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Tins new-yom n\3jm
fViH be published every moraine, (Sundays exempted.)
at No. 3ti Ami-street, New-York.
AnJ delivered to City Subscribers tor Out- Cent pi r copy.
Mv.t Suutewbert, *l per miuimii in advance; otherwise
?jig^ fcoo&of securing a wide and general Advertising piuroaape,
lti f?v?n-of our friend* ?iV. lie inserted till further notice at tiic fol
|<assr]ag reduoed rate., riy.:
f"r bach AOVKaTisonurr or
Tfrelre.Koes or lew(over sitf), first insertion.. ?H> et*.
Do i'ir ear1, subsequent m-ertiun. ?85
De, f-ir **jx insertion*, or -hp week.?W 4W
D.) for Xtvctitjr-llve insertions, or one montii. ?5
Longer Adverti cments ai equally fkroraWe rate?.
For Vive line*, bah* the abore rate- s Tw o lines, one-fourth of .
tne?.- rates?parable in all cases in sdvauee.
The missel ibci woald rest*ictfell* inform his friends and llie
iblle generally, thai be bos now oaba*Klr?uitabl?fortbebum
season, a fall and eosTHdete assortmeul of li:it.- ant Caps
oKthehr-wert and ?oft?pproved'pattetiM,-wiicB he offers for sale at
prices trbtrli cannot fail U> ineel their :iji).r>.l>uti(.n.
Trading npoi. the priiicipje of large rales and small profits.
T(ii? assortment i oosists in pan, of?
Satin beaver HaU on fur bodies it.$2 Sfl
Short aap'd riioteskln 8ilk HaU.3 Ml
>n->. short aap'd moleskin fur budi -.S Till
Khsc short aap'd vutriu Jf.tr-. 'J ?t)
.".'?urii fur Hats.3 OH
Fiae fur body .Vutria Hats . 1 on
White bearer and Russia Fur Hats..- 1 50a 5 50
Al-o.jtfull assortment of mens' and b-tyV double brim Leg torn
HaU, gentlcmcnx' travelling and Dress Caps; children.' cloth, velvet I
and Fasry Cops, boys' rouinl crown l*ur anil Silk Hat*. A <?.
Wholesale men-h .nt- aud dealers, supplied by. the doxen or case, 1
at the lowest rash prici -. WM. BANTA,
jel-'.n. 130 ChaihnH-strrct, New-York.
SSr-lt-Xti' -KR?V) X a CO.'Soueuuul- I
'ity and eee price Hat Store,~l78 Chatham square, corner of
Mott-tt Toe latest fashion HaU for the low fixed price of$3,
.surpassing in beauty aud style offiuish any ever sold before
for the kauie price. In presenting these Hau n> the pul.lie, tlie
prserietori think they ksve reache ! the ultimatum of benuty, dnra
bility. cheap? >?> and comfort to the wearer. Alt sale* ore lor cash,
?lucli precludes the net - it;, of charging a good cum?.hut for losses
incurred by the bad. nr.") 3m
(9JPKING F?WaiOW.?Cheap fash Smre. N... isi
'Chatham-:!, (opposite Roeevelt-rl.) WILLIAM BROWN'S
Fathivnablc Hat and Cap Store. A large und splcu Ii! a mi- j
meat of Cloth ami Velvet Caps, of every mj le and de* tription
now in n?e; also tlic iim.t extensive assortment of Summier liut- ev< i
exhibited i... nay Store, all ?>f whiab will t..- hohl at wholcsslo. mal ic
Uil, at tho loarosl price*. uix9-3ni
xv.\v S'anjja<>.??'A?:?,;?: eh.it f*to?k.?
JjH The subscriber re?|.fully inforuis bin friends und the puhlii
CH:tbut be l>is 0|ieued the Store .N'>. 60 Oiatliani-street, aad in
rites their attention to a saperi assortmeat of HaU ami Capj
Hwaf?ctured from tho clioiitest miiloriob. ami iu the most approved
s'.yh-., ishich he oners ai low if not lower prices than con In- .>V
Luiin-l :it any ot' ? r establishment. II?- i- not nvuliucd t? .. onc-pritasd
U .* hut hat a full assortment, n^.l e i- conliiluiil in in. ability lo suil
the tastes and pockets of^lL ANDREW 11. WILSON,
No. 6 i Chatham kl between Pearl ami Duaue.
Boautifol style rf light Summer Hau ready, consistiag of tVac
Drat, Beaver, plain I?nli and IN :i-l Hau i al-o Men's, Youth..' ami lu
fitiu" Leghorn and Palm Hau. mSC-lm
mats! ej.i'm::
MB C. W.V;'.-<>\ i. il'u,"., r. ; mill- In- rii-tomers iimi t.V:
VkS public gcuerallj*, tli i he h - ?? full suppli of Fushiounble
llau,.oftbe D'C saypalitrn, as well as other models, to suit
sistiir* .uul taste, at I ho old established iirii-?-, \ iz . .Sill;, f&JStJ, Mole,
S3, NctHa, $'.t,.V?, ami Beaver, $4^50; whk Ii >rr S3 per cent cheaper
tiriH the fn'.mr quality con be bought elsewhere. The r-i-iilai increase
to hi- Ust of caslbmers f.,r the Ihm thi.years, h.-:u-- ample lostimony
tj their jaolity aad durabiliiv.
WATSON. ITA Chaih iin--!.. ami IGO Bowery.
N. B.?Also, the ino-t extensive assortmcnl of CAPS of every
inscription to !?? fonnd in the City'; at prices corres)ioudhig_
Woolosale dealeri are |>articular]? r..\it><i to look, at his Stock of
HaU.'and Caps while ;'urchusing, and he n-.-ure. then that even
article is thoroughly inspected ? ravjous delivery. m?3m
v '< A .*< 'a- * w
M FASHlOX.vr.l.K mat l .-.'l a!-i.i.-h.mi:.\t.
*V .N.x 280 uid- ? et, Ni ? -York.
c.29 3m*
itil8.1,B \ KiC V.? .>???-. HAMILTON-", i;". Pi ... i-, ;r,-. t.
near William-.tm i, continues to make, . lean und aller La?
dies' Hau in the most faahiounblc style ; al-o. Ladies'Clips nie*
tautli atade ami trinuned. inl5-:im*
.:!!??<>. Si. 9vnvi7t~x.
MILLINERY AM? KANC? STORE N-s I6G William-slreel,
ta-;?r Beekroxn. Ladies DRESS CAPS, made to order; Crii |i
"itk roustantly on band or made tit t! p shortest notice mf. On
NO. Irifl CltATllAN-iTllEET.
V. ILLLVJ1 H. SCOrtELD onposition to all die humbug
;ory of the du)?to :.!! > t..le Pruon monopolies, anil to i !l
those wbot II miserable, isaor Shoes, lie offers Itools and Shw .:'
bison* tnuiinfiicture, umdeliygood, hoo:>l iiipcuanijs. Ladies' gen
ueaten'*, miswV audchihliou's, in gi ? rarirl ,.at prices hex - thaa
any oilier e.-t.ilil.sbinc-ii in tin city. The citizens of New-York i .:i
do well "> call aud examuic bit sto.l; and -..?e '-."i per ci nt. of ilu-ir
?on. \
N It He does no bragging al lat his g t-ai Wiadow, neither
he accuse bis ueighboi - of doing iheir business in open It irn .
bet goes op|>osition lo-all who sell miserable, poor slnscs ami sbavi
ih- . nives. je-lw*
cissak* A.'f:> f.fliJSJ.
