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ki;.h?,I averv morume, at No. 'Ml Ann-street, New-York.
1 ?lvcred ku f"r 0ne cent p? *?'
Subscribers. $4 per annum in advance: otherwise |5
tbrmi of AtrreaTismc_roa each advertisement or
as^rjB>i?c*lsM<^A>?fart^rto"a? Ct.?'
lor each stiiwemient WsCrticn. -53
Do. for Wx insertion,, or one wok. .91 50
Da. for Twenty-live insertions, or one month.5J wl?
Lenjer AdvertiaeatentS at equally favorable rates.
For KI?"* I'nes, barf the above rn'r-; Two lines, one-fourth of
iae?e r?la*?r*},a"1'e^ ln cases 'l! advance.
~Thn il i b U NE,
Disastrous Kirk!?Watekfoko Destroyed!?A fire
holte out at 4 o'clock on Sunday in the village of ?\ ater
vrd, Saratoga county, four miles above Troy on the Hudson
?gverand Nortbcrn Canal, which ?ras almost entirely laid in
ran?. The Troy Daily Whig says!
" It raged with the greatest fury for three hours, and con
??icd Many the whole of the business puit of the town, in
fhjdiut; the Samto<:a County Bank, Episcopal church, Acad
,?*. the .Mansion House, formerly Demarcsr/s, nearly every
fore in the place and about fifty dwelling house*?making in
?D from icvtnty to eighty buildings, among which were the
?just valuable in th<* town.
The tire caught at 4, P. M-. in a small building used for
forinc lime, situated on an alley, about 100 yards south-west
jf the Mansion House. From thence it spread rapidly south
j'id east, the w ind blowing at the time a fresh breeze from
?jtt north-west, and continued burning with great fury fot
mree hours, and was finally arrested by the exertions of the
Truv and West-Troy firemen, who arrived on the ground at
half-past five.
The whole loss is not less probably thnn $100,000, a por- i
:iosof which is insured, though we have not learned to what 1
imounL The Firemen's Insurance Company at Albany bavi
'oitjG.UOO to $10,000. The Rensselaer and Saratoga of
this citv, and the Saratoga .Mutual and other companies arc
als" losers.
Wo an: unable at present to give the names of the. occu?
pants of the buildings destroyed, or the owners. We were
on the ground at half-past five nnd remained there until tin
fire wns extinguished, and can safely s*y that wo never wit
rr^-cd such u scene of confusion, devastation, and distress'.
The whole village whs covered with furniture, goods and
articles of every description. Every house appeared to be
emptied of its contents, and tie' inhabitant-, of the village and
tiie adjoining towns, together with many hundreds from Troyj
crowded together in the neighborhood of the fire. At one
time the destruction of the bridge over the Hudson appeared
I inevitable, and nothing saved it hut the exertions of the Troy
and West-Troy firemen, Waterford having but one fire-en?
gine, and that being almost useless. The lire was finally ar?
rester] at the house of John Stewurt, a brick building a few
rods west of the bridge. T he books of the Saratoga County
Bank were saved. The specie remains in the vault, to tin
amount of $10.000. Mr. Titcomb, u butcher, fell from a
roof, und is not expected to live. With this exception we
heard of no accidents.
By this destructive conflagration, the prosperity of Water
ford must be seriously impaired, and it is doubtful whether
she will ever recover from the loss. It is by fur the most
?erious calamity that has occurred in this section of the
country since the greut fire in this city in lo'-IO."
Distressing;?Hon. Wm. Hebard of Randolph, Vt. at?
tended the recent Whir: Convention at Montpelier, and, be
mg afraid his little sun of eight years would gu in the water
and be drowned during his absence from home, took him
alung. During the day of the Convention, the lad slraved
oiF to the river to bathe, with other boys, and, gelling in the j
current, was carried beyond his depth and drowned.
Lightning.?The deaths by electricity during the frequent
thunder-storms of the last three weeks have been very nu?
merous,. The meeting-house vi Factor]! Village, Nbrthficld,
Vt. was struck on the 29th uk., but not seriously injured.?
At the same time, the dwelling of Mr. A. Parker, East
Uontpelier, was struck und very badly shattered. Mr. Par?
ker himself was struck, knocked down, and his clothes set
M fire; hut his mother, a woman of 90, was in the room,
?ad she instantly obtained a light, poured a pail of water on
Mr. P., extinguished the fin", and then blew a horn for as?
sistance from the neighbors. Mr. Parker recovered.
Lightning in a Clear Sky.?The Baltimore Patriot,
in reporting the arrival of the schooner Alicia, Cupt. Moore, j
troni Havana, adds the following;
On the 3dinst at 3 I'. M. off Cape Hattcras, was struck
with something like lightning, although there was not a cloud
:,i be seen, and a fair S. W. breeze; it suuek the forctop
mast head and descended the foremast, shivering both the
foremast and foretopmast, carrying away the topsail yard,
tearing t* pieces topsail and foresail, and doing much other
damage. It was considered n must unaccountable ocenr
Timely Desertion.?A house in Pembroke, (Mass.) on
the Plymouth and Boston road, belonging to Benjamin
Standish, was struck by lightning on .Monday night, and was
entirvly consumed by fire. Just before the house was struck
there were four persons within, women and children, who
flK up during the tem|>est, and went to a neighbor's Imu se,
leaving the house without an inmate.
Immigration.?30.7:27 passengers have arrived at this
My from foreign ports between January 1st. 1341 and the
12tb inst.
Mail Robbery.?The following memorandum was en
dsrsed on the Millcdgcville letter package of the 3d July, re?
ceived at the Post Office in thi- city on Tuesday evening :?
"Themail of 6th June from Augusta to Milledgeville, whs
rebhed at Warrenton by some negroes. Two of them are
*wv 10 jaQ at that place ; some money, draft- and execu?
tions have been found on them." [Savannah Republican.
Appointment by m>. Governor, July 12.?David Km
?dl of Washington county, a Trustee of the New-York Lu
"*tic Asylum, to till a vacancv created during the recess of
w Senate.
. Bating.?A certain farmer, who had not yet joined the
!|W tetriperatier society went into the field where his work
j"*o were mowing, one day. after 11 o'clock, and affected to
* highly pleased with their work ; but just then, making u
*!?-step, and finding himself in a horizontal position, he
ca&neej his tune, and exclaimed, in a rough and harsh voice,
Jeu lazy rascals, you don't half cut your gra>s. I thought
Warst view that your work was pretty well done, but when I
l0?e to lay down to looi at it. I see that you don't utidet -
M?d your business. "
I?'sH Pre-eminence.?The following is found in the rc
of a political meeting held some time sincetin Ireland;
jWetnpiifies a peculiar trait in the Irish character?" Mr.
y ? c:l!:ie *?rw an* to propose the next resolution, and
when all Europe was at war in 1S07, the Secretary at
w of every nation in Europe were Irishmen, or their I ra
fcWiate descendants. Even Bonaparte, with all his power.
