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?- .....4 4" ! moon sets. ................set-. ?
son *:'. 7 H high water..8 10
? ~? i., rrsT ao*ii > v
?? ifcerpotA; April? I ? 1!"lir' -'.April I v Orieans, May U.
ship. Southport, Herbert, Charleston : Eli Whitney, Harding. Sn
*2fc\i~Ed. Th .in Anderson, Quebec ; II. Wen, Nelson, Charle ton.
I g.rk bio Olicg, North Europe.
griji Impal??, Williams, St. John?; I ncas, It usselL Boston ; Mon
.^rjorgcs?,Apalachicsla; John,Coombs, Baits,1 Alfred Hammond,
- v--..*.*, Boston. {
. Koam, Oakley, Curncoa; Constant, iiernuoa, Astigua : Tip
faaet,Zedeu, Belfast; Page, Mitchenson,. Boston t Naiad, Losing,
!T yQ 'Charle-, Rich, Wilmington; Majestic, Curtis, Prospect; II.
? 5fKiat, Daly, Philadelphia. -
Packet-ship Oxford, Rathbone, from Liverpool 21st April, radz, to
r i| Marshall ... d i...^.i-.^.- a Ca
Pi,.!..''.?lop Rochester, Woodhoitsc, from Liverpool 14th April.
?ate,Woodhull A Miuturo.
Ptcket-sliip Shakspearc, Miner, from Liverpool 16th April, radz, to
?R Collins a < ".
Ship St Mary, Foster, IG ds from NOrleans, Cotton, Ar. to Johnson ?
& Low den.
Wim J."l:n Euders, Bell, K> d- fin St Catharines, hole-. Ate. Hopkins
A Haw Icy. The J. E. brought home those men i barged with setting
are to the whale-ship Manila.
Dri; Pacific, Latour, 15 ds fri Ponce, (PR sugar, to Aymar A Co.
Uns lien ules, IIkmd. G ?I? fm Cberryfieid, lumber, n> rapt.
? Scar. A.\i.. Hartman, 16 <!> fin Montego Bay, (Jam) pimento, Ar. to
Bawson A Brothers.
1 Sehr. Aiieu.ln. Nuker-on, !! d- fin Ko.Mii. ml/, t"
i-ebr. Wm. Seymour, Hayman, I ds fm Baltimore, mdz, to CapL
f*ehr. F. !J. Kin?, South. 'I ds fm \'irr..i. .. roru. A.c.
' BELOW, 3 ships I bark, J km:-.
Notice.?The undersigned, Demists of the city of New-York, re
H><vtf-.ll> inform their professional acquaintanivs* and the public ;it
large, that a person claiming to be a foreigner and a Dentist bj tl ?
nsoi.- sad title of 'M.i.-.rr Mallan,' late of Ludgate Hill, London,
bo* at EM Chambers-streel in this city, Uses for stopping dci u> ad teeth
the identical amalgam of mercury and silver formerly employed for
Ike same purpose by the M--.Crawcour, who destroyed -., mam
vaJuaM.t- of teeth in thi- city about eight \ear- ago.
TL" evidence of the fact above stated i- complete ?ami iueontrovert
jtft, and may be examined by any of otir fellow < titizens who may. all
al the drug store of lla-tor J une. II. Hart, curner of Broadway and
Chambers-*!., where the documents have been lefl by the committee.
An English gentleman who had suffered from the s on.- species of
quackery practised on Iiihi iu London, . ailed :,t the office ofMonsieur
Italian ia Chambers-street, ? ho Glied three of his teeth with bis 1 com- j
poaition,' after whisli the subject of the operation wenl imm 'diately
to the ?llitc of a dental operator, where the stoppings w ere taken ..nt
in the presence offour wituosses. T:.. substance thus taken from the
taeth was delivered by three person, to Doctor J. R. Chilton, whose
certificate i- u- fellows ;
"I have analysed, a metallic compound left with me by Messrs. Soly
man Brown, David N. Park and John B. Rich, Dentists of tin- . ity,
ami !i ivc found it t<> be an amalgam of silier and men ury. It is the
sjin cempound t- *.i- used by the Messrs Crawi ?,?:, some few yours I
ainee. which I ulso aualyscd. Jam-.. R. Chilton, M. I). a..
'? New-York. May 17. 1841."
The affidavit* and certificates which confirm these statement j, to?
gether with the product of the analysis made l>> Dr. Chilton, may bs
?ceii u- above staled at the -lore ?f Dr. Hart, where ulso is deposited
a cop) of the London Dispatch foi the 7th of Man I: lust, coutaiuiae a '
police report in; which Monsieur Mallan of Ludgati Hill is stated tu
have been arraigned before Sir Peter Laurie, for extortion ami gross
iai|>o-it:i>ii, in receiving fr.iui a lady a bundled pounds sterling for a
?ei sf teeth which ?itp utterly useless.
The subscribers might ui.t have deemed it their duty to mal? an
exposure of the malpractices of Monsieur .Mallan, hud he rot already
succeeded iu making dupes of several individuals in thi- city, from
one sf whom he received sixty-five dollars for services performed in
less than live minutes, consisting, as he da. lured, of thirteen stoppings,
at five dollars each ; whereas, wfcen the mouth was examined shortly
aftorby several Dentists, only twoof Monsieur Mallan's tillmgs re?
mained, as will appear fr.cn the certificates and aflid >ut- uforcsuid. I
Printed ropie- of the ilor.iment- to whn.lt ac h nt referred, may be
had at tl.(Bee of . nl.t the subscribers.
l-v\. I. GaCNWOOD, 71 Warren-street,
Spoonbr, 115 Chumbers-siract,
J. Svi in Dodge, 17 Bond-street,
David N. I'.kk. 183 Broadway,
(iBORCe E, HawES, * I'.iri, Place,
J. H. Fostes, Park PI u e,
Jons It. Rn ii. 38 John-street,
II ?pv, v Bvrobll, 310 Broadwav,
J. W. Crane, 5 P.irs I'laee,
Homkk Bostwick, 75 Chumbers-stroet,
Arciiibalo McIlrov, IG Vesey-street,
John Bvrdcll, i'.'1 Cuambcrs-street,
Samuel B. Smith, 90 Chambers-street, i
Solysian Itn-'.rs. 13 Purk Place,
P. Houston, SO Park Pls< e,
Smillie a Sherman, 63 Chambers-street,
Thos. L. Hartness,9G Hudson-street,
l>. Rosseter, Broadway,
Alfreo Wilson, 7!i Chambers-street,
New-York, May 17,1841. Charles S.Rowell, II Chuuibcrs-sircot.
Ii mil doubtless be recolleetod by many, that, some yoars I ? .
call?.! upon to lay before the < itlzeus of New-York a statement of the
iajurtes resulting from the practii u of two notorious individuals by the
?ams of Crawcour, who advertised in stron" language the urn pial .1
and iacomparuble quality of their royal mineral succedaneutn for
Silin" teeth, which beiuganalysed, proved to be natiiing more than a
vile and poisonous composition of mercury and silver; and on their
beiii^- exposed, and indiuted for their sa indling operations, u en com
palled to escape from the couulry.
It a-:an becomes my duty to ?lato that the same roval mineral sue
eodaueum Is no? u--.l by Mnusieur Mallan, lately arrived in t(n> city,
under the name of Ins celebrated mineral past-, as proved by the ana- '
lysis of Dr. Chilton, a distinguished and well known chemist of this i
city, ???hu was also employed to analyse the roval mineral sitccedanc
urn of the Messrs. Crawcour. K. PARMLY.
New-Yoik, May 17, lell.
Ten Thousano a Year.?We learn from the l'.iltior of the N-?