AI.L who >o.:.t lo ^et Boots ami Shoes of the tie.i qnalit;
I latest fashion- lower than have hitherto been 6IP n .i in il.
eitv, ..ill please call ..i ih< CLINTON BOOT AND SHOE
MARK LT. No. SSM Cunal-ttreet, northeast corner of Huilsun-str nt,
?her.-can !n- found almost .-..-r\ i;.i:'r- in t ? Bool ami she.. |h..
ehaaper"taaa ever. Lad?e?,'you can gel Gaiters, Buskin*, Walking
Shu.-, and Slips at this establishment, of all i ul r- and kinds, stiitabh
for the spring and summer wear, chi ip as th cheapest ami good u> !
UM; best. Country merchants are saiicilco to c-ull aiul cxiouiue oai I
stock of good., lief rc po.-. ti u>ing eise? In ?.
N. lt.?!>..:. i :'...u-et the unme and number. Cunnl-atreel, nertb
p?*t corner of Hinlsoii-streei. A. KNOX & CO. mil liu
iS?' *.i siatA-:' C?TSl?CilSK ?u?'i? dt.'
ISHOK MARKET, tj Catharine-street, corner ?>! Monroe
SCKISXEK A- ?"0. ivoiild rnforni the ciliaeus of New-York 1
Brooklyn,aud tliesurruundii.g ctHiutiy, llint-they huvuo|>eaya ,
U?e xii ?. s store, with BooU and Shoes
Enough losupplj half the Nation,
The Cheapest aud Best in all Creation.
Ladies, vou can find nt this store a splendid i xortmcnt afbtach aa I
eahntd (tailors-, ttpeil Cloth Husk: -, Moroc? ??. French lin-kin-, Slip
Penai I Ties, ui about n- ?lur.!- ? price usually a-ked forthe
some .i iicl?..
CeetieMCU, yon t"" ?'-.'i find a ?ph n tid rortment of -t?m and fine
Boot. Brogans, S'.. u ?! Punif s, loeetbor wflih any quantity ol
Bays*,"MW 1 an-J Cb.laVeo's BooU'anJ Shoe*, all of which will U
?Old l.>->-r laali tie- - '.aie nrtiele. u ere ever -old hcfiMV. Come one,
coins .ill, a id cxaiaitlo for youi ?eli ?-.
P!?;t-e recotlrct that this stare is TO Catharine, corner of Mouroe
?treet, t.Ve first corn r.befow l.orlA Taylor's, aud next door to Hull's
Urge 5V\ Goods storr.
N. n. Jj- ?;,?; k- oierchauts and -ulier- in the trade, ?l:o ? i-h to hoy.
(ctMap t'^r cash) would do well to i?a before Ihej purch.!-?
"here. ml I h .
"vk w KSTABlalsiiTlW i^Ni'i-.**.
i-l.l) BOS? K1CIIAUDS ha* just ejs.I i.n..s ih.- most
plea lid lUwt und Shoe sou- - r. tin City?01 >? iK 500 On. a
?rich, eoru. i S(.r inc. ?ud one UI ----i Canal-strei 1, ? i'.'i hi; urw
e?.si? best-tfualitj and chenpest in the L'uiicd States. All want
tho is>ai reunine, al tlie sreatost bargatos r?> r beard ol, wiU civi
tb* old i . .. .lorttwilh. in I n
ti>.?si: a.\5> s::s:.
.-^y IN tii* building known as .ho CO
V Ll'MBIAN HALL,^ t^'Grand street
h ?V;v: th* mo-1 spacious wholesale anil rrtai!
' . SALEs RCK>M in the Unilesi Sttit -
lie*' largest and best selected s--o:i
um nt ^t L-idirs , Miiiea'andChtldrcn't
SHOES ? xctuslrcly.in all th. ir varie
lie- of pattern, wiiltb. color, shape
and material usually call.-.! for, ofoiu
own Duuiufhctore. Wo ? iwl.l Inform those ladies who hare fonai rlj
lieep c?nipeUed to (to t? Broad? iv :eid elsewhere, th-vt r rv are nndci
th- n?v.'^.itv ofdoiog -? m> wnger; aud ?. invite tin as to "contc ????><
??e,' ami s ue fraun ts?o 10 eight sbdliogi;...- pair, an.I I?- better sen e?l
wiih..iit the dolaVs and disa|v|KHMiaeata adins being mcasortd
Wc would al-o -uv. that hai.r.p Iron, ?> io ;6?ii|., f....... m nur eiM
rksy. ai j havingU.f-.i aaiuubri of yi the 1 . gi -i macufsa n.rvr?
ta Anifrica, thai our work is well known, Sjiprove.! of auJ eoughl
?iUr, in c. ? ry market ? herb c>->d ?ork i.. Hstd. The citizens i?f N?w.
VorV. iklyo, Wiluarosbareh, ami the ?Urt^odiiig examtry, arc "
?peru"ui;> o.fi vi ted to . ill aud > Xttn lina for them-clvoe. W.-..1.-M
??od relail d. xtors for city an.l roiintrj tr: i!e. will find it to their s.l
*>ntaje to tall before purchasixg, as uoi only ip?jitjr audquanlilj
iuitpia-f?. -iisll make it a (.-real iniite - ? Bt
A.iil.iiB4 V\ HOTK1. AT M N a: ;->! N;;.
fpHl> he? and beantifnl House il sil i ited on Maiu-strect froHtin;
? Markets aire, baring an excrUeoi ?iew of the Hadsva River
It hiw, ]o?t beea forn?sked entirx-n vrifi new, neat, ami coavenien
foranure, n.l affords the best scconunodalions for a few gentec
femitlt. and fciagle lK>.rder.? of an> other e-tatdi-hme n! in the ?\ try
Tho^- auhis( t.. . v.ot themsch'Ci jf this opportunitj . ?-JI do well v
apply ,? th^ ,.r,?,nr.,,r
I? L WORKMAN'. Sing Sing.
<{ i dftrire yon to nndertttaad the tn*e p?
i /-A TO I.KT I.\ BKOOKIiY.\?One
I JljWlhr-e .lory Bre-k H?o~, corisi-ting of kitchen, :' . ? r. .
?"?""chamber* os the second floor ant! 2 oj the third floor, with
I good air anil water. K-tit $175. Inquire at thin office. je2-3l*
i -A J'O LET?A neal and f?shiouobl) finished two rtorv
pTef Wooso, replete with everyrconreoieace, in Uie vicinity of the
, " lower port of Conal-st
Also, a Store and Cellar cnraar of Washington and Christopher
street*, a ?'exl ?am! tor a Urnrory or Store losjoire ..t N... 1S5
\V'a.-j,inirl..n?u jt..j
.r-A TO J.KT.
C?g A BRICK STABLE in Greeo-street, first.?W, Bleech
"er-ilreet Inquire of
">'5 if ALFRED ROACH, 42 Beckman-streei
BSiBl The Uiird story of the rear hufl.line No. 29 Ann-s?eet. 1:
one oi the best R*oro? in the my fi r"n Printing oSice, or am
light tiisiaesw, tseiug Urhled on three aidoA. Reut ?150. Apply to
a-.e? if H. GREELEY', ?r J. WrNCHESJ Kit. 30 Ann-rt.