**'obligpd to select a Killken ny man, Clark, as Secrctarv
, * *r- Austria had O'Donnell, and Russia, Lacey. Eng?
ird ?"P wnon,? *-H he was not living, he would not al
1tj6 to; and tho only nation in Europe who had not an Irish
?Cretan.,, that time was Ireland, (hear.)"
I desire you to undcrntnmJ t'at true pr
Oflier S*? Bowry.?The Ann at Mngaz ne, and Repesi
tory of Useful Literature. I'm. Monthly Periodical, the volume of
wlii. h . imiui-n. es with the July Number, u published :hc jirrt uf ta< h
Mont* in tin Oil) i>f Ikw-York. The American Magazine, tec i.- de- !
voted to Literature. Science ami Art.-, including Useful Knowledge, ,
A:: ei icai Bhwrophy, Si encry. Striking Point? in History and Natu?
ral History;, Essays, Poetry, Specimens of Eloquence, Accounts of]
Eminent Artists, Sketches of Society and Cu-toms. Reviews, Travi Ii
aadJffiseelhuieous Literature, witii a summary of impoi taut Seien- '
tific. Politc a! and Rcligioii, intelligence. W ith subjects like those
to enrich il- pages u is designed t- leave Political Discussions, See
turian Controversies, Tales of Fiction und Romance entirely to oib
. Beside, tbc aid of the Gentlemen enyared :t-Condm tor-. -Nier?
al per-on- of merited distinction have consented to become regular '
contributor- to the Work. Some of the best writing', it!--, from the
more costly Americaa and European Periodicals will be :ivcn. t<>
selber with oocasioaal selections from the Cboiceness of the Past.
No pains nor warranted expense will be neglected to present this
Magazine in the best style of Mechanical Execution, wish its column
enriched by the best written article- calculated to afford Substantial
Aliment and Rational Enjoyment for the mind.
Each No. of the America Magazine will contain 33 royal Bvo,
pages, printed on good paper, with new type, ca-t expressly for the
purpose, and enveloped in a handsome cover, making a volume of
nearly 400 paces at the close of the year. It will id-o be embel?
lished and illustrated with beuntiful ."steel and Wood Engravings.
C 0 N T E N I S.
<;<?!:. Wm. H. HarrisOU, by Hooper C. Van Vorst;
Mehenict Ali;
Our Fathers?where arc they' by Mrs M. L. Gardiner;
Chivalry, by Sansin E. Laue;
American Poets;
The Thunder Storm by Mr-. Mary E. Hewitt ;
Literary Study, by Geo, Van Saatvoord ;
Tivoli,by K. N. li.:
The iieiiirn, by Mr-. M. It, Gardiner;
The Earth, byE A. M.;
An Hour :n the Louvre :
The Arctic Bine Bird, with a Wood Engraving :
Lines to the ?lue p.ird. by Mrs. E. C. Steatlman;
Nature, bv Gulielm:
A Glimpse of the Past;
Verbal Criticism*;
Tie- American Chaiacter;
Lines to i I.itile Girl overtaken in a Thunder Storm ;
Change, by S. K. L. :
Old Nails, by Gulielm;
Memorable Events in July;
Last Moment- of Men of Genius ;
Aurora Borealil;
Ancient Astronomy:
Summary of Intelligence;
Our Pit "cut Number, Ac;
K N G K A V I N r, ,-i.
Portrait of General William Henry Harrison, on Steel,
The Arctic IJird ;
I. the Lion.
TERMS? One Dollar and Fifty Cent- per year, in advance, or Iii*
cents a Number.on delivery.
AJI Communications should be addressed (Post Paid; to
j.g ISRAEL POST, -- Bowery.
Kill about three acres of Land laid out i- .1 Garden, situated :it
? r.ir-Kni kaw ay, Long Island, about fifteen miles from New
York, withiua short distance of the Mariuc Pavilion. The House ia
suitalile for a Boarding-house, being very large ami commodious. On
the premises nr.; a barn and other out-buildiugs, tocelhoi with a well
of good Water. It is encloseo by a new pale board fence. For par?
ticulars apply to SAMUEL R. It. NORTON, en the Premises.
Alm, n Kami for tale, situated at the above place, a quarter of a
mile west of the Manne Pavilion, ambraciug two necks of choice
Land, being a beautiful situutiou for building or for other improve?
ments, having a front of three-quarters of a mile on the oeean. The
Farm contains 90U iu re, of Land, suitably divided into tillable, wood
land and meadow. The inland communication by the Jamaica Cove
bring vessels to the centre of the Farm,
Also, for sale, other Land similarly situated. It can be divided
into two Farms if so wished. Applv to
jvl.fjw- SAMI'EL It. ft. NOR TON, at Far-Kockiwny, L. I.
JlVIa Possession given immediately, the Grocery mid Liquor store,
1 I7? South-st Inquire on the premises for particulars. |c7 !??
T.ie splendid Basement Room- in the Men bants* Exchange
corner of Wall ami Hunovcr--trci is. Apply to Mr. Pcar-on
>flicc of the Company, comer Hanover mid Exchange Place, or u
?39 tf 3. WINCHESTER, 30 Ann-street
?TO I. E l'.
The third story of the rear building No. 39 Aiiii-sttcet h
oue of the best Rooms 111 the city for a Printing office, or any
light business, bel?g lighted on three si Jes. Rent $150. Applv to
b3!I y H. GREELEY, or J. WINCHESTER, 30 Ann-si.
FOB male?Or exchange for prod ucuve City Propel
j?A I-'iirm of 53 acres, situated1 in Huntington Township, L.
"I., ;t miles from Nortliport, from winch a steamboat plies to and
from New-York twice a week. Good buildings, good ?ntur. ate. Ac
For full particulars inquire of E. W. WOOD. 61 Rivlnrtoa-street
f^^/r.RS. VINES. AND GRASS PLOTS.?il most excellent
cj^qSfertilizet for Flowers, Vines, and Grass Plots, may bo > biain
ed hi boxes containing n. 16, or :t-J ?[mart- each, at 190 Nassau-street,
up stairs, free from all foul seeds ana offensive od-.r. This Powder
may be used in llower-pols in any pan of the house; without the least
offence 10 the inmates. Printed directions for u.iiig it will sccom*
paiiv each box. Order- may also be left ai the -ame place for ihe re.
moval of the content.- of (Mas-pools uud Sink*, and the work will be
done 111 a manner much less offensive, by the New-Yotk Poudrette |
Co., than by the mode in ordinary use.
