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Cun .intelligence.
a>port*d for tut- pew-York Tribune.
Covrt of Commo.v Pleas.?Offender for Moreday, May 25.
?Part Ik-rfrneeti at 10 o'clock: - -Xei 99. 101. 10^.
119, 121. 123. 125, 127, 23, 131, 139, 141. 143V , ...
Pan 2d-.rr.-'-t- at half-past 10 o'd-> ,- ." ? w*
12, 66, IrJtf. 170. 172, 17 S. IT?. >>?. ---> l"*' "
Coi-rt of Over a*d Tkkmisek ?Be/ore Judge Edwar Is
anJ Aldermen Benson a?d Pnrdy. . - ,
Edward Olnev. an Indian, was p? upon 1us mal for mute
j " ?? . i- T io.-.lsno. a colored L"rl. aged 11 .
last, at No 3 Little Water-street, oi ti.(Tecta ?: which - ?
died on the 19* of the same month, alter nine days oi intei ??
suffering. ... . ...
From the testimony given in the case.it appeared that tie
girl H.-.itar. who reside! with a Mr-. Antoine at the above place,
while Mltin" in her room between 10 and 11 o'clock at night
alone. heard a knocking at the door,and impaired who was there,
ghe was answered "Me?Ned," and going to n . opening the
door, saw a man, who addre-.e : a;: ab';-r.e t"
then tlire w upon iier a quantity of oil of vitriol, which struck her
under the chm, on the rie.-k. breast, ice. and -et her i lothes on
fire. She:endeavored to extinguish the fire ISy-the appli ati n
of water, which only increased the burning path. Her er -
brought assistance, and her burning clothes were renn ed. Dr.
Hasbroock was sent for, who came ami found Bet I eadtully
bunit?the skin le ite otl :r-.. ..t. to tiie orea-toot:.
width of a man's hand; and nn inch on each side being also
dreadfully burnt. The neck and arms were blistered;
loft temple, two-thirds of the entire surface if the back, and the
chest an l ai.iiotnen burnt in the same way.
The Doctor app-led appropriate re::.???!>- : ? the '-...-.?i.-g
wounds, and as far as possible alleviated the pain. She - ?
that Indian Ned, or an Indian named Edward with straight
lud done it. A watchman wa.- sent for, who fp ind the prii
cr fwho, from the description, was supposed to be the man.' in
bed at the bouse of David Bank*. No. 72 Centre st.\ after 3
o'clock in t'sc morning. nn?i. taking him to the bouse where Ha?
gar was. she said he was the man. (This latter testimony, how
ever, was ruled out.) A witness named Julia Valentine, who
lived in an adjoining room to H?ger, deposed that the pri* ne
bad threatened her because sue would not stay with bun?that
he had been and knocked at her door twice that night, and she
b?-!i.-v.-.i be inten.!<-?! to have thrown the vitriol on her. Dr.
Hasbrotick deposed that, a few hours prior to the ,i..a;h Ha
gar. lie solemnly reminded her of her approaching end, and
wished her, in view of death, to stale to him who had iwn
the vitriol upon her. She ?:vi it was Ned. Indian Ned, a man
with straight hair She sah! she satalane, reading her t.
ment, and t!:e light went out, when she heard a knock atdie d ?r
and asked who was liiere, am! a voice replied. '? Me?Ned I
diau Ned"?that <r.c went to ?':...- door and ojien.-.j it. when the
man culled her a bitch and threw a rambler of oil of vitriol upon
her, and set her on iire. She said he then ran down stair.-, and
she ran down to jump into the cistern. She said Indian Nc t
was there and prevented her. saying you are not the one ]
meant, and ran away.
For the defence, David Banks deposed that the prisoner, who
is a sailor, and had been half drunk all day be ore tli.ita?rro
phe was committed ; came down at9 or half-past 9 on that n ght
and went to bed au I did not go out again that night, us lie km-*
of, until in- arrest the next morning bv the watchman, though he
ciuiM get out. A large, cross dog. wan on the stairs, which
would prevent Iii? going out, as he would let no .>n>- p.-.s-, nor
would he permit die watchman to enter until restrained Sy
Nr. Banks. It was also proved by Mr. War.!, a passed Mid",
shipman, that the prisoner had been in die I uitc I St ites Naval
service as a sailor lor ihr.-.- years "ti board die sloop-of-war
John Adams, and there bore an excellent character as a mild,
obedient and faithful seaman, and was highly cstecim t by all
on board.
This is the substance of tVe testimony. The case was ably
summed up by Messrs. A. Nash and T. W. Tucker lor the de
fence, and the Attorney General 'Hall; for the prosecution,and,
after an appropriate charge bv Judge Edwards, the jurv retired.
They were absent about twenty minutes, when they returned
a verdict of not gwiftf.
CocttT of Skssioxs,?Friday.?Before the II- order, J .
Lynch and Noah, and Aldermen Balis and Timps.
Nathaniel Benjamin was tried for grand larceny?stealing 8
cords of wood worth 840, 2 anchors wortli 642, 3^chain cables
wort* ?-7.'., and other articles consisting of cabin furniture worth
together $150, from the sloop Bolivar,James VVynnt, master,
lying at the foot of Bavington-strcct, East [liver, the pttqiertj
of James Whigan and Moses Bell, in the month of December
last. The prisoner was suspected, and, on being charged with
the theft by. one of the complainants, be confessed his guilt, was
arrested, and gave Mich information as led to ti..- recovery of a
portion of the property; worth 8100. The prisoner had been
left in charge of the property ami the vessel as - ip keeper, and
the jury found the prisoner guilty. The Court acute need him to
the Stale Pri-ou for 2 years.
Francis Mitchell Murray was trie! for a constructive '.ent
larceny?leaving as valuable and good a S3 bill on the Bank of
Genesee at Elim Rapids, Michigan, a broken ai i worthless in?
stitution, w ith Thomas Armstrong, clerk ??: Jbkn Keefe, of No.
100 Bayard-street, on die 2d of April last, on which he receivi .
$1 25. He went in on Sunday, and wished the elerk to change
the bill, which the latter would not do. The accused then left
the hill and obtained ten-shillings upon it, say ng ke ? re
turn soon and repay it and retake t'ne bill, which lie did not. It
was also proved that he had taken the bill out of tl
Martin Laydcu without Iiis leave, a few days c. The
found tin- accused n~t guilty.
Barney McFarlan withdrew hi- plea of not guilty an.! pleaded
guilty to an assault and battery oU Ma y Dublin. Elea re< ei
and recorded.
Forfeited Recognizance*.?William Moore, William Mun
roei'John Miller. David H. Kelly, John Miller, Bar et Levy,
Robert Satton. Francis Santa, Daniel McGin and James K in
mers, indicted for assault and battery. Ghauticev G. Larkin. for
obtaining money by a false sign. Leonard Merry-held, Jesse Lee.
James Miller. William Williams, Hannah K- rr. Thomas Lev.
mers and Robert Gavnor, for peril larceny, severallv failing ??.
appear ami answer, their recognizances w.forfeited
ticwrgu Gibson was tried for a misdemeanor in taking usuri?
ous interest from Obadiah Higgins "h the 29th of Aug is..;
It was proved that the defendant loaned the complainant $-30 I,
and t"ok o bond and mortgage for 890 I, tl ited the 22; of May.
on property at Harlem, payable in one year with interest.there?
by charging j-U'7 more for the use of the money than the law
allowed. The defendant afterwards purchased: die inongag. .
premises of complainant for 8 1500, a?d wlien?iedefeu taut catne
to settle wiih the former, he paid him only ft-?, retaining the
remainder to p?y a judgement against complainant. T:-?
plainant then applied for and oktaincd an indii tmeni a: n>t the
defendant for a violation of die law prohibiting usurv. In the
progress of the trial tin- indictment was found tuateriallv defe<
live by the Court, as it fa Je 1 t~ correspond with the proofiu an
important point,'and also4 because it contained no averment of
any corrupt agreement between the parties. The Coun there
fore ruled that the indictment could not be sustained. Toe jurv,
however, were suflered to pass upon the case under the charge
of the Conn, and returned a verdict of not guilty.