A ".a. aiOfMK wa.\tkd.-\.,:. .a -.-aal.
* House, or part of a well situated iwo story House, within 6??
' or ten minutes walk of tl.Nstw W.rhl ? e," may ;>? rhap*
hav.-a ro.^1 tenant l>y addressing E. W. at this office, -? ting partic?
ulars. ?;lr ?
OFF2?J*S to LET.
T.ie splendid Basement Rooms in the Merchant*' Exchange
"corner of Wall and Hanover-stratta. Apply to Mr. Pearson,
illice of t\c Company, corner Hanover and Exchange Place, or te
if J. WINCHESTER, -< An.-.-street
fV58. for StAIiB?Or exchange for productive I ity Pr?pi r
"ey^ty?A Farm of S3 aero, situated iu Hu.u ogtoa ! ??.' iship, L.
""" C,.'! mil - from Nortbport, from which a sti unboai | Ii ?? to n.J
fr.en New-York twice week. fJ.??l buildings, good watar, Ac Ac.
For fall particolars inquire of E. W. WOOD, -1 'tiviogti.irc< t.
Abo, a i.'aik grey llor- 7 year- old, 15 bands high, ;<??l ia tingle
and double harness, jusl from the country, aud ?arranied sound. In
quire as above. jel-lin*
ri:<)i>3.'..-* t.ZXt: OF STKA.fflBOAT^
N 1^ -? ?*> FOR ALBAItY....FARE *}\.
The new axd commodious steamboat NORTH
"?"AMERICA, Cant M. H. Trucsdell, will kuve the
pier between Corilaodi and Liberty streets, This Afternoon, Thurs?
day) June!!', at .1 o'clock.
Tin- new steamboat ROCHESTER, Cupt A. P. St. John, b-aw,
To-morrow Afteraooa, (Friday) June Ith, ai 5 o'clock.
For passage or freight, n.-qdv to
!'. C. SCHULTZ, ai ill- o!r.. .-. or ?n board.
N. B. All kinds of projierty lakeo only al die ri k ..f the owners
,< ?.- for .\ 2-; w-o r i. fa \. , Vi k ilia
sPgaOrlein* Line.?The superior packet-ship Al BURN, N. P.
***?" Darfcy, master, bavins ihe largest pan of her ? argu-n board
wiT sail as above.
F?.r balauce of freight or pissase. bavins handsome furnished !
siate-rooniacconimodations, appW.oa board.at I'ine-streel wharf, or to '
JOHNSON A LOW DEN, 8C Wall-street.
Go-dshy ibis Iii,- destined for St. Louie, und consigned in our |
Agi it, (Mr. Peter Laidia?) in N. w-Orionns, will be forwarded free or
r.?iiiini.-iiiM. m22
,l~, for n.ttX nON? Packet of i: 2 I ? of .1- ?I h*
figSipacket shipQl EBEC, F. St C.Hcb ril wasters, will -:.:l as
almve, her regular day.
For freight or pamage, having suporioi aeeemmolutions, apply on
board at Ike foot of A! ildeo l.aur, or lo
je2 GK INN ELL. MINTURN S CO. 78 Soutli-st,
for j::it?s>oa..?i'..:i.. i of the falti 071.?.
VdTd The packel ship U.V1TED STATES, A. Britton, mas tor, oil!
-.ol a- abovo, her ri jmlar day.
r.-r freight or passage apply on board at the foot of Maiden Line, ih
to ROBERT KKRAHT,71S-uth-st
The packel ship VIRCINLAN, \V. If. Allen. ? el ?ui e.-.-d the Uuilod
Steles, and sail on the I '?<<> of July. ii?'2."
,t.<.i tONBON ?.?.>??: OIK FAVKKX'ai^-Puckei ol
?ffimiOlh June,?The packel-sbip >V?LLINGTON, I?. Chadwick,
?"y i;i:,,|,T, will - il as above, her regular day. For freight or
passage, having superior a-coraaiodaUous, apphv >u board, f> at ol
Maiden-lane, or lu GXLVNELL, M4NTDRN A CO.,
m2S 7S South-street
yt..., for LiVEKPOOL.-Packet ?l Ttli June.?Ike
??r;rrti icl;ei-*bip GEORGE WASHINGTON, A. Burrows, muster,
""'"'^will tail a- above, her regular day.
For freight or passage; having superior accoinmodatioas, apply oa
boaril, foot oi Maiden-lane, or to
ml!?tf GKIN ."ELL, MINTITtN Sc CO., 7- Si nth ttrcet. j
.?'??{., Flt>r (ST. TSSU.iaAS*?Wit- itcsj itch?ThesUjieriot '
t '.rT'tj.?"..si snilinc ?ehr VIRGINl X. J. Biirrou-ht, in ister, will sail a
**aliove. Vot babuiee of freight or passage, having clecanl I
.-late-room uceoaunodutibhs, apply nn board, Ui ins.wbnrf, or to
iu2l JOHNSON A LOWrDEN,66 Walt si.
<? J,t>!i'I4. .I3:iti4.:at,-i.i
S kEALER", ami .ihers, aruinviteil to call al .'i?:t SSON'i CLOCK
[/ MANUFACTORY,recently removoil from the corner of CJort
lamli and Greoiiwich-streeta, lo No, 1?> Coiilandl-streel, near !tro.?i
way, where tiey will find a lari:- i.rtme*l of Clocks, comprising
several new.patterns, leo;. Brass and Wood, which a ill be sohl a?
low fo'ciish as al any otherestalillshmeht it. theUhitcd Suti s. Deal -r*
are InCmn il thai all Clock* sold at the sbove place arc wumuared a
rood ..riitlr .unl uiferior iii none.
VVM. 8. JOI.'.NSON, AsBiii fortiien leof
mil Im Jerome'" Patrril BraseCbs k?.
rrxIIE lefderaigneil has iakeii the agency fori.ate of JEROME'S
S ItltASS CLOCKS, :.i IheirA^lock Ware oom, Na -? ?! B: .1
ivay, where be will - :l their Path.vt Eiglil Hay rind Thirtj Hour
Braa* Clocks, of a ?-ariety of patterns, at thi Itrtcil arhrl -al- Factory
p ces. Merchants und dealers in Clock* wonl.l do well to id
oxamioe theirslock In lore purchasing. Also, an assortment uf Wood
Clocks, CucAr i Cash. ItocoUcctthif number. Cfl !'.r,...;v. ?.. ,. ?
stairs. ISA A. O: IllN.^DAI.K. '
^. ti,?Particular altehtioii paid to the Retail trade. Every >'??? crip
tioa of Clocks ruf^tired and warnuiteiL ml if
^ A.r5 ?M 1. \%'m Li ?i :i Si 'T, V. a . ..... . ilerelutou.
O ExcJuuige, corncrxrf \Vall und William streets, hating foiuicd a
c'ounccliou in business with S. HAMMOXD, their pei nal attention
will bo givi a to re|Niiring mi i Watches. The most i omplii ati .1 ;>:irt
of l>ui>le\ nod Cbninometer Walcbe? pal iu equal u> the origi ..
Mr. Haiameiid would make lu- a? know l< iIgetueiita i;..- Prade,
fur ilieir kindness and pu'.-ronage since living in New York, and will
alwa - give tlnur ?ori> preference in making Duph \ .tors., b-i will
uoi lie aisle to mnki .n.> ducoa^l from the ret...I price.
