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y Y H 0 R A C E ORE E L E Y.
Will !>e published overr morninjr. (Suu.tnr- excepted,)
at Nu. 30 Aaa-atreet, New-York,
jtaJ delivered to City Subscriber*. for One Cent ;n<r copy.
Sahscribera, $4 per annual in ad* aar?- other*
la um k?y of steering ? ?ride and geaeriil Advertising patronage,
ttfhrfrr^ofovr frvi"i- orill ??? ii.sert?-d till farther 3*:n-e at tii? f?l?
le?!^ n-liKXMl rate-, viz:
Twelve Iii"- or how i?vcr first m-?-riii?ii.
no. f<,r ?ach subsequent ioaertioe. f 4
Bo.forWx iii?er;mn?. >ir on? wi?*k,.?"**'
?>o. for Twenty-li ve insxsrtkriui, <v ime Kioniii.00
Longer Advertisements at e^u.illy fcrorable rate*.
For Fire lie ?. h .If Ihe alwve rats-; Two lines, WW-fourlh of
tieso rate.'?? arable in all cases in advance
II Ate?. al.VsJ ? > IIATN AM> ? A IV?.
The subscriber would raapectfuUv lainrai bis frieuds and Ihe
.,ul.|? generally, lhal h? has no* oa band, suitable for Ike -urn
nor season, ? lull md cooiplete aaeortneut of Hats and Caps
if the neweel ai 1 mo?t approved patterns, woich be offers for sale at
wie- which caaaot fail lo meet thnr approisauoa.
Trading upon tne principle of large sales and wall prisfit..
T'n- assortment contistt ia part, of?
Satin beaver Hai? ttu bodies, hl.82 .'n
Short oap'd moleskia Silk Hut-.:: no
Sup. ?h?ri uap'd moleskia fur hodie. A 50
Pweshoil uap'd Nutria Hut?. I Mf
Nutria Fur Hut-..tW
Fine far body Nutria Hats.. . I no
IVhiU beaver and Knssia Kur IIa'?. I 50 a j 50
AIx>. a full a--<irrfiii-nt of mens' ami boys' double brim Leghorn
Bats, Wallensen?* travelling and Dress Caps, rhildreos' cloth, velvet
ant viirey Caps, bo) a' roniel crown Kur and Silk Hats. Sit.. Ac.
Vfbalnalc aw rchuots .md dealers supplied hy the dozen or case,
u the toeeatara* prices. \VM. HANTA,
jsl-lni IM fhatliiir.-..vtr.'.-l. S-* Vi.rk.
kWgThtssbscriber resjiectfully inform- lu? friends and the public
<*sna thai he bus opeued the Store No. .-o Chatham-street, aad in
rite* ibetr attealioa to a superb assortnteul m Hats and Caps
BkaufartMreil from the ehoiceat material.- ami in the most approved
Urko.wlueh headers at as loo if aot lower prices thau can he oh. ?
uiaed at any other establishment. He i- not confined i? a one-priced
Hat but ha- ? full assortment, and feels confident in hi- nbilitr to suit
dis laues and pocket* of all. ANDREW H. Ull.suv.
No. du Chatham ?t. between Pearl and Duane.
fVuntif-il style of ligbi Summer Hatsready, consisting of fine
Drib Bearer, plain limb and Pearl Hats; al-<i .'Je?'.?, Youths' and In
fiats' Leghorn and Palm Hats. aiSC-lm j
MII.I.IXFKY_>lr-, HAMILTON. IM I'. ,rl -ir.-.i. !
tear WiHiam-street,) eontiuoea io uiakr, clean and aller La- (
? dies' Hats in the moat faabionnble style ; also, Ladies'Caps ele
>Hitli aiada mid trimmed. ml5-ttin"
Tlte.-s. ML rsVlirs'LTZ.
MILLINERY .\M> FANCY STORK, No. 166 Williara-strrct,
?ear Boekman. Ladies DRESS 6APS,made roorder; <'nai|i
twli ooakUntly mi hand or made at tin- shortest notice. mG Cw
?V EKsO'l' A.M> SttOt: HTORKj
if WILL1A.M II. SCOFIKLU is opposi.all the humhutr
gery of tho day?tu all State Prison monopolies, an; tu all
?juwttlin.-i ll uiiserabl . imur Sboov. He oners Boots and Shoes *f
bis os a ennui fx't ii r.*, m id*' liy ^ood, hon-.-i im- inmi -. I.adi*'.*, ffen
tlsnnsiV, auaaea und children's, in greal variety, at prices loner thaa
M/othcr establishment in the city. Tho citizen-of New-York mil
is nell io caU and examine bis atock and rave -'?*> per cent, of their
K. it. llr dus. an l>rnf.'truie about his pre ? Show Window, neither
ilout ha aemue his neigbbon of doius il.eir business in open Hams,
butg.op^saskioa to all who seU miserable, rsaor Slior. and -lini
the natives. je-l a *
ti: CHE At* AM> ?.'Ot?l>.
uSj ALL oho want meet Bootsand Sh.f the I?-t quality
Jm .mil laie-t rushiuas lower than hBW hitherto heen offereil m il,'.
.in, u,u p|, IM call at ihn CLINTON II?OT AND SIIWl
MARKET, No. SiX Caaal-atreet, northeast cornvr of llud-on-stnsrt,
elwre can be found almost every thing in ibe Boot und Shoe lire
cb-a|>rr tli.iu ???! r. Ladies, you can get Gailars, Kuskins, Walking
Sbiw- ami Slips ai ta.lablishmant, of :dl coUra mid kinds, suilubl
for ihe spring and inaimcr near, cheap an the cheapest uud gowl as
the broL Country merchants are >olicite<i n. call und examin.r
?turk o' L-mol- bef r,- purchasing rhsswherc.