World tii ii that part of thi- remarkable story which appeared ia tie
April No. of Blackwood's Magazine, (the last received,) will appear
in th- New World of thi- w eek, and that the p ut which will coiuc in
the May No. of Blackwood ? ill appear in his journal next w eek. Thus
the numei ous readers of' Ten Thousand a \ ear' n il! be able to obtain
the next published portion of il at the reasonable pritcofa single
?umber of the New W ?rl.!.
.1 r S T PUB I ISH E D,
3 P REV. EDWARD V KIRK'S Eulogy on the late President
Harrison, delivered May 14th, 1841, :.t ihr' Broadway Tab-.:.... I.,
from t:.- Author's Original Manuscript. Orders may he left at the
Office of the Iris, C17 Broadway. 1'ur sale at all the principal Book
atores'in the city. ml.", ?f
U ITHlTcrHSiI S-txt-hata^e S.yrciim.-A Monthly Mect
fcagof the Universal Exch:ngeLyceum will be held utthe Bi Iford
atre.-t Metliodisi EpUcopvl CburcV oa Friday next, at half-past
7o'clock. P. M. Several gentlemen irr expected io address the
Me'-ti!.,-. Rev. IL O^Shclden, from Ohio, is expected to give an ac
eouat >?:" First Lyceum Village, und of, the progress of Scientific
Ex. hange? 11 the West. Adi ::tt ai.-.. free. 1/i.li-s and gentlcmeu are
lit ite.l to .itleud. nil? 4t
3 ' Xlsc Soutlscris S.itcrur) !Tle??cnjser t May lud
Jun- will be issued leget! er?a double number?un the l?i of June. ?
[t will contain two powerful articles; one an the American Navy, by
Lieut. Mayo, and the other on Texas and its Rcvoluli a, by Dr. La
clere, long a resident of that hiteresting country. Subscriptions for
this sterling Monthly at f."> per annum a;;- received at thi? office, 30
Ajui-ttrceL i?13 )
0 ' t'onsijiurs per ship WELLINGTON will please obta .
their permits without delay. All goods uot peruuttevl by ??d insLarc
ha!.;.- to be sent to publ: t. re. nil'.1 tf
3 CorSklQSH-Cw per -i.il. <;i:o. \\ .t."s|ll\(iT??N ?l.'i pl.-a-e
?obtai:. their permits without delay All goods not permitted within I
Jivo 6>v ?re liable to be sent to public store, tt*der general orders.
ml9 tt
ill ?1 v r i C C :
Ih tin- citv. May 18, J-Sn Wood; to Ann MacFarlan.
May I-. K. i. P. i;. Stevenson, to Cornelia s. Prince.
At Nowcastle, DcL Mhv l?, LieuL William S. You g, V. S. N. to Sa- :
vah Ss Bmek.
At 9l Augustine, May f.. Lieut. Lawrence Ps Graham, U. S. A. to
Juha Hutchinson, New-York.
7?. i r a ?
At Towanda, Bradford Co. Pinn, on Wednesday, Ma\ Edmond ,
Do)!--, cii.i engineer, aged 25, < son of John Hub-, bookseller, of
this city.
At Princeton, UL, May I, Mary Swift, i-l<i.-t daughter ofCapu Sam?
uel Swift, She was.drowned in attempting to cross the river with hvr
fcthcr and si-t.-r who proi hJentially -.-i aiasd a similar fate.
(I AN?L ES?300 boxes Sperm Caudles, for sale bv
J u,20 t;KINAKI.L. M1NTURN a CCTSSouthst
1> Sis COFFCB 35?O bags prime green Rio Coffee, for sale bv
X n& GR1NNELL. MIN PURN a CO. 78 South st
? ^XC? t??? I SS -?.'?It'tv f..t-. NO, ICOaiid ;allon.<s for s;.!,- by
I mtM GRINNELL. MINTURN & CO. 78 South sl
Ol ?.!?i.-7m> cal... Winter pie-?d Sperm Oil
WHO " Fall -trained do do
?ICO0 " Sprin; do do do
tksX) " Elephant do
G0O0 " K. hue.! Whal I do
:tsA) " Lin-ecl. English, Da'.^h aad American
irsW " t?liv-e IV.l
150 bbls Liver, Strait-, Bank au.1 Shore
txs) ?? Tanners' Oil
53 ?? Neaufoot <>i?. f"r sale in krti to -oil purchx-sr-.
sa?Otf by K. W. VAN VOORHI5 "Jto Front-si
wine*, fruit??, ??.
'I'Iiil -uo-criberha? now in sture, and is daily reccivingfrom enrgn
I and other sales at auction, t variety of articles in the Gieoejj
line, purchased, and otf.-re.| in lot- :.? -mi: d.'-der?, Bl a \.rv trit.in?
advance His motto. " -.moll profit- an.I frs.;iie:.; cash -ab-," which,
with a? ever changing -t.? k. er. .!,!??- hin. ul-sy. to offer something
new in the way of bargains to his already natneroas ancT co?itan?j
increasittf list of custemers, to whom he no* oSTers, as follows, nz
RAISINS?Whole boxes, according mqnalitj. 75 u-. to SI perbox;
Mi!f do "..--I fair arti. !_-. >??
Whole da prime Bancb,#l SO.
Hain s :.ml quarters, in proportion, according to qualiy.
Stay rnas, in frails, 2 cents pvr lb.
do half kegs, first quality, gl ?0 per keg.
BRANDY PEACHES?300 glass j u-a. fine irticle.at IT.cen:
PEARS, Ac?i?' ? ;? ? I ?
BORDEAUX IXNISETTE?2 large bottles.ket, ...
ASS'S. CORDIALS--* large square bottle, at 53 35 each.
IS long Isnttlcs. at $3 50 eacb.
PICKLE!?IS'glassjars ini is?, at S3 50 each.
ANCHOV !E PICKLES?12 glass jn?, in< - at ?2 5 I each.
V IM ?.
far- jui.-i Port, splendid article, and. as the name t:nr .- per?
fectly our'. for sale in pipes anil quarter casks, or h- the gallon, in
order to ..ccominrJalc those ?bo may wont for family use. Th
Wme is of first quality, and i- particularly recommended to those
wanting what i- seldom to be found, a pnre article. Very superior
p .I- and brown Sherry' of the Cortes brni .. now uude'r Custom
House lock; also a variety af low priced Wines in wood and gloa?
100one and two gallon demijohns, l(U basket? Venus brai : Cham?
pagnes landing-from Havre packet Iowa, a i.m superior Wine put
up im themost beautiful order; 150 baskets Anchor; in ? piirt-. at R50
per basket;50 baskets Le Mureelial Ney. a ?.-n fair Wine ia good or?
der J". per basket... 109 tili? boxes Hyson Tea, fair quality, at 56 i is
par ll> . .On consignment,from manufacturers, Ol-aver'- Pan :.; Blue
in 10 and 301b i>o\e-. No. 1 at 1." cu, and extra at 20 i :? per jwmud.
No. 1 brown Soap, good quality, 4] cts: extra at Sets; vcryprime
quality,, pale yellow, \\r lamily use: white Soap, 5. ct* per pound;
Parmelee'a superior Can.lie.. A.-. Ac Ac
mSOCti. THEODORE WALSH. No. - I W..11. . or ? r Fr< <t.
TIh- packet-whip <- I. a diator, for London,
?dl sail Friday, 3!.-t lust.) at 12o'clock.
Passengers will please !?? .m board, foot of Maiden lane, at
that hour, Letter-Bags will ..lose at the Men haut'- Exchange at half
past IL _tn30_
I JIITt'IIEL, Lamp Manufacture. ad retail. 164
? " ? Broadway, ia the r.\ir.? Lamps, Lanterns and Girondoles made
to order, at the lowest prices Repairing aad bronzing promptly at?
tended to. m30 3m
FOR is PEMCE, kxh.ai.'i riEi: i. u>it>.
a'l'.s. f..r Eighteen pence you can gel a good Linen Handkerchief j
I st \NS' new Lace Hosiery and '.love store, 316 I!..w ry.