Duplex, liidejKendeul Second, and other W -ii he* of splendid pat?
terns for-sale, warranted perlccs or ihe money rcturn'e?L Jouelri
and Silver Ware a* usual.
* *?t!.2> ANS? .HSI.VS-IR WATfm ??:>?. : .-.iio.,:,:.|e j. ..
xl elry. Silver ji|?o.Mi?, Butter Knives, Sugar Tougs, A-c. plated
f ak- Boskets, Candle ticks. SnufTersoi.lTrays f ,-t..r>. .v... Britan?
nia C6flee-Pols anil Urns Tea Seit-. Ac. an4 l ane, liin. :- g. nerally,
for-nl by BEACH A SEXTON, 114 Clutham-street.
N. it. W'atche* and.Jewelry repwirxtl. mig-tf
JtP&i?i .11 3 4. ?. t tl i>, jVacliral Wateh-Mak . lal nf'Canal
and Spring-streets, h ? removed to717*1 Bower>;, near Fifth- irect
W.U; hi- carefiillj repaired. ji-lni
lOO BOW l ltA.
n 3 EURJTTS A PAGE opening at their stores, No,, lex
I\ 1 i-,-?. r? and aaSGrohd-streel, a full an I splendid a-ortmenl ol
:!,.? a!-o e ^*.K?!f. compr?lng ih* latest pntteruii, ? hit ii they n ill -. :i
??rices ?<m worthy the attention of the public. Also, B itanuia
Ware plated Casiwr*. Ac. ai :.o.
/ t?FAP t!ROC5?K?i ?TOtttli, :.?ery.?Tne
x. .ui.-. ni. hi- on band a general ?skorrment of China, GUes,
ami !! irllwea Ware, \-tr.l l. 'tap-. Ac. vrkich will be mi I very cheap
for cash, ?t wbolesabi ami reiaiU !'. CillLD.
N. B. Good* fcnt to any part of the c ity or Brook!) n free of cure.
;e:t. 1 iu
V .?;??." Ii V J.. M INTEL AM? HALL I ?MPS,I n..n.leb-, r.uei !?
J\ ale .-. Japuniw I T..l-Tra? -. Brcad-Baskets, in setts nr eej>?r?|e,
Gii- Tain. Ciitlrrv, and Ebony or Alabaster Clocks.; for - ah- b)
BE MM A SEN r?N, lllt'h u?.m-L
N.B. Liicsps rebroiuoil and repaired, e^ual to JieW*. U>.ir:i I i-ir
Shad-*. Ac. on 1 anJ. m29-tf
l it BS"?if*K K*iKSrTE?C9.
I .IS?'?'i 2!1*:<.I., Lamp Manufacturer. ISl Broadway, in tin
\f ? r. ar.? Lamps, Lani tms mid **irand la - made to order, on rea
sonahla terra*. All kinil*ofiLamp*,Chaadi Iii .-s. Su .. repoircU, i.iii-re.
lad ri fini.-h.sl eqi ..I lo : ??-.-. m-- if
? r7lfi"iTl>KKpi' ll?KS>WAKtf, a. 'a. in ;v i .--:.-????:.?'
t J coibd it" as Hi lit of -:--h "::'.! IC-. "ull HSngOs Sen * -. Airnr
icaa and'Engii-h Kuob l.?K-k-. Fine Plate-, Demi, Cupboard, Draw
Chest and"Pad-Lock*^ Barrel. Itouml, S?|nare Spring*, Flush am
Shutter BVl-, li.?<k and Plate Hinge*, loicthcr m:i r.-aiiv every .ir
:ir!e ia liii Uuc, all of ? hich mil be soi.1 lou :u al any place iu ti:
HI ,, '"ui Nail? b>" '.lie CasK, t WWesI market ori-.r i-s-!:.
;.,.;.',f JOSJCPII Wl.t-il.
inABLE :i..\hVi:> AAS) FOKlSSI?t -.1
L soruaeni, just received rom the minafactares it SbctCeld, En;
?..!. ii i for *abs a; unusual low prices, ?I the Hardware store.
i'm.-.'oii tret. ml"
c a?^|5T^S.>? 5tOF>w.? !)rd?s?-.. <?|T| UtO SIMPUOYEI
{ i I JGHTN1NG CONDUCTORS f..r boibfinrs, left at t?>
No. tr.'l Follon-street, ?ill receive prom pi ai eution.
?| i Cotiductort *re"decidedly superior to any heretofore use.
?rid ir-Lei-ve.l to. iro'd perfect prMC?noa againstta.,.ucU?
etTcrts of Hirhtnin?. -"he Un l-an furaiabcdby bun aad croeted ui
,| 'r suneriniwlnenccs Gcnilemcn who ma) *rbh i.osuli imni
rejf ird to ih-ir r~.-..l...r a Ivaalaees, ?!??? "! furnwaiac. erscUm
Sc, -re rc-prrtiV'v iariled to ? all atbl?officoor for? irdlhoirii , a
a d It- "ill meei I'.'-ia p'aieth.y ir-.v eVfc.gr t-. ?.?.e!_
i. !::,nn> vroi>?ht !ito> fsiv: -M.-i:n:
Vt TASKER a MORRIS'S Wehlod W roughl Iroa I'ip.. "or (.
Hot water tnd >'t- am, warranted e^iud. If?xuroperior. to British mid
ufacture. from i to inehe* >? di.mmcr. Coostaotly oa baa a,
for sal- st th- m-eufvler?r-' prioen by .... ,,?
jel-lw- 3BSJ, TATH-lM. Jr.249 Water-??.
inciplr* of the Ooremnvettt. E vrr-sh thezn carried
"C* Fashionable ?ilk?.? Ladies, if you are ia pjrsuir of
new rte.il cheap Silke-, be jaw to rive BANKS Jfc DINGMAIS a eallbc
( fure p-ireha-mr. for they hav ;u-t rec'iveil a larf lot of.extra heavy
? latin striped and lirurert lira c Africa tu addition so their former
i large stock.
This mominz we tdtafj upc-i *2 cares -af plain bine Mac b ---:.J ? '
j Grode Africs. HANKS .v DLNGMAN,
No.301 Grand, roraer of Orcbard-Uri rt
-V P. Always si. Inn !. Mourning Goods <>f every description,
j 50 packages Dot.tics, at wholesale prices. '- .;t
t H E.* i* S.'K ? GOODH.
JASON II. 50CKOVEK CO 213 Greenwich-street, two Jose?
below Barclay.
We wuuid again direct the attention of the public, especially the
t ilia ins ..i" New-York, to our well selected and unrivalled Su> V of
Goods, which arc of the Inte.? sty!.-, rtnd importation. We hive,
also,, red need, the price* -o a. ?? reader them cheaper t;....i n.t.
I This fact, we think, wdl !k readily admitted by all those ~l will
-nil ?t nor noted e-iitMisbne-iit ami examine the a?.-ortmc?t.
Plain.fieurcd and stripe I Huusseliae ?.- Laines,
' Printed I.awus and Muslins.
Silk-, bl tck, l ine bhu k and colored.
Dombaziues, jet and blue black.
Print.. French. English and American, 26,000 yards, at 1.*. per
vnrJ. forasrly -."bl for U. Gd.