K.A?Doa'tfcrgei ihe n un- ami number, SIM Caaal-strcet, acrth
saHtoracrofHadioa-street. A. KNO.X St < t>. mil Im
? slIdK MARKET. Tl Catharine-street, eomer of M .? r...
JK SilllllNKl; ,V CO. would hiform the nn/.n- nf New York
Brooklyn, aud i!ie surroundini; country, that the) have upeuvu
rhc ill.ic store, a ,tli liout- u ..: siio,-.
Enouch io supply half the Nation,
The n- ipext und lte?t in nil Ctenlion.
Ladies, > mi, an find ..i ibis store a splaudid assortm at ofMaek ami
??kirml Uaitora, lipeil Cloth Buskins, Morocus Kreuch Buskin-. Mi,?
,s>r> ud Ties, at about IWM-thirdji Iha price usually asked for tin
-ami* -rlM-lr?.
Gentlemen, you loo can fin I a splendid assortment of -tout ami fun
Bi?t-. Brogau?, Shmin aial Pumps, loeethar ?uh ?nv <|uaiilil\ ??;
buy-'. Misses' ,n! Children's KsH>tsand Shisss,allot which ?iill..
laid lower thaa tho samn urlicles were ever sold borbre. Coin.' mi. ,
cpni.- all, and axamina for yeiu-s-ilvsM.
Pleasa.rocollecl that tliis store is ~t Catharine, corner of Mourue.
'W.s-t. the firs! corui r holoK Lord A Tay lor'-, ami next door to Hull'
Uriti' Dry Good? -lore,
S. It?Coanlry merchant*and other* io the trade, who wish tobuy,
(tbriiji fur cash) would do ?eil to rail bet?re ihe) purchase else
?hsn-. mil In
OLD H?>>s KICIIAKDS has iu-t ..|.-md in.o.i ihr most
splendid Bool sad SI.-lores in the City?oue at .'ski Green?
wich, comer Spring, and one ?t 't;il Canal-street, ?itii nil new
pads;best aaality and cheapest in the United Slates. All who wans
ihs rral itauine, at the greatest bargains ^ver heard of, *ill pivi
us? .ii (hap oall forthwith. in I n
A.'IMtit A> BIOTI.I. AT .??S.><: |ssI,>?.'.
'Pills kr? um i beautiful House i* situatrd on Maio-stn 11. froatint;
' Nj?rket S<|aare, having mi vxeellenl view of ihe 11 u<:. Itivcr.
It las just brec furoi-hed entirely with new, neat, and cimvenieai
fonuiurs. in,,I affords the best accommodation* for a fe? eenti el
*?uls? jiid mi pie !.rders of any utlirr eslatilishmenl m ihe Cs>uairy.
TIM wishing to avail themselves ?r this opportunity, ? Jl do well io
Vf ? earl) to the Proprietor.
jaljln. L WORKMAN. Sine Suit'.
7 1 E'iilton, corner ol' <i?ld-<?treel,
> i W-rORK.
?sPUEanbscribera ode- ii :- method of annouueinc to then frn nds
* ?ml the public generally that, havtug purchases the txlciL-ive
*a.!?,.|| kn..-iiTvr.- Koundrj formerly ?.weil by Messrs. Caner A
Caoke, tbej have removed the eisk Io their pi.utceulral Im atiou.
nTsTug undo eAlen-ii revL-ioas alteralioMs aud addition... thei are
aso prtparrd loexei ute order* of any mapnitude Ibey may be ftvor.
*d w'uh. with promptbe??, and on as favorable term- a. at any Kou i
?0 in Araerii a. To their now Specimen-nook, which has born re
wall) ? M-n-u. ii , ,. ulate I. ih?y would respeetly refer.
Ml.artkkss mauufactured by thein sliallbeid" a material ei|uat, \>
aot superior, to am maiiuiactrred in this country?and uiuIer;o a
i*orr.?;h exaausatiuu .- in appearance, ranriae, dressing, ami pro
t>erl.r assorting. All artiekw exhibited in the Sji-i imeu It.-.k formrrly
latued by Conner .v ' 'ouke, tocelhar ?itii S- rt-1.? Knotn sold by them,
Caan.? be faru*?he,| fiom tliis Foundry without delav, with m:uiv
?Uwr ., M sit.
VVaL HAGEK A CO ..rc It cuts for ihe sale of the Xapicr. Wn '
injpea. and Smith V es- .. ?I h. togeiiicr with Chasr-s C - -. Com
ro-is-: Sin-V -. Fnraiture, Ink, and every article need in lha Printinp
Busin.? oe k- .... hsud, andfhnirshetl manufacturer-" price-.
l!- Sfo V ichin i . Type manufacturrd at thi- Fooi dry. j 3-tf
-"?ALLES W. YCLTr.E, II? Chatham, corner of Uranre
street, ihe ?i.i,.. ..... j i ,. ??.,. Manufacturer in thecitv. un
nouoees to ike publk t.-.^rallv. that his Pr..i -,.sd. of Fireworks
i" ihe largest in the L'aion, sml, m !>. sokl -.t |o?.-r prices lhan !e
any ..(her ui.ia u . , ? : ?,-,?. tt,wrtBlr,u, J(
Re,krt. idol.Mdi'- aad-,,... ..oU .??. M,x? r,:!(< nrM?,
cnanoaamiie*ssuuu arcs,A, ..... >ua>.
port fire*, palm tr.^mln?NtoarbilToo?, hexmtons. ? tajo'ii?, i ti
cale. triaaples, Rom in eaa : .. rii unoods. raw. wi.h sohlen ..
Irrjioan rr,?. M-r.d... ;ua U. ?r^.hop;?.,?. blue liphls. si.ake,
0fi." """,'';*r ? * "- ?'r ! : " ** ???'"th- r.|..??.r,.u. ,. |i ?