That is the place for cheap Laces, Collars and Gloves. H.Is..
Collar- 1?.. I.:...- 1 cent anil upwards. Itla.-k Lace Shawls, Veils,
Cbantillado..Musliu do., Cheap! Cheap!! ( heap mSO lw
AMl.i.A HEMP?100 bales
GRINNELL, M1XTI RN .\ CO. 75 S tail
DOLT ROPE?400 coil- Bolt Rope, i sale U
i> m30 GRINNELL, MLNTURN & CO. 7? South at
f ?O.VWNT'M Fashioaabl Hat Establishmaot. No 2S0 Gr.I
street. New-York. _in2- 3ia'
8 Als.., Cabinet Furniture, ? heap for cash, at
mSO if STR.ATTO.VS, 350 P...*,-rj.
DLEACIIED and an lea > ! Ilefiiu I Whale ??II, in lot ?
1> suit piirrha-n.. I.v E. W. VAN V? iiik HIS. U- li.mt ?? a 3->
A ' A Is pets.?The subscriber invites the attention ol Merchants
" ' from the Country to the balance of bis-stock, Carpets, which be
will close -.t very low prices. .1 .v W. SMI 1 11.
m30 5l Commission Merchants, 31 Cedar-sL,up stairs.
MEDIATOR, ( h .a,;.!
!VE, ANI> ONI.a! <?>*.. Lc unotiv. Card Pi
removed to 107 John-street, 3d door from Pearl.
Card- at ..! 7.'. per thousand.
m20 Im W.M. R. FOLGER. Engraver and Printer.
irTERRITTS v PAGE are opening at their -tors-. Nos. 100
.** Bwwery aad 335 Grand-street, a full aad spli ndid assortloentof
the above goods, comprising th; latest patterns, which tney will sell at
pnee. well worthy the attention <<i the publn. Also, Britannia
Ware, plated Castors, .vs. m'JO Imis
V 1' Flfl I:<iM---' ticrci ibi sali !??
11 u.3' GRINNELL, MINTI RN A f'O. 7-So^th ?t.
4 <H>TI,HEN'M Ml'.?IM ER HATS.?Leghorn and
" I Straw lints of every description cleaned or dyesl, and.pressed a
fashionable shape, al L PIGNOLET'.S Dving Establishmet,
m-'il I in No. 3 Barcla.. or 467 IVarl--!.. m ar Chatham.
JO jin ItltOCEA.
/ (HEAP STORE lor American and English Fine Gold Jewelry of
" every d.riptiou; Gald and Silver Wutehcs, bi pvniucnl makers;
Silver Spoons, Kork-, Ladles, Ton"?, Butter-Knives, Suekiug Tubes,
and every article in the Silver line. The Silver warranted e.jmil to
any sold in the city. Gold and S:l? .r Spea taclcs aad Thimbles; Sil?
ver Plated Goods with rich -dier mountings. Also, - vorj large as
sortmenl of Fancy (i.m.iI-, too numerous to name in an advertisem.
t'loeks and Watches bought al tins store arc warranted.for twelve
months, or i xchangi d if not approved of. Money in no instance re?
turned. Clock? and Watches bought or taken in exchange. Ever.t
description af Clocks, Watches and Slusical Boxes cleaned ami re?
paired by first rate workmen, and warranted. Gold Jewelry made t.?
order, from the tdie-t quality of Gold, and of superior workmanship,
with neatness and despatch. All kinds of repairing done at a mode?
rate charge. Gold and Silver bought, or taken in exchange for Jew?
elry, W inches, Silvi rware, Fancy O.:-. Sic Dirk-ami Dirk Knives,
with and without -il?'-r tie.'inline-, and a variety of Scissors, Pocket
Knne>. Tweezers, Jfcc. stc. Sec English Jewelry and SilverG.I
bought to any amount. ni20 If
-.'iTijlib' l-i Idth, aud 20th ol every month.?Thiv. line of packets
"^~will hereafter be com].I of the following ships, which will
succoad each other ia the order in which they are named, sailing
punctually from New-York and Portsmuutl.tin- I-;. lOth.and 20th,
and from London on the 7th 17th. and 27th of every month through?
out the year, viz:
From lftie-1'ork. London. Portsm'tk.
i Jan. !....( Fek 17..,. ( Feb. SB
ST. JAMES, Seise ?.\ Mas I.... ? June 17.... ? Jane 20
I Sep. 1 ... (Oct. 17-(Oct. 20 !
rJaa. 10.... ( Feb. 27....< Mar. I
MONTREAL Griffin.} May 10._.{ June 27..?sj July 1 i
fSep. \f> .. (\h; tSi?. 1 ;
( Jan. '^U .. ( Mar. "....( Mar. 11
J Mm 20... juiv -...:<; July 1?
r Sep. 20_( N-" . 7_f N"v. n
(" Feb. 1-t Mar. IV ... f Mar J'l
. ? June I_< Julv 17.... ? Julv ?:?)
r O. t. 1.... / Nov. f Nov. 20
r Feb. 10.... i Mar. 27.... ( April 1
. ' June 10.... . Julv 27.... ? Aug. 1
(Oct. 10_( N.o. -r._/ Doc
r Feb. ?-??>... ( April 7 .. (April 10
QUEBEC, II b.rl .{June 90....<* Aug. 7... <*Aug. 10
( Oct. 20: .. (Dec. 7_( Dec 1" '
r .Var. I-f Aprd 17_( April20
nill. VDELPM1A, Morgan . 2 Jn!? I.... ? Aug. 17....- Aug. 20
( Nov. 1.... ( I?..- 17.... ( Dei 20
( Mar. 10....< April37_( Mat 1
SAMSON. Starges .? Julv 10....?? Aug. 37....<JSep. I
( Nov. in.... ( I?,-,. 37.... f Jan. !
. Mar. 20. . t Mny 7s... ( Mav 10
PRESIDENT, Chadwick.? Julv 20 ...<Sep. 7.... '>ep. in |
(Nov.-.0 ... (Jan. 7... (Jan. 1'.'
C April 1... ' Mas i7_( May 20
ONTARIO. Iluttleson. Aug; I....vSep. It.... Sep. 30
( Dec. I.... ' .l ei. 17 ... ( Jaa 20
C April 10_f. Mnv 37_f June I
TORONTO, Gr.sv M. . ? Aue. .'<> .. Sep. 37 ... ? Oct. 1 .
( Dec lo.... f Jan. 37 ... i Feb. I
f April 20.... (June 7... .fJaai 10
WESTMINSTER. Moore. < Aug. 20.... a Oct. 7.... u,:. I
( Dec 20.... < Feb. 7.... ( Feb. 10
These ships are :.!! of ths first class, about 7W ton- burthen, ami
are ci mmauded by able and e\pi rienced navigators. Great care has
been made useof in :'.declion of furniture, bed*, Ar., and the
price of cabin passage i.wfixed at $100 outward, for each adult, I
and children half pneirr without wines or liquors of anj ilescriptioa,
Neither captains uor owners of the u'.sve packets ?ili !>.? rr-p-n- j
slide for aus letters, parculs or packages sent by them, unless regular
bills of lading are signed therefor. Appls :..