Pot-tCK 0 ffick.?Robbing-a- Xtraiccr.?A boy named E !
ward Delany m- arrested and conruiiued for - ealii
lar in change from the money-drawer of Jolin t'arlcv, N
Cherry-street. Mr. Farley caught him in the -tore", when i:e
fesreed himself out, threw the monev away, and escaped. He
was. however, subsequently arrested.
Stealing a Coat'and Tub;?A man named Thomas Miller
was lodged in the watch hou-e . a Tliursd ly night with .? :i
eoat mid tub he was supposed to have stolen. He was v< ster
day connnitted, and an owner i.- wanted the article-.
.4 BnjfitloniaJU?Michael Carver was arrested b\ Otliccr
Larkey on Thursday night with a butlalo robe, supposi
been stolen. He was committed yesterday, aha at. . ..
wanted for the robe.
Tkefl of Monee.?A bla.-k girl named Catherine Grand in
was arrestc 1 yesterday by Ofhcer Duushee. charged with
ing a 830 bill of the Sevetidi Ward Bank from Mrs. Man UuX.
widow of N... 249 East Broadway, with w] -? | avtKi
17th iu.-t. She denied the thctt. the bill was not found, ai I she
was sent to prison.
Cssko.ver's Office.?The Coroner yesterday he
at the hou--e of Georse A. Lane, at the foot of st E ist
"River, on the body ot an unknown man found in the water at
the foot ofthat street. He appeare 1 to have I .-, a ... the ? let
a long rime, and conld: not, ?ierefbre, Ih; recognized. Hi I
pair of specmcles-iu his pocket, and appeared to be about ;
years of age, Verdict?Pound drowned;
Also arthe Coroner's Office ia the Halls of Justice on the
bo?ly of Gracev McComiick, a native .>:' Irelan 1. aged about 32,
who wasf qu:k! King dead at Nc. 90 CroiS -?. jT:.- !c east
a won.mi of intemperate habits, lived ihavcretcheJ bovel i
cupied by some of the most miserable beings alive, was taken
ill a few days since, and. having no physician, died on Tbursdav
uion.iug. \ erdm? Died of intemperance and exposure.
?.5erH'l t>^ C?COU LOZENGE9.
ri^Hl. greatest Mediciue evei yetoo, .,.,( _ ( ,.. .....,? .;,.
.1 ce?? attending the-- highly popular Lozenges is almost (Acred ?
ble to those who have not had personal observation of their virt o
Mr. Hoary S. tonker, 97Grecac-street
>i- Stephen Smith, t>- Tenth-streeL
Mr.Charles IVikm-, ".I Bowery.
Mr. John Si.okcv. Govi nacr-i.v-.-t.
Rev. Mr. Hancock, 4:>: I'earl-?:r.
Mr. M. E. Martin, lit Wiih.iu.--i ? et.
?.'r. } . G, S v, 66 \V. ,-t-r?irret.
Mr. (i. T. Ma-.a-vs-. - Carolinc-lr-cl.
i"..;. C S. Baosoa, 'git' Bleceker-street.
ll.m. G. ?. Min.-r. .-orn.-r BbNx-krr and Carmi ie-?tre<:-.
An.'. kuaJr.xi.-?l*i<li.-f?, have been . ured of dtstrescjiig Colds and
Coughs, in a short tun.-, ssd often in a few iK-ur-. ? ken tney bad tried
various other medicines for ?.-.-k? ?u van:. The I liton .?; nearly a
the City paper* hava used them, aiul giv<?i their u-.-tiaionj is ;
Wholesale and retail, at UW Ni-sau--<reeL Agetrti?Church. I?s
Bowery: Uale, 5 Toutme Buildup. Wall-:.. \- iy. '.'I Hr.l-.n-U
auJ 923 Bloecker-St.: San.!-, 77 K.i-t-B.-.vid? ay ; Ku-htoii X AspUJ
wall, three-tores, New-York. l.<v? Fahuo->c, B.-..x.klvn: Reddinr.9
Statc-st., Bo-ton, a27
B A Mi >OTi: I LBLE.
Corrected Weakly for the New-York Tnbu.v
SI -A-Vl'Rv. s :?,. />is.| SOEW-Jl ey>
N.?-*l ? i t\ N is - ... . ?ar'Pat'-r?n I*--'-. .
Lonrltbad'B?ok. per Pebpk ?Baak .
Laioingburgh Bank. parlContmercial Ba it,
Dotcbe>> County Bank. . . pur|M?nufaeturer5''B-,Bel
Tanners* Bank.Ca*skill .. parjEliaaBethtown Banl
West? bester County Bank., par Susses Bai k. uaderSl
Peughkeepsie Bank . par Mountyi?Hj Baa
Coium'rrial Bank. Albanr.
Canal Bank <lo.
Mi ionics' A Farnvr-' B.. ?
Fai mers' I'.nuk. Trey.
Bank hi" Troy.
Karm-r-' Bank. Seneca Co..
Miller** Bank Clyde ..
Tbnawanda Bank..
V.-iaburgh P.ank.
CaUkill Bank.
11 j Ison R? r Bank. ?
Ulster County Bank.
Kingston B.uk.
Lit ingstno County Bank .
Saratoga Ceuntv Bank .. ?
Albany Bank....
New-Yoi k St.it^ Bai.k.
M.la* A Mi ? Iianil ?' B.
M-na >k Bank.
firm-, County Bank.
It,- a Bank..
Utica Br um h I'. ink .
i Intnnu Bank.
i Inl iru. Br incb Bank.
Geneva Bank.
Auburn Bank.
Central Bank.
Chonango Bank.
Js?erson County Bank.
Steuben Count) Bank.
R? bester Back.
V. nk of Monroe .
Bank of Ithaca.
Xewbtfrgu Branch, lllin.-a. .
il . id r... Xewkurgh ...
i igde isburgkJBank.
r. ink of \rbitehall.
Wayne 1 '?.nut. Bank.
Bank of Geaesee.
Lockporl Bank.
Onondaga County Bauk
< itscse it\ Bank .
Chautau?|iie Cannty Bank..
Bank of Sahna..
, Belt idere Bank. un-er $lt
? \!i other ' -irr.-nt note-...
'.' rxjtjrrsvLViNts noi
par Baal I . S. a Branches...
; Banks Phil ..I't^L.a
.'Baak. ,? P,nn Township;
Bank m Chester Co ...
Bank :n Delaware Co
ps- Farmer?' Hank. I-an carter
par Harrisburgh B utk .
par'Middlelown B.nk. .
parlEastoh Bank .
par Miner*.- Bank.
1 Gennant?a n Bank.
. II rk- Co. Ik. K adingr.
Northampton Bank.
-. Lancaster Bank.
; Bank of Boncsdnle.
I. i:al~-rni ?:>'? Bank. .
MMononsahela Bank,... .
?la";!' .rn.-''-' a Droa-r-- Be ?
ia] i' ilumbia Bridge Co.
i LcM-toa Bank .
ij Farmers' Bank, Back- < o.
York Bank .
GettysbuTgfa Bank.
Chambersburgh Bank.
- Carlisle Bank .
1 j Bank of Pittsburg.
. Reading Bank .
; C'..*n-v;ll?Bank .
IjAll other current note-....
2 {Commercial Bank A Praia
par Oelaa arc !'. ..:k .
i|Farmers' Bank ? Brunch'-:
I ii. B nk i' Wilniugton .
; AU other current notes....
i maryland SOT' s.
. Baltimore Bank- .
Inl; Farmi .- Bank A Bran. ??
1 all I Fred r.. kCount.a Baak
j Harerstnwn Bank.
tat; ii ivre :?? Crai . B ink...