C-.tnhrie Yj-li... p! ?>??. striped and plaid, fur 2r?. 2.. Cd. per yard.
llo..k. Sa i-. r.n.l Mall Mii-ftri-.
Laces, Bobinen and Thread.
Hosiery ..fall .:. criptions. from I-. to 10?. per pair. Ac, etc.
Summer Goods, consisting of Ganthrooi s, dark and tight .-..l r ?.!.
both ribbed ami plnia.
I?r:>l' de Kte, for Gentlemen* i 'now.
Linen-, French ?inte ami bro" ti Drilling,andalso : ' -.u Cotton
fioo.1- of eve.-, on ?hrv .
' Domestic Sheetings, all tie- known-etrles, for f.d. Sd.9dL.ldd.
and Is.
j Bleat bed Sheeting am! Sim tine.
Long Cloths, of II kinds.
York Mills, Manchester and .-? . [stand Cottons.
jel-tf_J. II. BOCSOVER & CO.. 213 Greenwrich-street.
4'. k. St R? we ht'K
HAttDKRacniErs, stocv;. iiosicrv, glovk and c-inRt:i.i.\ ?roat:.
Corner ?f William and Beekoran-strreU, New-York, au.l
103 Fulton-street. Brooklyn,
i Hn< constantly on hand the following articles:
Gentlemen's Linea Shirt-. [Silk and cotton night caps.
d.i. muslin, uith In,en bo-|Trimmed satin stocks of the latest
som?. collars and vrist-l stvlex.
hand,. [Plain do. do. ;!?>.
Jo. without collars. iTiimmcd Bombazine do.
Colored SUrUofcreiy drscriptioslPlnin do. du.
Muslin Shirt.-, with lines wrist-Platted do. do.
_ hand.. |; RCk and fancy rrai.lt.-.
Coys Shirts of every descripiion.jSilk and cambric pocket haudker
Genllemeu's silk net l>ra'.?r.. . chiefs.
do. line , do. [Gum elastic t lk and cotton bus
do. net ? ittoi. da. j penders.
.1". plain do. do. Hoskin a . I kidglores, of superior I
do. kimba wool do. j .|Mulity.
do. while ..ml re,I datmcbi Linen, thread and cntto.- do.
do. do. Canton do. Sheets, pillow ca-ea aad towel.-,
d... ..ilk in *-hut... [;.'ilk a.id c> tton Umbrellas a.ia ,
do. cotton .1?. I every article appertaining to a
do. lambs wool do. contlemaM's wardrobe forimme
do. merino do. d.at'- use.
Ladies silk and merino Vests and
Drawers. C. BiB. tbajikful for the favors i
H'.or and tootli Brushes, cok>gne'best*wcd oa him for tbb past four
water and a good assortmoni ofiycars, solicits a >? intlan dice efthe.
cane.. same, it shall be hi.- utmost cudca
Linea liosoan of erorv descriptirnjvore to gire wwk of the best mu
Liucn collars and ? ristbnnds. terial ami make.
N. B.?Gcollemi n embarking for ssa, can be instantly strppli ! for ,
the voyage. aul-Gt4
Ci.K.\i' BJItV <i?S<e 5*-*.
rpiIE Mil.-Tiber, grateful for ihe distinguished proferenee hi has
1 received during the p -t jeer, boys leal to inform Iiis fri.I
anrl the public lint he on bsnjl ami is daily receiving a choice aad
extensive assortineni of Dry ?Io.m!-. ennsi ting in part of
Black, blue,brown,greeu,Oxford and .-reel rrev mixt Broadcloths.
Sinpb- an.I double [mile : Cassini re- and Satinets.
Vestiags, i lambrouns.Camblets, Summer ('lotbs, Drills and Nankins. !
Slurliucs, Je.oi.- an '. co!i?rtil C'nmbries, from V- per yard upwards.
Garment Furniture mid French Calicoes.
Printed Lawns and Muslins, in sven .
Mou.seline ue Laihe, Chnllys and Silas for drewses' in great variety. I
Kurdish, Freoch ami Scotch Giegbaias.
IVim-.k aadBlrdsoye Disper.
Merino, trashmore, Monsseltse :?? Laine, (Tra;>e. Satin aad Si-.!;
Shaw am! Hnndken hiefs.
Table Cloths and To* cling.
Canvass, O.naburgs. Russi i Sheet ngs and Tickings
Irish Lineup, Hoi;.:..I- a:id French Linea Cambrics.
Silk. Cashmere, Cortou, Weri to, l.runbs' V. <?>: Worsred Hosiery, at
all prices.
RiblMUs,Liices,Sew;i.g Silks. Thread and Cotton, NenHes, Pius,
Tapes, II..ok- and E? ??. Buttons^ A-.. in great variety.
I'urasots, frum :?-. upwards.
Ilavinj cinplovedafirsl r MiKinef* he whl haVe on haad nt nil
ti.-.e.- averv Iuret -(><? i. of Milliiterv <mm?1% which will lie found
equal l->nj iu the cityvaod sold H\ per cent, cheapen Lawn H.. - '
a Ik- lutiful artie .-. Bs . Iis. a:.,! I.'- ?? ich Hat-, J- and upw arde.
A large issortmeat of Turn ?;. Split St-. Danttable aad Lcgborc
Hat.-. ArtiAciil Klowi . -. . n ^ ifaclurers1 priee-.
All the at.-.ve Goods v.l.! be by Wholesale or Retuil, at tha I
to vest ;>ri. they e >n be obtained at in any ll-n e in the city. The j
subscriber, is determined to pursue the same course be bas hitherto
done, v : to gain Ihn confe'euce of iiii r.iutumors and never nbu ?? it,
to whh-h principle be (rttribut's hU nnparaltolcl .ucerj?, and for
which lie a.' ,.i returns hie frmlnful a. kaowledgemeiitR
jel-2?i ; j. i.J.". HAMlLTO>, 300 Hudson-street.
?}>?.! .1-: KI.At'K SCJLRFM of the riu-at ijiiaiiiy, Si ya ?
i l> ...i,.-. at 52
Shaker." Htxuls, all .lire., at each.
Paper Hineings, a v?rirtv :.t !- per pieee.
Riliboiu and Laces dailv from auction, verv In
jeS-lm M.... 11 ti:.?M'i.\D.::-.UGr.uid--i.
Fy Si's'S : r* a" l: SJ "?8 J. KM !?'Lnil.e.," pie-Tee "call
l\ am!!, eonviuced ihsl the cheaitcst Silk Store iu this city is at
Noi Sowing-street, a he c >ou * .11 find a y hm Hs-ortraeol.
Ai-.>, n rpli ndid assortmentBoml azines, printed Laa n -, Linens,
Prints, Ate. Ac. I >r sali loa bi
je2-tf GERARD A KL1NCK. 16? Spring-si.
vtt K? 8* t * '? k5 *' : :
? r?Pi.ENDID ASSORT.MENT of Frew i ..:id Ar..-:..? I'..,
:v lia; rings and Ibrders,:" r sale ..: th i United St ?? - P,. r n mg
mc and ;'._.i.! Box Warefcousc, CeCaoad-airect, ucir Broadw N a
Purchasers are respectfully Invited to call and examine-for tkaui
.eive.. ltooro> papered in lie- neatest mauner.
talOlra JOSHUA BROWN. 63 Caiid-stroct.
