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Commerce of the V. States.?Among the Documents ae
eaajpaaving the President's M. wa> a communication from the
Secretary of State on the subject of our Foreign Commerce,
published nt length in the National Intelligencer of Wed oes
dav. The first I,art of it relates to the collection of the tax
' Jai'l bv ihe Danish Government on tie; cargoes if vessels
[ passi.'i..' tiiroiigh the Sound iuto or out fr*m the Baltic Sea.
[ The right "f Denmark to lay these rluties has been recognised
h tv European Governments, and has never been denied by us.
The tariff of 1643, appended to the treaty beween Den
n),yk arid Hollandi regulated the payment of these dues.?
Tbeintention of it* franters was undoubtedly to fix a duty of
?fcout one per cent. u. ! valorem on the articles th rein enu?
merated : bKtvlie change in the value of many of these com?
modities, especially in cotton, riee, sugar, tobacco, rum, and
lie other articles which form the chief Exports of the Cnif.-d
State-, has increased the ad valorem from one per centum to
tare*.-, four and even seven. On all arti-los moreover, not
tum*tratod in this ancient tariff a subsequent treaty stipu?
late* that those nations who have treaties with Denmark, in
clisdin^ the L'niied States, shall pay tin ad valorem of o.ie
per rent.; hot the value of these articles being fixed by rules
lowwa onlv to tlx- Danish Govcrnmct-t, this duty appears un
(^ruiri and fluciuiiiing and its estimate is left very much to
tiic arbitrary discretioa of tho Custom-house Officers at
[t has been contended by some *i tim puMie writers in
Denmark that the (-nods of privileged nations, or those who
have treaties with Denmark, earrb-il ii the vessels of
?mvileged nations shook! he placed on*the same footing
vitli those of the htter. and be taxed one und a quarter per
, erat-, nnd nlso that the limitation should bo confined to the
i ttrect trade.
In sxwsequenee of the compulsory delay at Elsinore of
'ft snsrls having no other occasion to stop tlnn that which
I etisos from the necessity of paying those Sound duos, an nd
.' d:l''>ual expense ,,f poit-ehurge, paes-monev, light-mont-y.
I fa. is incurred. The whole amount thus paid to the Gov
' emmetit of Denmark within ti period of eight months by ves
I (dl of the 1'uited States, none of which weie bound for nor
I iKetided to stop at any port in Denmark except compulsorily
I at Klsinore for the purpose of complying with these exac
I fans, most have exceeded $100,000.
The Secretitry therefore thought it expedient to bring this
?abject to the ['resident's notice, in order that instruction*
narkt be given to our Reprv.cnta'iv.- nt Denmark to enter into 1
, friendly nesjociations with that Government, with a view of I
securing to ourselves a full participation in any arrangement
n-spertin? these duties, which may bo granted to the Com
mercc of other State?.
From Africa.?Papers have been received in the oity from
Liberia u? the 19th of March. The Commercial Advertiser
rivesa summary of their contents, from which we compile the
folWing. An important case wa< tried at Maurovia before
Lieut. Governor Roberts and n jury on the 9th of February.
It ?a< an indictment against Captain Jackson of the British
dujoocr Guineaman,charged with trading with the natives
Mutrary to an ordinance of the colony. It was proved that
leliad received onboard his vessel a quantity of palm oil tit
Eirru Cove from natives. In his defence it was alleged that
be did not receive it in the way of trade with the natives, but
oaljr as part payment of a debt due him by a native living b?
jt.,1 the limits of the colony. The charge of the Judge was
ijtiati him, and he was found guilty and lined $273, being
?'?!' times the value of the oil. .lack-on protested vehe
Mtlyagainst this und read n letter from the Foreign Office
?Great Britain stating that an inquiry would be made into
sVsJlcgcd ' molestation of British nah- by some settlers
fr'tn the United Slates on a portion of the W estern coast of
A fight took place between a British Cruiser called the
Ttimngaut and a Spanish Slaver. The Cruiser had but
(wtnty-tWO men and one of her boats was very frail. The
Spaniards hied on her lirst with ball, then with grape, and
finally with musket shot; the Spanish scuppers were seen
ttmv.in:- with blo?d ami it wa< supposed that many on board
?cre killed by lire from the boats. The Cruiser's boat was
.'?ink by a discharge of grape, which killed one man and
aoitmied two others. The c immacdor of the Slaver wns
Steh to prevent his men from firing the Termagant while
herrrsw were picking up the men from the boat and after
?trtis launch) .1 a brut for her use.
The brig Gronhij*, Cttot. Sexton, from Norfolk, arrived on
?I? 16th of March, with Rev. Mr. Campbell and lady, Rev.
Mr Alvotd asd lady, and a female teacher, sent >>i.t hy tho
Astrxican Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions:
tsej uro found to Caps Palmas and the Kroo Country. The
G. bid ni-o forty-one emigrants.
A native missionary Chapel has In en built at Monrovia by
t?) Methodist Mission; The Anniversary ofaho Methodist
Mi-siotituy Society was ci lebrated at Monrovia on the ltith
ofJuaary, After suitable addresses, eight gentlemen wer?
fide Ufa nwmbers of the parent boaxdjiu this city, by a siib
scription of %1ko.
lac Liberia imr.ua! conference commenced its session at
.Monrovia oa the j.in, ,,, January, and continued until the
?Ota, It appears tliat the number of members belonging to
the. Methodist Church in Liberia is 922, and 104 children at
t**ed to the Sabbath schools.