B ? ik .a Rome. 1 all I Mineral Bank
Wool Gro rers" Bank.
i'. mptmllerV Note-.
i tiMSECi :? tri son -.
Hartford Banks .
New Haven Bunk-.
La.: Uaddam, Windham. A
JewettCitvBnnk .
Hiddlcte ?u Bank-. .
Fairfn id Count} Bank ?
Bridgeport Bank.
Sera London Bank-.
Co.u. Bank. Bridgeport.
VOrwick Bank.
All other current notes.
Providence Bank-.
Pan in. kel Bauk-.
Cnniwerciul Bauk, Xewport
Exci.nee Bank do...
Union Bank do...
Merchants' Bank do. .
Baukof Bhod? Island .1..
Ilii.?!' Island Central Bank.
Warren Baak .
Bristol Bank? .
Westerly Bank.
Citizen's Union Bank. Seit,
Seituate Bank..
All other current notes.
massachusetts notes.
Chelsea Bank.l.rok. ,
Nahyit Bank. Lynn.broli-i
Franklin Bank. Boston-broke
par|Sus<]ucbanna I'. o.k. .I
! Ali other current notes.
ia. Bank of V'a. a Branch.'-...
:? I Fanners' Bk a Urs? hi -.
: \ allev Bank A Bronchi - -
ia] X. W. Bank of V"irsinin.. .
it : !-TKti r Ol I r>! ITMB1 V NO
1 . I! ,:,k of Alexandria..
.. Mi hanies" B. Alex'.
: i j Farm.A Me. h^Georgetoa i
la| Bank of Washingt ?>? . ...
{a I Pat riot h Bk.. Wasliington.
la Merch inte' Bank. Ilex....
Franklin Bank. Ales.i
|a Bank of Columbia.
lajj Mi other current notes.
ia) Bk. .a' c; Fear, a Bran .
i.- s, ,.. Bank a Br..:. !i ...
ia Bk. of Neaa l>ern a Bran...
Jal; SOCTH . kROI tVA Norf
Cheran a llanibii
Charleston Bauks
\ll other < urreni i
|. il-State Bmk an I B
.a llltnnk ..f Augusta,
: Bauk of Darien...
Cm iua .ti Banks
Hank of Chili? ol
!'. .si. ??! I rnlnmbi
Bank . broken IBank of Marietta
Middh c\ Baak .. . broken [Bank of Cleveland. ..
Bank of Vorfolk.lto.tbur; broken!Hank of Saudusky,
AmerieanrBaak. I?i|Clinton Bank. Coluni
Kilby Bank. i
Rozbury Bank.brok
Fulton Bank . 1
Commercial Bank. i
Hantcs k Bank.,
Boston H?ls.
All other. a. rent nates.
mains, so i e!
Peril llld Bank..
Cllj Bank, Portland.
M>a. mittle Bank, Bangor. .
Gcoi gi i Lumber ? 'ompuny
South B. r'a ? k Bank.
Mlguskl Bank. -
All other currenl notes_
Ml U -liAMCsltlKI. Not E
To 's nouth Bank?.
Wolf.boronrh Bank ...
Connecticut River Bulk
Lam aster Baak.
Men inui I; Count j Bank
All other i urreni notes.
Si. All.an's Ikuik.
Burlington Bank.
V inehcster Bank.
Woodstock Bank.
Windsor Bank.
Essex Bank.brok
All other current notes. l
Nr.W-jf.RSEV Sol:.-.
State Bank-, under ?;?'..
i Iraugo Bank, under
Fanners"A Mechanic- Bank
Itahany, uudrr <ltl.
Xewurk Insuraace, und n*?.
farmer-' .V Mechanics' Bk.
Princeton Bank..
fuiou Bank. Dover .
Xevv.** or L
Erie Couuty Bank.
Grant Ii. Bu k.
Commerci .1 Baak S, Iota
;a Western Reserve Bank
[ai Bank of II..t..a ..
. Lancaster Bank.
I? Fanners'Bank; i'.ni.n
.:< Diner -in .0 notes en. II
la Bank ..f Washtenn? . ..
;:? Bank ..! Pontiac
I" iBank of Mil liigan
111 Farmers' a Mi . .. ? I!
lai St.;. Bank .
i Deln.it City Bank.
.Bank of Montreal.
Inj CitJ Bank. Montreal.....
brokei C?mi Ban'.. Montreal....
. iaji People's Bad:.
' i ucl.ee Bank . .
. Com. Bank, M !' \ . ' >
in| Hank of I'. Toronto
I State Bank .
Inj I..sfana Bank.
? V v. Uric UIS.
laj State Bank.
State Bank an i Br
Mobilfl Baa!.
pari kestuckv
Kentucky not. - ..
}[ i f n\. SSE1
. Tenaessee notes
pari u.oiiiDA :
SI S. In-. A Trust i'o
?t ? Mississu-pi
?*, Jumesrille
Mei name.'. Bttflalo.
Men bantsJ Es . do.
Millers', l id.-.
All other- East of
West of
"Mate SifCliritJ it.i?
? Olnan.
30 jPhu-uix, BuiTaio
? Statcii Island ...
. -.'0 State, Buttuh ...
? Tenth Word. N ^
? I To ia? auds
l'i Fuiou; Biulal.....
ectady, par to j.
DR. F. FELIX <i< I?R \UD'S
PO?DR E S si II T I I. E .
(j WRY ezi r. iceoces, ,f not the greatest, an- perhaps the mast cam
1 mon drawbacks to personal appearance. Thesltia may pos?es
Parian purity of color, u may I..- heightened b> tlie bloom of health
mm! nek ?an il,,. sMHMitb'ness of routh : but ifthc>< attraclions are ol
- ?nr.-1 by an overgrowth of Hair, the advantages ibej woufduther
wiM y ield their possessor, are immeasurably lost. Dr. FELIX GOI
RAI D*S POUDKKS si BTILE have been foumi highly efficient ii
removii g such disfigurement. When applied add. I - .- n p.- lion
used by some in lieu ofa ra/...r for removing tin- beard, ? hi. I; .: ? .:
?ith more ?? i?s, \.ah a- much rapidity. in a mure ?lisCi, i. .
and ai l<.v,-..-!!-.-. while it the same inns it leaves ti.. .kin ->-:t an
delu ate to the loach. To upie.it the beard entirely it no isi '? ipplie
warm. It .will also destroy the Hair when Ibuud to encroj.
forehead, and will rn! one of many lit:!- annoy-ances in tin- shape n
furze. ..r straggling and superfluous locks. In fact, :i is a valuable ap?
pendage I? tue toilet, and will !?? found sin ii b\ t!.? who m ij h iva
occasion for it- use. Pur. baser* can see the preparation tried, if ?
.pore.I. S.1 per bottle.
il?URAUb'S L'EAU DE BEAI TE ?This --? ? ible Frencfi
preparation thoroughly extermuiatas eruptions ten-pimples, freckles
redress, and allcajtaiieous iniperl^Uohs whatever; arrays the neck,
hm.ls and anus iaravishiag wUteucsaj bestows on the .-? mplcxion ju?
venile l.loois. reuovatosbeauty when on tie- decline, realizes it when
b. fore ab-enu and tostains il? pristine splendoi m the latest (teriod oi
hi'.-. To niothers nursing their children, in healing sweoess-and re?
ducing inftemtnatioa.and toientlemeo ... allaying irrit I :. of I is
fa. ..ft. i shaving, !?r. Fehx.Gouraud*s Lau de Beaute ? . . fei.
infaUihte ?peeifie
em u ti ns VEGETABLE LIQt?TD ROUGE.?CTohip.
terially from rlor.cr? and simples,unparis a beaotiful c^rnacion :?? t ..
Skin, imuiovcable by rubbing with the fingers, homikercbief, linen
. loth, or'?.. perspiration. .'?' ? ?? l< pet bottle.
j Prepared by Dr. FELEC tiOURAUH, 67 \YaUter street, in.
door from Brotdway. and fur sale ra this caty there. Dircctis -
accompany each bolt!.-.