GRINNELL, MINT! It n a i n.. 134 Fr ?;:?.-:.. or to
aaSOtf JOHN GR1SWOLD 70Soutli-streei. New-York.
o 1 !> R E S S U B T i I. E .
f rAIRY.excrescences, if not the greatest, are perhaps the mast cams
I I moa drawl icks to personal appearance. Theski.s may possess
Parian purity of c >r. it may be heightened by the bloom of health,
ami rich with the smoothness of youth : but if these attractions are on- ?
scured b) en overgrowth of Hair, the: advantages they would,other?
wise vleld their pi.far, arc immeasurably la-t. Dr. FELIX (SOC
RAI b> POI URKS SI UTILE have been fount! highly efficient ia
removing such disfigurement. When applied cold, this preparation is
used In some in lieu ofa razor for removing tie- beard, whi. h it effects
with niore east, with a- much rapulitv. .:. .. mure saU-fa-ti.ry ::.ai.n"r
und at 1.-vr..1::-.'. while a! :!ie same tinm it leaves the -km soft and
delicate to the touch. To uproot ihe beard entirely it must te- applied
warm. It will also destroy the Hail a-hea found toeacrnsch upoa the
forehead,and will rid one of many-little annoyances in the shapeof
furze, or strngshug and -u, . r:lu?n-locks. In fact, tt i- a valuable i|>
pendage to the to?et, an.l ?ii! !?.* found -ueh by thos.- who may have !
occasion for use. Purchasers cau sec the preparation tried, if rx
quired. $1 per bottle.
(iOITRACD'S L'EAU DE BEA?TE.?Tliis ineatlraal - Frea :.
preparation thoroughly exterminate* eruptions, ton-phnples, freckle?,
redress, and allcutnneoa: uaperfectrons whatever; array, ti.e neck,
b m.ls and arm- in rav ishing ? hitcness, bestow s on the complexion ju
venile bloom, renovates beauty whea on ike decline; raalizvs itwkea ,
In fore absent, aud ;uslaiiis it- prisbce splendor t? tue lat< per h1 of
life. To mothers anrsing their children, in healing teeenass aad re
d:icing ianamma?oo,-and tocentlemoa ia allaying.irritability of th*
face after shaving, Dr. Felix Gourauda I'.-.-t de Beaute will be feuadaa j
infaBitda specific . I
terialli from (lowers aad simples, imparts a beautiful c iraatioa to the
Skin, 'imuioveable by rubbing with the tineer-. handk. r. -i". linen
chstb, or bv porspirati?n. 50 cents per botL :.
j pre, ired by D;. FEL1? GOUKAI D, 67 Walk-,- .-:r-et. twe ?
door from Broadway, and fur sale ia this city only thrrc. Dirseur^
aceompany eacb buttle.
New-York?G. L. Bros a, Luc... Ja red Gray, Po-j^hkeen-ia.
Peuii-vl? .au?Mr-. Itro?n. 7ii t*h.--t! al s'_ Philadelphia.
Maryland?Mra. Scbaper, ;k: Baltimore -t. It.lti-iore
Virgiuia?Frazier, opp. Dr. Plummer'* Church, ll'.chxeni.
Maar i hascttv?J. E. Field A E. J. Bull, hoe.
Connecticut?E. C. Fsrre, Middle town. W. Faalkr.er. Norwiek
District of Columbia?S. ParLer. PtMtr.-v'.'*aia Aieau'. Ktweci
i:h aad lOta ?iraet..
G R E A T F \ C I I. I T V
>cw-Yorli Caxb Tailoring K?i.-il?li?iitn?'nt.
142 Fulton-street, iu tr Ilro<zJm?y
XST From ?!rhi?<.n to twcnty-foer boors ooly is required tr furi.i?h
a (ad -uit. made sad trisrni?.; ?;-. .? style not -urpa.-e.i by utjrhoaM ;.n
thecky, it i Favins ofAO ;.*r eoot trow Br ?adway pr:. >?-. Strangers
arriving in ib.-1 ity ? ill 4V well t# cuil and examine our stock af Su?
perfine Cloths. Cassimeres and Vesting*, -.?bicli ?dl always br found
large uu i well selected. Also, a fell a.--?.rt:.-ici.t of Drab d'Ete I'j.s.
mrret?. and oti.er Stnum-r Goo-.- bought exclnsivela/ for Cash.
Strict punctuality alwavs obsi rved i fitti ig orders.
A fea Ready-Madi Garments kept oh handier the accornatodaxiea
of tho^e wishins tn leave the cm at - ib >rt notice.
i-f Caeh or, delivery, and uo abatement in pne.-s.
N B.?Mr. M. GiTL#ao warthe bead of the Cutting Department
devoting bis *;,?!,? ru that hra,. i, < i" the business, thereby ena?
bling him to consult the wishes and tasiis of our various customers.
Particular attention paid to suiting Pants
m4 tf J. C IVXiTH. Agent
t.4?n tailobim; i>taki.i>um>m .
223 Broadway, Amertc.ir. Hotel.
Tj~ It bad long beena subject Of complaint with those who were in
the habit of paying re.,.i< money for their garments, that they an re
taxed for oth"r'? delinquencies ; this b-d to as strii t adherence to Cash
sales, thr^njri urn* h the desideratum of ::vin: satisfaction to custo?
mers, and orlcri?; inducement- t? others, eueld alone be accom
TJie-subscriber is new in receipt of a large assortment >fu< "rat.d
fashionable goods for spring wear, w'oirh ar- ?fT..r?>,i for the in>]iei tiou
of th<- Publn uadi r the a-- ;ran:e that the slyls and fu?i?h if garments
wiH comport with any other hmr-e in the trad.-. -? btl-c the reduced
prices cannot fan l? rtfer inducements to purchaser-.
Strangers in the city requiring garments woulJ do well tecalibe
for? pur. basins elsi wh< re. WM. T. JENNINGS, A:e:it
aih- if Late LmA- A Jenrsinrs.
\?. ii! Fsilton>*treel,
lm* lllnti-iKl.YX. a2s
I <>.? Elsn, between Walker ami Canal-otrcct*.
-?10ACH AND SHOW CASE MOULDING, of ever) description.
1 A. ...> >? ?-;. .-.: Miotai* r.ip Mounties: B.'oek "Letter. Hnbb
Bands, llol'ter Tips Bridle Front-, and every other article in the
lair attended to with neatness and despatch.
N. B.?Silver Plated and bra-- Door Plate-. Also, Chun h pew
Number Plates :u..!'- and engraved at the -iio-te-i notice
mit? Im- MILIjEK A CRANE, 103 Elm-street, N. Y.
rptli: PI BLIC arcrespectfulh invite I to call atHouston-street,
1 between Columbia nnd C.nnou. ind examine HARRIS'S. IM
PROA ED .-' MMKK OVENS. They urc thought bj those ? ?? h ive
used t!:. m t>- !." superior ta a..;, thing of the Kind > el invented, a- very
little tire i- required bj them to Bake, Boil and Fry at the -a;::e time.
They are ..!-.. * irrantcd t>. perform the above, or the money ?> i i V
refunded. (tEORGE HARRIS, 56 llouston-streeL r-j l ? I -
! II17T?1CISj5sE?, Mtinufactur. f SI -. B- Col
t's lar-. a... wholesale u.id rebul, No. "?- Cbatliam-st., New^York.
A large r,n.1 most fashionable assortmi at of gentlemen's Scarfs and
Cravats; Gloves and Suspenders; Silk and Cambric H?nden thief::
Silk, Cotton and Merino Shirts anil Drawers; Tights; Silk, Cottou
aud Woollen half Hose.
All of which are offered to the public al mu^h lower prices than
thev can be purchased ..t any other establishment in the city.
.V It.?lb.it Club Fancy Sinn- and Caps on hand, or made to
order._ml" im
IOll\ If A till.TON ...!.-. f..- .- Hudso
? ? ail e\teu-iw a-?ortuieu; of 'troinlel.eh-. I'assimere-. Satinets,
tiambroous. Linen Drill- atnl Vestings; Garment and Furniture
Calicoes; Cambric, Jaconet. Mull; Nansook and Swiss M?-Jtns;
Silks, Shawls, Mousselui dc Laines and printed Lawn-: Damask,
Thibet. Wool. Broche ...! Crape Shawl-; Handkcn hiefs and Scarf?,
Tuscan und Straw Hats, from Si t? $3; tawn Hat*, e* I0s. l&.;
Damask Linen Tabli Cloths. Cd. te yt >?* h ; In-h Linen, 2s; Gd.
to Ss. per yard ? Hosil ri and Gloves, in great \ inety.
