auburn; i. P urd. Bosi a; T I i re, i >; G Mi ..
iffV i,,rrv- Hich; ,: 11 Kiarst i W Read, Ph? ; M B
Pncha-.:. LI: OGnswald, It rrUbrd. ( -,. Bostoa TU V
J Price. Mt vv d VF ?!,. Crowa^SasI J H . M "[
I ?.-???;. NJ. ?. HAs4on, NOri; J C Vigil, Sti ire; S I
DHa*arc;t. \\ Seeley, *eae ,1 dbe, J H Gardner, J Gardner, T to
Amsmv-.ss.-J H G.liek B.?;-to.r?: MrRadfurdiBrandvwine; 11
W ?weetzer. Waiden; t? Broade: . Bcrtin: v Cam ell-vjrPrii .
naWj W .Ue:^>,ho-.r,...S Hsl-v.U...t.,,:K'., t^/nfu^
cester, t .l Joausoa. Mulbury; J Ferguson, Boston; V, Hi
E Williams, Norwich: S E Lvoa, WPIains; Mr Ca,-.:'. | ?. p "j;'
Ctrv Hon l?5* Darfee, BRock; J l> Inm ', ... is.,,
J W Smart. Hartford: W Flye, USN;S HiUi i. PI btDrBowrw I -
J G Jenes, I'ie.ia; J Shipaaaa: do; LMorey, Troy; RC R_:<. >
ay; r f-rulon, .Norwich; W II Young. Albanv: I P DcA adt.Dai ?,
<*e co; G Manly, Ph I; R K?e?e. K ese> Ik . A P I!. o?in, 1.! v, .,
1?J Gardner, Clusterbury.
KtvskLtN Braus?.?J Marsh, Phil; J Morton, Wheeling; A I I
St Louis; W*-Libby. Alton; Mr Hurlburt,do; W Jones, Bel i
Hills. lt,H-hr-te-. F Miker, Greene eo; MrSp ?et II Lei > a
trx A F Monroe, USN; Mr Townsend. Buffalo, Hon W \\ ti
XOaarea; JE Sparrow, Bufiuta; J F Parat % Lansingburgh; ii v\ , :.
Berbe-ter; H Nil.-.. Albany:J F. Gavit, Ii EPomerOV, ..... E .- ..
row. Banale; W Tiffias^akl Albanv; S ? Reva Ids, P.,>?:..::. ETC
i..r. do. G Pack.-r. o... G Philips,,;,.. 1. F RuYssh, do; B Wilsen, I 1-.
Dr Williams. XMilford; T Hopkins ? .r ?. Mr Samord, NMil
Mori;G Sanibrd, Bridi.-:. \\ a 1.. Owexo
\RE doiv rereivssr froia Aucliue aad elsewhere core-tan: supphes
GOODS, iagl ?- ?> ' ISH.ai
?ni city merchants at ?uu.-uiil? low prices f.r CASH. They mm*
ihre-- ?be ?i-ii to ft, a c-^s! n if.; Goods iura ??iall -aai of money,
to examine their pr?sent uneguuliad Stock._alT tf
.N'o. lt>7 Sprins-wtreet.
\\*tr?'!.I? RESTECTFULL1 call the rLADIES to their
?V -vi^-k of Dry Goo,1., corapriame a- r:es: a variety efrich S,ik
Goods a. ran U' f?ua.! m Broadway, -.: rau'- i lower prh es. We
will endeavor to convince aB who may liver up wiiiacail, that the
above are tai t* worth/ r4 attention.
Our ajoxn-tav-n: ?'.:>:??.- ui part -(';':.?? "? " ' c irticW, vat:
-Rich China Sisks I P. mS izinea,afevi ry rh- rif.v u
Diima.k Jet, new -tyle Pri .:? d Law as, a superior article
Rich fnrur*d do. " , taudcLhteas
FUn. -fall kind- T?Ne Damask
Hack and blue-black do. | French, English and Aasr.-tess?
Silk Shawls " '"? '* kooets, Caaisr? -.
Silk Scarfs 1 A. .. ttc
N. lt.?J itct received, a superior article of Gambroons and Craps
Camldcte. _a-~ la*
r/ GRISWOLD Ac CO. respectfully inform their f-iends snd th?
ZJ* public that th.y have removed from their ?H -:n:..:. 96 M -..d-::
Une. t? Liberty, cornerof Nassau-street, where they will keep for :
' afc, at the lowest market prices for caab, a g?nsral assortment of
Thev r.rn* offer for ??.!?? the foQowins :
4fi bale- No. 5 to 10 I otton yarn 4-1. 5-4 and 6-4 Caatratnaltic;
2>i do do 10 to 34 do Co Ingrain carpeting,
' 30 do carpet warp, ! %'emtian do
2no d? cotton bstt-, Paper hangings,
. ion do do w.i k. Russia diapers,
154 do do twine. ; Woolea yams.
150 do b!k and white wadding Worsted ds
White knitting oettoa .' urkeyreddo
.?p.e.l thr.a.1 I Wee ' do .tc. it ml lm
I) ECE1VED Tin- Di j. if-, am Cis .:. I 0 ; ieces of new and very
V rich Silk-, just imported for city trade, comprising a very de-i- I
raid* assortment.
Ladies * .-bin? to purchase silks, can (rave by calling at 3M Grand ?t.
a larr>- -to. k to make their selections tW.w. and :r.. prices will satisfy
all who call of their cheapness_J. W. st si. BARKER. a3U tf j
cue *p: cheap ::
SPLENDID ASSORTMENT of French and American Paper
. _ Hangings and ('...ri'er-. f..r at tb? I mte.l Stales Paper Hang?
ing and Band Baa Warehouse, (Ji Canal-street, near Broadway, New
? York.
PurrhasT-rs are respectfully invited to call and examine for them?
selves. Rooms prepared in the neatest manner,
ml (i Im JOSH I A BROWN, 65 Canal-street.
new -*i".tzyt- goods.
50HN Ii. P?DNEV, No. IC1 Broadway, co&ner Grand-street, has
just opened, and offen for sule, thee/oUowing desirable Goods, at
fair prices
Kii h Printed Mous.i lin de Lames.
Plain and Satin Striped
Black and Blue-blni k. Plain sad Figured Silk-.
French. English and American Prints.
Printed Lawns aad Muslins.
Silk Shawl- and S. arts.