I he puisne, ma! all skept* -. an invited i? ,-,i| ???,( u?. n.-e
Crarkm, Double If.-id.Chinese RecketN Torned? - i id l-ul?ii
?-rars..-. ?t the lowest pn-e.. Conairy merehaauare invi . .I tocitll
*ad-.-ih.- ale.se stock '? fcre purchasiaj cUc?hw. .. nt Su
?ay putt oi'sh.- city fn . ,,; ? aase. r>..n': for ?, t n,r ??
CHARLES W. VULTEE n,. trhailJim,
JJ^la.' cornet of <? a-... street.
(.??1? io?TH-\VA.?4H.-The OrTb
?y i>?rei, n vegetable preparalioa. passessiag the |iro;wrl ?o
**r*auc the teeth and mouth, restoring the pans to a bra'.ih> state
J*J*jeiveaiiag any unpleasant taste or odorinii:,- mouth, whaihei
fVoei d rayed teeth u a .1 - need state of lb* stomach.
**? runrierent le-tHumiv of the enuneiu ll.nti.t- aad Phvsician
*all part* of the Union in its favor is conclusivelv ?bown by the
1 r?rt,!*:c.st?s \h i accompany each bottle.
?'?I'lr:, perbottte. Forsaleby the different DrapgMUiath
?BJ I,* l-r..or I I.e. ,! \.t - Cold
T^OVw A.ND CHI1.DRKN*S4 CfiOTIairVO.?A >-er
y,'"-* ???ii-iau-o: of fashionable aad n.- -cI> made Bays' and Chil'
??"*???? ?ui?od ? <{?-,'? season, now r.a<lv aoJ forsalovers chei
h GEORGE .V. HOYT St CM. M Borrviy yii ln
H i d,?ire yon to naii?r?tnnd the true prii
I '|>0 i,KT?i neal und fashionably
, fSft House, rapiete ?:!': ry convenience, in the vicinity if tit
I m-\"Jt |ower part of Can
Al.o. u Stor? ami Cellar corner of Washington s*d r-nr:.t.,;.i,<T
-tr.et.'. u cce-l ?tiunl for a Grocery or Sho- ".tore. liiTuif at No. 45.*. |
j U h.ainrion-.t. J'<- 3t*
lie r .
A BRICK STAHLE in Gr-?-*-ir<>ci. first one abori t'i" ck
er-street. Inquire of
miitf ALFRED ROACH, 42 R??knian--tre>t
,' uJl HO*""?:: w.t.\ted.-Am - siku]
Jiiifi.or '"*rt :l l*tuate<- t-*o story H..u-e. irithin f.n
j 1 or sen uiiuutei of the '? New W.rl.i Office.," may perhaps
I Lave;, good teaaot by arJdreHtnj FJ. W. at this office, ?tat.a? |>artic- '
I ulars. ml- if
i ?s? ro ... -i.
jj^kT a itore and baek-.oom on tii.rner of Grand and i'.Iin
streets', in the large building. Rent rooderate t? . good leaant.
SuitaHe f..r any fancy business. je3*tf
FOK MALE Ui live i y Proper
ty?a I'arm of satres, situ .ted in Huatiagtoa Township, I..
. it iui.'". from Nortbport, from whica a steamboat pin-, to und
! from New-York twice a week. fJood buildings, good uatsr, Sec Sie.
i For full particulars inquire of E. W. W00f?i -I Rivington-street.
I Also, a dark grey 7 years old, IS bands nigb, gootl in .ingle ?
: and doutile'barnesr, just froa) the countr-.', aad warranted sound. In
I quire arabove. jri im
1'i:oim,i:n i.i.nj. of stu a .vi kc?ai ???
The new and commodious steamboat ROCH.
'ESTER, ("apt. a. i\ St. John, leaven the steam?
boat Pier between Coitlandt aad Liberty etreets, This Afternoon,
(Frida?) June lib. si 5 o < lock.
The new and eomroodinus steamboat NORTH AMERICA, C-.pt.
M II.Trucsdsll, leave* the .leatnboat Ca t between Cert la ?:: am
Liberty ?tr.-.-t?. To-morrow Afternoon, Saturday) Ju. ?? 5th, .-. "
For passage or freight, a- -.lv t.
T. C. SI'Ht'LT/.. at the ..(Tire, or ..n board.
N. It. All Kind, of property taken only at the risk of the owners
thereof. t.-i
} -EALERS, and oth rs, are invited to call it HINSOiVS CLOCK
I' MAM PH TiHtV.rer.-oil. r.mo.sl from the corner -a" '
landt and Greenwich-streets, to No. IS CortlaoJt-street, near Brood
way, where tiicy will find a large assortment of Clocks,.comprising
several new patterns, Loth lira - a?J VV.I. which will I? sold ... ,
low for cash as at any wtner establishment in the United States; Dealers
tre informed thai all fiiM-K. -..!.J at the above place warrant a a
i'o.?! artu le and inferior to none.
VV M. .S. JOHNSON, Agent f-r the sal* -f
lall Im Jorome's Patent Brass.Clocks.
fj.otn;* : re.?4 ii?sj::
rpnE undersigned taker, the igcuei for the sale of jerome'S '
I BRASS CLOCKS, it their Clock War.on. Nu. SO" B cad
way, where be will .' ii their Pateni lacht Day und Thirty Hoar
lira? Clocks, of a variety of pattern., at the lou-r.'t wbolesal. ." ion
prices. Mcrchauts and dealers in Clocks would do well to a and
e\ imine their stock before purchasing. Also, an assortKeiil oi Wood
Clocks,Cussr ton Cash. Recollectthu number, um Broadwav, a? ' <
N. f..?Particular atto ition paid to the Retail trade. Every descrip
t.on of Chicks repaired and warranted, ml it
/ <Ol.t> am) Mlt.VDIi h*at?jmkm,V.i..|
I ? * airy. Silver Spoons, Butter K...>.-.. Su^- Tongs, St -.. plated
? Cake Baskets, Candlesticks; Snuffers andTrays, Cat tors, a - .. Kritau
: ma Coffee-Pots and Urns, T.-a s.sit . a.-. an i Fancy Goods ?_?? nerallj .