?>i:;is< INS wiebine t.- pure aase i:lk~I cheap CLOTHING woald do
I well lo call ?a 1XW Cbaihsm-?i eet. where tiiejr wiiknnd t ie fi>f
lowing prices; Coats from >' to Ckrt'i Pants rromS3tw$S;
Jack) . ? ?N 50 l*$3 : saiinet.SI ?J to $2 50.
iMll-lin J. COG-SWELL.
t iAftPKTS.NC-5?T - >..-.- ???? u..ild a; , n? t- ? l'..i.>
\j gfntrttt, and h?j friends a.:-.l up.to-.vt. peopleinytvtictHer is..: .
has mi hand at '.T? lludsoR, (between King and MammersLey streets,} a
liery oeataial'well selcctvd assortment of Carpets; which iu eonse
?luence of reduced expense* In- ran afford to sell at price, that cannot
r'.o! to civ: salisfactioa them -1 ec -uuciical- comk x>d
a,14 lajs Tilt I.MAS DrtltsET.
\3 EC31 a S? Gt>09S STOKE, roTlou toi
i?I streets?-i'? D?TATE would iuiili racchaaica i<id nconimiistj ia
general to call at ulrreliariics'Che p Slo ?. S3 Hax-'on-.trr. t. a
few doors below Aveatt- D, v bur* lie ;, ' ill ?i?d a gcut-rd ..rt ? eat
ofl) > Hood.-, eouisiia; orC?iico<?,>birtiug.-.Sheetiafs, Bed Ti :.
Check Ginizbams, (" C isrimeres.1 ?tioeits,XJ??l?ror>B.s,Vesiia:s
s va.-iftv id*.-uuoaer .-t:. :?. i c A c. l^idie.- aud isttora!'eull at the
Mrcbacics' Cheap s tore, ?? wij.tlge fur yourse'.v-s._n.-it-iv -
ansi*a?:?"?? j' iru.ivN vV?.'?i:m>*.v mi.i?ks.
1 UljVEK W. WOODFORD haejusl i ? i ?? mots c - ?
Ti--.i-p.iten: Italian Wia lo ?? Shades, uu entirely e.e* style, ami psmt
e.1 in everv ran etv of laao-. ipe seeues i.. :.-ero.l ~.nJ. r. Kamdies
inteading:to.yarchase.auj ki.nl o. Vv a4aw l-'luet-tr..- :ng wilt find
bsmjeoaoe Tr ... ? an i t Wij 'a i S !. ales from *i to i'.'i por pair.
N?B. AbOUt I>' pan.- .'. th- low pr:re of *-.' per pair.
;,.|.,f 6u ( st1! i?:a?? trneL
i'<fi?.rl?"S<>.>. No. l-.j Grnad.srreai, near Broadway,
a ). vwjcmI respectfilBi in- inn his ;iwtr.u> uas. lire put'::.: .b t hoaai
ti,:- d.-. r.ix.v.d froi luctioB a fresh supply of .-a--r Gm*.
runonc wfii !i are ike --. itesl bargaitu e-- ? jet ??? red, r?c? .;uss o
Si'.k-. SUawts. Mo?-?- i.'s Laises, Print -d !>tu-lm. Paris !-?*:;-. ?? ,,,.e
r: MosUb, tanbroi. e.f ti Swr? l.a?c-. Gatsjbeoo' -. LasUngv, y?>n In
ziues. pi 'iu and ?itin .t'ifr.l Metis e .'e I.Miuf-. la M-tf
(< VUBS?>?.Vs -\.%?> Y..J? 5'-.^t.--i--'L- osausamei '.o.
; for bovs' wear, fvf-sxtb xtldl Graail-streel.-n?ur Keisadwav^b
m3l"f * KfHQ.IPSOX.
i" Ol ???>>'. ?E 3.A2?KSf*?S Griped nun ptaia,. f r
Jl -i sfsor fabric, thtt moraiag out of uh-ca5ft, auil will lie ?r -
with the* wboice, tbai ?ia.bj 15 THOMJ^W, 120 GrandVtre?
,.e.vr Is-vse! * a;.._' l"3' tf
i}?'j.\TKD ?iL's?l.S?i?>~Fast cei?r., very fin-, for 1- ,??.
t v--'^ Ladies liaibe t-rnva i them. -Iveseftb-opjairtuaits roo
because it cannot Ue nxpected of loox ilaralsan. Graml-stiei t. ue.
Itro?J?ay. at B. TUQjH'a^J.N'S V^'Myi C^bJ^orr^_^m:!_Ltf
DOMBAZIrVJKM?Fine 8 ae Blsck. at ea | -1. ? so, t-in
I> ?.tag act Veil f -s.pe-.Th.? Day ftora Asctimi. lor mi. by ,
THOMPSON ISO Grs I M ?ct between Crosby rtreet aad Heea.
-ny. ?J1'Vf
sr..?'s anli nothing neore."?Hiai/fsotv.
y.;.:n Intelligence.
Reported the .%<??? -York Xribuae.
Cocitr or Coxmok Pleas.?Calendar for thi> day, June 3?
First Panrod: ?". 87, 100, 25, 203, 207. 209. 211. 213.
Ii?. 219, 221; 225, 223. 23T. 233", 235 23r>.
S-cnH Pnnhel?58, 59, 124, 56, it:!. ICC. 136, 50.
110. 132, ?82, IJ.'. 23C 18 68, 204, 208,238, 244, 246),
250, 250, 231.
Shnp-f.ifrir.g.?Yestei ir.v o female named Mar. Da-, i.
?ent t? the store of Mr Levi Gardner, No. 82 Hudson-st.,
and stiele a piece <>f calico containing :?? yard-, with which
-he ran away. She was h iwever, pursued Mr. Gardner, and
finaUy secured At the time ???'?hi- chase a man named
John M. Armenier, who saw whole atTair. stepped i::to
the store of Mr. Gardner, arid seizing four silk handkerchiefs,
ran oTwitii riser:. Mr. Gardner immediately -et ? -t in pur?
suit of him also, and succeeJe i as before in arresting inn:
1 and <?f?triiniri?r his cr-nxis. He then conducted both purloin
? : ? to the Police 0?acc, and they were sent to prison.
F< male Pickpocket.?. >r. Tuesday evening as Alexander
Clinton was standing near the intersection of Orange and
Antbony-sts., gazing on the strange movements of a drunk- i
ard. his pocket was ingeniously picked "f his pocket-book,
containing 311 25 and a breast pin, worth $10, by a colored
woman named Catharine-. it.- turned ami seized the
woman, when Daniel Johnson ami Sally Ann Taylor. '
colored persons, came up and seized Sir. Clinton, and ecstH
cued Catherine, who escriped. li e two last; however, who i
were considered as copartner- of,Catharine in the crime.)
were ??rrested and lodged ::; prison tu a:.-wet.