The comfort of every citizen w ill be promoted by the success of
this enterprise, as the mode of removal is so much lo.s offensive, and
it will abate the nuisance of throwing il luto the rivers, and also rc
duce the cost._ _ j?'lw
jtp,^ IVANTEIs TO tUARTRB-A vessel of-2,500 to
SSHB Aflfltl I. irr. Is burthen to ! for .1 port in the south of Europi.
Apply to ij IS GRINNELL, MINTURN A Co. 7j South.
~~jCK? FOB I.ONOON?Packet of 1-1 August?The packet
sCPWashin Ontario. W. K. Bradish masti r. w ill sail as above, bei ? -
?"""?"gular day. For fn ight or pa-- ig<, bat ing superior nccommo
da lions, apply 011 board foot of Maiden-lane, or to
j7l2 " GP.INNEI.I.. MINTI ISN A CO. 7- S..utb-t.
FOB MALE? The u-. -adiug Coppered and Copper
BtFaslc.I Birk ELIZABETH. SOoO barrels burthen, sharp
built and well calculated for a Whaler. Applv to
jvio. GRINNELL. MINTURN & CO. 73 South-st,
FOB I U I); I KK OB SALE.?The Coppered
laud Copper Fastened Bark ROSALBA, Spoccer, Master, 2000
"barrels burthen, now in perfect order for a vovaae. Apply to
jy lft GRINNELL. MINTURN S. CO. 78 Soafh-st
appered and copper fastened Br. Barque ODESSA, Vaughan
ia*ter. 330 Ions register, would accept a charter to any port
in Europe or the West Indies. Apply to
PERSSE * BROOKS, 61 Liberty-st
Or GEO. GRESHAM, ?3} Wall-st_je!?)
FOB CIlTlinPE"B OI?T"MAI7e.?Tr7e^co7i7r7d i
and copper-fastened Bark ROSALBA, Spencer, master, of3000
"barrels burthen?now in perfect order for a Voyage. Applv to
GRINNELL. MINTURN A Co. 73 South st.
FOB MALE?The Ship ROBERT BOVVivt, Capiam ,
Q^Bullard, burthen about 500 ton->. coppered and copper fastened,
'built of pasture oak and locust, under the superintendence of
Abrain Gilford. Esq. of New-Bedford. Applv to
jc33 GRINNELL, MINTURN & Co. 78 South st.
WANTED TO CHARTER?A vessel of 2500 te
:UHM bids, burthen, to load for a port intlie South of Enroll-.
UNTI k.N St CO.78 South st
FOB CSLAHGOW?The fine A I coppered Br B rh
^.ODESSA, Vaughan m.i-t-r. bus three-fourths of her cargo eu
ged, and will have quick dispatch. For balance of freight,
or passage, applv to PERSSE .v BROOKS, 61 Liberty-st
Or to GEO. GERSHAM, rsi Wall-st jc?fi
^gt|tN l-"or Mnlr.?Tlie -hip Robert Bowne, burtbeu ."s.U t?::s,
"S^?^^ ha- carried ltkm bales Mobile Cotton under deck, coppered
,,h,i copper fasti ued, and built under the superiatendence of
Abraham Gilford, Esq.. of New Bedford. Apjdr to
Jv/^N ham s^.rt horned Bull- Cow,. Heifers and Calves, Also
^?I.^j;._ Nocf.dk thin-rind and Berkshire Pigs. They are of thi
improved stock of Wm. K. Townaend of New-Has'eu. For particu
Urs, pedigree. Ac impure at the American Institute, iu the Park
New-York jeNriw
Iron, Lead, i r Goto, Sttvaa,
Gkamtl,Coats; S Crrsus. ^ r Dumonos, Pearls;
Things usefaL ) ( Mere represcmatires of value.
To all who care for case and smooth Shaving.
y ernu.
Those of ray fiiii-h st 'SJOO' each, with little else to recommend them.
Retail prices of the MAGIC STROP from M cents to $1 :*i each.?
The perform ng part of ihe 75 cents Strop warranted strecatOB To any
OTHER iu use, or the money returned. Sold wholesale and rrtail at
IQ-s William st_je*2?om
a ^ O RX S fCOR NN ! COR NM :->!.--. and "M-?!a:n- BLR
Vv' HARD. Cmropoilists. from Paris. S31 BROADWAY, next dosr
to the American Hotel, Imve the bouor 10 inform the pubiic that bv
anew and peculiar method, they extirpate HARD and SOFT CORN'S,.
Bunions Caloeities, Ac. Ac. without causiug the lea-t pain or uicon
venience._j<-5 lnrfn*
Bl'tiM ANO ."?IEOr?7lNEM of ci - - 1aJ
of the best cjualitv may be had at All Hours on application to
N. CLARK. 510 Bowery* .
TT A Physician of long experience Cwb? practices in tlicmrighbor
boo J.I will be in sttendauxe to give advice. Ac. at the hours of r A^M.
I and 4 P.M. .? ,.tt . i ?? *y3 3uT
inciple* of the Governance! t. I vrixh ihrm carrion"
Th" n(w and commodious steamboat NORTH
'AMERICA, Cai't-M. H. True-dell, leaves liiesieani
boat Pier between Cotllandt ar.d Libertv street-.
Tills AFTERNOON,July I3,at 5otlock.
For freight or passage apply on board or to
P. ?:. SCHULTZ, at the oflfce on the wharf.
The new and commodious steamboat sUl'TI! AMERICA. CapL
L. W. Brancard, l?ave> the pit between Connlandt and Liberty
streets everv Monday, Wednesday and Friday at T o'clock.
The ROCHESTER, Capt. AP.St. John.'leaves the above pier
every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 o'clock.
For passage or freight, apply to
_P^C. SCHULTZ, at the office, o- on board.
trc_>.- j-^y STEAMBOAT LINK.
? ? -'t-JA? jsor ,?,i(,any, from the foot of Ban lay->ireet.
The TROY.Wednesday Morning at 7 o'< lock.
The ALBANY.Thursday Horning at 7 o'clock.
The TROY.Friday Morning at 7 o'clock.
From the foot of t'oi llntult-xtrrrt.