Milbners and Tailors supplied; Artificial Flowers al Manufactur
A l":r-t rale Milliner wanted. mir ??, dlf
riVaiTKI CTIOIVfll . Drawing nnd Painting, in oil iad - itei
I colors, will tie aiven by Mr. F. W. VVHITLEY, at in- Painting
Room. No. 112 Fulton-strecl, ami at bis residence, corner of ?.1 street ,
and GLs avenue, where the most ample provision is made to instruct
'?.is pupils in the above branches, by furnishing ih.-:u with opportuni
ties of studying from nature. m!9 tm
CTEA1HBO ITS, HOTELS, &c. W indow Blinds and
i3 Pinlurcs ef all kinds neatly executed, on moderate terms, by Mr.
MILLER, No. IU Fulton-street mU) Ire
4f?&-M> Mays?The Pucket Slop GLADIATOR, Tbomas Bi ttoa
-^"'uia-t-r. *..,!! sail.... bso-. b-r regular d iv.
For passage or freight, having sup. nor accommodations, apply on
board, foot of Maiden lane, or In
ml- GR1NNELL, M1NTURN ? CO, > South -t
*f&packet-sbip GEORGE WASHINGTON, A Burrow-, master,
"""Sril! sail as ibo-..-. her regular day.
For freight or passage, having superior accommodations, apply on
boars), foot of M nidea-lane, >.r to
mli'tf GRLNNELL, MINTCRN & CO.. 73 South-strei
VA HOLES I LE ?II?: \?' < As* II
O William street has on b ind Stocks. Bosoms, Cellars, Gloves,
Suspenders, silk and cotton Shirts aud Drawers, Cravats, Ac All
kinds and qualities of the above articles. Merchant* an it\:-.I to
call; ml- lm
CJAND PAPER.?00i ? b?
k? ml'Jtf PERSSE a BROOKS. 61 Liberty-street.
t> Bleaching Powder, for sale bv
m!9 tf PERSSK .v l!VU<?KS. til l.ib.-rrv.-trovt.
O ALT.?1000 sacks Liver|sool Salt, on lusard ship George Wa.h
O ingt-n, for sale by GRLNNELL, MINTCRN a CO.,
Ilil!? tf 7- So.ith---r-?t.
(<oal.-60 tons Liverpool Coal, -.. ship George Wash?
ington, for sale by ' GRLNNELL, MINTUttN A < l>..
mid tf 7.- Suuth-stre?t.
i i Shirtings al 6 1 pet yard, for sale bv
i,,!- r. HULL. 7j Catlmrine-st
I I BROWN >ti EETIA'GX -?; Indes heavy yard w^sji
-*?"-? Sheeting! at Gd per yard, at 71 Catharine-st
j RIStH !.IM:>s .- ting Lioens?AL-o leto.-u
s p.-riin. from 3s5 i? is per yard?full ?-'?) per cent less than usual
OR1NTED i.A \% N?? :;
E mir ?'. R. ill LL, 71 Catharine -t.
AR9EILLE.*i t}l l I.Ts? ?500 issorted
sizes from j ' tu $12 for ? de bv
13 c !. HULL, 7! Cath u
r>KIiNTSi>?B.... . v ird - ide Print rnrdjliai Isoi n
1 new styles Dov< . ud Fall Biverat '<?: splendid London Prints
new vnd rieli designs froi i ! ?5 to 2s per vard?ju-t received bv
ruld ' C. K. lil'LL. Catharine-t
w H '.Wi.* Ricl mask >?.. '- also; i-mbd Scarfs iu
great variety?just received at C It. HULL'S, Carl ml
s*H.KK-- V -. Hi k if rich figured plain a .1 -tr:,!.- Silk,
i^ now offering at "i Catharine street at reduced prices;
mlSiUtis " c. ;;. HULL.
1 J. AV. eV S. DARKER, in Grand street ive just re?
ceived, in addition to thair former large sioc f.. severe thousand dol
! ,r- worth of S Ik C JJies, Mousseline de Lames, Bombaziass, Tar
lioni -. rs n ^?.lk and Satin Shawls, Itrit.-ii and French Prints,together
with a great variety of Domestic <7w.?l.. seUing at ?r.-u:U reduced
.1 sertment, just received rora the manufactures at Sheffield, En:
gland; I nd for sale at unusual low- price-, vt the Hardware store, 1*0"
|liv;?a>u-str.-st. in 17
R APERY JIX'SiLIN?*.?A large f Bi Em
bro?lered Drapery )>asbn, for sale low, at
asi?tf P. GREGORY A SUN'S. 17.? Spring-stre
P RENTED \-,\ NS?W irrai ! fast colors and . .: ma
I'.UtDSAl.L ?'. iti'Kl!'?L'il!>. 1?.I I7ra;:.i ?? r
J ? GREAT RAIwt.A5.vss ir. DRY GOODS at
rUKJCElVS, it Grar.J ?tri-''- All :n ?aut of gvsd ami cheas f?ajds
will do well to try ibis noted e*uUi*hm%nt a2?> tf
MATTING?At tasty rat's prices, imtwit?standi .: thi embargo '
at Cant.-a. A general assortment, ?-4,5-4 snd C-t at 150 Grand
st.cor.of Cent/ by |>IKI?S >l.l. .V HIMl'd liitS. ai.
rTNION B\> K.?The Notet the I M itreal
? wiH in- taken a: II p? cent. d;.-r-.unt. bv
ml" I? Ii. GR \Y .v ?;?.?.. 60 V.
V . 5. . > ? R T 6 > .
4 I i> Broadway, corner of CrsaaKotrect.
Entrance fron OanaUstreeL mi tf '
I>li. J. \. SCHERBEB,
No. ?? "*Jiii ray.st.. r.t-ar Broadway. Im'
4 FIRST RATE article of Rou.-.l and Plat.-.-.- B.-a.-. can atway. he
-'V fooisd at JAMES MOFFET, IS1 Prince street, acarWooster
at the lowest tnark.h jtic--. IA?-ms- a ?crv supenar axticb- of
Cooper's r.ra-. i^j
wi iii? beet se:e:d. - ? ' "l ,be
O Repository of ti..; American Insutu1.-, in the Park. mit 1?"*
6? BLEAfllED SUEETINCa-.l-.peryarJ.it
mt* ai3 BlKPSALL A BtsRROVGB8, !7o '. :or Centre
Rl !*. DK % !*FR, Jr.
Stare "i4 II "illiam-street, corner of Pine-street
THl'RSD\ . at I" o'clock at the Au.-::on Room
i PACKAGI s-?.i.i:,.( FRENCH GOODS^IOO package* ifFreac.
I H -mN. comprising a c?3er:I assortment ot" -lapl- ,oa! faun . articles o
"?-nt importation?a: ,:\ month* credit. Catalogue*aad'samples 01
the morning of'*a!e.
FRIDAY . '.i.-t. at 11 ./clock at the Auction Room.
LEGHORN HATS?150eases, received per recent arrival*.
Ca:>'oc*es aBJ .simple., ou the morntnc of sal*.
S?TURBAY, 12 o'dsck at the Anctioa Res m.
WINE?A choice selection of Bordeaux. Rhine and other Wine*,
consisting ia p art of the following?St Km.lien. 1537; St EstepheJ&S;
SI Julien. :-'C; Chateau Margaux, IS35, in casks. Also, in bottle, S:
Emeilui. iSB; St Juliea, 153* St Estephe. IrSlt Elv.-rtti Marcanx.
do Copei soils Comet, IS34: Mrs tux d'Exaprey, Ia38; Parte! Co
[ 15; ?? 7 ... .? r, >'-7 l-;>5: St Japrn Cnbaerus. Irtl5: Cha
teati Haut Urion, 1381: <;.'??. i .k Itn R....>. Ie35s Palmeri Margerum.