I for sale by BEACH a PSXTON, 114 Cliatlium-strevt.
N. It. IVutehes and'JewcJry repaired. mSD-tf
1 I Oil.N ii Il.i.a ii li, Pi . M.
I si and Sprii.g-strceL?, r. moved :<? 379 Bowory, near Fifth-sir ?> i.
Watches carefully repaired. je-laf
rVelKAt? C'K4f4 :tf.S;V WTOKJ-;, Iii B?wen The
sulMcribar in- oa hand a general assortment rif China. Glass,
a ...I Carl hern Ware. Vstral Lamps, Sic. a dell ?ill t>. sold . In itp
V cash, at wholesale aad retail P. child.
N. It. (iooti- ..lit lo any port of the . ,h or Brooklj - free of charge.
I SIITCIIEIjBj, I. Maunfactnrcr. 101 Broadway, in the
?'s rear.?Lamps, laiaierns and Girandoles made order,on mi- !
so nable, i.-rm-. All kinds of Lamps, Ch indi Ik r-, tct.. rcpahrod. alt.red
iud rcfiaished csjoal c new. m? if
l rt s"i7l>K?tS' S9 1<{.3?V> AKtt, ai Mi i>,.,.
I Ji comp > te ast irtmi a! of Sash I'nli:1?. Butt Hinge*, Sere* -. Amer- j
icau and K?rti>k Knob lajcks, Pine Plate, !>.-a.l. Cupboard, Draw,
Chest and .' .. I I.'? I.-. Barrel, It'emd, Square Springs, Flush and
Sh..n r B ill-. Hook and Plate Hinges, together ?*itn nearly every
I ticle in the line, all of which '\sil sold a- lev. ai ai am place in t:.. '
Al-o, Cut Nails bv the < a-k. at the lowest market price for ra.h.
! iul7-if JOSEPH w
I '|< IkSJ.K K.M? a\E> !?'<> EC KSS.? \
' I sortmcht, ja?t received from the manufactures atShcffiuld, Etis '
j grand, i ad for sale at .inn-ual low pric .-, it the Hardware store, ?'
Divi.iofl-stroot. ml? j
. I IGHT.1IM.1 er.tb *>-*..?t?-...-:-1--<ii imIf\ :- imw\ r >.
1 i'J LIHHTA'ing CONDUCTORS foi buil.lings. left a: aii
; No. I.M Fiillou-atroi'i; wilt re. ive |. ronipl a! cntiou.
j These Conductors an tlocid dlj superior !.. any lierctofor? used,.
I and are lotlievod to i ir.irtl perfect protection against IhC destructivi
i erfectsof lightning. The Rods ore furnished i>\ loin nnd erected on- ?
' der his ?aperiii:etu!e.ie.:. Gesllcmcn ? ho may wi?h t.. coasull him in I
j rcg.nl to their peculiar advautages, expc.of furui.hina. erectinr,
?Ve. are r.-pe. ifully in itcd in call at his oXce or for-a urd their names, ;
i a d le- ? d! i.i tit mi a: an. >.'a< ?? tie y in ay .1. S'lni.ti [??J-.'i
y< \? ?.f.j>t s> vt'sttweusa s ? etu.x a?n?t?. uoi: -
>? TASK ER A MOKKIS'S Welded Wrought Iron Pipe, for Gas,
HutWBter and Stream, warranted wp ml; if not sujH'rior, to British tnaa- I
' ufacturcvfrrari 1 toSj inches in diameter. Cou.-tauily on uaada.il j
I fo i.id" at the in 'inil a liner.' prices bv
j. l-l-a BF.NJ. T.\THA?J. Jr.249 Watcr-st,
1 > EiUOVED :?? No. -J-Ct Brri ilw .? die Park, ? id
IU the Ai.erii .it, HititoL H. VILLEKS, DentalSurgeon,of:twcatr
I five yciirs' expcrieace la the above professioa. is the soli discoverer
. and m iniifucliirer of thi best KilJ-..f Mineral Teeth now in use, ?
: which lif.s i'pjoye.l the unrivalcat allernpts made bj so man in thi. :
I and other countries ; also bis Mineral Paste lo fill decayed Teeth in i
j plastic form, which becomes iu a few hours as bard as tin trxab it.-rli
j ?i.? free fn ::i raercu y <-t any pcraieioiis inprcdicnt.which i- -ooftl a j
used by uu; rim iplcd foreigners in this and other ritics ; but hi- 5liu
-rrnl Cumcnt Old; used in leuder teeth that eaunot be filled
t pure ;old, which at all times is the J-esf w'icrc the tooth is not pain
ful lu the operation ?f ontolidatine it with sulficteut force to exclude ;
; air and moisture. The Mineral Paste u'lay* the mosl acute pain and j
I retain- its pri'tili" i-owi r- f?r a lour pi.rt.nJ. ... a. te render the re. I
utoval. ftbc ?..???in ituuecessary*. The Ar.ificial Teeih are indi .true
! table, resisting the power of acids aad: corrosion by tacdicin. ??:-.-?
, coloration, or other cause...