The DEWITT CLINTON.Wednesday Afternoon, at.'.o'clock.
The DEWITT CLINTON.I nday Afternooa. at 5 o'clock.
t, r*-5>c> h I'tA'l BOAT I>IA.tlONI>.? 1 n
~~r-^y leaves th< wharfbetween Barclay and V'esey-streets,
" " ' 11111" .N a -York, for Albany. at 5 o'clock P. M. < v<:r> i
day, Thursday an ,' S iturdsy, and returns from Albany on Monday,
Wednesday and Friday, at the -aiue hour. She joe. through with?
out landing, making her passages regularly ami certain!.* ?ithm
twelve hours?always in time for the We.tern Railroad. The pro.
prietors run her f<,r comfort ratlp-r than s(.!. There is do noise or
Jar on hoard of h-r : the engine, l?nng horizontal, i- below deck, and
moves very still, and is without any unpleasant swelL She has two
largecabiiu and two - iloous below deck . ? ladies' saloon aod two sa?
loons for gentlemen OA the mi in deck, and nineteen -t?te rooms on
the unncr deck, with a hall IS feet ?nie and lit"' leet long for prome?
nading between them. This hall is well sbi Itered, lighten and venti?
lated, and open, by double doors on the forward and atter decks,
affording a walk the whole length of the boat. The saloons and state
room, have each a bell leading 10 a hall where servants are in con?
stant attendance.
The slate rooms are 7 by 11 feet, and have double bed-, andean,
when required, have two additional standing berths in each ?!' them.
A Dart of these room* connect b.- folding door-, making a spacious
parlor, where families nnd parties can nave tea, supper or breakfast,
lit any ln,ur of the passage. A chambermaid w aits on the ladies' sa?
l-ion, and unotlier on the state room.. Passengers are not called up
by a bell on reaching the wharf, hut rise at their own leisure, .ill noise
on deck hem" strictly prohibited.
The Dismond i- a very stiff boat, and does not roll or careen in
rough w itcr or high ?Unis. Slir i. 270 feet long, draw. J n-ct water
only, and can pass the Overslaugh aud all the shoal- at any tirne rjf
nde. [jyS Ins] A. FLUW Kit. Commander.
?? ft* The-t.-audioat OSIRIS, Capt-J. I'. Allaire, will
V j , r '<"?'''? ts f"llow- ?leave I'tiUoo Market -hp. East River,
every Monday morning, at ? o'clock: Tuesday.
W adnesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, at 3 o'clock, A. M., and
Saturday, at 12 o'clock, i oon.
Returninr, leave Red Hank at half i>a.t 1 o'clock, every day, (ex?
cept .Monday) at in o'clock, A. M . ai d Saturday, at 1 P. M.
The boat will run a. above until further notice, navigation nnd
weather permitting. N. B.?All freight and baggage at the n?k of the
ow ners IhereoC jy93m
^jt';,*if.^:;.^ For >?OCKA WAY and NEW-YORK?The Citi
* ' '*? v?zees' new- line of Stages, between New-York and
Roekaway Pavilion, on and after Thursday, July I, 1841.
During the summer season, the Citizen s Line of Post Coaches will
leave New-York every day (Sundays excepted) at 4 o'clock P.M.;
stopping ?i the Broadway House al a quarter past 3 o'clock: Carl Ion
House. Washington Hall, American, Astor, City Hotel. Howard's
Franklin, York House, Globe Hotel, and South Ferry at aboat I
o'clock, and arrive, at Roekaway at Ii P. IL Leave- the Pavilion at
Res kaway every morning at A o'clock, aud arrive at >ew York at In
A. M.
Families called for Ht auy purl of the city.
Passengers can take Hour seat- ai Bftw-York, and not he obliged
to get OUt until thai arm? ,il their journey's end. Order- left at 21
Bowery and No 5 Cortland-aL York House. This Line has a regular
relay of horses, ami splendid Po.-t Coaches. Fare *|.
jvM Im. .M. L. RA, . General Agent.
ts, C r* REGATTA.
? j> " The Stcamho.it HIGHLANDER, CapL R. Ward
-anetsBesssms^rol( ui|| |eave tli? ,v r r<K)| of Warren-street on
Wednesday morning, July 1 Ith, at 7 o'clock. Old State Prison Wharf
at 71 o'clock, Bad arrive at New burgh about 2J hour- lisfore the Re?
gatta comes off Returning will leave Newburgh soon after the Re?
gatta is over.
Fare 50 c uts each w ay.
A Hand of Music is engaged for the occasion iylH?l*
RI RGI1 REGATTA.-Tin: Slemnboat
'1 ELEGKAPH, CapL J.S.Odell, Wednesday morn?
ing, July llth, will leave ihe steamboat Pier at die foot of Chamber
street at 7J o'clock, ton. Inn-,' at tin: fool of Hammond-Street, and slop
piny at Sing Sing. Tarrytown, Caklwell'e, West Point ami Cold
Spring. The Telegraph will arrive at Newburgh two hour, before
the Regatta comes off, accompany the competitors around ihe stake
in order l* afford her excursionists ihe In -t view of the spectacle, and
return to the city at n seasonable hour.
The Jefferson Brass Band, comprising twenty ?kilful musicians,will
perform some of ihe uie-t beautiful and popular .".ir- for the gratifica?
tion of the COtnpanv. There i. a bar on hoar!, ?toreil will) choice li?
quors and other refreshments. The Boat herself is swift and elegant,
und there is every tili' 1 to induce the publice to give ihe Telegraph
the preference on this occasion.
Fare each way ."ai cents. jyCl 2t*
t-jy/y^ r/it^-M .(>s^h Jv' i i
ON and after Tuesday the llth May. 1311, the car. will run as
Leave Hicksvllle at 7 ..'dock. A. M., and 2! o'clock, P. M.
Leave Herapstead al ."> minutes before 7 o'clock, A. M. and I" min?
utes past 2 o'clock. P. M.
Leave Jamalen ;,l 7i o'clock, A. M. and :t P. M.
Leave Brooklyn si Dj o'clock, A. M. and V, o'clock, P. M.
Leave Jamaica at s| o'clock. A. M. and .'. I*. M.
I.eav. Br,K.klv u at 9J o'clock, A. M. and dj P. AI.
Leave Hicksvillc at li o'clock, P. M.
Leave Hemptiead at 10 miuule- pa-t I o'clock. P. M.