Taking a Ti apo.'.?Michael Reynolds yesterday stolen
Sritanitia teapot from John Spencer, ! 18 Wnterrstrect, and I
: ledged it. He was, however, caught with the pledge ticket !
in his vock r. taken to the Police Office .-iti-I sent to Prison I
Charge of Libel?.loht: Lnyderi.'ncithten of the e?t:* Ward,
was yesterday arrested arid held to bail in $000, <?:-. a charge
ol having written and published an advertisement on ?!. ? ?l-t
n!t. in the newspaper called the - Planet.' alleged by Jehu
McGrath to be grossly libcloustu his character, and interfer?
ing with arid exposing hi- domestic affhirs. It was headed;
? Marriage Extraordinary.' and called j. C. Mc-d;. a voting
rub ol die law. who had just obtained hi - majority, and -aid
he had besu married five months ago, to an elderly widow
v ho had live ynung children on hand, and thai he was called
on by hi- spouse the other tvening, and would not grant her
admittance'. Mr McGrnth conceived these initials were in-j
tended for hint, and coiisidoiircthe remarks ?b. Ion- ?: ? ,.ei (
his complaint with the results above stated.
Pick'-j ?>, ,,,'.<.?The pocket of a Huston merchant was*
picked in Broadway, of a pocket wallet containing ?150 in
bills and sumo paper*, with which die ; urloioer escaped. j
O.i Monday la-t the p?ckot of Mr; S. Dufiendorf, of 201 '
i'e .;!.-t.. was picked at the lasding f the steamer Nimrod, !
foot of Cathenrie^f.,"bf hi, pm ki t-w jiei. contat. ,,g Oil '
i I besides other popcrs?the thief escaping.
On the same day the pocket of Mr. (.'. M Benton was
[ :ked, as he supposed, on board the steamei Narraganset,
hoar the Battery, of His pocket-book, containing seven bills
of Kxrharigeoti London; amounting to $lG.0i>i>; ?!*oa poli
v of Insurance for $4,000, and three or foi r dollars in bills,
rhe thief, after retaining the money, deposited the pocket
book ami all its contents in the Post-Office, and it was there?
by restore^! to its owner.
Ac the drno:of the burning of the National Theatre on
Saturday last, Mr. N. Brundage bad his pocket picked of I
his pocket-book, containing Jl 1" in b mk ind two prom- I
is.- .v uotes wf $300 ouch The thief in this r:,s.. also esca?
Couo.VEa's OrriCE.?ifnrdcr of a tcife by her hutband.
l ue Coroner yesterday held an inquest at the Bcilcvuo Hos- j
pita!, mi the body ol' Margaret Russell, a native of Ireland, I
aged 3.i years, laic w ife of Patrick Russell, of the comer of i
the Third Ave mi;and Twenty-Eighth street. The dec msed I
had been out of employ during the p-:st month, was fre- j
quently intoxicated, and family quarrels were flu? conse?
quence. At 10 o clock oh i oe-dir- morning, he w as jecn to
come out of her house, and walk towards the East Ifiver.?
\ Jew mrnuterf-afterwird*, Mr* Kelly and Mrs. McCoskevj
botli sisters of Mrs. Rusoell, heard moans issuing from the
ri ?:: ot tli" latter, as of souk-person in extreme distress, i
. ^oiog up stairs, fo ad her lying on her face on the floor, '
literally weltering in her blood, and a large wound on th ?
right side of the hea t. penetrating through the skull, appa?
rently made with somcslmip instrument like nnoxo. She was j
h -ei -i- le and was conveyed lothe Bcllevuo Hospital, where
tlic ..pvratiou of trephining..was performed, by Dr. Hyslop ?
one i i the attending physicians, and every proper exertion
made to save her, but without effect, and she died at 10
o-'cJock the same night After committing the act that led
to death, i!..- brutal husband went down to the river and
walked in up to his middle, and was followed by a boy, acted
f?-year*, Iiis nephew named Edward McKoskey who raised
an alarm :?> persons m ar, whocumo and urged Russell logo
ut>d*ec wife which he did without reluctance, '.in being j
Uro?; tit where his vyifc I ii I h ? confessed his having struck i
her but did uot stat:- with what weapon. He Was at once
t on bietet! to the Up] er Police office, where be refused to an-1
sywei ai v question . and war, committed to prison, apparently \
uidifi rent to his fate. An a\e was found soon after con-1
e |i .1 in his be,!, but there were no marks of blood upon it. j
The jury found as a verdict", that the deceased came to her |
death by a blow i.r blow.- iaffictcd upon her hta<l by her bus- j
baa I'utr.' k Russell
Supposed St'dde ?\ pi rter !i-e:i.. keep *r named John |
Roth; i native of Germiiny, aged 34; who resided-and did
uj iess at 27 Multserry-st. resteiday, uftgi eating i;ij dinuec
at u!> >:,? 2 n'cls-ck, reipiest.1 i his wifo to go down stairs, ns
be s lid he wn ? ui ?.????|| anil wished to fie down. Soon ^fter,
a s nior on sh >:t furlough from the L'. S. brig Dolphin, with
wh in liece.i- d ?.-.- -oiiu-wh.it acquainted, carae ii: ami was
: vited up stairs to dine, and did so. He soon after came
down and wann d a glass ol' wine fos Roth, which tho wife
lire-.-, ui ,1 ..a- did to iiim. and he took it up stairs, but came
ulm ist immediately down and said that .lohn was dead His
wife and others run ?p stair-ami found Roth lying on the
Ufa r with h.s throat -_ut from ear to ear?ali the arteries and
wiad-pi;*e beins scvaredi the wound:extending to the ver
t ???t.o , i?d th- --vj* dead. HwTaior was found lying on
the cmr.r im ar bv l.;iii, with which it was, supposed hit had
c ?mniiued the f e deed.
I be siie r, after giving the raforj?titisn instandy left tLe
house, and hais not since: been found. ?.Ir-. Roth-said'tbe>t
i.er bi-ban-l's pneh : book v.as iu his ; ocket, containing a
e .a- jl.-rable -urn s,. muncy, which wos-gone wbeu siu- found
him lead, a..<i sujipo-ed the sailor hai' taken it. Di. Bray
ton ? xamiccd the body" a.-si thought that the deceased had
cm ;;.;?tit with a ra.-.ej. TheCeepoer w called?bucos
:..!or. whoiwas hist >vi,.!i him. wa- net to be found, he
Lad the house fbeked urfs;ajtd Police Offic^rrtJstationed liiere-,
and oih rs ttfendeavsir v* find the sailor, wan was saspeetftd.
The im.t will uot yrobab.'y therefore he held until liis
in-CUiron r held an inquesS la^: evemng on the In^ly of
.?i p mown man, ?1? was i\ti.c.L :n the wuior at t!ie foot ol
Eoltoj stn et, N u'-- River. He appeared to havo been in
?..;?.. i ., ca - di r tbleh ".*t!i ?f tinv. was apparently shoot
33 \-< ar- ? ." a.'e, and in? flesh wa- much wi rr: away on hi:
fide mii face. Verdict?found drowned.
The . o ?? vrs also called fast "v. nirg to die foot o
? 17t;i st'n et. Si rth River, to hoid an inquest on the body of ?<
I den! found t:;--re dn.wued. The reauit rd" this ba? uo
; reached us.
? vi?mnoiti ?Tho Ctfnton County Whig says that o
Werl . ia-. th ? I9ih lilt, a mar. tiamed West was foully kid
I napped, hi Alburjhi Vti by a ptrrty ofCanadian-, carried int
LtheProvj ?-. and scat to jail ?? . charge of having Iseen co:
j (SrTned in some of the buraings tw u years since in that qua:
ter. It modifies its statement by saying that he wa* cceoye
j over the fine by a man iriJcb". j to him, by a promise- of pa;
mint, wd then seized by a company of Royal Voliaie'rs.