! They ean I..- fixed !?? thecum? witlioin pain, or evi n tcquirins spiral .
or cla?p .pit:'.--, ligatures, or springs of any kind, and at all timi - re
' semble the adjutuius teeth to the creatcst possible negrer. and war
I ranted in most cases to answ er nl! thu purposes of arti'cul ition, mu.ti
rat.we. a -. Th- very many fiallcriug testiicnnbbi from his bretb ca
in the prrdV-*sion, who time bci-u hi- pupils, would till ? rolume. Pu- '
i nils taught in evi rj tlcp rtment and every opemtion of Dental Sur- '
! serv. a- usual. Ch irses aiosh rate. Hours of attendance from S A. >l
' to 0 P. M. duily, Sundays e\cepied. *'.w 333 Broadway, opi.it. th?
i Park,.thr<*e. doors above Bar lay-etreei. jc'-tf j^B
/ '.is .\?-g? WAT tilt 3*1 '*?:.? T till UPS ConipJ.iiiou
- Vi Tub -r i.... er Wat.-, in leagths from ?ti? tn 30U lect, and if;
' I inch in liainetcr. This article-is ic'general use throeghout Eag
, Iui.i1 aad Europe for Gas, am! where permanent fixture, ar- rrcpiirrd t
can br ptit np at one ihfrd loss than iron or copper. It is warranted
i.i sustain three limes ike pressure uf leadea pipeof the same, neigbt ;
i It will net corrode froia i>- ictiba of Gas, or impart any taste K
water, and is perfectly polished iasidc aad out.
The abote article is made bv a newly iaveated process, and is wer- J
' thy the uoticc of all who iutend using theCrwma Ware.-, orputtia: aa
i Cos Fixtures. Constantly* on band .ndrfise sale by
? ?l-h.- * HENJ.TATHAJi. Jr.213 Wster-st. ,
x hiiIvt r<5 ?iposstm.'tjTicx.?tiooDisuiTABLKpon I
Houston,-{between t^nonrrad Lewis-streets,' hascoastantly onhand ,
; und rsanul ictu lo order every v iriety of Fishing Tackle, made ia
1 the best styl . ^. I much cheaper than do., a uiwn price-. Lines I
i :I Sil kers, 1'louts, Ssieils, ... . ..f e?? ry size and qualiti ; ai-o. j
! rP. ?rd r, Percnssion Caps Balbi,Shot.&c. Cans, Pistol*and
Fiel ? ? tp| in.tus neatly repaired. Hooks and Line, by the iww j
j or httadrod. Sinkers aadBahVts in any ?luantity. N.B. Bnatstolet
olU-tf WM. KNAPP. 50 Hous.tea.st :
fashh ?nable
s: cuTTSXt; ?? vo shavbng
No. -Zi l Broadway.
1 Two dis^r- Crom Fulton-street, upporite Sl Paul's Ca-jrca.
r~> I'HALON, formerly of No. ?llfi Chatham-Square, begs leave to
? t'js --I. t'-at i.-!: is 15 EMOVED to the ab.ve premises, sS.c-.
- . ? i;i .; up, regardless of exp -use. a .u-h a aiaoner as f render
t t-..'.; ta. us well a.- fashionable rstablisbment of the kind m
Now York, and will begovoraed by the.feUowiag ;-rici-:
Hair Catting. 23 eenta,
KairCurliag. 151 ??
Shavrhc. 61 -
V,. \tm charge for Curling ifdooe at the lime of ilsir Tumar
'?, a private anartment for fitting GeaUetaea's Wie-aad
; , r..u???-??!m
t.i'.r s:n WE* :n POTT? tiV.
261 Eishiconth-strcst,
*\'T.V. suhscriber respeetfullj iafeems tie Public that he coolinaes
1 to rtuuiufsii i tre the iVHowin; ar'.icl.-s. whica be offers for s^lo ou
reasoaabte terms, viz:
Stone Ware, Earihern Ware, Portable V'cri-.v-e?. Chimney Pc'j-,
y ? Stove Tute... i ee.in Tre. (ei*?-!!?) icv. F:re Brtck, Urur-ul aod
Cheasical War. ic. Ac.
P * itc??e Ltrua^- m to mi -v?:;s-d i>1 at J.oe; n<a<c.
i bjS '-v tSHUKsTOti SA1IT1L
triple* of the Governmont. I wt?h them carried on
] Fa?bioMb.e *i.L**.-l.ariir*. if r?u are in pursuit o
fur-- purchasing, :'.-r they have just received n large lot of ?vtra heavy
?atia striped a:.d tii-ared Gro .1-: Africs in addition to t'.itr forrr.fr
larrr rc k.
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Printed Lawns --nd Muslin*.
Silk-, black, blue bl e-k and colored. ,
Uombazines, ;??: and blue black.
Print . French, English uh.i Amern <n. i?'.o<?J yards, al I-. per I
yard, formerly ?.l<i for I-. Od. ,
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Ha; constantly on hand the following articles:
ientlemen's Lioi n Shir:- 'Sill, an I ? otton s>t-!:t cap-.
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do. plain do. da [Hoskin and kidglores. of superior ! *
do. Limbs wool do. ! qitalitv. c
?!?>? nn- ..nd rr-d flannel,
do. da Canton do.
d... silk net -!iirt..
da cotton du.
do. buabs itiMil do.
do. merino do.
Ladif-s -ilk aud mcrmo Vest*and
Drawi r*.
Li ien, thread ami cntto- do.
Sheets, pillow a. and towel*.
Silk and < lion Umbrella*, and
every \r:,, |- i(ipcrtaininir lo a
(tenlleinaii's wardrobe for imme?
diate use.
C. It. R. lhankinl fwr the fuvors
If'jir urn! to-.-S f;r-..!??-. rnlrjiir lii-.i-in-d->n linn fns ;h.. i,u-t four
water and i good ussortmoni ofjyears, solicits n cnulinuaace ofihe
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Linen k?sor - hf every descriptirn.1 vors to give work of tin- bi -i ma
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he voym?< m3l-(it' '.
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i> loi . it
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i I M..I. BKL'MMOND,rwoGmnd-at
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\ I OPPEBl iU?K1?1c A- CO.. Greenwi h^ewrnur ...
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l>lcu i. .?itm.nt of Foret|ra and Domestic Ury Goods, vliich ihey of?