By the above arrangement passengers taking the morning tram will
hnve time to vi-it Roekaway, and la- several vdlaires on the route,
and return the same evening. Stare- run regularly on the arrival af
the cars, to Roekaway, Hempstead Harbor, Glen Cove, Wheatiey,
Oyster Bay, Huntington, Babylon. Smithtown, blip, LnT Saedicker'a
Hotel, and through the Island to Greenport and Saj-harbor.
Fan- to Bedford ISj cents; to East New-York ISj rcnu; to Jamai?
ca 25 cents j to Brushville 37 cents ; t.. Westbury, Carle Place ami
Hempstead 56 eeau; to Hicksville 63] cents. jy!33m
g*? p? ^VESTt:RN_ ^^y---*g,m,"?,7s|
N A V I ii A T I O Bf BB9
nrtHE above Company nre prepared to receive and forward
Erie Canal, La a es Huroo ano Miehigaa. ami on the Ohio and Wa
basb and Erie Canals, on the roost favorable term-. Families emi
grating west, and .Merchant- will God it to their advantage to call si
their Office, 108 Broad street A Steamboat will start daily: at 5 P.M.
from the foot ?fCortlandt street, and three Canal Boats of a superior
cla-s will be started daily from Albany. Foe Freight or Passage ap?
ply to NOAH cook a CO. lw- Broad struct. N. Y.
O tS. TOMLTNSON a CO. Albany, N. Y.
JAMi:s CHAPPELL a CO. Rochester, N. Y
E. S. BEACH. do.
A. R. C01JB A CO. Buffalo. N. Y.
_ Projirictors.
CORB. OATMAN A CO. Cleveland. Ohio.
DAVIS A SMITH. P-rtsmouth. lim-..
1" >KR. WEBB A CO. Detroit. M;eh:sMr..
_alO-tf BRISTOL A PORTER- Chicago. Illinois._
-V NY.?Canal and Lake Transportation? Merchandize, Passen
per-. Ac. forwarded with care and dispatch. For freight or passage
apply to
H. N1LES A Co.. 51? Quay-st.. Albany. )
H. WRIGHT A Cos, Rochester. Proprietors .
J. P. WOLF A P. J. KNAUF. W Wa-h.-st. NY )
And lo.. ..P GRAND1N, 104 Broad-sL N. Y. 1
CP. KELLOGG, " 1 A-ents *
P. L. r ARSONS A Co., Buffalo. i - . '
H. WELLS. ; Court ,i. Bo.tou. J J>-I''4bi
HEAP CKOCKERI, lOO Bowery?One ofthelar
\ ' gestand!...-: lasorujd ste..-ks uf commpa and rich 'Govdsin-the
citv. comprising the latest putterns of?
' French Thuia Dinner S?ts..Cut and Plain Glass.
ludia -do --do do.Astral and HaH Lamp*
? Grtuutit plain and printed S-t..Mantel acd Shade Lamps.
. Earthen do do do;.Girandoles. " j
Fresell China plain and pencdled Te? Stts..Plated Castors.
English do do do do .?..-Brittauia do.
Wedgwood aad Enamelled. . do. ....... Ten BoarCs. ..
BlutStone. granite and tor do .Kmv?s,Fork-, ic.
jy Selling at wriccs ?elf worthv the afcentiou or Dealers and
gousekeepers! ' ;je24:lnT] ' MERRFTTe St PAGE.
_?1? casks for sale bv' _
j v: . GRISNELL, MJNTITIN A Co 78 Sotuh-ist. -
orit?-5 nali nothing more.'*?Hximsox.
II. I?41.
IT '?' cases superior quality Plain de Lam*-. con-i.?r.jng of Drab-.
Fawn, dark Bin-, and other desirable odor-, .unable forth.- present
?'? i-.iii. A!-,I. JesiiaMe colors for Tratelipg Dre?es.jti-t recefr -d bv
jyl3 :Uis C. R. III'l.L. Tl Catharine-street
Xj' ltf1 piece-, urw patterns, of Hartman', superior quality Freiirh
Print--, consisting of a great variety of patterns), of Pink, Blue and
Lilac. Also, an almost endless variety of patterns of Rich Chintz,
color?. Light. D.irN am! Medium, just received by
jy!3 3tis_ C. R. HI LL. 7! Catharine..;.-.:.
fTMIE Subscribers, being desirous to reduce their stock of Spring
sad Summer Goods as low as possible, previous to making puts
chases for th ? Fail trade, will from this date up to the first of August
mud ?eil their Goods at COST.
Their IMCK s inrg-. ami having Iievn mostly purchased at Auc?
tion at very low ones, it is the best opportunity ever offered to La?
dies wb? wish to supply themselves ?un fashionable Goods.
Among their stock may be found a splendid sssortment of RICH
SILKS of the latest style-. S great variety of PRINTED LAWNS,
Bombazines, Prints, tec Also a large lot of Gambroons, Crape Gam?
bler-, and Linen Drills for Gentlemen's wear.
jelO-tf GERARD 4 KLINCK, Ir77 Sprinj-st.
IOOK AT THIS?J-i-t received, ? lot ol Scarfs.2y r is
_i Im.g. onl? Is.: lot >dks. atSs. I'd.; lot De Laiaes, uil wool, at
la EhL; lot fine Bombazino, at 7s. fid ; lot double width tine paper
Muslin, at only la ; lot pl od Shawls, at only 1. ; lot yard wide
printed Muslins, at only Is. 3d.; lotVestmgt, at Is.; lot beat quality
libb*d Linen Drilling, at onlv 3*. 9tL Fur ' <ir at
jy94r* WILLET, HAWKINS'8f re,No.541 Greocwieb-st
I GEO. S.CAR1 ? Cu.
193 Pearl-street, up stairs, (near Maiden Lane) have for sale a v?
riety ofGiKitls in their line, consisting in part as follows:
COM BS of. \ cry dr-criptton : gill, bouc and other Button? : Needles
of the beet quality; Pins. Hooks an I Eyes, Scissors, Thimbles. Pock
et Book-: Whalebone, Steel and Wood Bu-ks: Bone mid steel
Corset Rings; oi e and two hundred yards Spool Cotton. Spool
Stand-. B.dl Cord. Corset and Boot Lace-, Leather and Bead Purses
Bead Baas, Soap- aid Perfunii ries, Cloth. Hair and other Brashes .
Stada Glasses, Razors and Razor Strops, Shaving Boxes, Ac. Ac
The above Goods may be haJ in quantities to suit at the lowest
casli pri.