Dr. IV. H. Taylor, one of the missionaries; die,! at Mon
rsvLi on the 3d of February.
KT The ourabcr of steamboat arrivals at Cleveland, Ohio,
Juing li: !H was I02(J,and the aggregato amount of tonnage of
*es--I. and boats 477,960 tons. There were exported, dur
^tlw-samewjri??d,from the snmelvlace to the Canados,
S'?6.550 bushel* of wheat, and "0,995 barrels of .lour.
- Tke CroPs in CUuter Co. Pa.?Tbc Vniage Record says:
"?T?haw consulted oe.r AgricGltural friouds, and looked
?P?* their larms. aud they concur in the proroiae et luxuriant
mM 'uul ??i? cropsi should the season cou?nue favorable,
??clover fields are blooming and fragrant; thev loekrich
l>l?-a.sit!-. and so do the firmer-. From other sections of
t** country, iiu- account* areequallv favorable, giving teason
'"beiieve this xV;ll be a yi-ar of iialiontii plenty."
examination a; West F*oiot coramooced ou Mos
J hut. and the Hoard of Visters organized by ele ?a?
."?',m,odW-'har!es Stewart President, and C. B. Hadduck
1 ^"cw-Hampshi^, S?Kret4UT.
" I dt-ai re tob to undenntand rite trste pr
3 Xc? S?T?tt on 33oj.
How the accomplished gentleman spent the evening in
? the rnid.-t of a dazzling and brilliant circle ; how he en
cian'.ed all those with whom he mingled by the grace of
lux deportment, the. politeness of bis manner, the vivacity
of h,s conversation, and the sweetness of his voice; how it
j was observed in every corner that Chester was a man *i
j that happy disposition that nothing ruffled hint, that he was
j one on whom the world's euren and errors sat a* lightly as
his dress, and in whose smiling face a calm and tranquil
mind was constantly reflected ; how honest men, who by in?
stinct knew him better, bowed down before him neverthe?
less, deferred to his every word, and courted his favorable
notice ; how people, who really lead good in them, went
with the stream, and fawned and flattered, and approved,
and despised themselves while they rjici so, and yet hid not
the courage to resist ; how, in short, he was one of those
who are received and cherished in society (as the phrase
is) by scores who individually would shrink from and be
repelled by the object jjf their lavish regard ; are thing.-- of
course which will suggest themselves. Matter so common
plaee needs but a passing g!unc>\ and there an end.
The despisers of mankind?apart from the mere fools and
j mimics, of that creed?ire of two sorts. They who believe
j their merit neglected ami unappreciated, make up one
class; they who receive adulation and flattery, knowing
their own worthlessness; compose the other. Lie sure that
the coldest-hearted misanthropes are ever of th>r-!i>t order.
Mr. Chester sat up in bed next morning, ripping his cof?
fee, and remembering with a kind ?f contemptuous satis?
faction how he had .-hone last nicht, and how he had been
caressed and courted, when hts servant brought in a very
mall scrap of dirty paper, tightly scaled in two places, -it
the inside whereof w?s inscribed in pretty large text these
words: "A friend. Desiring of a conference. Imme?
diate. Private. Burn it when you've read it."
" Where in the name of the Gunpowder 1'iot did you
pick up this 1" said his muter.
It was given him by n person then waiting at the door,
the man replied.
" With a cloak and daag'-r?" said Mr. Chester.
With nothing more threatening about him, it appeared,
than a leather apron a dirty face. " Let him come
in." In he came?Mr. Tappertit: with his hair still on
end, and a great lock in his hand, which he put down on
the floor in llie middle of the chamber as if ke were aboul
to go through some performances in which it was a neces?
sary agent.
" Sir," said Mr. Tappertit, with a low bow, " I thank you
for this condescension, and am giad to see you. Pardon
the menial office in which I i.m engaged, s-ir, and extend
your sympathies to <-ne who. humble as his appearance is,
has inn'arei workings far above h:s station.''
Mr. Chester held the bed-curtain farther back, and locked
at him with a vague impression that he was some maniac,
who had not only broken open the door of his place of con?
finement, but had brought away the lock. Mr. Tappertit
bowed again, and displayed his lee? to the !>p?t advantage, j
" Vou have heard, sir," said Mr. Tappt-rtit, laying bis !
hand upon his breast, "of G. Varden Lc-ksmith aas! b- il
hanger and repairs neatly executed in town and country,
Clerkenwell, London ?"
" What then !" asked Mr. Chester.
" I am his 'prentice, sir."
" What then 1"
"Ahem ! " said Mr. Tappertit. "Would you permit me j
to shut ih . door sir, and will you further, sir, give me your
honour bright, that what passes between hs is in the strictest
confidence I "
Mr. Che.-^er laid himself calmly down in bed again, and ?
turning a perfectly undisturbed lace toward the t-ir.m^e
apparition, which had by this time closed the doer, bvgged ;
him to speak out, and to be as rational as he struld, With- i
out putting himself to any very great personal inconve?
'? In the first plaee, sir," sa'd Mr. Tappertit, producing a 1
small pocket-handkerchief, and shaking it cut ol the fi hi-, '
" as I have not a card about me (for the envy of master
debases us below thai level) allow me to oiler the best sub?
stitute that circumstances will admit of. If you will take
that in your own hand, >ir, and cast your eye on the right- i
hand corner," said Mr. Tappertit. offering it with a grae.-- ;
' ful air, " you will meet w iib my credentials "
?? Thank yon," answ ered Mr. Chester, politely accepting
it, and turning to some blood-red characters at one end.?