New-York?Alev. Guthrie. 1 StanwixJIalLMa ? i-lane- G. L.
B-? > n. I'tica. Ja red Hi iv. P ..?'.:,
Pennsylvania?Mr*. Brown, T6 Chestuut -i. PlUkulelj bio,
V- gm. i? Fra-ier, >>pp. I?r. Plummer'? Church, Kicauiond.
Mass I. -.a.. t:,_J. E. Field A E. '. B .II. I.- - .
Conneotkui?E.C.F-srre,AIiddlelowa. 'A Faulkner.Xor?
District of Columbia?S. Parker. Peons) ;\ : Avenue, between
'.?tb and 10th -*.? :.. . Si]
t <.!;?? i>?i t <:a ;>??.
,p:uni or deanij
' I' HIS i? a ?.-v?o.i ol*the year (ken Colds ... I C .g..? are rer
I valent, and as all Coughs lead to Con? every i
should provide themselves ?ith Dr Ail-a'- Balsam of Bora
Liverarort.aod:PleurisyRasot. If.-.en rairrUa kept mis Bal
ihc iionse. Hi,- amouut of sick us.-, iitdamioation >.i the Longs. C.
('..:.I?, an.i Consumption that mighi be preveDted ?r cured i? in.
lat.fr. It i- si most excellent medicine for children^ on ! it t- ?e
?aal to take thai tbey never refuse it. Let eyera family kec
til : '- I'd- :::. It i? purely >eg.-table?.sjntain?
PsiLPlTATIOX oft ie heart ? am: in IK \ en's B ham.
LIVER COMPLAINT effectualh curedbi \ i. :. - Bal un.
NEK Mil's HEADACHE finds ; remedt .:? D . Illen'a B '-aim
WHOOPING COUGH?Dr. Allen's Bal:am gives : -.
s..ii ba E. M. Guion, corner of Bowery ami Gran.l-titreet;
Dr. Wadsw-ortb. Proaridence. General Hep..; and wkobjsak ..
at Wa l, T> lec'?. ?S Barclay-stre.-L Nea -York. a">
1 HI l's?s u I.Eli, Manu
* ljr-- Ac, ?iu,iesilc rvluil No. 92 CbstiisJO-st^, New York.
A and aiost fasiiionable assortment of g*i::e gi a ? ^. art' a
^nf,r^',i ,'lolc*a,,d SuspeiMlers: Silk and Cambric Hand ere nets:
.?'?;>? aial M.-rim, Skirt, and Drawers; Tiehri; Silk, Cotton
and W o..!i. a hau* u,t.,..
:t rtuch l.oaer prices Ujan
iiruen: in the c.tv.
All of which ?re tsaared to the puUi,
"V \f u':^;^^ -hcr-tai.;..
V D.?Boat < In!. 1-anev Sb:r
rdcr. .
clock merchant!*.
..... .. V... . ? JOHNSONS? i ?
-J MA>XTACTOR. - ???? retnoved from the cornet : < ort
lanJl^d r,wu?ir.i-f"!.-. to No. Id Cortlradt -tr-et. near B-.ud
: way. where tier will and ? larce assssrweat ?f Clock*, cnmpn-iii
?everal new-patterns, Irotti Brass and Wood, wasch ?i? be ?U a*
low fort-ash >al ain, lifr',:a!il?vii"ti? :h.d Blted>:at~. Dealer
are intvrrned tkat all" Clocks sold at the above pbce are warranted
road article aad:ulsrior.'to none. .
WM. S. JOHNSON. Agent for the sale ol
p,]! Im Jerora?'? Pat. ?t B'*?_?*l<>ck<. _
. lock? : t locks ::
THE ondersisaed has taken the agency for the sale of JEROME'S
BRASS CLOCKS, at their Clock Warertsem, No. 3<M Baaad
war. where Be a::! ?-11 their Patent Eight Bay and Thirty Hoar
Kr??- Cloclts, ?f i variety ?Cpatten?*, at the nitres! wholesale i"<ctorr
price*. Mercbauu and dealers tit CtOClt* WOttW do wefl to caBaad
examine t"-*ir st's.-k before purchasing. AiVo. m assorunest of XV.
Clocks, Cmttr ft, Cs?h. Re oBect the number. *>4 Broadway, ap
.talr.. ISAAC '?. HINS DALE.
N. B.?P::-!iey!.-.r attention p.-.:d to the krt ui tra K. .!?'?' .op?
tion of Clocks repaired and warranted._m4 *f |
v- ami hi. yv. b e ne dk t. VA ich .Maker. .Met
3 Exekanje. corner of WaDTaiT WHliam streets, baring formed a
connection m !>!i?:n?-? ?ith S. HAMMOND, their persan?l attention
will he gi?. a :.. repairing fine Watches. The most complicated parts
of Duplex aioi Chronometer Watches put ia equal to the original.
M?. Hammond would irake hi* aclusrorledgeroents to tne Trade, :
for tbe.r kiadn'-s and patreaage since living in N. ? York, aad will .
always sire their work preference ia making Duplex ?..rs. but will
:.?t be aide to make .. y dbcoast from tne ret; i price.
Duplex, Independent Second, and other W,:. lies of spleadnl pat?
terns for sale-warranted perfect or tiie money returned. Jewelry ,
ind Silver War? as u?u.d.
to paper manufacturer*.
{>ERSSE ft BROOKS, No. 61 Liberty-street, between Broadway
and Na?-hi?treet. New-York, import direct from tbe Manufac?
turers the following -nil les, viz :
BLEACHING POWDER; ol Boyd i Son's make?a irraated. for
uniformity and strength, erjanl t ? any in tin. country or Great Britain, i
aad for the -ale ?( wait-!, thej :'re the -ole agents in the United
quality^ ?S, 40; IS. OS, IS and -! inches wide,
DYER FELTING. of stmnr falnac, and of widths u-u.vllv required.
BLUE SMALTS.?Havieg the A-:.-;, -he >- Company-.
Blue Smalts, thi y are enabled ;.. .... . :y r 1 FE. and FFFFE. in any
WIRES, for Fourdrinier and Cylinder Machines; manufactured
from tlie purest metal?a!-... j .. keta?Wet Pr< -- Felts.
PI LP SCREENS. N..-. 1. - S. of bras, not ,!.
??r.l?r. i'oraMj of the :.l. ? %?? article*, onrelher with Foreirm and Do- !
mestie Rag?, Vitrial, Alum. Twine, Jtc^ JCc, *io meet with prompt
attention. _ _ _ml.')
comjil^j-son paper ?- 1ii esi of* e.
r j.sHEainbscrtbers urnconstant!y receiving e?er> description of Pa- j
" per ? !.iii. sffec for sale ia lots rt. ?t ; par. (lasers, upon the
most reasonable terms. Amons their extea-ive is-ortmcnt are the fol
lowinr, viz; 500 reacts Nirwspaper24 by >i
?.ii do co Sil ;.'t ;t"
+ ii do do -'. v >
IuO Jo do 3l>by4]
l*>"? do niedi'.-ni i.r-t.i ? e
Wsj do (t-. am! half la
4M do assorted colored paper
^"0 do eovvlope paper
Fi-.- and superfine Flat Caps
du ilo cut, p!uia and ruled
do do Leiter do
Demi ami medium Writing paper
Cloth pap. r. .'-I t 3C, 29 \ t-J. and .t? x 10
Hardware paper. I- x 1!? v 24, U?l ?.i1 \ ^
Hanging and Wrapping paper of v ar ? us sizes
Newspaper of any shte made so order at -liort notice.