Scotch Ginghams, Linens, Lawns, \s>:-.; Cloths, I.men Cambric
Kaadkcrchicrs, Hosiery,Gloves, .Vs.. a i .. A c. a27 Im"
( ii l ip i?i:v goods.
VXTM.H. PLACE,of33i Grand-street, would respectfully call the
M attention of the Ladies of New-York le his stock of new an.t
fashionable SPRING GOODS, i oiisisting of Prints, Lawirs, De Laines
and "Hier articles to., uumerbus to mention. ?.'! of a hieb he ? dl .?II at
the lowest prices. WM. H. PLACE, 387 Grand ?t
N. R.R. .I Back Buffalo Notes taken at a inodurale discount- ofiCrlm
Ihisv i;o??i??*. < hi \f. tof D.
U are invited to call at 39 lloustnu-streat, where they nmj obtaiu
them ii. cheap n. ;,t :,ny -tor-: ill tie' city. Good brown She. tin",
yard wiUo, Cd.~; heavy and tine, 74.: over a yard, and very heavy,
ud. Otherarti.ii.ually low. Ci.?:?:-. Ca-.-smeres, Satinets and
Vestings. A full assortment of summer -r etT-.
iMstf !<<?Hi:i!T D\U IE. ."!' H?h-' n -t'.et.
V. MAN UFA Cl'OR V.?The subscriber would respectfully call the
attention of his friends to his enure NEW SPRING assortment of
Stock-. Scarfs, R.-ady Made Linens and P? kei Handkerchiefs, all of
which he has newly purchased tor cash, a.i! pledges himself to ?<?!! as
low a- any oilier -t..re in the cits*.
SAMUEL TORRANS, 231 Hudson-street
N. B.?Storks, whole-alc. at reduced prices. ml5 3w*
T H E C II K \ lk
MH?LSE, 122 GRAND-STREET, respeetfultv inform- bis pat
.. ron- and the PubMc.^ihat lie i- daily reccising from Auction a i
rreat variety of Fancy and Staple DRY GOODS, of tL" latest impor?
tation, whii h In-1- offering for sale v. r\ low it i?- ChaapStare, i'2'2
Grand street, (between Broadway and Crosby st,) w here the Nimble
Sixpence i- made to tik>- the place of the Slow Shilling. aSl lm
IJERSi-'VS wisbinc to purchase good chi ip CI.OTinNG would .??
I well to rail at 1334. Chatham where they will find the follow
ingprices:?Coats from $9 to$12?(Moth Pant* from $3 to $5....
Ja. kei?? loth, j I ."si t- j satinet, >1 "< to * J 50.
_a24lm J. COGSWELL
JC.-i' RECEIVED, - s]Uembd n-...itm. at of rich plaid, figured aad
plain, black, blue bis. k. and colored SILKS : a gi .si aseortmeotof
plain au't figured Mousselin de Laines. Al.tmerii English, and
French Prints, together with ? full and well selected assortment ol
the latest designs of Spring and Summer G.ksI?-vtra cheap n!
305Greenwieh-sL HENRY WILLIAMS A CO. a22lm
DEPOT OF : t.N< V n!: = :-s;s IRTI4 MIS.
0 kerehiefii of eutiro new patterns, received by the lire :: Western,
ire offered for sale at r. asoiiable prii es, by
W.M. F. JENNINGS, liite Lva la A J. anings,
229 It:., dwny, [Amerii n Hotel.] '
Gents, may in future depend upon finding at this establishment a
assortms it of Fancy Dress Art.iir,, ,.f tlie latest irnportations,
? hu h w ill be offered ^l fair prir.->. w|
SIIEETIIVCa, s-jiiu ! \-st? C.tMCOKS.
nOMESTlCS are selling at low prices atJ. W. * S. BARKER'S
?J-t Cum.! street.
Sheetings yard wide, fid. Very Beaw, Sdi L} yard:wride 10d; Fine
lo .:? Shirt:vr-. T,|. Very fine, lis!. Mcrrimack, Dover, and Full Ri?
ver Print-, tid, 7 !, lOd and Is per yard, warrai.tr.; fast colors. a'JO tf ;
& M. S.BROWN, No. 101 Chatham strcat. have just rece i ?!
na.I are now offering for sale :
2000 ?<?rds Carpeting at.2 6
31*40. * ?? ?? ?..35
ISOO " " .4 0
I.'sh) " .5 0
2500 " " .fi o :U1 wool.
Also, mattings, oilcloth*, rugs, table ?i-:.. window shados,stair
earpetiugs and rods, at corres]ioiidiug low prii.--. f.,mul ni this, the !
heapest Carjiet Store in the < rty. LA M.S. BROWN,
. agtflm_NV. ir.1 Chatham st,, N. V.
1 4ARPETLNG?The Sul .. id apprise the Public in
general, and bis fr.cnds.I up-town people in ,ierncu/ur. that he 1
ha- on band at 276 Hudson; !.. rween Kin^rand llammerslei -tre- t-. a
very neat and well selected assortment of I irpets, ?bii i in conse?
quence of reduced expenses he . an afford :.. v-;| at prices thai t-an\??t
fad to give satisfaction to the most economical, come tv. sea
I I ic?The subscriber having just received, '.\ the last packets
from Liverpool, a large ad litmu t.? his former stoi k ofCuth v, I]
ward. Tools, .v.-.. would invite house-keep. r.-. builders, a. J iTtber, in
want of good-in the ubove lino, to call at kii ..Id-tore. Na, 96 Division
.-treet, and esamine Cat themselves, confident that r!.,- quality and
great variety of bis urticles, and tbelew.uesrof his prices will be suffi?
cient to induce th?.? who dp > all. to favor him with their c: :.r-.
Country merchants are muted to call; und arc respectfully in?
formed that th< shore geods beim imported expressiv ibr rctnilinc,
v> .11 be found mm !i better ad rpteei to their trade than'those imported '
by the whole-ale dealers, -nd v.:H be sold on us rood or better t.- m
thaa can be obtained at anj othsr .--tat !:s!;;;i,-ut m thr ait
mil tf i( isri'iV wt'i'ti
i < IR LNDOLEM. C LNDELABK 1 - .?. -a I assort
1 ' aienl of saw and oleganl panert^ just received, and for s Ii b
?2feTm MERRITTS A P.tt.l 100 Bowerv.'
hrnJso:ne Lamp! Please cad at 100 Bowery, and'exruaine l>:
a-soruneat :u tne city. MERRITTS i PAGE a26:lm'
'e*rinan, in the C!e:k'- oisce of th-Souih.-m District of New-Y^k!