"'Four. Simon Tappertit. One.' Is that the-"
" Without the numbers,sir, that is my name,"replied the
prentice. " They are merely intended as directions to the ,
washerwoman, ?md have no connection with mys< li >>r
family. Your name, sir," said .Mr. Tappertit, looking very
hard at his nightcap, " is Chester, 1 suppose I Ycu need n't
pull it ofij sir, thank you. 1 observe E. C. from here. We
will take the res; for granted."
"Pray, Mr. Tappertit," said Mr. Chester, "has that
complicated piece of in nmongery which you have done
1 me the favour to bring with you, any immediate connection i
with tke biiMiicss we are to discuss I"
?* It has not, .--ir." rejoined the 'prentice. " It's going to
be fitted on a ware'us door in Thames Sir*et.''
11 Perhaps, as that is tke case," said Mi. Chester, "and
! as it has a stronger flavor of oil than I usually rcfiesh thy
bedroom with, you will oblige me so far as to put it oats: !e
tiie door 1"
" By all means, sir," .-aid Tappertit, suinng. the action to
the word.
" You'll excuse my mentioning it, I hope 1"
"Don't apologise, sir, I beg. And now, if you please,
to business."
l uring the whole of this dialogue, Mr. e hester hau sut
fered nothing but his smile of unvarying serenity and po
Iiteneso to appear upon his face, ^im Tappertit, who had
! far too good an opinion of himself to suspect that any body
could l>e playing upon him,thought within himself thai this
, was something like the respect to which he was entitled.
' and drew a comparison from this courteous demeanor of a
stranger, by no means favorable to the worthy locksmith.
*? From what passes in our house," said Mr. Tappertit,
; "I am aware that yoar son keeps company with a young
. lady Hgaiiist your inclinations. Sir, your son has not use.!
* me well."
-Mr Tappertit." said the other, "yon grieve me be
j yond description."
Thank yon, sir." replied the 'prentice. " I'm glad to
' hear you sty so. He "s very proud, sir. is your son ; \ury
1 *m afraid he is haughty," said Mr. Chester." Do you
j know I wur, really afraid of that before ; and you confirm
I me ?"
To recount the menial offices I've had to do for your
son, sir," said Mr. Tappertit; "the chairs.I've had to
: hand him, the coaches l've had to call for him, the numer?
ous degrading duties, wholly unconnected with my tnden
i ters, that 1 've had to de for hi:n, would ri'l a family Bible.
i Beside which, sir, he is but a young mail himselt. and 1
? do not consider ' thank *c, Sim,' a proper form of address
on those occasions."
" Mr. Tappertit, your wisdom is beyond your \ ears. Pray
go on "
" 1 think you for ybnr goo.-l opinion, sir," said Sim,
much gratified, "and will endeavor so to d*?. Now sir, on
i this account (and perhaps for another reason or two which
, 1 need n't go into) I am on your side. And what 1 teil you
is this?that a* long as our people go backward and forward,
, to and fro. up and down, lb that th?re jolly old May].. !'.
' lettering and messaging, and fetching and carrying, you
1 could n't help your son" keeping company with that young
; lady by deputy?not if he w.u. minded night and day by all
' the Horse Guards, and every man of "em in the very fullest
1 uniform "
Mr. Tappertit stopped to take breath alter this, and then
j started fresh again.
" Now, air, 1 am coming to the point. Yen will inquire
iaciftle* of the fiorsrsment. I <sri?fa thorn carried
of me, ' how is this to be prevented V I 'il tel! you how
It an honest, civil, smiling ^entieman like you?"
'? Mr. Tappertit?really?
"No; no. I'm .?erioue," rejoined the 'prentice, "lam.
upon my soul, ff an. hon?st, civil, smiling gentleman like
you, v.-iw to talk but ten mtnutes to mir old wuirun?thai*
Mrs. Varden?and flatter h-r up a bit, yon'd gain her ovej
forever. Th>.n there's this point pot?that h'-r daughter
i Dolly.''?iiete a tlu?h came over Mr. Tappcrit's face?
' '? would n't be allowed to be a go between from that time
forward; and till that point's got, there 's utthtng ever
j wilj pre\etit her. Mind that."
" Mr. Tappertit. your knowledge of human nature?"
"Wait a minute." said trim, (biding his a'trw with a
dreadful calmness. " Now I come to THE po;;.t. tir.
tlsere is a v:lla-n at that Maypole, a mouster in httt.un
sinpe, a vagabond of ihr deepest dye, ihat un!-:ss you gel
j rid of. and have kidnapped and carried ? trat the very least
?nothifi? les< will d??will marry your son Co that yt ung
woman, as certainly and surely as if he was the Archbishop
of Canterbury himself. He will, sir, fVr the hatred and mal- j
ice he bears to you ; let alone the pleasure ol doing a bad
action, which to him is it? own reward. If yon k..ew how i
this chap, this Joseph Willet?that's his name?c< mesback- ;
ward nnd forward to our hon-e. libelling, and denouncing,
and threatening you, and how I shudder when 1 hear him.
vou'd bate him worse ;h.-.n I do,?worst? tlr.n I de, sir,"
said Mr Tappertit wildly, putting hits hair up ctratghter,
and making a crunching ntiac with !.:> teeth j "if stehe
thing is possible."