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THOMPSON. 120 tt.-^..i- treet.be!wees Lrwst? .-tr^r: aa.o Broad?
way. _m-'il-tf j
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I is i pposite the Th. atre. Na 4X ;<<1-Sv. ?
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O ai IsO Grand street, first t'rv Goods Store from Broa-ti bv
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V tu oVN aiur-. for sale by GRINNELL, MINT?RA Jt CO. 79 j
Soutft-st. J*'
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I> Wkct. brsr ro-*Jer, fur sale lv
eil? U" P&RHSE 1 BROOKS, 51 Uberrjs-*--?*?<. '
t?i ruk nothing more."?H.r;
By the arrival at Bo-ton "n Wednesday <>t* the steamship
Ai inn. Cap:. Miller, in 1-U days from Liverpool we have
London advice.- to the evening of the 18th ult. and from
Liverpool to the 19th. She brings out 6? pusiseneers, I'J of
vhom stopped at Halifax. whop- 10 more emharked tor
The new.. of varied interest though not of signal impnr
.inre. Cotton is very dull and has submitted to a further
[ccline of 1. L?de change in Money Matters.?The Crops
21 over Europe are most promising.?Later new? from China
- not favorable t* a speedy adjustment <>t" the difficulty isitli
Injtatid. The Emperor begins to bluster "f war.?Nortb>
Vestern India is convulsed with hatred to British dotnina
ion. and die anarch} in Lahore continues.?Tue quarrel bo
wren Turkey and Egypt, is settled; but die Turkish Empire
> distracted with revolt and insurrection, and would seem on
he brills, of dissolution unless upheld by the (treat Power*.
IsjeirTero has just been formally elected Regent of Spain.?
r ince i- disquieted by rumor- that the Ministry has agreed
? abandon Algiers. Darmes and two confederates are t?? he
tied b\ the Peers for the la.t attempt on the Kim:'. Life.
S*thint7 definite had been heardfrom President, itnd
?.;?? of her safety i? well nigh abandoned. Tin* following is
lie only ray. A report dated Cove of Cork", May 12, has
e-ti received at the office of the British and American Steam
faviffati 'ii Companv:
The Columbia Packet, Captain Gnrrvf. from Montevideo,
.?Inch piare .Le left on the 27 tb of January, for Antwerp, ha.
? \i ? in hete, .'Hid Captain Carrot reports that It? days since
-din-tan:) in Ion. j;:, he .-aw at some distance a large
tenmer. hound lor the eastward, and which appeared t<> him
i be disabled, a- -he wasgoms very slowly and could hardly
eop way with his vessel. As night came on ho lust .ejiit of
??r. and two days afterwards experienced a heavy gale to the
ustward. The apparent!- disabled -hip wa- so far from him
lint i;e cannot describe her appearance further than -he was
Captain darret ha.l not heard that the President was roiss
? until 'i-k."l bv the gcutlcoutn surveyor to Lloyd's.
In the llriti-h Parliament, a succession of important de
ate- Itad taken place on the Corn Law s and other financial
rojeets, which at this time euer?.- the attention i/f the
otintry. No very definite action seems to have taken place,
imoi ? tie- [essimportant subjects brought before the House
f Commons, we notice dial Mr. O'Coniiell moved n Com
ntU'c to investigate the Election riot- in Canada.
I he i m. at Western arrived at Bristol ato'clock P. M.
f tie- I Ith, in 13 day. from this |> irt, beating the Columbia
rom Boston to Liverpool by half a tiny. The Columbia,
owever, wa- detained 12 hours in Halifax.
Thon.a- Barnes, a principal Editor of the London Time-.
. dead, aged I -It;.
1 ;i" i'riti-ii Queen had not sailed for this port, hot was
ipen t.? public inspection at sixpence a person for the benefit
rt i !? families of the crow of the President, whoso wages
iad been stopped.
\i Id n : ? praying for a vi.u from Queen Victoria.
i ? a :ud.advanced 3 to 4 cents a pun mi in London, in con
equenee of tic news from China.
l.i the House of Commons on the "iih ult., Mr. Hcm?
rtnved . rcopiesof all 'he correspondei. relating lo tlic
i strurtinii of die Caroline. Lord Joh.n Kiwii. opposed
he rr.":.o:i and proceeded to say that
?? The G ivcrnmcnt of the United State- had mode a cum*
daiut of the constrict of retain individuals and officers who
vere -aid i" haw taken part in the destruction of the steam
: ' 'aroK'ae. The a- ?wer to that romplaim was the trans
in--;.'.. ... ;ie..t quantity ol correspondence, and of various
n enn made by the Governor of Upper Canada, and l?v
. a -at "f individuals who were concerned in the trans
rhe Vmerican Government sent counter statements, but
Ii ??. .':'<?[ ',..t is-r.i-; in asking for a final answer to their de
are!-. Thy effect of not i.-kite' for an answer was, that the
.rt complained nf ceased to be :i matter of discussion, ami it
,vus not for the British Government tu complain of that con
luct. He was eonvinceil that the mattei would have entirely
Iropped, .- between the two Gs-vcrxmcnts, if it hid not
en for the, unfortunate affiiir of Mr. MeLe.nl. That arre-t
iad unfortunately revived the subject, and had produced a
>?: t discussion between the two Governments. With
rgard to the production - f tic correspondence asked tor, he
?ad to .t?te that it would l>e inconvenient to the public ser
>dri% and toiid to embarrass the negociations that w ere now
:?? ng on . m amicable spirit, and might tend to militate
i.ain-t thu ".vac- of two ffreat and intelligent nations.
Hear, hear.)
Mr. I In:;.I-made a few remarks in reply, and LordJ. Rus
Sil Robert Peel followed in opposition to the motion.