" -I ICE, for Purifyinr tits Blood. The P.-opr: tor of the al.?
Compound S.,rsap?n!!a Juice. bca,j aware :n:n rnanv preparatioas
I Sarsaparilb are offered to the public, sud :i:at none of them are so
prepared as to contain in them the inestimable properties of ;nr Sar
?apurilla, ?;.- ?:>arcd no expense in procuring the necessary machi
? ry tor ?itractins the juice from this mvalaa'ble ns.t : "and now
.??to the Public the genuine SARSAPARILLA Jf|rE. pn at
? Ma, an., wtrh the l'r.-ato.-t care, and can be t;kea ander any c:r
? . ince*. U sr:.,..;, ,i to keep iu our climate. Every per- r. who
U.it!eVeiirvP :U''e ?k*h1 nr:xh'n- (ha?U take at least two or three
hum.,r '-.k! r;'r"tf-, IO cIean*e the bl.sKi from everj lo-icniem of
Wh,! ? v i )rr;'tHc wb?l" ??oroos and hoaltbv.
; (-ath r" ? -f' ,0t-tUl' '?'?> ? Win. Wat-oii. Apo.a,. a.-:., ' IL'I.
.u-dsL.:-1';./ [I'::;: -.>,::::...!,:: .at tL
pin by the proprietor. ' Z*?1** un-'-" ",!h
r ml: Ins
THE Sub.rnbcr hasinr opened the -tors 2. ? ? ^'l'?*
able Tailoring r^-Jdshwhinent, offer- to ... I rs.ad- and the P?!?
De a verv s-p-nor aswrtajeut of Sprta* G?nJj o4 the laoest
ass ss?? * - "d jg*tss a
T?e Cattiac Department i* -aperinrende.! by Mr- Charte* Pouton.
forxoeriy af the rlrm ..f t.rav a Boutnn. A good aawrttaant cd rod*
mad* Ci..thii r -..? ?? ? on hand.
tl.FKKD ?'S ITH.
HFR?-n\\t tailor. rON-STREET, Ha,
.>! or.' ?? ? : of ?"?-.... < ? ;..,mor*-:u!d
Ves-tines swted to the season, wt:.'* he orTee. t- m.-.k- a? Cr the
public generally in the >'ry be? waaoer. ?t extremely low pr-cas tor
Ca.-h on deli> ery_aSw-ty
... ..... .nneur.r.- :o the e-ntirmen of X; r.l ark that he i
pexaxase-ntly |e*--,:?d a, abote. where, he flatters lerrns-'If that, havinc
had several year* pcrsonalexpencnce in the Freach Metropolis, aod
devorins his -.>-.-?'-..: attention to his work, he aid beahle tonmite
r?sHiosABLE clothing a, .h-ap for cash mvartaoly, aad as
p..r(eet as er.n be proenred m the Country. Tn.uktul f..r past^fovors,
bereits a eos-icaance of patronage._^w
terms cash.
T the Olf Stand, in Grand-street, No. 44'. P- OSBORN A
BR< ITHER ha>- nlwavi on hand a well selected assortment of
CTotts, C-usintereS and Vesting*, which 00 th? arrfrve term? they will
ranke in into ('"hi.. Pantaloons and Vests, -.t a price ?hieb met (they
think) re a second cull. Their work snail be done by the best of
workmen, and they do not int-n^ to be awhit behind the host in
stsle. fc.uh ddpartment? ?fmaking am! <-:::.s: being attended to by
th m rsersomdlv; thev are ;ertain <-f giving i itisfaction t. those who
amrcslL They *>li make fine Coats from $3 to?11, of blue,blue
black, aad all the fane/ colored Cloths; and super fine Cress and
F r --k Coats, from # 15 to $24, from the best ot h.ssI dy.,1 Saxony,
Imperial Wise, blue black, olives ans' invisible green, and all the other
faocv .Esd.~ ofW'estof England Cloths, which are selected with a
particular rt ferer.ee t.I!.::; t'-r rj.n.
Al?o. Cas*imere Pantal teas, frem fine >e\:?- sine, for $3 to $> Ts):
Ve-t-. from *1 to >?'?. .
Cutting will be. attended to personally by one of the loin, who wHI
devote especial car-.- to ;t- being done w.;t.
II. P. OSBORN a BROTHER, B< twees Pit: and Wfllet, at
m19 41-f Grand-st^ janction of East Broadway.
.\ HCMBUGi?FOL WELL st BREVOORT, Merchant Ta....-?.
No. 93 Full a-atre t, between WiUiora and Gold-streets, take
preseat opportunity of informing their cttstomars and the public. I
that thev bavejnst receive,! ., nipprt ofWest of England u>.l French
Cloth. Al-o. a ! i-ire selection of single atilted dbe-akin Cassimeres,
London Twoede, lisiel.ri,--. Drills. A... Ac Also, a large variety
of Ve^tines, superior in qnalit) and patterns to any thej have ever
oHbred, ail rekn ted from the I itest importation*.
Thev u ;-h it >a l?e understood that tie i- business i? conducted ex- ,
clusively on the Cash principle, and that the v do act promise la take !
..if fifteen, tw only or twenty-five percent, bur on examination it will be
found thai ineir prices are less than those tsat uak. such pretensiooj,
f,r the? e 11 to < barge ,t an enormous rat.- n> muhe th-- ds
count:" but Jtiy body with common sense can sec that is only
a bait to catch the public, wh? i tkey feel above using.
A couple of first rate pantaloon makers wanted. ? mlO Im
L^STARIalSIEflENT I lality, rca.
I s made, 1! railway, American Hotel. The same will he
found of great convenience to <'i'.s.<i>~ .net Strangers w|i?i ittcasesof
emergency may r.-.juire tVr-t rate arta Ies. \\ M.T. JENNINGS,
a'jt I.a'.r Lynch Si Jennings.
ti its* : i] its : :
tfj I WATSON rtspectl rs ind the
public geoerally, ilist he h.? a full -apply of Fashionable.
Hats, of thi D'Orsay pattern, as well as ^the- model*, to suit
? tature and taste, it the old established pries-, uz ; Silk. $2,30, Mole,
s.'t. Nutria. and Beaver, $4^9, whichare 35 per cent,cheaper
tiian the -ame quality i an !..? bought elsewhere. The regular increase
to In- li-t of ciistewrs for the last three year-, bears un,,>l- testimony
to their 'utility and durability*.