'? A h:t!?- private vengeance in this. Mr. TuppertitT'
" Private vengeance, sir, or public sentiment, or both
combined?destroy kim," said Mr. Tapper it. "Miggs
pays so, too. Miggs and rue both fay so We can't bear
the plotting and undermining that takes place. Our souls
jeeoil from it Barnaby Radge and Mrs. Rudge are in it
likewi-e ; but the viiUin, Joseph .Villi t, i- the ringleader.
'I h-ir plottings nn-l schemes are known to me and Miggs,
II you want information of'era, apply to as. Put Joseph ,
Willet down,sir?destroy him?crash him?and be happy."
With these words, Mr. Tappertit. who seemed to expect
no reply, and to hold it as a necessary consequence of his
eloquence that his hearer should he ut'erly stunned, ounib
foiitidered htid overwhelmed, folded bis arms so that the
palm of each hand rested on the opposite shoulder, and
disappeared after the manner of these mysterious warners
of whom he had r?-ad wi cheap story-books.
" That fallow." said Mr Chester, relaxing hi* fare when
he was fairly "one, " is good practice. I have some com?
mand of my feature.?, bej .ad all doubt. He faHy confirms
what I suspected, though ; and blunt tools are sometimes
found of use. where sharperinstruments would fail. I fear
I may be obliged to make oreat havoc among these worthy
people. A tronblesorr-t necessity ! I quite feel for th'-m."
With that he fell into a quiet slumber:?subsided into
such a gentle, plea.-ant sleep, thnt it was quite infantine.
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VFIRST t VIT. arli? :.? of R?lb d nud I'bi... Braes, i a.? always In
rmiudal JA.1IE3 ?.. HOFFET, 121 Priocc street, near Woostor,
at the lowest market prices. I.i1 ???,... a tory superior article, ul
Cooper's Brn??. _ ??.-? if
r?I?'Ef.DEK9' II.1ROWAKE, !?G Division-street - t
1 J < ninji ft"' ii -?tIiip hi <.i' vi-li Pn'.le-i. Hull Hinges, Screws, Amer?
ican and EngK.*h Knob Lacks, Fine Plate, Dead, Gupbaurd, Draw,
Cbest.and Pad-Locks, P..irrel, Round, Square Springs] Flush and
Shutter Bolts', Henk > ?'? Plate Ringes, together ?uii nearly every ar
Ikls iu tii*- line, ill of which "ill he i"!4 as !n* a* at any pl?cr. iu the
Also, Chi Nail- hv list auk, at the lowest market price for i u-h.
mlT-if _ JOSEPH \\ Uli.
IAHLE !<.>:*!?:?. anjj FOHKH.-A sjde?did
?ortmeni, ja-*- n <
grand, i r 1 foi ? ill al
ed mm the mn
miuI lo'v price
rilAJSIsE K>:V!:-. anjj EOESKM.?A spleml
1 Mirtment, in*' r.ived r?::i the manufactures it Sheffield, Eiir
in Hardware stur?., Irr"
t o.ilE an a hWW.
IN the building known as the CO?
LUMBIAN HALL, 2G3 Grand stre.t.
litt most ?pari as i bolesale.and retail
SALES ROOM in the I'oited States,
tl ". large land best selected assort
in- nt al Ladies', Misses'and ('mUrrn'?
_'_^_ .,' ^jjt -liu! - oxclti ; ;? in all their varie
"'"^ ties of pattern, vridtn, color, ?'.apc
and uiaterii I usually called lor, ? -".r
own manufacture. We would inform iho-e I idios who have formerly
neos compelled i" go lo Brondwny anil elsewhere, thai [key ire untie
the necessity ofdoiag ??? no longer; ami *e invite them to "come an.J
??..?,'? and save freu t m? to eight sititlings per pair, a;.d re better served,
wiilu.nt th? delays sad disappointments tttending being measared
\Ve would also sn\ that having frwa 2 to 3W persons in our ?n?
pUy. and having bee? for a number af year* the largest manufai turers
in America, that our t ork is <* - ?? known, approved of and taught
after, m everymarketwheregooJ rork :> sold. The citizens of New
York. Brooklj a, IVilli imsburgh, and the surratiudiug conn try, are re
tpectfullv solicited to i i U and ? i Maine for themselves. Wholesale
and retail .ica'er. foe citv and country trade, will find it i- tliew od
vintage to cell before purchastag, as not oiJy quality and quantity,
but prices; shr.l! maka it a great mdueesu n*.
alb3ai* SUn H, BR1STOI
CLOCnU! C I.<?4 ?C.^::
ritHE ondeesigi.I. ; Aeti the agency for the - ile of JERi >>H. S
1 BRASS CLOCKS, a their Clock vVareroom, No. 304 Bsnad
ray when! h< ?.11 sell tiieir Patknt Eight ??.> and frurfc? Hour
Bris!? Clacks, of i rairivty ??" patten.-. ? I tin levett wholesale Factory
price-. Blartbajstta^'d?alers}.inClocks would 1" ?'il lo call and
(urMaine tbctr stock bei pareha iag. Ai o. an assortntont'of Wood
Clt's;. CurAP M:. Cash. Km-I!" : thj rennW. ISro^dwny, M^
\ P._Parttr-utaran^ationpaid to the Retail trade. Every ??'escrip
twa of Clocks rC|Vairr I .ma h?...ir.ted. ?: j '?