F. b. I.?TaVaC tf E ROOT A Co. S3 Mai len I.me.
P s per \l \ re hoi -I!.
rt'lli; subscribers .^re cnnsmatly receiving every description oi
I Paper, which they btTcrlor sale in lots to ?ait purchasers. They
kave liow in -tore the follon nig, vie;
:jhi Rruims Newspaper, 2fi by Isj
Jo do 26 by ST
SOO do do -j4 by :t.s
:**) do do -j.- bv 12
>ki do do :t2 by -i"
IrSi .]., do .to by II
r*o do .!.. 21 by ?;
?j.'^i do do by j7
3Strt do .Medium and half. *
200 do Colwred Mmlium.
StlO do Envi lop ? Paper.
Medium and Demy Writing Paper.
Fool.-, up au i Leuer, from tu. best mills ia this country.
U o reams of English Copving Paper.
.1- -.r Musi. Paper.
Hardware and Wrapping Paper, afall sizes.
They w ill contract to inak. Priming Pap? rot"< v erv size und qualitv
on -hort notice, at the Paper Mill, Palerson, New-Jersey.
ml2 lin" Pt'lt.? E St BROOKS. No. 61 Lilierty-st
5 < ONO r; V ! El O.NO.TI V !
rpHE GREA1 EST LI M1NARY !\ I II:. WORI.D^-The under
1 signed rsnqiectfaily solii n die am ation eftha Public to
manufactured by them, and of which hundreds have lieen sold withm !
the last two na.ntli- m this . ity. All win l;.,ie .,.? ind ?.ed tliem,
[ ackwiwledge tiicir superiority fof hz'.i over all other Lamps?of j
which, fie ere .1 itcinand for them is evidence. They give as much j
light -i- lArtr i.'a.? Burners;, au.l the expense .? Fti rv rtit c.isr lks>
llian the expense of gas.
Tin- public can sea them in u-e ;.t tiie -t..r- of the sub*< riliers, No. i
148 Fulton street, and references will be given to rhose whu have1
them in u-e
The subscribers also ofTcr to the Public the
i'M< IN i WEN.
The deservedly high reputation which tliis Oven enjoys in this city i
ind e.Miiit.-v. requires noannment. Thi? i? w.-ji known a- being su?
perior to any o?ier Oven iu the country. It is an indi.ipensnlile arti
cle in I.???-I.ping. The Public ire cautioned against purchasing '
a spurious article sold f.>r the Union Oven. None ure the real Union
Ouens, but those made by the subscribers.
JAMES MYERS .v CO, 148 Fulton -t.
N. R?The prices nfthe Uuioa Ovens have |?-..u reduced from the
?riginal price* One Dollar on eni h size. sill tf
< ON I'ECTIO.N \ tl \ .
rriHE subscriber resprcuiilly informs In? customers and others,
I. that he lias removed from William-street, to the stora formerly
oc. upie.1 by Mr <-a irl. - I.e.-, the celebrateil Blai king Mariufai turer; '
V? 265 Brood way," between Warrsn ami Chamber-streets, ..p.ite
tlieCity II II, where he will continue to manufacture DRY CON?
FECTIONS of the purest kind; and warrnnted to keep in all cli?
mates. Although the . \p. u-. - attendant on large an establish 1
roent and in public i situation, must necessarily be greatly in
creusi i, yej the additional facilities alTordcd him in the manufacturing '
and .-ale? departmeut, both of ?hu h kcihg ander h.- immediate eoa- j
n-ul. will enable him to-elf at his nsusl low pri. -, aud he-hopes, by '
-? loing, tn merit a share of the public favor. It may not be im- :
proper to say thai the subscriber i-.. praciiciil aorkman, au I has
.... i, engaged iu the manufacturing of Coniections for upward, of 16
years, wbidi he datters himsell i ni.de? him to a favoralda notice,
eil-j ly THOS. F PEERS. J
' spectlnQy iulttrms the Public,r.tlmt he continues to manufacture ;
hss Patent Bedstenils, so well known for its durability ind conven
em e, at hi- old stand, No. SO Hudson-street, near Chambers. Those
nnacqaamted witli the character, of b - Bed tead are earucstlv invited
ir> call aiei examiue the prim ipte of thi joint and t.'a- ease with which
ii can be put up aud taken down, t requiring any bed-kev. He is
always .h ippi' to exhibit it. berth to tl..... -.?. t, . ? i?h t.. pur. h ise and
tn.?'hi do ?bt iTe caa refer to hnndreals of our most respectable
eitizeai a ho nave te. ;ed it by u-.-.
Ai..~-H.,ir M.ttr.-. Feather Beds amlPuhuse*. N. B. The
c..iilh-ri. trade suppled
t ' IR.4.XDOLE.S, CANDEI VBRAS .\ \ - ., .......
' I went of new and elegant patterns, ju.-t r.ived, and for saleby '
a-r- lnr MERRITTV i, PAGE, 100 Bowery.
I [NLESS KING S CH ilRS grace it- par,..--. They are a perfect
I series of beauty and convefiience,.laxury aud comforL They '
ar^ km.wn i- follows:
1? Elastic Revolving eh nr.
2? Coui|>cnsaiing Reeking CS ir.
3? Ladies Castor lUcnubeat Chair,
4_Versatile Chair.
, Th" ?bore Chain ar- altogether soperi ir any ? si r made M this '.
Ceuntax er imported. These desirous of a genuine un>:le that i- ~> ?
constructed as n?t in gisi ..m of order; ir- respeetfuBv invited to
call at the Patent Chair Warer.n, CI Broadwa/. ' u*> im
.5 w NE'? :: HR TO.M4 .
Come all >.? bald; an.! all rial's grey,
Chi- listen to my ' try, j
I wish n. i, |i. without delay,
Wlut brought jic to lour 1 it'?
ll i? t.j. loUte ;.?ur .-. iked be ? i-.
XVith a nur. - proper evvei i .-.
Renew the -oil that's diso-j .b-.ul.
Nor uu.lcrwios be hori -;..;:.
My aaaae aud f?r?e L? outspread ?.: le,
Bevood the dist ml ocean i
Both'France and Enslac i S ?ia besfdi
11... dl ^..t in the ..e.'
A tUd Paxisiaa c.I I e loiicJ,
Nor on.- ?roaghout the nation.
AaA all hecau?e they nU the ^io'l-sb
With his eleagisOus preparation.
I offer now boiii free rod pro-.
Althossgh your . a.-.-1 rlercr.ie,
Aad w arrant a'l a perfect cure.
In Kr JAYNE 3 Ii Mit ;.in;c.
- iM at - .olesale Mid retail by A. B. i D. S t.VD*. Druggists 73
and 10? Fullen street, aud 77 East Broadway. Price^l.
N. B.?A Ifoeral allowance made tj those who purchase to ?eil !
'?"?"^ _ mil 1m
3 iL 1 PE* K ?sl.i i'.
I yCT*'** CARPENTER conuaac* as usual to devote hi, entire .
sJ |>er?ooal .tienu^a :.. the general dut.c? of hi- prcfessioa.
These who have been so linfortnnate a? :o Ueomc the vtet;B.
onqualmed and unprincipled charlatan- with which Ikis c?:v abounds
a . UBs..-.juenee .1 tue lixitv of our law. regulut:n8 Hie n..'d?-.,| -r'.^' '
l?ss;on. ire re.;s-ctfu?y solicited to call at In. old eatajatubed Dispeu
-ary, .Nu. 4 Peck slip, ?htre many thousands bare been in-.de to re- '
j..-i.-e at a happy diliv. rase, fr- ra th-lr nM_rfcld i!,.^ ' 1
To strangers, Dr. Cirpeater begs leave to add that he u a aative !
and " to the manor ooru th-l ue u, ? graduate of C tiioa College an i
received :u. diploma u ilu- city . claimi ;.:. .-wVa| hoB..is.) u a' been
ttate ol tae New Y?rk State Medical Sc<iety, ,-.| t:il) ^arly thir-v
y car- practice ami experierwe in this city, and ? bat ,. m ,.- .^Lexas
tie-peevtily and etfectuailv rare, hl.? par.eBl-. I
TT Sej>arate orace? aad" etitraae?. Coarges r-as-jnabte. a!6-ly j
? r-c-o -> western V--r*>
N A \ I t? A X I O N !