WATSON; 150 Chatham-st, and 160 Bowery.
N. I!.?Also, the most extensive assortment of CAPS of every
description to be found in the City, at prices corresponding".
Wholesale dealers are particularly invited to look at his Stack of
Mat-am! dp. while purchasing, and he ?--(Ire. them that avery
article i- thoroughly inspected previous t, delivery. m?3m
(. o.he and see.
_. in the bmldine known as she COLCMBIAX HAI.L.SKI
I?.? ??"C ? nd street, the most spacious who). ind retail SALES
toon in the United state-, the lane.i and l~'-t selected ar-..rt
uient of Ladies', Misses' and Children's SHOES exclusively, in all
their varieties of pattern, width, color, shape and mat. rial u-u
ttlly calie.l for, i>f our ow n manufacture. We would inform tho-e
ladies who have formerly been compcll - I to to Broadway and else?
where, that they are uuder the necessity of doing so no longor; and
we ins ite diem to '?come and see," and -*w- fr?jn tw,. to eicht shillings
per pair, and be better .-.Tie.I, without the delays and disappoint?
ments attending being measured.
We would also say, that hi.nnr from ?.' to 300 persons ia our em?
ploy, aad having I.n for a number of years the largest manufacturer,
in America, that onr work i? well kaown, approved of and -" .cUi
after, in every market where goeidwork is -..|J. i":i?. itizens of New.
Vorl.. Brook!' a, \\ il!i unsburgh, and the sumundiag i uuntry, arc re
spectiully solicited to call and examine for themselves. Wholesale
and retail dealers for citj and country trade, will fiad it to their ad?
vantage to call before purchasiag, as not only quality and quantity,
hut prices, shall make it a creat imlui ement.
alO.hu- SMITH KIMSTol.l a II M l.
si s street, between Thompson und Sullivau-^re.-t-.?J. P.. Millrr
takes this opportunity to return his sincere thank- to the Ladies of
New-York,(his friends in ; articular) for the kind and liberal patron?
age evinced towards him sues his commencement in business, and |
hopes, by an unremittiag attentioa, to merita continuation of their
fiitur- favors.
J. B. M. w ould also l?g leave to inform the Ladies in general that
the wii.de of his Ladies' Shoes will completed in the latest French
style, under the supervision of Mr. Allen, (who for -emral years con?
ducted ?ic business of Mr. Lntie, I Murray-street, mow retired m the
country, and where even article of taste, fusbion and lieaotv can be
obtai:.. I r.t the |oae>t po-sible j'rice, anil uiie.pudicd b) aaj in til.
Mi.' atnl children"- Shoes in ersat variety.
N. o.?Ladies are invited to call, and are assured that the"richest
rnri. ty of color, for the season; as well as the quality of the artii le,
cannot be supi rcedi.! by any store in the cm.
M.-r. bants and others will find it to their decided advantage to i aH
ji..I purchase. Wholesale and retail, ::t
n-< ? ??? ?'? B. MlLLER?Sj 142 Canal-street
m niOSE DESIRING (lOMFOR f.-l take this mediod
>>jpS t" inform the Gentlemen of this city, those who wish
a handsome and east Boot, that Mr. FREDERICK.'
??inrFNI.R. French Pmmii Maker, N..33 Wh.te streot,near Broad?
way, is unsurpassed lor making good, bandsam?, easy U....:-, 1
? ...it.I re.pe, liulty recommend all those d?n ii iag i!i?iu to give him
I rial ouh leut that hfl casino; fail to give full satisfaction.
m OLD r.':-.s RICHARDS has just opened two of the most
-??!.-'..! Boot and Shoe stores in the City?one a. 500 (j:...,
wi< h, corner Spring, and one at 234 Canal-street, witli ali aei
t.Is, best quality and cheapest in the L'uitcd Stat'.. AH who want
tl:- r .' genuin?, at the greatest bargains e^-r heard of, will giv?
Lite old chap a call fortUwtthl ml if
c;tn>y boots: latesji fuencii stvle!
?-: VTLEMEN in want of l-oisI aad fashionable Boots
> ?? .id ,io w. 11 to coll it 114 Fulton-street; where the* will find
>dj i i- e-ti.i ii'. ihe following-reduced prices:
-*^s Ci It Dre - Bo it . fn m 53 ?- 5&
Seal " " from >2 tu $2,75.
Half Boot*, from >- to $3^30.
Shoe,, il.p,-.-.-.. A.-.. Ac, proportionalily low.
The subscriber respectfully informs the public thai hi- Boots nre
made the very best material and workmanship, in the latest French
Spring style. He has just received a few dozen C.,|f-kni-,..f superior
quality ami. beaUufui;soR finish. Those who bars been troubled bv
t.'e :r P. ...i- cracking at the sides; and bo wish to have some made that
will nut do so, are particularly requi sted t... ;i .... n and leave their
<i -. ' JolIN 1- WATKINS, 111 Fulton-street,
ml.'. 1 mi- near Nassan-street
2 HURRAH FOB THE RIG WINDOW of Chatham Square,
M No. 174. one do r below Mbtt-street, where ol.P BOsS
? BICH UtDS has fitted up an i i-rai.t -: re. fills | ith the sn.-t
elegant BVot*and Shoes, ou the new and splendid :-\.-- front plan.
All who arim.re hr- tx-te. in preference to the open, baru -v-?cnj. will
easily find 171. Lad? -. pli a-..- !?,k to this; and ifyeu call the gen
tlcmen will call also._ mil Im
a CHEAP AN l> ?;?><>?.
?? -^LL " i set Bu< t- und Sho.f the best quality
Js and latest fashions lower than have hitherto !.. ??:: offen d in the
. . ? - dl ..: the CLINTON BOOT AND SHOE
MARKET, No. 3 I Caaal-streer, northeast corner of Hudson-street,
wbcrercan be found abnost every thing in the Boot an! Shoe lir.e,
erthaaever. Larries,you in get Gaiters, Buskins, Walking
shu--. and SHps at this gstahbsluneat, of all colsrs and kt.nl*. ? uitabie
tor tlie spring and summer w.^r, cheap a.- th- cheape-t uftd z<?A a,
tin- I.--t. *",iin?rv io- .-. Iiasit- are to call aud examine our
stock Ol j.,ids bef re jiurcha-mg rises bere.