!?.:. an : I S3 S. Juliea Leovtlle, !-.".">; Chateau Lnfitta, 1335. 1 ?-.'.' in 1
!5J4: Margaux. 1525; 450 11 sees. Bordeau Claret. - "
Vlso. 20*1 baskets verv superior Champagne, Ac. The above are
fromthi bouse of Pro en ..a. Ban labattsea of Bordeaux. These
win ? are ? art nt< I to be as repr sented.
Also. 150 . a...... 1 each. Stock Wines, of verv superior iliry,
oft.:- bouse i fGogel, Hoek A Co. Frankfort.
Also, 50 . isks. I doz each. Sparkling Mosseile, of same house.
Also. I00d?>z rerv superior Moselle, from the house ofDterland A
silk <;uons.
V. O W E > A 51 C *t A Jl ?: E.
of staple and fancy SILK GOODS, embracing almost ei?ry variety
of it vie adapted ;j the season, making an assortment worthy ofaotice,
0/4 CASES FRENCH PRINTS, entirely new -r>'?.. ?Hit?, m
mm\J colored, an.l black grounds, ?hieb will be sold to?-r thai: the
u?ia! east oflnrportation.
Sea*** PARIS MUSLINS, rich Chine, S-itin striped aad figured,
? ne* style*.
20 cases PRINTED LAWNS, of every variety, ? lite, m ?ie colored
and half: to truing grounds.
."? ? is i CHINE SILKS, extra rieh, striped and figured, adapted
, tw city trade.
10 case* super blue black and mode colored satin ?triped PEKIN
10 eases P..r> MVS LIN OF I.VINES, plain colored, plain and
colored SATIN STR1PKD. rich figured and striped. Ac
3 cas.rtra rich 3-4 black and mode sol,.red sILK SHAWLS.
vsri.e.. qualities.
2 ....... SILK SCARFS: plnia and fi.'ure.I black, extra ruh Came.
.'? 1 .. . men's, womsa's ?::?! m. black, white aaJ cvlored KID
GLOVES, .. complete assortment. Bijou's Cboseom, and Noirot a
Rai..!, manufacture.
5 -,.e. e\ir.. rkh CAP and GARNITURE Ribbons, cntirelv new
styl -. PLAID, KR?CHE FIGURED; striped ans! fig'd Chine, Sic.
'.'I eases .tip.-r white, black and mole colored French Breche
Shawls, new patteras.
?>.1 irr.-at variety of other goods; consisting of Bombazines,
Italian Lustrings. Lace Veil... Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs, Filet
Gloves and Mitts, Situ Vesting"* .Laces and Embroidery. India Sa
tin?, Sucban IVngee, French Crapes .Vc. Ac which are offered at
TER EST. for approved pvi .r _ml2 2wi
"AXTEB-Boys with 1 ?.;>.:.! of 25 Inquire al the
.1 ::?e rods west of Tamnuinv Hall. nr.''1 if
',i'V\TKI)-l Chambermaid; American, English or Scotch
11 Also, a Waiter. They must understand their I usiuess and
com well recommended. Apply at90 Na**an-*tre?t. a20 If
El* ANTED?A girl from IC to Id years ofage, to 1 ke 1 ire ifa
it small child and to do its n ishing and ironing: She must coma
veil recommended from her last place. Apply immediately at X...
7 7 Broad* .v. between Fourth -t. aad Washingtou Place. ui20 tf
I\* ANTED?At I "' R-we-v. Am-ri.au iu.1 German sirls for
? I rood situations in the City an.l Country. mi? It".
\1 "ANTED ?V V.7 Hudson-street, 1 Partner, with 1 .apital of
fl from$330 to$500, in agenteel and very profitable business.
Also wanted, a number of dry goods and grocery Clerks, aad two
Bartenders, Parier?. Waiters, Coachmen, Farmers, Gardner?, and
I..!- f..r ..trie-.-. _? nrJO If
It * VTED.-R spectable t .indie, who annt faithful and trust
vl worthy servants, are invited to call at 456 Broadway, near
Grand-street, where Servants, with the best of references, are always
to be had?American, English, Ir.-'. Protestant*, colored, male and
female. Terms, one dollar a year for all the servants required.
m20 ti" S. W. GOODFREV.
AN TED-A Philosophical Apparatus. Apply at No. 7f
Hammond-street. ?19 2t*
\ \ ' ANTE l> ? In an office, a young lad. 12 or I ? vearsof tig?, '
m who is of steady habit*, writes a legible hand ind disposed 10!
improve hi- mind. Suitabl.mpeosatiou given. Apply ,.t No.
Nassau-street, back room, lir-t floor. ml9 3l*
' A N T 51 D.? \ Book-keeper, whose evenings disengaged,
Id liscemploymeut in writing. Address W, T. J. at this
offii e. ml- I?'
\irA.\TED?By a 3.h..I practical Book-keeper, 1 situation
v'v in a Dry Goods Jobbing Store. Refers to present employers
Address 'Gregory,' at thi- office. ml" 'Ja
\CCOVNTANT?One entirely compet? 1 range intricate
partnershtp accounts, to close:.ncarn. may luve a few .lay,
etnplo; mcnt by addressing PaaTMisas, at the Tribune ofSce, with re?
ferences. ' _in'it) It
1 |2C(?A.MST WANTED. The versi .1 So
' r eiety, worshipping in the Bowery Church, wish to engage an
Organist, Any gentleman well qualified, and willing n> iccept a
moderate salary, may applv to
m20 J. WINCHESTER, 30 Anns/treat.
i iO.'J EMTIC?, ? II pti ms, ?
if new lutellitenee Office, 91) Nassau-street, establi
r. be ha.I at the
?hi d for the .'v
ptes purp..i Protecting families from auaoyance, and servant*
from imposition. uv-S) :tt
UWNT.Ks? AV \ NT E O. - Four ind three bale* of
Merchandize, marked W.N.C, S iu a diamond, care of Noah
Cook ?t Co., were received md stored t>> the subscriber in October
last. for which no owner can be found. If not claimed they w.ll be
...id to pay charges, ..ad for account of tin-ow ner.
NOAH COOK A CO., 103 Broad-street.
New-Vork. May 12th. till. ml3
""'it PRINTERS.?An nxpei practical Printer is
I wnnteil, capable of executing gsxsii work, and of superintending]
the ;e.?w..rk .u an office of 1 ight hand presses, with self-rollers, ?.
?tereotype book "work. Location in th- country, one day's journey ?
from tni- city Wages liberal, and place permanent, if workmanship
and character are satisfactory. None need apply who cannot give
the best reterehi -?
For further particulars iequin of F. J. HOSFORD. at Statinners'
Hall OfB. -. 36 Wall-street, l..-t^ -.-n I and Ta'clock, P. M. Ull9 Ji
/ 1ENTLEMEN visiting New-Vork ?il! find a quiet and pleasant
"l home it the GRAHAM HOUSE, No. c:: Barclay street, where
ample 1 comm ?dattou* are al all times reseri ed for transient Boarders,
. ifforded at rnodersle price*, by the day or week. No fumes
T ih.r Ah hol ?dl !>?? found to taint the atmosphere. N. B. A
fen permaa ut'Boarders wiH be taken. ROSVVELL GOSS.