? L -<? ti?ia ii i v! <.
nEAl ERS.d otl ?-. ii in i J towll it J01LV50.V5CLCH K
HANlTFACTOril reccutlv removes! &?m the corner of Cert
Undt ?nd Greeua. ??? ?: . to "NW. ??? Cortlrtndt-stroer, noarBrood
way, ?'-.ere t u-v eili fad al.tr.-: .rt::i-nt -t fT-ci<. cwtprisiag
aevcral now patterns, l-rth Brj-- and ?V"c?d, which -iU be lotd at
l??.forcaaba?atsn} in restabDsUnt-nsin the fnked States. Dealers
are u.i.rm",! that ali ' --k- soW at ike alej-.c t-ine arc warranted a
CHMi .trticle and Uifarier to none.
v\ >L S. .'' RtVSi IN, A treat for t?c sula
jnll |n Jerome? Patent I'.rass t'tneks.
iO Exchange, eojuerof V.r.;! and U'jIUam ttrects, having firmed a
conre-ai.?::.isinesJ with S. HA?OfpND, their personal attention
will be ;ivii ::, repasrinc fine Wat k Trie mo-tee- iphcated parts
of Duplex ami <" r nometer Watches put ir. ssjaal to the original
Mr. Hanunond would mnJie his ?cknowledg?men? Ui the Traile,
for their kindness as : patronage sine? I v.nj in New York, and wiil
iilvtsv- ri?e their worK |uvference in inaMrnf D.;pl*.? work, bat will
n?t lie aWe tu make i tisH oaat fron tiie rets I price.
Duplet, Indepandcnt Second, nn<t other Watches of splendid p ?
lerrait for sale. wa;i atuvd rter.'ect or the Ctoney r-turaetl Jewelry
and Silver Ware ?- is.
ai: ly BF.NLD'if'T A Ha:T.MONT?._
O"- W'NEKsi M ts Tt )." I
Merchandize, marked VV. N. C, Sin n e?smond, rarerit'N'eah
(2*..k .* i".... irere recf ted ,n<i -tor-<l by the nhsariber m O-toker
last, for which an owner Can !>e fnote . U r.ul okumed ibry s>?l be
sold lo r>;sv citarCf:? and 6<r ic aiiiit i . tie- '?
NOAH C<A?K i COn H*r Brcau-str-et.
New-York, Mav ISth Ir-tl. n?!;W
TO I.tiT?A part of the bouse iSSMaditon-streel between
.Mark't aa.i Pike. Tkere i? a good Raseavnt, throe r?.,in
on the il floor, and one un ike 3d. There s* a larre eool r.-i
lar under the whole hense, a Ur-e and beautiful yard, and a Bus en?
tern of water, ft?. jcIO-'. Ar'
/V?t ??<? I-"a t'OK *Al.E IN tiaOOKIA'.X. ?*??>?
iSSHS *ral building lets iu Catart-street, near Union-sireet. Also, sev
i 1 ml lots hi Clinton-street, r.-.-.r the neu Episcopal Church now
' ItHsidni?. This piece nr gronnd ContarUS Isi.'Mlisqu.'rreleet.i.u.I woa ii
? Sr a vary ekcible spot fer i ituu-u *ad Harden, laquire oi" ALEX
i ANDER (Hir-itl KV. Sn.ith-stret t. a* o Fulton -i je? Cieed*
A IkRICK STABLE in Breea-slreet, 6rs( oi ?? above rtl-Tck
"er-,irret. Inquire of
ml-Stf ALFRED ROACH. 42 Beekmxr-street
jjc* TO I. IT.
J A store and back-room en llie corner of Grand and Elm
-itreeis. in the large bNtldittg, Reut moderate t? a ?.' tetwui.
Suitable tor any fancy business. " jeS-lf
"jfoJL TO "KENT r M-ii it?The ) tans ion
j::;ip sud (^?t?...^?, tits ite I on ".j -uma i of Cast ie Point it Hobafceo,
with tLe fiee privilege m'lhe Ferry, birt neither of the builds
in^;. other* isc than as a private residence or boarding.house. Ftlr
further informath a ap; it ta.: oCce of the HuLi-ken Company, ui
k'lilvokrn. je4-lw*
MTO LET-That cle?.-tnl and spacitm. Ilu-in. benu; the
whole nf the s?i und st?r> ot' ihe Uixcj Clay House, comer ?i"
Avenue A ami First-st. It is sixty feet long and thirty feet
wide, ami u ill aeeomntodnte fin ci fix i? ei'tht h?nHr?>l persons. It is
well calculated f?r society ur large public meetings, mid u beantUtiUy !
located. Possession can be had oh the lir-t nfAnguai at xc. Apply un
ia? prsm:.es to j -T-i-..'] A.SCHLOSSER.
THE STABLE SC.. 33 North Uaoro-?trest?Real 8100. Apply
*.U A.- Beach -tree!. j.-T-."?l
TO J.ET BN BROOKLYN, near the So??i Ferry,
di?e Lull" ef a lane ihrefl-slort Briek Htsote, consisting of i
kitchen, frent parlor.'J chambers on the second tlimr isoil 2
en the tlricl H-t>r. mtli ij.Kid air au.t! ? aler. Rent jft'j. Inqiure at
.it VYarren-sircat, Brooklyn. jo3-3t4
The third story af the r^r buBdingNo. 2PAnn-stioofc Ii
one ofihe best tt-u.-a- in tii? city f.-r Printing office, er an)
lipkt biiMucs'. being liehred on IhreesiJes. K-m $150, Apply to
a*l tf II. f.l.' ! 1 tV. nr J. V\ I NPH ESTER. 30 Ann -L
^tyA ?VFICE T?> c.S' i'.