N. B. Dealers in Bone-, Horn- and Rattan. jeSI Im
Vi firtn CHEAP CARPETSUCwhc nnd see, ai
sM'/,WWW|i;| Cbatbam-st?The subscribers, I.ig d.-t.-r
mined to sell from then- new and extensive stock of C arpets as good
BS the best and as cheap us the cheapest, wish to inform their main
patrons und the public in general, that they have received, in addi?
tion to tiscir former stock, a large n--orlnient of Brussels ami three
ply Carpets; also, 2,000 * urd* super at 3s.; 2,000 do 6s.; 3,000 do 5s.;
2,000 do I,.: 1,500 do twilled Jute 4s.; L.'.Ou do 3,.; I,.)do2*?; 1,000
do is. tid. A beautiful style of transparent Shades, from t" $25 ??
pair; Oil Cloths, from -j'to ?_'( feet wide; 4-4,5-4 and 6-4 Mn?ting>,
best quality ; a new article oTCrumb Clots- und Tibi.- Coiers: with
the most extensive assortment of all things connected with the trade.
L. a M.S. BROWN, lbl Chatham-st, V. V.
Don't forget the Hin?ber. jell) Im
V M. WILCOX, No. 17 Caaal-St, South side near Broadway, ha*
just received from auction a large and choice selection of Ingrain Car
t Dating which, bemg bought for re*h,can be sold at prices to -im the
wishes of the purchaser. Also a great variety of Rugs. .Mats, Aiauu
und Table Covers, Floor Cloths, Ac Ac with various other articles
connected with the b isiuess. all of which will be sold us cheap (or
cheaper) than can be purchased at auv other Store in the City.
! _jel'J Im _
rican Hotel.?Fancy Silk Cravats and Scurfs. Also, MusKn Cra?
vats, entire new patterns, just rei eived, and for sale ni moderate pri?
ces, by |jeld) W. T. JENNINGS. Oat* Lynde At Jennings.)
ASPLENDID ASSORTMENT of French and American Papel
Hangings and Borders, for -Hie at the Failed Stale, Paper'Hung
ing aid B:rnd Bojt Warehouse, 65 Canal-street, icur Broadway, New
Purchaser- are respectfully invited to sail and examine for then
1 selves. Room, prepared in be neatest manner.
jePJlnt_ _JOSHUA BROWN, 65 Ganal-st
VI a C,,/- New Establishment, 21U Greenwii h-st., cor. af Barclay.
The subscribsrs have just received large lots of Good-, well selected
for city and country trade.
N. P..?Couutrv Merchants are invited to cull and examine our ex
? teii-ive assortment of Goods.
jej.-, tf HOPPER. MORSE a Co. -.'VI Grecnwich-.t.
LACK ?II.KM, !:c:,v> .iii-i Inch lustre; together srilh Blue
Black, in superb fabrics,ibis morning receiveo from Auction, nnd
will be sold at a bargain, at B. THOMPSON'S
ji?17 Auction Good. Store, 1211 Grand-.', near Broadway
A I OHE CO I. O KM in heavy Pol de Sua. selling at 4s Od pei
1>1 yard, by It. THOMPSON,
jeI7 At bi-Silk and Shawl Store, 1211 Grand .I. ue.,r Kn-adway.
OURNING I. AWNS jtistl.led, aud for sale cheap at,
j. 17 Ii. I lltOIP.-li.VS. CM (iraiid-.t. ne:,r Bro.idw.n
DO.flE.MTI?' .III'MI.INM-ln bales, v-ird wide ?nd iie?vy
nt 6d per yard, by It. THOMPSON, 190 Grand-st,
jelT The fir?t Dry Good Store from Broadway
HOSIERY?50 In/en While st Is a pair,75 dozen at Is 3d, and
III!) dozen at Is 6d * pair, very fine, and so on in proportion to
the finest quality, at half the usual prices. Ladies wishing the cheap
esi Stockings, white, black ami unbleached, ever offered iu New York,
will obtain them at THOMPSON'S Cheap Store, 120 Grand-street,
near Broadway. m.U-tf
!lots to -nit purchasers, for .-ale by PERSSE A BROOKS. No.
f.l Liberty-st. jel-tf
alTI.I.M.?The subscriber respectfully beg- leave to inform his
friends and the public that he has on hand, and is constantly re
ceiving, large invoices of Quills, which be offers for sali at reduced
prices, wholesale and retail. Country merchants would do well to
call, before purchasing elsewhere, nt
je22 tf A. McKEACHI.NE'S, i.V. Pearl-.t.
I Mil A OEM?!i.pairs iransp neu- Window Shades for sale
byOLli ER W. WOODFl HID, 66 Catherine-street, at the low price
12,00 per pair. Familie- residing in the city or country, can purchase
a handsome pair of Window Shades at a remarkaby sow price.
I JTTMerc'tants and Upholsterers supplied by the easeor dozen.
N. B.?A few pairs of Italian Landscapes, from $10,00 u> $38,00 per
pair._jy 12:1m
I the Iron Colonnade buildings. Clilf stret, corner of J?din, where
they w ill endeavor constantly to keep u full assortment of the follow ?
ing article.
Swedish bar Iron?Dal aud square.
English do round, tl.tt and square.
American do do do do
Prus-ian do P S I old Saide and new Sable.
Brazier'- Rods ?fall sizes.
Horse N.ul Rods and Shoe Shapes of all size.
Baud and Scroll Iron.
El glish and American Hoop Iron.
Cust Steel ofNaymr'a and Sanderson's manufacture.
English* Hoop L blister*d SteeL
Spring Steel warranted Ij to2} iucbes.
German and American Steels.
Crow Bars; Pipe Box Iron. Ac. Ac jy?:*
Ti p-JjIZA, wlo-re did yo? gel this delightful Rocking-CbairfJ"
jTJi ?? Why. -i.ter, have you not a- go.-! Rockers ue Boston ! "
" It's true Boston is celebrated for Roekiug-Cbair?, Imt we have
Moihing to cvmpare with this. Suck perfect eaje?it rocks of itsrSf."
?? I pur' based it at Mr. Kii:;'-. :u Broadway, between Graid and
Broome .streets.*!
?'I will get James to procure me one; but won't they smile ?t the
idea: its -ouietaing like bringing coals to Newcastle, were it not that
it surpasses any thiug we-have there." .