New-Vork, Aprii nth, 1011. tf _
POARDERS WANTED?A Geutleman anil in. Wif
it be 10 imhiutl ted with, pleasant rooms mid good Board it No. 21 ,
Concord ?tre ti Brooklyn, on reasonable terms. Also, a youag gentle
m in may bo accommodated with Board at the same place, mil 6t*
0.4lRI>2.N'C? Foui or five geutlrmi 1 caa be accommadated :
with genteel Board in a private family. Apply at II Chatham
street. m7 tf
J.H/K SlAI.E?Or to Let?The FULTON FOUNDRV, ia r.1
! order for immediate operation. Apply to-Mr HALLOCK. cor.
?rSiilhvan ind Spring-streets. ml42w
J,?<>:i HALE-A Hand Wngon, ir!> sew, suitable fur a gro
l; cer, bookssdler, or other?w:U be ...11 cheap. Apply al the New
World Office; 30 Ana-street: aS7:tf ,
1 C. MOFFET. 121 Prince street,near Wooster, would par
** tjcularly 1 iU the attention of Hardware Dealers and Maaumctarara
is. Ii? superiorarticle ef German Silver; which he offers for sd< whole
sale ind retail, of all thicknesses, and Warrants it equal to any, either
Foreign or 1? >in>-.?tie. f~r culor aad softness. oBStf
l\ .'-.is sheet will now be issued as above; ;t is sent by earrvrs.
fr s of cost?five opie* to each Hotel, t-*o to ? very pbtee ..f public J
re-o.t. and 'in.1 to ete-y place bu.-iuc-> In the c:ty. besides faraish- j
mg a '.? ertisers ?it!: copies for their ?>? a use.
\ erti*ement* are the sapport, and nothing ei.-:?they will he re?
ceived until Ti o'clock the evening la-fore publication, at the adlces,
No I Wall-atreet aad29 Ann?treei. iront buik?ng, over StonealW
jfmlT tf J. L mNGSLEY.
r;s;i;.< ae? ind beautiful HoosetS'situated on Main-street, fronting
1 Market Square, having an excellent view of the Hudson River
Itbas just been furnished entirely witS new, neat, and convenient
furniture, :.::4 a:T~rd* the. le-t aceommodationi for few genteel
families aad single boarder- of any other establishment in :r.e Ceaatry
Those wishing le avail theasselvea of this opporinnity, ?:!! do -aei! to
apply earls to lae Proprietor,
mis 1 1 L. WORKMAN. Sing Sing.
R.JACOB B. V. AR I.??'.'.' keeps cotunaatly on hand a lire* j
assorts, -w ofGreceries a: hi- -tore, crr.er -f Watts ?od Sulb- '
. ., be offer* for rale to sis customers and'the pubBe
as ws
m 1 tf
SenaraUy, with the eoaildeace that they are aa cheap and as w?
selecte .' a- any in th
VTAIIOGANV YARD, No.06 Wooster-*t..So* \ '
>I f~ - 1 \' V keep* . large aaaortnteat 01 M.t' i-'e-. . ..
Satis u : / bra W.I, Holly, fcsds Eye, ?fd carW ?apl? Baa/da,
P-Jik aad Veneers. Cherry, Asa, Piae, Wune VW,,, aad ?iapui
P-?!r.'.. an.l I'l ir.k.
aLo.oJ. kuVds of Turned AVork. ivJd on as favorable tens*, as at ;
^t.S. r tard._b__b_ |
FFICE (' HAIRS. A new .rticle.rh. best jt the I a ted
State ai-o chs .l er mat caa be f.ur.-*ia.sed Viv.
ICUtGtl Patent Chair VVareroom, '.71 Broadway.
N R 3anc ofthw? Cosat? havr lat ceieiraled rotary action and
balance >e__>29 ^
1 for C0I0?, Coueii*. ved A-',as.>?- Sold 1; Bowrry ?t Oae
ghilltng pea ?*i* a33 1m
STRE1 is
>:\ 77.'. i ATTRACTION.
MK. WINCHELL, Diak-ctirian and Comi. Lccrarcr I
MISS MARY ANN GANNON, the disti rubbed !'..-hl> popu?
lar Vctressof ?II work, (known *? L? Petite EbeiorJ every rxnio;
during the week.
The publi. .- respectfully informed thai the Manager ha- ctleciej
in engagement with the .,t?.?.- distil guished mid unrivalled Aetreaa,
? n.?. in connection with Mr. W.. rill tppear >- i!?'?f. in the Saiooa
of the Museum, eomnwncing a! a quarter past 8 o*< .*.!.. precisely.
Mr Wtnsheil will personate h? Dutch. Yankee, and Irish Charac?
ter-. Showman, Ar. To !??? ?in??? each evening;
The enterta Stents to conclude with the laughable Vaudeville of
In which Miss Gannon will si;.|:im Six Character*.
Mar;., (an actress of provincial celebrity,). Miss Gannon
Bridget, (a cou trv gawkvj.Mbus Gannon!
Floun-h. a ftr-t :-.\t LonJoi; atrr- --. i-ioj-in to Br:d
" t. .Miss Hannen'!
Goondj Stubbios, a deaf smorous obi lady of SO.
Bridget's grand aunt.).".Miss Gannon' ''
Lounge. Ja literary fopj. . Miss Gannon!!!!!
Madie Josephine, (an.Opera Dancer i"r?m Paris, in
which shi w:i| iatroiluce a Dance froni La Baya?
dere; .' Jibs, Gannon !!!!!!
The Museumi - open for ihe inspection of visitors every day; from
9 .>??!.??!>. a. M. until 10 P. M. Day visitors admitted i? the evening
Smith Beers' Patent Odometer Carriage, maacSutured bj Henry
Hull, Naur a tuck, t'onu.. to b.ea everj das at theTOaseum.
Also exhibiting, Fancy Glass Workiwr, and the Grand Cosmorama.
Admittance to the Museum and all the Entertainment-. 35 renta.
Children under 10 years ef are, half-price. n?17
jV"EW-YORK MUSEUM, [known ..- Peale's Musetun, Broadway,
.x opposite the Cit) 11.11 aud Park.] Experiments oa ANIMAL
MAGNETISM, or UeNervosVital IMaid, wasch pervades all xnimated
Two ladies, one of them BKad, will be put in the Magnetie state
Min evening t- - week, at 3 o'clock, in the Lecture K.h.ui of tha
The Bhnd Lady i- iatellieent and ha> been well educated, aaat
while in a .t.iti' of Somi ?mbtlbsm. will be made to play on the Piauo,
accompanied with her voice.
Public Day Experiments will alsol rue very Monday, Wed?
nesday aud Friday Afternoon, at t o'ch *
Printe Experiments made daring ihe day,on application.
Day vlsiters to the Museum sre admitted on the same evening free
ofcharge. Admission to all, 35 cents. Children half priae. jnA
i Ipeu e..srv : . i. in ! brilliantly illuminated livu evenm;:- a week.]
OWING lo Ihe great increase of the Hin?ber af Visitors to the.?
splendid Panoramas, ihr proprietors civ notice that the Rotua
dn in Prince street, near Broadway, will continue open every il*>,
Sundays excepted, from :> iti the morning till dusk, and every evening,
? X' epi Saturd n and Sunday, from 71 to '.'i, w hen full explanations of
the pictures w.ii !>?? given iu the galleries, commencing at half past 8
look. aSB Im
as tj. FO? A I.V. 1 Yi .. PASSAGE*}.
\ Eg-r ' rhe now ami coinmodioos ?tenmboal ROCH
I III! ESTER, C? : \ i' Sf, .lehn, leaves the steam
bent Pier beta. Cutliandt and Liberty streets, Tin- Afternoon.
(Thursdav) Mux 20th, at 5 o clock.
The neu i1 immclious steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt
M. II. Truesdsil. leaves th? steamboat Pier between Ccrtlandt and
Liberty streets, To-morrow Afternoon, (Friday) May 21st, at 5
o'i lock.
For passage <?.- freight, apply to
P f. SCHULTZ, at the office, or on board.