.l7-r!?sz-^r?A- CO.TI t* AN Y
THE al-ove Compasv are prepared to receiTC au.l lorws
ErieCanai 1 .is? HuronaM Miehicsn. and *?? the Ohio and Wj
bosh and Erie Canal*, on the most ravooble terms. Families ?mi
?.tins west au.l Men kants v.,.1 find :t to then- advantage t.. ..-ti a:
their OfSce. 10S Broad street A St.W.?-?: ?it! start duly at :. P. M
iron the toot .fCortlmndt street, and wree ? imd Boats .. .. -ueerior
?;ll be started dad vtr-ni iDomy. For FretdrtorPaa-jeap,
p|, to NOAH < ??>K A CO. Broad .trcet. N. i.
' 0. M. TOMUNSON a CO. AIIkh 13 . v. i.
JAMES CIIIPPELL .v CO. R? bester, N. >
E. S. BEACH, d*
A. P.. Cv>?B A CO. Buffalo, N. Y
Ci iP.R. 0 ITM IN * CO. Clevekiad. Ohio.
DAVIS St SMITH. Partsmonih, 0!
IHHIK. WEH!! a CO. Detroit, Michigan.
,ln-tf BRISTOL Si PORTER. Chicago. Illinois.
Harber". Itch, Eczema, Bloicki .1 F. Pinipks, It. a. ?r >.-.,'.ie.,
Psoriasis, P.dmac:a. and other diseases of the sk.a. are safely, .-eitoui
lv and expcditiousl? cured by the use ofSANDS"? CE1 bBRATED
REMEDY FOR SALT RHEUM, which have now-been thoroughly
tested in risius -i\ thousand diSerent . isc, without having faded in
aus*, where directions have been alteuded to. Even pcrscmaffltcted
with cither of the above diseases, i- united t.< maku immediate u?e of
thi- valuable remedr, and get . ured without delay.
The cure in all cases is warranted; We .-elect the following ex?
tract.- from certificate* as evidence of its wonderful efflcai j :
Mr-. Margaret Cl irk. of New-York, bnsjust been cured of a severe
and i.a.c stendiag . of Salt Rui um. lu h.-r eertinV ate, she sat -
"I tried* various'popular medicines, auilwas udder the car.- of two
eminent physicians, bul m? complaint baffled their skill. After noti?
cing the extra ordinary cure of Mr,. Chapman. No. 79 Chatham-street.
I was induced to purchase some of the remedy. Immediately on ap?
plying it, I beean. to recover, and am uoa entirely'well." The'ease
of Elizabeth Sjienr; of Betlingham, Mass., a his'v ..f 73 years of are.
i, trulv au interesting wie : one box and bottle of the Compound Ex?
tract of Sarsaparillu removed the disease, and made a pert".-, t cure,
atler having bee9 afflicted more thaa twenty year- Mr-. Aiutira .
Gardner, of Norwich, Ct, wn?.perfectly'curert^.after the disease had
existed for twenty-five years, in it- w..r-t form. Edwin Porter, nier
i haut, of Fall Biter. Mass., Jo*c| h Clan1. Ns. ?S) Woshiiigtois-strect,
\. Yi John Parker, farmer,of States Island; and numerous other-,
have all beau perfectly curd by tins most wonderful medicine.
Prepared wd sold at wholesale and ret iH, by A. C A D. Sands; 79
and loo Fulton-street, uns' '.' East Broadway, V V. Sold also by II.
Bawls A C... V! tnv : I". Trit ttt, Poughkccpsic i J. M. Patten, New ?
Ila.cn: E. W. Bull." Hnrtfbnl; J. \. Wadsuorth, Pro, ideuce ; Win.
Brown, 4SI Washington-street. Boston; snJ by Druggists generally
in the prin-.pal towns in the United State-. Price *t.
N. B.?Merchant- ?applied on the most liberal tcriu?. mljC tin
1 *n ?II Couchs.Colds, Asthma. Whoopiug Cough. Shortuess of Breath j
I' and ail AtVei tiows ol the Hi art and Lungs, leading to CONSUMP?
TION. Reader,you-havatried manymedicines,forvourcold. Have
WORT? Try it. In- assuredly the best medicine over offered to the
public The testimonials tendered and the high eutogium* given this
last winter from those who have taken it. attest atouce its superior I
virtue, k is from this cause that we are induced to make itasp.-pu- j
lar a. possible, though u has.increasingly received the public appro- i
bation amountiug t.>-->..mt rifty thousand bottles perannuoi. No puff|
or advertiseuw:ntkasdoue Ulis to hoax on the sofferer a watery col?
ored solution, and inctfl. ai ious medicine, thereby hasteningadisease to
it- total termination?the puff alone sustaining the hopes of the pa?
tient, until hope- ?ic gone.
The pr. p.i.-at:au .f lie- Ilo'iey of I..ver??r' U -o| |y composed of
vegetable iugredianls simple in their nature, bul in combination not
only calculated t* remove die immediate disease, but to invigorate the
system generally. No medicine ever ofibred to the public com be said '
tohave restored to health so great a number of persons mcousump* :
live complaintso* NowiU'? Pectotal Honey of Liverwort. It should
be kept m all families, to administer upon the tir-t symptom of cold <>r
couch, as inattention ana neglect are the causes of nmubers losing
their lim-, especially in consumptive coses.
This medicine, offi r.-.l tothc pubhc at tli-lo? priceof Two SMI
lings, is Rcccssilde t.t all. Far sale at t o- princijKil Dcp-i. ill Madison
str.-ct. corner of Catheriue. Itetniled by most ..i the priucipai Drug- !
ci?t. in die city, and ot.c iu every principal city throughout the Uui
ted States. al'i it ? '
Mltsl H \ KIJ.I. \.
^" IRSAPARII.LA Ls ku..? n to I.i.f the most active purifiers of
' the blood of any article in the Matena Medien, and with this we '
compound ii number of other melt. ins. selected.from theVegetable
kingdom, the ?hol., strength of win. v bj cmcentrated into a tluid ex
tract of great power. Froxi this extract the Syrup is prepared, one
bottle of which i- warranted to contain more than three limes tho I
strength and medicinal virtue of that of any other kind. For purity. '
iug the blood..and removing all unhealthy humors from the svKtem; '
such as Scrofula or King's Evil, Incipient Cancers, Ulcers, Murcurial
Diseases, Fever Sores, Itheumatism, Ii.tses of the Skin. Ac, this!
Syrup is portieularly usefuL Being a nifld, ycl cfflcienl nlteraUve, il
operates gradually hut permanently ??- the constitution. Iris an eJS> I
. client spring and sumwer purifier, and in prop-.- ,t...c. .....rale, as a
diaphoretic uud laxative : it c\. rt- n |.uliar iuduenesi ..v.-r the gl in
dular syttesi increasing aU the secretions and excretions, md thereby
overthrowing the rlooil-gnte? if disease, and re luring the patient to u
I erfei tly eouud and healthy state. Thi- medii nie is highly brm ficiol
in many oot'irrrcL Diseases, mid in various complaints in which the
Constitution i- enfeebled and requires t.. be iuvigoruted. P un, in the |
bone, ami legs, and all diseases arising from an improper use of mer
cnry.arc elicetiially cured kj its-use, Peraous uinking sea voyages
will fiud it a most valuable iriicle to use, as itcleansesthe blood and
system generally; mi.I prevents every inlet to disease.
DiaccTiONs?The d.for an adult Is half a wine glass of the Sy?
rup, to be tak.-ii .in au empty etamaek, moraiug, uoon, aiid nigtit,
either clear or mixeil with water, as preferred;
The .1..- for achild Prom live to ten j car- old. is a tea-spoonful, aiel
.i in proportion. Prepared and sold at whoi . .!.? and retail, and
for exportation, by A. It. a Ii ? \XDS, Druggists,
mlJ N..-. 79and IDO F dtou street, N. V.