'? Suter, do not flatter yourself that your, will be the tint jnlrn
dused into Boston ; Yaukee shrewdness has discovered it. I re'roenlber
Mr. K. remarkmflo me uicideulally that he sold a uumber to the first
i families in Boston." _ jc2-tf ;
?5 sjiecUuliv ::iAtrKij the Public, dial ke continues to manufacture
his Patent Bswsteads, so well known fof Wj dttrabufty and couveu
r eeee,'at his qM ?und. No. 2"J Hudsoa-'street; near Chambers. Those
UtntCqaatnt'sdwrtbTbecbaractiT of-bis B?d.-<.ead ?re earnestly invited .
to call aad examine the principle of the jomt aud the case' with wSicb
rt eju be pu? aji snd iskeu dow-Uj not ijeqatriag any bed-key. II? u
always:bappy to exhibit it, both to those who wish to purchase and
thoss'wbo do net- He call refer W hnndreUs of our most respectable
citizens who-nave tested it by use. . .
Alse?Haar Msltr-.ss<-,.Fc?B?r Beds and Pnilas^ee. N. B. The
?Southern trade .suppbed a22'6ni
s^ HOToTt^VoLI.Off ?JRE?Tbesubscriber bav
O ing taken the Agency for the-ale of toe above artfefe in this City
;"w^ouW inform tri? PatSiffth?C he has mi* on hand ajr assortment of
:SlCTfraiicf romnrou Hadiow Ware surtsd to tins market whtchwill be
?o|j at the Factory prjte. . Per-ons wishing to purchase will f lease
xall and exaoiine.
.BucVlin's Patent Railway. fi)r wood or coal. Premium and Parlo*
Stores cousUntlV on hand H. WTtCKES. ?fl Water-street.
'jtnim'U >_^__.
RATTAN_200? lbs. Rattan, suitable for L'aibrella and-Chau
Makers, Tor sale by GEO. S. GARY dr. CO.
?*;Je2i'IfiY . 195 Pearl-streeL
OFFICE N 0. 3 0 A LN N-S T
VOL. I. *<>. 81.
depot of um v DBJKSS ak I i* i.k*.
y of rattern*. Ch.w A Co.** ?perior GLO VES, kc recei ved
by recent arrivals, are offered tor sale at reasonable prices, by
WM. T. JENNINGS, late Lynde A Jerinings,
? Broadway; (American Hotel |
Gentlemen may m future depend upon finding at this establiskaiea
? nod Assortmeat of Fun. v Drees Articles, whien wiH be offered at
suck price, ss mu?t otter is'ducemcnts to purchasers iu nt* of ibo
usual charse. for t.one ,tvl. c,.o.l.. jell
on h.ia.l a well (elected assortment of Cloths, Cassimeres and
Veatinga, .uited t.. the season, which he offers to make up for tro
public generally in Uie very bet manner, at extremely low price, fcr
Cash ou delivery. airily
CLOTHiJvY; emtabLimument.
THE Subscriber having opened the .tore 27 K.>?rr> a. s fashion
able Tailoring Establishment, oir.:r. to his Friends and the Pai>
dc a rrry superior assortment of Spring Goods of tiie latest style,
?bich he warrant, to lit to the taste and fashion of s,l| ?ho favor
aim ?Ith their patron aye. ROBERT A. Not TON.
The Cutting Department is superintended by M-. ChsrU. Kouton,
formerly of the firm of Gray ?.v Kouton. A good saaoctment of ready
made Clothing always on hand. airV3tu
VNI> Clothier, No. 93 Bowery, three door, above Hester-street.
New.York. Constantly on hand, a handsome assortment of
Cloths, Cassi me res, and Vesting*, which will be nude in the best stylo
it tue ..horte.t uoticc, and on the most reasonable terra?. jel? if
respectfully annonnees to the gentlemen of ttew-York that he is
permanently located as above, where he natters himself that, having
lad several years persooal experience m the French Metropolis, and
levotiug bis personal attention to his wo?c. he will be able to make
k ssh i on able clothivg as cheap lor cash invariably, and as
perfect as can be procured in the Country. Thankful for past favors,
he solicits a conti nuance of patronage. a27 3tn*
V STORE.?I. F. A. B1DDLE, Merchant Tailor ind Clothier, 60
Bowery. corner of Walker, re pectfully invites public attention to
it is latge au I varied Stock of R. adv k'ade Clothing; which be will sei
it very reduced prices. Also on hand a good assortment of Cloths!
Cassimeres, and vesiiusa, winch he will imikt t? order wuh neatness
and despatch together with a great vsrtety of article., in his hue,
? iicli a. Shirts, with a splendid selection of Cravats, Gloves. Ac. a
great variety of Boy's'Clothing ou hand and will made to order at
Sh< rt Notice. Remember No tin Bowery, comer of Walker .t.
je-.V, Im. J. F. A. BIDDLK._
I Cheeked Gingham, white and colored Linen Dress and Frock
Coats made iu good style. For su e at
jyl if S?t)Broadway,American Hotel.
IO Jobu Perry. e9J Bowery, a few doors from the corner of Hester,
.treet, wh.-re he will continue his Cleiiung mid Dressing Establish
client. Hi. mode ofcleaning coats, pantalooUS, Aci.bv sloamscoar
? ns and sponging. He extracts stains, grease, paint, tar, Ac. Also
r-tit.. alter?, with new coltar*, button*, Ac at reduced pro ea. i-'ts Im
itv and one price Hat Store, I7sj Chatham square, corners'
Mott-St The litest fashion Hats lor the low fixed price of $3
surpassing iu beauty mid ?tyle of tinr-h SOV ever sold before
.or .he same price. In presenting these Hall to the public, tho
..ropnetors think they have reached the ultimatum of beauty, dura
iility, cheap <e.s iiud comfort to the w earer. All sale, ure for cask,
v hich pre. lu.le- the necessity of charging a good enstonm for los.es
ucurred bv the bad. _mS9-3m*
horn and Summer Hat?, at Watson's, Kit Chiithaiu-st. and 100
Bowery. The subscriber will sail the remaining stock uf Leg
born, Drab Beaver and Panama Hats, at prices barely covering
??ost. is be is determined to sell his #-ittire sto?-k of Summer Goods er?
Ihn season rinse* Those who have not supplied themselves, would
do w.ii to aiad themselves of the present opportunity, and dealers
who wish to replenish their stock will do well to call early at
jyTilw WATSON'-. 154 Chatham ?l and 100 Bowery.
/fct ll' FOR CAiVIt^llATS of au excellent qua
4B I:'', it tl.tlremelylow price of Two Dollars aud FRy Cents.
Call and judge tor yourself if tin- full value of?our money may
not be obtained by purchasing il.unc at No. 72) Bowery.
Men'-, Youth'* and children's Clolh and Velvet Cap. of ihe latest
fashion,. [jvl&3w*1 GICO.W. MYERS.