N. B.?Dcm't forret the aarae and number, 2"^ Canal-street nerth
? st corner of llaason-street A. KN'OX Si CO. mil lm
HOE MARKET, 73-Catha . street, corner of Monroe.
CRIBNER A. CO. a>ould:mfora the citizens ofNew-Vork
Brooklya, and the surrrmndin: country, that they nave oneaeu
toe ai.e ? -tor-, w oil Boots and Shoes
Enough to supply half the Nation.
Tie rh'.jpe-i jj,.i j<| all Creation.
I.ad:c-. vi.-ii a:: rind at thv* -lore a -pic.-in: i--s.rtm.-nt . fldacl; and
? ? ?'? :;: ed Cloth }'.=-ki:s,. Morocco, French Ba-kia.-. Slip?
per-,.nd Tie,, at about two-thirds ti:.- price ttsusJly asked.for the
_ tleacn, you t.*^ caa find a splendid asi-artment of ?tout and tine
???? ?--d Pumps,- together with any qtraatit] of
. ? ? . M:-- -. and i n.ldre.'s Boots and Shoes, ail of wasch w;ij;e
,oid lor.er than the same articles wer* ever sold before. Come one,
coinc all. and examine for yourselves.
Please recollect that this store is 73 Catharine, corner of Monroe
stri ?:. the first conn r b l?w Lord A Taylor's, and next door to Hu
!s.--e llrv Goous store.
X- II ?Country merchants and others in ih* sra,!*. ?>? wish to buy
cheap for cash) would uo well to ctdi before thev purchase else
2 'r'"'__:_ * mlllM-'
^ <|op.i:-V.ALKF.R a. FREW resisectfuBy inform their
:.- rids and the pubuc that they keep theweU known stand V..
inal-streeuwheraiheyhaveoa hand a large and splei
a.--c--t-r..'nt e: ia.h:,uabie B?s,|s and Sn-s?s. In this Bsaoraneat-win 'ml
^ound Men'- Hoots. j!."*j. ?3. SJs?J3Qt un< .,^r ,lrilr_ ^ v>
Boot-. *!.<:.:?". and 3^0p..r pair. Also, La.-...'.'. Mis-e-' and Childrt ,?'
Bus?ms. Ti*- aad Slippers. ;(all color, and fosm'etta, asd eheasest in
City. U ILKER A FREW?Don't a -t-i-^ Bttfaber1 v}-JO
C'jui!--*re---. -uoTas
( |.0( U MERCHANT*?,
KtLER-v ?<??' ?tacrs. areiunud t-c.H jt j?-?h.v<ov5 (took
i ' MAM FA< TORT, recentlj Raoml from ihr corner of Cert
landt ?J Greenwich-streets, to No. 16 Cortlandt.?fr.?.. ncr Rro*d
wav,-bcrctiev w,ll find a Urge asawrtntent ?I (L-.-h. compiTUUlg
several new pattern*, both Brass aad VVocsL ?an* .,11 te?M *.
loa fsrcash uiit ?nvot?-r.-.:..:-:-!:!?-!.-.,? tin-1 rtited State*. Dealer?
are lu?o.-.ii.-j -.f.: .dl Clock- ?dd at the aboie place we warranted a ;
coed article and inferior to nor-'._ .?
WM S. J(>i1|kr< 'N. lent !? ?-the-ar- ot
mB ^krjerom?'- Ur*-. C'.s k*.
clocks : ci.ofK* : ?
rpHE lovdersiirued hu take, tbt ag.v/er Uta saleof JER OMITS
I r.K ISS CIA* KS, in t!i?ir Clock \Vsr.room. No -? ? bWi
?v. where he will sei! their PaT?t Kghl Pay and rhiriy Hour
Brass Clock*, of a var-tv efpatterns, al ihr kr* whojerata raewry
price*. Men .aal.Ideal?? is Clocks nould do well to caU and
examine tm ir st. k hi lore parch isiag. Also, aa ^t,ne.,t af U ood
? ks, Chus ,*x Cxsm. Recollect (he nunsber , , * I k.
N. R?Particular attention paid to the P.rtad trade. Every des-rip
tion af Clock* repaired and warranted._m4 "
CJ 151 If EI. IV. benedict. Wan* Maker, Men la ta
0 Exehaag?. coraer of Wall and WTlliWatreets, having farmed a
connection in bindues with S. HAMMOND, their personal attention
win be givea :. re liring Sa? Watche*. The we.t complicated part,
of Duplex and I ironoaMter Watehes patio equal ta the original.
Mr. lUmaioiid would make ho- icknowledgemenl* to the . rade. ,
for their kiadnesa and patronage sine? hunc in New York, and will
a!v ?ys rive their work preference in making Duplex work, jut will
no) 1 ? able to make ;,??? discount from tae retail price
D ilex. Independent Second, and other Watches of splemM pat
tera.? for .al-. warranted perfect or rite money returned. Jewelry
to Si ?er Ware a- u-u.il. _?
OfcTERIl n: n> ALL i>i iir RS NOW IN BSE_J. HEW I IT re
3 t:",.i:-. informs the Publie, that he continues to manufacture
In- Patent Bedsteads, ... w-H known for i?s durability and conven
em ?-. at hi., old stand, No. SO Hudson-street, near Chambers. Those
nnacqaaiutcd *ith the i barm ter of his Bedstead are earnestly invited
te .-ill and examine the principle of the joint aad the .-a.... with which
it can h>- put up and taken down, not requiring any bed-key. He is
alw n-s happy to exhibit it. beta to those ?*.? wish to purchase and
those who do not He i .* refer to hundreds of ear most respectable
citizens who have tested it by Use. .
Also?Hair Mattrasses, Feather Beds and Pwlasses. N. R The
Southern trr.de supplied *? ?a
I TNLESS KING'S CHAIRS Brace its parlor*. They are a perfect
1 .-.f beaut} and convenience, luxury and comfort. They
are knoo ii as follow ? :
I?Elastic Revolving Chair.
?J?Compcusating Rocking Chair.
3?Ladies Caster s.tcumbent Chair.
?I?Versatile Chair.
Tie- above ('hair- ar.- altogether superior (?? aay ever nude in this
Country er imported. These de.iron., of a genuine article, that hi so
constructed a- n?t 10 gut out af order, are respectfully invited to
call at the Patent Cluir Warerta.ni. 171 Broadway, ait' Im I
r)ERSSE a BROOKS, No. 61 Liberty-street, between Broadway
I and X i?au-.tre. t. New-York; import direct from the Manufac?
turers the following articles, viz:
BLEACHING POWDER, of Boyd A Son's make? warranted, fsr
nniformiti and strength, equal to any in this conntry or Grent Britain,
and for the sale of ?un l. they are the -o|e agents in the United
.ptabi v. :ii>. 111. 15, ?><?. ~'t and -! inches ?ide.