I / TERS.?'J ha following -ire a few ,.f til ? E litori ,1 N >tii ? -:
Prom the Bo t... Morning PosL
Dr. Richardson's Sherry Win? Bitten ar,- i.xcellcnt medicine.
We hue taken a bottle of ili.m, ami are about ten years younger I
(in our feelings;) th in we were a mouth ago.
From i le H inkei HUI Aunu-o, < !h . r i ? - -1 ? > ?.
Dr. Richardson's Bitters.?Thi Editor of t',,- Post h .- been made to j
feel ten years younger h> the use of oue Im ttlc of I)-. Richardson's
Bitters. These Bitter-me e.uite popular, and | rove highly beneficial. '
The editor of the Post is certainly good authorirj in such a . tic, and
hi- per?..nal experience should go fui towar U e^tabll-hiug the Doctor's
from thg Esset Bante r and ff.arcrhill \dv( rfi-cr.
Thi. is t!i.a-.,n for the use of thL. valii ible m< dii ine. It i. the
most safe and effectual family medicine for diseases which il professes
to ore. that hast .-wr been di.,'ered. It i- composed of differeul
roots and plants. We like the Bitt.-r- bee ius? thej ir.- nooaaek, but
prepared by a regular practical phytician, wlr'o says but very little
ab.Mil them him?If. hut leaves for those who a e them ip make ik.-ir
own statements of their beneficial effet ts n,?,.. tlw -\ steni. We !i i.e
ju-t useil the Ix-l of our bottle, which we purciisseil of one of his
agents, wI.name will be fiiuml on the outside of our paper. A
month ago we could neither run. figJit, siiigvholloa, dance. or go to
work, a ithout eseliug that oar day. u er- ?.... i to !,?? numbered among
tl.that are'mit ButtheseBitters ha ve eured us, an,' we feel as
if we had been horn or tin, and can sing in ourowa: pcculixr stvle]
?* te-c?nc dull care," to'soct oursa lves; and tho? who wish to feel so
t.si must resort lb Richnrdson's Hi tum. or there i- r.i help for them.
f'rmn ihr UnciU. Patriot'.
To the above we el.rfully odd our ow n testimony of the nfRi a. c
ofRii Isardssu's Bitters. T a y are excellent for all the purposes for
which they ar- recommended.
Xj- C,,r -ale, wholesale and rctai!. by A. B. A D. St VHS. Gem r,l
Agent, and i'"i Fulton-stn et an I **? Emu Brua !?.!, \i | ,?r. f.
Broadwny ; Gassner A Y?w g, I33 CI itham-st, R igg, 327 Bowery ;
Tarranf, 'S?? Greeuwich-st; J. Codding A Son, ?36 Can d-stt T. .V.
J.Coddington A Son, Vi!T Hmlsau-st: Schieffslin, III Caaal-st
George Lindsey, 33 Sixth Avenue; Bin ?. fyii Broadway; Joliii
Syms, C3 Kowory; liadeau 3C? Bowery; E. C. A E. R. ?oss .-so;
Graad-st.; Rotten, IM East Broadwv.v; Guiou, Pg7 Bowery- ?sla?
id.- .V Ford. l:w Bowery . Itouoif, 171 Broadway. mj | |M '
?.?ar,.,?.,,.,,.. n, acl oi i .mgr.-.. m..-ar i-ti.bv James
- ' ?'rk. ??': Som ii - . Distri t i,f f*>w-Yoik.
y JElCaV for Punfvioe the Blood Th< Propri torof the ab.
?...mcoun, >ar-;,ar.!la J,.,.... being .wire that many prep .ration
oi >ur-.i|iani!a :?r- orterej to public, and that none of th-m arc 10
prepared ts to coutam iu ihem the in slim d>l i prom rtics of thi Sar
sapanua. aas-p.r- ! no'exiiease in proenring the iccessary macht-1
aery tor exrractlag the jiiica fro:., ii. invalu.j : and.now ]
?'rr''r'r' P .the genuinei SAJtSAPARILLA JUICEj prepared
1:1 " *:t'1 ' ?"' th? it-t care. ,-uiJ cm be t.!.-1 u kler any eir- .
cumstaa ... Warranted to keep in any climate. Ever, person who
wishermperpetuatt go,,.: heilth, -.Id take .,: rssi'twoor th.1
b-.ttlc, every sprm?. ,0 th? WotH, ,-TOm ?.,..v lu,..,..,p t ?f!
humor; whseh wiR keep tie ..hoi. system visorou, u.j rmalthj
U Ag.-nti.e-::. . :>. VVm. Wat . t^keeariea' Hall.
' 1," ?^?'<\!>rugg..t-;.,1.r,. th.ougbm.tthe
,,,r;.,'t'i.*'"r -""""^ ?????**
rC??s?^vpT1^ 1:,I> "VEB < o.?;;m.A3\t.
I CERTIF1 titot Dr. ':. D. ILLEN'S Babam of irorehound
a-_ Liverwort and Pleurisy Root ..... restored me to .dth. after
?Wen?? sixye in from Liver Complaint For two rears previous m
taknuj the Balsam-mj Iu 3* had ,.?.. -r.v -. ; u, tUatdWr?
u.y Physician believed m uiboriu- ander pulmonary coiuumptionl
To the wonderful ,-.r.-. t of Dr. All ? , ?ah im I .... - . ,. . ??.-v ' i
oppre<sion and mm?&l,^^^2^- '
- -_m4
?I . ER'M 1*11 i v
V''A.' ;:\'; nZftrsoETusuiu.
/ -
:ottrui%c\: th aJdrtu tht tcr. are tost, and itt,
at ant tHon Mj\ir; t-ut tr't-.eA Urittee Ihn eyo.
ZireJ L-n* upon the "><nd . th* fttU\ UlaUnt
Kngrcses the knowledge tcuft a Nwei sj .ucK.
Mr.. TOWNDROW. Professor ? -i 's t< >ooer ephy, w?uw at?*
s?>ectfullv announce to hl? friend, and ihe public is. j.-j-^
that he ha- ..-w-ned the ahm - ..tsMi-buieiit. w here he ;? r;.w.,
ing hie own peculiar and high)} approved method of writ! g S**^
H.nu: byrneaas of which, the exact words of pubh ipeaaai
au) be recorded aspron Boced, ami preserved in a legible farat,j.
a.- to be read at any future period with the uu."-t degree :(,3stt^i
fluidity -?therefore, those Ladies ami Gentlemen wh.. feel .I'-iro-,.,
treasure up for future study and imprrt?vsrraent,tfc? maa) 'i^n^!rr
inons and valaabte lecture*, whieKthey may hear trt.m w) tl>?
hare te.w a favorable opportunity ..l'acquiring a practical,as?e?ta?
theoretical acquaintance ?iui this truly interesting and vary atrsjai
L.nsgirea ia S. b ifs .:i! Pris le Families in any part eft).
City and it> vicinity sehen desired.
XT The terassvof iustruetion, which cannot prove otherwise tW
satisthcttrry%y together with the names -I dn >e ... ividurd* towata
Mr. T. is' permitted to refer, can bo known by applying to ^
above, where he wilLat.aU time, take great pleasure ... es : rauurtaa
pei nliarities of his system ol Short-Uaud, and method ul ti . ....
same, t- such as may favor asm ??nil a visit,
?.' Young Gentlemen who ire anxious t.. qualify theraselvej >a^
|M>rt for the j?r. ss. ..r teach this valuable an ! popular teace, lrt<#>
pecially invited to call, is very nattering iiiduceiuenis can he offtrwj
to those who may be .b?i>..1to engage in either pur-nit. ;a
? ' PROVED p*.
TI \ :?. islageaW
S ive^te.of saraq
in perlbna dl
tlie ???.._ lit ;, tnxrj
Ost Quxaraa a?