M-T. Duucombe said that he wished to know why a British
? ??? t, Mr. Mr Lend, was detained u prisoner :? thu United
??? lies, ii" wi.hed to i-k. did l! ey mean to allow the trial
f Mr. McLeod to proceed ? (Che. rs.) The feeling of the
luntn ?> a-, that the nutioiial honor was compromised by
Mr. McLeod being detained apriso ler. The question of his
;:.i:t hud nothing to do w ith the matter The general opin?
ion was that they would escape fror* their dilemma by it
?eins; in?ontrnvertibk provad that, at the time of thedestruc
i?nof the Caroline, Mr. McLeod was not present. But that
nad nothing to do with the question.
Mr. McLeod had been arrested and detained. Now. if
thej nail t riu-'i! to iletain him, they had a riitht to try him.
and if tb< y ha 1 a right to try him, the*, had a right to exe
aitehim a thi event of his being found guilty. Did they in?
tet Its allow Mr. Mcl.fod to !??? exveuted in such a ruse ' It'
ihev were r^i.t Mr. McLeod ought nut to Ix- imprisoned at
nit. Would they insist upon hi- release.' (Cheer-.) It
important question. Suppose Capt- Drew, who
c in ?? iiuled the expedition w hich bad de*troy< d the Caroline,
md which had most justly and properly destroyed her, iri
his opinion?suppose Captain Drew was traveling in ilie ?.
States, he would he haide to arrested. Suppos** he was
rirre-t.-.l .md tried, and the consequence should be> that he
is :' ind .-: !??.. were the people "f England t<> submit to
V/cre die people of England to allow one of it- wtiicers to
be put on his trial forubeving their ord"r-' That was the
? rstion. il" would ask the noble nord. did he mean to let
Mr McLcod's trial proc.i .' Tiiat -rentleman was impri.
oned now six moaths. u:.d he tMr. l- Ja.*i?j:uLi?.'] would rc
oeat ::. the people of England ought to know why their fel
1 r.v -<:>;'c: wa- imt>rtsooe<l. Certainly if the Hon. member
a i i."ii-e on the qce-tiou. he [Mr. T. Dun
?'.ii::;--': would vote with htm.
Sir H. Peklbegred to explain. Ihcquestion asked was
not whether Mr. McLeod would ':?.? released or not. He
[Sir R. Peel] gave au Opmlon on that. What he said wa...
that when the It.i?i ?.???tith.-m: r. iin vd fir the pnpfr- referred
to, the producrioa of which.was stated; would l>e prejudi?
cial to the public interest, o- [Sir R. Pi el] -aid that it was
:..s opinion :Lai they ought n u to be produced.
Stnnt: :rs were then ordi red to withdraw, but t?e motion
?a?as negatr*ed wi:h..?* a divi-inn.
in the House on the 7th, great niirr.tv.Ts of p-titions/or
i.id Oi-iir.-t the proposed r. venue movements were presented,
e*p*\-ndl_> tho-?' in relation to sugar ai,d timber.
Lord Jonn Kus-eil .tau-.i '..'.?? iiuty he intended to ptxipose
on foreign core?to wit, eignt ?Li?in? the qnarter ?n wheot,
5v? shd?naT? on rye, four shii'lir.?, aad sixpoaoe oa barky,
?ui.: -t-f- ^-liit^a- acd Ui'-n??-?:^ ;r.
VOL. I. MO. 48.
1 hen says the Commercial cotnneoccd the gn-nt ii?Sat*
j vi the proposed alteration) in the sugar duties, Kurd John
I Russell leading (.ft" with a speech on the general subject.
The debate conrioaed, ?P knot.-not how lone, for it was still
i ,n P1""-;'''- ft tli" date of oor latest papers, that i? on rite
18th ot May. AH the great speakers were taking part in it,
I and :t- result, it unfavorable t>. ministers, would probably
I lcari tl>:l dissolution of Parhmnent Even interest was ap
j pealed to by the Tories in opposition to tit.- ministerial
j policy?the commercial, the manufacturing, the agricultural
and the anti-slavery. The latter especially was appealed
; to with the utmost urgency, the argument being that sugar
I from the British colonies cannot compete in cheapness with
that from countries w here .lave iubor is employed, and that
I to permit importation of sinvesgrown su^ar will he a direct
encouragement to slavery and the slave-trade. Kord Jolin
Russell's opening speech, on the financial proportions gene?
rally, was one of the freutest?perhaps the very greatcs?be
ever made.
A meeting of American citizen-, resident in Paris, was
held on ihr 3d ult. at the bouse of Mr. Draper, the new Con?
sul for the United State?General Ca--. ti?- American Min?
ister, in die chair. His Excellency pronounced n glowitur
eulogitim on the late General Harrison, upon which resolu?
tions wvro founded tvhich received the unanimous as seat of
the assembly.
Spain ?The I liambcrs assembled ok the 13th of May, for
the election of a Regency. They ilr-t decided that there
shxuld be only one Regent. The second ballot gave the fol?
lowing results: In favor of Espartero, 179; in favor of Au
gustin Argiiellcs. 10'!: vote. lost. .!. Espartero was accord
i ingly proclaimed sole Regent of the kingdom.
! No important new - from China had been received since tho
departure of the Britannia. The overland mail which reached
j London two day- uf> r. brought dates from China to the 1-ihv
j of Fein nary, Calcutta to the ?2d of March, and Bombay to
the 1st of April. TheChincse Chief Commissioner, Ke.hen,
in an interview with Captain Elliott, evinced an intention to.
procrastinate, which, added to u report that warlike orders.
: had been received from Pektn, produces an impression that
j hostilities must !?? renewed. Trade continued suspended,
and the blockade was not raised.
The Government appear- to Is- dissatisfied with Mr. Com?
missioner Elliott's proceedings, and Col. Sir I lenn Cortitiger
has gone out by the overland India mail a- Envoy, to supcr
sede him. and with full power to settle all differences.