Too splendid Itasomeni Rooms in the Merchants' Exchange
^^^?orner of Wall md Hanover, iretts. :. to Mr. Pearson
>(Tirf of ike Company, cornet Hanover and rtxehanga Place, or u
ail tf J. WINCHESTER. *i Ami -lreeL
FOR SALE?.1 : mi e-Hsistis: m 140 nrres, at Simtlitonu. L.
I., adj-miiie tlie nil.e-e ofCnmm *. The buildings are lurne
rnd COmmodioUt aa ! in ^'??>4 :el air. There are nu the f.trui a
rnai number of fruit trees ufdirTercut kinds, the hm-1 suitably divided
mto convenient quantities by woed fences, wellwntsred and abun
danre of wood. Iiis wiiiiin a i|U.*rriecof a mile of tne PeetOSce.
Church, School, At. Terms, JL00O; one bnlf caa r< main on imud and
mtrrlgage?Possession and perfect title can be immediately given.
Apjily to the o aer on I lie premises, -r t.> JOSEPH WEED", to r,i
viijon-street; N'.-.?-Vi, i,. je'J-lr.i
EOK ft*A IsE ?1 lr < t<-h urge Ibi productive Ciiy Proper
,??A Far-i of icres, -i.t-tnl in IIuiiiihsIo.s Township, L.
' L, ;t miles from Nerthpoi t. irr-m ? hieb a rteamboM plies '.u aiei
from New-York twice u wei k. f?o?sl liuildings, C"?d wator, A-e. Ate.
For full parlieulisrs inquire of F. VV. WOOD. -I Rivinrton-strei-t.
AilOK PREKsli'E OK < SB A KTEK.-Tli- ?
urn |tr rtuili Ir.i Kate, Williams Matter, burthen 290 ton?,
?^ " will be ready u> receive < j-c i in i r?>t d.-.v-. Apply lo
jcin tw PslKSSF. A- BROOKS 61 Uborty-id
j#n,i FOB isONDON?PncksTtof llie ??lk"of Juno-The
^packst ship QUEBEC, F. ,t C. llebard, maslsra, will sml as
above, h.-r iieular d ly.
Fw freight or passnge, hauii? -viieriwr scsomaiodairons, apply on
bo ml at tUe fi?a ofMaidcu Lane, or io
jc? GKINNELL. MINTt'KN it Co. 7t? Soath-st.
GOLD ANA? *3 3A'b-:B6 WATCHES*, fashionablaJew
slry,Silver Spoon*,.Butter Knoe?. Sugar Tongs, Ac, plated
Cake IliL-k-t-. rui.ill.-tiel-. SiintlrrsaiiilTrays Casltsrt,\c. Britan
nia Coffise-Pota and Urns, T . Sells, A e. ah I Fancy Goods s< neraMy,
fur-ulo by BEACH 4 SSXTONrJ H Chathant-strec*.
N. R. Watches and Jc? elry repaL ? d. iu29-if
TAMES ('?? MOFFETT, ICI Prince-street, near Wooster, would par?
ts ticularly call ihe ittciiiiou ol II irdwurc De tiers and Manufacturers
to his -uiiunur attic e nfGermnii Stiver, tghicli he otters for sale whole?
sale anW retail, of all tbkkn< -? ? -. nnd irnuits it equal to any, either
Foreirn or limae-' e, fo color .-.t; I softness. a2?-if
Wi.N ?-:.??. P?K I'KB, ALE AND CII>E:K.?11. A1T
KIVS. >?<?. i ,\i Fulton-streat, ln-roir iMsiroas i<> c!,-u out his
stock of Wines, Porter, Ale und Cider composed ,,f the most clioice
assorinient, will -??|| at r ry rreluced prices. Those who may wish to
supply their Hotel* and Families should tall. A capitalist or any
|iei -mi ?i-i m ? in purchase a it?t k and enter hits the basin ess cannot
ito better ilinti to avail himself of this opportunity.
Also Ihr sale, 30 grnsi [?ini Wine Bottles, nud 40 gross quart do: Ik'
eros. C-rk-s; I'ld.-r to llurrnls, at S I 50. intiri-lm"
hetweoN Spring aud Prince sir. sis, inlcu imit hereafter to tun
fine his business to housekeeping art-el,-- exclusively, is snlltag his
OFFICE NO. 3 0 AN N - S T.
VOL. I. NO. 54.
wff arwh Ar.r.'ri
\1 :hu Establishment nay b* wr? the largest a?-.ir:roent of
, ~, *?wt*' K???., Collar,. Xc. to be found in the ein ; all of our
/ n^l .7 ecnl',b*,,"? c,tv e"-?- T?? >bo<.? goods bar, .on tu*
anf? p. si . to Deed any puifinc from u>. It is ?uth'cent to sav lhat
for bu.iT- wcU ?4^f.;^;^-"1 ?*rm*hm., ** eoantry,
N. B.-Northe^Seulbe? M Chalftam-st, V York
.re m.kiag their ^rcC?^tUtTaZ"!^? ?*?
do welt to inuu.reVor cooff.of ourmaoufaV,.' -'' \
.M:..._,iu, other hind, ura heM by * a*^*""- - ?? - "'"'^J^
never known TO_fITl7-~"
DR. OM^oonx *
INDIA CHOI, A (; Q rj g
i>e> THE VAHIOfS iorus OF iVTrr.
ally f.ir Ilio,e affectiaas ofihe Liver and other internal organs which
attend the diseases of hdiou* climates.