N. R. All kind- of propertX taken OUly at the n-k of the oanera
thereof. m'.D
v^lll UMAX'S OKRIS TOOTH PASTE give i pearly white
' ness to the Teeth, rcndi t the breath sweet harden the gums, pre
>en: ihe Teeth from decay and aching. Recommended by |>r. A
Castle, 207 Broadway, one of the beat DwMtists in tl.ity. Also, by
Dr. Elliott; the celebrated Oculist j Daniel M. Frye, Esq.. and most
of the Editors in the city.
DYSPEPSIA?Sherman's Dinner Loaeng.urod Col. Pharle- S.
Benson,SV9 .Cleeeker-streei, of Dyspepria ia a very shott tune, aud
h n? al-o cured imtuv othars ?ho have suffered for years.
PALPITATION OF THE HEART, Lowni.f Spirit-, and ?U
nervous diseases cured in a few minutes In Sherman - Camphor
HEARTBURN cured iu three minutes by Sherman's Soda Lo?
se ages.
Sold at I00 Nassau-street, wholesale ami retail,
Agent*.?Church, IS8 Bowery; Sands, 77 East Broadway; Red
don:. 3State-street, Boston. mS
CIJII.UBEN l>IK Ol' ?Oll Us.
OHERMaN'S WORM LOZENGES will entirely destroy all kinds
k5 of Wurm-. Over it million of boNcs sold yearly. Dr. Zabriskie,
3Chamlu rs-strcat, Dr. Hunter, 103 Siuli Avenue, jir. r^-tle. lot ib,.,
and many other Physicians of thi highest respectability, use them fas
Itieir practice.
Mr. Ijoring Cross, house carpenter. M Folton-streot, cured three of
hi- children of worms by only one box ofSherman'a Worm Loaeogos.
s..;.| at tu.- Warehouse, I9*s Nassau-street
Ai.knts.?Church, IBS Bowery ; RushtonA Aspinwall, s*; Willfaua
straet, 110 Broadway, and 10 Astor House; NeeleyV, -JJl Bleeckor
stnmtNew-York ; and Mr-. Hayes, 133 Fulton-st, Brooklyn. a27
RENOVATING LOZENGES^?For Fenialu Weakness,
an infallible remedy.
CHARCOAL L? IZENGES?For those who are rn the hubit of u-mg
Charcoal iu milk or otherwise,
NERVOUS HEADACHE- Shcrman'a Camphor Lozenge* w ill srivi?
immediate relief in nervous or sick headache, lowuess of spirits, do
sponde icy, faulting and palpitation of the heart.
W. H. Attree, llerahl Office, Dr. Hunter, 08 Sixth Avenue, and Cap?
tain Charles Thompsoo, 50 I 'em ti mdt-street, can satbify the incredu?
lous of the truth ofth.nr cure..
SORE NIPPLES cured in from one to Ava days by Sherman's Pa?
pillary od. Refers to Prof Binebam, 20 Spring-street
Wholesale and retail, al lOfi Naesauvelreet
Aeexss.?Chursk'a, 183 Bowery, comer <>f Spring-straei ; Sands'^
77 Ea-t Broadway? Neeley's,323 Bleecker-sti Rushtou A AspiuwalT,
10 Astor House, 110 Hr.Iway. and -0 \\ illiam ?t.; Ccsldlnrtou, Hud>
son, corner Spring-sL; Hale'sNews Room, 5Touiine BuiMiag, Wall
streat. u37
.71 its*. M. sdJi i/i /.
ILLINERY AND FANCY STORE. No, 16? William sir.et;
near Beekman. Ladies DRESS CAPS, nude loonier; i'riaip
work consUintl) on hand or mad- it the -horte.i notion, mG lm
rixiU? IS TO CERTlFi Ihntlbavehad for about three v.-ar.a
I pulmonary affection, in the stags termed BRONCHITIS, and
t'.r i portion of the lime was under Ihe besi niedical treatmeat until
I Reeideatally in the street nut Dr. II. C. Thorpe, with whom I be
came acquainted in Savannah, in 1881, to whom I applied tor medical
lid, who immediately informed me ha could restore we t.. health und
.tr.-njth. As it may appear, mv health improved in four days, aad
.Id I iv iil myself ofhis advice, or bis CAR MINANTIA. dunng my
life, I feel c?uti le,it ibai my day* would nut be much shortened in
consequence of the affection.
Naw-Y?rk, January 15, 1841.
?,js JOHN BROWN, 103 Chaduusi-etreel.
AND 70 NASSAU-STREET, I >ne door from Join.,) prints eve?
ry variety of Cards, at price, ranging from SI p.-r loou up.
v.ar.1-. ' _a2!!lin
O uM.> ONE SHILLING?warranted better than any other in use,
.t whatever price they may sohl for. The Poor Man's Plaster will
car.- pa.iv or weakness in in)' part of the body as well a- ba. k, -id.- or
:.r- i-i dso, piles, or teething in chihlren.
.xtr. Dai i.i Wrlliams, au old It voluttoaary -..l.lier of r.b/.ubeth
town, N. J.. was i n--".! of Rheumatism by one in less than iwodays,
ifter Ii in ig r'" '"r ?' 111 aa almost helpless condition.
Sold .i le6 Nassau-street, Church's, Idi Bowery, Sands's, 77
r ,-? Rrowlwa; N ., ? - Bleeeker-st, Hale'. News Room, Wall
? i . N. .. i ..s. 129 Fuitoa-stroet Brooklyn; Redding, a Statost,
Boston sJ7if
IIOl s?J-: M'AXTED.-Any person having a -maU
? I...r part of i well situated two story lloa.e. wiiIiim rive
?or ten minutes walk of lae ?? Nr* H . rid ' iffii ? ." ma. perhaps
line a "o--! tenant by ad.tre?.ns I.'.. W. al Ibu office, ?? .t./i.- panic
?Urs. ?slfl 'J'
\ BRICK STABLE in G een-street first one above Bleeck
str'-.-t. Im,Hire ?it
m15tf ALFRED UOtl'll. I-' lieekiu.-ui-streat.
T i ? ??d-v.did r. - rn.-a; Room- in liie MnrcbanO' Exchange,
?"?"?"?"??corner of WaM and Hanover -tre.1% Apply to Mr. Pearson.
Office of the Compaav, corner Hanover ood.Kuthuage PI " e. or 1?
, , .j- .1. WINCHESTER, 3'l ?im ?tr-vt.
a a T?- LET.
mm The ford .?.,ry of th? rear bofldine No. 39 Ann-.ti eej. It
one of the best Room* in the cuy for a Printing oibee, or UOy
iaht business, betne lighted on ihr.ete.. Kent $J.rsJ. Appfy to
?35? if H GREELEY, or J. WINCHESTER, 39 Amvat
i;\ ( (?>. & RAVEN,
.ti it o.i.';.. tu rers.
lf?l Centre-street, at the
Eastern tenaiaatsoa o
Canal street, ?ffer f'tr
warrant..! of the best
it very low pri
ce (. mil I wm*
i' raSS
^t -Jk-. -N
TUTS UOflK is so a ell known as to need but little said. It coa
?ist* of View, in the Holv Laid, and rn my of the mo* remark*,
bleobjeeu ntsatiooedio the Sacred Scriptures, carefully compiled
from the Lonoosi Pictohui. BiatE.
T ? "-nth Aktion, 'amkinr l'J.'S." cpien have beer, -,'.d.) and tae
Seventh is in press. Published and for sale at No. 133 Nassa^sueot,
M^irsereopy. _ROBERT SEARS. s J lm?
"I / i(\ RKA.MS larg- Imperial Pnntinir Paper for ?al? : 3i by SI
LUU inches?(sizeand qaabty of the Polio New-Yorker.; It wilt
tet-old cbesp fsr task. Apply U the F.aator of tlus paper, all f

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