?s ? I v- f ;., t,,3.
ghl it...,
A a the jreatesi
id-It racy. The
^?gl.Bg_---? .
^f^^^M^T^^S^'c^^".: ? n - -? -??.lie.
is la:
in tin
i to
I part- ul mi OUUCe. t'? k mark and it;a%
lice I.. :.. C a pi Ite er box, mjJ
,. si for n '. lilei -. la* '.dibea
... ... ividi "ilha ?truaf
,! nl i le i ure. .Vert and coa
.?uktng less i ? turn tha.i the uli
I chains,?avoiding all the inconveukisea.af
e mid distincL Altai bed is
i respect a-illbefouaJ very coav
I., the dish repres.ed in the cui. eac!
iren plate.nearly ili.i; either can be u
pactm^appeajraocc -
style of even beam _
chains and loose weightsi movcaWe ..t pleasure and cornvmugil
i'is-e adsaiitagc-. are oftered .it i verv reasonal ti price, by
'v'ti,, THEODORE WALSH. HI Front at sv ofWial
rptHIS IS PRINCIPALLY au I'?< lian V licine, introduced by
I Doctor Segur in this form. Il is i met important to be uaaas
stood, in estintaiiag.happiai.well as health, that in tSe |ire.fBt
stale of society i large portion ..four -u'ferisig-, liotli bo^y uinl :mad,
are of Dyspeptic ch iracter and origin, o'a;
When, from indigestion indoth rcauses, aoorishmenria thvava
tcm becomes deficient, and vital eneruy is reduced to a point whara
its economy is dieturdjed hv languid >?r unnataral action, >lv?p..pue
symptoms begin !??!?? p. rq.pi in restlessness ?? ithoul pain, aadMai
without apparent . an-e : tin.I re.p:.mi.- urn i.-ichiiu l.eyo.nl liitrtl?ct
I?. the origiual cause.
For all liu- class of .-.net, ihi- in du ine ha. |.e.-n f..und to be awry
appropriate and successful remedy.
Its character and eiibct n.be estimated in some measure from a
iiiiu-x.il slid pe. ulbr properie -.
1. Its most perfect eflect is experienced when taken and acthujli
connection a ith the !'.>.?!.
2. Nourishn.i i- generally increased during it- use.
X The lunger it is used the lea*, is required to produce the saaa)
The following certificate i- -elected, which it i- thought amply
proves the superioi ellicacv of tin- valuable medii me i
Nkw-Yosk, Sept. 21, KIO.
Meura. .1. It. \ I). Sauds?Gebt.:? For . ..lit years I was eadef
the care of dilfereul physii iaas, some oftliem the .t disuuguiahed,
and my.npluint bailled all their skill. I was considered by lome ti
be laboring, under the liver complaint ami liy otli rs to be under a
slow but certain decline. My distress ?.g eat at times, slut death
itselfwould not have been an unwelcome visiter. Every thing leat
canned gre .t dutre?*, and ?t times I -pit blood in lai go qu intkies, asi
looked upon myself as a candidate for rwHtlher world. Through your
advice I was iuduced to :1c 1'^. Segur's Pilb i in.iL I cemmeneta
Inking them out eaoli meal, and after the Gm fen .1.> fo*und raj
distresj relieved. I.continued their use gradually*, diminishing IM
quantity until I ciusiu to do withoul them, and the distress had tr>
tirely left inc. It is nearly a ve.r since I recovered m) health?audh
is my advice to all who are similarl) afflicted, to use tin- excellent
medicine, lamyonn sinceroly,
1.1.1/ \ o XOLDS, I Ul ftroome-st
Sold at wholesale and r-i ul, by A. I!, .v D.Sands, Druggists, Nor?71
and 100 Fulton-street, aad 7* East llroadway. u.-.lm :
rpiHS may w.-n be designated the ?e ;il>n ultra :.n,.-|e- .u ihr?
1 line, jrel mTered In the public, and as such it- .pj duo-. , .nssC
re>.ia.ii unappreciated, ... affording a rich ami In autiful lather, whih
iu freedom from any deleterious iagredii ats r< nders the op.-',nun a
Shaving perfectly ea?y uul free from the usuul ?mtrtin; or irrilabiJit*
attending lite u.f other compounds.
Gentlemen who are troubled ?nU eutai.ns eruptions, nu?l ?
?l'..m ti.|ieration of shaving is a trial, will find great relief ?i '
?atufai tiop ,n it- use. For wholes Je an I r. tail, '-v
JENNINGS A BENNETT, Druggists, 163 Greenwich-st,
And by the principal Brtiggists and Perfumers in the city, ml ! I?
t? be brid atXaGraisd-sUeet, between Ludlow and E
Esaea Market.
nlHS article is a New lovention, forth- parpoae of itjkinr. I?
1." 111 during the I .-t sea.? with < .rv- sue ess tu tie
purchasers to whom it has not only given eutir - ?. f. . ,.?,. but laey
have expressed Iih-mi elves as highly gratified ??? ? its i ..-.-no.-, at
it-jertortna. baking Bread, Meau, Pnddiiigs Pi, , I Cakes to acharav
l lie ad van tage? .,i tliis < Iven over tue ?M pi,,, are?
. econoaiy durabiHty of its i orulnic?ou, the cost of Iis?
Uvea being about one half the old make.
,, ? ""? '?;??? '????;- ? ..f the ov...,. th..r. i.v . ? ddaig the pm
Vti""* r ? wi?i - " ? f-d.tv. and not iu danger of
Burning 1 heir Hams ... .?,-. ..p..,,;,,.. ?? lh,. ^
?w-^?* simplicity of arrangement being ?ueh that any m-rarm ?si
rea.f,!yu,,.!er..;,?d it- operation ami m ?tage.,?. ' 1
?Uj. II,- tnflmg eipense of fitel it cotuumea. together with 41
-nn .mount ofWsor required, and il..pact foroi u.il ai?*
S v " " Ko-mEBn,0a' ?'?"?? -?? factory to th rikar,
eWdmrwe i*^ " " 'u'u"*?,vof v ' wtpr wed if
The Oririnal prop f., Oven to be h...I of the subs, ribs -.
XVh r , i, V '-^DCItHli.L. :u>?..,....: .... ... Market
li. re all ..r.b-rs will be thankfully reeeival and punctnally attendel
d. Hb! Oven, repaired at the shortest ne.ti.e ' ?2? lafg
DIVo?l!APi!V!w trl-atniKM ami HVVYOKt'
I ?-R>.-lhe.. rnatruioeuu have.received the c bled ffft%
onion ol tbe tir-t media 1 men in this country. The ii.v-u:..r basrt
ceived the following testimonials ia the Medical Journal :
'?? \v" i"r4' J'"irHttl"f "?d Sar/rriy,tkt EaUtarrentashat)
vvehave lakeu paias n> inquire of the best author:;:*-, a. tu the
merit.,( nr. <;-. Jpparatuj) lM,. tua tt|1.m n .? 4riJ uv tbepro
re-sion. ''
(Ito'tnn Mtdical and Surgir.il Journal.,
Dr. r-|ri;il?-. gopporter ... ' Tr,;..; John K. Chi
?V' w-Urk. the inventor certarslvshows brmeelfto b<
cbanieal ingeosiity the werltmaiis'hip, too, is fttililrws
Office I'd Fnltoo-strect. ^,7 tra
dk. j. ?ir.\vi:t :.
1 OO SPRING-STREET, i.e,r Wooater, [.formerly afBrsrta -
X'J'J Practice confined to Dbdocatkm, Sprains, Hip Diaeares,
Rheumatism, White 3 lliogs, rliaeased and curved Snines, (.'oatrac
ti?n?. s-tiffne.-.. -.il J weuk.i of the limbs in general.
M. D.. o<
an of sn
Dr. H'. ->.te?i founded on the prim ipleof the celebrate.: SsnaA
thcEa-twari. Refereoci given on application to Dr. H. '??*

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