Those who :i<-r .iidariuc from these ?'iseasc*, as al?o tho.e who have
become invalids from their effect upon the constitution, will find tho
India Cholagogue *n invaluable reatedjry for pui ift is: ike blood, aro
Biotui?r the .hwharee of bile, and thoroughly removing from the system)
the nu.rhid effects of a bilious c'imalc.
Each bottle of mediciae is accompanied with a pamphlet oa tho
?Can.*.. Treatment, and .'lire.' with full direction..
Per sale, wholesale and rt el by
1st'? P. BROWN A" CO, Drurrists, f Liberty, neorWntiaai
'pak V. ?V<?TI4' K.?Anvthsr surprising cure of Cough bv the
i ua? of Sherman's COVGU L0ZBNCK3, sold by N. CL IRK, No.
510 Bowerv.
SHERMAN'S POOR MAN S PLASTER,a most invaluablearti?
cle for Rheumatism, or pains iu the boek, chest or side. Also, Ba
de^u'. celebrated Plaster, fur sale be N. nark.
RING'S celebrated VERBENA CREAM, for shaving, for vile at
51 ? !*ow ery.
DR. TAYLOR'S much and justly celebrated BALSAM OP LIVER
\\ ORT, for Coagba, Colds; Ac. tr.ua .17.', Bowerys? forwala at 310.
LEE'S PILLS, Moffat'sLifo tills sad Phenix Bitterai Phelpa' Ta
matu Pill-, A. Hubert'- Family Pill?. Als-, llr. Pugsksy's Pitts a dis
tiacl one for each cotnplniHt ; for sale at .MO Bowery. je7-'Ju?'iw
\| in* COWAX respeetfullv inform, th? LadiesafNew-York
.'-a. and iu vicinity, that she continaes giving Lessens on the IWp,
Piano Forte, liuilur. and .? Siagrag, at her residence, No. Ti Oaiute
streot, a. few doors on the east side of Broadway, or at the respective
bouses eft boss 1.;, .'iea ?Vn prefer receiving ins true lioa st h?iae.
Harp* aud Piano Fortes to be had.on hue. Abo, a -plendi.l Harp,
in tde by Era sie, Louden, for sale. iu?d tf
I .VSTKI'OTIO.NM in Prawing and Painting, in oil and water
I cslors, will be given by air. P. W. VVHITLEY, at hi. Panning
Roam, No. ipj EultuM-.tr.vt.and at bis residence,corner of 33d Mreoi
mid ijth nvoHue, where the iii^.t ample provision i? made to instrool
Mi? pupil- in the ubioc brauche... In furnishing them mill opportuni?
ties of studying from nature. mltMro
DAINT1XG IN KAI.MO.TMNi-:.-- Tlie -ub..Tri,er ral
a spectfolly informs lo< friend, and the pul lie that lie has obtained
permission from tho palaiitaea to use the Kalsomine Paints, and is uow
ready to execute nil urder. n ith ? hieb he m i\ be fav?fed.
The Kahsomiue P iluts po.?e?. many desirable advantages: they
uill dry i? a fea l??iir?. are f ee from offensive smell, more -lurnbl?
and economical than oil p-iutmc. and -dirstrnMy adapted for tll? walk)
and ceilings of churches, dwellings ?u,l unices.
JOHN STEWART. Ilou-e Painter,
jeS-IW Corner of Broadway and Rraoiue-at.
.tlKM. STEELKN NEW \???f:K.
JtfST P?BLIMIED, an.) for ...Ir by Johm S. TAVLoa & Co. Hi
Nassau-st A Summer Journey ia the West: B> Mrs. Steele,ant
ihor of Heroines nfSacred History.? I sol. ISmo.
N. B. ? \uv v iht?ble Books, to b? had iu New York, furuislied by J.
S. T. A; Co. ut ths lowesi cash prk es. joS-5t"
LMMt NAI.K.-A new (irocsv's Wagon, t<pohijs and Wuxon
I lluhbs, l".r .ale al 33 Pell-street, where Carriage rep.ir. ore done
with punctuality und aeaiaase.
m-U I mi- E7JtA M. STKATTON.
IMtOK KK KPIMG ?Tllel.-oanline Room, ol C. C. MARSlf,
) BS Cedar-street, wiM continue open during the summer, in order
that stranger, an.' others May avail theme.Ivo of a course of instruc?
tion lii.i i? truly practical; one thstembrace. ? eemplete routine of
mere .utile transactions ami mercantilocalculations: nud ono in which
the student actually keeps a set nf books in a counting house. To
those who are aua>(|uainted wiih the advertiser's reputatfou.hfl de
sires Ui say ihm kU ririnnipal w*rk on Bool. Keeping has run thron-b
many editions; that it receives the preference is the New-York Pub?
lic Schools, und other l.rpe iu-tiuitmns is the Putted Stntes, nnd that
lie himsell ha- the h - nor of be lag appointed teacher of Book R-e,,??;
tor the ' Mercantile Library issuciatKM' of this ..it;.