*w SPRING FASHION.-Cheap Cash store, No. 18
JVChutham-st, (opposite Rosevelt-sL) WILLIAM BROWN'S
**iJK Fashionable Hat and Cap Store. A large and splendid assort?
ment of Cktth and Velvet Caps, of every style and desiripU'on
now in il-.-; also the most extensive assortment of Summer Hats over
? xhtbited in any Store, all of which will bu sold at w holesale and ra?
tal 1, at the lowest prices. uc?l-doi"
ja! CON A NT'.?*.
"?sA No. 2tU Grand- street, New-York.
^ n.20 :lm*
.TIILLINERV.-Mr.. HAMILTON. 135 Pearl-street,
'near William-street,) continues to moke, clean ami alter La?
in--' Hats in ihe most fashionable style ; also, Ludies' Caps elo
giuitlv made and trimmed. ml?-.'liu,
9b OLD Boss RICHARDS c.is usual) has gone all lengths (cash
Jam in mind. ..n.l ha- procured all the different kind., choicest,
most elegant tip top fashionable and durable Boats and Shoes
so low thai he can bid defiance to all competition. Please call at No.
23 I ami 240 Canal-street, or at 509 Gro-n? ich, comer of Spring street
ami 174 Chatham-square, and he satisfied that this is no puff. j&lm*
ROOTS AND SHOES at \'?. Ill Bowery. The la?
dies and gentlemen of New - York, w Im w i. h lo spend their mo?
ney to ad van tags and furnish themselves with a rii?t rate arti?
cle iu the Boot and Shoe hue, are respectfaily Invited to call
at Agate's Cheap Shoe Store, No. 11 I Boa.-rv, near Grind .l, whero
iheycan'be accommodated'with good Boot, and Shoe, of his own
manufacture til price, to -nil the nine.. A general a--ortment of La
die?. Gentlemen and Chikreu's Boots, Sine:- und G uter?. Also a
good assortment of Cheap Work. jy2 1 It.
DUNBAR'N Cheap Shoe and Gaiter Boot Store, ?j
Bowery, between Walker and llesier-streets, where may
he bad l idi'1?', misses' ami children's Shoes and Gaiter Boot, in great
varieties. Ladies' Gaiters, from $1 75 to $2 25. jei? lm
'I'lIE LOCOMOTIVE * YANKEE 4 ard press,'
I 68 and 70 Nassau-sc, (one door from John,) prints every variety
' of Card?. ?t prices ranging from SJI 75 per I0OO upward.. m'2!)-lin
BFILDERN' HARDWARE, at W Dni-io.,-?treet.? i
comp .te assortan nt of Sash Pullies, Butt Hinges, s,-rew?, Amsr
! icnn and English Knob Locks, Fine Plate, Dead, Cupboard, Draw,
. I'lie.-t and Pad-Las fcs, Barrel, Round, Square Spring?, Flush and
j Shatter Bolt*, Hook and Plate Hinge,., together with nearly every ar
i tide in the line, all of winch will be sold us low as at any place iu the
Also, Cat Nails l>j t'ue cask, at the lowest market price fur cash.
FBENCH VASES,GIRANDOLES, ?e>-A'lmge?*sortment
of the above articles, comprising all the uvi?i splendid patterns in
the market, for sale at low prices by MERRITTS A PAGE, No. Ii?
Bowery. , .- _1 je4-?m*
/ 1BIND AN? WATER-STONES, from Newcastle?
* I" Superior lo other, for grinding Iron, Cast Iron or steel, and from
3 to r, f. et diameter, for sale by ' F0RSYTH LABAGH,
jeS6 lm* ?? No. fsfl Washington ?u hclow Hector.
"V O'ITC E.? Gei llemqn, Arct}i*eet*, Builders sod <.r;,?r. ir.- re
L1 spectfully informed they can be furabhed with Ornamviilal Com
positon and PlasterOrn-ameatS of all description on the nis.se reason
aid-- terms, and workmanlike manner. Gentlemen furnishing their
own designs ?i'l be modelled without1 extra ehargfe. SckglioM co
latnn.., Pedestelsj Ac maaufactured in ihe best manner at this estab
bshment, References giren as to goodness and durability of the tir.t
respei tabihty in tin. ntv and other ptirts of i he United State?
jy7 -i.v. G. MATHE W.-i, Maaafact/ory i>; C.iriiiuie-r.t.
IVT.OTICE?The Co-parti ershqs heretofore existing between the
il subscribers under lite firm of E. RtKJT &"CO. was dissolved by
mutual consent ?u the 1st nisi. New.York, July I-II.
I Ci KUS W. FIELD .will continue, the C<anmission Paper B?
.ine.- at No. -5 Maiden-lane. jylg-3wTCY
1 |||l REAMS larre linperinJ Printing Paper for -sie. 23 by 37
JL"/"/ inch)-[siza^aud quality ofthe Folio New-Yorker.) It will
??? solo cheap for cash. Apply to the Editor of this paper. mil
plobetta pa pkk-r. tadee, entitled 5 d-U-ntore. foe
j j-.i'i r.tlc 'jv GRiNNELL, Ml v'ri.'RN A ('<>. T- tn--r.
aCILLS-^4"?ija.kV^Ruiieii"dre*ie^ [
TR.V_P?TsT^lbrTry P"ots, 140. lti?smd I<SU gallons, U sale by
jv i-2 " GRINN KI.l. M.' Vn K VA: r? , - v,
FaaO'stRTTA P*4PBB?=^ba^etMi^to a>tseitiuro
for aale to . ?? ' .BLV.VEU-. MiM'l. U->> & <o. v,HirR ,t
i,v(;i s?4is iK?Xr-K>7tons ?' -sisorted Enrlish Iron,for
te HT Kfl\E ? 'tl.*0 lbs. s*l ert?r quafitv.tor sak bv
j* GBINNE'-L. MINJURN A. Co. >. Sootk-st
aril-IaN.?i? ba-kei- Ku--:a dre;?! Umi:- - .
j>5 GKINNKLL. MIN-rnt--' it r,}. 73 South it.
t < 'II ? jlebone.?'I U'fi lbs. Whafet^i..; po-a- lanoiug. tor -
jV bv GRINNELL. MINTL'RN A Co. 7- S ctt-i-t. .'.7
rw-vr V P?TH.-I? Try Pots, 140. ICO, andT?O gallons, fcr s?te
1 by GRINNELL, MINTUR.N a CO. 7^ South st- jy7

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