Tin' Egyptian Question i?. at last, it appear--, really set?
tled. The latest intelligence from Constantinople is to ilm
19th <>f April. The differences which had arisen as to cer?
tain point- in the hatti schcriff of f ed 13, investing Mchemet
Ali with the government of Egypt,have Leen total]) removed
in consequence of the proceedings of the representatives of
the Poweis who have signed the 15th of July Treaty, and
this affair has been terminated to the satisfaction of nil par?
ties. The Sultan had consented to make an alteration in thu
finnan investing Mchemet Ali with the Pashalic of Egypt, and
in grant him the government of that province with hereditary
descent in the direct line. 1 le had likewise n-.:oo.| lo modify
the article relative to the tribute to he paid to Mohemet Ali,
whit h was rated at one-fourth of the revenue of die provillC-3,
instead of which, a more equitable proportion had been fixed.
The Pasha is likewise to be permitted to appoint all the
officers of the loud and sen forces up to tie- rank of Colonel.
The Egyptian question had no sooner been satisfactorily
adjusted, than insurrections broke out in Candia, Bulgaria,
Servia, and other parts of tin- Turkish Empire, which prom?
ise to !?? n? le.-s difficult to put down than was the refractory
Pnshn. The armed insurgents in ihr island of Candia,
amounted, at the latest dates, to about 17.(Mil), rind they wen?
receiving, new accessions daily. The latest Paris papers an
I nouncc, on the authority of letters from Semlin, of the 30th
' of April, that the insurrection was suppressed in the districts.
I of Nissa and Leskowacz; hut that the Saviun frontier and
N'orthi in Albania, continued in a very disturbed state. The.
: Porto, it appe u., has issued order- for the blockade of the
i whole coa.-t nf Candia, with the exception of Canea, .Lulu,
j Ixa'Ier:..., and the port of Candia. This blockade was to
commence on the Kith of May, and enforced with the utr
li ;or, now that the Sultan ha. a fleet at his disposal.?
' Letter- from Athens of the -7th ult. state that two ship, of
; war wer? cruizing round Candia, to prevent the landing of
supplies for the insurgent*. A Greek committee hud arrived
: in the mountain* of Agororoma, where the Christian chief
i tains hud assembled. The greatest linrmony prevailed
I among them, coupled with a lirm resolution in shake off the
j Turkish yoke. It was reported nt Athen, that Mustapha,
['uchn of Janinu. was tnunlerrd. Thcro w.-i. a rumor
! that the holy cities of Mecca and Medina bad revolted, and
I driven out the Turkish garrison*.
The brother of the late Count Capo D'lstriaa, havingbeors
I exiled from Gr.e, dii d on the Rth of April, in the hospital
j of Alexandria, neglected by his eoHiitrymen, and in the, ex?
treme of w retchedncs9.
The Lcipsie ClazcUt announces the death of Galvini, t\w
musical proft-ssor. at the age -I 101 He was a-on of the
celebrati I singet G ilvini, who died at Rome in 1825, having
reached die patriarchal age of i'iS.
The daughter nf the Infante Don Francisco dc Poalo and
die Princess < Ihtirlotte (Queen Christiana', sister) hiul eloped
from 1'ari- with a Polish Count, by the name of GasowskL
(ir.i. r- had been issued by the French Government to inu-r
n-pt die fugitives. They were overtaken in Belgium, and ar?
rested. !>ut declared that they were married in Paris.
M.i lemoisflle Rachel, the celebrated French actress, is
plnving in London.
\n enormous orgnn is being erected in the Abbey St Denis.
It contain, about Ijfli'U pipe-, amongst which nf' some mea?
suring 52 feet, and weighing I2,0001bs. This magnificent in?
strument i- neatly completed.
The Grand Dul.f Lucoa's change ia religion (the Grand
Duke has turned Protestant,) has caused u profound -en?a
I tion diroughout Italy. The Tops- was deeply affecu*d at tlic
The marriage ,.t ;!.?? Cesarewit.cli to the grand Duchcs
Maria, daughter of die grand Duke of IL-.^e Darmstadt,
, was celebrated on the 28th ol Apnl, in trie presence of the
' members of the Imperial family, and ot the foreign princes
j at St. Petersburg.
The Princess Charlotte of Rohan R?chefort, widow of the
; Dhi- D'Enghien, died about the l-t of May. The marriage
i did not obtain the sanction of the Duke de Bourbon, and ihn
' Princess never bore the name of her husband.
Mr. Power, It i. said, had .'10.000 dollars on board the
' President, the produce of land in Texas, which he had m>|<1
i for the pnrpt ??? of buying into the England funds,
i Prince Felix B^.-r-hi-i hi, the husband of tlx- Princess
j Eliza, sister to Napoleon, i- -aid to have died at Bui'cjna,
w :,??-.' he hud lived for tome years, much rrspected.
lAmdon Mistirinriry Sori'ty.?the anniversary meeting of
j thu- society was held on Thursday nt Exeter Hall. Lord
; Morpeih in the chair. The receipts of the society for the
i last tear amounted to ?80,000, and the expenditure to
' ?92,000.
j A lamentable catastrophe lately took place on Mount Saint
Gotherd. A large partv of traveller, having persevered ta
tutempdmr to cross the "ntotwtain, in spins of a threatening
I --ate of weather, and finding thcmselvM enveloped.ui,asnow
' norm, took -heiter in a small building by the read?de in
i Arioso. While promising themselves security fate was im?
pending over them, fora" immense avalanche/ell and crushed
their frail dwelling in upon them. .Six were deprived ot life
I and it was with the uimn-t labor and difficulty the rest were
j saved.
Tli' ship Jes-ie, Ritcbe, on her voyage ftom St. Domingo
i for the Gulf of Finland, met with a ve.-swl of frort 400 to
iOO :or.s. of North American construction, which ho?i burtu-d
! wtiv water's edge, in lat. 28 I, .V, Long.26, W. Herusrmv
! cseiii lot be found out.

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