Prospectuses, with Terms, uusy be bad at Counting Rooms as above.
r'J ?t _
<.???? EI*wich pott* ;.v ,
?201 Eigbtcosita-titrcot,
?KTWCKM TUs: Kt?TH a.id TEKTH avenues.
rTIKE .u'.-. rii. ;r respecuully informs Gte Public that he continue*
I to manilfoeture the following article., which be offers for sale oo
reasonable terms, viz:
Stone Ware, Earlhern Ware, Portable Furnaces, Chimney Pots,
Stove Tubes, Oven Tile, Greea-IIousa do?I<iru Brick, Druggist uud
Chomioal Ware A.c.
81. Linings made to any paitrrn and at short notice.
suli.erilii.-r has on baud ,. g.-iier.d ?tftorMMnt of China, Glass,
and Earlhern Ware, Astral Lamp-, Ac. which will be sold very cheap
f^r ej-h. at wholesale aud retail. P. CHILI).
N. It. Goods -eHt to any pan of ihn city or Itronkiyu fr.it charge.
I jO.-i.tl.lt FIsliKit, P?INTER and PLAZIER, will Mtt>
I ? cute llo.-e. Sien mid Landscape faixriiis. t), aameutaland Fancy
'ainting, Imitation of Wood and Marble; alt of which ?iH be dene at
hort notice and iu the neatest ?tyle. Also, nil kinds of RaaiMrs,Tran
lareacies, Fancy Piece., and Hieiraglyphics, at No. 50 etu.iy-?L, Cnual
:l. Albany. _ iu?7-lui
JOHN TlIIalaARD, Praciieal Wateh-Maker, Ute of Canal
im I Spring-streets, Ins removed to:[7'J Bower), near Fafus-street.
Watches carefully repuired. J' -Im'
It ward.?srtohsa fro.u the subscriber on the 20th
_ inst. one large Gold Pat.-ut Lever Watab, doab'e cased,
with-agold fiiurd a.id Fi* Chain, with a large Seal set with a red
Cornelian -lone OO one side, and will fi lished ?orU on tie oilier.?
n-o. i small Gold Lady's Watch, with Gold Guard Chain ind Key.
Also six large Table Spoons and seven .Silmr Tea Spoons, marked
M . C. Haisted.
The thief is about 5 feet 3 inches high, very tuck ?et. very low
.,,, rather dowacasi couotcnaace, lull faev.ahc it It; years of age,
.??:.. a t .i k and fair In <?'?. and ? ill- himself James Hamlin; an Eng
liag :. - .been * tailor,and ha- probably g.East. Had
on when he committed the theft, dark pants, thin roundahont or a
?h?rt dress coat, a p.lui leaf with a black ribboa ; is .tsjip.is.,-,1 to have
a tru?:k and a vjiite. ?
The. above reward will be paid f>?- the thtef and property, or tSO
for the property; or >50fo tlin thief, if lodged in any jail in ilii*
vi-u- jiell.i' ?at.-cnl.er info in^J -f Ihe -a.i.e. II. IIA I.STKD.
jTOCK AND lima M ?Nl ii \CTolfi .?1. .*. i'LVKNEY. No.55
0 William it reel, has on hand Stock., Besoms, Cellars, (Hove*.
?M-pcuilvrs. -ilk and coit?u Siurts und Drawers,Cravats, Ac AM*
L . . usd qualities of tne above ?riu.le.. McrchaoU axe invited to
call. _ _:_swig-las*
Z '.i ?;i-:.NTI.E.1EN OF 'I'tMTE
1 \ rarpectfiiUy aniHMBBcaj to the gantlemca pi N- -. -York that he is
Mi ? I <.';? ? ate I u aleiv?, where, he Hatter. Idsx.vlf fiat, having
. ral years personalexpericneo ia th- Prnneh Metcopoli?. and
devoting bis per..1 attention to his *>.?;h. he will be able to saaka
ras uonabi.k clothiw? as cheap f-r cash invariably, ami a*
pertei i - be procured m the Country, ruankful tor past farors,
'. .1- i. oatinea? e of patron jc>._8273111
U.KRCI) smith.
.'I on iaada well>electedassortment of Cloths, Castimermrai
.. .'. ted to the Mtasou, which lie oife-- to make up for tho
i ... r-'l. in tie: very be-t wanner, at exi emety low prices for
Cash on delivery. _ ' a96Uy
cr7oT?i.N<; emtaki.imii.ue.xt.
rriill". Sumv riber haviaa oi.erie-l the ..tore -i7 Bowery as a faskion
{ ... .. r . ?;.;aU;i.hi.i-ut. offer, to in. Friend, a.el the Pub
liea-very loperfor ussortmcut of apring -is of the late.t ?tyle,
, ,; , .he taste and ^io^alH. fewd, favor
?'. fj?lS&'ii ..P..Mr.n..,U.IWut^
fr, .... rly of tha firm ofGray a; IV*ut.m. A.good sssortweat -r^y
raadeCleAb'mialways in hand. _ _?-?sr
11^::av?> Mivonr?' -
M corner ofThird-stri ?'? J '' J 1 M-?v. ,*! s p>?
' "? ? ' j ft ia.?., v"', Jo v P.Iii..!.- and
w.t>:a.Ti???atm. ;.ri.i. .. uioderute erms,bj dr.
3 p?.,.,r-..,f all |".tr, ,t n,K'
MILLKi- No- '- Beeksn?n etreet offars r.o ' bar-r.^m' pri
I J ?J^r^ room, aud re-peeuble beard at
et per lay.
_ . , E_, VV??-on. to >r'.y ?< w. .Ullab.e Ter .. f"e
F*r'^U.;Ul!or, or oth,ra-Wl5 be cid s.,.p.
rVorid OOce, N Ajm-street.

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