DYfiK FELTING; ?f strong fabric, and of widths usually required.
I.I.I E SMALTS.?Havixg the Agaucy of the simmi, Company's
Blue Smalt?. they are enabled to -apply FFFE. and Fl'FFE. in any
WIRES, lor Fourdriniar and Cylinder Machines, manufactured
froai the pur.--t metal?also. Jacket!?Wet and Press Felts.
PULP SCREENS, No* 1,2.3, (of brass metal.)
(?.-,ler. for any of the above articles, together with Fereirn and Do?
me.ti. Rags, Viiriol, Alam, Twiac, &c? Ac., will in.-, t with prompt
atteution. ml5
rjpHE Subscribers arecoustautl) receiving every description ofPa
i p.-r vsj.i.-h they oder tor sale in lots o. -uit purchasers, upon the
most r.'.a-...i iblc term.. Amons their nx to naive asaiortmeat are the fol?
lowing;, viz i 500 ream- Newspaper 21 bv aY>
raHl do do 26 by M7
Ji?i do do 21 Kv 2S
?-?"?I do do 2.". bv W
3e0 do Jo 28 by 12
V) do do ">jbv-l7
le t da do 39 by 11
1200 do medium printing
.'??S) do .U an.' half .b>
?liW do assorted colored paper
Cs1" .lo envelope paper
Fine and superfine FlCap.
do do cut. plain and ruled
do do Letter do
!>?mi and medium Writiag paper
Cloth paper, it x 36, 28 \ 42, and 36 v 40
? Hardware paper, I- v 23, 19 v 84, and -.11 x 30
Hanging and Wrapping paparof rarious sizea
Newspapei of auv shte made to order af ?bor; notice.
Feb. l_TaVaC.il E. ROOT A Ca 95 Maiden Lane.
rjIME subscribers .re conatautly receiving every description of
i I'..p.-r. which they ofiar for sale in lou tothait pdVchasers. Thej
Uave now in "tore the foBowing, \ir. :
."."o Ream- Newspaper, 26 by 38)
?ssi do .In 26 by :i7
200 do do 24 bv 36
M>1 do do 28 by 12
.V?0 do do Ai by 15
HW) ,!h do* :io by II
"><MJ do do 24 by 36
?rs) do do 34 by 37
I.VK? do Medium and half. "
-asi do Colored Medium.
."ani do Envelope Paper.
Medium and Demy Writing Paper.
Fools* ip and Letter, from the mills ia this country.
500 reams of English Copying Paper.
200 do sup.-r Music Paper.
II ir.h, are and Wrapping Puper, of all size*.
They a ill i ontracl to make Pi inttng Pa| ernfevery size and quality
on short notice, at the Paper Mill, Patersou, Xew-Jcrsey.
mtSTm' PERUSE A BROOKS, No. 61 Libcrty-aL
!,?? WALKER, 112 Fultou street, has just pubbshad a handsome
Lis vulumi ol 720 | ige?, the Addresses am! Messages of the Presi?
dents of the Uuitcd States, from Washington's to Harrison's Inaugu?
ral Ad.Ir.-?. together with the Declaration of Independence, and c?u.
.caution of the. United States, u iik tlx AmendmOHta. Tbobook i- in
disprvssable to the Stateeaiaa and Politician, i.uU no library can be
complete ?ithout it.
F_j' For tfa.who m .y wish if. the publbhechas got up separate
edition, with a highly finished Portrait by J. Ifalj in, Esq. and a non
political memoir of our fatte lamented Pre idem. n2l lmT3mY*
FRENCH I,A.\(;t ttiS: A.X'O -?ii-.s?4-. "?j
1 1 R. '>'.. A. GAI VAIN i- now forming n.-* classes, .ml requests
.?i those who wish_to learn tiie language through Mnnesca'a Oral
Sy item, fconducted in tho true -pint of that eminent author,; to
ni?ke early application. Mr. G. ha. successfully practised tin.
method ofteacbinz for upwards often v.-.r-.
MADA.MK C AT VAIN and her daughter also aoni'inua to give
Lessons in French and Music (tiie Guitar) in the morning to La.li??:
in th.- aiti raoen to Gentlemen. Apply at 397 Broadway, ue .r Wsiker
?treet._ml.'l Iw* I
?J'HF. subscriber respecu'ully inform- bis customers and other-,
? that be has removed from William-street, to the atom formerly
occupied by Mr. Charles Lee, the celebrated I'd... km? Manufacturer,
\o. 265 Broadway, between Warren and Chamber-streets, opposite
the (in Hall, where be ?i!l coauaue to manufacture DRV CON?
FECTIONS of the purest kind, and warranted to keep in all. i
mates. Although ii.<- expenses attendant on so large an establish
mem and in so public n Situation, must necessarily be greatly in?
creased, yel the additional facilities .fl',.rd.,i him in the manufacturing
and sal.- department, both of which being ander In. immediale-i on-.
trol, will ? nable him to sell at hi- usual low prices; an 1 he hopes, by
-.. doing; to merit a share of the public fiv.r. It may not be im?
proper to -:i> that the -ub.cr.t.er i-a practical workman, and has
been engagi 1 ... the manufacturius of Confections Mr upward, of |e;
yeam which he hatters himself entitles him to ?< farorabsa notice
. lv THOS. F. PEERS.
uii a A-:j>s*?f\-s mherrv ? im: bit
U 1 ERS.?The following we. a r.-w of the Editorial Notices :
From the Boston Momiug PosL
Dr. Richardsoa's Sherry Wiac Bitten are an exceUent medicine.
\Veaare taken a bottle of thvm, and are alsont ten years vouuger
m ear fecung.s^ than we were a month aso.
From the Bunker Hi] lurnra, Charleatown.
Dr. Rn ..-.-d-oa-Wttew_The Editor of the Post baa been made to
loci tea years younger by the use of one botde of Dr. Richardson's
Bill. rs. i be ? liilters are qattc poj ular, and prove highly beneficial
I ?. liter oi tl e I'..-: l- certainli good authority in such a ?a..e, and
nis persi ual experience ihould go far towaruaestabli hue; thcDoetorV
*. "aip*. ju-i.