O F F 1 C E N 0. 3 0 A N K - $ T
VOL. I. HO. 17 .
j Duel in. Illinois.?A dud was fought near Sprtogfield
i Ri- ?" tho between a Mr. Shaw aud a Dr. Mcmman
in which the femur was killed. The circumstances ae
stated l>j the Peoria Register,; are roost revolting : A chni
MJge j used between two men. of whom Dr. Merruaian wa?
i one. and Mr. Shaw the fsecorid oi the other. Arriving on
hthc ground, Shaw*? principal did not appear, and Shaw vras
I of coifese obliged to take his place,. At die tirs-i tire lie was
shot through it..- head und died instantly. Tbc ?-..???? ? tied
I to Beardstowti, w hence he took passage it, a boat down the
rivet before the news of the affair arrived,
I '? >,sr lie Cm,;.'.?The first company to construct a Ship
Canal around tit.- Fall* of the Ohio at Louisville, was formed
, in 1804, but nothing done by it beyond making the ?urvev_
la '. 125 a new company was chartered, which commenced
tho work in 1826 and completed it m IS.'ll. at a cost of
$75?.06L Whole length two miles. The first year 40??
steamboats and 421 keel and Hat boats passed through it','
tolls f 1 I.T.'n 7 7. Last year. 1,666 steamboats and 578 keel
and flat '..oat.: toll? $180,496 3j.
Mr! R ??'...?<? Caught.?-\\ . II. H. Taylor. P. M. at Git*
ciimati, and i.. P. Landov, deputy, have just hauled up a
man named John Powers, for mail robbery, having ..old had'
i bank bid oi Cincinnati on the -JMth, which he said he bought
in Memphis, Tenn. on the 24th : but that was. impossible, as
:; was stolen from a mail bag on tin* Ohio, near Lcaiisvilleon
the Ith. Ha > in .-ale keeping.
C rfei i in the West.?Counterfeit one-, Gv'esand
tens on the Shawncetown branch of the Bank of Illinois, on
Fort Wayne branch of the Indiana Stute Hank, ami ones
iml fives on rtie Bank of Cairo, arc afloat in the West, with
bogus coirs in any quantity.
We can't imagine why any body should counterfeit the
i ot.., 0f >!.,? Bank of Cairo. We can't jet off the genuine:
S . r lered l>y his bail.?Yesterday the bail of James B.
Glcntwqrth surrendered him up to the Police authorities, and
! e was placed n? die custody of Officer How vor who accom
panii .i i:i:n at ids request to exdeavor to procure atber t>cr
sona as his bail, l-'p to a late hour last evening he had not
been successful, and in the event of .his failure t" do ?o, would
he committed to prison.
f! i \ fro iiroke out in Worcester. Ma?, at 12 o'clock on
Sunday m^iit. which consumed the boaiding-h?oM of Mrs.
Dennie, the shoe-store of Mr. Burns, and the hat-store of
Tyler ? Co.
'.~t' ' ?f tho ?um advanced by the Boston to die Philadel?
phia Bank? last winter to aid their resumption, one-half the
principal was repaid on flu- 1st in>t. with interest ou the
w hole amount.
BCr* Susan.Boston, charged with the murder ot Henry
11 rasher, was put on trial at Taunton on Monday. Tim in
dictment was thonged to manslaughter, to which she pleaded
juilty. _
HI/'' The Court House at Tifflin, Seneca Co., Ohio, was
recently burned to the ground. The hooks of the Clerk ami
Ifi.rdct were saved; those of the Treasurer and Sheriff
were consumed.
KT Tito Wheat Crop in Eastern Indiana has been cut off"
b\ the Hessian fly Flour has risen at New-Albany fron?
to $4..r'0 jht barrel. _
B j" '1 bom i.- Cropper, a negro, w ho shot another olaek
?an in Delaware Co. Pn some time since, was tti.-.i last
.-. rek it Cheater^ and found guilt) uf murder.
(Hf William Wallis, indicted for stealing, by means of a.
forge t mler, i check for'$11.250 43 from the Boston Po>t
Office, was arraigned on .Monday and pled guilty.
Cr* John I. Perkins, machinist, was arrested in Boston
on Monday, charged with forging a check on C. Chamberlin
foi ! 21. and presenting i: at tin- Washington lliuik.
ZO' Dr Wat. M. G? i> of Warten Co. is proposed as an
Opposition landidate for Congress in Mississippi?two regu?
lar c indtdattS having declined.
K7'' Virgil A. Stewart, notorious tb rough the South in con?
nexion with the' Murrell plot'.for.a Sia-.o Insurrection, is>
now . Circuit Judge in Texas.
1X7' Otis Allen, a notorious counterfeiter, who is luppoeed
? ; i ? ire t,. -.he Court-House of <>rv",ou Co., III., was
; . . rossing tie- Illinois Ilivcr, making westward.
/ . L-. ej I ?;? i'?r. the great apo>tl?- of religion and tem
??? untoug seamen, is now on a missionary visit to th?=
W ? t. addresised the people of Lasuisville on the 2. th
Professor Bkovsms closed hid Lectures on Oratory and
y .,. .? Rochester on the 31st:
O* ? The1 Grand Rapids' Enquirer' L* a newspaper inc.
Kent C.'Unty, Michigan.
(Jj" Our Cotton < rop of lust year was about l^wOO^OCXK
boles __
ICT The Annv of the Unittd States numbers 10,'??;!* tiv;ii-i
aiui cost in 1840 neatly $10.000,000.
rrj- The number of Banks in the United State- is aieaur.
"?;>, with L3? branches; total capita] ??00,000,000.
fXlr* The Railroad from Portsmouth, K. H., to Portland,.
V , ? ?!> '?>?? briilt ?nlirelv without the use of alcohol.
I ' _
I iCf* * The Apprentice' was launched from theCbarleeiowsx.
j Maas Navy Yard yesterday.
' 2Cr Tho steamboat Leonrkr ran .100 milt* up the 0-?,*
i River. Miss?vri, and hock without injury this spring.
Tb.turived at Risten in May 155 vessels 0'>m ro
reign '-)r*s xnd 441 coast-wise:
fjrj- Tie- Spring trade has bcen very brisk at Roch-t-r.
raLLSHassBis, May il
fi f -r- I. .. ti,.l 11th inattrit, Mr.
Fkox Florida..?On rhursdaj last, >
k. I ?-. ? . ? / - .r ... e!-rk of Mr. ><-wconit>, ot
I Tie.ria. Liviocston, fnpmrtner ? ci ? >
i 1 .' ,. ~ K 1 .,?.,1 frotn pa-ers found iieor Vw .
I .?'Ter.or. County, (-- appeared: iro? v
? i:r':-C,:,.:>~."^^v^^?;
1. l . ret rain ' with m c-wort from Fort Gamble to r.*?rt
o : pwlnl ""lie app<:nred to huvo been shot throiigh. the
! ? *'. 1*1".. *.- Hi- !?>d> wis-i lying ia the road?It's C/oibiog
tat.?, off, and bis eyes plucked oui His b-*r*e was
! feood a fVw hundred yards off, lying dead. Maj. Vf iUon i?
; rncdiatdy despatched a party to inter tho bod-/, aud othere
. : from Fort* Pleasant and Gamble, in pursuit oi the Indiana,
.?,.?, ir. all hoinaii pr>babUity, have cyemmi.Vtod this act

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