From the Es ex Banner and !l iverhiM Advertiser.
."' t ",r. ?t valuable medii inc. It is the
most safe and effectual ,..??1,. medicine for diseases which .1 profeasea
... cure, that baa ever been discovared. It is 1 omi.1 of different
rpou and plant-. \\ c like the Bitter- because thee are no quack, but
pr-psr:d ov a re-ular practical physician,-who *aays but very little
aaout tuen, him-.t. but |..?ve, for who 11- them to make tloir
?'WV ; "' !-=" *->*l effect, npoa the .v.tcn. We have
used the last ol ourbottte, which we purchased of one of his
aceste,wno?e;name wiU be found on the outside of our paper. \
:= :';,M ?S?t. .-i:.?. holloa, dance,.,r go to
??ork. without r- ? .-..ir i:,y- were .?o? t? be numbered ainoii?
-"? '"? ?? ' " :- these Bitters have cured us, an* we i>e|:,.
irwi bad beeD born again, am! can sir.g (iu our oca lo-cnliar .tvle.
begancduB care," to suit oanclves; and the? who >irh to feel so
t.e. a,,,... resort to RiekardsonS Bitf r-. or there is n>. help for them.
. From ike Lmctll Patriot;
1? the above w? eheerfutly add ,.ur own testimony af the efficacy
cff RwhydaSB , Hitter... They are.excellent for all thc purposes for
A ??-: r-.;.,,u:::ei:ded.
IV F.,r -sie w?oiesalc and ret?:!. hi- A. p.. i D. SANBS, General
Igeat, .J and HA) Fulton-street, and 77 Ka-- Broadway; M inor, Re
? aadway: GassnerSt \?ms. 13a Chatham-St.: Grirr,3S7 Bowerv
' ' i.-t.: J. CoddingdtSon,256 Canil-sr_; T ec
? e:.i:..t..? A. So,,, gg- HutLou-t. Sh.elM.n, 111 Canal-t ?
.'JUu ry- ^ f*Xlh ???'""?: Rinr. M Broadway; John
-rn- 63 W-er> : Badean.J65 B??erv: E. C. Sc E. R Mosa SIM
raad-au; Rottoa, 193 East Broadway Guion, 127 B. we - '?
- A. lord. i.r-E.iwery; KuI,oll, ,7, Broadway. m]{j,,,
- . HVEIfs 1-15,S.?s.
lfcnrZiV:;'P - iTrE?T'ZE ^OETJBLE ME.
l hit F m 1 ' ??*?????'? ? ?30 Falton-aL x. y
lV ,.i,,J' :: ;B Bt^-^ testimonials ,n their &Vor These
/ - 6 I ? r\ 6 / - ;,
?^ovndfvhleh addrc tru tcr. are !o*t. ad ?V*.
/tont, ttutr: naur; tni: .'/uv mAien. urOcst its ey
i.tr? Umg up'jn ?/<r mmJ.. .Arc fniAful utflu
? rraca tu K-nmcledg* icun c K>t of .^^-.*>
MR. TOW.VDROW, Prwf ?- of Steisography, w??H ^
Kj-ect/uDy announce t- Is. Inend* and the public ? r.. *
dial be baa opened the 'bow!esublishjstent, where h?pur-v??
he. ua-n peeuliar amd highly approved Method eY writing 5a
lliva; by means of which, th.- cvact word* of aay puhkc T
-? - anced,aadpreserved " > >r*ir (S^JJ
it- to be read a*, any f-tur< period ? ::h the almost .-r ? tCtm Lw
facility:?therefore, those Lad.-e. and Gentlemen ?),? t.,j **?
treasure up for future study and improvement, the in.:?;. ixceBaatiLv
moos and valuable lecture*, which they may hear. fVora tn?, te
have Ii"?- ? ?sverable opportunity o/aceuiricur a practi??(. 11',,g*<
theoretical acquaintance with ibis trinj tateresting and verya*/'
accomplishment -***e
Lessonsgiven ia School" a_ad P:iiate Pamiliea 'a ?ny p^rt o/ii,
fur an.I it- vicinity when d-.ired. '
I " The'terms-of-lnetruetion, (which cannot prove oth'r-,^ .v.
- tisraci iry, together *it ? the i ...-u-s >:' I.- ..- , '..j. '**
Mr. T. is permitted t<? refer. can be known by appiyinc to haa^
abore^where be wsil al ill time. I h? great plezsare in* eVpbuaiaetii!
peculiarities ofhis system ol Short-Hand, and method oftcrtu.,
same, to such as stay favor him with a visit.
: ? ??.*...!? z
-.' Young Ceuilrrson who are anxious to quail tse-u-eWs,^
port for the press, or teach tin- ?-.ii.iM? and \ ...,r s-nMiW|*
peciallv invited to call, as very flattering inducements can.h?
lo those who may be .1--;.o :?? enrage :u either pur.?:' l?l.
I 1*1. K'?i ,?
i asiatetdy
fr. ?'"?'?f^rfflsit
-i- j ? '?;?'*"?--"*?????
A j : psSaarta ?,
'_J. " "'-"?.'r.^tsea.
-????? ;? ? Ii?. ?,,,
in this respect willbefouas ?
tu tue dien r.-pr.a ted in th -
irou plate, nearly a?t: either
pact in appew 1
rtyle of es
?j me ire-te.! v<|>
-?I. r:wy. The uptyf
?B a uurVs,!^
I" sods o?|v,_^j|
and part- of Ml OUBOe. Each n. irk aad lira-,
ItUM ':c.l i- a !' llam ? I" t.-- . [ i.te or he.^,^
ry . our. ?-esi (br retaibsra, lanMiti^
hi. eech scale .? provided ? ?:-. i .oUT,
in '?<? used at pleasure. Kent cid cao,
?nry accurate,-?taking Is.- t. turn than tat 4
uns and chains,?avoiding all the in. onvtBiencr et
chains ind loose weights; moveaMe it plu.-ir.- and ceinbuin-|j
idvantages. ar.ere?l a \ try reasonable price, by
'ums I- PRINCIPALLY 111 Eg-.
3 Doctor Segur in this Ibnn. It s
stood, m estimating happiness a- well
-t .;e of society a large portion ofce.ir
f Dj spoptic ch iracter ami origin.
tiau X-1 ne, utr.Klucej j,
a I'a. i important to be asses '
ss health, thai in the pre?a
Unerings, both body and uu4
\\ in u. from indigestion and other causey nourishment mthtwe
tem becomes deficient, anil vital cue g) 1- re luced lo 1 point whirs
its economv is disturbed by languid .u minataral aet.en. .h-p-pu
-\ mpt.-1- bogtM to be j ere rptibloiii restlessness withoal pain, and pas
without apparent cause ; and reqairing aid reaching beyond iheeftd
to the original. lutsc.
For all this class of cases, ill is medicine ha- i?-en fouud to be airry
appropriate and successful remedy.
It- character and ?? feet - m I..- ?? lima led :m -erne measure (ioniitt
uuusual and peculiar properties.
I. lu most perfect etTcct is experienced when Ukea aad acthujii
eonnaction w ith the Ibod.
?i. Nouruhim nt 1- ^--i erallj increased during it- use. mu.
X The longer it 1- used tue (ess 1- required to pr.^lsce tbe^au)
Th.- following certificate i- selected, whiah it 1? tkoiich: amply
proves tin- superioi etficacy efthia valuable medicine:
N. m Vork, Sept. 21, I8M.
Mttsrs. A. B. .v I) Sand*?fleet.:?For eight years I was tusdar
tin- care ofdiiTei enl phi sicinas, some of them the most dislinraldisd,
im I my compl dm balHi I all their skill. I a 1- considered by e-^v 10
belaboring under the liver complaint and by others is be eader a
slow bill certain decline. My distress w a- -0 creal .0 time,, thal.t'avh
itself would not have been an uuwel.>? visitor; Every ihlag I eat
caused :re..t distress, and ???t tun.-. I spil blwaj 111 large muuisaevaad
looked upon 111?-elf as a candidate for aiioth r world. Throsgji your
advice I w:s- induced le -'i\e Dr. Sctur', Till- i trial. 1 csnin-nccd
taking-them after eooli meul, and after the first few-doses'feaadary
distres relieved. I continued their use gradually, dimiauhiai the
quantity until I came to do without Ihein, and die distress had ea
tirelv left me. It is nearly a year .inc.- I recovered my dw ,1th?and it
is my advice to all who are similarly afflicted, to use this msi-U-at
medicine. I am v-ur-. sincerely,
r 1.1/ \ REt NOLDS. I 13 Hi.as -t
Sold at wholesale and retail, by A. It. a D. Sands, Druggists, No*. 1
and 100 Fulton-street, and ''. Bast Broadway. inS.Im
??.-II I
of articl
- Im?, as yet olfer -I i?the pub .. . au'd a- such its quaUtii-- -.a.
reaiaiu unapprecinted,..- affording .? rich and I.itiful kttber, whib
i.- freedom from any deleti -non- ingredients lender- th.- operatume
Shaving perfectly easy ind free from the usual suinrtiug >>r irrilabilir/
attending th- use <>f ..ther compounds.
QentleiHcn who are troubled with eutanaoas eruption*, aol w
whom the operation of kbavrng is a trial, <-.iii tin.t great relief sal
satisfaction in ii. use. For ? ?holesala en.I retail, by
JENNINGS .. BENNrTI f, DruggisU, I6? Grecnwicb-st,
And by th- i
.1 Mr.
Perfumers in th.- ? iiv. mi l 1st
? cost uf this
To be had it \?j Grand-street, betwe i. Lndlow and Essex, or-pcsite
Essex Market.
II w (- u" New towntien, n.r the purpose of Bslrisf. It
has been in usu dunnr the I .st seasen, with -iiure siiccess to the
purchasers lo -.;.: ,t notonly given entire satisfaction,ImtUisy
!expressed them ejves a. highly gratitYed with its operstioa,-as
{'????.??r-.' b-.airii! Bread,Mi its,Puddings,Pies andCaki ? t.. aduras,
I be ad* Ullages of tin- Oven over tue .,1.1 plan, are?
r, ,J '- ?'???'i durability of it- ..-.,_-...:? .i ....the cos
Oven batngabeut tu.- half the old make.
-iL I be door being in frunt of the Oven, therebv enablias the par
cnasei to take tie Pa is na? with greater facility, and not in danger of
Burmag rheir Han b ... tl. opening on the lop.
-"??It* simplicity of irrangement being such that aay personal
readily puderst and it spenaion and management
??th. I he ink ?g expense of fuel it consumes, together with lbs
small amount of I.: r .ji,r..i, ,.. , impact form make: itade
sjrable Kitchen Cowj u ??:. ||, t.the ,ab.?nbcr,
that on a fair tri.,1 it wiU sustain the fhvorabSe epinien expressed by
t:.- ?? that use them.
The Or; ? i | Drop Door Oven t?. be !?:.,! ..ft' e sutacriber.^
.... J?a"l ?? ?NBERUILL, 320 Gr-.:.-! st-opp. Essex Market.
vvh.-ro ,,| or.^r- -.m!I be thankfu ly reaeived aacrpunctually attended
ft. B. Old Oveus repaired at the skorte-t notice. a2g Iw
t-a ipivm tuism:-, n;> ??PPORT.
. tA\> ? I bese Instruments have rec. red the decided ?pf-r?
Mtion ot the first medical men in this cou try, Tie- invenur b^> re
' "!VS v :;,|!"'v";- lestfmoniala in th- Mi Iis ' n d
um" vrSt J'jUTn^ of Medicine a.: Stirgt t ?/. I ;.'..'n?r rt markt.)
Ave^have taken pains to inquire of the beet lutberities, .-t"tb?
meni <>: Dr. C's apparatus, and find them ?.:u. b approved by the P'?
fe-aion." . .
(liution Medieal and Surgical JovmaL)
"Dr. Chapiu's Support-r ami Tru-*: John I". Cbapin, M. D.. ?f
New-larlc, th- inventor certainly shows bit a man of os?
hanica]ingenuity: the workmaaship, too, i- taultlem.
Office til Pulton-street ruT 1m
i>3c. .1. HEU ETT,
1 OQSRROCG-STREET, Woo*tec, formerly of Ba*ten>
LOO Practice confined to Distocalioe, 8| r .::-. Hip Diseases,
Rhenmati.-n White Swelling., diseased and eurved Spines, Centrae
tum.. StitTnew, an< weakuessof the limb* in general.
Dr. H's sy-tem is founded on tbt principle of the celebrated Sweat,
of the Eo-twarik R-f<-r?nce? given <ui applicatien to Dr. H. af1 Ist"

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